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Final Fantasy X - By Akeraz [Rated M]

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Old February 9th, 2011 (1:27 AM).
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Warning: This LP contains/will contain LOTS OF SWEARING.

Let's Play: Final Fantasy X

Ok, So I'm going to LP what is probably one of the final fantasy games that wasn't as well recieved as it could be. (It has a lot of critics, It was still very well recieved for the most part, but people like to make complaints). It was the first game in the series that I played, and the game that drew me to Final Fantasy as a whole. The game looked absolutely stunning for it's time, the story was gripping and although the battle system was turn based, it managed to feel fresh where other final fantasies had not. If I had to place it, it'd probably make third on my list of Top Ten JRPGs.

Plot Sypnosis:
You play as Tidus, Star player of the Blitzball team, the Zanarkand Abes. Your world is shattered when a large monster, called Sin, attacks. Alongside a strange man, Auron, you travel to a new world. You awake to find yourself alone, until you meet an Al Bhed girl called Rikku. Eventually, you are seperated once again, and you land on the Island of Besaid, where you meet Wakka, Lulu, and the Summoner, Yuna.

In a long adventure, you meet new companions, new enemies, and embark on an epic story in Yuna's quest to defeat the enemy that has plagued the world of Spira for what seems like an eternity. Sin.




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