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"Don't Touch That Dile" -Review Thread

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Old September 7th, 2010 (6:32 AM). Edited September 7th, 2010 by mervyn797.
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I just began watching the Jhoto Journeys for some nostalgia, so I begin with the first episode, "Don't Touch That Dile"
This this particular episode Ash and company are headed towards New Bark Town and the start of the Jhoto journeys.

The order of events:

# Ash and co. are lost... again... XD
# Ash and Misty get into a fight, Brock acts as the peacekeeping force.
# Togepi spots something...
# Oh my! Its Suicune!
# Jigglypuff FTW!
# It's the Rocket Trio, they're lost as well. xD
# A flock of Fearow freaks out the Rocket Trio!
# They get into some lab. Totodile bites meowth. XD
# The Rocket Trio steal Totodile.
# "The journey starts right now!" Ash and co. get to New Bark Town.
# No nurse joy? No, there is one on the "TV". xD
# Ash co. set out to find Nurse Joy.
# Its Officer Jenny. Where's Crogunk? Ohh yeah.. Misty for now.
# They meet Prof. Elm.
# Cyndaquil is really cute! :3
# Poor trainer, she won't get her Totodile.
# LOL, Totodile is stuck to Jessie's hair!
# While Meowth and Jessie fight, James tries to make a call to Giovanni.
# Ash and co. and Officer Jenny arrive at the spot.
# Oh man, that Team Rocket motto again....
# TR try to escape. Bulbasaur's vine whip trips them. XD
# Another of those battles...
# Victreebel still loves James. xD
# Wuhu! A combo attack from Pikachu, Charizard, Bulbasaur and Squirtle sends Team Rocket's Pokemon blasting off.
# Wow! Totodile's water gun is pretty powerful. Team Rocket is blasting off... again.
# Prof. Elm talks a bit too much..
# Ash gets himself registered for the Jhoto league!
# Haha, look behind! Jigglypuff is following Ash and co.
The End

Okay, now all of us can discuss this episode.
According to me, this was a rather decent episode with some good dialogue as well. It was great to see Ash's old Pokemon using some great moves, and Totodile himself was amazing as he gave the Rocket Trio quite a headache.

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Old September 7th, 2010 (7:44 AM).
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Sorry Mervyn, but a thread like this is really only needed for the recently aired episodes. Charaxes already covers the older episode discussion review threads almost everyday or so. Hence why, we really don't need this here. n_n;

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