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Old July 17th, 2009 (11:11 AM).
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Pokemon Azure Project Leader!
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    I would love for you, rando and agent destroyer to help with Pokemon Azure Version!
    I cannot post the Site link atm because I do not have 15 posts yet.
    Are you interested?

    Relevant Advertising!

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    Pokemon Faith Owner
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      Team Name

      Project Faith

      Team Leader


      Current Members

      • Cail (spriter,mapper,idealist)

      Current Game

      Pokémon Faith

      Current Progress Made

      Map: 10%
      Fakemon: 100%
      Trainer Sprites: 75%
      Pokemon Sprites: 75%
      Script: 0% (I'm a Beginner Scripter)

      Positions Needed

      • Scratch Pokémon spriter (Fakemon) - back, mini, and menu icons
      • Overworld spriter (Platinium style)
      • Trainer spriter (scratch sprites only)
      • Musician/sound effects (i.e. Pokémon cries) Maybe
      • Tileset artist
      • Programmer/ Coder/ Scripter
      • Writer/ Idealist - I'll handle most of it
      • Mapper (caves/dungeons/victory road, city/town, inside maps) - I'll handle most of this
      • Testers - only 5 testers for the demo
      • Wireless/Internet Station - im trying to put this in so people will be able to battle others throw thre computer on the game.


      GMT+ Eastern US/Canada

      Method of Contact

      Email- [email protected]
      [email protected]

      PM- Cail

      Forums- Pokemonvolcano forums (Death angel)
      (i will create a froums for the game later in time)

      Additional Info

      • I only want experienced staff members who can produce high-quality work.
      • I want someone who is able to do Day & nigth tinting in the game and in battle
      • There will be 112 new pokemon to choose from, and 10 new moves including and extra HM.
      • If you look ing to do the sprites all sprite sizes must be (64x64 128x128)
      • The story line so for is rigth here comment on it and tell me what i should improve on.
      Stroy Line

      Jaden is a young boy who lives in the small town of Silice.
      He earns a living by going on paper routes, while helping his family pay rent.

      One day Jaden found a mysteries riolu with great power on his paperoute.
      The riolu was hurt so jaden took him in 1 day later riolu was happy with his new home and decied to stay with the family.
      Little did jaden know that the riolu was wanted by dangerous men know as the Saints.
      They plotted to capture all the rare pokemon in Swefy, and control them.

      The Saints come to silice to capture the powerful riolu but Jaden battles them off, but the take his parents instead.
      Jaden goes to his towns pokemon professer, Professer Jay.
      He tells him about the situation and he gives him his own pokemon and his son Jason as a partner.

      In the game you have a partner that follows you at all time.
      New pokemon mixed with D/P pokemon.
      You can choose to be a Saint or Pokemon Ranger.
      Ash, Paul, Misty, May, Dawn, Jessie, Professer Rowan, and Professer Oak are in the game.
      You have three rivals instead of one.
      New Region.
      new map.
      24 badges.
      3 champions.
      Tag Team Champion
      Tag Team Gyms

      I've already created the pokemon and I'm using most of the sprites from D/P/P, but i also made my own custom sprites.
      This project shouldn't take long since i've already finished most of the work over the years.

      PM me or Reply to this theard for the job
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      Pikachu Palace!
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        Team Name

        Hypergame Studio

        Team Leader


        Current Members

        • Hypergaming - Storyline, Leader, mapper, soon to be scripter
        • hking - overworld spriter
        • lx_theo - Battle trainer Spriter, eventer
        • Niksmart1a - Composer, Storyline
        • NikNaks- mapper, 2nd in command
        • Maxedg8s - mapper, eventer
        Current Game

        Pokémon College RPG Maker
        ~coming soon~

        Positions Needed
        • Overworld spriter - filled
        • Trainer spriter - filled
        • Composer - filled
        • Tileset artist - 1
        • Scripter - 1 or 2 !!!!!!!NEED!!!!!!!!!!
        • Storyline - 1 (willing to work until story is done)
        • Mapper (caves/dungeons/victory road, city/town, inside maps) - filled
        Method of Contact

