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"You must be Bagon!" Katie told her little dragon-type Pokemon. "Bay! Bag!" he responded. Katie and Bagon were walking towards Route 101 and heading towards the small town in the distance, Oldale Town. They trotted along, Pokemon and Trainer. So, I heard that you evolve into Salamence. That means you can fly once you evolve!" Katie explained to Bagon. Bagon's eye glittered. It was imagining itself soaring through the sky, ripping through the clouds. Katie took notice and realized how much Bagon wanted to fly.

Katie flipped open her Edition III Pokedex and pointed it towards Bagon.

"Bagon, the Rock Head Pokemon. Bagon harbors a never-ending dream of one day soaring high among the clouds. As if trying to dispel its frustration over its inability to fly, this Pokémon slams its hard head against huge rocks and shatters them into pebbles. Your Bagon has the ability Rock Head, and knows the moves Rage, Bite, Fire Fang and Dragon Dance," the Pokedex instructed. Katie closed her Pokedex. "Wow, you're a special little guy aren't ya?" Katie asked. Katie walked into the tall grass, and a Pokemon jumped at her.

Katie once again ripped out her Pokedex.

"Poochyena, the Bite Pokemon. Poochyena is an omnivore - it will eat anything. A distinguishing feature is how large its fangs are compared to its body. This Pokémon tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out. This Poochyena has the abilities Run Away and Quick Feet, and knows the move Tackle," it explained. "Bagon, go! Use Fire Fang!" "Babababababababagon!" Bagon cried. It dug it's red fangs into the dark skin of the Poochyena. "HowOOOOOOO!" Poochyena screeched in pain. It then collapsed into a lump of dog. "Whoa, Bagon, you're strong!"

Katie and Bagon trotted in to Oldale Town.

6. They visit Oldale Ruins, which has ancient pictures that tell of the ancient battle between Groudon & Kyogre, and how Rayquaza broke them up, and how they went to sleep ever since then. Oldale Ruins is under Oldale Town. An old lady tells them what the pictures mean, for she is the guild there.

7. They leave Oldale Town, and go north to Route 103.

8. They battle a Trainer. What they have is up to you, but they need to be at least Level 2 and have one Pokemon only.

9. They can capture a Pokemon, just so you know.

10. They go back to Oldale, go to the Pokemon Center, go to sleep, and will venture out to Petalburg in the morning.

11. They can't go yet due to construction of a house, which is blocking the entrance to Route 102, the way to Petalburg City.

Relevant Advertising!

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Wait, Hot I have something to tell you.

Pokemon in this RP have 2 abilities, and has access to both of them than the games.

Just letting you know, good work.
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Part 1:

Branson strode through the long grasses of Route 101, looking for any Pokemon. It was almost completely void of wild Pokemon. He kept on walking through the long mixtures of weeds and grasses. Eventually, he came upon a log, which he sat on. He pulled out the Starter Ball and tossed it up and down. He caught it, and pressed the button. His new Steel type Pokemon popped out in a red beam. "Ar....Aron!" his Pokemon greeted happily, jumping onto his lap. "Well, you didn't act like this when I first saw you." Branson said. "Change of personality?" Alloy did a sort of barking sound, which Branson could not comprehend. "Ah well, we'll be spending lots of time together, plenty of things to get to know."

A rustling, scratchy sound, interrupted Branson's speech with Alloy. "GOON!" he heard, and a slender, brown Pokemon appeared. "ZIG! ZIG!" it barked. Branson jumped up, switching on his Pokedex in the process. It read:

"Zigzagoon, the TinyRaccoon Pokémon. Zigzagoon is extremely curious and so ends up walking in a zigzag path between things that interest it."

Branson closed his Pokedex. "Hmm? This Zigzagoon seems more agitated than curious." It had started hopping up and down in an angry manner.
"Ok, looks like a good time for our first battle! Alloy, GO!" Branson said as he pointed to the restless Zigzagoon. Alloy didn't move. "Um, Alloy, that means attack....." His little Aron still didn't move, it just stared at him blankly. "Oh right" Branson said as he slapped his forehead. He checked Alloy's data on the Pokedex for her moves. "Lets see...." he hummed.

Head Smash
Body Slam

"Oh, ok, lets try this...."Alloy, use Tackle!" This time, she seemed to have understood. She took a running start and slammed into the Zigzagoon, catching it by surprise. As it flew backwards, it recovered quickly. Then it launched its own Tackle, in which Alloy cowered in fear of. Sadly, his attack glanced off of her, and her confidence returned. "Alloy, Tackle again! " she rushed him again, this time at full speed. Another direct hit! The Zigzagoon fell to the ground, and barely stood up again. Branson knew this was the Zigzagoon's final stand. "Ok Alloy, finish it up with Head Smash!" Alloy ran at her top speed, her head beginning to glow. As she neared the Tiny Raccoon Pokemon, it attempted to run, but Alloy had already slammed into it with her attack. It flew into the air, and landed. Before they could attack again, it stood up, looked back, and promptly ran off.

"Alloy! I knew you could do it!" Branson said as he scooped her up in his arms, hugging her. she gave one of her more affectionate barks. He left her out oof her Ball, and they walked towards Odale Town together.

