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Old February 24th, 2011 (9:09 AM).
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Back in Platinum we had a list of offensive and defensive combos people liked to use in OU, UU, and the like. I'd like to revive that for the Gen 5 Wifi and DW tiers, just as a reference that people can look at for team building (a reason why the old combos thread was created).

What are some offensive and defensive combinations that you like using in Generation 5? Post them here!

I'll start off with a couple I've seen or played with:

Lead Espeon + CB Dugtrio + Weather setup (i.e. Ninetales)

Espeon can lure out the Pursuiter or Espeon killer of the team, which is usually Tyranitar on Sandstorm teams or the possible Scizor (although Quick Attack Scizor is a bit more common iirc). Dugtrio can easily finish off Tyranitar and Pursuiting choiced Scizor, allowing weather to easily be set up by Ninetales or your weather of choice afterward.

Choice Band Scizor + Life Orb Hydreigon + Spikes

This combo works because it hits both sides of the defensive spectrum, with Scizor dishing out physical attacks and Hydreigon coming down hard with a powerful Draco Meteor. The key here is that both can utilize U-Turn to scout and force switches as opponents try to bring in the Scizor checks that fall to Hydreigon and vice versa. Spikes also makes it hard for the opponent to continually switch, and brings a lot of Pokemon into KO range for Scizor and Hydreigon.

Nattorei and Burungeru

The two of these Pokemon combined have 4 immunities, as well as resisting every type in the game. Because of this amazing synergy, they work well together on defensive teams. In addition, Burungeru can block rapid spinners that try to blow away Nattorei's hazards. In return, Nattorei can provide additional recovery support with Leech Seed.
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Old February 25th, 2011 (6:44 PM).
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Paraslam Jirachi + DD Mence/Gyara/Nite.

Saw some players using this combo on the ladder. You Body Slam everything that comes in, which is usually ScarfChomp, Scarf Land or Excadrill aka "lol lured". Then your sweeper of choice is free to sweep. Jirachi also resists mence and nites weaks whilst Jirachi resists theirs so it can pass Wish too to ensure SR isnt a major issue.

Dual Screen Deoxys-S + White Herb Shell Smash Pass Gorebyss + broken sweeper of choice (Ive seen this used with Moxie Gyarados, Scrafty and Chomp so far).

Either way this is horrible to face if you dont have a good PHazer of waters or something to stop it. Gorebyss takes hits like nothing under screens and can pass with an alarming amount of success. Anyway +2 +2 Yache Chomp behind dual screens defines "GG" lol
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Old February 25th, 2011 (6:58 PM).
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I can't tell you how many times I've been swept by Gorebyss > Garchomp.

It stopped when I started running Brick Break, but...

yeah i'll edit this when i find something clever n__n
Old February 28th, 2011 (6:15 AM).
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coolio nice great info!!!!!
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