        PM- Hypergaming

        Additional Info

        Now Playing through: Super Pokemon Evee Edition (link)
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        Pixel artist, professional leo
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          Hello, I'm Dew, and this username is according to the game I'm developing with RPGXP. I'm new on PokeCommunity and sometimes my English isn't perfect, because I'm Dutch. This game is about an old, trusted hero everyone knows, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. But what would have became from him if he didn't met Misty and Brock? Maybe if he just didn't overslept himself and could choose out of three starter Pokémon. Well, in this game we'll see, because Ash is traveling to another, new regio. He takes the boat from Pallet Town, but Pallet Town includes some new features, to start with, a harbor. In this adventure you'll meet nice people, you also will be able to do quests, as example, picture 5.

          I will not give you anymore info about the story line, but I do need help for this project. The whole game is going to be in D/P/P/HG/SS style and also very much buildings, characters and furniture is customized. You'll meet a brand new Poké Center, Mart and the new building, the Battle Shop. What's able to buy in there, you'll see...

          Attachment 48008
          Attachment 48009
          Attachment 48010
          Attachment 48011
          Attachment 48012

          Now I need these persons:
          - someone who can make some scripts (like an HM script or something)
          - someone who can make a map (suprise me)
          - Fakemon spriter (if I draw 'em, you'll sprite 'em)
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          Off for the Ultimate Victory!
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            Another one who's looking to earn a living...

            Area looking for work: Spriter, Region map spriter, Mapper, Idealist

            Timezone: GTM - 06:00
            Preferred method of contact: PM, VM or email

            Examples of work: Check my profile's gallery for some work examples.
            Additional Info: I can help ya with some graphical issues, like sprites, maps, and with new ideas for any game, be it gameplay elements, plot, event ideas, and similar stuff... you name it.
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            New Beginning
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              Location: Puerto Rico
              Nature: Jolly
              Posts: 82
              Team name: Team Poison

              Team Leader:Pokemasterintraining

              Current Members: Pokemasterintrainingand Giradialkia

              Current Game title: Pokemon: Wings Of Poison

              Current progress made: Finished Starter Events ( No thread until I Get At least 3 members...)

              Position(s) needed: Spriters:Who can make Good Quality Scratch Sprites.And OW Sprites.
              4 NEEDED(Giradialkia-OPEN-OPEN-OPEN-OPEN)

              Scripters: Who Can Make Custom Scripts, Like A CMS. 2 NEEDED

              A Tileset editor, or Maker, To make good Quality Tiles.

              Timezone:UTC -4(United States-Puerto Rico)

              Preferred Method of contact: Throught Private Messages.

              Additional info: The People That Join Must Be good, or experienced and can make good quality stuff.The Team Members Will get to have the option to be Beta testers, as well in the future I will look for Other 2 beta testers...
              So Please Join and Thank you...
              Starting all over
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              Pokemon Crimson Skies Owner
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                Team name: Crimson Co.
                Team Leader: Florio
                Current Members: Florio
                Current Game title: Pokemon Crimson Skies
                Current progress made: Around 10% complete, I've mapped up to the 2nd gym.
                Position(s) needed: Mappers, Spriters, Scripters, any position as long as its a useful one.
                Timezone: EST -5
                Preferred Method of contact: Through PM first, then I'll give you my e-mail.
                Additional info: If you are considering joining my team, then you should check out the thread here >>
                Theres a link to the demo at the thread if you want to check out the game before you consider joining.
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                  Position Needed: Fakemon Spriter - Front/Back
                  Game: Pokémon Obsidian

                  The character has just returned home from a trip to Hoenn after a fire was started in your hometown and renovations were done at your house. Through the game there will be clues to how the fire started, but they will be hidden and seperate from the main story.

                  The antagonists is called the DectTEC Coporation. Nobody bar the protagonist has noticed their evil doings, you notice something suspicous by the way members of the corporation act around you. I've got sort of a Jesse/James recurring character idea in my head, where you keep running into the same pair of secretaries, before you meet your first grunt.

