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Old February 15th, 2011 (4:21 PM). Edited February 16th, 2011 by gee2k8.
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    Hey guys got another wifi battle coming up with my rival/friend so to finish off Gen 4 with a bang before i put this game down for B&W, I am hopefully going to whoop his butt while also trying a few pokes and move sets I’ve not yet experimented with. Here we go:

    Running the above team through on the team builder on marriland i found that they have a pretty sweet synergy.

    The Lead:

    Machamp @ Lum Berry
    Ability: No Guard
    EVs: 104 HP/252 Atk/48 Spd/104 SDef
    Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Bullet Punch
    - Payback
    - Ice Punch
    - Dynamicpunch

    First off it’s Machamp. I’ve seen this lead in action and have tested it on shoddy, If the opponent doesn’t have a check for this guy and I get lucky with confusion then it has become apparent to me that this guy can take down several pokemon on the oppositions team which is luvly jubly. On a personal note i’ve always wanted to use a decent Machamp move set since Red/Blue so i was very amused to find out about this moveset and how much of an anoyyer it was. The evs are slightly different to the standard, extra Spdef for Azelf/Starmie Users and the extra Spd for rival Machamp and Swampert leads, moveset shouldn’t need explaining.

    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP/ 104 Defense/ 152 Speed
    Shadow Ball

    This it my first ever usage of a Rotom form, i guess i put off the pain of soft resetting to get a decent enough one until now. Mainly need this guy for its Ghost Immunities, Flying check, Gyarados Check and Scizor check. Also very useful to burn hard hitters.

    [email protected] Leftovers*
    Nature: Relaxed
    248 HP / 212 Def / 48 SpD
    Ice Beam
    Stealth Rock

    Standard Swampert Set, again i’ve never used this guy so i went to the effort of trading for one. I am very impressed with its typing and overall bulk though i wasn’t all that thrilled using it as a lead hence why it isnt in that postion. He’s here to set up SR, roar out stat uppers and scout the opponents team, he also works well as a physical wall.

    Scizor @ Choice Band
    Technician - Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)
    248 Hp/252 Atk/12 Spe
    ~Bullet Punch

    Standard CB Scizor. Used him an awful lot for the same reason everybody else does. This guy checks Ttar for Rotom and has a nice synergy with Flygon/Kingdra whilst also being a threat to the various grass pokes Swampert has issues with. It’s standard revenge killing abilities also come in handy .

    Flygon @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Jolly Nature (-SpA, +Spe)
    Stone Edge

    The revenge killer and scout for the team. Never ever used a Flygon as a revenge killer before as I previously didn’t have access to him, now that I have him I am more than impressed with the job he performs. He revenge kills so many of the most threatening OU sweepers this making him imperative to this team’s success.

    Kingdra @ Chesto Berry
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Nature : Adamant
    Evs: 144 HP / 160 Atk / 40 SpD / 164 Spe
    Dragon Dance

    Last but not least its Kingdra. So far i have used Dragonite, TTar, Salamence and Gyarados as my dragon dancers but none have been as enjoyable to use as this guy, what a feeling it is to pull off 2+ dragon dances while gaining all the hp back that you just lost. Not to mention he has a brilliant synergy with Scizor.

    A few final comments...
    Like the previous posts i have made for my rmts i have gone to the effort of stating that this is strictly a wifi team, so the aggro i would have to go to to obtain a hidden power at 70 damage is just way way too time consuming and just plain boring so please if possible only suggest realistic improvements. Thanks in advance.
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    Lucario and Breloom really crushs your team. Id put in a solid fighting resist here. Id say over Kingdra or Rotom really. Rotom is a great Rest Talker and would help take sleep from said loom.

    Swampert really wants his Leftovers.

    Ill prolly point out more after ive slept.


    Also you know what ? This team would love Spikes actually with the double U-Turns on Scizor/Gon and Rotom to block Spin lol. You'd rack up alot of damage.
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      thanks for the reply, the swampert with lum berry is an error so i will amend that, whoops! .

      I've noted my weakness to Lucario and Breeloom and have come up with some suggestions. Firstly i removed the following infernape build from the team so its already bread. Would this addition make any type coverage improvements?

      Infernape @ Life Orb
      252 Atk / 64 SpA / 192 Spe
      -Close Combat
      -Fire Blast
      -Mach Punch

      For a fighting resist what do you suggest?

      Also just to touch up on your spikes suggestion, possible use of skarmory is an option as i have a good few electric resistances and fire resists. Though i am really unsure who to change on my team without losing alot of power or type coverage.
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        Zapdos could work in place of rotom to cover breloom and lucario, provided lucario isn't running HP rock/ice (but i'm not sure how common that is). While keeping your current type coverage.

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