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Let's Play Pokemon: The Legend of Dragoon

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Old August 31st, 2010 (2:05 PM). Edited September 10th, 2010 by Klippy.
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    Hey all,

    I've read a few LP's in my time here at PC, and decided to take a shot at one. Now, if any of you are familiar with the game "The Legend of Dragoon", give yourself a pat on the back :] (if not, familiarize yourself with it!). This LP will be a regular playthrough of Fire Red (sick of the game, but I haven't played it in a while), but with a twist of my own: I will do as best as I can to recreate some of the feel of the original LoD within Pokemon. This is going to be diffucult, if not impossible, in terms of gameplay, as both RPG's have different combat systems and mechanics. My job will try and be to copy the elements of the game that I can recreate in Pokemon...

    The only major differences between this and a normal Fire Red LP will be that I am allowed only 3 Pokemon in the party at a time (still debating use of HM slaves), and that each Pokemon must relate to one of the seven dragoons in the game. Only one Pokemon per dragoon will be allowed, thus the total number of Pokemon that will see battle in the LP will be 7. Also, as in the game, the Dart character must always be in your party (other characters may be mandatory in certain story battles as well), no matter how much you hate the fire type :) Other than that, I will try and make up an LoD-related story different from FR's as I go along.

    One thing I do want here is a lot of audience participation. It would be great if I could get some ideas pitched that will contribute to Dart and CO.'s adventure, in terms of the story. If you have an idea for a character's Pokemon form would be, go ahead and let me know on the thread! Also, feel free to post an update (in spoilers) if you would like to try this LP out and play along with me.

    As of now, Pokemon that I am considering for each dragoon part are:
    • Dart- Charizard
    • Lavitz/Albert- ?
    • Shana/Miranda- ?
    • Rose- ?
    • Haschel- Electabuzz
    • Meru- ?
    • Kongol- Golem
    Now, for the characters with ?'s by their names, I would like you to give me some ideas for which Pokemon may fit the bill. Please keep in mind that I would prefer Type > Apperance. You may go ahead and yell out who you want for characters that have already been given roles, and I will definatley consider them (except maybe Haschel... Electabuzz seems just too perfect for him ^_^).

    I want to have a lot of input here to help with the story, characters, ideas, etc... Whatever you can think of that might make the game more like LoD (As long as its not too terribly difficult...) is much appreciated. Besides, what's the point in posting an LP without a little input from the peanut gallery? Lol
    I hope that you all will have fun following/playing Let's Play Pokemon Fire Red: The Legend of Dragoon!**


    ** And I hope I use Shana more than I did in the real game :P

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    Old August 31st, 2010 (6:06 PM).
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    Good luck with this, it's always good to see a new LP around here.
    Old August 31st, 2010 (6:47 PM).
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    Well, good luck with this LP. It better be funny.... No pressure!
    What are you so afraid of?
    Old September 5th, 2010 (9:41 AM).
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    So when will be the first part.
    Old September 12th, 2010 (10:40 PM).
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    The problem is... you should probably explain what a 'dragoon' is, so we have some idea of what the hell is going on in that first post. You should also use a font color that doesn't make my retinas bleed like so many bleeding wounds.

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    Old September 14th, 2010 (7:40 AM). Edited September 14th, 2010 by ~Trebuh~.
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      • Lavitz/Albert- Sceptile? (gust of wind dance=leaf blade)
      • Shana/Miranda- Beautifly ?
      • Rose- A female Darkrai would fit
      • Meru- Froslass?
      a Dragoon is a character basically from (PSX-Legend Of Dragoon);which has almost god-like powers and have Dragoon spirits inside them which keeps them in their dragoon form for a limited amount of time.(Dragoon Spirits are obtain by killing a dragon)

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