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Old October 25th, 2004 (5:38 AM). Edited December 1st, 2004 by Legendary Trainer.
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    This is the Re-written of my previous fanfiction, Pokemon Xtreme. I hope that this is better.

    This fanfic is rated PG.

    Episode 1: Black Jacks here

    Chapter 1:

    There were two brothers walking their way from school. One of them was called Jack and another was called John. They were both born on the same day, making them twins and they were both living in Dark City of the Kanto region. Both of them have a pokemon, Larvitar, each. As they got near to their house they saw an ambulance outside, the boys decided to check out whats going on. They saw two body bags containing one body each. And to their tragedy, their mother and father died of murder

    At that time, Jack thought of why anyone would want to murder his parents. They didnt do anything wrong, they never hurt anyone, they never had any enemies, they were not even rich. All these thoughts were always inside his head.

    After their parents death, they were both forced to live in an orphanage until a rich man, Jason Hummingburg, adopted them. Jason was a president of a company called Burgcrop, which was famous for selling high-tech pokemon products. They both ended up living with him just outside Goldenrod City in Johto. John became interested in the company while Jack focused more on becoming a pokemon trainer studying the ways of pokemon, and at the same time trying to find the murderer of his parents. But it was no use since the murderer was no longer in town. The only way to find him was to start the journey.

    On the twins tenth birthday, Jack was excited about being a pokemon trainer. He and John were at a park staring at the pond, knowing with sadness that Jack would have to leave the next day to start his journey, while their Lavitars played with each other.

    Yes, Jack?
    Do you remember the day our parents died?
    Ive been trying to forget that but go on
    Do you know what Im gonna do? Im going to find that creep and take him down, just like he did to ma and pa. For the both of us.
    John became shock at Johns announcement. Jack! No!
    I dont want you to hurt anyone! I wont let you leave if youre going to do that! I dont want you to risk your life against this guy, even if he is a creep! Weve lost mum and dad already! Please, I dont want to lose you either. Dont you understand?

    Jack became silent at Johns words about losing him. Jack knew that John felt the same way he did, but he didnt want to risk himself in case he gets killed too, His brother would be missing him. After all, Jacks body and size wasnt strong enough to go against anyone.

    Plus, if you act like him, John continued. You would become him.

    Jack became speechless of what John said.

    Promise me, brother
    It took a while for Jack to respond. Alright, then.

    John puts his hand on Jacks shoulder, hoping that Jack would keep his promise.
    Sorry, about the yelling.
    Jack began to sob a little. Its alright. You had to say something.

    Later, they were called to blow out the candles of their birthday cakes. They came running to a table filled with food and there were two cakes in front of them with candles on top.

    John closed his eyes and made a wish. He blew out the candles while Jack stared at the candles. He didnt feel like celebrating at that time. Everyone got worried about him. His foster father Jason and John knew why Jack had that sad look on his face, but with different reasons. Jason walked over to Jack.

    Listen, Jack, said Jason. If you dont want to go on your pokemon journey, then you dont have to.
    I do want to, Jack responded. Im just thinking about something.

    Jason realised what Jack was talking about. Ah I know its hard for you. But let me tell you something, as long as you keep your mum and dad in your heart, they will always be there for you. Okay? Make a wish

    Jason backed away from Jack. Jack made a wish. His wish was to find the murderer of his parents one day. Then he blew out the candles

    The next day

    Jack was getting prepared to set on his pokemon journey. Lavitar was sitting on his bed, watching his trainer getting ready. Jack chose his Lavitar to be his first pokemon. This Larvitar has been at Jacks side since Jack was four years old, and Larvitar was a baby back then.

    Todays the big day. Are you ready? Jack asked with a smile.
    Larvi! Larvitar replied cheerfully.

    Jack was about to leave when John entered the room.

    Jack, I want to give you this before you go.

    John handed Jack a photo showing that was showing a picture of them with their real parents before they died. Jack had a tear running down his face.

    John, I
    Its a little something to keep your spirits up, to remind you that youre never alone.
    Thanks, bro.

    Later, Jack, John and Jason walked outside the mansion, where a lot of people were waiting for Jack. They all knew Jack had to leave home at some level, they all cheered for Jack, saying

    Well miss you, Jack!
    All the best, Jack!
    You can do it, Jack!

    John was right. Everyone that Jack knew and loved in life will always be beside him, believing in him also.

    Thanks, everybody.

    Jack walked through the crowd and walked into a whole new adventure, along with his Larvitar.

    Your brothers a brave man, my son, said Jason. And one day, hell become a strong man.
    Thanks, dad John replied tearfully.
    More coming!!
    So, what do you think so far?
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    Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
    Now completed!

    I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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      My first impression of this fic is that it seems incredibly rushed. Everything seems to happen a little too quickly, and that's not necessarily a good thing at all. Having seen their parents in body bags, they wouldn't have known instantly it was murder. Did they ask anyone who was there? As the parents themselves aren't going to tell them Don't be afraid to take your time to add description (which was also lacking) to make it feel more vivid.

      There were also minor errors like spelling and grammar, but everyone makes those... so you shouldn't worry too much about them. What I did like was teh twins element of things. Normally it's just trainers and friends, or trainers with older/younger siblings, but twins hasn't been done before in a long time to my knowledge at least. And with them not being cliched and doing every little bit together, that's also a breakaway from the endless twins cliches. Well done ^_^
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      Old October 26th, 2004 (1:51 AM). Edited November 23rd, 2004 by Legendary Trainer.
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        To Mr Cat Dog: Thanks for the review. Apologies for the lacking of description but there would be times when I overlook things. But patience... the good bits are coming...

        Chapter 2:

        Five years passed. So far, the fifteen-year-old Jack defeated many trainers, including gym leaders. He also participated in different pokemon leagues and small contests. Even though he was far away from home, he contacted his brother and his foster father every now and again.

        Eventually at different times, he captured a Totodile, a Nidoran (Male), a Bagon and a Beldum. They have evolved into Crocanaw, Nidorino, Shellgon and Metang, and the Larvitar, his first pokemon, evolved into a Tyranitar.

        One time, he visited the Viridian City Gym. Upon entry, he spotted a shadowy and mysterious character.

        Im here for the gym battle, Jack yelled to him.
        The man gave Jack a small sjirachi. State your name, boy. He said.
        The names Jack Hummingburg. Whats yours?
        I am the Viridian City gym leader known as Giovanni and since I have this position, I accept your challenge.
        Good. What are the rules?
        Well use three of our pokemon, but only one at a time. I wont be changing any my pokemon unless theyre knocked out. You on the other hand will have the privilege to choose your pokemon first.
        Huh! That means you would have the advantage on the early going. Afraid to lose, huh?
        I am a far superior trainer to you. Why should I lose?
        Because youve just met your match!

        Jack tossed out his pokeball as he yelled for Croconaw to come out, while Giovanni chose Rhydon to be his first pokemon to battle. Jack couldnt understand why Giovanni played Rhydon against his Crocanaw.

        Rhydon? Why play him?
        Rhydon, Thunder attack!
        I got it now! Croconaw, get outta the way!

        Crocanaw barely dodged the attack. If an electric attack like Thunder struck Crocanaw, he would be knocked out.

        Now, Crocanaw! Water Gun!

        Crocanaw shot out a powerful spray of water to take out Rhydon. Rhydon seemed to be caught by the water attack, but he stood there unfazed.

        Jack was shocked and said, Hes still there?
        Thats because he used Protect, Giovanni replied. You know what that means, dont you, boy?
        Protect can stop any attack, even the ones that he is weaker against!
        Now, Thunder again!
        Crocanaw, look out!

        Crocanaw dodged out of the way again.
        Alright, Water Gun now!
        Protect again!

        Rhydon used protect to protect himself from the water attack.

        Headbutt now while Rhydon is distracted!

        Crocanaw dived at Rhydon with a powerful Headbutt. Rock types are strong against Normal attacks like Headbutt, but Croconaw made Rhydon flinch because of his attack.

        You got him, Crocanaw! Jack shouted. Water Gun now!

        Crocanaw sprayed a powerful water gun at the flinched Rhydon, knocking him out. Making it 1-0 to Jack.

        Giovanni called his unconscious Rhydon back into its pokeball. The next pokemon he sent out was Machamp. Jack decided to call back Crocanaw and sent out his Shellgon. Giovanni became surprised as he saw this as a rare pokemon.

        Shellgon! Jack shouted. Headbutt now!

        Shellgon jumped and dived at Machmp but missed

        Machamp! Karate Chop! Giovanni ordered.
        Shellgon! Flamethrower! Jack instructed.

        Shellgon dodged Machamps attack and shot his Flamethrower. The fighting pokemon tried to defend himself from the attack but it was just too much to take as he felt the heating scorch around his body and fainted afterwards.

        Giovanni became surprised and shocked at the powers of Jacks Shellgon.

        Return, Machamp! Giovanni ordered as he Machamp to return. Looks like youve fought well, youngster.
        Patience, the best is coming, Jack replied confidently as he took out his pokeball. Shellgon, return!
        Beginners luck, Giovanni said back, also being confident. Kingler! Go!

        Giovanni let Kingler out of his pokeball and showed a confident smile and Kingler yelled out its battle cry as he made clanging noises with its huge claw.

        A Kingler Time I finish this match off with a bang and a crash! Jack said. Tyranitar! Go!

        Tyranitar popped out of his pokeball and gave out a loud roar. Giovanni became shocked again thinking of how Jack get a pokemon that rare, but then he sjirachied.

        Stupid boy! Taunted Giovanni. Didnt you know that a water type like Kingler is super effective against a Rock type like your pitiful Tyranitar?
        Stupid? Jack said, taunting back. Arent I leading you 2-0?
        Hmph! Kingler! Giovanni yelled. Bubblebeam attack!

        Kingler shot out his Bubblebeam and it homed in on Tyranitar

        Jack became shocked with worry. Tyranitar! Are you okay? he asked. Tyranitar shook his head to shake away the dizziness.

        Now, Kingler! Giovanni shouted. Hydro Pump attack!

        Kingler shot out a huge spray of water out of it mouth. Tyranitar! Black Jack shouted. Tackle with Endure!

        Tyranitar charged at the Hydro Pump attack. Even though the rock body of Tyranitar was weak against water attacks, his and Jacks will to defeat Kingler was never-ending. When Kingler ended his Hydro Pump attack, Tyranitar continued charged at him.

        Kingler! Crabhammer attack!
        Tyranitar! Reversal!

        Tyranitar grabbed the huge claw of Kingler before the Crabhammer attack reached him. Kingler tried to get Tyraniter to release his claw by pulling his claw away from him.

        Tyranitar! Slam him!

        Tyranitar used his great strength to hoist Kingler up and then slammed him hard onto the ground.

        Okay, Tyranitar! Finish it off with your Body Slam and Earthquake combo!

        Tyranitar picked Kingler up and slammed him so hard and so fast that it would sound like a car crash! Kingler became unconscious by that move, meaning that Jack wins the round and the match 3-0!

        Jack jumped high in the air and shouted, Alright! We did it!

        Giovanni became slightly disappointed about losing the match, but suddenly he had an idea as he gave an evil smile.

        Jack, my boy. How would you like to work for me? he asked.
        Thanks for the offer, Jack replied happily But I have other things to do.
        I dont think you understand my offer Men!

        Then a bunch of men wearing shady clothing with burets and a huge R on their shirts ran at them. Jack noticed the danger and sent out his pokemon at his disposal. Jack and his pokemon fended off all the attackers. Then suddenly, another bunch of men came out carrying guns, aiming at Jack and his pokemon.

        Not only am I the Gym Leader of Viridian City Gym, Giovanni said. But I am also the leader of Team Rocket. The bond between you and your pokemon interested me into taking you in as one of the members of my group. Agree to work for me and I will pay you handsomely.

        Jack looked round. He and his pokemon were surrounded by a bunch of men with guns. It seemed obvious of what would happen if he refused to join Team Rocket.

        He let out a small sigh of defeat. How much, he asked shamefully.

        Giovanni, of course, smiled in an evil way

        More coming!! Reviews please!!
        Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
        Now a completed fic!

        Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
        Now completed!

        I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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          Chapter 3:

          Giovanni and his men took Jack under their wing to teach him why Team Rocket existed. Team Rocket was a ruthless organisation that steals rare pokemon and sells them for money. Jack couldnt believe that he, himself, was a Team Rocket member. Ashamed, he never contacted his brother or his foster father since.

          There were times when Jack hoped that one of the Team Rocket members would have a compassionate heart about the ways of being a pokemon trainer. Not one of them was.

          It took some time for Jack to become like a Team Rocket member. His personality changed from a compassionate trainer with attitude to a ruthless man who has forgotten the definition of will, compassion, and heart now known as Black Jack. Some of his pokemon were having some doubts about Black Jacks behaviour, but Tyranitar still felt that Black Jack still has a good side inside him.

          Stealing rare pokemon, money, illegal merchandise, etc. Thats what he did everyday for the next ten years. He did it better than any other Team Rocket member. So good, that Giovanni brought him a motorcycle for his hard work.

          That was until five years later, Black Jack (25 years old that time) noticed a young pokemon trainer, known as Ash Ketchum, defeated three Team Rocket members, Jesse, James and Meowth, with a recovered Pikachu. That was then that Black Jack first discovered a kid defeated Team Rocket. Since that day he has been focusing on the young trainer. This was beginning to interest him.

          This Ash Ketchum appears on the news on numerous occasions. This kid just keeps on getting better and better and Black Jack kept on thinking about how and why this Ash kept on getting better with his pokemon training, how he gets more wins than losses.

          Black Jacks pokemon evolved into Feraligatr, Nidoking, Metagross, and Salamence.

          At one time, Black Jack noticed a strange creature in some sort of armour. It was standing behind a glass with wires connected to the armour. Black Jack took a closer look at it. The creatures skin was light purple, its arms looked skinny, it had a three-fingered paw, and its legs and feet looked weird. The creature sensed that Black Jack was staring at him.

          Who are you? The creature sent.
          Black Jack became surprised. Huh? How are you talking to me?
          Psychic powers, human. Ill ask again
          No need, Im not deaf. Its Black Jack. Whats yours?
          Mewtwo. Did Giovanni send for you?
          Mew two, Black Jack thought. Sounds familiar. Then he said, Giovanni? Nah, Im on my break. Im just walking around. Are you a pokemon or something?
          I was created as a pokemon to be for unknown reasons. Giovanni told me that my purpose would become clear when I learn how to control my powers. Whats your purpose here?
          Black Jack frowned. I was forced into working for Giovanni. If I didnt, my pokemon and I would be shot dead.

          Black Jack didnt see it, but he knows that it was a little bit shocking for Mewtwo.

          Forced? Shot? Am I being forced into working for Giovanni too?
          That or he is setting up a huge surprise party for you.

          Black Jack sensed that Mewtwo was being confused. What does Giovanni want with Mewtwo?

          Leave me now, Black Jack. I want to be alone

          Black Jack had a feeling that things were going to turn nasty. At the end of his break, he was ordered to the security room for security duty. He was viewing a screen where Mewtwos location was. He turned the sound on for that screen.

          What is my purpose? Mewtwo sent to himself.

          Giovanni came into room.

          To serve your master, he replied. You were created to fight for me. That is your purpose.
          That cannot be! You said we were partners! We stood as equals!
          You were created by humans to obey humans! You can never be our equal!

          WHAT! Black Jack thought as he stood up in shock. He felt something inside that he never felt for a long, long time. It was something that strongly disagrees with Giovanni.

          Humans may have created me Mewtwo sent. But they will never enslave me! This cannot be my destiny!

          Mewtwos anger has got out of control. He used his psychic powers to destroy the cables connected to his armour.

          Stop this now! Giovanni ordered.
          I was not born a pokemon, sent Mewtwo. I was created. And my creators have used and betrayed me! So, I stand alone!

          Mewtwo destroyed the laboratory and flew away. Only Giovanni and Black Jack survived the destruction. A helicopter flew down for Giovanni and picked him up. Black Jack looked up at the helicopter with Giovanni in it. He clenched his fist as he proceeds to one of Team Rockets headquarters.

          During his breaks, Black Jack kept on focusing on that kid, Ash Ketchum for the next five years. Ash entered many leagues and competitions and nearly wins them all. He has also defeated Team Rocket on numerous occasions. The most shocking to Black Jack was when Ash freed the Lugia and its baby from Team Rocket and Prof. Namba. And it wasnt long until he heard Ash received his eighth and last badge he needed to enter the Hoenn League. There were so many questions in his head. Was pokemon meant to serve mankind or to work with mankind? How did a kid like Ash become such a strong trainer?

          Then he thought of answers. He noticed that was inside him when Giovanni mentioned that Mewtwo was never any humans equal. Something that disagrees with Giovannis views, something from within him.

          Black Jack (Now 30 years old) clenched his fist and stormed into Giovannis office. Giovanni was shocked at Black Jacks actions.

          Get out! Giovanni shouted. I will not have anyone barging into my office without permission!
          Shut your hole, you cretin! Black Jack shouted. I have two words to say to you! I quit!
          You dare?! I will not tolerate such rudeness! (Presses a button) Security!

          Members of security came running in holding their guns out.