                  The whole world thinks they're just a big electronics company, but during the game they battle you and express evil tendencies. This make the player curious and in one of the major cities in the game you break into their major building headquarters and sniff around. You discover there that the Corporation is trying to infect the Pokémon Centers healing machines with a deadly virus (a virus that they have taken from a very rare LEGENDARY pokémon).

                  Maplebranch Town

                  Route 231

                  Honeydew Town

                  Route 232

                  Serenity Woods


                  *credit to Kyledove and Saurav for tiles

                  Just to prevent confusion as people congratulate me on my great tile making skills, i am not the Alistair who is a master spriter.

                  Looking for Fakemon Scratch Spriter - PM Me
                  Old August 2nd, 2009 (5:45 AM).
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                    Location: England
                    Age: 24
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Jolly
                    Posts: 485
                    Free Agent looking for work
                    Area looking for work: Mapper
                    Timezone: BST/GMT (depending on season)
                    Preferred method of contact: PM
                    Examples of work: An outdoor, an indoor and a cave map (using Kyledove's tileset).
                    Additional Info: I can also make region maps such as this, this and this.
                    Old August 3rd, 2009 (3:22 AM).
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                    Crytalic Empoleon
                      Join Date: May 2008
                      Posts: 84
                      Team name:
                      Pure Flame
                      Team Leader:
                      Current Members:
                      Delyemerald2 (Mapper, Event Maker, Spriter, Tile Maker and the other current things)
                      Current Game title:
                      Pokemon IC and an unnamed project.
                      Current progress made:
                      Pokemon IC
                      Beta 1.0:: 55%
                      Position(s) needed:
                      Fakemon Spriter
                      Tile Maker
                      Background Maker
                      Preferred Method of contact:
                      First PM, then you can get my MSN via a PM.
                      ~Aura's, Crystal Miracles~
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                      Pokemon Crystal Rain Relased
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                        Posts: 529
                        Team name:
                        Rain Team
                        Team Leader:
                        Current Members:
                        Venom12 (Mapper, Event Maker, Spriter, Scripter)
                        Current Game title:
                        Pokemon Crystal Rain
                        Current progress made:
                        Pokemon Crystal Rain
                        Full Version: 75%
                        Position(s) needed:
                        Preferred Method of contact:
                        MSN or via PM.
                        My MSN
                        [email protected]
                        Old August 5th, 2009 (1:46 PM).
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                          Location: Florida
                          Age: 28
                          Nature: Adamant
                          Posts: 139
                          Area looking for work: Spriter
                          Timezone: Central
                          Preferred method of contact: MSN
                          Examples of work:
                          Additional Info: I will do frontsprites from scratch. However, I require a fakemon concept that you're not going to use in return, so I can use it for Spriteworld.

                          I'm back!
                          Old August 6th, 2009 (7:26 AM).
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                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Relaxed
                            Posts: 37
                            Willing to help as a Region map maker, over world mapper, or events.
                            Hi guys, call me Outcast.
                            I was once here before, and I decided to come back here again to try developing games with others.

                            Games I support:

                            Projects I support:

                            Support the Poke'Battle Project!
                            Old August 7th, 2009 (3:49 PM).
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                            Head of Wish Maker Productions
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                              Location: California, United States
                              Age: 24
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Quirky
                              Posts: 91
                              Team name: Wish Maker Productions

                              Team Leader: Jirachification (James)

                              Current Members: Jirachification

                              Current Game title: Pokémon Hawthorn Version

                              Current progress made:

                              • First town complete
                              • Rest in planning stage

                              Position(s) needed:
                              • 1 Mapper (Open)
                              • 1 Overworld Spriter (Open)
                              • 1 Trainer Spriter (Open)
                              • 1 Musician (Open)
                              • As many idealists as we can get (Always open)

                              Timezone: Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8)

                              Preferred Method of contact: PM

                              Additional info: Please PM me if you are interested in joining the team!
                              Wish Maker Productions
                              Current Project:

                              Pokémon Hawthorn Version
                              Check it out!

