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    Pokemon: Amaterasu Waking

    You'll probably remember my old thread (well not that old) Pokemon: Chronos. Well, I took the idea for that game and re-did it in a fashion I like even better. I plan on going far with this game and would love all your support. Below, I've tried to give you all as much information on the game as possible as well as on the characters. I'm striving to make rounded characters with some depth, not flat characters that are set on one thing and one thing alone. Now, without further ado, this, is Pokemon: Amaterasu Waking, or Pokemon: AW. Based heavily on Japanese and Chinese culture and mythology, Pokemon: AW takes place in the Shinto region, a large region virtually untouched by technology. It is here where your Pokemon adventure begins. You will discover exotic and mystical Pokemon, uncover great mysteries, and put an end to the war that could destroy Shinto.


    It’s been thousands of years since the infamous war between the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, and her brother and counterpart, the Storm God, Susanawo. Since then, the two tribes that make up Shinto, the People of the Sun and the People of the Night, have lived in peace. However, one dark day, the People of Night crossed the Brink of Existence into Sun territory and set fire to an ancient tower dedicated to Amaterasu. Now, the two tribes are at war and you, the son of the Sun Tribal Leader, must put an end to this war. But, how? When you discover a Notch-Eared Pichu that came from the distant past and have an encounter with an enigmatic Trainer named Ryuu, a Pokemon Trainer of unknown alliance, you must decide; fight beside your father, or awaken Amaterasu, and save all Shinto from a blind war.

    The Legend:

    Long ago...When Man first emerged from his cave, and discovered fire...the world was one large land; Pangea. All Pokemon roamed this large land, and Man hunted and tamed them. But, a battle ensued. This battle began between the Sea Pokemon and the Land Pokemon. They battled tirelessly, and their unending bout caused Pangea to ripped apart, becoming separate lands; Kanjo, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre, Almnia, and the crown-jewel of these lands, Shinto. Shinto was the home to the most civilized people that once lived on Pangea, the Shinton. It is from Shinto that Shinto got its name.
    The Shinton were cultural people, they believed that Mana, or life energy, was in everything around them, and that Pokemon were living Mana. They never captured or domesticated Pokemon, but befriended them through kindness and patience, allowing the Shinton to utilize the Pokemons' various abilities to help them with day-to-day life. The Shinton knew that even though many species of Pokemon were abundant on Shinton, that certain Pokemon were special and held remarkable power. It is to these Pokemon that the Shinton built temples, shrines, altars, and other places of worship to these Pokemon.
    The most highly regarded of these Pokemon was Amaterasu, the Sun Wolf, the Bringer of Sunshine, the Lone Wolf of Flame. The Shinton believed that Amaterasu brought the Sun and set it each day, and that she represented life and Mana in its purest of forms. To her they offered the finest of gems and only the most welled prepared foods. However, one day, a storm of blackness covered the land of Shinto. The Sun did not rise, and the Moon did not set... The Shinto people began to worry, they prayed to Amaterasu, but she would not appear... Then, seven days after the land had been covered in darkness, Amaterasu appeared, but the Sun she did not bring, she howled forth to the black sky, a howl of challenge. From the inky black skyscape, a crash of thunder and he appeared. The very image of everything Amaterasu was not; Susanawo, the Storm Serpent, the Bringer of Night, the Dragon of Thunder. Susanawo roared and the two deities were locked in combat.
    The Shinton were horrified to see their Sun Goddess battle the brutal Storm God. But, not all the Shinton were afraid of the potential loss of Amaterasu. Some of the Shinton thought it would be best if Amaterasu lost to Susanawo, who was obviously stronger, and better fit to be honored as Shinto's deity. These people separated from the Shinton and formed their own tribe; The People of the Night. Those who were still faithful to Amaterasu called themselves The People of the Sun.
    The two tribes watched as Amaterasu and Susanawo fought for forty years. On the first day of the forty-first year of the two Pokemons’ battle, the two leaders of the rival tribes decided that they must put aside their differences and must show the two deities that if their followers could live in harmony, so could they. So, the two tribes’ leaders met at the waterfall, which separated their villages, The Brink of Existence, and each offered a precious item to each other. To the Leader of the People of the Night, the Leader of the People of the Sun offered a necklace of five hundred curved jades that were strung together on a single hair from the glorious coat of Amaterasu. To the Leader of the People of the Sun, the Leader of the People of the Night offered a sword that was said to have been forged from one of Susanawo's glorious teeth. When the two deities saw this exchange occur, they decided peace should be made. Susanawo took his storm and returned to the ever-churning ocean, and Amaterasu, extremely tired from her battle, disappeared into a cave and entered a deep slumber. Before her slumber, Amaterasu made it the task of another Pokemon to rise and set the Sun; Ho-Oh. Since then, none have seen Amaterasu, but they know that she still sleeps in a cave on Shinto.


