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BW010! - Problem? (Japanese Spoilers)

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Old October 11th, 2010 (7:00 AM). Edited October 11th, 2010 by Mew~.
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Title: "Tsutarja! Big Problem!?"

Warning: This title is not properly confirmed and may be fake!
There was nothing. Followed by everything. Swirling, burning specks of creation that circled life-giving suns. And then we reached to the light.

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Old October 11th, 2010 (7:13 AM).
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Well, you can't really take much from that. Tsutarja is probably the rebellious one of the group so maybe an episode dealing with that? I have no clue, lol.
Old October 11th, 2010 (8:08 AM).
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Where did you get that from? :O None of the major fan sites like Serebii have revealed that.
Wait, BW 7, also has something related to Tsutaja. I don't think there would be another one so soon. But maybe it is similar, the way Ash caught a Gible later while another person caught it earlier. XD
Old October 11th, 2010 (8:20 AM).
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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
Warning: This title is not properly confirmed and may be fake!
The only source for this title is Newtype, and while it's a reliable source, their latest issue never mentioned this title while their upcoming one hasn't been released as yet. So, I don't know about you guys, but I don't see it right to discuss a possible fake episode title - not when we have so many revealed already. For the time, I'm going to keep this closed. If it does eventually get confirmed, then I'll remove my post and re-open it.

Locked [for now]
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