          Take this man into the detention cell! Giovanni ordered.
          That worked on me before Black Jack said. Not anymore!

          All of his pokemon popped out of their pokeballs. Tyranitar charged at them. The security people shot at Tyranitar, but the bullets just bounced off him. Nidoking and Feraligatr began teaming up on different members, while Salamence and Metagross began using Flamthrower and Psychic attacks. Black Jack also joined in the fight, until he noticed Giovanni trying to escape. Black Jack grabbed him by the back of his collar, turned him around and held him by his shirt.

          Because of you, peoples lives were a misery, Black Jack said in an angry tone. Including mine!
          I can make your life easier Giovanni said with a scared smile.
          Shuddup! Pokemon are not meant to serve us. We are supposed to help each other, but you couldnt be bothered could you? My pokemon have been with me for a long time, even though I was a thieving scumbag, like you. And theres one good reason why. Theyre my friends. They stick with me no matter what. Let me ask you something, do you have any friends?

          Tyranitar knew it. He knew that the goodness inside Black Jack still existed. Giovanni opened his mouth to reply, but Black Jack interrupted him saying

          I didnt think so. Now follow my advice, youre gonna close down this annoying organisation and take a long vacation. Jamaica, China, France, I dont care where you go, just make sure its out of my sight.

          Black Jack releases Giovannis collar and walks away. But theres one more thing he has to do.

          Shall we mates?

          All of his pokemon nodded and started to trash the entire base. Giovanni demanded Black Jack to stop smashing things but he refused and continued smashing the place up. During the process, he tore off the R of his unform.

          The base started to crumble. Black Jack called back his pokemon and ran to the main entrance while Giovanni made his escape. He spotted a motorbike, but it wasnt any motorbike. It was the motorbike that Giovanni brought him for his hard work. Time was short for the building and Black Jack had to think quickly whether or not to take the bike, since he likes it so much, but it was brought for him by his former boss. He decided to take the bike, since he hated walking anyway.

          He quickly grabbed his bike and drove straight out of the entranceway. The entire Team Rocket base exploded behind him. He drove just far enough to see the destruction of the Team Rocket base.

          There was one more question that in Black Jacks mind. How does this kid defeat so many trainers? Toughness, he thought. That must be the answer.

          As he thought about his new strategy, he drove out of the sight of the Team Rocket base and near to the mountains.

          Watch out, kids The new Black Jack is here


          Next episode: Black Jack battles against a kung-fu master and his Blaziken. Will Black Jack be able to beat them?

          More coming!! Reviews please!!
          Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
          Now a completed fic!

          Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
          Now completed!

          I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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            Chapter 1

            A man was driving near a dojo called The Flaming Fist School near Saffron city to look for some challengers. He was wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans, gloves, sunglasses and a bandanna round his head. Judging by the beard hes got, people would say that he was thirty years old, and thats true. This man was known as Black Jack.

            Recently after the destruction of the Team Rocket base, Black Jack set off to look for strong trainers but not one was worthy to beat him, so far he had a winning streak of 600-0.

            He stopped by the dojo and entered it. He noticed that the pokemon and their trainers training with each other. Further ahead was an old man in Chinese clothing seated next to a Blaziken. It turned out that the old man was the sensei of the dojo. The sensei, the pokemon and their trainers noticed Black Jack standing by the door.

            May we help you, stranger? asked the sensei of the dojo.

            Black Jack introduced himself. The names Black Jack, he said. And Im looking for worthy opponents. Any champions or future champions here?

            One of the students stepped up to Black Jacks challenge. Ill battle you, he said.

            Thirty seconds later, a Hitmonchan was knocked out after just one Slash attack by Feraligatr. Black Jack called back his Feraligatr.

            Black Jack shook his head in disappointed. What was that? he muttered.

            Dont jump to conclusions, the sensei responded. The boy has only just started in my dojo and hes only testing his skill. Now, allow me to challenge you.

            And who are you? Black Jack asked.
            Master Wong, the sensei answered.
            Hmm, I hope age hasnt got to you when youre battling me.

            The sensei smiles. Blaziken!

            Blaziken jumped out of his seated position and into his fighting stance. Black Jack called out his Tyranitar. Black Jack knew that Blaziken is a fire and fighting type, and that it has high stats in both physical and elemental attacks but it has low defence stats in both categories. While Tyranitar is a rock and dark type, and is very high in physical attacks and defence. This should prove to be an interesting match.

            Tyranitar! Tackle attack! Black Jack shouted.
            Sky Uppercut. Wong ordered.

            As Tyranitar charged at Blaziken, Blaziken tried to perform a Sky Uppercut. Both pokemon quickly dodged each others attacks.

            For a large pokemon, Black Jack, hes very quick. Said Wong. But Blaziken is quicker.
            The best has yet to come, old man, Black Jack replied.

            Blaziken and Tyranitar stood their grounds and walked round looking and focusing at each other.

            Blaziken, Comet Punch now! Wong commanded.
            Tyranitar! Defend! Black Jack shouted. Block each of his punches.

            Blaziken ran and gave out punches while Tyranitar quickly blocks them until Black Jack spotted a slow moment in one of Blazikens punches.

            Counter with Body Slam attack! Black Jack shouted.

            Tyranitar quickly grabbed Blazikens body and slammed him on the ground five times.

            Now, Seismic Toss!

            Tyranitar tossed Blaziken into the air and he landed on his back. Blaziken quickly picked himself up, looking unhurt, even though he had his hand on his lower back.

            Your Blazikens tough, Black Jack said.
            Hes young, and yet so strong and talented, Wong replied.
            Hmm. Tyranitar! Tackle attack!
            Again? Blaziken! Counter!

            Tyranitar charged at Blaziken. Blaziken tried to counter back but misses.

            Tyranitar! Black Jack shouted. Punch back!

            Tyranitar went to punch Blaziken, but he blocked the attack and countered back and punched Tyranitar on the chest. Tyranitar staggered back.

            Now, Blaziken! Wong shouted. Crane stance and Fury Attack!

            Blaziken stood on one leg with his arms spread out and charged at Tyranitar at high speed and his hands / paws became shaped like a beak of a bird pokemon. Neither Black Jack nor Tyranitar saw that coming.

            Blaziken began poking viciously and strongly at Tyranitars chest and ended the combo by using his Sky Uppercut attack. Tyranitar fell to the floor but quickly picked himself up, holding his chin where the pain was.

            Unpredictable, fast and strong. It seems to me that were evenly matched, mate, Black Jack said.
            Dont be too sure, youngster. Why dont we end this match on one final attack? the sensei replied.

            They both shout out their final attack at the same time.

            Tyranitar! Hyper Beam!
            Blaziken! Hyper Beam!

            Tyranitar breathed in while Blaziken charged up his powers and energy began glowing on the palm of his hands. They were both about to unleash his attack when all of the sudden, Sensei began to feel pain and started coughing out blood. Everyone turned their attention to their sensei while Blaziken and Tyranitar stopped their attack. Sensei fell to the floor, coughing out blood and holding on to his chest, where the pain was. Blaziken became the most concerned out of everyone. He, Black Jack and Tyranitar ran to Senseis aid. Black Jack told the kids to call an ambulance.

            The sensei in his dying state said, Black Jack look after Blaziken for me.

            Then the Sensei fell silent and motionless

            Blaziken became desperate with sadness as he tried to revive his teacher. He tried shaking him, mouth-to-mouth breathing, pushing his heart, everything. Blazikens tears were flowing as he desperately tried everything he can to revive his teacher, non-stop. Some of the pokemon tried to stop him but he fended them off. Black Jack punched him in the face to knock him out. The student trainers became startled by Black Jacks actions.

            One of you kids take Blaziken to bed, said Black Jack. One of you, call an ambulance.

            No one noticed this, but Black Jack had shock in his eyes. But he also had a feeling that a healthy old man wouldnt die like that. Could it be that he was poisoned?
            More coming!! Reviews please!!
            Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
            Now a completed fic!

            Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
            Now completed!

            I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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              Chapter 2

              A few days later after Wongs burial, Blaziken sat on a small stool by a table with flowers and a jug of ashes next to a black and white photo of Sensei. Everyone in the dojo was also saddened by Senseis death, including Black Jack. But they were also concerned about Blazikens behaviour since his trainer died because he was sitting there for a few days without any food or drink.

              Black Jack and some student members of the dojo couldnt help looking at Blaziken while Blaziken were staring at the photo with a sad face and a sad heart.

              Blaziken and the old man were close, huh? asked Black Jack.
              How do you know? asked one of the students in reply.
              Hey, Im a pokemon trainer, arent I? And Ive been in this situation before. My parents died a long time ago. I took it too hard as well, and Im still am.
              Anyways, somebody needs to do some psychology on the poor guy.
              Youre right. Hes been sitting there for a long time now.

              Black Jack and the students heard footsteps and turned their heads round. It was Tyranitar, Nidoking Salamence, Metagross and Feraligatr. Theyre Black Jacks pokemon. They walked behind them and noticed that Blaziken was still sitting on the small stool. They, too, were worried about Blaziken.

              Authors note: Since nearly all pokemon speak their own kind of language, I decided to translate everything of what they say from this point.

              Hes still there? asked Nidoking, scratching his head.
              Yep, hes been sitting there for a few days now, replied Salamence.
              Should someone try to talk to him? suggested Tyranitar.
              Doesnt he need space? asked Metagross.
              Tyranitars right. Feraligatr responded. Cmon, guys, were going in.
              What are they talking about? asked the student.
              I get the feeling that they want to talk to Blaziken. Black Jack responded.

              He lets them through to talk to Blaziken. Feraligatr came forward and puts his paw on Blazikens shoulder.

              Blaziken we all know how youre feeling, Feraligatr said. But sitting on a small stool wont help anything. Besides, you have to eat something.

              Feraligatr looked round for a fruit. He spotted some in a bowl and picked an apple. He showed the apple to Blaziken, but he totally ignored it. The look on Feraligatrs face started showing that he was losing patience. Feraligatr lifted Blaziken up by his furry chest.

              Look, Blaziken! Youre really starting to worry us! Feraligatr shouted. Im trying to help you out here! Snap out of it!

              Black Jack, his pokemon, the students and their pokemon wanted to stop Feraligatr from hurting Blaziken. A Machoke, one of the students pokemon, raised his hand out to stop Feraligatrs doing. Calmed down, Feraligatr put Blaziken down. Blaziken was on his feet as he looked down not wanting to talk to anyone. But he spoke anyway

              Do you guys know how Sensei died? Blaziken asked.
              Like the doctor said. Sensei was suffering from a heart attack. Machoke replied.
              Huh! You guys believe anything you hear! I have been with Sensei all the time! He was fine! He was well! How can healthy man like Sensei die?!

              Black Jack doesnt know what Blaziken and the other pokemon are saying, but he can instinctively sense what theyre talking about. My suspicions are the same as yours, Blaziken, He thought.

              Im going to find out how Sensei really died, Blaziken promised.
              Cmon, you guys. Arguing isnt going to help anyone. Tyranitar said, trying to stop the arguing.
              Hes right, Machoke said with agreement. We should get some rest for Senseis memorial tomorrow when our friend comes. Sensei would like that, wouldnt he?

              Authors note: Translation ended.

              Blaziken nodded and looked down in sadness.

              That night, Blaziken tried to sleep but he couldnt. He went downstairs when he heard some small clanging noises from the kitchen. Blaziken walked into that room. It turned out that Black Jack and his Nidoking caught a couple of thieves breaking in. Blaziken noticed a symbol that looked like a skull.

              Nidoking dropped the one of the thieves. Black Jack copied Nidoking and dropped the other thief.

              Guess what I was thinking, said Black Jack. A couple of punk kids trying to steal things that dont belong to them.

              Whats here is already ours, since the dojo leader died here! I should have you arrested for trespassing! The thief angrily replied.

              Blaziken became shocked of what the thief said. The Thief then turned to Blaziken.

              And you, Blaziken! Even with your great fighting skills, your old master is no match for us. The Poison Fist clan! And youre still a little puppy dog!

              Blaziken couldnt take it anymore. He and the two members of the Poison Fist clan engaged in a fight. Black Jack ordered Nidoking to help Blaziken.

              Blaziken took out one of the thieves with a Blaze Kick attack. Nidoking slammed another one on a kitchen table. Both members were down and in pain.

              Huh! Didnt put up much of a fight, did they? Black Jack said with a forced smile.

              Blaziken angrily grabbed one of the members by the collar. BLAZIKEN KEN?! he shouted as he started punching viciously and continuously at him until Black Jack stopped him.

              I think the guys out, kid, Black Jack said.

              Blaziken released his collar. Black Jack picked up the conscious Poison Fist member and held him in an arm lock.

              Okay, punk kid! I got three tasks for you, Black Jack said. Task 1: Tell me the story. Or Ill let Blaziken knock you all the way to dreamland as well.

              Err For decades, this school has always been at the top of the charts. The Poison Fist member answered in cold sweat. My sensei couldnt take anymore being number two. So he hitched up a plan to finally go on top of the dojo mountain. He found a way to poison your teacher and succeeded. Tomorrow afternoon, a lawyer will get my sensei to sign a contract so that he can control this dojo.
              And the poison?
              Err we put the poison inside Blazikens senseis tea.

              Blaziken eyes narrowed in hatred of the Poison Fist clan. He wanted to get revenge on them so badly at this very moment. Black Jack always hated people that disrespect others, so he wanted a piece of them as well.

              Black Jack: Okay, punk kid! Top marks for Task 1. Now, Task 2: Take me to this dojo of yours!
              More coming!! Reviews please!!
              Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
              Now a completed fic!

              Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
              Now completed!

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                i liked it but the episodes are sort of confusing.
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                  To Gohan: Thanx for the review, but confusing? In what way?

                  Here's another chappy.

                  Chapter 3

                  The Poison Fist member took Black Jack and Blaziken to his dojo down town. The place looked creepy to a normal person, but it doesnt scare Black Jack or Blaziken.

                  Task two is done, said Black Jack. Now task three, get out of my sight!

                  He shoved the member away and continued to walk into the dojo, along with Blaziken. The member picked up a rock and went to hit Black Jack at the back of the head with it, but they retaliated and at the same time punched the member in the face, knocking him out. Then they continued to walk towards the dojo.

                  Inside the dojo, Black Jack and Blaziken spotted a lot of trainers training with their poison-type pokemon, like Koffings and Ekans. To them, they were students. The students noticed that theyve entered. Black Jack smiled evilly as he knew that there would be hell to pay.

                  Hey, punk kids! he said. The names Black Jack, and this (looks at Blaziken) is a friend of mine. Weve come to have a little chat with your Sensei.

                  The trainers and their pokemon became nervously startled, as they knew what he meant. Some of the trainers ordered their pokemon to attack Black Jack, but Blaziken stepped forward to defend him, stopping the poison pokemon in their tracks.

                  Blaziken got into his fighting stance. Then without hesitation, the poison pokemon ganged up on him, but he was able to fend them off without getting hit.

                  One of the students asked in bewilderment, What? How can a Blaziken defeat our pokemon without getting any orders from Black Jack?
                  Like I said before, hes a friend, Black Jack replied. I didnt say he was my pokemon.

                  Soon, other poison pokemon ganged up on him. After seeing Blaziken getting hit by one of the poison pokemon, Black Jack decided to raise some heck. He released all his pokemon from his pokeballs.

                  Okay, boys! Black Jack said with enthusiasm. Lets teach these kids a lesson!

                  All of his pokemon gave out their battle cries with excitement and charged into battle, along with Black Jack himself. Black Jack, Tyranitar, Nidoking and Feraligatr teamed up against various poison pokemon by throwing and slamming them in any way possible. Salamence and Metagross were untouchable as they were using Flamethrower and Psychic attacks. Whilst Blaziken was quick enough to avoid attacks and fight back, think about vengeance for his sensei.

                  In no time, all of the Poison Fist students and their pokemon were knocked down and hurt. Black Jack sarcastically dusted off his hands, motioning that the funs over.

                  Blaziken and his friends walked round the dojo to find the location of the sensei of the dojo. They heard a voice from behind one of the doors. There was also an evil sjirachi.

                  Tomorrow, Mr. Mane, I shall have that school, and I have a lot to thank you for.

                  Infuriated of what he heard, Blaziken kicked the door down. Inside the room was a man in a suit on a phone. He hanged up the phone.

                  Whos this Mane guy? Black Jack demanded.
                  That does not concern you! Who are you? The man in the suit demanded.
                  Black Jack! And yours?
                  I am Mr. Min. And you have no business in my office without permission or appointment. Get out!
                  We dont need any permission or appointment to kick your ***, for you disrespected that Flaming Fist School by poisoning the teacher!

                  Mr. Min smiled.

                  Hmph! That school is worth nothing, I dont even know why it should be no.1.
                  Jealous, huh? If you want to be no.1, (Looks at Blaziken) then try to defeat this kid. He came from that school.
                  Blaze! Blaziken responded.
                  From the looks of him, Mr. Min said. Hes useless, and Ill prove it to you! Why dont we take this battle to the training room?

                  In the training room

                  Black Jack stood in the middle of the training room. Mr. Min was at one side of the training room mat and Blaziken was at the other side of the mat. There are a bunch of students surrounding the mat to be witnesses, hoping to witness Mr. Min would defeat Blaziken.