Keep Your Hopes Up High and Your Head Down Low
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I guess Chapter 1 is too big....

Congratulations, Alloy leveled up to Level 6!
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Prologue ~ VS Slakoth
”…After a long day, as well as a long battle, our heroes continue on their journey throughout the Tohjo region, hoping to solve the unsolved mysteries that lie within Tohjo. Tune in next week to find out what they get themselves into this ti…” The TV was off before the female voice was finished speaking. Claire had already seen this episode tons of times. A made up region, with a made up set of characters, going around and battling with Pokemon Claire had never seen before. From “Bidoof” to “Buizel” to even the supposedly rare “Shaymin”, Claire wasn’t too interested in the series anymore. Nowadays, it was there if she needed some nostalgia.

Simply put, nothing went on in Orre like it used to. Team Cipher and Team Snagem were what made Orre so interesting, that is, until they were taken care of not once, but twice, while Claire was still young and incapable of stopping them herself. Whenever she heard the reports on the news, she wished it could be her they were talking about, where she took down the head honcho, and managed to snag all the Shadow Pokemon. But that was never the case. Her parents wouldn’t even let her travel outside of Phenac on her own, so she was by herself. Of course, this had lead to trouble.

The second time Cipher was creating and using Shadow Pokemon, they had taken over Phenac. Claire and her family were caught up in this incident and locked away under the Pre Gym, until a red-haired adolescent freed them. Whatever happened to those days? Why can’t they come back, so I can play the role of the hero, or at least find an excuse to travel? Claire asked herself. The answer was, simply, something like this would never happen again, no matter how much Claire wished it would.

Claire’s desire to travel never changed. And yet, she was a caged bird, unable to fly far without running into an end. Whenever she asked her parents if she could go, they always insisted that someone had to go with her. They wouldn’t even let her go with a full team of Pokemon unless she was with somebody. Claire was not pleased. But she respected her parents’ decision, wishing to avoid conflict.


“Claire’s becoming a real beauty, isn’t she?”

“Yes, but I still can’t help but worry about her. She’s still into adventure, right?”

“Indeed. To be honest, that’s something I’ve wanted to talk with you about… You see, I think Claire may be reaching the point where she needs to get out on her own for a change.”

“What? But dear, we can’t have her travel alone!”

“Well, what if we let her travel someplace where the Lune family isn’t well-known? After all, outside of the Orre region, not many people know of our wealth.”

“…You’re right. But where to let her travel?”


“This ‘grand re-opening’ thing… This could be the perfect chance for Claire to travel!”

“This seems suspicious, though. How would they KNOW we’re out here? And better yet, why us? Nobody in our family, let along Claire, is known for battling.”

“Actually, there’s something I’ve been hiding from you…”

“Sarah? You battle?”

“No, technically speaking. I… I’ve taken part in some of the contests while you were away on business trips.”

“I see. And you think the reason why we got this form was because they thought some of your talent would be in our daughter?”

“I suppose so, Harold.”

“But I don’t even think Claire can battle, let alone perform in contests!”

“She’s watched that silly adventure show long enough. Let’s give her a chance.”


“Her birthday is in a few days…”


When Claire’s birthday did come around, her parents surprised her with a trip to Hoenn on a luxury cruise ship, known as the S.S. Lapras. Claire, of course, thought this was just another one of her parents’ business trips, and she could only come along because it was her birthday. However, she found it odd that her parents asked her to pack a bunch of clothes and other stuff needed. After all, whenever she did go with her parents on trips like these, she always returned home within a week. When they boarded the ship, she questioned her parents, and all they did was smile at her.

As the ship moved smoothly across the water, Claire pondered the reasons why her parents were acting so strangely. Divorce came to mind, but Claire shrugged that off. She didn’t want to think such horrible thoughts. Then there was the possibility of her family eventually going bankrupt. She wouldn’t mind that, because it would mean the chances of traveling would be more likely.

“Claire? May we come in?” the sound of her mother’s voice caused Claire’s thoughts to evaporate. Sighing, she let them in. Over the next hour, her parents told her of their plans for her. They told her of Hoenn’s grand re-opening, and how Claire was to receive a Pokemon of her very own. They also mentioned that she would be able to travel Hoenn alone (with the exception of her Pokemon), and at this point, Claire wanted to hear no more. Best. Day. Ever, she told herself as she went out to the ship’s deck. She let the wind blow gently in her face, and watched as the ship grew closer and closer to a dock.

When the boat finally stopped, Claire and her parents departed. Claire was then given a Poke Ball, one with a grass sticker on it.

“You’re giving me Topi?” she asked her parents. They nodded.

“You’re going to need a Pokemon before you get your own. And since Topi can fly back to us, we’re lending him to you. Oh, and here’s the card with directions to the lab.” Claire was given a small index card, and when she looked at it, she sighed.

“The lab is only what? About half a mile away?”

“You can never be too careful.” Her parents smiled that same smile, and after what seemed like forever, Claire was finally free to head towards the lab. Within minutes, she had arrived. It was getting to be in the evening, as the sun was setting in the west. Claire entered the building quietly, only to be startled by a sudden noise.

“What do you mean, there are still some people who haven’t gotten their starters?”

