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Beginner's Lounge Rules
The community rules apply to these rules as well.

  • New Projects
    If your project is still early in development you may post it in the Beginner's Showcase, though threads here have to be approved by a moderator before they will appear. (This can occasionally take some time, so be sure to wait a couple of days before contacting a moderator.)

    Project threads in this section must meet the following requirements:
    • The tools/language being used to develop the game must be indicated.
    • Two in-game screen shots must be included (not maps).
    • Roughly one paragraph of plot and/or information is required.
    • A list of credits.
  • Ideas
    You may additionally post threads for games you have not begun work on yet. The thread just has to be posted with the [Idea] prefix, and the thread idea thread must also include roughly three paragraphs of assorted information on the topic (i.e. plot, characters, setting, etc...). If you do not have enough information to create a thread meeting this requirement, you may instead use the New Ideas Thread.

    Note: The acceptance and denial of idea threads are made at the moderator's discretion - a thread may still not be accepted if it meets these requirements.
  • Help and Assistance
    You may create threads in the Beginner's Lounge looking for assistance in starting a new project and related topics as long as it does not break any general rules of the Game Development section, or of PokeCommunity at large. Be sure to check the Help threads linked to in the Important Threads For Beginner's thread to see if your question or request would better belong somewhere else first, though.

    Be sure to check the Rules of other sections before posting as well.
TopRevised rules written by Yuoaman, and Cilerba.
Some parts rewritten from older threads, by Avatar, Neo-Dragon, Berserk, Darkmage31, Dawson and Hiroshi Sotomura.

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