                  Alright, kids, Black Jack said. This is a one-on-one pokemon battle. Ill be the referee for this battle. There will be no interferences. Anyone who does will receive beatings. On my right, the leader of the Poison Fist dojo, Mr. Min.

                  Everyone, except Black Jack and Blaziken, started cheering for Mr. Min. Black Jack then stopped the cheering

                  On my left, Black Jack continued. One of the best students of the Flaming Fist School, Blaziken.

                  The crowd started booing at Blaziken. Black Jack immediately stopped the booing.

                  The deal is this, If Mr. Min defeats Blaziken, Mr. Min can have the Flaming Fist School and can do whatever he likes with it. If Blaziken wins, then the Poison Fist School must leave his school alone.

                  Mr. Min and Blaziken agreed with the stipulation.

                  Ill use the pokemon, you will never defeat! Mr Min said with a confident smile. Go Muk! he shouted as he threw his Pokeball. Muk popped out of his pokeball.

                  Yuk! commented Black Jack. I was hoping this match would turn ugly, but not that ugly!

                  Mr. Min ordered his Muk to throw out multiple sludges at Blaziken, but Blaziken manages to dodge the attack. Blaziken leaped into the air and performed a diving kick.

                  Mr. Min ordered Muk to detect. Muk detected that Blaziken was performing a diving kick and stretched out of the way. Blaziken missed as Muk did what his trainer ordered him to. Blaziken landed on his feet and gained balance.

                  Mr. Min then ordered Muk to use Slam attack. Muk raised a part of his body and formed it into a huge hand and aimed to slam Blaziken, but he barely missed him as he stepped out of the way. Blaziken gave Muk a punch but his fist got stuck inside him. Muk hoisted Blaziken up and slammed him on the ground.

                  Muk then jumped high in the air. Blaziken rolled out of the way when Muk landed on the ground causing an Earthquake, making it difficult for Blaziken to get up. While the ground was still shaking, Muk jumped high in the air and this time he landed right on Blaziken. Blaziken tried to break free from Muks pin. He tried and tried until he couldnt move.

                  I win, Mr. Min shouted triumphantly, but he noticed that Blaziken started moving again underneath Muk after two seconds.

                  Blaziken was moving around to get out of Muks pinning. There was a strange red glow inside Muk. Then suddenly, Blaziken broke through Muks body by leaping into the air using Sky Uppercut! Little bits of Muks slime splattered all over the mat.

                  Muk became dizzy and fainted. Blaziken landed on his feet, and then he got on to his knees, tired and heavily breathing for air. He sure didnt like Muks scent. Black Jack announced Blaziken as the winner of the match.

                  Blaziken should be disqualified! Mr. Min demanded. Blaziken was the first pokemon who couldnt move at first while being pinned by Muk! Therefore, I win the match!

                  But Im the referee, Black Jack replied. And Im supposed to be the one that announces the winner, not you. And Blaziken gathered energy inside to break out of that pinning predicament.

                  Mr. Min gave a nasty growl.

                  You know what this means, dont ya? Balck Jack said. If you hurt that school again, I will be back to get you!

                  Black Jack started to walk to the exit, but he stopped to notice that Blaziken stood there staring at Mr. Min. Black Jack wondered what he was going to do. Blaziken gave out a large roar as he leapt forward to kill Mr. Min as Mr. Min shook with fear. But Black Jack grabbed Blaziken by the wrist.

                  Blaziken, said Black Jack. I know that this creep killed your teacher. But if you kill him, youll become a creep too.

                  Blaziken understood what Black Jack meant and calmed down.

                  Besides, hes not even worth our time anymore. To me, your sensei is better than this guy.

                  Black Jack released Blazikens wrist and they made their way back to Flaming Fist School, while Mr. Min shook with frustration.

                  More coming!! Reviews please!!
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                    very good i like it so far never mind my earlier confusion.
                    I have one question why did you decide to make him stay black jack and not go back to jack?
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                      To Gohan: The name Black Jack suits the main character's personality (cold and quiet but violent when aggravated), also he likes to wear black. Plus, Black Jack sounds better than... Jack. Thanks for the review though.

                      Chapter 4

                      It was morning. All the students and pokemon of the Flaming Fist School, including Black Jack, were wearing black clothes to pay their last respects to sensei. A priest was saying his speech.

                      I am a friend of Wong and this school and I always will be. When Wong and I first met, I saw him as one of the futures strongest trainers but also one of the trainers wholl see that training pokemon isnt about competition or violence.

                      To him, it meant something else. He thought that instead of the pokemon defending its trainer, the trainer would also have to defend not only for himself but his pokemon as well. That way, hopefully, everyone would see that Wongs theory was true and would create love, peace and harmony all over the world.

                      He died of an illness. While he suffering from that illness, he still stood strong and never gave up his teaching. He died while he wished that his theory would, one day will come true.

                      As long as this school remains, we shall continue with our training to make Master Wongs wish come true and make him proud. So now, in honour of his memory, let us have a moment of silence.

                      The moment of silence lasted more than a moment. After Black Jack noticed that, he started to leave. Blaziken heard Black Jacks footsteps and turned around.

                      Blaze, Blaziken said. That caught everyones attention. Blazi Blaziken.

                      Black Jack turned round. Are you saying that you want me to take you along? Like Wong want me to do before his death?

                      Blaziken nodded.

                      Black Jack thought for a moment. On one condition, Black Jack said. We havent finished our battle yet. If you battle well, you can come.

                      There was some small chatter between the students.

                      What do you think?
                      Wouldnt it be disrespectful for teacher?
                      I dont know but
                      Teacher once said never leave your work unfinished.
                      Its true, and they havent finished their battle yet.
                      I think we should let them, its about competition, right?

                      Enough! the priest shouted. Its true. Master Wong never leaves things undone. Because once a contest starts there would no stopping until the winner is decided. He would more than happy to finish his last contest with his final opponent.

                      Are you saying that Wong is part of Blaziken now? Black Jack asked with a smile. This ought to be interesting.

                      Blaziken prepared himself for battle as he got into his fighting stance. Black Jack called out his Tyranitar, the pokemon he was battling with before.

                      Tyranitar! Black Jack yelled. Tackle attack!

                      As Tyranitar made his Tackle attack, Blaziken dodged it by leaping and performing a diving kick.

                      Its about to stomp your head in, Tyranitar! Black Jack warned. Block those kicks!

                      Tyranitar raised both his arms to defend himself. As Blaziken landed on Tyranitars arms, he began kicking them in mid-air, trying to injure them.

                      Push Blaziken away! Black Jack shouted.

                      Tyranitar used his strength to push Blaziken away. He then shook his arms to shake off the pain. Blaziken stood poised to fight again, so did Tyranitar.

                      As I thought, thought Black Jack. I can feel Wongs presence inside Blaziken. They must have a strong link together. And Wong must be commanding Blaziken from the inside.

                      Blaziken ran at Tyranitar. Get ready to defend, Tyranitar, Black Jack ordered. Tyranitar stood his ground and focused on which anatomy Blaziken would use to attack, so did Black Jack.

                      They both looked at Blaziken and tried to predict which part Blaziken would use. They only had split seconds to decide. Now, Tyranitar! Black Jack shouted. Its aiming for your face!

                      As they predicted, Blaziken used Fire Punch, aiming at Tyranitars face. But Tyranitar grabbed his paw. Blaziken went to punch Tyranitar in his lower body but Tyranitar grabbed that as well. Blaziken tried to break free but Tyranitar used Headbutt on Blazikens face.

                      Blaziken staggered backwards, feeling dizzy. Tyranitar ran forward and hit him in the face again, only this time it was with a hard punch. Tyranitar ran to hit Blaziken, but Blaziken tricked Tyranitar and countered the punch and turned his attack into an armbar.

                      Submission Black Jack whispered to himself. He knows that in general, Tyranitar is a dual Rock and Dark type, meaning that its double weak against Fighting type moves like Submission. But after training Tyranitar for so long, he knew that he would withstand that move.

                      Everyone was expecting Black Jack to surrender, but he had faith in Tyranitar. Tyranitar was withstanding the pain, trying not to scream, and trying not to quit. Shockingly, Tyranitar picked himself while Blaziken was still stretching his arm. Now that Tyranitar stood up, Black Jack found a way to get Blaziken to release Tyranitars arm.

                      Slam him to the ground! Black Jack ordered.

                      Tyranitar slammed Blaziken with his held arm. Not only did the slam hurt Blaziken, he also got him to break the hold as well, but Tyranitar was hurt too. Tyranitar rubbed on to his hurting arm.

                      Are you okay? Black Jack asked in a worried tone. Tyranitar turned round and nodded.

                      Blaziken picked himself up. He was battered and bruised. He was breathing deeply in and out.

                      Tyranitar felt that both his arms might be broken. He too, was battered and bruised. Black Jack was concerned about Tyranitars arms. What if hes too injured to perform powerful moves like Earthquake or Seismic Toss?

                      Blaziken was about to give his last shot. He ran to give Tyranitar a Hi Jump Kick again. Realising this, Black Jack ordered Tyranitar to dodge the attack.

                      Despite the distraction of the pain, Tyranitar barely moved his head to one side and then, without Black Jacks orders, instinctively gave Blaziken a hard punch in the face. Again, Tyranitar hurt his own arms. He felt that if he moves his arms again, he would pass out from the pain.

                      Blaziken was knocked down. He felt weak as he tried to pick himself up, not wanting to let his friends of the school down, nor his departed teacher.

                      Black Jack and Tyranitar noticed that the only way to defeat Blaziken is to do the combined move, Body Slam + Earthquake attack. Tyranitar noticed that Black Jack became concerned about Tyranitars arms, but he still had faith in him. Tyranitar knows that if he uses that move, he might pass out from the pain.

                      I bet you, you cant! said Black Jack with a small smile. Tyranitar smiled too, showing that he could do it.

                      Tyranitar slowly grabbed Blaziken by his waist. He lifted him up in the air as high as he can and than slammed him on the ground so hard, that it sounded like a bunch of cars crashing into each other in a demolition derby!

                      Blaziken couldnt continue the battle, meaning that Black Jack and Tyranitar won the match. He lay there motionless and his eyes were closed. Blazi Blaziken ken Blaziken said breathlessly. Which meant, Master Ive failed Im sorry.

                      Then suddenly, inside his mind, Wongs spirit appeared. You didnt fail anyone, Wong said. The only time when you would fail is when you give up everything you worked so hard for. Your way of living, your friends, everything.
                      I understand, said Blaziken in his thoughts. But I need to ask you something. Why have you chosen Black Jack as my new trainer?
                      I have chosen him because I feel that he will train you well. Unlike the other trainers and their pokemon we faced, he and his Tyranitar are the toughest opponents weve ever faced.
                      As much as I hate to admit it, I agree, master. But his style isnt equal to ours.
                      It has nothing got to do with style, Blaziken, my child. He has something deep inside him that shares my theories about pokemon training.
                      I understand.
                      Remember this, youre Black Jacks pokemon now, but Ill come back again. Treat your new trainer well, just as well as you treat me.

                      Wongs spirit was drifting away from Blazikens mind. No, master! Please! Dont leave me! shouted Blaziken. Master!

                      Ill come back again, Wong said as he drifted away.
                      Dont leave me Blaziken whispered.

                      Suddenly, another voice was heard. Hey, kid!

                      Blaziken woke up. He didnt know if it was a dream or not. That didnt matter. He knows fully well that his departed master, Wong, wanted him to go along with Black Jack on his journey.

                      The next day, Black Jack and his new pokemon, Blaziken were about to set off on their journey. May the spirit of Master Wong be with you, the priest said.

                      Black Jack gave a thumbs up. He and Blaziken got on the Motorcycle. Blaziken never went on a motorcycle before so he held tight around Black Jacks waist.

                      As they drove away on Black Jacks motorcycle, Blaziken tearfully looked back at the dojo where he lived happily under Master Wongs protection and hoped that one day that he will return.

                      Next Episode: Black Jack meets a young, tough and arrogant trainer, whose pokemon is as tough as anyone of his.

                      More coming!! Reviews please!!
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                        Chapter 1

                        A man in black leather clothing was driving his motorcycle near Rustboro City in the Hoenn Region. That man was none other than Black Jack.

                        A couple months back, he and Tyranitar fought against a tough Blaziken in a dojo called The Flaming Fist School near Saffron city in the Kanto region. Black Jack remembered the promise he made to the departed sensei of the dojo to look after his Blaziken. With that in mind, Black Jack and his Tyranitar managed to beat Blaziken and capture it, making it his.

                        Black Jack was arrived in Rustboro city to take a break from his travelling and winning streak, which was 1000-0. He visited a local tavern, and ordered a bottle of beer. As he drank, he noticed that a lot of people were staring at him. As he turned and looked around, they were still staring at him. What do you guys want? he asked.

                        You creep! shouted one of the people. He was wearing a punks type of clothing. He also had a punks type of hairdo. Youre the guy that left Team Rocket!

                        The others joined up, agreeing with him.
                        Yeah, Team Rocket rules!
                        We wont let you get away with this!

                        Surprised, Black Jack said, Who are you guys? Team Rocket fans?
                        Were more than that! replied one of them. Were the Rocket Revengers! We punish those who hurt Team Rocket!

                        An anime sweat drop came down on Black Jacks forehead. You gotta be kidding me

                        Cmon, gang! shouted another one of the Rocket Revengers. Lets teach him a lesson!

                        As the Rocket Revengers were about to gang up on Black Jack, he shouted Hey! At least let me finish my beer first!

                        Meanwhile, an 11-year-old girl was about to exit the entrance of Rustboro city listening to her Walkman. She had blue trousers, red sneakers and a black jacket. She had red ponytail hair and cold blue eyes.

                        As she walks into the nearest forest, a ninja jumped out of one of the trees and landed on his feet. No one can tell from the appearance of his face since he was masked, but he had bushy black hair and serious brown eyes. The colour of his ninja clothing is red.

                        Youre late, Cassandra! said the ninja in a hissy voice.
                        Whatever, Cassandra replied in an uncaring tone. Lets get this lesson started.

                        The ninja made some bird noises and out popped a Taillow.

                        Is that the best you could do? Cassandra asked in a disappointed tone. My father forced me to be taught by a man who makes bird noises just bring this pip-squeak? What kind of lesson is this, Seed?

                        Without answering Cassandras question, Seed said, Call out one of your pokemon.

                        Cassandra threw a pokeball. Go, Absol!

                        Absol came out of her pokeball. Absol! she cried.

                        Absol! Cassandra cried Slash it to pieces!

                        After giving it one Slash attack, the Taillow was knocked out.

                        Very impressive, Seed said. Now for another one.

                        He made the same bird noises and out came another Taillow.

                        What? Another one? Cassandra complained.
                        This one will give you a surprise afterwards, Seed replied.
                        Heh! Absol! Slash attack!

                        Absol ran at the Tailow and used the attack, but misses.

                        Not fast enough, said Seed. Think of another strategy.
                        Grr Absol, Sword Dance and Slash attack!

                        Absol span round until her nails became sharper. She was about to use Slash attack, but to Cassandras and her shock, the Tailow evolved into a Swellow!

                        I told you youll be surprised, said Seed, who was not shocked. But do not be startled by the evolution of this pokemon. Now go!

                        Cassandra nodded and ordered Absol again to attack Swellow. Normally, a Swellow is faster than an Absol. But since Absol was well trained, she has more speed than the newly evolved Swellow. Absol used her Slash attack to knock out Swellow, even though it connected, the Swellow stood unfazed.

                        What? How can this be? Cassandra asked.
                        What do they teach you in Pokemon School, child? Seed said with criticism. Swellow has a higher defence than its pre-evolved form.

                        Absol attacked Swellow again and again, but still it seemed like that it cant be brought down. Sellow tried to fight back, but Absol kept on dodging each attack.

                        Lets end this, Absol, Cassandra said. Flamethrower attack!

                        Absol shot her Flamethrower at Swellow, knocking it out.

                        Thatll do for today, Seed said.
                        What? So soon? Cassandra asked.
                        I have other business to attend to. Take this time to toughen up your pokemon. You may go.

                        Cassandra smiled nastily and walked back to Rustboro city.

                        Meanwhile, back at the tavern, Black Jack and his pokemon stood as the Rocket Revengers were lying on the floor either injured or knocked out.

                        Well, I have to give you guys credit, said Black Jack. You guys lasted longer than Magikarps. But next time dont disturb me while Im enjoying my beer!

                        He took one more swig of beer and paid the man who was hiding underneath the counter (He got scared of the action). As they left the tavern, a Spearow suddenly dived down and knocked Black Jack down.

                        Are you Black Jack, the man on his winning streak? said a girly yet focused voice. You cant be a great pokemon trainer if you dont know whats coming at you. Black Jack looked round and spotted Cassandra with the Spearow on her shoulder.

                        You little brat! Black Jack snarled as he picked himself up. You talk big for a kid. But I wonder if you can battle big as well!
                        Is that a challenge? Cassandra asked. Consider it accepted. Spearow, if you please

                        Spearow flew off Cassandras shoulder. Black Jack motioned his head at Feraligatr to go into battle.

