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Pokémon Crimson - A hack in progress

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Old February 19th, 2011 (1:20 PM).
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Hi, guys!
I'm Tobias, and I'm making a hack.

You're entering a vast region, filled with every known Pokémon. It's the Gavya Region!

I need people to help with pitching ideas, creating sprites for the 387 Gen III Pokémon (unique), and someone who can make an INI for AdvanceText for Pokémon Ruby.

I would appreciate any ideas here! Just post them...

Gym Leaders:
Dark - James
Fire - Brandon
Electric - Blair
Grass - Mandy
Ice - Escabar
Steel - Ingrid
Water - Jóse
Ground - Manny

Elite Four:
Fighting - Anna
Water - Michael
Dragon - Marco
Rock - Summer

Chamion: Kyle

Route #s: 250-299
Cities: 11
Nuturf Town
Kricket City
Poven City
Melenkorf Town
Cobblestone Port
Vexis City
Newdawn Town
Ironside City
Eternis Port
Grandview Town
The Crimson Hill (Pokémon League)
Caves: (not ready)
Forests: (not ready)

Starters: 2nd Gen (not official)

The region will include all of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation Pokémon in one place.

Thanks in advance!!!
Pokemon White, Team:
Archeops, Lvl. 97
Crunch, Earthquake, Fly, Thrash
Ernie / Mamoswine, Lvl 56
Ice Fang, Take Down, Ancient Power (switching it to something else at some point), Earthquake
Haxorus, Lvl 71
Swords Dance, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Earthquake
Typhlosion, Lvl 82
Double Edge, Flamethrower, Eruption, Earthquake

more to come.

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