“Dad, some people have yet to arrive! So don’t close the park down yet!” A young girl was fighting with someone who seemed to be her father, and boy, was she ticked. Claire approached them cautiously, and waited for them to calm down. When they finally noticed her, she bowed politely.

“Good evening. I am Claire Lune. I believe I was signed up for Hoenn’s grand re-opening?” She didn’t bat an eye at either the girl or her father, but stayed bowing.

“Ahhh, you’re Miss Lune. I’m Professor Birch, and this is my kid, May,” the man replied.

“Pleased to meet you, Claire,” May said with a smile. “I guess you’ll want your starter then?”

“If I may get one at this time. I realize I did come rather late.”

“Oh, you still have time. In fact, why don’t we show you the way to Starter Park?” That said, the three headed out the door towards Route 101. On the way, May explained to Claire how the park worked.

“So, if I have things correctly, I have to catch the Pokemon I want myself? And because most of the other trainers selected have already arrived, the choices are now strictly limited?” Claire asked.

“That’s correct!” May exclaimed. “But don’t worry, I don’t think the remaining Pokemon are too bad.” Claire nodded at this, and then realized she still had Topi with her. Pulling the Poke Ball from her pocket, she opened it up and looked at the Tropius. The fact that she had a Pokemon caught the professor and May by surprise.

“OK, Topi, you can go back to my parents now,” Claire said politely. The Tropius nodded and flew off, its Poke Ball in its mouth. After it was out of sight, the three were at the Starter Park. A special sort of Poke Ball was shoved into her hands (a “Starter Ball”, if Claire recalled correctly), and Claire was left on her own in the large field. Besides the flying Pokemon overhead (Claire figured they weren’t a part of the park, especially if choices were limited), there wasn’t a single Pokemon in sight. Sighing, Claire began towards the center, where it seemed like she would have luck. Unfortunately, this only led her to the forest area, which had many trees, making many suitable hiding places for Pokemon.

An hour passed, and Claire was beginning to grow tired of walking. But, this was part of her adventure, so she couldn’t stop now. She sat down under a tree, and yawned. I wonder if I could get a Pokemon another way… Just then, she heard a rustling sound from above her. Looking up, Claire noticed a small patch of tan coming from the tree.

“Gotcha!” she cried out, throwing the Starter Ball at the tan. All of a sudden, a claw came out of nowhere and knocked the ball back in Claire’s direction. The brown patch began to move a little, and after a few minutes a Pokemon’s face came into view. It was that of a Slakoth’s, a Pokemon Claire had seen quite a bit back in Orre. Of course, she knew of its slowness, but a Pokemon was a Pokemon, so what else could she do.

“All right, you ready? I’m gonna catch you!” Claire exclaimed. She threw the ball again, and just like before, the Slakoth knocked it back at her. For a slow Pokemon, its reflexes sure are quick! Claire thought in astonishment. She tried to change her angle so she could catch the Pokemon off-guard, but nonetheless, the Slakoth blocked each and every one of her moves. Growing tired of this, Claire began to walk away. Quite honestly, she was a bit let down. Her first chance to catch a Pokemon, and she was failing miserably. If this were any ordinary Poke Ball, I wouldn’t be able to use it anymore… And if I can’t catch even a Slakoth, I’m definitely a terrible trainer… she told herself.

Claire rested under a different tree in the forest this time, hoping that she’d find another Pokemon. At the same time, she was hungry, and pulled out a rice ball her parents carefully put together from her bag. However, just as she had gotten her mouth towards it, something jumped from the tree and landed face-forward onto the rice ball. It was a Slakoth. No, the Slakoth that Claire had encountered earlier. It began chewing slowly on the rice ball, its claws digging deeply into the sides.

“H-hey! That was meant for me!” Claire shouted as she tossed the Pokemon against the opposite side of the tree. The Slakoth looked over at her lazily, and continued to munch on the rice ball. Wait a second… Claire realized. I wonder… She approached the Slakoth, and bowed politely at it.

“You’re hungry, aren’t you? I have more rice balls, if you’d like them.” Even though the Slakoth’s face seemed to remain emotionless, Claire could tell it wanted more. She took her bag off and reached inside, pulling out a few more rice balls. “Let me at least have one, though, OK?” she asked it. The Pokemon slowly raised a claw, as if acknowledging her. She then passed the remaining rice balls over to the Pokemon, and after another hour or so, it was stuffed. Claire smiled at the Pokemon, just now noticing how cute it was. The Pokemon inched its way towards Claire, and placed a paw on the Starter Ball. Claire looked at it in surprise.

“Are you telling me you wanna come along?” The Pokemon raised a paw again, and Claire smiled. She calmly tapped the ball against the Slakoth, and it opened without a problem. A few moments later, the ball indicated that the Slakoth had been caught, for good. Finally done in the area, Claire made her way to the entrance, relieved that she was actually able to catch her first Pokemon. Maybe I should try a similar method on all Pokemon I encounter. After all, one way to anybody’s hearts is through their stomach, right?

(OOC: She'll be giving the Slakoth the nickname in chapter 1, 'k?)
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Pretty good!

