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Draconius GO
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Old November 30th, 2009 (4:34 PM).
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    Well, The game takes place 10 years after the events of pokemon platinum. after team galactic, (cyrus) gave up and disapeared, the admins went to stark mountain with charon, when you defeated them, you never saw them again. But now, cyrus has a new motive: To Destroy Sinnoh.

    This may sound very unplanned and it's not going to pick up at all, (which is probably true), becuase I don't even have a team or anything and i cant map and code and crap. so this is a Fail. but, i have all the plans, maps, and story mostly planned, so maybe i can try something.

    well, here we go:

    Changes in the 10-year period involving layout, mapping, and overworld

    · Many new cities and towns have been built.
    · Erosion made Mt. Coronet shift, and move.
    · The temperature has lowered yet again, making light snow occasionally fall in certain places.
    · Also due to erosion, new islands have been made.
    · Also, some cities experience tremors near Mt. Coronet. (only during main story, when the event happens)
    · You star out in the small region of (unknown….), where you take a boat to Sinnoh.

    The new region is the place at the bottom of the pic, and as you see, it's small so it's not that much mapping and stuff.

    i do plan to put a few islands in between though, since it's alot of space.

    Then new landmarks are at the bottom in the attachment...
    -There are also routs added ubt not planned yet...

    Frost Village-
    • Candice lives there with her mom
    • Connected to frost Valley

    Skypeak City-
    • Gym battle
    • Highest point in Sinnoh

    Marine Resort-
    • Post-Story only
    • Manaphy egg
    rest of the places not really planned yet...


    Changes in the 10-year period involving Gym leaders/Elite 4

    · Gym Leader Crasher Wake has retired. He has been replaced with Blaine.
    · The Veilstone Gym has been closed down due to lack of challengers.
    · -Hence, Maylene is no longer a Gym leader.
    · Because one gym closed down, a new gym opened in Oceanview City.
    · Oceanview City’s gym leader is Misty.
    · Pokemon of other regions started showing up in Sinnoh.
    · Gym Leader Fantina has quit the gym to be a Coordinator. She has been replaced by Clair.
    · The order of gym leaders has changed and some of the gym leaders have changed.
    · It is revealed that Pryce is Candice’s Grandfather.
    · Candice moves to Frost village so she can live with her mother. Her grandfather Pryce takes over the gym.
    · Volkner is now part of the elite 4.
    · Lance is added to the elite 4.
    · Bertha is removed from the elite 4.
    · Flint is removed from the elite 4.
    · Aaron is removed form the elite 4. he is replaced by Byron.
    · Falkner is now a gym leader.
    · Lt. Surge is now a gym leader.
    · Most of the locations of gyms has been changed.

    Due to all gym leaders and elite 4 being reorganized, they all have new teams and different levels.

    Gym leaders (pre-champion)

    1. Misty of Oceanview City
    Pokemon: Totodile lv. 18 Wailmer lv. 23

    2. Roark of Oreburgh City
    Pokemon: Geodude lv. 28 Onix lv. 30

    3. Lt. Surge of Jubilife City
    Pokemon: Raichu lv. 33 Pikachu lv. 29 Luxray lv. 36

    4. Gardenia of Eterna City
    Pokemon: Grotle lv. 34 Roserade lv. 39

    5. Falkner of Skypeak City
    Pokemon: Pidgeot lv. 36 Staraptor lv. 36 Skarmory lv. 40

    6. Blaine of Pastoria City
    Pokemon: Houndoom lv. 33 Ninetails lv. 35 Magmortar lv. 43

    7. Pryce of Snowpoint City
    Pokemon: Mamoswine lv. 52

    8. Clair of Canalve City
    Pokemon: Dragonair lv. 44 Dragonair lv. 43 Kingdra lv. 50

    Elite 4 (pre-champion)

