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Old December 7th, 2010 (2:31 AM).
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It can't find file Graphics/Panoramas/trback000

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Old December 7th, 2010 (1:10 PM).
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Originally Posted by help-14 View Post
It can't find file Graphics/Panoramas/trback000
But I am not even using the Panorama...

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Old December 7th, 2010 (3:46 PM).
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Just put a blank image for it.
Old February 25th, 2011 (11:24 AM).
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When I try and save some maps it comes up with this or something simular...
Attached Thumbnails
Old December 4th, 2013 (8:08 PM).
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This makes me quite angry. I made this program and gave it away for free, with the only stipulation that it be kept freely available and attributed to me. I can tell it's the same because all of the options in MapMaker.ini are the same, all of the text is the same, all of the options behave the same way, the and there's even a bug in the program that I fixed a couple years ago that is still there in yours. Most egregiously, the scripts themselves are exactly the same. The fact that you redefined a Win32API wrapper to ShowCursor and GetCursorPos in the mouse script shows that you didn't even realize I had written a comprehensive wrapper to a bunch of User32 functions, and that wrapper is still there. And I don't actually know anybody else besides myself who even understands how to use the layered version of SDK:: Scene_Base in there.

It appears that you copied Map Maker version 3.0, added mouse support and fixed the player touch bug I didn't catch until version 3.2, changed the text color, changed the program icon on MapMaker.exe (which anybody could do with Resource Hacker; it's just a copy of Game.exe anyway) and renamed everything. MapMaker.dll is not a dll, it's rxdata. You actually broke MapMaker.ini by removing the RTP, which would cause this not to work with standard RMXP resources.

Here is the original topic on where I released the Map Image Maker script (which I just started calling "Map Screenshot Image Maker Script" to try and help people search for it) (you'll have to reconstruct the link): SLASH forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=58344

Was it really that much trouble to give credit where it is due? You don't even credit the others whose work I built upon, namely SephirothSpawn and the MACL authors.
Old December 5th, 2013 (8:52 AM).
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You'll find this happens a lot in the small RMXP communities outside of such as this one. Not a lot of people care about giving credit where it is due and it doesn't surprise me that its help-14. I among others have had trouble with him in the past.
Old January 6th, 2014 (5:15 PM).
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Question: is there any plan in the future for anyone to update this program to support the autotiles? All of mine are showing up as black squares.
Old January 20th, 2014 (11:08 AM).
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A very nice tool thank you for all your works venom

Old June 7th, 2016 (8:47 AM).
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It says that has stopped working on win.10 :/
Old June 7th, 2016 (11:41 AM).
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Due to an obviously stolen script with a lack of credits (I've added to the main post, but the author never did), and this script being surpassed by its own new version, I'm closing this thread.

Newer version of this script:
Alternative by KleinStudios:
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