                              Training Pokémon is a piece of cake.
                              You'll be dazzled by the moves that my Pokémon make.
                              Ya never know what's comin' out of this Pokéball.
                              Yeah I'll show you what it takes if you wanna catch 'em all!

                              ^Part of my Pokémon rap XD^
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                              Pixel artist, professional leo
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                                Location: Netherlands
                                Age: 22
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                                Nature: Bold
                                Posts: 266
                                Hello there! My forum name's dew and I am recruiting people for Project Century. It's a Pokémon game made with RPGXP, featuring the Starter Kit of Poccil and some parts of Kyledove (Kymotonian) his tileset.

                                The game's about a girl (Yes, a girl) named April (as official name, to be customized yourself). She meets professor Willow, a pretty older lady with ginger-colored hair. April gets offered to be a Pokémon Trainer, to help Willow with her research to Invisible Pokémon.

                                But there's one problem. Not only Willow and April are in search to the Invisible Pokémon. Also Team Millennium is on their way to find three very powerful Invisible Pokémon.

                                Now that's a bit of the story line.
                                Now I am looking for these persons:

                                SOME SCRIPTERS
                                PERFECTIONISTS (to check spelling and language, you may have noticed I'm not English)
                                BETATESTERS (to check on bugs)

                                I'd love to hear something of you!
                                Old August 11th, 2009 (10:48 PM).
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                                  Nature: Calm
                                  Posts: 487
                                  Well Well, My TURN =3

                                  Team Name: EXPGamingNET

                                  Team Leader: Saidai No Soba-Ya (Red Gyrados)

                                  Current Members:
                                  • BlazingLink (co-created , idealist)
                                  • Rhevarhe_Duh (tile artist)
                                  Part time
                                  • Esmas (spriter)
                                  Current Game: Pokémon Ammolite (New thread in progress)

                                  Current Progress: 2nd Town

                                  Positions Needed (Please show example work)
                                  • Scratch Pokémon Spriter (Fakemon and Pokémon)
                                  • Trainer spriter (scratch sprites only plz)
                                  • Musician/sound effects (background music, Pokémon cries, etc.)
                                  Timezone: +10:00 (Sydney)

                                  Method of Contact: MSN - if not PMs are fine.

                                  Additional Info
                                  • Like many people I want professional people with lots of experience. (but sometimes its not the case)
                                  Still Red Gyrados

                                  Pokémon Ammolite

                                  Might return, don't take my word on it.

                                  Old August 17th, 2009 (8:40 AM).
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                                  Beginning Game Designer/Mapper
                                    Join Date: Aug 2009
                                    Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
                                    Age: 26
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Relaxed
                                    Posts: 4
                                    Free Agent looking for work

                                    Area looking for work: Mapper [Also some experience with eventing/storywriting] ;I can work with RM2k3, RMXP, Sphere, GameMaker and other programs.
                                    Timezone: GMT + 1
                                    Preferred method of contact: PM
                                    Examples of work:
                                    *Since I'm new to this community (this is my very first post here) I can't link to previous work. If you are interested in work you can send me a PM and I'll send you links to some maps I've made.
                                    Additional Info: I'm not a very experienced artist, but I'd love to learn more about game making. I have basic knowledge of programming *in VB and Java*.
                                    Also I'm not a native speaker of the english language, so my English might contain a few grammatical errors.
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                                      Posts: 10
                                      ineed a scripter maper tester and spriter that need a huge chalenge go to super shining crystal if you want info

                                      i also need some coders please help me im new and full of ideas
                                      Old August 17th, 2009 (9:58 PM).
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                                      Get on my choppa!
                                        Join Date: Aug 2008
                                        Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
                                        Age: 27
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Nature: Adamant
                                        Posts: 1,723
                                        Sure. This is needed, anyway.