    1. Volkner
    Pokemon: Jolteon lv. 53 Raichu lv. 54 Luxray lv. 54 Ampharos lv. 55
    Electivire lv. 58

    2. Byron
    Pokemon: Skarmory lv. 55 Magnezone lv. 55 Steelix lv. 56 Scizor lv. 57 Probopass lv. 57

    3. Lucian
    Pokemon: Gallade lv. 58 Alakazam lv. 58 Espeon lv. 57Bronzong lv. 57 Gardevoir lv. 59

    4. Lance
    Pokemon: Gyarados lv. 60Aerodactyl lv.61Charizard lv. 61Altaria lv. 62 Dragonite lv. 65

    Champion Cynthia
    Pokemon: Roserade lv. 62 Lucario lv. 63 Kingdra lv. 64 Infernape lv. 64 Spiritomb lv. 65 Garchomp lv.70

    The levels may seem to go up a little fast, but the other region builds you up to the first gym, and there is alot of battling in the climax and afterward.


    HM01 cut-cut trees.
    HM02 fly-fly to cities and towns.
    HM03 surf-ride a pokemon on water.
    HM04 strength-move big boulders.
    HM05 rock smash-break rocks.
    HM06 Rock Climb-climb rocky walls
    HM07 stampede-ride a pokemon to go faster.

    HM08 waterfall-go up waterfalls


    You’ll wake up in your room. Then, your mom calls you down for breakfast. After having a conversation with her, you can go outside. Once outside, you get ran into by a Mareep. It lost its owner, and it wants you to find him. Walk around pinewood town, and go into the east-most house. He thanks you. And gives you a potion. Explore town more until you come to a bigger house near the top of the town. Walk to the door and you’ll be stopped by a man in a lab coat holding a messenger bag. He says hello and leaves, locking the door. He heads for route 1. Follow him. Talk to him and he says he left his notebook at the lab so he goes back. He leaves his bag there. Then, you get attacked by 2 bidoof. You choose to grab a pokeball out of his bag. Then, a boy sees the comotion and runs over and helps you battle the bidoof. Pick your pokemon. Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup. The boy will have a Chimchar. This is your first double battle, and first battle. The professor comes back, and sees you using his pokemon. Your new friend tells him what happened, and then he leaves. The professor brings you to his lab, where he gives you a small lecture on raising pokemon. Then gives you a Pokedex, and lets you start your journey. he forgets to introduce himself, so you get stopped again. He is Professor Conifer, and tells you he moved from Sinnoh to live in this region. Then gives you your Pokedex and 5 pokeballs. There isn’t much to do on route 1, so go to Bugtree Town. When you first get there, you’ll be stopped by a boy with green hair. He was in a rush and introduces himself. He Aaron from the Elite 4 in Sinnoh. He tells you how he traveled here and actually lives here in Bugtree town. While he runs to route 1, he asks you if you can go to his house and take care of his pokemon for a minute. Go to his house and talk to all of them. He has a Drapion, Vespiquen, Combee, Scizor, Yanmega, and a Mothim.
    After talking to all of them, go outside and be crashed into by your friend you met at route 1. he finally introduces himself as Barry. He Challenges you to a battle. When you end the battle, Aaron will talk to both of you and tell you about sinnoh. He tells you there isn’t any tournaments or gyms in the Forest region, so he gives both of you tickets for the ferry to go to there. He also says there is a port city with the boat you have to get on. Just follow route 2 to get to Appleleaf City, then to route 3 to Leafport city. At the exit of the town, a girl runs out to you, Aaron, and Barry. It’s a girl named Dawn. She overheard you conversation and tells you more about the region. She wants to come. She already has a ticket so you can leave. As Aaron rushes ahead with Barry, you and Dawn trail behind.When you get off the small wooden bridge onto the grass, You’ll see a 2 weird guys in a space suit standing near the trees. Who are they? (team galactic grunts!) When you try to talk to them, they just mumble and push you away. Then, right when you enter Appleleaf city, You’ll see a cyndaquil. It’s frightened. You suggest it lost it’s owner so you have to look through town to find him. As the lost Cyndaquil follows, you meet Aaron and Barry in front of the pokemon center. They start to follow you again. You Search the city for the owner. At the second house from the pokemon center, you find him. His name is Blast. He has fiery hair. He says he abandoned cyndaquil on purpose. You all get in a large argument until Blast says keep it. You agree and you get a Cyndaquil! He makes his magmortar push you out. You’ll see him again… (Aaron and barry don’t let you leave the city until you find blast.) after taking cyndaquil, you may leave for route 3. Like before, Barry rushes ahead with Aaron but this time, dawn goes with them. Your free to explore and catch any pokemon from here forward and back, but if you don’t want to you can go straight to leafport city. Don’t worry, you can come back any time. When you get to the entrance of Leafport, there Is a bunch of people standing at the dock. Why? Talk to the ship captain. Theres a group of wailord block the boats from leaving the port to Sinnoh! The have little antennas on there backs. A helicopter flies in. It has a yellow g on it. (team galactic!)a man walks out. Cyrus. And more of those weird guys that you saw on route 2. also, a woman wearing a dress and what seems to be a spy. (Agent 16 and Marley) They all jump on the wailord. They’re doing this! Aaron runs off with the townsfolk. Now it’s time to battle! You have to fight cyrus, while dawn battles Marley, and Barry battles Agent 16. When the battles are over, they all retreat and the wailord move! Now you can go to Sinnoh! Aaron comes back and hops on the boat with you and the others.

