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[RMXP] Pokémon - The Darkness Arises

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Old March 17th, 2011 (5:49 AM). Edited March 18th, 2011 by CharizardCharz.
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Hello my name is CharizardCharz, I used to hack ROMs and made one hack but I kinda lost interest and well, it was forgotten. Now this is my first game that I made a thread about so without further ado ...

Part of the Darkness Trilogy

Made with: RPG Maker XP
Starter kit: CnG's Pokémon Starterkit XP
Lead Developer: CharizardCharz


Legend tells of a great force that almost wiped out the world. Great heroes tried and failed to stop the "Darkness" from spreading. In a last ditch attempt, 8 elders that represented the 8 regions used the power of 8 Pokémon to seal this power away, these Pokémon were Rayquaza, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Reshiram, Zekrom, Arceus, Mew,and Dialga. The elders perished during this event and the Pokémon were laid dormant in 8 temples that were scattered around the Osno region which appeared after the event. It is common knowledge that they not be disturbed or the darkness will be released again.


You are an researcher in the Osno center for Ancient Studies and your Mentor asks of you a great task. He gives you a Pokémon and tells you to study the effects of awakening the 8 seals (the 8 Pokémon). You are told to awaken these Pokémon and to awaken them, you must defeat the Guardians of the Temples and break the fragile seal that keeps the asleep. This is your first task as an employee and it seems as if its a bad idea. The journey will be hard, the guardians will alert each other once the first would be awakened the first and from then on it will be difficult. But the pay is good! Find out what happens by playing the game.

Play in the large region of Osno
New "Pokégadget" replaces Pokédex and Pokégear
Pokémon in first slot follows you
Dual Screen
Mouse Input (Touch Screen)
*More coming


*Note: The sprite is not the one I will use.

None.... Yet

Crazyninjaguy - Pokemon Starterkit XP
Nintendo - The world of Pokemon
Enterbrain - RMXP
Some others, let me know if I forgot you.
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