                        Spearow Drill Peck!
                        Spearow flew like speeding bullet while spinning, aiming its beak at Feraligatr.

                        Feraligatr! Grab that beak!
                        Feraligatr grabbed Spearow by the beak. It tried to struggle out of his grasp. You are quick, but Im quicker, said Black Jack with a confident smile.

                        Cassandra had frustration in her eyes. She had no idea what to do in that situation. Feraligatr! Seismic Toss! Slam it right against that wall!

                        Feraligatr tossed Spearow like it was a rugby ball. It crash-landed on its back against a wall behind Cassandra. Cassandra became shocked at the fact that her Spearow lost. She then became frustrated. Humph! Spearow return!

                        Do you have anymore pokemon we can toy with? Black Jack taunted.
                        Pokemon are not toys for playing about, its about battling, Cassandra replied. And heres something that you dont want to play with. Go, Kirla!

                        A Kirla popped out of its pokemon. It seemed poised to battle.

                        Is that the best you got, kid? Black Jack asked, still feeling confident. Ill let you move first.
                        Your call, Cassandra replied with a smirk. Kirla! Shadow Ball now!

                        Kirla shot out a huge and fast Shadow Ball. It was coming so fast that Black Jack and Feraligatr didnt have time to react, making Feraligatr get hit by it in the gut.

                        Feraligatr! Are you okay? Black Jack shouted with worry. Feraligatr nodded while holding his gut.

                        Not so confident now, are you? Cassandra asked with a smile on her face. They were about to shout another command but a man in a tuxedo ran into the battle scene. Stop! Stop the battle!

                        Oh no! Cassandra whined. What is it now, Thompson?
                        Your mother and father requested me to inform you that theyll be home soon, Thompson replied.
                        Black Jack sjirachied. Looks like youll have to go back to mummy and daddy, kid!
                        Its Cassandra to you, big twerp! she replied with a frustrated look. Kirla, return!

                        As she turned away from Black Jack, he said, Its Black Jack, not big twerp!

                        I got to beat that guy, thought Cassandra. Just so I can prove everyone wrong!
                        That kid fought big alright, when she used that Kirla, thought Black Jack. But she better give me some respect no matter what!

                        More coming!! Reviews please!
                        Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                        Now a completed fic!

                        Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                        Now completed!

                        I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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                          nice but include more pokemon except legendarys
                          like this one

                          three years a go a 10 year old boy got his first pokemon torchic
                          to challenge the elite 4 but know he's the champion people come and go to see the footprints on his trophy they included
                          a walerin
                          flygon and his trusty blaziken
                          chapter one coming soon
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                            To rayman: I have no clue what you're talking about but there will be more pokemon showing up.

                            Chapter 2

                            Black Jack was in Petalburg forest just outside Rustboro city. He decided to take a break from his journey for a while as he read a newspaper. He read an article about children refusing to go into the streets, even when their parents were forcing them to. The reason why that is its because theyre afraid to. Black Jack took a swig of beer.

                            They mustve noticed me around, he sarcastically thought. He puts down his newspaper and saw that Nidoking and Blaziken about to battle each other as part of their training.

                            Nidoking ran forward at Blaziken. Blaziken prepared to defend himself. Unexpected, Nidoking turned round to use his tail to smash him. Luckily, he dodged as he jumped high into the air and dived kicked Nidoking, but missed as Nidoking dodged the attack. As Blaziken landed, Nidoking ran at Blaziken to give him his Mega Punch attack. When he was about to hit him, a large slamming sound caught their attention. That noise also caught Black Jacks attention. They decided to go the location where the sound was, hoping to get some action.

                            Sure enough, and not far away, Cassandra and Seed were battling a Steelix. They were using Kirla and Scizor. The Scizor belonged to Seed and the Kirla belonged to Cassandra. The Steelix was beating both pokemon. Seed and Cassandra shouted out their last attack, hoping that it would knock out the iron snake pokemon.

                            Scizor! Seed shouted. Metal Claw!

                            Scizor gathered up his energy.

                            Kirla! Cassandra shouted. Get ready to use Shadow Ball!

                            Scizor, attack! Seed commanded.

                            Scizor flew towards Steelix like a speeding bullet. Now! Cassandra commanded.

                            Kirla shot out his Shadow Ball. The force of Kirlas Shadow Ball slightly pushed her away. The attack inadvertently hit Scizor instead of Steelix. Scizor! Seed cried worryingly. Scizor was knocked out by the attack.

                            Realising this, Seed got Scizor to return back to his pokeball. Return, Scizor!

                            Seed turned to his attention to Cassandra. Cassandra, call back your pokemon! Seed ordered. Your Kirla is not strong enough to fight Steelix.

                            But Cassandra was too stubborn. She just hates it when people order her around. Kirla! Use your Shadow Ball again!

                            Kirla, even though she felt weak, charged up her powers to unleash her ultimate attack. She couldnt charge quickly enough, so Steelix took his chance to hit her hard with an Iron Tail attack, knocking her down.

                            Steelix was about to finish her off. But suddenly, a Feraligatr dived down to give Steelix a Headbutt attack to distract him, while a red blur dashed towards Kirla and grabed her, it turned out that Blaziken was running towards Kirla faster than a speeding bullet. Both Feraligatr and Blaziken belonged to none other than Black Jack. Cassandra turned round and gave Black Jack a rude stare as he walked into the battle scene.

                            Now for some real training, Black Jack said.
                            We dont need your help, twerp, Cassandra rudely replied.
                            Whos helping? I just got bored of my way of training.

                            Blaziken placed Kirla near Cassandras foot. She was battered and bruised by Steelix, but Cassandra looked at her unemotionally. Black Jack didnt notice as he and Feraligatr prepared themselves to battle Steelix.

                            Get ready, Feraligatr, Back Jack said.
                            Ferligatr nodded. Feraligatr

                            Steelix used its Iron Tail to slam it on Feraligatrs head, but luckily he dodged it.

                            Feraligatr! Ice Beam attack! Black Jack commanded.

                            Feraligatr shot an Ice Beam out of its mouth. The beam did hit Steelix in the face but it didnt have much affect on it. Huh, tough guy, Black Jack said.

                            Again, Steelix used its Iron Tail. Its about to use Iron Tail again! Black Jack warned. Feraligatr! Grab it!

                            As Steelix swung its tail, Feraligatr grabbed it. Now, Feraligatr! Seismic Toss!

                            Feraligatr grabbed Steelixs tail with his other hand. No way! thought Seed, thinking that a Feraligatr could never lift a Steelix.

                            But to his surprise, Feraligatr lifted Steelix up and started swinging it around like a Tornado. Release it! Black Jack commanded. Feraligatr released Steelix and it flew into the air until it was out of sight.

                            Black Jack disappointedly looked at Cassandra and saw her emotionless face as she stared at her beaten Kirla. Jeez, kid, he said. If you knew you were going to get beaten, you shouldve quitted.

                            Cassandra rudely stared at him. I dont need your advice, granddad! she replied.
                            Cassandra! Seed shouted. He then turned to Black Jack. I apologise for my students rude behaviour
                            Rude?! Cassandra interrupted rudely. Hes the one who interrupted our training!
                            If he didnt come to save your Kirla from Steelix, she wouldve been killed.

                            Cassandra looked at her Kirla, who was withering in pain. Return, Kirla, she said as she reached out her pokeball.

                            Did you learn something, Cassandra? asked Seed.
                            Yes, sir, Cassandra replied in a defeated yet rude tone.
                            You may go.

                            Cassandra walked away, feeling humiliated. Next time, I train alone, she thought.

                            At nighttime, Black Jack and Seed sat round a campfire. Black Jack was drinking some beer while Seed sat across the campfire.

                            What a day, Black Jack said. And I am not talking about battling that Steelix.
                            I agree, Seed replied, knowing whom Black Jack was referring to.

                            Seed couldnt help being concerned, seeing Black Jack drinking a lot of beer as he noticed five empty bottles laying on the floor.

                            How can you drink so much? Seed asked.
                            Whats wrong with beer? Black Jack replied.
                            Dont you ever get drunk?
                            Not once. Surprised?

                            Black Jack finished off another bottle of beer and tossed it aside. Theres this one question I wanna ask, he said.
                            Fire away, said Seed.
                            Whats up with the kid youre teaching?
                            I have noticed her a few times. Before she became a trainer, she used to get picked on most of the time. This made her feel very lonely.

                            When Cassandra reached the age of ten, she received her first pokemon, Ralts, I noticed that she was having a difficult time training. Having sympathy for the child, I started teaching her about pokemon battles, in exchange for her silence towards my existence. Thats when she became arrogant, stubborn and rude, not to mention tough. Ever since then everyone in her school feared her. Now, she is obsessed thinking about being the greatest trainer of all time.

                            Black Jack began to think about Cassandras recent actions. She doesnt show any respect for her pokemon, her theories about being a trainer were way wrong and the way she claims that she is the ultimate trainer when shes not.

                            Seed stood up. I must leave now. You should get some rest too.
                            Ill be fine here, Black Jack replied. See ya.
                            Until then.

                            Seed walked a few steps away from Black Jack. He turned round. Black Jack, he said.
                            Hmm? Black Jack responded.
                            Will you promise me that you would keep silent of my existence?
                            Sure, I dont boast about things. And Im not the guy to ruin traditions
                            Thank you.

                            Seed leaped up high in the air and far into the distance, leaving Black Jack to think even more.

                            Meanwhile, back at Cassandras house, Cassandra was in her bedroom looking at a pokeball shes holding. She threw a pokeball and out popped her Kirla. Cassandra looked at her nastily.

                            Kirla, you are supposed to be the most powerful of the team and you got beaten by some big no-brained snake?

                            Kirla looked down in shame, feeling bad about it. But Cassandra thought of something. What if it was Seed or Black Jacks fault of Kirlas loss?

                            Tomorrow afternoon, Cassandra said. Well be going into Petalburg Forest. We mustnt let Seed know about this or else hell be giving us those boring lectures again. And this time, youll win against any pokemon you face without anyones help!

                            Kirla raised her head with excitement. She nodded with determination, knowing that she must win to make her master proud.

                            The next day, Seed was meditating on a beach in route 115 near Rustboro, waiting for Cassandra to arrive. He had been waiting for a long time. Where could she be? he thought. I specifically told her to meet me here for her lesson.

                            Cassandra was down at Petalburg Forest with Kirla, waiting for any pokemon popping to challenge them. They have been waiting for an hour as well but for different reasons.

                            Kirla, kirl? Kirla asked.
                            Not yet, Cassandra replied. I know that we have been waiting for an hour. But were not leaving until we have found a pokemon to challenge us.

                            Suddenly, two Ariados jumped out of the tree branches in front of them. Cassandra sent Kirla out into battle.

                            The Ariados began to strike at Kirla, but she dodged the double attack as she jumped. While airborne, she used a Psychic attack at one of them, but the other one jumped in front her and gave her a tackle attack. Kirla fell flat on her back, but quickly picked herself up momentarily dazed.

                            The Aridos prepared again to double team on Kirla. They both spat out their Spider Web at Kirla making her immobile. Cassandra looked at Kirla with frustration. The ariados went for a double tackle attack on Kirla, but Cassandra dived and saved her from getting hit.

                            Cassandra had a worried look on her face. Kirla, are you okay?
                            Kirla nodded.

                            Cassandra had tears in her eyes. Kirla Im sorry

                            The ariados interrupted Cassandra by shooting their webbing at her.

                            Kirla warned Cassandra to get out of the way. But it was too late, as the webbing caught her. At that moment, it was almost impossible to move. Cassandra noticed that Ariados had got sharp jaws.

                            Both Aridos leapt to give Cassandra their Poison Fang attack. But Kirla, with the fight left within her, leapt in the way, getting herself caught in their attack.

                            Seeing her Kirla getting hurt, tears were running down Cassandras face. She used all her strength to escape the webbing.

                            Cassandra ran to Kirlas aid. The ariados cautiously jumped out of the way.

                            Kirla was badly injured, almost unable to move. It looked as though Kirla was near death. Cassandra couldnt believe what she did.

                            Kirla, Cassandra cried quietly. What have I done to you?
                            Kirla Kirla whispered. Kirla kirl
                            Kirla please dont die, Cassandra begged. I didnt mean to put you through such pain I I only wanted to show the others how tough you are and Im sorry Kirla Kirla?

                            Kirla became motionless.

                            I cant feel you anymore, Kirla Cassandra said emotionally. No No KIRLAAAAAAA!

                            A teardrop from Cassandras eyes fell on Kirlas face. Suddenly, Kirla started to evolve into Gardevior! It looked like that she has fully recovered, thanks to the evolution.

                            The two Ariados became shocked and scared. Cassandra had a surprised look on her face.

                            Kirla? Cassandra asked.
                            Gardevior Gardevior replied.
                            Gardvior, Im sorry can you forgive me?

                            Gardevior nodded and turned her attention to the two ariados. They tried to run away, but she used her Psychic ability to throw them into the sky until theyre out of sight.

                            Gardevior turned and looked at Cassandra. She quickly flew over to Cassandra and hugged her.

                            Gardevior! Gardevior yelled with excitement.
                            Gardevior, I Cassandra said while blushing.
                            Do you want to go home?

                            Gardevior nodded. As they walked out of the forest, Cassandra said, Gardevior, can I ask you something?
                            Dont tell anyone what happened. Ill lose my reputation.

                            Gardevior nodded. But unnoticed, two men were hiding behind some trees spying on them. It turned out that it was Seed and Black Jack.

                            I knew that kid had a soft side, Black Jack said with a smile.
                            Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                            Now a completed fic!

                            Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                            Now completed!

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                              Part 3

                              A kid was walking in a dark alley. It was nighttime. The kid was wearing a white shirt and black shorts, he had black hair and red trainers, and he was also carrying groceries. The dark alley had a lot of garbage against the walls of the buildings. Suddenly a pair of hands came out of the shadows and grabbed the kid from behind. The kid tried to scream for help but one of the hands that were coming out of the shadows was covering his mouth to prevent him from screaming.

                              The next day, at the Pokemon School in Rustboro, Cassandra was walking to her classroom when the bell rang. Arrived in a nick of time, she thought.

                              As she walked into her classroom, she noticed that some children were missing from their desk. Strange, she thought. The guys havent been coming here recently.

                              I should investigate this after school, in case new challenges comes to me, she thought to herself as she sat at her desk. Ill finally show Seed and the twerp who should gain respect around here.

                              Meanwhile, Black Jack was sitting on a bench in a park reading another newspaper and its saying the same news he read during the previous time. Only this time, the number of scared children was growing. He began noticing that there arent many people in the streets. He also spotted a couple of familiar faces he met in a tavern the other day.

                              Black Jack started to get suspicious about the whole situation, so he got on his motorbike and drove around Rustboro city to investigate.

                              After school, Cassandra immediately set off to investigate. Her first plan was to visit her classmates that didnt come to school. During her investigations at her classmates, they wouldnt tell her anything in case in case they may get hurt again, but they warned her not to go into the streets.

                              Cassandras first plan of investigation didnt work. Drat! she first thought. But wait. The streets! If I hang around here, someone is bound to found me. Then Ill prove everyone wrong!

                              That night, Cassandra stood in front of the shadows of an alleyway. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the alleyway. Cassandra tried to scream but her mouth was covered.

                              Meanwhile, Black Jack rode around Rustboro city all day for clues about why the streets were becoming almost empty. He was getting more impatient and more suspicious. He stopped his bike, thinking where to go next. Suddenly he heard a scream. He had a suspicion that that scream belonged to Cassandra. He rode his bike to that location.

                              Back at Cassandras location, Cassandra was scared stiff on her own two feet, while her Gardevior was getting battered and bruised. On the other side of the alleyway was nothing but shadows.

                              Snaezel! Fury Cutter now! commanded a man with croaky and nasty voice. He was standing behind the shadows.

                              Cassandra was too scared to give another command. Snaezel dashed out of the shadows and used Fury Cutter on Gardeviors face. After seeing that, Cassandra became shocked.

                              Gardevior covered her face with both her paws, whimpering in pain. Cassandra ran to Gardevior, knowing that she lost.

                              Gardevior Cassandra said with a quivering voice.

                              Thats right! the man taunted. Run to your pitiful creature while you admit defeat!

                              Gardevior showed her face to Cassandra and it turned out that she was bleeding! Gardevior! Cassandra cried. She grabbed a handkerchief from her pocket and placed it on Gardeviors face.

                              Did you really think that you can become the ultimate Pokemon master? the man asked. I didnt think so, since there are no other masters but the members of Team Rocket and the Rocket Revengers!

                              That includes me as well, right? asked a deep and familiar voice. It turned out it was Black Jack as he came into the dark alleyway. I guess not, since I left Team Rocket ages ago!

                              You? You used to be a member of Team Rocket? Cassandra asked How?
                              Long story, and I have my reasons why I left, Black Jack replied. Then he turned his attentions to the shadows that hide the mysterious trainer.