Congratulations, Claire caught a Slakoth!
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Chapter 1:

(In this chapter, Lucio is capable of having a converstaion with Stele. If you don't agree with this I can change it. The only reason I included it is because Lucio has the ability to sense human emotion and vaguely sense Pokemon emotion. Since Beldum is part Psychic, I implemented that with Lucio's ability, allowing him to speak to Stele but ONLY Stele and ONLY when they are in direct contact.)

Lucio and Stele had left Littleroot and were now entering the threshold of Route 101. Lucio doesn't believe in keeping his Pokemon in confined spaces. Stele floated lazily beside him, his one red eye looking dozey. "Ya know, Stele, I know almost nothing about you! Maybe the PokeDex can..." He trailed off as he dug through the pockets of his duffel bag and finally pulled out the PokeDex, "Ah! Here it is! Now, lezee," he opened the device and typing in the name BELDUM on the PokeDex's keypad, "there! Okay so what do we have here?"

Beldum, the Iron Ball Pokemon

Typing: Steel/Psychic
Size: 2' 00"
Weight: 209.9 lbs.
Egg Group: Mineral
Ability: Clear Body, prevents the user from have its statistics reduced
Gender: Genderless
Take Down-Normal-BP: 90-ACC: 85-PP: 20-The user charges at the enemy and suffers recoil damage.
Iron Defense-Steel-BP: N/A-ACC: N/A-PP:15-Raises user's Defense 2 levels
Zen Headbutt-Psychic-BP: 80-ACC: 90-PP: 15-Has a 15% chacne of causing the opponent to flinch

Beldum have a powerful magnetic current flowing through their bodies instead of blood. Its head is capable of rotating 360 degrees, allowing it to sense the psychic auras of everything around it. Beldum is capable of using telekinetic powers to speak with people mentally.

"Wow, this thing gives a lot of information," Lucio muttered, slightly dazed by the sudden overload of information on his new partner, "Hahahah, well I think I know you a bit better now, Stele!" Stele simply floatd lazily as they walked, not seeming to be interested. Lucio frowned slightly, "But," he put his hand on Stele's head, "I don't know you personally."

Stele's eye opened widely. For a moment, he just stared at his new Master, but then, Stele closed his eye and a surge of energy rushed through Lucio's arm and into his head, making him feel lightheaded.'re not like other humans I've met..., Stele said via thought.

Lucio was slightly taken aback that his Pokemon was talking to him, but he put that aside, You're right. I'm not like most humans. I can read peoples' thoughts, but Pokemon are a lot tougher.

I see...tell me, Lucio, why it is you chose me of all Pokemon to be your partner? In his mind, Stele's voice made him sound bored, Lucio noted.

Well, because boyfriend, his name's David, is a big lover of Steel- and Dark-Type Pokemon, so I was determined to capture one or the other. You're a very interesting Pokemon, Stele.

Hmmm...I, this-, but Stele's thought was cut-off as he was swept aside by a wild Poochyena's Tackle. Lucio simply wavers where he stands, the sudden break in Stele and his mental connection causing him to stall a moment. Stele decides to act out of command and charges at Poochyena with a Take Down. The blue Pokemon pitches at the Poochyena and connects for an attack that sends the Dark-Type flying into a near-by rock. It hits it with a cry and slumps to the ground.

"Wha..." Lucio shakes his head, "Ugh..." He sees the Poochyena attempting to get back on its feet and Stele floating, slightly slower than he had been a moment ago, He's hurt...the Poochyena attacked and he defended us with Take Down. Lucio rubbed his temple, "Stele! Quick! Iron Defense!"

Stele's head rotated so he could see his Master. Hearing the command, Stele nodded, or did as close to a nod as he could, and was suddenly shimmering steel; Iron Defense. The silver faded and Stele was his natural Beldum-blue.

"Good! Now, use Take Down!"

Stele bursted forth, blasting the rock that the wild Poochyena was using as a support to rubble. The Poochyena, however, was gone. Run Away, Lucio thought with annoyance. He walked over to Stele, who seemed more haggard than earlier and rubbed his spherical head, "Good work, buddy. You did well."

Thank you, Lucio, Stele said with a hint of exhaustion, I'm afraid I must rest soon.

Lucio nodded, "Right. We'll get you to the Pokemon Center in Oldale Town. Come on, it's not too far from here."

You are a good Master, Lucio, Stele said.


Lucio and Stele arrived in Oldale not much later. Having his Beldum quickly healed in the local Pokemon Center, Lucio asked some of the townsfolk about the Hoenn region and its past. The subject of a "Great War" kept arising, leaving the boy puzzled.

After Stele was fully healed, the companions decided to visit the local ruins. Lucio heard of them from an elderly man in the Pokemon Center. He'd said that his wife was the guide of the ruins and translated the pictures there.

Ancient ruins? Could they be describing the Great War? Stele had inquired when Lucio had mentioned it.

"Everyone I've spoken to mention's some 'Great War', but what is it?" Lucio answered.

As if on cue, a voice answered his question, "The Great War is the name given to the battle between Kyogre and Groudon, the Legendary Beasts of Sea and Land." The answer came from an elderly women in plain white robes with dingy gray hair and a pale, wrinkled face that made her look harmless, almost innocent.

Lucio blinked, "Um, I'm sorry, who are you?"

