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Old December 4th, 2009 (10:34 AM).
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    Here is where you can discuss the life changes of a boy and his bird Pokémon in "Pallet Party Panic."

    My review to come forthwith.

    (That's it for the Kanto Discussions. Next month starts the Orange Island ones. Thank you all for playing.)

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    Old December 9th, 2009 (4:30 PM).
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      Is this the Pidgeot one? I liked this one and don't care if he got rid of that stupid Pokémon since it didn't do much as a Pokémon anyway. If it isn't the Pidgeot one, it's not worth remembering I suppose.

      At least, Kanto is out of the way and more interesting episodes should come up.
      Old September 4th, 2010 (2:42 AM).
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        Well, this is the episode where Pidgeot leaves, as well as the whole controversy where Ash was supposed to return to it and yet never did (although I remember that he made a very similar promise to Butterfree.).

        Other than that, there's also that bit in the episode involving how Team Rocket planned on kidnapping Pikachu involving some... "spicy food" to the extreme, to put it simply. That bit affected me quite a bit, as it gave me a traumatic fear of anything spicy, even ketchup (and I did actually think that red thing they poured was ketchup, as it was poured out and colored very similarly to Ketchup, anyways.).
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