    it may seem like alot of event kind of parts, but from this point on, there isn't any more guidance or anything, like normal.


    Plot later in game:

    well, the main climax is at mt. Coronet at spear pillar.
    you come face to cyrus, as he summons Palkia, Giratina and Dialga.
    giratina gets mad and takes EVERYONE to the distortion world. Due to the fact that Dialga was technically calmed 10 years ago in dpp, it tries to save you from the destruction, and you go back in time at spear pillar. form spear pillar, if you walk to the edges, you can see regigigas pulling the coninents togeter, (like its pokedex entry!) and sinnoh coming into place. Arceus walks up behind you. you tell it about what happened and it "howls" roars/whatever... and then, it created palkia dialga and giratina in front of you. you greet them, and a man walks up behind you, he dosnt say anything, but he hands you something. The Azure flute. Arceus is suprised. there is a tremor, which is regigigas. you must go through mt. coronet and explore anciant sinnoh, (which i havnt planned much of yet) and at one point, once you do something... Dialga sends you back to the present, but at spear pillar. go into the distortion world, and play the azure flute. Arceus comes, and calms the battle. you fight cyrus, and the galactics retreat. and well, i dont know the rest..... hehe....

    either way, when ever somethinng bad is bout to happen, absol is on top of a pillar or something. and there will be a dusknoir, which is the dark messager in the past.

    Well, i know, it may suck, but i've been planning and stuff for a while now, and i finally had the courage to post this all, so constructive critisizm is wanted, and if you wanna help, ask.



    Banner(s) is at the attachment part...
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    "Oh my god! What am I going to do? My wife's all alone downstairs!"
    "Ron, you don't have a wife."
    "Oh, yeah."

    Dobby will have to punish himself most grievously for coming to see you, sir. Dobby will have to shut his ears in the oven door for this.

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      I thihnk there already is a game called Pokemon Legends. Other than that this game sounds great.
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        It's interesting to see a region change over time, it adds a lot of depth. But a more logical explanation to the shifted Mt. Coronet and the new islands is a series of earthquakes. Erosion only has a notable influence over thousands of years.

        You have a few good ideas here, good luck.
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          oh well thanks. i didnt know there was already named legend, so i'll change.
          "Oh my god! What am I going to do? My wife's all alone downstairs!"
          "Ron, you don't have a wife."
          "Oh, yeah."

          Dobby will have to punish himself most grievously for coming to see you, sir. Dobby will have to shut his ears in the oven door for this.

          Dobby didn't mean to kill anyone. Dobby only meant to maim or seriously injure.
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