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Old February 15th, 2011 (6:42 PM). Edited February 20th, 2011 by Cataquack Warrior.
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I have an idea for a game that crosses Pokemon with the fantasy book series The Wheel of Time. I have a rough outline and ideas for the details, but am not experienced with technology. Could someone please help me. Please let me know what you think, and ask any questions about my outline.


1. Emond’s Field
2. Route 201
3. Two Rivers
4. Route 201
5. Emond’s Field
6. Route 201
7. Two Rivers
8. Route 202
9. Shorelle
10. Route 203
11. Baerlon
12. Route 204
13. Baerlon Mines
14. Route 205
15. Shadar Logoth
16. Route 206 (SS Spray)
17. Route 207 (Whitebridge)
18. Hawk City
19. Route 208
20. Caemlyn
21. Ways
22. Salidar
23. Ways
24. Route 214
25. Borderland City
26. Route 215
27. Tarwin’s Gap
28. Eye of the World
29. Route 215
30. Borderlands City
31. Route 216
32. Route 216 (Alternate)
33. Kinslayer’s Dagger
34. Route 217
35. Cairhien
36. Route 217
37. Tar Valon
38. Route 218
39. Route 219
40. Haddon Mirk
41. Route 220
42. TearStone
43. Route 221
44. Rhuidean
45. Route 222
46. Cliffs of Dawn
47. Shara
48. Route 223
49. Illian
50. Route 225
51. Tanchico
52. Route 227
53. Darkwood
54. Mountains of Mist
55. Two Rivers
56. Waterwood Mire
57. Route 207 (Whitebridge)
58. Caemlyn
59. Route 209
60. Far Madding
61. Route 224
62. Amador
63. Route 226
64. Ebou Dar
65. Route 228
66. Route 229
67. Seandar
68. Route 230
69. Towers of Midnight
70. Seandar
71. Cairhien
72. Tar Valon (Red Tower)
73. Route 231
74. Blight
75. Shayol Ghul
76. Dragonmount
77. Route 233
78. World’s End
79. Victory Road


Rand al’Thor- Rand is the male player, and the rival if the players is female.
• Team:
o Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venasaur (Squirtle), Charmander/Charmaleon/Charizard (Bulbasaur), Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise (Charmander)
o Shroomish/Breloom (Elayne)
o Natu/Xatu (Min)
o Sandshrew/Sandslash (Aviendha)
o Miltank (Else, later discarded)
o Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite
o Mewtwo
• Quotes:
o “I am going to defeat them, Taim. All of them. They think they can tear everything down. It’s always tearing down, never building up! I’m going to build something, leave something behind. Whatever happens, I will do that! Iam going to defeat them, _. All of them. They think they can tear everything down. It’s always tearing down, never building up! I’m going to build something, leave something behind. Whatever happens, I will do that!”
o “Do you have dreams when you sleep?”
o “I am tired of running. I will run no more.”
o “There are things worth fighting for.”
o “Sometimes, the Houndooms catch the Mightyena and wish they hadn’t. Sometimes, he turns on them, or waits in ambush. But first, the Mightyena has to run.”
o “What kind of need would be great enough that we’d want the Dragon to save us from it? As well ask for help from Giratina.”
o “If you don't know everything, you must go on with what you do know.”
o “I have heard it said you should believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see.”
o “Clutch the bramble and you will be pricked.”
o “If the only way I can find time and peace for the world is to impose it, I will.”
o I am the Dragon Reborn. Denying won’t change it. Wishing won’t change it. I’m not the man you knew back in Emond’s Field. Do you understand now? Do you?
o “I can rest when I am defeated.”

Egwene al’Vere- Egwene is the female player, and the rival if the player is male.
• Team
o Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venasaur (Squirtle), Charmander/Charmaleon/Charizard (Bulbasaur), Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise (Charmander)
o Milotic
o Drowzee/Hypno
o Geodude/Graveler/Golem
o Growlithe/Arcanine
o Venonat/Venomoth
o Glameow/Purugly (Discarded for Mewtwo)
o Mewtwo
• Quotes:
o “No…I’m not afraid. I do want to become a Champion.”
o “I WILL become Champion!”
o “If a person needs a hero, he needs him today, not tomorrow.”
o “People change, _. Feelings change. When people are apart, sometimes they grow apart.”
o “Besides, who are you to lecture me on being rash?”
o “You do talk nonsense sometimes.”
o “A certain degree of respect is required for the Champion, and from now on, I will have it.”
o “If I left you, it wouldn’t have been fleeing you, it would have been abandoning you. I am the Champion.”
o “I bear it already.”
o “Let them come!”