"I," the old lady said with in a dramatic tone, "am the guardian of the Oldale Ruins. These ruins describe the ancient battle that ensued between land and sea and that was stopped by the legendary Rayquaza, the ancient beast that created the layer of ozone which makes Earth habitable."

Lucio smiled kindly, "I see. Your husband told me about you. Thank you for clearing my ignorance, I'm Lucio."

"Ohohohohohoh, what flattery! A pleasure to meet you, Lucio!" The old lady boasted, "Would you care to view the ancient glyphs describimg the events that ensued centuries ago?"

Stele seemed interested because he was floating quickly to and fro, so Lucio took it as a sign that he should look and nodded.

"Come," the old lady turned and gestured with her hand, "you're mind will be broadened by the knowledge of the ancients."

The old lady described the events of the Great War to Lucio as he passed slabs of rock depicting cataclysmic scenes; land and sea colliding, a great red beast fighting an enormous blue whale, and a green serpent descending from above to cease the fighting.

After he viewed the pcitures and was told the whole tale, Lucio thanled the old woman and left. Stele nudged him in the shoulder and attached himself to his back, Was that not interesting?

"Yeah," Lucio answered, "I never knew about that...I guess every region has its own myths and legends, huh?"

What do you mean?

"Well, in Johto, where I'm from, we believe that the land was created by Ho-Oh and Lugia."

Odd...I've never heard of them...

Lucio just shook his head and chuckled as they left Oldale and entered Route 103.


The request was loud and completely unexpected. Lucio and Stele were looking for a Pokemon that Lucio was in search of when a young boy ambushed them challenging him to a battle. Lucio dispatched of him and his Level 2 Wurmple quickly.

Route 103 seemed fruitless of his sought-after Pokemon so he returned to Oldale for the night to rest. Tommorow, he'd head to Petalburg.
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Part 2:

Branson and Alloy entered Odale Town, looking around at the incredibly small town. A few houses, a PokeCenter, and a PokeMart could hardly qualify as a town. They explored what they could of the small town before heading to the PokeCenter, where Branson got some food for him and Alloy to share. Branson sat down at a table and filled a small bowl of food up for Alloy. She gave her little bark of enjoyment. As he continued to eat, he noticed an old building near the edge of town. He finished his lunch quickly, and scooped up Alloy before she had a chance to finish.

He dashed out to the building, which looked more like a temple. He dashed inside, Alloy still held tightly in his hands. She squirmed around for a minute and eventually was released. Branson stood in awe at the sight of the ruins. Pictures were inscribed everywhere, but one stood out the most. It depicted three large beasts that seemed to be fighting. One was in the ocean, one was in the sky, and one was on land. "How interesting, I wonder why they were fighting." Branson said quietly. An old, raspy voice startled him. "Only two of them were fighting. Rayquaza was trying to end it." Branson jerked around, almost kicking Alloy in the process. "Wha?!?" Behind him was a small and frail old lady. "You must be new to the Hoenn region, for almost everyone knows about the story of how Groudon and Kyogre were fighting, and how Rayquaza descended from the sky to stop them. After the battle, they both went into a long state of dormancy." Branson was astonished. "Wow, they really fought so hard that another legendary Pokemon had to stop them?" His question was unanswered. He looked around. There was no old lady. "Where did she....." he whispered. He looked around the large ruins. No sign of the elder. Feeling a bit uneasy, Branson hurried out, Alloy tagging along.

"Ok Alloy, we can't advance on our journey if we stay in Odale. Lets go up north, and see if we can't find anything interesting eh?" Alloy gave her special little bark. Oh how Branson loved that sound. They rushed northward, running side by side. After a couple hundred yards or so, they halted and peeked around. "Hmm, this doesn't look much different that Route 101...." Branson said. He was startled by what seemed to be a loud, pre-pubescent screech. "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON BATTLE!" Branson jabbed around, seeing a small kid of what? Age 10?

"Ha, well kid, lets go! I'll battle you right now!" The small child seemed to get angry at this. "I'LL BEAT YOU WITH THE POKEMON MY MOMMY BOUGHT FOR ME!" he yelled. Branson had to suppress the rapidly increasing laughter that was building up.

"GO! WURMPLE! I CHOOSE YOU!" the kid screamed, in an increasingly annoying manner.
"Alloy!" Branson said firmly. "Go on! Show him what we can do!" At this, Alloy jumped up, and landed in front of the Wurmple. The battle did not last long. Alloy's Tackle and Headsmash combo left the kid in tears. Branson walked off in a dignified manner. "Kid, listen to a few words of wisdom. A big mouth won't get you anywhere unless you can back it up." Branson said as he strode off, happy with their first victory.


As Branson and Alloy walked off towards Odale, they were ambushed by what seemed to be a small, black puppy. It snarled. "Hmm, ok. Two battles subsequently. This'll be fun! Alloy seemed ready this time. She took her stance without Branson even telling her to. "Haha! There you go, we're going to make a great team!" She barked her affection at him. Branson pulled out his Pokedex.

