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Old March 29th, 2011 (6:05 PM).
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    Yes, i do reckon the key to a successful tank or sweeper team is the good combinations of held items and their abilities the best IMO being in my party.


    Well well well, one of the unique movesets but imo the best moveset i can see in terms of health and annoyance.

    Item Leftover (Very common)
    Ability Rain Dish

    You know what that means, lots of health producing, Rain dance and leech seed with make Ludicolo a health regaining tank.

    Use rain dance and leech seed. there you go, thats the combo, at the end of every turn you will get major health boost with rain dish, leech seed and leftovers, thats a chunk you know?

    I also tell you what, toxic will kill them off very painfully.

    Dive, well i use that not for the attack but for the coverage.

    Leftovers and rain dish are key for leech seed, a good back up


    Item: Rocky/Rugged Helmet
    Ability: Barbs

    You know what both do, when Ferrothorn gets hit, barbs will take damage of the foe and so would the item, this means that everytime Ferrothorn gets hit a major chunk of the foes will get took off.

    Yes back up like leech seed, curse, stealth rock and gyro ball will be brilliant, especially with Curse and Gyro ball working wonders in the long run

    Anyway as i just said, do you have any good item and ability combos to share?

    i feel having a item and ability very similar will be more of a benefit.
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