Mat- Mat is an extra rival that you fight intermittently.
• Team:
o Vulpix/Ninetales
o Budew/Roselia/Roserade
o Meowth/Persian
o Scyther/Scizor
o Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot
o Onix/Steelix
o Porygon/Porygon-Z
o Muk (temporary)
• Quotes:
o “Blood and ashes!”
o “I am lost in my own mind.”
o “If I ever look like acting the hero again, you kick me.”
o I came to bloody rescue you. Burn me if I expected to be greeted as if I had come to steal a pie.
o “Battles interest me.”
o “Swords aren’t the be-all and end-all, you know.”
o “What’s life like if you don’t take chances now and then?”
o Everything always changes. The best plan lasts until the first arrow leaves a bow.”
o “I seem to have luck with dice.”
o “I’m not giving up gambling.”
o “Luck is a horse to ride like any other.”
o “Bad habits pay off in the long run.”
o “It’s time to roll the dice.”
o “I may be a fool, but I intend to be a victorious fool.”
o “For light, glory, and love!”
o “Honor of my blade for_(fallen Pokemon)…Honor of my blade for the fallen.”

Gym Leaders:


• Gym Name: Shorelle Gym
• Theme: Music
• Badge: Artist
• HM: Flash
• TM:
• Gimmick: To reach Asmodean, you will need to master a musical composition, the notes of which you can obtain by defeating other trainers in the gym.
• Team:
o Wigglytuff
o Kricketune
o Ludicolo
o Exploud
o Smeargle
o Chatot
• Quotes:
o (After performing unknown song)- “Ah, an audience. This is a pleasant surprise. I was a prodigy, and produced countless masterpieces. But that was not enough. All things crumble to dust as the Wheel turns and are forgotten by the time the Age comes again. I will ensure that my legacy and I are eternal. Let us see if you are worthy of legend as well.”
o ""Take note of this story, trainer. I once saw a man hanging from a cliff, The brink was crumbling under his fingers, and the only thing near enough to grasp was a tuft of grass, a few long blades with roots barely clinging to the rock. The only chance he had of climbing back up on the cliff. So he grabbed it. Heh. He had to know it would pull free."

• Gym Name: Salidar Gym
• Theme: Gambler
• Badge: Adventure
• HM: Rock Smash
• TM: Metronome
• Gimmick: The gym mimics a Gamer Corner, with a number of tokens required to bribe one’s way to Balthamel. Losing a game results in not only the forfeiture of invested tokens but also an immediate trainer attack.
• Team:
o Persian
o Porygon
o Wartortle
o Bastiodon
o Dragonair
o Bronzong
• Quotes:
o “Enjoyed the party so far? Don’t waste your time bothering me; be crazy, have fun! That’s what keeps me going- even if I keep losing cash.”
o “Still here? GET OUT!”
o (Sigh). Guess I’m further down the hole. Oh well. Life is a gamble, and risks are what make an adventure.”


• Gym Name: Tar Valon Gym
• Theme: Education
• Badge: Knowledge
• HM: Cut
• TM: Secret Power
• Gimmick: Challengers must pass a gauntlet of trivia tests to pass through without battles. However, be warned: always give answers that compliment Mesaana, regardless of their truth. Her trainers are all children, and are fanatical about her.
• Team:
o Spiritomb
o Porygon-Z
o Claydol
o Aerodactyl
o Relicanth
o Venasaur
• Quotes:
o “Welcome to my school. I should have been a researcher, but they had the nerve of denying me that right! Well, I showed them; I decided to teach something entirely new. Want to see my teaching style? I believe that force is always the best motivator.
o “Power is the source of all knowledge. I suppose then that you have learned something; I as well. Come back anytime though. I can teach you secrets lost in the ages.

• Gym Name: Tearstone Gym
• Theme: Skill
• Badge: Netweaver
• HM:
• TM: Explosion
• Gimmick: The Tearstone Gym in Stone rests inside a mighty fortress. To break inside, trainers must use Rock Smash to find a secret entrance. The interior is guarded by numerous trainers, mostly Gentlemen and Socialites, but also ninjas.
• Team:
o Metagross
o Slowking
o Wobbuffet
o Skarmory
o Dusknoir
o Rhyperior
• Quotes:
o “Rahvin excels in diplomacy, while Sammael excels in battle. I on the other hand, wield both as the Netweaver. They both envy Lews Therin, as we all do, but I am the one with the skills to defeat him. You are nothing in comparison.”
o “Watch yourself. Rivalries are multifold. Should you continue this ascension, your enemies will grow in vast numbers. Take comfort that you have already defeated one.”