"Poochyena, the Bite Pokémon. Poochyena is the pre-evolved form of Mightyena. Its biting strength is superior Pokémon, and has the endurance to chase opponents down until completely exhausted. "

"Ok Alloy, use Tackle!" As usual, Alloy took her running start at the opponent, but this Poochyena was smart. It sidestepped her attack and bit her. "Darn!" Branson said. "Alloy, retaliate with Body Slam!" Alloy smartly got up, and slammed with her weight into the Poochyena, sending it sprawling. "Alloy, hit it again with Tackle!" Once again, the Poochyena was hurled into the air. "Dang, this Poochyena can sure take a hit!" Branson laughed. "I know! I'll add it to my team!"
"Alloy, use Head Smash!" Alloy's head glowed, and she charged. At that time, the Poochyena charged with its own tackle attack. They collided in a blast, and both were sent airborne. Branson gasped. Both Pokemon were struggling to get up. He knew this was the time to capture it, before anymore damage was done. He chucked his Pokeball at the shaggy, black beast, and it was absorbed in a red beam. The Pokeball rolled around on the ground, glowing. Eventually, it stopped, and stood still. "Yea! Woohoo! I caught my second Pokemon in Hoenn!" Branson Jumped in joy. He grabbed his tired Pokemon, and gave her a hug. "You did good, now lets go get some rest." He said, looking at the darkening sky.

They entered the PokemonCenter, and Branson gave his two Pokemon to the Nurse to heal. When she was done, Branson thanked her, and proceeded to let Alloy out. She looked much better. He looked to the Nurse. "May I rent a room for the night as well?" He asked. "Of course" She said, rummaging around a drawer. "Here is your key. You will be staying in Room 6." Branson nodded and ran up the stairs.

Once inside the room, he took off his bag, and went straight to the shower, watching through the door as Alloy crawled onto the bed and laid down. Oh how a hot shower felt so good! Branson stayed in the running water for around ten minutes. He stepped out and pulled a towel around him. He walked into the room and noticed Alloy, asleep, on the edge of the bed. He smiled. He had had this Pokemon for less than a day, and already loved her incredibly so. He slipped on his sleeping clothes, and scooted himself into the bed, pulling his little Pokemon up next to him. Sleep came soon after.
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Pretty good posts, guys.

Congratulations, Stele became Level 6!

Congratulations, Alloy became Level 7!

Congratulations, Branson caught a Poochyena, Level 3!

Okay guys, I'm okay that Branson caught a Poochyena (I probably should have put wait for my approval, but WTH), and Stele, since he's a Pseudo, he levels up slower than most. Hope you guys are okay with this.
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Chapter 1: Enter: Beatrice and Lucifer! The joke's on you now!

"Urf....What happened last night?" Bea opened her eyes to a dark and damp place. It took a minute for her to register what was going on, "Oh, that's right... I stowed away on this ship...Arceus, it's cold in here...and it smells too." Beatrice whined. She had a pounding headache and was freezing cold. She had stowed away in the ship's cargo hold in an attempt to get away from 1. The police, 2. To get to Hoenn without paying for a ticket. She shivered a little as she felt the boat rock back and forth as if it was mocking her.

Drip, Drip. Water was dripping from a leaky pipe and she could feel the creaking sound of boots on wood. "Suppose I should get out of this dump, sneak in have some breakfast, a nice hot shower, and a toilet." Bea muttered. This sounded extremely nice because of the way she had been staying recently. She couldn't remember the last time she had a shower and she could literally feel the guck and muck on her head. Dare she say? She felt like a human Grimer.

She got up on her feet. They felt stiff and cold, like she'd slept on an ice cube all night. "I soooo need a shower." Bea sighed.


Bea slowly crept past all the sailors watching the bottom hulls of the ship and snuck up into the guest room dormitories. She checked each room to see which ones were unlocked. She nearly screamed 'Thank Arceus!' when she saw the 1st class dormitories were all unlocked. She entered one and took a hot shower.

When's the last time I've had a hot shower like this? 3-4 weeks? It's much better than that icky, icy, spring water...She "borrowed" some of the shampoo the family had brought and "borrowed" some clothing and would wear them till she had a chance to wash her own clothing. Then she'd sell the clothing for a high amount of Poke. That's how it worked with a lifestyle like Bea's. She put the clothing on and put her shoes back on. Just as she was about to leave...the guest of the suite came back.

"Ehehehe, hello...?" Bea let out a nervous laugh.


"THIIIIEEEEEEEEEFFFF!" The girl screamed and with that several people came running, "THIIIIEEEEFFF!'' The girl screamed again.

"AAAAH CRAP!" Bea yelled and dashed past the screaming girl and with hoards of security guards on her. I could probably lose them in the hoards of people but I get caught...Damn it. Bea thought to herself.

"Stop that girl! She's a thief!" One of the security guards yelled. Soon more security guards joined the chase. Bea looked and saw a shore in the horizon. "Guess I've got no choice." Bea thought. She hopped onto the railing. The sea breeze tickling her nose. "I'd really love to stay and chat but I've got things to do and people to see." Beatrice winked at the guards. And fell off the railing.


The guards gasped as they saw her nearly plunge face first into the water, but then they noticed she was using her dirty shirt as a parachute. She landed face first into a pile of sand in the town of Littleroot. Nearly choking on shadow she got up and looked around. "Note to self: When being chased by security guards pray to Arceus that you won't fall face first into the water and die." She laughed.

