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"A Home for Dwebble!" Review Thread

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Old April 16th, 2011 (8:17 AM).
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The 11th episode of the Black & White series!


Pokémon of the Day

February 25, 2011
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Old April 16th, 2011 (12:37 PM). Edited April 16th, 2011 by joacen.
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BREAKING NEWS: Iris did not insult Ash with her trademark "what a kid" catchphrase. For more details, watch Pokemon episode 11.

That was a plus for me. Thank goodness Iris kept back her catchphrase for this episode.

Team Rocket just keeps getting sleeker. This episode especially shows the drastic character change that the writers gave to Jessie, James, and Meowth. The old Team Rocket would've have never been able to pull off such a mission as the one shown in this episode.

So, Cilan now has a Dwebble.........Pokemon #2 for him, I guess, since Pansage is the only one he seems to use.

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Old April 17th, 2011 (5:19 PM).
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Cilan's voice and dialogue are getting better.

...but Iris, how does Dwebble look like a cream puff?
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Old April 18th, 2011 (4:24 AM).
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I loved Dwebble in this episode. He was just so cute, even when he beat up the bully Dwebble and got his house back :3
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Old April 18th, 2011 (2:19 PM).
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Very good episode. It was nice not hearing Iris' famous, "you're such a kid" quote. I didn't like Dwebble much but after this episode, I've gotten to like it more. Dwebble seems like a pretty cool Pokemon. The plot was good and I liked the fact how Dwebble didn't succeed at first try of trying to get his home back from the bully Dwebbles and that everyone had to help out to help Dwebble out.

Dwebble's voice is pretty cool aswell.
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Old April 19th, 2011 (9:59 AM).
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Alright episode I guess.

Dwebble was annoying. It should have let them help it in the first place, I had enough of seeing that hideous rock-less body. It's voice was good though. And I did like how it didn't want to damage it's rock when attack the lead bully Dwebble. I liked the ninja moves.

Cilan was really good here. I'm really liking the guy now.

Witch doctor Iris.

Team Rocket were really smooth. Like super-fast and all technical advanced. I want to see more of them though.

I wonder, will the cut episodes be aired here or will they be postponed?
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Old April 22nd, 2011 (1:27 PM).
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Review of BW011, A Home For Dwebble!


-Title is actually OK.

-GOSH Iris was so cute eating that sandwich. :3

-Dwebble sans shell is a bit weird. Voice is cute, though, as are the voices of the upcoming Dwebble.

-Axew's cutesy's so weird anticipating that Pokemon becoming a BA Haxorus.

-"Maybe they're friends!" -Iris
Dwebble gets thoroughly hit by other enemy Dwebble.
Yikes...that was harsh.

-Ouch! Rear-ended by another Dwebble!
--GRRRRRRRR Now Dwebble got its shell stolen and it gets used as a protective trophy! >:[ I! HATE! THIEVES! :cer_pissed:

-I love how Iris just swiftly leaps forward in front of Ash, Cilan, and Dwebble! She's like a freaking ninja! :3

-Ouch! Accidental counterattack against Pikachu and Dwebble!

-0_0 Team Rocket has officially reached ninja status by moving so fast. All the cars did were pass by and they're instantly gone! The effect seemed neat, though.


-Thank you, Mr. Captain Obvious James.

-DAN GREEN!! :D Pierce's ring with a built-in holographic projector was very cool.

-Antimony! That's an element on the periodic table! :]

-Pidove gains use again! XD

-Poor Pansage...and Dwebble didn't mean to strike it so harshly.

-And Iris possesses herbal knowledge comparative to a Herbalist? She gets more amazing by the minute. 0_0

-Aww...Iris looked so cute when she turned after Ash complimented her. was so heartwarming how Dwebble stayed up to watch over Pansage. The blanket motion was quite touching. :o


-They are getting quite high-tech...

-Aww; Pansage looked so cute jumping up like that.

-LOL Ash and Cilan dress up quick. XD

-LOL silly Axew. Nice job on finding the foe Dwebble, though.

-Gosh I hate those stone rear-ends on Dwebble.

-Dwebble's a persistent little bug, though I wish it used Pikachu's help.

-Aw..a disappointing KO and the Foe Dwebble dig away...

-Stupid greedy Dwebble; LOL.

-X-SCISSOR IN YO FACE! *slams into concrete* LOL.

-K-O! Way to go, Dwebble! Clever and lulz-worthy Rock Slide plan. XD


-ROFL, Foe Dwebble got stuck between a rock and a hard place (which was another rock). XD

-X-SCISSOR IN YO FACE AGAIN! K-O! Foe Dwebble's blasting off again! :D

-GRRR That stupid head Foe Dwebble is stuffing its face, munching on Pokemon food! Well, it's TASTING PAYBACK TIME!!

-The battle begins! And Foe Dwebble rocketeers into the ground!

-LOL at the stop screech. GAH, and then Foe Dwebble just whacks Dwebble with its own home! >:[

-Isn't Smack Down supposed to be a physical smack, not a golden earthy blast? Looks cool, though.

-LOL at Pikachu and Axew's frantic dance.

-RIGHT TURN! Haha, stupid Foe Dwebble, getting your stone shell stuck in the path's low ceiling.

-X-SCISSOR IN YO FACE 4 TEH THIRD TIME! Crap, counterattacked! Eyes looked odd.

-SHELL SMASH!!!! My gosh, that animation looked so awesome. ANIME POWER-UP TIME!

-GlowingAura!Dwebble used X-Scissor!
Critical hit!
It's super-effective!
Foe Dwebble lost its home! :cer_laugh:
Foe Dwebble is now nekkid!
Foe Dwebble fled! ROFL


-LOL a seemingly-"permanent" farewell and Dwebble just tags along.


-I love it when Pokemon just bop themselves into Poke Balls. So cute.

-YES!! NO "WHAT A KID" FROM IRIS! OH, HAPPY DAY! (and she looked great, too. )

3/5 for the episode. It was OK, and I loved when Dwebble got the upper hand near the episode's end, but at times it felt like this conflict dragged a bit too long...

Originally Posted by King Of The Blues View Post
Dwebble seems like a pretty cool Pokemon. guy
eh shell smashez N eks-sizorz, taeks bak hiz howce, and doesnt afraid of anything.

Originally Posted by Bluerang1 View Post
Dwebble was annoying. It should have let them help it in the first place, I had enough of seeing that hideous rock-less body.
:cer_laugh: Yeah, shell-less Dwebble did look creepy at times. >.< And I wish it had accepted assistance earlier; the pursuit for the foe Dwebble could have ended so much faster with a simple Thunderbolt from Pikachu.
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