• Gym Name: Shara
• Theme: Seduction
• Badge: Hedon
• HM: Fly
• TM: Attract
• Gimmick: The gym is packed with Gentlemen and Socialites who seem to have lost some of their senses to Graendal’s manipulations. There is a spa inside where you can heal your Pokemon; however, they will become confused in the process.
• Team:
o Jynx
o Blissey
o Ninetales
o Milotic
o Bellossom
o Phione
• Quotes:
o “People mistake us as humans. Those toys I had play with you are human. A new word will have to be made to describe us. You look like a nice catch. How would you like to stay here forever? I would treat you so well, with just your mind and service as price. Oh, I wasn’t asking honey.”
o “On your quest, remember not to let yourself be trapped by practicality and modesty. I used to live a simple life. But then I realized…what’s the point? Pleasure is the only thing in life worth living for.”
o “Come back soon, okay? Let me know if you change your mind.”


• Gym Name: Illian Gym
• Theme: Athletics
• Badge: Warrior
• HM: Surf
• TM: Steel Wing
• Gimmick: To reach Sammael, the player must win at a series of mini-games based off of sporting events.
• Team:
o Machamp
o Rotom
o Scyther
o Marowak
o Garchomp
o Gliscor
• Quotes:
o “Pokemon are like any tool; when neglected, they fall into disrepair. This is why I take care of my team like my sporting equipment. In my time of need they will never fail me. It may be minor, but small increases in chaos are as important as large.”
o “You have obviously trained your weapons well. Continue to hone them, and they will be your strong right arm.”


• Gym Name: Tanchico Gym
• Theme: Deception
• Badge: Trap
• HM: Strength
• TM: Dream Eater
• Gimmick: Moghedien is hidden in the gym disguised as one of the trainers. Upon finding her, the player is trapped in an alternate dream version of the gym, and must find her again to actually battle her.
• Team:
o Ariados
o Mawile
o Kecleon
o Stantler
o Mismagius
o Darkrai
• Quotes:
o “So you have finally cornered the ‘Spider’, have you? Unfortunately for you, I have been waiting for this. The Spider has caught another in her web. Now rest here forever in your nightmares of failure.”
o “You have done well to make it this far, I suppose. But your adventure ends her. Lanfear always Lanfear always claimed Tel'aran'rhiod for her own, but I can do things here far beyond her.”
o “How could I lose? You may have won, but I will have revenge on you one day, on the day you are the happiest, be it tomorrow or a millennium.”


• Gym Name: Caemlyn Gym
• Theme: Intrigue
• Badge: Diplomacy
• HM: Whirlpool
• TM: Swagger
• Gimmick: The gym’s guard force consists primarily of female trainers of various classes. Each trainer gives a half-truth about how to reach Rahvin; one must decipher the clues to find him.
• Team:
o Latias
o Gardevoir
o Froslass
o Delcatty
o Luvdisc
o Togekiss
• Quotes:
o (Boy)- “It takes great finesse to be a connoisseur of the arts. One must have the right taste, and the tact to recognize a fault and retreat. The same applies to women. I have collected many elegant specimens in this gym. I hope you have enjoyed their company. You flatter me so. However, you must complement your diplomacy with power. En guarde!”
o (Girl)- “This is a dangerous place for a lady; it is good that you found me. There are those who segregate lust from love, but they both spawn from desire. Love succeeds only if one has the means to control it. Allow me to teach you this lesson.”
o (Boy)- “You have proved yourself worthy of my audience. Let me impart you with this advice. Love is worthless without bonds. Should you lose control of those you wish for, they will remain out of your grasp.”


• Gym Name: Seandar Gym
• Theme: Torture
• Badge: Pain
• HM: Rock Climb
• TM: Rest
• Gimmick: Many of the trainers in Semirhage’s gym, besides their own lineup, command special trainers called Damane, doubling the trouble. The other trainers found in the gym are sadistic, and focus on debilitating status ailments.
• Team:
o Houndoom
o Tentacruel
o Banette
o Alakazam
o Ninetales
o Fearow
• Quotes:
o “Ah, a trainer. You have journeyed long; you must have experienced many hardships. But that is the true beauty of life. I realized this joy, but nobody could grasp my genius. I had deserved the right to do what I did; I had earned the right. I had been more valuable to the world than all those together who entertained me with their screams. And in jealously and spite the Hall had tried to pull me down. You don’t agree with me? I’ll just have to show you the secrets of suffering."
o Oh, the pain! How have I been forsaken? Why have you betrayed me Great Lord, why?”