    -Kazuki: Age 15: The hero of Pokemon: Amaterasu Waking. Kazuki lives in the small village of Konoha with his father, the leader of the People of the Sun, Hisashi, his aunt and Shinto's lead scholar, Sakura, and his cousin, Nami. Kazuki has grown up in the Sun Territory ever since he was born. His mother passed away by an unknown illness when he was just a baby. Because of this tragedy, Kazuki's aunt and cousin moved in to help his father. Like the rest of his tribe, Kazuki believes that people and Pokemon should live in harmony. For this reason, his father is against him 'capturing' a Pokemon. Instead, he must befriend and gain the trust of Pokemon before making them his partners. Kazuki has always been a lover of Pokemon and against violence amongst the people of Shinto, but when the threat of war presents itself, Kazuki must take action.
    Pokemon and Man should live hand-in-hand, without discriminating against faiths, that's how I see it, anyway~Kazuki

    -Hisashi: Age 42: The Leader of the People of Sun. Hisashi is a strong believer in the legacy of the People of the Sun, and has a dislike of the People of the Night because of it. Even though his people have been at rest with his twin brother Orochi's for the last four thousand years, he is still very wary of them. When Orochi decimates a sacred temple of Amaterasu, Hisashi knows it means war. Adamant about protecting his beliefs and defending the homeland of his people, Hisashi declares war. However, can he go through with this when there's a possibility that his son, sister, nephew, or even his brother will die?
    We are People of the Sun! We cannot stand by and watch our homeland burn to the ground at the hand of the People of the Night...Even if it is my own brother who leads them...~Hisashi

    -Sakura: Age 33: The Scholar of Shinto. Sakura is a studious and knowledgeable woman and the younger sister to Hisashi. When they were children, Hisashi and Orochi were each chosen to lead the two tribes of the People of the Sun and the People of the Night, due to their parents being the Son of the Sun Tribe and the Daughter of the Night Tribe. Sakura was allowed to choose which tribe she would be loyal to, and chose Hisashi's. This left a deep wound in the heart of her brother Orochi who cared for her dearly. Sakura grew to be the most knowledgeable woman in the Sun Territory and became its Scholar. She is the one who gives Kazuki guidance and information on the Notch-Eared Pichu throughout the game.
    It is my sworn duty as Scholar of the Sun to uncover Shinto's bountiful mysteries. One day, I hope to record them all in a library of scrolls and share them with the world.~Sakura

    -Nami:Age 13: Sakura's daughter and cousin to Kazuki. Nami is a pure and adventurous girl who cannot stay in one place for long. Unlike her mother, Nami cares nothing for unraveling Shinto's past; she simply wants to befriend all Pokemon. Nami is two years younger than Kazuki, but has a Pokemon of her own due to her kind nature. She loves to be by the ocean, and goes to the seashore whenever possible, usually to Kazuki's expense. Could she be some sort of key to discovering the whereabouts of Amaterasu and possibly ending the war?
    I love all Pokemon, big or small, ugly or pretty, good or bad...There's no such thing as a 'bad' Pokemon, ya know, only bad people who make them behave badly. Why would people do that, Kazuki?~Nami

    -Ryuu: Age 16: An enigmatic Trainer who fought Kazuki outside Konoha after Kazuki received his Pichu. A man of little words, Ryuu fights like a true warrior and knows how to handle a situation. All though not much is known about him yet, Kazuki can only determine that he is neither friend nor foe, but a rival amongst the best of them.
    Fighting weaklings is like watching the cherry blossoms fall down the paper door, pointless. To truly become strong one must dedicate both Night AND Day to training, regardless of your allegience.~Ryuu

    -Orochi: Age 42: The Leader of the People of the Night. Orochi is Hisahsi's twin brother and his counterpart in many ways. Orochi leads the People of the Night and holds strong faith in his ancestry and the power of his tribe's deity, Susanawo. Ever since they were children, Hisashi always beat Orochi at everything. But, when his little sister decided to live with Hisashi instead of him, he lost it. He devised a plan to destroy his brother and his tribe. Setting fire to the Sun Tower was only a small part of his grand plan; to summon Susanawo and use his power to devastate the People of the Sun, and watch his brother be tortured by seeing his dearest family die.
    Only in death do humans truly see what matters. Frankly, I don't care much for that. I just want to see your father in anguish when I kill you.~Orochi

    -Notch-Eared Pichu: Age Unknown: A strange Pichu that arrived from the past. After being befriended by Kazuki, this Pichu begins to experience flashbacks, and even takes Kazuki to the past at times. This Pichu has the strange ability of telepathy, but it seems to be limited to Kazuki. Her reason for being here is unknown, but Sakura believes she holds the key to stopping the war and finding Amaterasu.
    I...I am Chu, I came from the Forest of Life...Sent here, to awaken the sleeping Sun Goddess by Celebi...~Notch-Eared Pichu, via telepathy.

