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Story: Pokémon Tanzanite is going to mainly feature the Pokémon Mewtwo and its journey to find the ultimate Pokémon master. (Note: This game ties into the season 1 episodes of Pokémon and the first movie) Since Mewtwo has only ever found one trainer he thought would not abuse the power of owning a Pokémon as powerful as himself he decided to set up a challenge to find a worthy trainer. He would set up a new elite 4 in an all new region known as _____ (Name help please?). After Mewtwo set up the elite 4 he waited... And waited... But no one could pass the test of beating the most challenging group of trainers of all time... Until now.
Note: The storyline is still a work in progress... All advice and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)

:t150:A great challenge; By the end of the game you will face the most challenging Elite 4 yet... As well as the most powerful champion, Mewtwo himself.
:t150:Starters: When you begin the game 8 random variables are generated. 3 of the variables choose the generic starter Pokémon (Charmander, Piplup, etc). 4 of the variables choose less generic starter Pokémon (Eevee, Snover, etc). The final variable has a 1 in 50 chance to award you a notched eared pichu.
:t150:All the Pokémon available in one region and game. (Note: I only plan on making one region at the moment as I know how much work it is to make more then one, but I may decide to redo Kanto if I ever get help with this project.)
:t150:Mewtwo joins your party after you defeat him. (He is the champion of the Elite 4)
:t150:And many more to come, all suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated! :) Oh, and criticism too.


~Coming soon, sorry to all who I have not credited yet. I'm in a rush and don't have time to look for my notes.

-Koolkats109: Eventer, mapper, co-ordinator
-None, Apply? (Mapper, Scripter, Spriter, and more needed)

P.s. Sorry about my horrible grammar and wording, I started typing this at 5:00AM and am so tired... xD

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Nice Map the border trees are a little squarish but other than that looks good
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