• Gym Name: Black Tower Gym
• Theme: Science
• Badge: Experimental
• HM: Waterfall
• TM:
• Gimmick: Aginor’s gym functions as a laboratory, with a complex system of switches. The gym is also rigged with traps that set loose lab Pokemon at victims.
• Team:
o Muk
o Electrode
o Castform
o Ditto
o Burmy
o Deoxys
• Quotes:
o “Please come back another time. I am on the verge of a breakthrough, and cannot be distracted.’
o “I suppose that I can talk for a time. It is a pleasure after all to share my interests openly with someone. Life was frustrating for me. Everything had been discovered; what was I to do? That’s when I realized something that nobody else had comprehended- the only limit to science is morality. Morals are a vague, superstitious concept, and must be sacrificed for the realistic needs of the scientist. Your Pokemon appear unique. I’ll examine them once I’m through.”
o “Let me show you the creations of science.”
o “Your Pokemon are certainly special. A pity that I won’t be able to study them.


• Gym Name: Cairhien
• Theme: Nightmares
• Badge: Dream
• HM: Defog
• TM: Silver Wind
• Gimmick: To traverse the gym, you must traverse an alternate dream version of the gym as well as the real gym. In fact, in order to reach the gym, you must find a portal to the dream world up a waterfall behind the gym. The World of Dreams’ physics are different than the real world, so trainers will have to adapt to the new rules.
• Team:
o Jirachi
o Lunatone
o Clefairy
o Hypno
o Starmie
o Cresselia
• Quotes:
o “Who dares intrude upon my domain of dreams?
o (Boy)- “I see that you have met my Lews Therin (Elite/Champion). I can recognize him anywhere. I have guided his steps, pushed him, pulled him, enticed him. He was always stubborn, but in time I will shape him. What? You compare yourself to him? He is the greatest man the world has seen. You are not worthy to stand in his shadow, let alone mine.”
o (Girl)- “What have you been doing with my Lews Therin? I do not kill without cause; I do not even hurt without cause. But I will not allow a trollop like you seduce my beloved!”
o (Boy)- You are powerful, but not as strong as my Lews Therin. Should you desire power though, think of me and the glory.”
o (Girl)- “Just remember: He is mine forever. He was mine, and he is mine. Any other is no more than a caretaker whose time has passed.”


• Gym Name: Shayol Ghul Gym
• Theme: Power
• Badge: Glory
• HM: Seal
• TM: Stealth Rock
• Gimmick: Shayol Ghul itself is an inhospitable mountain, forcing approaching trainers to undergo difficult struggles to even reach the inside of Shayol Ghul. Although there is a town of sorts within the mountain, you are vulnerable to attack at all time within the city. The gym itself is an elaborate dungeon. Trainers must find their way through a maze of bridges across a lake of fire. The gym emits a special effect that raises the cost of PP during battles.
• Team:
o Regigas
o Shedninja
o Charizard
o Salamence
o Gyrados
o Scizor
• Quotes:
o “I have heard that you plan to challenge Lews Therin. A defeat would still make you second to him, while a victory would make you greater than him. I have always been second to him. No matter what I do, I cannot defeat him; but I will! And I will not allow some upstart to take my place as his superior!”
o “Let the Lord of Chaos rule!”
o “If Lews Therin defeats you, then this battle means nothing. If you in turn defeat him, it shows that I can succeed. So…I shall wait and see.”


• Gym Name: Dragonmount Gym
• Theme: Dark
• Badge: Betrayer
• Gimmick: There are only three trainers including Ishamael within the Dragonmount. However, the other two are reincarnations of prior gym leaders: Aginor (Osan’gar) and Balthamel (Aran’gar).
• Team:
o Heatran
o Absol
o Honchkrow
o Sneasel
o Tyranitar
o Giratina
• Quotes:
o "A sword is dangerous to the man at the point, but not to the man at the hilt. Unless the man holding the sword is a fool, or careless, or unskilled, in which case it is twice as dangerous to him as to anyone else."
o “You can never hide from me. Never! We are tied together as surely as two sides of the same coin. You are mine, and ever in reach of my hand!”
o “You think that you are nearing the end. Foolish trainer. Do you not grasp the true extent of the fight? It has gone on since before the dawn of life and will continue past its sunset. You and I have fought a thousand battles with the turning of the Wheel, a thousand times a thousand, and we will fight until time dies and the Shadow is triumphant!”
o “The fainted belong to me!” (Upon defeating one of your Pokemon)
o “You live like a Dunsparce under a rock and you think your dirt is the universe. The death of time will bring me power as such you could not dream of.” (Preparing to release Giratina)
o “You cannot escape me so easily. It is not done between us. It will not be done until the end of time.”
o “This battle has not ended, only been prolonged. There is no path to victory. The Wheel shall repeat this cycle over and over, until you submit. Enjoy the life you have now before it fades into the eternal shadows.”

