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Eccentric Ditto

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Old February 19th, 2011 (2:33 PM).
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Does anyone else think that Ditto has completely broken the metagame with it's new ability?

It copies every stat and stat change besides health and transforms on coming into battle, all you have to do is use leftovers, ev health and switch out of type disadvantage with it.

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Old February 19th, 2011 (3:36 PM).
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It's true that Eccentric Ditto has changed the metagame. With Choice Scarf, it can revenge kill the Pokemon it transformed into, assuming the Pokemon doesn't switch, among other things. But it's not entirely broken because it doesn't work if the opposing Pokemon is behind a Substitute.

Old February 19th, 2011 (5:06 PM).
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Wow seriously? I didn't know they changed Ditto.
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Old February 19th, 2011 (8:49 PM).
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If ditto didn't copy stats changes, it would be alright with me. But the fact that you can chance the WHOLE course of a battle with just one switch in is too much. Especially since it takes no skill to ruin a persons sweep. Way Broken. ban pl0x.
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Old February 21st, 2011 (11:03 AM).
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Ditto isn't broken at all. You should have a counter/check for whatever it transforms into anyway and the fact that its locked in makes it even easier to deal with. Priority and entry hazards are rife too which puts a damper on Ditto.

Also if you dragon dance 6 times when you know they have a Ditto (team preview), its your own stupid fault lol.

I see Ditto as a good way of keeping the game in balance actually and stopping ridiculously powerful threats from tearing everything apart, especially in Dream World.
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Old February 21st, 2011 (11:56 AM).
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I love when the bring a Ditto on my 6 Butterfly Dance'd Ulgamoth. Because I run it with Hidden Power Rock. ;) Thank god they don't copy the Hidden Power type! I'd be a goner! XD

But yes, I don't see him as overpowered, I see him as a good check in to the many crazy boosters we now have in our metagame.

And like any other threat, you need to have some way to take him down! ;D

Old February 21st, 2011 (1:02 PM).
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Red card set is great for bulky boosters :3

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Old February 23rd, 2011 (3:27 PM). Edited February 23rd, 2011 by blaQk.
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Ditto is cute, hardly broken.
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