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Old March 1st, 2011 (1:04 PM). Edited March 2nd, 2011 by Ev Trainer X.
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    This is my first RMT in a long while, and hopefully one of my better ones.

    Mamoswine @ Focus Sash
    252 Att/4 Def/252 Spe

    Stealth Rock
    Ice Shard
    Stone Edge

    Basic Mamoswine lead. Ice Shard and EQ coming off 130 base attack and STAB deal ludicrous damage to anything that doesn't resist or is flat-out immune to the latter. Stone Edge is to round off the coverage. Not the best lead in the world, but it works for this team.

    Cresselia @ Light Clay
    252 HP/148 Def/40SpD/68 Spe

    Light Screen
    Lunar Dance
    Thunder Wave

    The dual screener and wall for the team. Cresselia's defenses are freakin' ridiculous, only to be let down by it's psychic typing. Lunar Dance is to heal up a poke when Cress' job is done. T-Wave is to slow down opposing pokes because neither of my sweepers are winning any marathons any time soon.

    Celebi @ Leftovers
    252 SpA/252 Spe/ 4 SpD

    Grass Knot
    Nasty Plot
    Earth Power

    'By the good graces of Game Freak, Celebi was blessed with a new event move:Nasty Plot.' Quoted straight off Smogon. GK and Psychic are for STAB. The signature move of this Celebi, Nasty Plot, boosts her great special attack to omfg levels. Earth Power is there to handle opposing Heatran and coverage all around.

    Vaporeon @ Leftovers
    248 HP/224 Def/36 SpD


    That's right, another wall/cleric, and one of the best in OU at that. Wish is obligatory on Vaporeon, as it heals up the other team members and Vaporeon herself. Toxic is for opposing walls and anything else Cress doesn't paralyze. Protect to stall for both toxic damage and self-healing, while Surf is quite obviously for STAB.

    Scizor @ Choice Band
    248 HP/252 Att/8 Spe

    Bullet Punch

    Arguably one of the best pokemon in the entire game, Choice Band Scizor hits like a tank on steroids. Bullet Punch combined with STAB, CB and Technician can put a dent in anything that doesn't resist it. U-Turn is pretty much a must for Scizor for more STAB, plus it's just a damn good move overall. Superpower is for...well, power, as well as the ability to hit steels, and Pursuit is to trap ghosts and psychics.

    Heatran @ Leftovers
    252 SpA/252 Spe/4 SpD

    Earth Power
    Fire Blast

    To finish this team off, we have the anti-metagame pokemon. But this is a set that very few will see coming. Heatran is known to force a lot of switches, so substitute's a very good move. Earth Power and Fire Blast are for STAB, while Explosion is for when Heatran's job is done.

    As you may have noticed, this team has a Fire/Water/Grass core going. Add Scizor to the mix and we've got some good synergy in this team. This is a rather balanced team, with two sweepers, two walls, a lead and a cleaner, so I think it's pretty good. Still, I'm sure somebody will find some kind of flaw, which is ironically what I'm hoping for.

    Thank you.

    I'm also slightly insane.

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