                              Spill! Who are you? Black Jack demanded.
                              They call me Stalker, one of the Rocket Revengers! the man replied as he walked out of the shadows. He had punk like clothes and spiky hair and had tattoos on his face, arms and all. And I know who you are! Youre the man that beaten up the Rocket Revengers. How dare you lay a finger on them!
                              Self-defence! They were coming on to me!
                              We have the right! The Rocket Revengers can do what we want, when we want! Since you hurt us, youre gonna pay! And Ill have the honour of dismantling you and your pokemon.
                              Is that a challenge? Cos I just heard a ding in my ears, saying that its time to smash some heads, mainly yours.
                              You will suffer like that little girl did! Snaezel!

                              Snaezel leapt out of the shadows as he prepares himself for battle. Black Jack took a pokeball from his belt. Go! Blaziken!

                              Blaziken popped out of his pokeball. Black Jack studied the type advantages of both Snaezel and Blaziken. Snaezel has both Ice and Dark types, while Blaziken has Fire and Fighting type, Black Jack thought to himself. That means Snaezel wouldnt stand a chance. And I can guess what Stalkers strategy is.

                              Stalker yelled out his first command. Snaezel, jump into the shadows!

                              Snaezel did as what he was told as he jumped into the shadows. Blaziken and Black Jack confidently stood their ground.

                              So, Black Jack! Scared already? Stalker taunted.
                              I wouldnt say scared, Stalker. Im just looking forward to something, Black Jack replied while still smiling confidently.
                              Hahaha! You can only forward to your defeat! I can feel that inside you that youre afraid of the dark!
                              Im thinking quite the opposite, Boogerman.
                              Boogerman? No one calls me that!
                              Why not? It suits you since your gang pick on young kids in the dark, I bet that you guys couldnt face a harmless kid face-to-face!
                              Youre talking nonsense!
                              Humph! Whatever you like my theory or not, were in a middle of a battle. So shout out youre next command. That is, if youre not scared.

                              What is Black Jack up to? Cassandra asked to herself.
                              Hes using Stalkers strategy against him, Seed replied as he walked into the scene. I hope youre learning something from him.

                              Me? Scared? Stalker thought. I do know that most of Snaezels attacks are weak against Blazikens defence stats, but Im using a strategy that no one can defeat!

                              Snaezel! he shouted. Jump Kick attack now!

                              Black Jack and Blazikens eyes moved slightly to the left, where the shadows are and both of them nodded slightly. Snaezel leaped out the shadows and tried to leap kick Blaziken on the side of the face, but missed when Blaziken leaned his head backwards easily.

                              What? Stalker shouted shockingly. How can this be?

                              I knew that you would get Snaezel to hide in the shadows, Black Jack replied. Punk kids like you always jump on another guy from behind.

                              Stalker growled with frustration. Im gonna knock you out! he shouted.

                              Fine, Black Jack confidently replied. He and Blaziken looked at each other and they both nodded. How about this then. Ill give you up to five commands and Blaziken will not fight back.

                              What is he planning? Stalker thought. Is he trying to insult me again?

                              Whats it going to be? Black Jack asked.
                              Fine, but my first three will beat your Blaziken and you, Stalker replied. Snaezel! Double Team!

                              Soon, there were multiples of Snaezel surrounding Blaziken. Four commands to go, Black Jack warned.

                              Stalkers sweat was beginning to show. Snaezel! Barrier!

                              Snaezel created a shield around the multiples of himself. Stalker knows that using Barrier would raise the defence stats of his Snaezel. Three commands left, Black Jack warned. Three more attacks until Blaziken rip your Snaezel apart.

                              Impossible! Stalker thought. Black Jack shouldve been scared stiff by now! Why is he so confident? I must beat this guy!

                              Snaezel! Slash attack now! Stalker commanded.

                              Snaezel leapt forward to give Blaziken a Slash attack, but Blaziken dodged out of the way. Snaezel lost his balance in mid-air and landed on his front body. Snaezel struggled to get to his feet. Two attacks left, Black Jack warned. And you said itll only take three attacks to take Blaziken down.

                              Stalker growled with frustration again. Ill get Snaezel to boost up his defence again, just in case, he thought Blaziken wouldnt have the strength to break through Snaezels barrier.

                              Snaezel! Stalker shouted. Use your barrier again.
                              Again? Black Jack asked.

                              Snaezel boosted up his defence stats again.

                              Now! Stalker shouted. Slash attack!

                              Snaezel leaped into the air. Youre five commands are up! Black Jack shouted. Blaziken! Detect and Counter!

                              Blaziken raised his paw and grabbed Snaezels claw before it reached him. Blaziken then threw Snaezel away. He landed on his back. While he struggled to his feet, Stalker had a shocked look on his face, as he couldnt believe that all that five commands gave him nothing but more frustration.

                              Blaziken! Brick Break! Black Jack commanded.

                              Blaziken was too quick for Stalker and Snaezel to respond as he ran at Snaezel to smash through the barriers that Snaezel created, giving damage to him also. Snaezel struggled to get to his feet again.

                              As he lifted up his head, he saw Blaziken giving him a Blaze Kick in the face, knocking him out.

                              Does this mean? Cassandra asked.
                              Yes, Black Jack won, Seed replied.

                              Black Jack gave a small confident laugh. And I only took you down in three commands.

                              Stalker angrily looked at Black Jack. I Ill kill you!

                              Stalker took out a knife out his pocket and charged at Black Jack. Stalker swiped his knife around at Black Jack but kept on missing. Black Jack grabbed him and threw him at the nearby trashcans. He walked over to Stalker and lifted him by the collar of his shirt.

                              If I hear that you pick on those little kids again Ill be back to get you, Black Jack nastily warned as he dropped Stalker down.

                              Black Jack walked over to Cassandra. Want me to take you home? he asked. Your parents are waiting.

                              Cassandra nodded, feeling a little ashamed for herself. Okay, she said. But first, I have to put Gardevior in the pokemon center.

                              As they drove back to Cassandras house, Cassandra got off Black Jacks bike. Black Jack, can I ask you something? She asked.
                              Sure, kid, Black Jack replied.
                              Do you think that Im a loser?
                              Yep, everyone loses at some level.
                              You as well?
                              Nope. Not ever.

                              Black Jack was about to leave with his motorcycle, but Cassandra stopped him. Black Jack! Wait! Cassandra called. Thanks for helping me out back there.
                              No problem, kid.
                              But because of what happened from our battle, it didnt come out right for either of us.
                              True, kid.
                              When we battle each other again, well fight to our strongest. Deal?
                              Black Jack laughed a little and replied. Deal.

                              There was no need to shake hands, as they knew that they would face each other in future. She better improve, Black Jack thought to himself. Or else, there would be hell to pay.
                              More coming!! Reviews please!!
                              Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                              Now a completed fic!

                              Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                              Now completed!

                              I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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                                Chapter 4

                                It was nighttime. A man in punks clothing was leaning against a wall reading a newspaper in a crowded street. He was reading the news that Black Jack defeated a Rocket Revenger, meaning that the children will have nothing to fear from them anymore. A vain was throbbing in his head as he scrunched up the newspaper. Ill show you, he growled.

                                The next morning, all of the pupils were going back to the Pokemon School, knowing that they have nothing to worry about the Rocket Revengers anymore.

                                At break time, Cassandra was put on pokemon care duty. She was feeding, cleaning and caring the pokemon that her class was studying on. Normally, she refused to do it, but after the other night, when a Rocket Revenger named Stalker and his Snaezel beat her Gardevior, she realised how much her pokemon loved her trainer. That morning, before she arrived at school, she collected her Gardevior from the pokemon center, only to discover that Gardevior had a permanent scar on her face.

                                If the Rocket Revengers appear in my life again, she thought to herself. I mustnt let them or my fear get to me.

                                Suddenly, she heard a lot of her classmates screaming. Then she heard a mans voice. Take them outside! he shouted. She hurried outside to see what was going on. She noticed that people in punk like clothing were holding her classmates hostages. That kid lover, Black Jack should come be here to save these kids! said one of the punks. When he does, boys, well have a little surprise for him and I know that WE will like it! Hehe!

                                Rocket Revengers! she whispered to herself. She then hurried to another exit but spotted the other Revengers inside the school. She quickly hid herself and then looked around to see if they were still there. When the coast was cleared she hurried to the nearest exit.

                                As she made her way out unnoticed, the police had already arrived on the scene. A woman in police-clothing grab held of a megaphone and spoke into it.

                                Rocket Revengers! she yelled. You are all under arrest! Lie down on the floor and place both hands on the back of your heads! Slowly!
                                Forget you! shouted one of the Revengers in reply. Were not going anywhere until we get Black Jack!
                                Why do you want him? the officer asked.
                                None of your business! The Revenger shouted back. Just give us Black Jack and well show the whole world why Team Rocket and the Revengers arent the teams to be messed around with!

                                The officer had no idea what to do next.

                                Alright then! the Revenger shouted. He picked up one of the school children and held a knife near his neck. If we dont see Black Jack in ten minutes, Ill slit the kids neck off!

                                The officer realised that they had no choice but to get Black Jack. Some of the officers were sent off to look for him.

                                Meanwhile, Black Jack was walking out of the local tavern finishing off another bottle of beer. Great, he thought to himself. Not a Rocket Revenger to spoil my beer.

                                He was about set off on his motorcycle and leave Rustboro City, when a familiar voice was heard. Black Jack!

                                Black Jack turned round and saw Cassandra coming his way. She stopped to breathe quite heavily. Kid! Black Jack said. Why arent you at school?
                                The Rocket Revengers, Cassandra replied while panting. Theyre back!
                                Cant get enough of me, can they? Black Jack asked stressfully. Get on!

                                Cassandra hopped on Black Jacks motorbike and they drove off into the schools direction.

                                Back at school, the Rocket Revengers were getting impatient. Times running out! warned one of the Revengers. The officers hoped and hoped that Black Jack would arrive soon.

                                Times up! shouted the Revenger as he was about to slit the childs throat but was interrupted when a voice was heard. Hold it right there!

                                It was Black Jack and Cassandra driving into the scene. Black Jack immediately stopped his motorcycle as soon as it was in front of one of the police cars. Black Jack and Cassandra walked passed the police cars.

                                Im here now! Black Jack said. Leave those kids out of this!
                                Not just yet! said the Revenger, still holding the child and the knife. You may have beaten one of our strongest members, Stalker. But you havent faced the likes of me yet!
                                And you are?
                                My name is Shadowman! Leader of the Rocket Revengers! And I have a little surprise for you!
                                Let me guess! Youre gonna have youre cronies gang up on me again? What are you afraid of, Shadowman?
                                I fear nothing! And neither do we! Lets get em boys!

                                All of the Rocket Revengers sent out various kinds of pokemon. Im guessing that theyre poorly trained, Black Jack said with criticism.

                                All of his pokemon popped out their pokeballs, ready for another good battle! Come on! shouted Black Jack. His pokemon yelled out their battle cries in response as they and Black Jack charged into battle.

                                Black Jack was fighting against all the members of the Rocket Revengers. His pokemon were fighting against all the pokemon that were sent out by the Revengers.

                                While Black Jack was pummelling another member of Revengers, another Revenger was creeping on him with an empty bottle in hand. Suddenly a Spearow dived down and hit him in the back of the head, knocking him out. Black Jack heard the impact and turned round to see a Spearow helping him out, but it wasnt the only one helping. A scarred Gardevior, an Absol, a Magneton, a Trapinch, and a Treecko were also helping him. They happen to be Cassandras pokemon. Black Jack looked at Cassandra and smiled as he gave a thumbs up.

                                Soon, almost all members and pokemon of the Rocket Revengers were knocked out. But there was one more member standing Shadowman!

                                Getting nervous now, Shadowman? Black Jack arrogantly asked.
                                Annoying prick! Shadowman taunted. If youre so tough, why did you get help from your pokemon?
                                I wouldve taken you all down myself. But my pokemon felt that they needed a little exercise, plus they love a good fight when they hear one.
                                You insignificant creep! Battle me! Now!
                                Nah! Not this time!

                                Black Jack looked at Cassandra with confidents. Cassandra can battle you instead.

                                Cassandra also gave a confident smile. Thank you, Black Jack, she replied. Then she gave Shadowman a nasty look.

                                Shadowman sjirachied. Cmon then! he sneered. Lets make this a one-on-one so I can finish you off quickly.
                                As you wish, Cassandra replied.

                                Cassandra sent Gardevior out to battle. Shadowman laughed out like a maniac. Go, Sableye! he shouted as he sent out his pokemon.

                                Gardevior! Cassandra ordered. Psychic attack!

                                Gardevior shot out a Psychic blast, but it went passed Sableye.

                                What? Cassandra said in shock. But why?
                                Youre brain is too slow, kid! Shadowman said. Didnt you know Sableye has qualities of both Dark and Ghost pokemon?
                                Cassandras at the disadvantage, thought Black Jack. Dark and Ghost type pokemon can be tricky for an average Psychic pokemon.
                                Do you still think you can defeat me, you pathetic little girl? Shadowman taunted. Admit defeat!
                                No way, Shadowman! Cassandra replied. After what you did, I will never surrender to you!
                                There goes that ego again, Black Jack thought. But she also needs a little bit of strategy in this one.

                                Now, Sableye! Shadowman ordered. Headbutt attack!

                                Sableye launched himself and aimed his head at Gardeviors scarred face. Sableye was too fast for her to dodge. When she got hit in the face, she staggered backwards holding the scarred part of her face.

                                Cassandra noticed Gardeviors agonising pain on that face and but still had determined look in her eyes.

                                Throughout the match, Shadowman and his Sableye have been dominating against Cassandra and her Gardevior, using a lot of underhanded tactics. But even in the jaws of defeat, neither Cassandra nor Gardevior would quit. Shadowman was getting frustrated.

                                Give up, you fool! Shadowman shouted. Were cracking you like eggs!
                                Youd like me to crack, wouldnt you? Cassandra replied. Worked on me before but never again.
                                Well see about that! Shadowman taunted. Sableye! Finish that brat off with your Faint attack!

                                Gardevior, battered and bruised, stood up. Suddenly her vision became dark and blurry, caused by Sableyes Faint Attack.

                                Gardevior! Cassandra yelled. Foresight now!

                                Gardevior used Foresight to see through the darkness. The next thing she saw was Sableye coming straight at her, she dodged the attack a split second before he reached her.

                                What! Shadowman yelled. How can this be? Faint attack never misses.
                                Not everything goes by the book, Black Jack replied with a smirk.

                                Shadowman snarled. Sableye! Attack Gardevior again!

                                Sableye jumped to attack Gardevior.

                                Gardevior! Grab him! Cassandra ordered.

                                Gardevior grabbed him and held him tightly. This cant be! Shadowman shouted in denial. Sableyes a ghost pokemon, how the heck did Gardevior managed to grab him?
                                Gardevior used Foresight, remember? Black Jack replied. Throughout the match, you kept on ordering Sableye to beat Gardevior while she trying to get up. Not only you are a coward, you are a no-brainer as well.
                                Now, one more attack will finish this thing off! Cassandra said.
                                WHAT? Shadowman yelled in shock.
                                Gardevior! Cassandra ordered. Thunder attack!

                                Gardevior yelled out a cry and the clouds were about to darken.

                                No! Shadowman begged. Dont! Wait a minute!
                                Did I hear Shadowman begging? Black Jack thought to himself while smirking.

                                Gardevior screamed even louder and a huge strike of lightning struck down on both of them. The lightning was so bright that everyone had to cover their eyes, except Black Jack who was wearing sunglasses.

                                After the lightning was gone, everyone looked back at the battle scene. Sableye and Gardevior were lying on the floor, battered and bruised. Everyone thought that were both knocked out, but Gardevior slowly picked herself up while Sableye still lay there.

                                Looks like we have a winner, Black Jack said.

                                Cassandra rushed over to Gardevior to give her a heart-warming hug. Gardevior! You did it! she cried.

                                Gardeviors body was in pain but she didnt care, because the only thing that can never be hurt was her spirit and heart.

                                Shadowman just couldnt believe it, him, losing to a little girl. No one has ever beaten me, he growled. He then looked at Cassandra and her Gardevior.

                                In the name of Team Rocket and the Rocket Revengers he snarled. ILL KILL ALL OF YOU!

                                He took out a knife and ran to stab Gardevior with it, but Cassandra rushed right in front of her to protect her. Just before the knife reached her, a large sole of a boot was coming directly at Shadowmans face!

                                It was Black Jack! He performed a jump kick at Shadowman. Shadowman quickly picked himself and desperately tried to run away but was caught by the police.

                                Shadowman and his cronies were handcuffed and got placed inside police vans. Ill get you one day, Black Jack! he shouted. Those jail cells wont keep me in forever, you know!

                                I look forward to it, Black Jack said to himself in response.

                                Suddenly a limo came by. A girl just above Cassandras height and age came out of the back of the limo. She was wearing dark blue sort of dress. Whats going one here, Cassandra? she asked.

                                Everythings okay now, Roxanne, Cassandra replied. We finally got rid of the Rocket Revengers.
                                Them again? Roxanne asked. Good thing theyre placed behind bars now, eh?
                                Actually, it was you who got rid of those guys, Black Jack said to Cassandra. The police and I were just helping out.
                                Ah, Black Jack, Roxanne said. The man on his non-stop winning streak. Did you say that Cassandra defeated them?
                                She defeated the leader, Black Jack replied with a smile. Just like that, he continued while snapping his fingers.
                                Im impressed, Roxanne said. And I apologise for being away for so long.
                                What do you do anyway? Black Jack asked.
                                Im the gym leader of the Rustboro City Gym. I have been away a lot recently on business.
                                So if youre away a lot, whos been taking over?

