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    This is my very first fanfic about Pokemon. English is not my first language, as I'm Dutch, so I'm sorry if you think I'm using poor language. Please rate and enjoy!

    Legend of the Aquatus




    Aquatus report: October 21st (one year ago)

    Today was a very calm day at sea. Too calm for my liking. A lush ocean breeze made the ship cross the water slowly. It’s been like this for over two days. For me this is like the precedent of a storm, a huge one. But wait…
    At the moment of writing the wind speed is increasing. The ship’s sails are filled with air pockets now. The ship is speeding up. It’s getting dark, clouds start to form above our heads, heavy rain clouds. This seems like a bad omen. The ship’s captain is yelling something at his crew, they start to raise the sails and prepare the ship for something. A loud crack, rain flushing down on the ship. The strong wind makes the ship crack within its borders. Large waves crash down on both sides of the ship’s deck while the ship starts to shake. A sound, some sort of melody in the distance. Red lights below the water’s surface, splashing waves, huge wings, a giant black birdlike Pokemon attacking us, opening its beak, red eyes, unleashing a rainbow-colored bea …

    Aquatus report #1: Date unknown

    I was lucky I survived the attack, I was one of the few who did. The ferocious beast tore the entire ship apart with its gracious wings. Whole branches of wood were sent flying as the Pokemon flew over them. Me and some members of my crew managed to escape in an inflatable life raft. There weren’t enough life rafts for all of us though. The crew started fighting and I had to make the choice to abandon them and the ship or abandon hope. Few seconds later they were fried by the black, red-eyed bird. I couldn’t bear to watch. We spent days, weeks, maybe even months drifting on the raft. I couldn’t count the days. All I knew was that I was eager to survive, at any cost! One day we stranded on an island, an island that seemed beautiful at first. It turned out to be inextricably harsh for any living organism that was prey to the predators. These predators were species like I’ve never seen before, wild, savage, ferocious, like the bird Pokemon. Even a Primeape seemed domesticated compared to this. With their sharp teeth, claws and other sharp or blunt extensions they killed another half of my crew, leaving me alone with Mad Jack, Harry and Larry, whose real names I don’t remember, neither do they. There is something strange about the Pokemon, though. One of them for instance looked like a savage Rattatta. It must be coincidence, but it keeps me thinking. Something is not right. Another thing I don’t really trust is that some strange noise is coming from the back of the forest. I think it’s worth investigating.
    P.S. I was also very lucky when my journal stranded on this island. One of the pages was torn out, though: the day of the attack. It’s like someone doesn’t want me to write this.

    Aquatus report #2: Date unknown

    Today was a rainy day. I sent Mad Jack to find us some food and I went into the forest with Harry and Larry to investigate the strange noise. We didn’t come far, however. Suddenly we were surrounded by savage creatures who were somewhat similar to Mightyena. Then a large, Salamence-like, black dragon prepared to fry us with its flamethrower. We ran for our lives back to the beach. We were lucky to survive. Larry, however, was burned by the foul beast’s breath. Still, it was very strange. It was like the Pokemon wanted to protect something, something deep in the woods. Back at the camp Mad Jack showed up with Apricorns instead of Berries. This made me thinking. Weren’t Poke Balls made out of Apricorns?

    Aquatus report #3: Date unknown (still)

    The clouds have been away for a while and I’m pretty sure summer is making its way. The days are lengthening and the temperature’s rising. Also, the first “normal” Pokemon started to show up. I witnessed a family of Krabby crawling out of the water onto the land. Now, if I only had a Poke Ball…

    Aquatus report #4: Date unknown (how’d you guess?)

    Last night, when Mad Jack came up with some Apricorn again he wanted to fry them like marshmallows. So, he held them in the fire and at some point the soft cap of the Apricorn was hardening. This was it! We were on the point of a breakthrough! I grabbed my flashlight and melted the metal ring of it around the hardening Apricorn. Then I put the flashlight’s button also on the ring. And as the fire turned the last soft spot into a hard one the creation was finally finished. A fully developed Poke Ball was now hanging from the wooden stick. And I already know exactly what Pokemon I’m catching with it.

    Aquatus report #5: Date unknown (somewhen in summer)

    I’m running out of paper so I can’t write too many things now anymore. I caught a dominant male Krabby (nicknamed it Crabhammer) at the beach with my makeshift Poke Ball. I’m training it hard so it can one day compete with the savage Pokemon in the forest. It’s already getting strong now and I’m pretty sure that the food on this island is turning the Pokemon into savages, because Crabhammer (Krabby) is showing some slight color changes. I’m not sure what the exact reason is, however. I am sure, however, that Crabhammer will evolve soon into Kingler.

    Aquatus report #6: Date unknown (the rain showers are returning, so it must be somewhere at the end of the summer)

    Crabhammer just evolved into Kingler and its pinchers are already strong enough to successfully crack rocks. It won’t be long before I can test its strength out in the wild. Mad Jack already got himself severely burnt due to thinking a savage Pineco was an Apricorn. Another thing we figured out is that some savage Pokemon show the same abilities as similar “normal” Pokemon. A savage rat Pokemon, for instance, also appears to have the Hyper Claw attack and it also has whiskers, just like its “normal” counterpart. It is safe to suggest that these savage Pokemon might actually be mutated forms of normal ones. I am not sure, though and more research is needed before I can draw a conclusion.

    Aquatus report #7: Date unknown (probably somewhere in autumn)

    Crabhammer successfully defeated a savage Pokemon for the first time. We believe it was a savage form of Mankey, but we’re not entirely certain. It seemed far more ferocious than an ordinary Mankey. Further investigation will point it out soon. This is probably my last report. I’m going further into the forest, so I can investigate the strange noise some more. I believe Crabhammer is now finally ready to face the savage Salamence. Now let’s just hope I’m right…

    Aquatus report #8: Date unknown (one day later)

    Crabhammer stood its guard against the mighty Salamence and succeeded to defeat it. After the Salamence was down the other savage Pokemon quickly fled away. Apparently they considered the Salamence to be their leader. Now that it was beaten they became afraid of the crushing pinchers of Crabhammer, the mighty Kingler, which had now different colors than a regular one. We’re now probably in the middle of the woods, so it will be another day before we reach the source of the noise. Judging from the sound, which is a humming noise, I’d say it’s some kind of machinery. Only question is though: Why would someone want to put a machine here on this island?

    Aquatus report #9: Date unknown (a week later)

    It turns out that I was both right and wrong. I was wrong about the travelling time (turned out to be another week), but I was right about the noise: It’s a factory! A factory with a large Cipher logo on it. So it was built here for the Cipher corporation. It seems like a highly sophisticated factory with iris and fingerprint scanner. Tomorrow I’m going to break in by using Crabhammer as bait. And when an employee comes out of the factory to check it out I’m going to hit him from behind. Then I use his eye and fingerprint to open the doors.

    Aquatus report #10: Date unknown (one day later)

    This afternoon I managed to sneak in using my sinister plan. I’m right now hidden in the air vent. I hear footsteps under me, so I have to be quiet. You never know who might find y…

    Chapter 1 coming soon...
    Officially stopped hacking, but do check out my fanfic: The Legend of the Aquatus

    Did you know that Mewtwo is actually a crossing between Marowak (Cubone's mother from Pokemon Tower) and Mew? O_o

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