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csa's Battle VI

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Old May 23rd, 2011 (6:27 AM). Edited May 23rd, 2011 by csa99.
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Csa's Battle VI

The Team

Metagross @ Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body
Evs: 120 HP, 252 Attack, 158 Speed
Nature: Careful (+ Special Defence, - Special Attack)

Stats (Base stats):
HP (80) - A fairly high number, meaning it can take some hits
Attack (135) - Boosted with the 252 Attack EV's means it can pack a serious punch
Defence (130) - Dificult to take down with physical moves
Special Attack (95) - Not needed so is decreased due to it's nature
Special Defence (90) - Low in comparison to it's other defence so the nature increases it
Speed (70) - With one Agility it can out speed most pokemon

  • Agility - To increase the speed
  • Zen Headbutt - Strong STAB move
  • Earthquake - Rape fire type pokemon, who it is notmaly weak against
  • Meteor Mash - Another strong STAB move
Overall - Tough to take down and very strong offensively, can potentially be very fast too.

Altaria @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Natural Cure (Heals any status ailments upon switching out)
EV's: 252 HP, 252 Special Defence, 4 Special Attack
Nature: Calm (+ Special Defence, - Attack)

Stats (Base Stat):
HP (75) - With the 252 HP EV's it's hard to bring down
Attack (70) - Not need so is decreased due to it's nature
Defence (90) - After 2 Cotton Guards it's defence is multiplied by 4
Special Attack (70) - Below average Special Attack but this is not really an attacking pokemon
Special Defence (105) - Already high but increased with nature and 252 EV's
Speed (80) - An average speed


  • Toxic - To poison the foe
  • Cotton Guard - 2 of these will max out the defence stat
  • Roost - To stall out by recovering HP
  • Flamethrower/Dragon Pulse - To inflict extra damage however I am undecided on whether to use Flamethrower which is good against the Ice type with it is 4x weak to, or Dragon Pulse which it gets a STAB bonus from.
Overall - Very strong defensively, great for stalling out with toxic and rocky helmet.

I will add the rest later, need to go and study for now

Any advice would be greatly appriciated, especially concerning the last Altaria move...
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