                                Roxanne looked at Cassandra. No one, she replied. But after what Cassandra has done, Im placing her as vice-gym leader.

                                Cassandra became excited about this opportunity. Roxanne, thank you.

                                Black Jack smiled as he checked his watch. Well, looks like Ill be off then, he said. It was fun while it lasted.

                                He was about to take off on his motorcycle but Cassandra stopped him. Hey! Wait!

                                Black Jack turned to Cassandras attention. How about you battle me for the badge? she asked.
                                Now? Black Jack asked in replied.
                                We havent finished our match yet. And if you beat me, Ill give you the badge.

                                Black Jack knew about the rules of entering the Hoenn League. In order to enter, he must defeat eight gym leaders and claim their badges. In the past, he already won a few badges here and there, although thats what he claimed.

                                Alright then, Black Jack replied with a nasty smile. I accept.
                                More coming! Reviews please!
                                Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                                Now a completed fic!

                                Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                                Now completed!

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                                  Chapter 5

                                  Five hours later after visiting the pokemon center to get their pokemon healed, Black Jack and the vice-gym leader Cassandra went to the Rustboro City gym. Inside the gym, a large number of audience members, mostly children, were there to gave a cheer when the two trainers came out together. Roxanne was part of the audience as well.

                                  So, Black Jack, Cassandra said. Are you ready for this?
                                  I think you already know the answer, Black Jack replied. How many pokemon well be using?
                                  Three-on-three will be fine.
                                  Alright then.

                                  I wish Seed was here to see this, hed enjoy watching this, Cassandra sadly thought. But she spotted Seed as part of the audience. Seed gave her nod, motioning that he was very proud of her. Cassandra smiled back in response.

                                  Ill pick first, Black Jack said. Go Metagross!

                                  Metagross popped out of his pokeball and yelled out his battlecry.

                                  A Metagross? I never seen that pokemon before, Cassandra said.
                                  Why am I not surprised? Black Jack asked. Even Gym leaders have things to learn, even when theyre the best ones.
                                  Hmm, I must choose carefully, thought Cassandra.
                                  Come on, Black Jack said. Choose one your pokemon.
                                  Magneton! Cassandra yelled. I choose you!

                                  Magneton popped out of its pokeball.

                                  Magneton! Attack! Cassandra ordered. Thunderbolt!
                                  Metagross! Psybeam attack! Black Jack ordered.

                                  Magneton charged up its electric powers and shot the attack, while Metagross effortlessly shot out two Psybeams out of its eyes. One of Metagross psybeams collided with Magnetons Thunderbolt while the other hit Magneton!

                                  Magenton shook away the dizziness that it took from Metagross psybeam. Magenton, Cassandra called. Are you okay?

                                  Magneton nodded in reply. Okay, Cassandra thought. I must try something else.

                                  Magenton, Cassandra yelled out. Tackle attack!

                                  Magneton flew down at Metagross, but neither Black Jack nor Metagross were responding to that attack.

                                  Magneton rammed into Metagross, but to everyones surprise, neither of them were fazed or hurt.

                                  So, Metagross a steel type as well, Cassandra thought. I got to think of another strategy in order to win.

                                  Metagross! Black Jack shouted. Tackle attack!

                                  Metagross leapt into the air and gave Magenton a tackle attack, only its more powerful than Magentons. Magneton fell to the floor hard, but its still able to battle after it quickly picked itself up.

                                  Metagross! Black Jack shouted. Tackle again!

                                  Magenton! Use Thunderbolt! Cassandra commanded.

                                  Magneton used Thunderbolt on Metagross and it took damage. But that didnt stop Metagross from tackling Magneton about. Now, Metagross! Black Jack commanded as Magenton was knocked down. Stomp it now!

                                  Magneton lifted up one of its front legs and stomped Magneton through the ground, knocking it out. Cassandra became shocked of what she saw. She called back her defeated Pokemon. Its okay, she said. You did youre best.

                                  She picked out another pokeball. Go, Absol!

                                  Absol came out of her pokeball. An Absol? Black Jack asked in a confused tone. Why use that?

                                  Absol! Cassandra shouted. Flamethrower attack!

                                  Absol shot out her flamethrower. The attack was too quick for both Metagross and Black Jack to react as it hit Metagross, knocking him out.

                                  Shoot! said Black Jack, cursing himself for underestimating Absol. He called back his pokemon. Nicely done, Black Jack said. Not only that were even here, but you took out one of my best pokemon as well.

                                  Black Jack picked out another pokeball. Go! Salamence!

                                  Salamence gave out a loud roar, as it prepared itself for battle. Salamence! Black Jack shouted. Fly attack!

                                  Salamence flew high up in the air and then dived down at Absol. Luckily, she jumped out of the way. Good dodging, Absol, Cassandra said. Tackle it back!

                                  Absol leapt into the air and hit Salamence with her tackle attack. Nice move, Black Jack thought. Even though shes a kid, she battles like a pro. But she still has a long way to go to beat me.

                                  Absol and Salamence kept on exchanging blows on their trainers commands. Both pokemon became spent as they breathed heavily.

                                  Its nearly out, Absol! Cassandra shouted. Finish him off with Sword Dance and Take Down attack!

                                  Absol spun around to perform her sword dance and then ran at Salamence. He and Black Jack stood their ground, waiting for Absol to hit the move.

                                  You got them now! Cassandra shouted.
                                  Salamence! Counter now! Black Jack commanded.

                                  Salamence lifted up his front legs, grabbed Absol and quickly, using Absols strength speed and strength against her, threw her over his head! Absol landed on her back.

                                  I never seen that before, shouted one of the audience in amazement.
                                  How did he do that? Cassandra asked herself aloud.
                                  Im no magician, Black Jack replied. But I never reveal my secrets. Now Salamence! Hyper Beam attack!

                                  Salamence quickly shot out a powerful Hyper Beam at the weakened Absol, knocking her out. She was no longer able to battle. Cassandra called her pokemon back and sent out her Gardevior.

                                  Hmm Black Jack murmured. Salamence return. Youre doing good, take a breather.

                                  Salamence returned to its pokeball. Nidoking! Black Jack shouted. Your turn.

                                  Nidoking popped out of his pokeball and gave a loud roar. Both pokemon stood tall for battle. Why would Black Jack use Nidoking? Cassandra thought. He should know that a poison type like Nidoking wouldnt stand up against Psychic attacks.

                                  Nidoking, Black Jack shouted. Tackle attack!

                                  Nidoking charged at Gardevior, but she countered it by using her Psychic blast, which blew Nidoking away. Normally, an average poison type would give up against Psychic types, Black Jack thought. But Nidoking is an exception. Hes as tough as I am.

                                  From that point on, each time Nidoking used any attack, Gardevior kept on countering that move with psychic attacks. And each time Nidoking gets hit, he kept on getting back up. And Black Jack was still confident about the situation.

                                  Whats going on? Cassandra thought. Nidoking shouldve been down and out by now.

                                  Nidoking was being battered, bruised and weakened, but he just wont stay down. Suddenly, Black Jack felt that anger ignited inside Nidoking as he gave a loud roar. Youre in for it now, kid! Black Jack warned. Nidoking! Rage and Thrash attack now!

                                  Gardevior! Cassandra shouted. Psychic attack.

                                  Gardevior used her Psychic attack to hurt Nidoking, but he never felt Gardeviors attack as he ran and tackled her like a madman. When she got caught, he started pummelling her like a punching bag, ending the attack by giving her a Mega Punch to finish her off. GARDEVIOR! NO! Cassandra cried as she saw Nidoking giving Gardevior one heavy punch to the face.

                                  As Gardevior lay there, everyone thought that she was defeated. To everyones shock, Gardevior slowly picked herself up. Even Black Jack was shocked.

                                  Nidoking! Black Jack shouted. Grab Gardeviors neck.
                                  Gardevior! Cassandra warned as Nidoking was walking up to Gardevior. Look out!

                                  But Gardevior was too dizzy to concentrate as she turned round, only to get caught in the neck by Nidokings claws. Slam her now! Black Jack ordered.

                                  Nidoking, still having the anger inside him, slammed her. The impact was so hard that it sounded like a rock breaking into pieces.

                                  Gardevior, feeling rather weak, feeling that every part of her body was killing her, still wouldnt quit as she slowly picked herself up again. Seeing that, everyone was shocked. Not wanting to see her Gardevior get hurt anymore, Cassandra ran to protect her from Nidoking. Enough! she yelled. I surrender

                                  Thats enough now, Nidoking, Black Jack said. He then turned to Cassandra. Nice timing, kid. Youre not a bad trainer after all.
                                  Youve beaten me, Black Jack, Cassandra said in a defeated tone. She turned to the audience. Im sorry, everybody

                                  But, apart from getting boos, the audience gave a standing ovation to both Black Jack and Cassandra. They like you, kid, Black Jack said.

                                  Roxanne came down to the battlefield and congratulated the two trainers. Even though a loss is a loss, Roxanne said. You battled very well, and Im very proud of you.

                                  For the past several months, you have been uncompassionate to those around you, but Black Jack showed that everyone needs compassion for their pokemon. He also helped you to show everyone that youre not a bad person anymore.
                                  Actually, Black Jack replied. We were finishing off what we started the other day. And judging from your Gardeviors face, Cassandra, this battle has not ended yet. Might as well leave it for another time.

                                  Black Jack called back his Nidoking and congratulated it. He was about to leave the gym, but Cassandra called him back. Wait, Black Jack. What about the badge?

                                  She showed him the Stone Badge. If you take this, she said. Itll take you one step closer to the Hoenn League.
                                  But Ive already got eight different Hoenn League gym badges, Black Jack. A long time ago.
                                  Take it, a badge is a badge. Just a reminder of our battle.

                                  Black Jack took the Stone badge and was about to leave but Cassandra stopped him again. Black Jack!
                                  Yeah? Black Jack replied.
                                  Dont tell Gardevior about it. Shell get mad at me.

                                  Black Jack gave a small laugh as he left the Rustboro gym and the city itself.

                                  Elsewhere, not far from the gym, Seed was standing on a lamppost, thinking some deep thoughts as he looked at Black Jack riding his motorcycle. Black Jack is quite an extraordinary individual, he said to himself.

                                  Next episode: Black Jack meets an old acquaintance from his Team Rocket days, and its not just anyone
                                  More coming! Reviews please!
                                  Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                                  Now a completed fic!

                                  Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
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                                    Chapter 1

                                    Black Jack was driving through the cold mountains. It was so cold that a Dewgong wouldnt survive there. Even though Black Jack was wearing the same type of clothing he had no trouble getting through.

                                    Elsewhere in the mountains, a mysterious creature was looking at a monitor showing Black Jack riding his Motorcycle through the snowy mountains. He was certain that he met him before. Could it be that? he thought to himself. Wasnt he a Team Rocket member?

                                    He decided to set Black Jack a challenge. His blue eyes glowed.

                                    Outside, Black Jack noticed an avalanche was coming his way. He tried to get out of the way, but it was no good, the avalanche caught up with him.

                                    The creature thought that Black Jack was history. But to his surprise, Black Jacks hand popped out!

                                    Black Jack slowly dug his way out of the huge pile of snow. He also managed to drag his motorcycle out of the snow.

                                    Impressive, thought the creature. I must set him another test.

                                    His eyes glowed blue again.

                                    Outside, a huge blizzard was coming down on Black Jack. Now what! he moaned. He realised that riding his motorbike out of the blizzard wont help him now. He looked around and found a cave in the nearest mountain, which is quite a distance to him.

                                    He took his motorcycle and dragged it along with him, cursing the blizzard along the way, using all his strength just to get to that hole, to keep him away from the blizzard.

                                    Most impressive, thought the creature. He must be the so-called, Black Jack.

                                    It took a while for Black Jack to get to the cave. It was dark and damp **** this weather, he said to himself as brushed some of the snow and dirt off his jacket. Suddenly, he instinctively sensed someone or something coming. He turned round and prepares himself in case he had to defend himself.

                                    There was a bright blue glow coming out of the darkness, and then an entire figure comes out. It stood like a human but it had cat-like feet, three fingered paws, a strange-looking body, head and tail. The creature seemed strangely familiar to Black Jack. Who or what the heck is this guy? he thought.

                                    Having trouble recognising me, Black Jack? the creature said telepathically.
                                    What the? Black Jack shouted surprisingly.
                                    Let me refresh your memory.

                                    The creature threw and fireball at Black Jack. But he managed to dodge out of the way. The fireball exploded when it hit the wall of the cave.

                                    The creature shot numerous fireballs at Black Jack but it kept on missing him. ****! Black Jack thought. Does this guy hate being forgotten or what?

                                    Frustrated, the creature decided to use its psychic powers to stop Black Jack from moving. Black Jack became immobile because of that. The creature then raised his paw and powers up another fireball. I wont let you leave and tell others about my secret hideout, the creature telepathically said.

                                    Black Jack felt that he couldnt move an inch because of the creatures psychic powers. I cant let that freak get the better of me! he thought to himself. Suddenly, there was a strange glowing aura surrounding him but he didnt notice. He used all of his strength of his mind and body to break out of the creatures psychic binding. This cannot be! thought the creature. This has never happened before!

                                    As Black Jack ran at the creature, it threw a fireball at him. Black Jack dodged out of the fireballs way. Before the creature could make another move, Black Jack went to punch the creature in the face. But his punch just stopped an inch away from the creatures face. There was no flinching on the creatures face, as he knew Black Jack wasnt going to hit him.

                                    Its been a while Mewtwo, Black Jack said nastily. He finally remembered the creatures name.

                                    The creature smiled. It was Mewtwo!

                                    How true, he replied. Even though it has been years since I first met you, I learnt much about you.
                                    Oh? Black Jack said.
                                    I did a little bit of research on you. Ever since you left Team Rocket, youve gotten yourself in and out of many dangers such as surviving desserts without any water. Youve also been travelling around the world defeating trainers who have the potential to become pokemon masters, even pokemon masters themselves without getting a single hit.
                                    They were nothing but a small fry. But why are you so interested in me?

                                    Mewtwo gave another smile.

                                    Many trainers came to capture me and my fellow clones, but none of them was worthy enough to catch me nor live.

                                    Black Jack knew what he meant. He slowly took off his sunglasses, showing his emotionless eyes. Im not surprised. He replied.
                                    Now that youre here, Mewtwo continued. Did you wish to offer me a challenge?
                                    Did you read my mind again? Black Jack sarcastically asked.
                                    No, Mewtwo replied, still smiling. This time, it was my instincts as a pokemon.

                                    Mewtwo turned around. Come, our stage has been set.

                                    Mewtwo walked into the darkness of the cave as Black Jack followed riding on his motorcycle.
                                    More coming! Reviews please!
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                                      hmm this is good.the description of mewtwo confused me for some reason
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                                        To Gohan: Confused with Mewtwo? In what way?

                                        Chapter 2

                                        As Mewtwo and Black Jack walked deeper inside the cave, they saw daylight on the other side. As they both went into it, Black Jack expected that would be freezing, but it wasnt. It was actually warm weather with the sun shining. The scene was beautiful, with grass and flowers all over the place. On the west side of the place, there was a waterfall. There were also a lot of pokemon living happily and peacefully until they saw Black Jack.

                                        Nice place you got here, Black Jack said.
                                        Thank you, Mewtwo replied.
                                        Although this doesnt look like the ideal place to have a pokemon battle.
                                        Were not going to battle here, Black Jack. I just need some of my friends for our battle.

                                        Black Jack spotted three pokemon, and started to notice them. It was obvious to him that they are a Venusaur, a Charizard and a Blastoise, but with a difference between them, they had strange markings on parts of their bodies.

                                        How about them? Black Jack asked, ignoring their strange appearance. They seem tough enough to go against my boys.

                                        Mewtwo stopped to take notice of Black Jacks behaviour. Never have I met a trainer so extraordinary, he thought. Most trainers that I have met were eager to run away from me or capture me. But this one, he doesnt seem to be bothered to capture anything, not even wanting to become a pokemon champion, a hero, a villain, or anything, but a man who knows what to do best.

                                        Also, I sensed many things inside his mind, heart and soul. Hes a man full of heart, innocence and compassion. On the other hand, he is also full of violence, coldness, and hate. I wonder if

                                        Hey! Black Jack interrupted. I asked if you could battle me with them.

                                        Mewtwo stopped his thinking and turned to the pokemon that Black Jack was referring to. Indeed, he replied. Ill shall use them in battle.

                                        Great, Black Jack replied. Looks like itll be a three-on-three battle.
                                        Not quite, Mewtwo replied. You and I will be the fourth members of each team to battle.
                                        If your first three pokemon get beaten, youll have to face the remainder of my team and myself. The same goes for me.

                                        Black Jack thought that it would be strange for a human to battle a pokemon. Then again, it would be too strange for him to back out from any challenge. Done, he replied.

                                        Mewtwo raised his arms as he summoned his psychic powers again. This time, the beautiful scenery was turned into a typical pokemon battle stadium. The pokemon still pokemon still remained, but after the transformation they moved away from the field and on to the sidelines.