    -The Lady of the Forests:Age Unknown: A mythical figure said to roam the forests of Shinto. Some believe she is the spirit of a Kimono Girl who died when a tree collapsed on her. Others say she is a dryad that protects Shinto's greenery. No one knows for certain who she is, or what her motives are, but she has some connection to the Notch-Eared Pichu, and Kazuki.
    Oh Brave Warrior, Child of the Sun Goddess I beseech thee. Protect my forests, for if they are set ablaze, my Mana shall be burned away as well...~Lady of the Forests

    -The Twilight Children:Ages Unknown: Spirits said to appear at the Brink of Existence only during the Twilight Hour. What powers they have or what secrets they hold is for Kazuki to uncover.
    The Goddess of Light and the God of Darkness, Shadow and Lightness go hand in hand. For it is the union of these two, that we exsist.~Twilight Children


    Shinto was formed when Kyogre and Groudon tour apart Pangea during their epic battle over land and sea. Shinto is a heavily Japanese and Chinese based region. Here, technology is little, the only form being in the PC System. Here, the people are split between two rivaling tribes: Those who honor Amaterasu; The People of the Sun. And those who honor Susanawo; The People of the Night. Each is led by a royal member of the Imperial Family. Currently, Hasashi rules the Sun Territory, in the East, and his twin brother Orochi rules the Night Territory, in the West. The two territories are divided by the great river, Omi, which flows from the grand waterfall, the Brink of Existence, high in the northern Amasasu Mountain, named so because it is at this mountain's peak, that the People of the Sun and the Night made peace, for the time being. Shrines to the two deities are found in every village in Shinto. However, amongst the abundant forests, caves, and ruins, temples to other important deities are found. A strange spirit known as the Lady of the Forests protects all the three forests of Shinto; The Forest of Life, located in the Sun Territory, the Forest of Death, located in the Night Territory, and the Forest of Rebirth, located betwixt the two territories. Some believe she is simply a disguise of the Pokemon, Celebi; another greatly honored Pokemon in Shinto. Many more secrets lie in this region, but that's for you to find out.

    The Sun and Night Tribes:

    The People of the Sun and the People of the Night are two tribes formed in Shinto from long, long ago. During the forty-year battle between Amaterasu and Susanawo, the Shinton, or the People of Shinto, separated and these two tribes were formed. The People of the Sun focused on the evolution of literature, drama, and art, while the People of the Night celebrated war, violence, and theft. The two tribes both honored their respective deities and shared in honoring the other deities of Shinto. When the two tribes made peace, neither leader left the other unwatched. Both were wary that the other would wage war, but it never occurred. That is, it never occurred until now. With the two tribes at war, no one will survive. Unless, Amaterasu is awakened from her slumber to cease the violence...


    -100+ Fakemon; I'm drawing up their concept art, but need a Spriter to actually sprite them.
    -No Gyms; Gyms are replaced by Temples where Trainers can go to hone their skills in battle.

    -Pokeballs=Gone; I want to implement a new system based on befriending Pokemon and then using Apricorns to capture them, help?

    -New Moves; I'm gonna keep the old moves from Gens 1-4, but I'm going to include plenty of new ones.

    -New Types; Wind, Cosmic, and Light are the three new types of the game. Certain official Pokemon will have type-changes that are more suitable to these types.

    -Type Changes; No more Water/Flying Gyrados =D I will also be changing the types of other official Pokemon.

    -No more TMs; Instead, your Pokemon can be taught moves via Skill Scrolls. These scrolls are much easier to get a hold of; it’s finding the Shamans that know the techniques that's difficult. First, you must purchase or find a blank scroll. Then, you must take it to a Skill Shaman (There's plenty of them in Shinto) and he'll write down the Skill he teaches onto the Scroll. The Scroll can then be used on any Pokemon once. If you have more blank scrolls, and some $, you can make more and more of the same scroll over and over.

    -HMs are no more; Pokemon will now come with up to two innate skills (Like Cut or Surf) that can be used in the field. These moves are all based on the Pokemon. For example, you won't find a wild Zigzagoon (Not in the game but using as an example) with Surf, even though it can learn it in other games. Also, HMs are no longer Moves.

    -Mail serves a purpose!; Due to the lack of Poketchs and PokeGears in Shinto, you'll receive letters from the caretakers of the PokeInns when someone wants to talk to you. It’s your job to write back.