                                        Team name: Red Ring Studios
                                        Team Leader: DonRoyale (aka RedRingStudios, on YouTube, anyway)
                                        Current Members: DonRoyale, a few other non-PC members (roughly 6, though only 2-3 do actual work, and even then, it's mostly spriting and organization)
                                        Current Game title: Pokemon Eclipse Version
                                        Current progress made: I have 5 routes and 3 cities done, working right now on the fourth city.
                                        Position(s) needed: Spriter (fakemon, trainers, perhaps new tilesets), mapper (to critique my spacial sense, since I do all of the mapping currently), event scripter, battle scripter (please...This one's a big one. If you know how to do double battles with a partner, please V/PM me.), other (If you can contribute anything, just add me to MSN and tell me what you can contribute. Thank you! )
                                        Timezone: EST
                                        Preferred Method of contact: MSN: [email protected]
                                        Additional info: The game's called Pokemon Eclipse Version, it's a project I've been working on for a while now, off and on, but because of the walls I keep hitting with battle scripting, event problems, and lack of resources/team members, I haven't been entirely dedicated to it, and a team who knows what they're doing will definitely inspire me to keep working hard at it.

                                        Here's a video to introduce you to the beginning quest of the game:

                                        Thank you!
                                        ~The Don
                                        "I've seen a lot of things, but this...This is a first."- Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, after meeting Rammus
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                                        Back !!!
                                          Join Date: Sep 2008
                                          Nature: Bold
                                          Posts: 302
                                          Team Name

                                          Oblivion Workshop

                                          Team Leader

                                          Freak A,lol its me.

                                          Current Members

                                          Freak A Mapper,TileArtist,leader
                                          carmaniac TileArtist
                                          dragoon947 trainer Spriter
                                          robie392 Graphic Spriter,Eventer,
                                          jadored OW Spriter

                                          Current Game Tittle

                                          Pokemon Rise of Oblivion

                                          Current Proggress

                                          tiles done 50%
                                          maps done 27%
                                          Scripts 0%
                                          Fakemon 0%

                                          Positions needed

                                          Fakemon Spriter : needs to be good at his skill and can submit any of his best work to me be PM to show me how he is
                                          RGSS Advanced Scriptor: needs to know how to make all style of scripts encluding battle systems,menu and adding new windows

                                          Method of Contact

                                          either by PM or by VM later i might ask you for your account address to chat firmly
                                          If you aint doin anythin you could view my blog:

                                          and I LIKE PEANUTS !!!!!
                                          Old August 25th, 2009 (4:44 AM).
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                                          Game Developer
                                            Join Date: Sep 2004
                                            Location: Dublin, Ireland
                                            Age: 30
                                            Nature: Relaxed
                                            Posts: 1,871
                                            Recruiting a Team Member

                                            Team name:
                                            Calis Projects
                                            Team Leader:Neo-Draogn (Myself)
                                            Current Members: 00Vampire, Atomic Reactor, Martyr (3 public developers, still 2 members unannounced)
                                            Current Game title:Pokemon Protectors and Pokemon Asphar
                                            Current progress made:Check both threads, a lot of progress- around 30% each.
                                            Position(s) needed:2 Spriters- anything from animation work, tiles, overworlds, menus and interfaces- fakemon/custom pokemon.
                                            Timezone:GMT- Dublin/London.
                                            Preferred Method of contact:My forums - link in my sig. Or please send me a PM here.
                                            Additional info: A perk would be you would become a staff member at Calis Projects and get access to the staff section there.
                                            If your interested, please send me an example of your work here through private message or send me a PM on Calis Projects.

                                            ZENFORMS: Protectors: A 2D RPG for iPhone
                                            Click the banner to view site about ZENFORMS!

                                            Like our facebook page and show your support!
                                            Old September 4th, 2009 (11:35 PM).
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                                              Join Date: Feb 2006
                                              Nature: Adamant
                                              Posts: 167
                                              LOOKING TO RECRUIT AT LEAST TWO TEAM MEMBERS

                                              Team name: Team Lost and Found
                                              Team Leader: Micklo
                                              Current Members: -
                                              Current Game title: Pokémon: Lost and Found
                                              Current progress made: Just nearing the start, but done about 1/7th of the maps and systems
                                              Position(s) needed: - Data Input Manager (to input move and stat data into the Pokémon Database)
                                              - Sprite Formatter (to take premade sprite sheets and put them into a format for RMXP)
                                              Timezone: GMT - London/Dublin
                                              Preferred Method of contact: PM here, or a post in my project thread
                                              Additional info: These aren't really that skilled jobs, so I will take any volunteers with no previous experience at all. All I will do is to provide a project file for implemention and instructions. Terms and perks can be discussed and negotiated.