• Gym Name: Mayene Gym (Cairhien)
• Theme: Secret
• Badge: Diadem
• HM: Inferno- This new HM allows the player to endure fiery air. It is essential to entering the volcano in the Land of Madmen, where Groudon resides.
• TM: SolarBeam
• Gimmick: The original Cairhien gym has been heavily damaged due to an old struggle with the Aiel. After speaking with the Aiel, they consider making peace with Cairhien once more if it repents for the cutting of Avandoraldera. You must transport a new cutting of Avendesora to Cairhien and protect it from harm on the way. The Aiel then agree to help rebuild the gym, if a new leader can be found. Go to Mayene and convince Berelain to take over the gym. The gym’s trainer force consists of ninjas, Gentlemen, socialites, and Aiel.
• Team:
o Fearow
o Jynx
o Persian
o Steelix
o Toxicroak
o Lanturn
o Groudon
• Quotes:
o “Remember, I always get what I want.”
o “The only claim I make is to Mayene.”
o “If I have enemies all around, then going on is as safe as turning back or turning aside. Yet if turning back or turning aside were ten times safer, I would still go on. That I have sworn to do!”
o “I think I want…ornamental ironwork.”

• Gym Name: Salidar Gym
• Theme: Secret
• Badge: Fisher
• HM: Dive
• TM: Brine
• Gimmick: Siuan has abandoned the gym following her defeat by Elaida, and is hiding in Tear under the guise of Suki. In order to face her in the gym, the player must undergo a long side quest. First, talk to Moiraine to discover Siuan’s identity. After confronting her, she refuses to return, still depressed because of Elaida. Return after defeating Elaida. She shows interest in returning to the gym, but remains despondent due to Alric’s paralyzed condition. Track down Nynaeve for a cure. She’ll send you on a search for a variety of ingredients necessary for a potion to heal Siuan. Once Siuan is healed, she returns to the gym. The trainers in the gym mostly specialize in Psychic and Ghost types.
• Team:
o Empoleon (Alric)
o Alakazam
o Sharpedo
o Raticate
o Gyrados
o Kyogre
• Quotes:
o “A flapping tongue can put you in the net instead of the fish.”
o “Do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.”
o “Moiraine herself wouldn’t recognize me with this face.”
o “Some people just aren’t worth a tear.”
o “It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”
o “There are times when rules can be broken.”
o “With this, I’m strong enough for travelling.”
o “When you don’t have an oar, child, any plank will do to paddle the boat ashore.”
o “Most of those they call heroes only did what they had to do.”
o “Once you decide to capture a Feebas, there’s no use waiting until it faints.”
o “When there are Carvanha heads and blood in the water, you don’t need to see the Sharpedo to know they are there.”
o “If you must drown or ride a Gyrados, you ride and hope for the best.”
o “Magikarp guts!”
o “The Law of Unintended Consequences, stronger than any written Law. Whether or not what you do has the effect you want, it will have at least three you never expected, and one of the usually unpleasant.”
o “You may end up being the best Champion this world has known this side of Artur Hawkwing’s reign.”



• Team:
o Mismagius
o Unown (B)
o Ninetales
o Aerodactyl
o Clefable
o Suicune
• Quotes:
o "My heart holds no fear for defeat."
o "I always say, if you must mount the gallows, give a jest to the crowd, a coin to the victor, and make the fall with a smile on your lips."
o "You are truly a champion. Be warned: as you gain power, those who lack it will envy you. But do not back down from your destiny. The best way to avoid trouble is to make sure no one wants to trouble you."
o "I take people as they are, not as I would like them to be, or else I leave them. You must remain true to your self to fulfill your true destiny."


• Team:
o Staraptor
o Grovyle
o Slowking
o Arcanine
o Rhyperior
o Zapdos
• Quotes
o "I have fought by your side times beyond number, and faced you as many more. The Wheel spins us out for its purposes, not ours, to serve the Pattern. And my purpose now is to...Fight!"
o "I brought peace and justice, but I did it with fire and sword. Be sure not to follow my mistake."

Jain Farstrider

• Team:
o Pikachu
o Glaceon
o Kabutops
o Absol
o Rapidash
o Rayquayza
• Quotes:
o “Fortune rides like the sun on high with the fox that makes the ravens fly. Luck his soul, the lightning his eye, he snatches the moon out of the sky.”
o “If you ever meet a Malkieri, you tell him Jain Farstrider fell clean.”