The town was quaint. A population of no more than 300. She giggled to herself and looked at a sign that was station outside the beach.

"Professor Birch's Lab - Now accepting new trainers!"

"Worth a shot!" Bea smiled and memorized the directions to the lab.


"Ermmm...Hello?" Bea peeked into the mess that was the lab. She looked around. Papers scattered about, empty pokeballs lay open on the floor.

"Dad! The labs a mess! How do you expect to find anything in here?!" A femine voice yelled out.

"This is not a mess! This is research!" A more manly voice yelled back.

"Oh?! So this old hot dog is "research"?!" The girl yelled back.

Bea stepped inside the lab. "Ermm, hello?" Bea called out again. This time her call was answered back by a teenager, probably no older than Bea.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't see you. Welcome to Professor Birches lab..." May stopped mid sentence when began gritting her teeth, " Where trainers come to get supplies for their first Pokémon."

"And where I have an abusive daughter.." An older man whimpered in the corner.

"O...kay...I just came here to get a Pokémon..." Bea said. She was beginning to feel a little bit awkward and that was definitely a first.

"Sadly, we don't hand out starters any more...we give them a "Starter Ball" and send them to Starter Park. Much more fun that way! I'm assuming you want one?"

"Yes!" Bea nearly screamed because of the excitement. The girl smiled and handed her what seemed to pokeball but it seemed more futuristic.

"Those only work in Starter Park. It's just outside the lab. Have fun~ Oh and take this." The girl smiled and handed her the starter ball and led her out to a small area.


Starter Park was separated into 4 different types of areas and there was only one area that appealed to Beatrice. The Lake area. The forest area was to outdooorsy for Beatrice and to many things could hide places, the cave was dark and she didn't like the dark, and the desert area was to dry.

"So this is the lake area. It's so pretty." Bea's eyes sparkled with admiration. She watched the gently swaying of the lake and sat next to it. The water wasn't crystal clear but it did look clean, not clean enough so that she could see what was lurking in the depths of the lake.

The only thing she could see were two beady black eyes peering at her from the depths. Bea looked at it for what seemed hours until bubbles started appearing and then....She was hit with the hardest rollout she had ever felt.

"UWAAAAH!" Bea fell back and was rubbing her head while she heard the mocking laugh of...of something.

"Spheeeaaal, Spheaal!" It laughed and rolled around like a giant pinball. Beatrice's face blushed red with humiliation.

"You don't play a prank, on the prank master!" Beatrice yelled and threw the starter Pokeball at it. Click! It was caught instantly, ".....It's CUTE! KAWAAAAIIII!" Bea yelled at her sudden change of mind at the Pokemon.


"Ah, so that's your starter, Spheal? She's been in Starter Park for awhile now. It's a jokester and it hasn't had much luck finding a trainer. it's quite prideful too. Good luck with it." Birch smiled at Beatrice, Beatrice merely smiled back.

"I'm sure we'll get a long great, I'm quite the prankster myself." Beatrice smiled.

"Are you going to name it?" May asked.

"You said it was prideful, right? Then Lucifer. After the corresponding demon of pride." Bea smiled, the two lab helpers looked at her curiously as she waved goodbye to them. This was the start of a new journey, a new adventure and Beatrice would meet many friends along the way.
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Pretty good post, Yuuki!

ROFL, old hot dog.

Congratulations, Bea caught a Spheal, Female, Nicknamed Lucifer!
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Explain yourself !!!!!
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Explain yourself!
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"So... do you have a favorite food?"

". . ."

"Uhh any hobbies?"

". . ."

"Like to play any games?"

". . ."


"This is a lot harder than I thought" Bree thought with a frown as she glanced at Dexter, who walked silently beside her as they journeyed through Route 101, she had tried to get the Pokémon to open up to her, but it wasn't running as smoothly as she had hoped "If at first you don't succeed. . . don't try again, use technology!" Bree snickered to herself at her little joke and then pulled out her Pokédex, briefly scanning the information about Dexter and his species.

Dexter had the abilities Synchronize, which passed on status conditions, such as Burn, Poison or Paralysis and Trace, which copies the other abilities of other Pokémon. His known moves were Growl, Confusion, Confuse Ray and Will-O-Wisp and from what the Pokédex says, Ralts were pretty timid by nature, so it might take her a while to get the little guy to open up "Hmm, how can I get Dexter to talk. . ." said Ralts glanced at Bree, who grinned back at the Psychic, an idea slowly forming in her head, she stopped walking, causing Dexter to stop walking as well and she placed her bag on the ground "Well, Mom always did say the quickest way to a man's heart was through his stomach." Digging through her bag, Bree pulled out some a bag of cookies her mom had given her, they were a variety of Oran and Pecha Berry flavored cookies.

"Want a cookie Dexter, my mom made em' their the best cookies in Jhoto!" She boasted and whirled around to face the Ralts, handing him one of the Pecha berry flavored treats, Dexter took a tiny bite out of it, before he scowled, spitting the bits cookie out of his mouth and shaking his head in distaste while he handed the half eaten treat back to her. "You don't like it?" Dexter nodded and Bree glanced at the cookie thoughtfully before taking a bite out of it herself, she found nothing wrong with it, the sweetness of the cookie was the best to her "So I guess that means you don't like sweet stuff" Dexter nodded in response and Bree pouted slightly, he had yet to say one word since she had captured him "can't you at least say something to me?"

