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Old March 1st, 2011 (10:28 AM).
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    This is my first walkthrough but anyway...

    This is a walkthrough of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword for the GBA, or Rekka no Ken as it's named in japanese. This is also the first Fire Emblem game that reached America in 2003. Since I don't have this game so am I using Visual Boy Advance to playing it and it's in my opinion one of the best games ever done.


    Opening and name:

    Nothing out of the ordinary. Just the awesome title screen.

    Using my usual name Wasen when it comes to games. Of course am I a male and my birth month is June which gives me the affirnity of Anima Magic. Does not now how much different the affirnity gives depending on months.

    Prolouge: A Girl From the Plains:

    Well, should we get started? Time for a prologue!

    Huh? Who are you?

    Score! Who wouldn't want to wake up and the first thing you see is a cute little lady?

    Ah! Nice to meet you Lyn. My name is Wasen.

    You want to travel with me? Sure, let me ask your parents.

    Oh... Sorry to hear that. It must been terrible to lose them.

    Huh? Someone's here? Would you mind check who it is?

    Uh-oh. Bandits! Please Lyn. Let me help!

    Well... no. But I'm sure that I can be some sort of use.

    What? No! I'm not a strategist. I'm a TACTICIAN! Even if it is the same thing.

    *Sigh* Alright, let's do what we can do.

    Maybe not a good idea to attack. Even if the enemy has a low accuracy so is it strong.

    Well, the first one was easry. Lyn dodged the attack!

    Batta seems equally strong as the one before. (Something happened to the picture)

    The name it Lyndis and I'm gonna kill you. Is it enough introduction?

    Easy. Lyndis's much more agile then you.

    What? You leveled up a level? Fantastic!

    The battle's over? Good. Let's get some sleep.

    I still half-asleep and you're waking me up?

    Of course. As long as you're there to protect me.
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