    -PokeInns replace Pokemon Centers; PokeInns are, well, the Shinto version of Pokemon Centers, except that you, as well as your Pokemon get a good rest. It does cost some cash though, but it’s so inexpensive that it shouldn't matter.

    -Battle Past Characters; Just because Shinto is tech-challenged doesn't mean it doesn't get tourists. You'll be able to battle all the past Gym Leaders, as well as the Elite Four of Sinnoh and Johto, and Champions Steven, Cynthia, and Lance. Also, you'll get a chance to battle the infamous Red.

    -Catch Legendaries; Yes, all past Legendaries will be found in Shinto, but only after completing the story. These guys'll have their own side-quests and sub-plots to follow and keep you entertained.

    -Missions; If you're looking for extra cash or items, you can take up missions found posted on the Bulletin Board of the PokeInns.

    -Traveling Salesmen of Shinto; As you traverse Shinto, you'll encounter wandering salesmen. After a quick battle, these jolly old gents'll sell you all kinds of unique goods.

    -Pichu Follows You; Much like Pokemon Yellow, your cute lil Pichu will follow you around. However, due to her telepathic abilities, you can actually have conversations with her!

    -Plus more!!!

    Fakemon of Shinto:

    Unlike my last project, I don't plan on using supplied sprites. I'm drawing concept art for all my Fakemon myself, although if you have ideas go ahead and post em, and I plan on following a theme; Japanese/Chinese-affiliated animals. The starters are:

    Pandeaf, The Bamboo Pokemon, Grass

    Tanpyre, The Small Flame Pokemon, Fire

    Cranekoo, The Water Bird Pokemon, Water/Flying

    Artwork to be posed whenever I can hook my cell phone to my computer. Also the two main Legendaries are named after the two deities from Shinto myth. Whether or not I change them is up to whoever can come up with an EPIC name for them.

    Join the Team:

    The Great Wall of China wasn't built in a day, and neither will this game be done in that time. I will need assistance. If you want to help out, please send me a PM! Here's things I need help with:

    Tile-Maker; I need someone who can make custom tiles in the HG/SS or D/P/Pt format. They need to be custom because I want a lot of Japanese and Chinese style architecture and flora in the game.

    Fakemon Spriter; I REALLY need a spriter for my Fakemon, and a good one at that, please.

    Custom Cries Maker; I need someone who can make custom Pokemon cries so the Fakemon are more unique than just on a physical level.

    Scriptor; Just good to have one, never know what unique features you'll want to include but need a scriptor for.

    Please, I need assistance, guys!


    Poccil, for his amazing starter kit

    Final Thoughts:

    I’ve put a lot of thought into this project and hope the community likes what I’ve put up so far =) I plan on posting the concept designs for the three Starter Pokemon as well as the game’s main Legendary, Amaterasu, by next weekend. This is not a team recruitment thread, but your assistances would be greatly appreciated. Please, post any ideas you may have for the game, that includes sprites, artwork, maps, anything!
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      Hello? Does no one have even the slightest interest in this idea?
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        The tribe idea you have is the EXACT IDEA I HAVE FOR MY GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Anyways, good work.
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          Awkward ; Thanks though.
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            I see, you're feeling "left out".
            Well, I like the legend, characters, tribes, features, etc.
            But non the less, maybe, if we see some more progress, it could be seen by many.

            Good Luck,
            ~Saidai No Soba-Ya (Red Gyrados)
            Still Red Gyrados

            Pokémon Ammolite

            Might return, don't take my word on it.

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              You're a big naruto fan aren't you, look at some of the names. Let's start with amaterasu, orochi, sakura. orochi short for orochimaru.
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                Actually, Orochi is a male japanese name that means 'giant serpent'. It was inspired by the drtagon Orochi from Shinto mythology, the same for Amaterasu. No Naruto influence.
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                  Wow, this is absolutely steeped in mythology... The majority of people who've read this thread have probably tl;dr'd most of the original post. :D

                  Shinto was the home to the most civilized people that once lived on Pangea, the Shinton. It is from Shinto that Shinto got its name.
                  Typo? Anyway, I recognize a few features from your previous project... Something that's bothered me since then is the new types. I don't really understand the Wind type, unless it's replacing and expanding upon the Flying type, and the Light and Cosmic types both seem like variations of Psychic. Light seems unnecessary, as both fire and electricity create light, and I can't really imagine the weaknesses/resistances of the Cosmic type. Maybe you should include arguments for/explanations of your new types?

                  An important part of making your own game is being a jack of all trades; the best way to attract people to your project is being able to do everything you want done on your own. You should give one of my spriting tutorials (link in signature) a try, having sprites of your starters and characters would definitely spark peoples' interest. Regarding the Apricorn/befriending mechanic, send me a message on AIM! My mind is a steel trap for things like the logistics of fictional worlds.
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