                                              Truffles Llyf Rhinasto Fauna Socrates Splish Micklo

                                              Old September 8th, 2009 (11:09 AM).
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                                              I'm back~
                                                Join Date: Aug 2007
                                                Age: 21
                                                Nature: Adamant
                                                Posts: 842
                                                Team name:
                                                Project Finders

                                                Team Leader:
                                                VarietyVidsnet (me)

                                                Current Members:

                                                Current Game title:
                                                Pokemon Finders

                                                Current progress made:
                                                Around 3-6 %

                                                Position(s) needed:
                                                Graphic Designer (Menu System, CBS-Possibly, Character Designer, Banners,etc.)
                                                Scripter (See Additional info for more details)
                                                Beta Tester

                                                GMT-05:00 Eastern Time (US&Canada)

                                                Preferred Method of contact:
                                                PM (See Additional Info for more details)

                                                Additional info:
                                                Made in RM2K3

                                                I am soon making a windows Messenger account so I should have that soon. So for now just PM me

                                                Team Scripter:
                                                I currently need a CMS and a CBS. So if anyone would like to help me out, that would be extremely helpful!

                                                I would like experienced people for my Team.
                                                Not low quality sprites, non-working, or glitchy events and stuff like that.

                                                Perks: (Ooh, Aah)
                                                There are certain events in the game that I will have only for Staff Members. Not sure what, though. PM me with ideas if you'd like.

                                                A custom character in the game! Either a Mission Assistant or some cool mysterious person, I don't know whatever you want. (I do not supply the charsets so I would like you to give me them if you would like to be in the game.) Unless it's already a character from previous games then I have it .

                                                Probably More perks to Come.
                                                Old September 8th, 2009 (12:35 PM). Edited September 9th, 2009 by T3h Kaiser.
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                                                Jovial Fool
                                                  Join Date: Mar 2009
                                                  Location: teh internetz
                                                  Age: 29
                                                  Gender: Male
                                                  Nature: Rash
                                                  Posts: 189
                                                  Gonna go ahead and repost. Is that cool? It's been several months, a bit has changed.
                                                  Team Name:

                                                  Team Zirconium

                                                  Team Leader:

                                                  T3h Kaiser

                                                  Current Members:

                                                  T3h Kaiser (Writer, Idealist, Pimp Master)
                                                  Relhots (Programmer, Map Maker, Jolteon Furry)
                                                  Mazin Kaiser (Lead Programmer, Secondary Kaiser)
                                                  Ferret (Writer, Idealist, Token European Team Member)
                                                  defno (Pokémon Concept Artist, Trainer Concept Artist, Pokémon Spriter)
                                                  Chetwin007 (Trainer Concept Artist?)
                                                  NikNaks (Pixel Artist Extraordinaire)
                                                  Jackson (Pokemon and Trainer Spriter, Jack Bauer Stand-In)
                                                  -Axle- (Pokémon Concept Artist, Pokémon Spriter, Mythical Sea Creature Specialist)
                                                  BlueBomber (Team Mascot)
                                                  Guest (Idealist, Loli Aficionado)
                                                  -Aura- (Idealist, Game Balance Assurance)
                                                  Chaotic (Idealist, Game Balance Assurance)

                                                  Current Game:

                                                  Pokémon Zirconium Version

                                                  Current Progress Made:

                                                  Currently finishing up the design process, working on sprites and maps and preliminary programming.