                                        Are you trying to hypnotise me or did you transport us somewhere? Black Jack asked.
                                        Neither, Mewtwo replied. I have transformed this place. Now shall we get started?

                                        Black Jack and Mewtwo (along with his chosen pokemon) walked to their respective position of the field. Mewtwo started things off by sending Blastoise into battle, while Black Jack picked a pokeball from his belt and sent out Feraligatr.

                                        Tackle attack! Mewtwo ordered.

                                        Blastoise got into his shell and started spinning as he zoomed at his opponent. Feraligatr! Black Jack shouted. Grab it!

                                        Feraligatr grabbed Blastoises shell to stop the tackling. Now! Black Jack shouted. Seismic Toss!

                                        Feraligatr tossed Blastoise away, but Blastoise gained his balance as he popped out of his shell and landed on his feet. Both pokemon stood their ground, waiting for the next command and ready to attack.

                                        No point in using water attacks, Black Jack thought. The only way to beat Blastoise is to use physical attacks.

                                        Hydro Pump, Mewtwo commanded. A couple of cannons popped out of Blastoises shell and it fired out huge sprays of water. Luckily, Feraligatr dodged out of the way.

                                        Strange Black Jack thought. Mewtwo should know that Feraligatrs a water type as well. But why?

                                        Now, Blastoise! Mewtwo commanded. Dynamic Punch!

                                        Shoot! Black Jack shouted as he noticed what Mewtwos tactics were. Feraligatr! Use Low Kick!

                                        Blastoise missed his Dynamic Punch when Feraligatr crouched down and tripped him over. Blastoise fell on his chin, making him slightly dazed. Now, Black Jack ordered. While Blastoise is dazed, smash his face against the floor!

                                        Feraligatr picked Blastoise head up, and proceeded to smash Blastoises face on the floor. I think not, Mewtwo replied. Blastoise! Counter!

                                        Just before Blastoise face reached the floor, he quickly grabbed the back of the head of Feraligatr and slammed his face down.

                                        Feraligatr quickly picked himself up, holding his hurt face. He and Blastoise again stood their grounds ready to open another attack.

                                        Feraligatr! Black Jack shouted. Get in for the kill!
                                        Blastoise! Mewtwo ordered. Hydro Pump again!

                                        While Feraligatr began running at Blastoise, he shot out huge water foams out of his cannons again. Luckily, Feraligatr dodged the attack and grabbed Blastoise around the middle from behind.

                                        Now you got him! Black Jack shouted. Slam him on his head!
                                        What!? Mewtwo said in amazement, not knowing what to do in this situation.

                                        Ferligatr lifted Blastoise from behind while curving his own body like a bridge while slamming on the head. The ground shook quite suddenly that it almost knocked everyone off their feet. Feraligatr released Blastoise on impact and Blastoise lay there unconscious.

                                        Knowing that Blastoise was defeated he used his psychic powers to call him back and then sent out Venusaur into battle. Feraligatr! Return! Black Jack ordered as he got out Feraligatrs pokeball. Nidoking! Go!

                                        Nidoking popped out of his pokeball and gave loud roar as he readies himself for battle.

                                        Vine whip, Mewtwo ordered. Venusaur quickly shot out two vines from his body and laced them around Nidokings waist.

                                        Look out, Nidoking! Black Jack ordered. Use your weight and strength to keep your feet on ground!

                                        Nidoking did exactly as he was told, and it became quite tough for Venusaur to lift or pull him.

                                        Now! Black Jack ordered. Use your strength to throw Venusaur about!

                                        Nidoking took grip of Venusaurs vines and attempted to pull him. But it was no good, as Venusaur was already using his strength and weight to keep his feet on the ground as well.

                                        Noticing this, Black Jack clenched his fist. Nidoking! Black Jack shouted. Pull Venusaur until youll be able to slam him.

                                        Nidoking took grip of Venusaurs vines and began to try to tug against him, while Venusaur was doing the same. It was taking quite some time, but Venusaur began to lose it as he slightly started slipping.

                                        The stage is set now, Nidoking! Black Jack shouted as he noticed Venusaur slipping. Give everything youve got!

                                        Im afraid not, Mewtwo replied. Venusaur! Razor Leaf!

                                        Leaves flew out of Venusaurs back and spun directly at Nidoking. No! Nidoking will be distracted! Black Jack thought.

                                        Sure enough, Nidoking instinctively defended himself against the razor leaf attack taking minor damage, but that led him into bigger trouble.

                                        Vine whip attack! Mewtwo commanded. Venusaur, still had his vines around Nidokings waist, picked him up with ease and threw him yards away until he crushed through the ground.

                                        Mewtwo and Venusaur thought that he was knocked out. But to their surprise, Nidoking slowly picked himself up and had an angry red aura around him. He slowly turned round to face Venusaur with angry look on his face, suddenly he ran at Venusaur like a madman.

                                        Looks like he snapped again, Black Jack thought.

                                        Vine whip! Mewtwo commanded. Venusaur aimed and sent out two vines at Nidoking but missed. Nidoking tackled Venusaur and started pummelling like he was a punching bag. He finished his attack when he gave Venusaur a Mega Punch to finish him off.

                                        Realising that Venusaur had been defeated, Mewtwo used his Psychic powers to call him back and sent out Charizard. Black Jack called his Nidoking back and sent out Tyranitar.

                                        Tyranitar and Charizard stood their ground as they prepared themselves to attack.

                                        Mewtwo signalled upwards. Without looking, Charizard knew what Mewtwo wanted him to do. He flew up high in the air, meaning that Black Jack and Tyranitar were now at a disadvantage.

                                        Charizard breathed in and shot out a flamethrower attack, but Tyranitar dodged out of the way. Charizard threw out another flamethrower, but he missed again and again.

                                        Charizard may need some target practice, Black Jack thought. But he isnt losing strength. I got to think of something to beat that thing.

                                        Charizard, Sky Attack, Mewtwo commanded and a red fiery aura began surrounding Charizard.

                                        Thats it, Black Jack confidently thought as Charizard then dived directly at Tyranitar like a speeding bullet.

                                        Grab his arm now! Black Jack commanded. Tyranitar did as he was instructed as he barely dodged Charizards attack and grabbed his arm.

                                        Submission! Black Jack commanded. Tyranitar held Charizard in an arm lock from behind as he sat on top of Charizards back while Charizard was lying on his front.

                                        Black Jack and Tyranitar were then waiting for either Charizard or Mewtwo to submit. Tyranitar was holding that arm lock for a long time, but neither Charizard nor Mewtwo was going to quit. Charizard, Mewtwo said. Gather your strength to overcome Tyranitars submission.

                                        Charizard suddenly and slowly started standing up, he just found the strength to overwhelm Tyranitars submission move. As he stood up, so did Tyranitar but he still held that arm lock.

                                        Charizard, Mewtwo said. Break yourself out of that arm lock.

                                        Charizard gave Tyranitar a back fist punch to break the hold. Sky attack, Mewtwo ordered.

                                        Charizard quickly flew up high and then, like a speeding bullet, dived directly at Tyranitar again. Tyranitar! Black Jack warned. Watch it!

                                        Tyranitar tried to grab hold of Charizard but got caught was now being shoved until his back hit the cave wall, the impact was so hard that it sounded like two speeding trucks crashing into each other. Plus, it caused some huge rocks to break from the walls and fall onto both battling pokemon!

                                        Both Mewtwo and Black Jack looked at the big pile of rubble that both Tyranitar and Charizard had caused. It was a few seconds until Tyranitar broke out of the rubble dragging Charizard by the back skin of the neck. Both of them looked battered and bruised, but Charizard was knocked out.

                                        Tyranitar dropped the unconscious pokemon. Now Mewtwo was the only member left of his team.

                                        3-0 to me, Black Jack said with an evil smile. Looks like thisll be over before lunch.
                                        Correction, Mewtwo replied, also giving an evil smile. This battle has just begun
                                        More coming! Reviews please!
                                        Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                                        Now a completed fic!

                                        Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                                        Now completed!

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                                          Chapter 3

                                          Black Jack was now at a 4-Vs-1 advantage as he and his pokemon defeated all three of Mewtwos chosen pokemon. Now it was Mewtwos turn to face them.

                                          Impressive so far, Mewtwo said. You mustve taught youre pokemon well. But, the tide is about to turn.
                                          Dont be too sure, Black Jack replied with a smirk. Youre strong, but defeating my boys wont be easy. Go! Feraligatr!

                                          Black Jack tossed out the pokeball that contained Feraligatr and he came out of it while yelling out a loud roar.

                                          Feraligatr! Black Jack ordered. Slash attack!
                                          Foolish man, Mewtwo thought to himself while smirking. He suddenly became overconfident.

                                          Feraligatr leapt into the air and his slash attack was about to reach Mewtwo, but he raised his arm, using his psychic powers, to stop him in his tracks. No! Black Jack thought.

                                          Mewtwo held him there at close range until Feraligatr spat at him in the face, temporarily blinding him. When he can see again, he saw Feraligatr coming at him with another slash attack. Mewtwo countered with a Psychic attack, blowing Feraligatr away and knocking him out.

                                          Mewtwo sternly looked at Black Jack not liking the underhanded move that Feraligatr pulled. Feraligatr can be sure tricky, eh? Black Jack said as he shrugged while calling back his Feraligatr. And you sure tricked him there, so that makes us even.
                                          So now that I have defeated your Feraligatr, who else will be my next victim? Mewtwo asked.

                                          Black Jack picked another pokeball and tossed it out. Nidoking! Its punch bag time! Nidoking popped out of his pokeball while crying out his battle cry.

                                          Nidoking! Black Jack ordered. Mega Punch attack!

                                          Nidoking ran at Mewtwo at the speed of a bullet. But as he gave a big punch, Mewtwo dodged the attack. Mewtwo stepped backwards while dodging each of his attacks until his back hit the wall. Nidoking saw this as a chance to finish Mewtwo off for good. He gave one big punch but Mewtwo dodged the attack again, making Nidoking smash the wall instead, making a pile of rocks to fall on top of him.

                                          Nidoking became buried underneath the rubble. Black Jack looked at it, waiting for Nidoking to come out. Nidoking broke out of the rubble, but he felt that his arm and legs were hurting.

                                          Black Jack turned to Mewtwos direction and saw that he was about to throw another fireball. Nidoking! he warned. Watch out!

                                          Nidoking looked at Mewtwo as he threw a fireball at him. He tried to dodge the attack but to no avail, as the fireball collided with him, causing a major explosion. Nidoking was sent flying until he fell and crashed though the ground. He picked himself up again and gave a loud roar, but suddenly he fainted. Nidoking! Black Jack cried.

                                          Two down, Mewtwo said. Do you surrender?
                                          Fat chance, Black Jack replied as Nidoking was returning to his pokeball.

                                          This time Black Jack sent out his Tyranitar. Tyranitar! Black Jack commanded. Tackle attack!

                                          Tyranitar ran at Mewtwo. Fool, Mewtwo criticised as he threw a fireball at him, causing an explosion upon impact. He expected Tyranitar to be knocked out. But suddenly, Tyranitar ran out of the smoke and dust of the explosion and shoulder tackled him.

                                          Mewtwo was sent flying until his back hit the wall and felt that his shoulder was injured. He slowly picked himself up. How can this be? he asked himself.

                                          I guess the dark defences of Tyranitar here seem to be a little bit too much for you, Black Jack replied. Dont ya think?
                                          Im afraid not, Mewtwo replied in a struggled tone. Its not just psychic attacks that I can use.

                                          As the blue aura surrounded Mewtwo, the white clouds became black. Oh man, Black Jack thought in a down tone. Whats next?

                                          Suddenly a huge blizzard that Mewtwo summoned came raining down on everyone. Not another blizzard! Black Jack complaind as he couldnt see a thing. Tyranitar couldnt see either and was getting hurt by the blizzard. Suddenly, a huge light beam came and hit him, causing an explosion upon impact.

                                          Black Jack heard the explosion and hoped that that explosion didnt concern his battle against Mewtwo. But to his disappointment, he was. As the blizzard cleared, his Tyranitar was lying on his front unconscious and he called him back.

                                          Now it was Black Jacks turn to battle. Even though Mewtwo has beaten Nidoking, Feraligatr and Tyranitar, he was still hurt due to Tyranitars attacks.

                                          Its kind of strange when you think about it, Mewtwo, Black Jack said. A human fighting against a pokemon to see whos better.
                                          Youre not the first human who fought against me, Mewtwo replied.
                                          Have you heard of another human named Ash Ketchum?
                                          Yeah world famous he is.
                                          He was no match for my psychic powers. But when he sacrificed himself to save all the pokemon and the clones that were fighting to the death, Mew and I noticed how special he was.
                                          Sacrificed? You mean he was
                                          Correct. But he was saved by the pokemons tears.

                                          Black Jack had a surprised look on his face. A kid sacrificing himself to save the pokemon? Black Jack thought. This Ash Ketchum is sure a gutsy kid.

                                          So now lets see if youre not as weak as the other humans Ive faced, Mewtwo demanded.

                                          Black Jack looked at Mewtwo and gave a nasty smile and an evil sjirachi.
                                          More coming! Reviews please!
                                          Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                                          Now a completed fic!

                                          Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                                          Now completed!

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                                            To Frostweaver: Thanx for the review and I appreciate your comments. I'll try to improve on that chapter if I have the time. And like I promised, this fanfic will get better and better.

                                            Chapter 4

                                            At that moment, it was now a one-on-one fight; it was now Black Jack versus Mewtwo. At first, Black Jacks pokemon defeated Mewtwos clones and had a four-on-one advantage, but Mewtwo retaliated and defeated all three of Black Jacks pokemon.

                                            Black gave a small sjirachi and then ran at Mewtwo, but he summoned up his psychic powers again and threw him into the wall of the cave. Black Jack fell to the ground and another pile of rocks fell on top of him.

                                            Mewtwo stopped his psychic powers as he waited to see if Black Jack could break out of that rubble. As expected, Black Jack broke out. He looked battered and bruised, and unlike Tyranitar he was bloodied as well.

                                            As I thought, Mewtwo said.
                                            Did you really think that some rocks would take me down? Black Jack snarled.

                                            As Mewtwo raised his arm to summon up his psychic powers, Black Jack started running at him. Mewtwos blue aura surrounded him. To his surprise, a mixed dark and light aura surrounded Black Jack.

                                            What? Mewtwo said in shock. Black Jack didnt take notice of his aura as he ran faster and faster until he was able pummel him like a punching bag. The last punch knocked Mewtwo down.

                                            Mewtwo was down, but he quickly picked himself and was still seeing the aura around Black Jack. He suddenly sensed something inside him, he looked into his mind and saw shadows of a rare pokemon, and one of the pokemon was familiar to him. Could that be Mew? Mewtwo thought with bewilderment.

                                            While Mewtwo was distracted, Black Jack ran at him, unaware of his distraction, and gave him a shoulder tackle. This time Mewtwo was sent flying to the cave wall. As soon as he fell and crashed through the ground, another set of big rocks fell. This time it was on him. Mewtwo used his psychic powers again to break out of this predicament.

                                            You do have something about you, Mewtwo said. We have no time for games.
                                            You couldnt be anymore right, Black Jack replied, not knowing what Mewtwo was actually referring to. Now lets see whos stronger out of both of us.

                                            Mewtwo, the one-time self-proclaimed strongest pokemon in the world. Years ago, his first look of the outside world was horrendous to him. His first view of life was when he was stuck in a tube and was surrounded by scientists. When he was told that he was an experiment, he wouldnt take it. After he destroyed the laboratory, Giovanni convinced him into working with him. Mewtwo soon gained full control of his psychic powers, his psychic powers are more powerful than any psychic pokemon. After working for Team Rocket for so long, he soon discovered that Giovanni was only using him as a slave. Mewtwos anger got out of control again and destroyed the whole Team Rocket base. He kept on wondering on what his destiny was. He soon felt that his destiny was to conquer the entire planet and sets out on his own tasks. In time he discovered a young trainer named Ash Ketcum and challenged him. Even though Mewtwo defeated him, his plans were being held by Ash and Mews interference. As two of the most powerful pokemon on earth were about to finish each other off in one final blast, Ash sacrificed himself to stop them. After the tears of the pokemon and their clones that were involved in battle have revived Ash, Mewtwo saw the error of his ways and dedicated his life to protect the clones he created from the outside world.

                                            Black Jack, the man on his winning streak and also earned the reputation as the toughest trainer in history. Back then, he wasnt known as Black Jack; hes real name was Jack Hummingburg. When he was at young age, both of his parents died of murder. His twin brother, John, made him promise not to find the murderer. When he started on his pokemon journey, he did the things that a normal trainer would, capture pokemon, win badges, learning, the usual things. The one thing that he did everyday is that hed call his brother to check up on things. That was until Jack was forced into working for Giovanni. Jack became from a kind and gentle trainer to a cold-bloodied and cold-hearted trainer known as Black Jack. Deep inside, he felt too ashamed to call his brother anymore. He, too, worked for Team Rocket for a very long time but also discovered Ash Ketcum. After learning much about Ash for so long he couldnt take anymore of Team Rocket. Like Mewtwo, he destroyed another Team Rocket base. Now he travels around the world, looking for challenges. He has been challenging trainers and won. He has got himself into the dangers of the outside world and out. In his own words, he would say to you that he has been drinking beer and smashing heads.

