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Old June 1st, 2011 (1:38 AM). Edited June 1st, 2011 by Elvis Cheeseley.
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    With weather being the centralising factor of the new metagame I decided to go against the flow with a non weather team!

    Now presenting to you a team I have had huge success with,and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it .

    The Technical Stuff:

    Forretress (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Sturdy
    EVs: 252 HP / 60 Atk / 196 Def
    Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
    - Rapid Spin
    - Gyro Ball
    - Toxic Spikes
    - Stealth Rock

    Forretress, usually, leads from the front and does a pretty reliable job at setting up rocks and either proceeding to set up more hazards or spinning their's away. Gyro Ball is for STAB and make it so i'm not a sitting duck to Taunt users. Hit's Haxorus and Landlos pretty hard which is neat, seeing as they think a Forretress is set up bait for some reason...
    I use my own EV set to help maximise the profits for the team. It's extremely bulky and does it's job well of tanking physical hits. I chose not to invest in special def as I have Chansey, Tran and Latias covering that spectrum of attacks meaning the emphasis is only on defence. The attack Ev's are there just to make Gyro Ball that much stronger but I might forgo it for extra bulk? i'll need your thoughts on that one. Against the 5 main weather leads, Forretress has no chance (bar Hippowdon)... but that's what teammates are for . I won't do a "how it works against top 10 leads" cause the Wi-Fi system ruins that seeing as you can switch the order of your team.

    Latias (F) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Calm Mind
    - Roar
    - Recover
    - Dragon Pulse

    The flying dynamo of the team! serves as huge check to CM Virizion. After a CM or two, tanks special attacks and provides a tension release for Chansey. Roar is great to use when you have something stat boosting besides you ie. CM Virizion or CM Reuniculus as it just gets rid of them easily and you get to keep the x amount of boosts to wreak havoc on the team. It can also handles resisted physical attacks so it makes a great switch in on poke's such as Infernape who are frail and KO'd by Dragon Pulse. Ev's are standard, 252 HP for bulk and 252 Spe to outspeed a vast majority of the metagame and get useful KO's on things like Garchomp, Virizion, Landorus and poke's who would otherwise threaten this team. Status Sucks on Latias, but what else is new?

    Heatran (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Flash Fire
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Spd
    Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Substitute
    - Torment
    - Protect
    - Taunt

    Torementran is just amazing. It not only shuts out Mon's with Choice items but with Taunt I can get the upper hand on those 1 attack mons ie. Blissey, Sigilyph, Forretress. Therefore not only does it stop set up or the opponent aiding the team, it also causes them to struggle after every other turn. The reason for no attack is that I now use Toxic Spikes to wear down opponents. Things that are Immune to Toxic Spikes don't bother me too much as Mew can handle most steels alongside Quagsire and Flying types take hefty damage from Stealth Rock. As for poisions... Well I don't see them often .

    Mew @ Leftovers
    Trait: Synchronize
    EVs: 252 HP / 220 Def / 36 Spd
    Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Taunt
    - Softboiled
    - Psychic

    Mew mainly serves as my wall-breaker and gives the opposition a hard time knowing that they can't recover when taunted and Will-O-Wisp'd. The damage eventually piles up especially as they are most likely to switch racking up more entry hazards damage. Sychronise is a great ability. The amount of times Magic Bounce Poke's switch into Will-O-Wisp only to end in Mew sharing the status is wonderful, plus poke's that really on status eg. Sp.Def Rachi will get nastily hit by it's own attempts to Para me. Will-O-Wisp is there to halt Physical Attackers who would otherwise be hazardous to this team. Furthermore, Mew is not afraid of taking a SE physical hits, here are some Calc's to show it's great bulk:

    Jolly SD Lucario @ Life Orb - Crunch 36.6% - 43.6% (without SD)
    " " +2 - Crunch 73.3% - 86.6% (survives marginally factoring in SR which does only 12.5%)

    Lead Tyranitar/0 Atk - Crunch 40.6% - 48%
    Adamant Choice Band Tyranitar/252 Atk - Crunch 80.2% - 95% (dies most likely if SR is up)
    Choice Scarf Tyranitar/252 Atk - 49.5% - 58.4%

    Adamant CB Scizor/252 Atk - U-Turn 68.8% - 81.7%
    Adamant CB Scizor/252 Atk - Pursuit 53% - 62.4%
    Adamant SD Scizor/252 Atk @ Life Orb - Bug Bite 77.2% - 91.1% (not gonna do SD lol)

    These are just some examples I could think of at the time. If you want to see more proof just give me a Poke and I will calculate for you. Also this does not factor in the fact that the are slower then Mew (bar Jolly Luke and Choice Scarf Tar) and so I would most likely Will-o-Wisp them, which would ultimately stop them in their tracks. Psychic is just for STAB and helps me somewhat damage Conkelldurr[/align].