• Note- Moiraine has been guiding and assisting you throughout your journey, making her a recurring character in your quest. Now you can finally battle her.
• Team:
o Roserade
o Dragonair
o Vaporeon
o Castform
o Omastar
o Azelf
o Lan- As a last resort, Moiraine sends out her warder Lan, who is armed with Pokemon of his own.
 Skarmory
 Steelix
 Lucario
o Quotes
 “All humans are dangerous.”
 “You cannot please everyone. You cannot soothe everyone.”
 "I mean to deal with the world, for as long as I can."
 "If you watch the Mightyena too hard, a Ratatta will bite you on the ankle."
 "When you are weak, often the best choice is to hide."
 “It is easier to trip a fool than to knock him down.”
 "There is a saying in Cairhien: 'take what you want and pay for it. I have taken the path I wanted, and I knew I would have to pay for it eventually.'"
 "I have no time for tears."
 "Live with what you cannot change. My role in this adventure has ended, as the Wheel wills. Yours on the other hand is on the rise, as destiny calls to you."
 “You will do well.”
 (Lan) "You surrender after you're fainted. Until then, one must use every means to fight on."
 (Lan) "Defeat is lighter than a feather. Duty, heavier than a moutain."
 (Lan) "What can not be changed must be endured."
 (Lan) The Pidgeot flashes above the pond. Life and beauty swirl in the midst of fainting.
 (Lan) "In war, you say a prayer for your fainted and ride on, because there is always another fight over the next horizon."

Lews Therin (Champion)

• Team:
o Celebi (Ilyena)
o Gyrados
o Espeon
o Spirtomb
o Dragonite
o Dialga
• Quotes:
o “I ruined the world, and you can too, if you try hard.”
o “Pride fills me. I am sick with the pride that destroyed me.”
o “What I love I destroy. What I destroy, I love.”
o "I thought I could build. I was wrong. We are not builders, not you, or I. We are destroyers. Destroyers!"
o "Sometimes pain is all that lets you know you're alive."
o "If it hurts too much, make it hurt someone else instead."
o "Ilyena, my love, forgive me!" (on seeing Ilyena faint)
o “You will pay. I am the Lord of the Morning.”
o "Madness waits for some. It creeps up on others."
o "The Wheel of Time and the wheel of a man's life turn alike without pity or mercy."
o "Nothing ever goes as you expect. Expect nothing, and you will not be surprised. Expect nothing. Hope for nothing. Nothing.”
o “The only way to live is to perish. I must fall. I deserve only defeat.”
o "If I could find a way to escape my destiny, do I deserve to? Perhaps though, you deserve to make your own destiny free of sorrow."


Team Shadow-Team Shadow is the main villain in the game. Led by Ishamael, they worship Giratina and wish to unleash it to destroy the world.

• Borderlands City breakout/escape
• Kidnapping of hero in Tar Valon
• Tanchico Museum Robbery
• Search for the Bowl of the Winds in Ebou Dar


• Team:
o Heatran
o Absol
o Honchkrow
o Sneasel
o Tyranitar
o Giratina
• Quotes:
o "A sword is dangerous to the man at the point, but not to the man at the hilt. Unless the man holding the sword is a fool, or careless, or unskilled, in which case it is twice as dangerous to him as to anyone else."
o You can never hide from me. Never! We are tied together as surely as two sides of the same coin. You are mine, and ever in reach of my hand!”
o “You think that you are nearing the end. Foolish trainer. Do you not grasp the true extent of the fight? It has gone on since before the dawn of life and will continue past its sunset. You and I have fought a thousand battles with the turning of the Wheel, a thousand times a thousand, and we will fight until time dies and the Shadow is triumphant!”
o “The fainted belong to me!”
o “You live like a Dunsparce under a rock and you think your dirt is the universe. The death of time will bring me power as such you could not dream of.”
o “You cannot escape me so easily. It is not done between us. It will not be done until the end of time.”
o “This battle has not ended, only been prolonged. There is no path to victory. The Wheel shall repeat this cycle over and over, until you submit. Enjoy the life you have now before it fades into the eternal shadows.”

Padan Fain/Mordeth
• Team:
o Delibird
o Gastly/Myrddraal
o Murkrow/Honchkrow
o Trolloc
o Mashadar
o Machin Shin
• Quotes:
o “Eliminate them. They are of no use.”
o “It’s gone! Wake, you filth. It’s gooonnne!”
o “Because of you I have suffered pain beyond remembering, pain I do not let myself to remember, suffered far worse than pain. I have been broken and remade because of you.


• Team:
o Arcanine
o Staraptor
o Noctowl
• Quotes:
o “…Now we can ride through wilderness claimed by no city for almost the whole of the land.”
o “We are being swept away, humankind. Swept away like flotsam in a flood. How long until there is nothing left?”
o “It seemed like the only way. We would be destroyed for nothing, defending people who do not even know, or care. It seemed logical. Why should we be destroyed for them, when we can make our own peace? I thought than useless oblivion…It seemed so logical then.”
o “It is every man’s right, _, to choose when to Sheathe the sword. Even one like me.”

