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Old November 21st, 2010 (11:57 AM).
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I know this has been done by everyone and their mother, but I really love this game so much it's unreal! I'm doing a seperate LP on Youtube, and I'm gonna do a screenshot LP here. So, enjoy! Here is the first update:


Says who?

TURKEY! And...plug?

Did you stash Kyogre in the basement?

A retarded shark and a dead doll. What a pair!

Rayquaza rip-off FTW!!!

Second one pl0xorz!

Am I meant to expect something?


The creativity burns!

If you say so, Merlin.

Again, if you say so, Merlin.

Self-impressions much?


How dare you deny me my own emotions?

Is that so?



Let me decide before calling me dude! Anyway, he-she diver...

Or jedi prostitute? Also, names?

Enjoy this LP!
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