    Chansey (F) @ Eviolite
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 176 Sp def / 252 Def / 80 HP
    Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Seismic Toss
    - Heal Bell
    - Softboiled
    - Wish

    WishBoil seems like a mad idea but this thing PP stalls like a boss and allows Chansey to take on the likes of Gengar, Politoed, Kyurem etc. and stall their measly 8PP Focus Blast. Plus Wish keeps the team healthy, especially for those who lack recovery (Heatran and Forretress). Seismic Toss is pretty standard and hits consistent damage. Heal Bell is something I opted for to keep the Status away from my team and to ensure Latias can keep a clean sweep. EV's are standard. This Chansey is just here to take hits...

    Quagsire (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Unaware
    EVs: 252 HP / 248 Def / 8 SDef
    Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
    - Waterfall
    - Recover
    - Amnesia
    - Curse

    Amnesia > Stockpile after some testing. After +6 Sp.Def and +6 Def only SE grass moves are denting this thing. Status is still a problem but Heal Bell Chansey keeps things alive. Same job as before. Null a set up and do some of my own, then aim for collateral damage with Waterfall. Easy.. if I don't get critted along the way.

    Well now that the analysis is out the way... on the the Threat's List!

    The Threat List:

    Red - Major Threat
    Yellow - Semi Threat

    Ferrothorn - Easily walled by Heatran and Mew. Status is not liked but that's what Chansey is on my team for. Plus Forretress enjoys being T-Waved and can spin away Hazards and Leech Seed taking minimal damage from Ferrothorns STAB attacks.

    Tyranitar - I only ever see Tyranitar in lead position nowadays and they aren't too hard to sort out. Quagsire can handle and form of Tyranitar and boost away or if it happens to be the standard lead set w/o EQ then Heatran too can somewhat take down. If needs be Mew can also step up to the plate and WoW.

    Scizor - Heatran walls Scizor no problem (bar Superpower) and so does Quag. No problem with this bug so far.

    Garchomp - SD sets w/o Sub can be WoW by Mew. Otherwise handled by Quagsire. The opponent will only win if critted or if I had low health/Status'ed. Latias also outspeeds and can pick-off Garchomp with Dragon Pulse if needs be.

    Gliscor - Depends totally on the set. If Taunt + SD/Toxic I have to let Latias deal with Gliscor (and Mew in the case of Toxic) otherwise any other set is handled by Quagsire.

    Latios - LO is no problem to Chansey. Specs is loved by Tran so if I predict well (which I usually do) Trick usually comes in on Tran meaning that Latios is just easy bait for Chansey. Plus specs FB is amazing.

    Excadrill - Funnily enough I haven't encountered many with my team, but the ones I have encountered carried only Rock Slide and Earthquake meaning Mew could take a hit and WoW. Otherwise, Quagsire could take hits comfortably and boost away.

    Reuniclus - Latias eats CM Reuniclus alive. CM up with Reuniclus then phaze away leaving your opponents team facing a Flying Pink Monster with x amount of boosts. Lets see... Trick Room Reuniclus outstalled by Chansey and the Rare Specs (though I've never seen it) is probably outstalled too...

    Heatran - I only ever see these with a Balloon. Chansey can soak all attacks and so too can Latias after a CM or two, being able to shrug off HP Ice or Dragon Pulse easily.

    Rotom-W - I used to fear this thing...now it's not that much of a threat. I use Latias to scout the set. If it's not choiced then Chansey and Latias in tandem can handle Rotom-W. However if it's choiced, I aim for Latias to take the trick either turning it in to a revenge killer with Choice Scarf or a beast with Choice Specs. If I stupidly let Chansey take the Trick...then it may lead to a problem, but so far I haven't.

    Conkeldurr - If it carries Payback it's a major nuisance to my team, cause only then Quagsire can handle it. That's the only reason I see it as a Major Threat. Otherwise, Mew can wall Conkeldurr and 2HKO with Psychic

    Jirachi - I'm only gonna talk about the Sp.Def Jirachi here cause that's the only thing that I keep facing. Mew is my check to this thing as if I get para'd thanks to Body Slam, so does Rachi meaning that it's slow enough for the rest of my team to take out ie. Quagsire or Heatran. If not then i'll just WoW which is even better making it's attacks useless. If Mew is down then Heatran resits both it's attacks so no worries about this thing. Plus with Heal Bell Chansey, Para is nothing to be feared

    Politoed - I only have a fear for the choice specs set. Any other set is walled by Chansey and Latias. I can only hope to outstall the Choice Specs set or predict around it which sucks cause whatever I switch in will take hefty damage (bar if Toed uses HP Electric).