• Team:
o Tropius
o Slugma/Magcargo
o Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam
• Quotes:
o “I also serve the Dark Lord. I swore my oath as a Shadow Grunt before I ever went to the Red Tower.”
o “We are both bound to serve the Great Lord. Have I not proven I can be usefeul?” (To Suroth)

• Team:
o Mamoswine
o Lopar (Almandarago)
• Quotes:
o “We both fear him. But our even master’s needs will change with time.” (To Liandrin)

Lady Shiane Avarhin (Mili Skane)
• Team:
o Ninjask
• Quotes:
o “Why did people always think that I did not know as much as they? The world is full of fools!”

Bors (Jaichim Carridin)

Elza Penfell
• Team:
o Marill/Azumarill
o Whismer
o Water
o Flying
• Quotes:
o “You are the Dragon’s Chosen. You must be there for the last battle. I must help you be there! Whatever is necessary, I will do.”
o “And so you finally come to your destiny _. You will face the Great Lord. And you will lose.”

Team Red: Team Red wishes to control the hero. Its leader Elaida has falsely taken the title of Champion, and plans to unite the world under her own terms.

o Hold Mayor Morgase hostage in Caemlyn
o Capture player under truce in Cairhien

o Team:
o Vileplume
o Persian
o Xatu
o Steelix
o Magmortar
o Roserade
o Quotes:
o “The Shadow has yet to darken to its blackest, and I cannot see if the Light will come after. Where the world has wept one tear, it will weep thousands. Pain and division come to the whole world, and you stand at the heart of it.”
o "Why no oath to obey the Champion? If that simple promise were part of all of us, how much pain and difficulty could we have avoided? Perhaps some revision is in order"
o "The land will be whole again, except for remnants cast out and scorned, whole and stronger than ever. Now you will face the Champion and know my anger.”


• Team:
o Grumpig
o Nuzleaf/Shiftry
o Spearow/Fearow
• Quotes:
o “The Younglings serve the Tower.”
o “_, one day I will see you defeated.”

Team White: Team White blames Pokemon and trainers for the disasters befalling the region, and crusade against trainers and the hero whenever possible. It is led by Pedron Niall. However, he is later imprisoned by Valda, forcing the player to rescue him.

o Invade Toman’s Head
o Invade Two Rivers


Pedron Niall
• Team:
o Espeon
o Marowak
o Shedninja
o Rapidash
• Quotes:
o "Do you know how to unite the people behind you? The quickest way? Loose an Absol - a rabid Absol - in the streets. And when panic grips the people, once it has turned their bowels to water, calmly tell them you will deal with it. Then you kill it, and order them to hang the carcass up where everyone can see. Before they have time to think, you give another order, and it will be obeyed. And if you continue to give orders, they will continue to obey, for you will be the one who saved them, and who better to lead?"
o “I know what the final battle will be: hordes of darkness rolling south out of the Great Blight. Humankind, split into squabbling cities, cannot stand against that. But I, Pedron Niall, will unite humankind behind the banners of Team White. There will be new legends, to tell how I fought the Last Battle, and won.”

• Team:
o Seviper
o Pinsir
o Kabutops
• Quotes:
o “The question is not whether I will be Lord Captain Commander when the sun sets today, but who will guide the Hand of Light in its digging for truth.”


Bornhald Sr.
• Team:
o Bidoof/Bibarel
o Slowpoke/Slowbro
o Pineco/Forretress
o Shuckle
o Smeargle
o Ponyta/Rapidash
• Quotes:
o “You avoid my questions. What evil is in you that you do not answer me?”

Bornhald Jr.- The younger Bornhald chases the player to avenge his defeated father.
• Team:
o Tauros
o Grimer/Muk
o Miltank
o Shellow/Gastrodon (West: pink/brown)
• Quotes:
o “I arrest you as a Darkfriend. You will be taken to Amador, and there tried under the Dome of Truth.”
o “We will remain. But at last I will see you fallen, Shadowservant! For my family, for my father, I…will…see…you…defeated!”
o “My name is Bornhald! Remember it, Darkfriends! I will make you fear my name! Remember my name!”
o “If you’ve done what’s wrong in service to the Light, then you have to do what’s right to balance it.”

• Team:
o Skitty/Delcatty
o Scyther/Scizor
o Sneasel
o Altaria
o Lapras
• Quotes:
o “Let the vile miscreant himself be imprisoned immediately, that his Shadow-spawned villainy no longer taint the Light.”

