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Old September 5th, 2010 (11:08 AM). Edited September 20th, 2010 by scizor007.
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    It's been a loong time since I made an RMT,so here it is-

    Dragonite-Choice Band
    -252 att& speed

    -Fire punch

    One of my favourite leads,Outrage 2hkos anything other than Forry and Gross-Fire punch & Earthquake take care of them.Extremespeed is useful if I save it for the end.

    -252 att,132 HP,126 def

    -Stealth rock
    -Rapid spin

    Typical defensive Forry.

    Snorlax-Lum berry
    -Adamant@Thick fat
    -252 att& sp def


    The wall of my team.Pursuit kills PESKY starfishes which try to kill my Nite,as well as rotoms.Lum berry allows a quick heal.

    Rotom-W-Damp rock
    -252 speed& spA

    -Hydro pump
    -Shadow ball
    -Rain dance

    Rain dance is the surprise package.Blissey usually switches in to this,allowing me to unleash the next fella-

    Kabutops-Life orb
    -252 att& speed

    -Stone edge
    -Aerial ace
    -Swords dance

    The focus of the team.Arguably one of the best sweepers in rain.Aerial ace for Brelooms.

    Metagross-Life orb
    -252 att,132 speed& 126def

    -Meteor mash

    One of the finest end-game sweepers.Explosion> T punch for swampert.

    So there you have it.It's for shoddy so all kinds of suggestions are welcome.


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    aerial ace sucks on kabutops. use aqua jet so you can beat priority users. or even xscissor if you are worried about celebi although i think a +2 stone edge hurts it quite a bit

    switch forry's EVs for HP and Attack.

    if you are using rain dance on rotom-w use thunder > tbolt, 100% accurate and 35 more base power

    other than that i guess its good. i would rather have LO nite than CB as a lead since flygon would probably do a better lead since it has u-turn but whatever.
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      I like it, although, I too would reccomend thunder over Tbolt. Also, I can confirm that X-Scissor is a nice move on Kabutops, as it means that grass types don't stop his sweep, although it doesn't do **** to breloom :p
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        CB Nite sucks as a lead. If you want to use Nite as a lead, use the actual (anti-)lead set.

        Dragonite @ Life Orb
        Inner Focus | Quiet Nature
        252 Atk / 252 SpA / 4 Spe
        - Earthquake
        - ExtremeSpeed
        - Fire Blast
        - Draco Meteor

        I would suggest getting rid of Fire Blast because this is a Rain Dance more or less. However, you don't have a Magnezone on this team so that doesn't really work. So I'd recommend you use the set as given and try to get rid of your opponent's steel-type Pokemon before sending out Rotom-W.

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