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Old May 9th, 2011 (9:03 PM). Edited May 12th, 2011 by xDreaming.
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    This is my team for Regionals. Its V Gen Only, so no others at all.

    Haxorus @ Choice Band
    Role: Sweeper
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Rivalry
    Move Set: Brick Break - Outrage - X-Scissor - Night Slash
    EV's: 252 Attack - 252 Speed - 4 HP

    Excadrill @ Life Orb
    Role: Sweeper
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Sand Rush
    Move Set: Rapid Spin - Sword Dance - Earthquake - Rock Slide
    EVs: 4 HP - 252 Attack - 252 Speed

    Chandelure @ Choice Scarf
    Role: Sp. Sweeper
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Flame Body
    Move Set: Flame Thrower - Shadow Ball - Energy Ball - Psychic
    EV's: 4 HP - 252 Sp. Attack - 252 Speed

    Accelgor @ Choice Spec
    Role: Sp. Sweeper
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Sticky Hold
    Move Set: Bug Buzz - Sludge Bomb - Focus Blast - Energy Ball
    EV's: 4 HP - 252 Sp. Attack - 252 Speed

    Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
    Role: Mix Wall/Spiker
    Nature: Sassy
    Ability: Iron Barb
    Move Set: Leech Seed - Thunder Wave - Power Whip - Stealth Rock
    EV's: 172 HP - 168 Sp. Defense - 168 Defense

    Jellicent @ Lum Berry
    Role: Sp. Wall
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Move Set: Recover - Toxic - Scald - Ice Beam
    EV's: 220 HP - 220 Sp. Defense - 64 Defense

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Where do I look for the basic set-up's for Pokemon for OU?
    Old May 11th, 2011 (1:05 AM).
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    Accelgor is best in the lead slot:
    -Bug Buzz
    -Focus Blast/Yawn
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: 4 HP/252 SAtk/252 Spe
    Item: Focus Sash

    Haxorus doesn't have too many options, so setting up with Dragon Dance may be its best bet:
    -Dragon Dance
    -Taunt/Dragon Claw/Brick Break/Dual Chop
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 36 HP/252 Atk/220 Spe
    Item: Life Orb/Lum Berry
    Ability: Mold Breaker


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