Sebban Balwer- Pedron Niall's secretary, Sebban is actually one of his top Admins. After Valda's coup, he goes to the hero for assistance.
• Team:
o Sudowoodo
o Farfetch’d
o Nincada/Ninjask
o Gligar/Gliscor
o Seadra/Kingdra
o Doduo/Dodrio
• Quotes:

Jaichim Carridin





• Official Gym
o Balthamel
• Abandoned Gym: Siuan ran this gym, but was crippled by Elaida. She can be found in Tear fishing. Talk to her to initiate a side quest to heal her. When she is recovered, she will return to Salidar and wait for you in the old gym.
o Siuan

Tar Valon

• Gym
o Mesaana
• Red Tower
• Ogier Grove
• Northharbor
• Southharbor


• Gym
o Be’lal
• Harbor- Although there is a passage to sea outside of Tear, the path is blocked by numerous whirlpools.



• Official Gym
o Sammael
• Gym of Nine- This secondary gym mirrors the official gym, albeit smaller.
• Assemblage Headquarters
• Contest Center- The contest center for Illian is very spacious, given the city’s high regard for the arts. This is one of the most challenging contests, so be prepared for a rough time.
• Great Square of Tammaz
• Ogier Park
• Perfumed Quarter- Illian’s harbor is immense in size. The citizens there are largely left alone and therefore run things within the port their own way. As a result, expect to encounter many belligerent trainers.
• Bogs- Illian is surrounded by a maze of swamps that hinder passage to and from Illian.


• Gym
o Moghedien
• Museum
• Great Circle
• Illuminators’ Guild
• Garden of Silver Breezes
• Calpene Peninsula- This section of Tanchico is filled with bandit trainers ready to battle.


• Gym
o Rahvin
• Origan Gate: This gate is the only passage to the inner city, where the gym is located. When you first arrive in Caemlyn, the Gate is blocked.
• Waygate (secret)
• Academy of the Rose
• Queen’s Blessing (Inn)


• Gym
• Tower of Ravens
• Court of Nine Moons


• Gym
o Lanfear
• Topless Towers
• Sun Gym Ruins
o Berelain
• Cairhien Academy
• Illuminators’ Guild

Shayol Ghul


• Fortress of Light: This is the headquarters for Team White.
• Serenda Palace- Found on the outskirts of Amador, Pedron Niall is secretly imprisoned inside.

Two Rivers

Borderland City

• Malkier Lakes- Poisoned by Ishamael, these lakes are lifeless. You track down Lan to here. After Ishamael’s defeat, the lakes are now pure and open to fishing. In addition, once you defeat Moiraine and Lan the Lake Trio of Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie can be found here.


• Avendesora
• Infinite Arches
• Glass Columns
• Wise Tent- Instead of a gym, trainers can challenge the Aiel Wise Ones, enduring a gauntlet of battles.
• Under Sea- This underground ocean beneath Rhuidean can be accessed using Dive.

Far Madding


Amayar Isles

Ebou Dar




• Location- Dragonmount
• Method- You have the opportunity to capture Giratina when Ishamael summons it.

• Method- You must first defeat the Elites, as well as your rival in the Dragonmount. After succeeding in both you will obtain the two halves of the Choedan Kal: one from Lews Therin, the other from your rival.

Lake Trio
• Location- Malkier Lakes (Borderland City)
• Method- Defeat Moiraine and Lan with the Elites.

• Method- Obtain Silver Wing from Birgitte

• Method- Obtain Rainbow Wing from Artur Hawking.

• Location- Land of Madmen

• Location- Under Sea (Rhuidean)

• Topless Towers (Cairhien)
• Location- Avendesora (Rhuidean)

• Location- Amayar Isles

• Location- Dragonmount

Please let me no what you think.
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That was a lot of text.... Needless to say I didnt read it all.... Skimmed a lot of it though. Sounds good. What game engine are you planning to use and do you have any screenshots yet? If so I would like to see some. Sounds interesting though.

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Old February 20th, 2011 (8:29 AM).
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As I mentioned at the top, I am not very experienced with technology, and do not even know how to use a game engine, let alone make screenshots. However, I have put a lot of thought and effort into this, and I do not wish to see my work go to waste. Therefore, I am wondering if anyone would be able to help me.
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Alright, the easiest way to make a game is ROM hacking...until the ROM breaks, which is very annoying. (Happened to me a few times.) If you are using Windows Vista, use "Snipping Tool" to take screenshots. It's an in-built program. If you would like to know more, pm me, and I'll direct you to a few ROM-hacking tutorials.
My Chainsaw Meowth is currently missing! If you have a lead or think you know something, PLEASE PM ME! I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him...
On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
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