                                            And at that moment, theyre facing each other one-on-one, human versus pokemon. This battle wasnt about greed. It wasnt about personal matters. This battle was a test of who was stronger out of the both of them.

                                            Mewtwo threw a fireball at Black Jack, but missed as he dodged and ran at him. Mewtwo was about throw another fireball but Black Jack quickly grabbed his head and smashed against the wall.

                                            Black Jack backed away to let Mewtwo pick himself up, ready to strike. As Mewtwo stood up, Black Jack ran at him but Mewtwo sensed that coming at quickly turned round while giving a backfist punch to him.

                                            That punch made Black Jack turn around while he staggered. Mewtwo took this as the time charge up his powers and tackle Black Jack, sending him flying until he fell and crushed through the ground.

                                            Black Jack picked himself, momentarily dazed with an angry look on his face. As he turned round, Mewtwo used his powers to hold Black Jack where he was standing. He struggled to lift him up, but Black Jack remained where he was. He also struggled to stay where he was.

                                            That aura, Mewtwo thought to himself as he struggled to lift Black Jack up. Something tells me that he has great power within him, but he doesnt seem to notice it. Im certain that hes not even aware of it.

                                            Im losing it Black Jack thought as he struggled against Mewtwos grip. Suddenly, a childs voice appeared in his mind again.
                                            You cant give up! said a voice.
                                            Black Jacks face of strain turned to a face of shock. What the?
                                            After everything youve been through, you cant give up like this! You still have loved ones that are always behind you!
                                            I dont know about that but youre right about the not giving up part I have a **** good reason why I shouldnt give in Im Black Jack!

                                            Black Jack suddenly broke out of Mewtwos bindings using his strength. That power again! Mewtwo thought as his eyes widened.

                                            Black Jack ran at Mewtwo and tackled his body, knocking him down. This is what I taught my Nidoking! snarled Black Jack as he started pummelling his face like a punching bag. Black Jack lifted his hand to give him one more punch but missed as Mewtwo slightly moved his head to the right and gave him a punch to the face, knocking him off.

                                            Black Jack and Mewtwo quickly stood up, despite the aches and pains in their bodies.

                                            Black Jack looked down, wondering where that kids voice came from. Was he hearing things? Was he going crazy? Was he being watched? At that moment, it didnt matter. He had a battle to fight. He looked up and looked at Mewtwo with determination and ran at him to continue battling.

                                            As he ran, Mewtwo shot a psychic blast at him but missed as Black Jack stepped sideways and continued running and gave a kick to Mewtwos face, knocking him down. Good thing I learned a thing or two from Blaziken, Black Jack thought.

                                            Mewtwo quickly picked himself up and caught Black Jack running at him to attack. Mewtwo quickly and instinctively grabbed Black Jacks arm, floored him and held his arm in an arm lock. He then used his psychic powers to increase his strength to hurt Black Jack more.

                                            Mewtwo held Black Jack in that hold for a long time until Black Jack found the strength to lift himself up slowly and then by elbowed Mewtwos face to make him break the hold.

                                            Black Jack walked back a couple of steps away from Mewtwo and then stared at him while giving a nasty smile. They then continued to battle.

                                            Black Jack started to run at Mewtwo again to attack. Mewtwo countered that with another one of fireballs and tossed it directly at him, exploding on impact. Mewtwo thought that he was done. But to his surprise, Black Jack ran through the smoke and punched him in the gut.

                                            Mewtwo spat out some blood out of his mouth as he felt the pain. After the punch, Mewtwo staggered backwards holding his gut and coughing out blood. Black Jack did the same, only he held his right arm as he used it not only to defend himself against Mewtwos attack but he also used it to hit Mewtwo with it.

                                            Mewtwos aura glowed around as he threw another fireball at Black Jack, causing another explosive impact and knocking him down before he collapsed.

                                            As they stayed down to take a breather, Mewtwo looked back in his days when he and the clones were in battle against Mew and the others. Black Jack looked back in his days when he got into many dangers and out. They were looking back so much that they felt that this could their last battle.

                                            Not willing to quit, both of them stood up. They were both spent, barely able to stand and barely able to breath. Black Jack, with the last energy with his body, ran at Mewtwo to give him possibly his last punch. Mewtwo gathered the last of his energies, to counter whatever Black Jacks attack might be.

                                            Black Jack gave Mewtwo a hook on the side of his face. But at the same time, Mewtwo gave Black Jack a punch of his own.

                                            Both of them staggered backwards and at the same time fell to the floor, unconscious. At that moment, the aura that surrounded Black Jack slowly disappeared. A pikachu and the other clones came to their aid. Blaziken, Salamence and Metagross popped out of Black Jacks pokeballs, knowing what happened.

                                            Blazi Blaziken said as he looked at both Black Jack and Mewtwo with shock. Which meant, ****
                                            More coming! Reviews please!
                                            Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                                            Now a completed fic!

                                            Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                                            Now completed!

                                            I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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                                              Chapter 5

                                              A few hours later, Mewtwo woke up from his unconsciousness. He quickly sat up to find the battered and bruised Black Jack and all of the pokemon sitting around a campfire in the beautiful scenery of flowers, grass and trees. Well, theres no point shouting wakey wakey now, eh? Black Jack said.

                                              What happened? Mewtwo asked.
                                              I hate to admit it, Black Jack replied. But I get the feeling that we were both knocked out.

                                              Mewtwo looked down in disappointment.

                                              Me he thought. Being beaten by a human. How can I call myself the most powerful pokemon in the world now? But wait I did sense that there was something about him before and during the battle

                                              Snap out of it, Mewtwo, Black Jack interrupted as he instinctively knew what Mewtwo was thinking. Neither of us has won and neither of us has lost. I guess we can leave it until next time.
                                              I agree, Mewtwo replied. By the way, why did you leave Team Rocket?
                                              That punk, Giovanni, Black Jack said in an annoyed tone, he hates it when he or other people (or pokemon) had to mention that name. He sees pokemon as a bunch of tools, and I wasnt having that.

                                              Mewtwos eyes glowed for a brief moment. That name just makes his blood boil.

                                              Black Jack soon changed the subject and he and Mewtwo got into other conversations, like where did Mewtwos clones came from, had bad life can get, how Black Jack got into life threatening situations and out, etc.

                                              Suddenly, an explosion can be heard from the other side of the cave. Black Jack ordered all his pokemon to protect Mewtwos, while he and Mewtwo left to investigate.

                                              (Authors note: The pokemon speaks for this part, so Im going to do some translation.)

                                              Huh! Nidoking moaned. How come he gets to have fun?
                                              You already had your turn battling, Blaziken replied. You need to rest.
                                              But Im feeling fine!
                                              Same here! Feraligatr continued. He suddenly felt the pain in his back. Ouch
                                              Somebodys got to go with Jack, Blaziken said. Hes bound to get into trouble without us and hes not one hundred percent healed yet.
                                              Ill check them out, Salamence said volunteering. But Metagross got in his way.
                                              No you wont, my friend, he replied, getting in his way. Ill go. You always have trouble with not just against icy attacks, but weathers too.
                                              True Salamence admittedly thought to himself.
                                              Ill come with you, Tyranitar said.
                                              Youre injured too. So stay here, Tyranitar. Metagross said. But if we dont get back in five minutes, come get us.
                                              Ill stay here to guard the others, Blaziken said, suspecting that Nidoking and Feraligatr would do something stupid like getting themselves hurt again.

                                              Metagross walked to the cave leaving the others to heal themselves and protect Mewtwos clones.

                                              (Authors note: Translation ended.)

                                              Black Jack and the weakened Mewtwo ran outside to see what was happening outside. They saw a lot people in black warm clothing holding guns, struggling through the mountain snow.

                                              Who are those people? Mewtwo asked. Do you know them?
                                              They dont look like Team Rocket grunts, Black Jack replied. They must be from somewhere else.
                                              Whoever they are, its clear that theyre trying to get to me.
                                              No kidding.

                                              Black Jack picked up some snow and made a snowball out of it.

                                              What are you trying to do with that? Mewtwo asked.
                                              Just having a little fun, Black Jack replied.

                                              With an evil smile, Black Jack bowled the snowball down the mountain. As the snowball rolled, it got bigger and faster. Soon it became as big as a Snorlax and it knocked down most of the grunts.

                                              I never saw that coming, Mewtwo said as he clapped his paws, appreciating Black Jacks smarts. Im impressed.
                                              Why are you so impressed? Black Jack asked in a down tone. I didnt get a strike.

                                              The grunts started to pick themselves up and made their way up to capture Mewtwo. Look at that! Heh! Black Jack said with a sadistic smile. They dont want to be next to Magikarps on the weaklings chart, do they!

                                              Mewtwo and Black Jack had no choice but to defend themselves against them. Mewtwo, even in his weakened state, used his psychic powers to fend off the grunts, while Black Jack uses wipes them out with his bare hands.

                                              Mewtwo and Black Jack showed a great deal of teamwork between them. At one point, Mewtwo was about to get stabbed in the back by one of the grunts. But luckily for him, Black Jack threw a snowball at the grunts face and then punched him in the face.

                                              Meanwhile, far away, in a base, a man with blond, fluffy shoulder length hair in a grey tuxedo was watching in a dark room watching a visual monitor. What! he thought to himself in shock. Whos that man?

                                              Back at the mountain, Mewtwo and Black Jack finished off most of the grunts. The other grunts ran away. Looks like theyve found another useful thing to do besides getting beaten by us, Black Jack said. Mewtwo smirked at that remark.

                                              But to their surprise, a huge stomp can be heard. The stomp was so loud that it caused quite a short earthquake. Black Jack and Mewtwo looked at the mountain behind them, hoping that it didnt cause an avalanche. To their relief, it didnt. They turned their attention to the sounds direction. It turned out that a huge robot was coming their way. It was twice the size of a Snorlax. It had a two-sectioned body part, top and bottom, huge arms, legs and head. It had missiles on his shoulders and chain guns on his wrists.

                                              Only one of them? Black Jack asked in a disappointed tone. I cant believe that they would stoop that low!

                                              Mewtwo gave Black Jack a surprised look, sensing that he was going fight this robot. A human facing a gigantic attacking robot? he thought to himself. This is no ordinary human!

                                              Soon, Metagross came running out of the cave and saw Black Jack and Mewtwo about the face the huge robot.

                                              The robot raised its arms and started shooting everywhere like wildfire. Mewtwo instantly raised his arms to create a shield around Black Jack and himself. They soon spotted Metagross running down to them dodging each and every bullet.

                                              Meta gross gross! Metagross said, which meant, let me take care of that thing!

                                              Understanding what Metagross wanted to do, Black Jack shrugged and smiled as he replied, Suit yourself.

                                              Metagross quickly ran at the robot, dodging bullets and gave it a mighty punch, creating a huge damaged hole in the robots armour and circuits inside it. It kept on crushing the robot continuously while climbing until the reached the robots head, smashing it also. After the head was smashed, a massive explosion occurred from the robot.

                                              Mewtwo still held the shield while bits and pieces of the robot were flying about. Black Jack noticed Metagross being blown away with an injured look on its face. Black Jack ran to catch Metagross.

                                              Black Jack successfully caught it. Are you okay, bud? Black Jack asked. Metagross nodded in response. Suddenly, a voice was heard. Tyranitar!

                                              It was Tyranitar and the others, coming out after five minutes have elapsed, just like Metagross said.

                                              As they went back into the cave, everyone rejoiced that Mewtwo, Black Jack and Metagross were safe.

                                              No point in celebrating forever, Black Jack said in a down tone. We have to split up or else those goons will turn up again.
                                              Mewtwo smiled slightly at Black Jack. It has been a real honour battling with you, Black Jack, he said. Even though we must part ways, we shall meet again.
                                              So be it, Black Jack replied as they shook hand / paw.

                                              Soon, everyone waved their goodbyes, hoping that they will see each other again someday.

                                              Back at the base, the man in the suit switched off the monitor. Hmm the man murmured. Black Jack, eh?

                                              Next episode: Black Jack enters the Hoenn League where he meets someone very famous.
                                              More coming! Reviews please!
                                              Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                                              Now a completed fic!

                                              Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                                              Now completed!

                                              I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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                                                Oh sorry, my jaw dropped on the keyboard. God, that's a brilliant story! Well done! I loved the way you did it's just such a great story! With all the chapters coming in...
                                                *rambles on for six hours*

                                                Well done! I hope we get to read more!
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                                                  to Mewman: Thanx, and keep your hopes up, cos there's more comin'!

                                                  Episode 5: A whole new level

                                                  Chapter 1

                                                  Black Jack was now on a path to the Hoenn League Stadium, where strong trainers gather to compete to become the next Hoenn League champion. But he was not interested in becoming Hoenn League champion; he was only interested in smashing heads.

                                                  Over the passed number of weeks, he kept on thinking about whom or what has spoke to him in his mind when he and Mewtwo fought against each other.

                                                  Upon arrival, a lot of people soon recognised him and ran over to him, asking for his autographs and photos. Oh shoot! he thought. How do these people know me?

                                                  Pokemon fans surrounded Black Jack and he felt like he was being forced to sign autographs. But luckily for him, a police officer blew her whistle for their attention.

                                                  Alright! she ordered. Whats going on here?
                                                  Let me guess, Black Jack said. Youre Officer Jenny right? Not that Im looking for you.
                                                  Ah, Black Jack, you must be the man who helped saved the children from the Rocket Revengers.
                                                  Oh no, dont mention them. Makes me wanna puke.
                                                  Why are you here?
                                                  To look for some real challenges.
                                                  Are you qualified?
                                                  My winning streak is 2000-0.
                                                  Only competitors are allowed in the league if they have at least eight gym badges from the Hoenn region. Do you have at least eight gym badges?
                                                  I lost count on that. Let me see.

                                                  Black Jack reached down his jacket pocket and took out small black bag, which was full of different badges from different regions that he visited. The crowd gasped with amazement. Hes overqualified! shouted one of them.

                                                  Is that the famous Black Jack Im looking at? asked a voice.
                                                  Yep, I am Black Jack. But I wish I wasnt famous, Black Jack replied, as he turned round to look at the person who asked the question.

                                                  To his surprise, he was looking at a trainer who had the most potential and enthusiasm to become Hoenn League champion. He was wearing blue jacket, red hat, black shoes and dark blue jeans. That pokemon trainer happened to be none other than

                                                  Ash Ketchum, said Black Jack.
                                                  Pleasure to finally meet ya, Ash replied as he and Black Jack shook hands.
                                                  Pikachu, Pikachu said, who was riding on Ashs hand.
                                                  Yep, Black Jack said as he shook Pikachus paw. And you as well.
                                                  Thinking about joining the tournament? Ash asked.
                                                  Maybe, Black Jack replied. But I have no interest in becoming champion or becoming a pokemon master. Im just here to look for some heads to smash.

                                                  Ash gave a confident smile. Black Jack soon realised what that meant. Youre joining too, huh? he asked.
                                                  Yeah, Ash replied.

                                                  Oh ho, said another voice, only this time it sounded from a guy more arrogant.

                                                  Black Jack turned around to see a man with blond shoulder length hair. He was wearing a designer shirt, trousers and black gloves. Let me guess, the man said. Black Jack isnt it? The most talked about guy in the Hoenn region next to Ketchum. If theres one guy that people should be talking about, its me.

                                                  Ash didnt seem to like the mans attitude. Who are you?
                                                  You dont know who I am? replied the man in an arrogant tone. Im gonna tell you who I am before I humiliate you in front of everybody. The name is Chris Jolteon.
                                                  Chris Jolteon, eh? Black Jack said. Did your mum name you that or is that the best you can do for a stupid persona?
                                                  Youre now asking for it, punk! Chris Jolteon yelled. Dont you know what I did to get here? I travelled all around the world defeating trainers and gym leaders non-stop! I collected more pokemon than anyone collected stamps! I became part of TV shows and movies! I have done everything!

                                                  While Jolteon kept on boasting, Black Jack and the others were becoming bored of him. But there are two things that I have not done! he continued. Is kick Black Jacks or Ketchums butt in a pokemon battle!

                                                  Black Jack smiled evilly when Jolteon mentioned pokemon battle, as he knew whats coming.

                                                  So, answer me, Black Jack, Jolteon demanded. You and me, any round. What do you say?
                                                  Officially, Black Jack replied. I accept your match. This match is gonna take pokemon training to a whole new level.
                                                  Too right! I will show everyone that I am more charismatic, more skilful and more stronger than anybody! No one will be comparing me to anybody else!
                                                  You can keep thinking that way, kid, but Im just gonna show you something that you have never received no mercy.

                                                  As everyone watched, Black Jack turned round to enter the Hoenn League stadium to sign up for the tournament.
                                                  More coming! Reviews please!
                                                  Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                                                  Now a completed fic!

                                                  Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                                                  Now completed!

                                                  I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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                                                    NOOOOOOO! You left it at a cliffhanger! EVIL! lol! This is just getting better and better! Ash ketchum, and a cocky trainer! With Black jack! in the hoenn league! Please, continue when ready!
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