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^ Sings in a choir.

I have to say my favorite shiny wolf Pokemon would be Ninetales. It's probably my most favorite shiny Pokemon in general too lol.

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Topic: What wolf Pokémon has the best shiny form?

Umbreon! It glows Blue rings who wouldn't love that. Espeon is good too

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E-GAD! You people are actually still alive? After all this time... *Sob* Can't believe I left! D=

Anyway. I wan't in. Again.

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^Should have joined earlier. >:3

Topic: What wolf Pokémon has the best shiny form?
Though choice. Eevee, Ninetales, Glaceon and Umbreon are the best shiny Pokemon. I suppose I'll go with Ninetales, that silver look is just so awesome on a kitsune. ^.^

Side-Topic: What is your opinion on the upcoming Pokémon games (B/W)? And what feature would you like to be in it?
The Pokemon are looking worse and worse with the gen. 5th gen looks the worst, as expected. And it's just ruining the game for me.There are some good looking though, like Zorua and Zoroak.
There are also some nice new features, like the 3vs3 battle. Pokemon STILL needs a "battle random people live online" feature instead of being forced battle NPC-controlled teams in the battle tower or sharing FC which most people don't know where to do besides with, well, friends. >_>

That there are other cool looking wolves Yu-Gi-Oh designed. :S or Wolf-Looking Monsters
As much as I dislike Yu-Gi-Oh, I have to admit that the monsters look so much better than the Pokemons.

Do you guys think there will be quite a number of Wolf Pokemon in generation 5?
Sadly I doubt so. There need to be more Wolf Pokemon.
It's not that bad though, too much Wolf Pokemon is not fun anyway.

However, I reckon there's a 50/50 chance there's more eevee-evolutions.
I'd say there's a 75/25 chance that there'll be more eeveelutions, looking how the 3rd gen was the only gen that didn't have new eeveelutions.
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If there was a new wolf Pokémon in B/W, what features or typing would it have, and what does it look like?
Erm... we need... a ghost type wolf Pokemon or something... that be awesome. Maybe I'll draw something later. xD

Do you prefer an Xat chatroom, or a MSN Group (unless there is other options that don't require making a server and all)?
I only ever used the Xat chatroom... so I guess I choose that one? xD

What wolf has the best shiny form?
Ninetales is lovely when it's shiny.

Something about the new Pokemon games.
I don't know, I kind of have mixed feelings about it. >.>


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^ Has a dirty mind lol.

Also, we're starting a WH collab (see: my signature), and if you want in PM me (don't post please lol) with what wolf Pokemon you want and what stuff you want in your signature (i.e. pair, links, etc.). I'll edit this post with who has a certain wolf Pokemon, only one person can have one.

Wolflare - Arcanine
Spinosaurus - Mightyena
ChaoSong - Umbreon
Kaori - Ninetales
The Wave - Espeon
Pave Low - Lucario
zappyspiker - Poochyena
Munch Dog - Growlithe
mal'akh - Leafeon
~Kawaii~ - Smeargle
BHwolfgang - Absol
TokioHumaNeko - Luxray
Fire Wolf - Shaymin Sky forme
Eeveon - Eevee

There are some others that I haven't listed.

Edit: Zorua and Zoroark can't be used because their Pokedex entry isn't released yet.

Edit 2: This collab has been closed, so no one can join anymore.


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^ Makes awesome CSS.

I think we need a new topic.
New topic: Will you use any wolf Pokémon in Gen V?
It depends for me. If Mightyena or Manectric are availabe, I'll go ahead and catch them if I want. If Lucario is available, I'm not bothering catching it. I plan on making my team Gen V only anyways.