    Dragonite - I hate Choice Band sets. Forretress can usually handle whatever it throws (bar Fire Punch) but I can easily predict around the set. Plus it doesn't like WoW from Mew. Mixed sets are a bit of a pain but Chansey can handle them. Dragon Dance is easy for Quag to come into and if it runs Lefties > Lum Berry then i'll easily WoW it.

    Thundurus - Nasty Plot + 3 Attacks *shudders*. Quagsire becomes my only reliable switch into the set. Other then that BoltBeam is handled by a majority of my team Taunt+T-Wave sets are not too much of a big deal.

    Gengar - I can attempt to PP stall with Chansey or do the be a bit more braver and CM in it's face with Latias hoping a crit won't come. I haven't really got a reliable way of taking care of it but it's not too much of a problem to my team as i'm perfectly fine with PP stall.

    Jellicent - Taunt + WoW Jellicent pulls my hair out. Mew is my only reliable take on this guy as I can Taunt it before it taunts the rest of my team and outstall it with WoW and Softboiled. Seeing as I only ever see it carry Taunt i'm not gonna talk about other sets. This thing is a real pain to my team. Once Mew is gone it's most likely GG to you.

    Skarmory - Not a problem at all

    Volcarona - Heatran walls to no end and with SR up it's very short lived. Chansey is there for back up in case for the ever so rare HP Ground. Quasire can also back up Tran... but i've never really had to use Unaware on Volcarona.

    Starmie - Not a problem to Chansey and Latias can CM + Recover on Rapid Spin Starmie's which carry only T-Bolt and H-Pump.

    Gyarados - Ones with DD and Taunt are problematic but Mew generally does a good job at stopping Gyara. Just don't like having to always rely on Mew...and Quag is a bit shaky (if it carries Taunt)

    Hydreigon - I don't really see much of these but I would assume Chansey handles it?

    Forretress - Handled as easily as Skarmory

    Blissey - Mew eats Blissey alive. Contants switch in damage plus taunt means it's very shortlived

    Infernape - Latias and Mew handle Infernape... Not too much of a problem

    Ninetales - Heatran as far as I know handles Ninetales easily and Fire Blast in the sun is great. If Heatran is put to sleep by Hypnosis then Latias can switch in and CM up or phaze away.

    Vaporeon - Not seen many of these but Mew would stop it cold.

    Salamence - Latias outspeeds and can KO (bar Scarf sets) otherwise Quag likes to come and in nullify DD or Mew can WoW.

    Breloom - Usually let Forre take the spore and attempt to wall Mew with either Latias or Mew. Both do a great job. No problem.

    Chandelure - Easy for Heatran, and if it's scarf'd then Latias can take every attack (bar Shadow Ball) and CM up. I'm not gonna discuss Shadow Tag Shandera as it's not released.

    Scrafty - Even though I hardly see these things they ruins my team. Thanks to Shed Skin, WoW won't work well making my only reliable check, Quagsire. Although it does a good job, if Quagsire was to go down early then Scrafty if open to annihilate my team.

    Tentacruel - Mew walls all day. Latias can set up on it. No problem

    Metagross - Not seen many of these, but Mew should be able to WoW it and Quag can tank all it's attacks.

    Terrakion - Mew and Latias can take +2 Stone Edge and the former WoW (or just WoW it even before the SD). Otherwise Quagsire does another good job here

    Swampert - Again, not seen many of these but Mew handles this Frog aswell as being set-up bait for Latias.

    Haxorus - Mew survives +2 Outrage lol. So if I can get a WoW in it's all good. Otherwise Forre has to come and take it out and Heatran to a lesser extent, if it's locked in outrage. Choice Band is revenged by Latias, but again, I don't really see much of these.

    Lucario - I will attempt to WoW before the Boost otherwise Quagsire will be the man for the job. Not had many problems with Lucario.

    Cloyster - Shell Smash Cloyster is lol to this team. Forre can handle both STAB's and Ice shard doesn't do much (I hardly see any w/Razor Shell), allowing me to set entries up. Quagsire also takes very little from Cloyster and can set-up. No problem to the team.

    Hippowdon - Mew walls it. Forre can set up on it and Rapid Spin any hazards. Latias can dent it. Easy

    Magnezone - The only thing that fears it is Forretress. I will be weary to bring out Forre until this is down. Chansey handles it. Heatran and Latias does too. Quagsire can also handle it to a lesser extent. Not a major problem to my team.

    Deoxys-S - Gyro Ball right from the start as I predict the Taunt. Rapid Spin Entries. Before you know it, one dead Deoxys who achieved absolutely nothing.

    Machamp - I hate Machamp.... Mew has to usually sacrifice itself so that it can be revenged. ):

    Landorus - Mew can handle mixed sets and WoW it. Quagsire loves the Physical sets and sets up on them. If I play well, this is not a problem.