                                                  Positions Needed:

                                                  Scratch Pokémon Spriter (Front, Back, Overworld and Menu Icons)
                                                  Scratch Trainer Spriter (Front, Back and Overworld)
                                                  Maybe a Concept Artist (Trainers)

                                                  Time Zone:

                                                  Central Standard Time (CST), although I never sleep so time zones are irrelevant to me!

                                                  Method of Contact:

                                                  AIM (T3h Kaiser), Yahoo (Tameonphoenixknight) or MSN ([email protected]) is preferred. I can also be reached here via VMs or PMs, or through a post in the Zirconium thread linked in my signature.

                                                  Additional Info:

                                                  - Team Zirconium is a quickly growing and passionate group of fun individuals who are in it for their love of the franchise. Unlike teams that fade away or lose their motivation, we won't back down until our project is completed. We're looking to see this through until the end, and we're looking for the same in our recruits.

                                                  - First and foremost, Team Zirconium is looking for experienced developers looking for a serious project; please have examples of your work available for us to judge. Despite this, we're a fun group of people and we know how to have a good time; there is no stress within our forums, and no pressure to get the job done. We're going to finish this project, of course, but we want to have a good time doing it!
                                                  Old September 9th, 2009 (1:25 PM).
                                                  Mr_Dark's Avatar
                                                  Mr_Dark Mr_Dark is offline
                                                  Poke Dev.
                                                    Join Date: Jan 2009
                                                    Location: Netherlands
                                                    Age: 29
                                                    Nature: Relaxed
                                                    Posts: 47

                                                    Team name: Omega Development

                                                    Team Leaders:Urmel & Mr_Dark
                                                    Game name: Pokemon Universe MMORPG
                                                    Game website:

                                                    Current Members
                                                    • Urmel (Founder, Programmer Client)
                                                    • Mr_Dark (Founder, Programmer Server)
                                                    • Wasabi (???)
                                                    • Ilsu (Spriter, Pixel Artist)
                                                    • Kamaran (Mapper)
                                                    • Bakagringo (Vector Artist)
                                                    • Atomic_Sushi (Story Writer)
                                                    • Hiteryan (Music composer, Mapper)
                                                    • Hildegard (Music composer)
                                                    • Raiden (Programmer MapEditor)
                                                    Development Progress
                                                    Pokemon Universe MMORPG is in development for over a year now and we're still very busy with the development of new features and extending our world map.

                                                    Available Jobs
                                                    Below you will find a list of available jobs. All jobs have the following requirements:
                                                    • You live or can work in European timezone.
                                                    • You know your way around the English language.
                                                    We are looking for 2 types of mappers:

                                                    City/Town Mapper - 2 position
                                                    Your main task is to build city's and towns with their inside maps.

                                                    Cave/Dungeon Mapper - 1 position
                                                    Your main task is to design and build caves and dungeons.

                                                    Note: as a mapper you will be able to do all kinds of mapping (terrain, towns, caves, etc), but we have some primary things to finish first...


                                                    Number of open positions for this job: 2

                                                    What does this job mean:

                                                    • Create/Extend custom text sprites (used for in-game chat)
                                                    • Extending our custom tileset
                                                    Web Developer
                                                    Number of open positions for this job: 2

                                                    What does this job mean:
                                                    • Creating a new website for the game
                                                    • Must be able to program towards a game database
                                                    • Must be able to integrate designs
                                                    • Must have sufficient PHP and MySQL knowledge.

                                                    HOW TO APPLY
                                                    There are two way's of applying:
                                                    • Open a new topic on our website (in this sub-forum)
                                                    • Join our IRC channel and contact Mr_Dark, Urmel or Kamarn. If you don't have a IRC client (yet) you can use our Web Client
                                                    • Send me a PM on this forum.

                                                    All communication between team members go's through IRC.
                                                    Channel: #pokemon-universe

                                                    Additional Info
                                                    • We only want experienced team members who can produce some good-quality work and don't quit after 2 weeks.
                                                    • We only want team members who are (also) available through the evening/night.
                                                    • All our members are ~20 years, so we only take people who are 16+ (unless you have very good skills and can behave like an adult).
                                                    Pokemon Universe MMORPG

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