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Old February 5th, 2010 (5:51 PM). Edited February 5th, 2010 by tha savior.
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    Well I finished this Uber team about 3 weeks ago and I wanna hear some input on it so leave a comment an let me know what you think.Here we go....

    HP recovery
    -Draco meteor-
    For stab.
    -Stealth rock-
    I mean should I explain?
    -Thunder wave-
    To stop sweepers
    For Kyorge,Lugia,Ho-oh,Manaphy, and Skarm

    This is my lead it sets up and stops sweepers.I EV and IV breed it to were it would be bulky enough to take hits and put just enough in sp.att to make his attacks not invain.I chose Bold nature so I didnt have to cover eney EV'S in def. and droped the rest of the EV'S in what I needed in sp.def so that its ability pressure will be of good use also.

    2.ARCEUS(normal form)
    -Life orb-
    boost for sp.att and if I cant get the swords up it plays as backup.
    -Fire blast-
    for walls that think they can wall me like fortressess and skarm,Metagross,Registeel,Jirachi,scizor and dual screen Bronzong before it gets the screens up.
    -Swords dance-
    for the boost but if I dont get it off I still got life orb
    stab and with life orb+ swords dance this move takes out almost everything that isnt ghost in the game and especialy in ubers.
    -Shadow claw-
    for like half of the pokemon in the ubers meta game lol!
    Now I know some of you dont allow Arceus in meta play (uber) but Arceus was relesed in the US on NOV 7th-17th so its legal play to me.Its mostly a phsyical sweeper but packs a special move for those who think its safe to switch in and wall.I like this set and with life orb+swords dance it makes Arceus unstoppable.I picked Lonely so I wouldnt take away from my sp.att even though life orb gives it a 1.3 boost.

    choice specs
    To boost the sp.att in which its nature doesnt make up for.
    -air slash-
    For stab and serene grace ability.It also deals with Celebi,Exeggutor,Heracross ect...
    -seed flare-
    Stab and serene grace makes this combo sick as well.It deals with kyogre and groudon.
    -earth power-
    For bronzong jirachi and most steels
    -hidden power(ice)-
    with dragons that are over packed in ubers (that and psychics).
    serene grace
    My special sweep Shaymin-s.I think that its ability is sick and I can fair well with it considering its movepool.I went with timid because specs will cover the sp.att its missin and I want to be faster then most in ubers which isnt hard to do.

    choice scarf
    strongest move he has with stab and made for psychics and darkrai counter as well as help me with the lati twins.
    -close combat-
    For steel types,t-tar,blissey and mamoswine plus this and mega horn is its strongest stab.
    -sleep talk-
    Sleep talk+guts+scarf=killer.With the boost in att I can come in on dark void's and stop darkrai in its tracks as well as soke in sleep from the likes of zong and others.
    For ghost like gengar and giratina/giratina-o as well as psychics that wanna switch out.
    My complet revenge killer I seen the sleep talk set on another site and thought it was to slow even for ubers so I thought that scarf hera was incredable in ubers.Adamant is to make up for the att stat where scarf wouldnt.Guts with sleep talk make it a great Arceus counter as well as blissey.

    For extra recovery when I cant find time to heal with roost
    -calm mind-
    To put its "ok" att stats to good use and to stack upon defense's.It seems to be hard to let mew have a decent att stat without taking away from its other stats but thats just not the case even with base 100 stats but its still fits to uber teir and not OU.
    Big recovery move that lets it's calm mind be put to good use.
    -vaccume wave-
    First proirty move made for steel types who mostly are strong in the def spectrum not sp.def.Also for dark types like darkrai and shiftry.
    -dark pulse-
    To counter psychics and to stop the likes of ghost's as well.
    This is my tank I thought about trying it since I never see mew in uber battles why not put it to good use.I tried to cover its ev spread in all aspects by making it bulkey as possible.The way I calculated the IV'S spread according to calm mind so after 2 calm minds I should be able to soke in sp.att(which are more common then psychical pokes in ubers) and launch back with power.I picked bold nature to cover the nature that I dont get boost's for.As far as its ability might fair me well it depends on the status.

    -choice band-
    This is for greed and the fact that their arent that many runner ups for speed except for deoxys-s/a/Normal Form and maybe weavile but I dont have to worry about it staying in during battle; Gengar and Lucario is a diffrent story but Dialga can handel that.
    To cover steel types as well as t-tar.Mainly t-tar
    Stops those ever so popular ghost that are in ubers as well as psychics
    -Sacred fire-
    Its stab and filler really I mean it can stop the likes of grass and steels like jumpluff,registeel,jirachi, but its main stoper is for scizor!
    -Brave bird-
    This is ho-oh's main stab move and most powerful move that it has.It stops Ludicolo in its tracks when it thinks its safe with kyoger/rain dance teams and stops grass pokes as well.It's also the main wall for hera in my opinon unless its packing stone edge then thats a diffrent story.
    My main physical sweep its att stat is pretty high so I needed to cover the speed spectrum so I chose jolly nature.Its ability wont do me any good this isnt a sponge ho-oh.

    So leave your comments and tell me what you think thanx and bye.

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