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Old July 10th, 2010 (4:14 AM).
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Hi, I've been writing for around 5-6 years now and I think I'm alright at it, I normally write short stories and I recently decided to start writing little songs/tunes. They're just for fun, and I was wondering if I could get opinions on a couple. :D

*I wrote these last night at around 3AM, so I was very tired. My grammar might not be the best.

Today I watched the sun rise
Way up in the purple skies
Far above my tiny head
From the window to my bed
And from it all I have thought about
Living in insane doubt
Trust in her pretty pink pouts, yeah
And from it all I have learned
Everything that I yearn
Is obviously none of my concern, yeah
None of my concern
And from it all I have shot
My dreams over a vacant lot
Where they will sit and stink and rot
Stink and rot, yeah
And from it all I can say
That today is the day
I'm not the fondest of my lies
Today's the day I watched the sun rise
Yeah, I watched the sun rise


These skies aren't blue
What is a boy to do?
This grass sure ain't green
The bugs are so mean
They say the road is far
But it won't long before I'm a star.

When I'm a star, all you will see
How little you actually mean to me
When I'm star, I'll spit in your face
Lack complete compassion for the human race
and I'll sit back and bend the rules
I've got the looks, the money and the tools
Out run all you simple fools
How much is my soul?


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