    Whimsicott - Taunt ruins the parade.

    Latias - I haven't seen much of these but if I faced another CM Roar Set I would use Heatran, walling it completely and Taunt/phaze it out. CM Sub can be handled by Quag and Tran so no problems on that end.

    Bronzong - Handled with Mew just as easily as Skarmory, Forre and Ferrothorn

    Mienshao - Forre tanks it. Mew Status' it. Quag can set up. Not much of a problem.

    Darmanitan - Only ever see it scarfed. Latias can handle every move (bar U-Turn) and Heatran can handle every move (bar SuperPower). Latias and Heatran in tandem with each other do well to stop this thing.

    Toxicroak - Mew walls it and if I don't attack Sucker Punch does nothing, whilst I can WoW it. Quagsire and Latias can also handle this sucker.

    Virizion - CM latias is my most reliably take on the CM versions. Mew can handle the Physical version and Forretress to a lesser extent can dent Physical Virizion's.

    This list is taken from Smogon's Top 50 OU Pokemon. If you want me to show you how i'll play out any other Poke, just ask.


    Just a few notes to finish this off.


    Whilst I do like praise I don't want to see posts like "wow this team is gud" and just leaving... I want a real rate.

    Constructive Criticism is always appreciated. I'm sure there are grammatical errors, I haven't bothered proof reading it. Just PM any you can find.

    So without further-ado, Rate the team away ~!

    Edit:Hate Hate hate server for this :/


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    Old June 1st, 2011 (8:51 AM).
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      Ha, I really like that Mew play, though I'll bet you're going to get a boatload of people in here telling you Reuniclus outclasses him. Obviously, the team seems to do well if Mew is alive (I notice most of the threats you list as major threats can be covered by Mew, depending on their moveset), and you've got his weaknesses pretty well covered.

      Because of that, one question I'd have is Tyranitar's pursuit, do you just always W-o-W against him, since you'll survive the crunch anyways, and then hope the burn keeps you alive?

      Also because of that, maybe you can take advantage of it by including a Justified user on your team? I don't know who I'd replace, probably Heatran, though I understand he does do some other important things for you.
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        Originally Posted by OneofFour View Post

        Because of that, one question I'd have is Tyranitar's pursuit, do you just always W-o-W against him, since you'll survive the crunch anyways, and then hope the burn keeps you alive?

        Also because of that, maybe you can take advantage of it by including a Justified user on your team? I don't know who I'd replace, probably Heatran, though I understand he does do some other important things for you.
        Well,CB TTar Crunch does bother Mew a bit even after Burn,coz Crunch has a chance of lowering Def.Usually I use W-o-W,as Mew takes a Crunch from Scarf TTar(anyone uses that? lol),and one more as long as W-o-W HITS :/.CB TTar is outsped and burnt with ease,but it does leave me in a dilemma if Mew's low on HP,as a x2 Crunch does hurt,even after Burn,and it might also catch me switching out with Pursuit.TTar hasn't bothered me much but in a few cases,I've had to rely on prediction to pull it off.

        Apart from Terakion,Cobalion,and Virizion,Arcanine is probably the only viable user of Justified iirc.That's why I go with Heatran,for more bulk,more resists,and a better movepool as well.Also Heatran is immensely helpful in Taking Specs Meteors from Latios.Moreover,Justified wouldn't help me too much anyway as my team isn't really based on offense.
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        This looks like a really really solid team, tbh. Just even trying to think of some suggestions to this is really difficult. XD; You do rely an awful lot on Mew + Quaggy though - if either go down you've got a lot of trouble with a variety of mons.

        My thoughts (they're really ehhh jumpy so hopefully you can make sense of them): Forry sucks, imo. It really can't do that much at all and (19:33:54) +Dark_Azelf: ferro/skarm are so much more useful <- that. Buuuut you rely a lot on Toxic Spikes and I dunno what you could utilize that fills that same role so I guess it's okay for now. However CB Nite Outrage still trucks the hell out of Forry/Heatran; whoever's using Fire Punch isn't using it right. Once your steels are down it's really easy pickings for Nite to smash stuff, tho a full health Mew can take a hit (though it's going to be a big one) and hope for WoW to hit.

        One of my suggestions would be to try running Dragon Tail Gyarados > something, as it helps immensely with the Conkeldurr/Scrafty/Machamp weakness and at the very least gives you a shot to beat out Jellicent. I do wonder exactly why you're having troubles with it though - it seems like as long as you keep up those T-Spikes it can't do that much to you at all and if you switch around it has to constantly Taunt or risk you getting recovery.

        I really dunno what else to say, though. This is a really solid team.

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