There's a Pokémon stealing your food.

"Huh?" Bree perked up and her head snapped to where she had left her bag, sure enough an odd little red and yellow worm Pokémon was rummaging through her bag, it looked like a cousin of Weedle and Caterpie or something. Bree pulled out her Pokédex and scanned it.

The Worm Pokémon
Wurmple live primarily off of sap from trees. The suction cups on its feet keep it from slipping.

"Hey! Get out of my stuff! Those aren't for you!" Bree marched over to where her bag was lying haphazardly, the food stealing Wurmple blinked at Bree, a cookie dangling from its mouth, briefly before it turned its back side towards her and fired String Shot at her, nailing the girl in the eyes "Wah!' Bree cried out startled, tumbling backwards onto her behind while struggling to remove the gooey string from her face "I can't see! Stupid Wurmple!" Wurmple just ignored Bree's cries and continued to pillage her bag, while Dexter stood on the sidelines watching for a moment before he moved to help her while she was out of commission Dexter's covered eyes began to glow blue and he lifted a hand towards Wurmple, who was covered in that same blue light and was lifted from Bree's bag and flung into a nearby tree, the force behind his throw must've been a bit hard, because Wurmple slid down the base of the tree with swirled eyes.

This is what Bree had seen once she finally managed to get the goop off her face, her jaw dropped slightly, that was the fastest battle she had never seen. "Whoa, your pretty good Dexter" Ralts just nodded and Bree sighed, standing and brushing dust off the back of her skirt and then moved to grab her bag, the Wurmple had only managed to swipe a cookie, so the bag was still pretty much full. It didn't take them long to reach Oldale Town after that, the Route was pretty short, so it only took them like 2 and a half minutes to reach the town, it reminded her of Cherrygrove City, it was a nice quaint and cozy town.

Bree and Dexter didn't stay want to stay Oldale for long and they were about to be on their way, but as Bree moved to leave, she had heard a group of townsfolk discussing the 'Oldale Ruins' curious, this caused her to wonder if these Oldale Ruins were like Jhoto's 'Ruins of Alph.' After talking with the townsfolk and following the signs, she had made it to the ruins, it was in a pretty much isolated area of Oldale Town, as she entered the ruins, she noticed pictures carved along the rock walls, hieroglyphics, they were called, they seemed to be telling a story about those three strange Pokémon.

"Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Groudon."

"Eek!" Bree squeaked and jumped a couple feet in the air, while Dexter stayed rooted to his spot on the ground, he turned his head slightly in the direction of the voice, not at all startled by it, but that's because he could feel the woman's emotions, and Dexter was just cool like that, though he couldn't say the same for Bree "D-Don't do that!"

"Do what?" An elderly woman with frazzled and graying hair appeared from behind her, a large smile on her wrinkled face, her eyes twinkled in amusement and even Dexter let out a small chuckle, Bree pouted at the woman, how come the old hag managed to do what she's been trying to do since they left Littleroot Town "Its nothing" she muttered and the old woman's smile stretched even wider "So I take it your here to learn more about the Oldale Ruins?"

"Uh yeah, how'd you know?"

"Only tourists come to visit this place, everyone else in Hoenn knows about these ancient legends" she stated in a 'duh' tone and Bree gave a weak chuckle "Oh, yeah... so what we're those Pokemon called again?"

The old woman gave a soft sigh and shook her head before her voice took on the tone of a lecturing one "They are known as the Weather Trio, three legendary beasts of Hoenn, Kyogre controls the seas, causing wild winds and harsh hurricanes to sweep the lands while Groudon is master of the earth, just one roar from this gargantuan Pokémon can erupt mere volcanoes and split the earth apart. Legend has it that the earth and sea itself were created by Groudon and Kyogre, who were fighting a cataclysmic battle, that could have destroyed the very earth itself!" The old lady took a chance to breath before continuing the story.

"But then, the clouds parted and the fighting suddenly stopped, as though it were being sent from the heavens, Rayquaza appeared! It gave a mighty roar and the feuding Kyogre and Groudon became docile, they then retreated from where ever they had come from and went into a deep slumber for thousands and thousands of years." She ended her tale and Bree stared at the woman with a blank stare "I think I like our legends better. . ." she murmured and the woman almost face planted "W-What! This stuff is gold, Hoenn's legends are much more interesting than any other regions legends!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say lady. Lets get going Dexter." Bree waved the woman off and then turned on her heel, heading towards Route 103

[OOC: Blah, I hate the ending @_@ But I posted, I'll have the next half of this up, probably tomorrow, I hope.]
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Good Post, Yashi!

Congratulations, Dexter became Level 6!
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Alright guys, I see that the thread is slowly dying. I'll close it once and for all, since most of you haven't posted.

If you're still interested in the RP, I'm making a new one. It's the same as the old RP, just to replace it. It's the same story with more elements, okay?

So yeah, I'll ask Alter right away~
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