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Old June 10th, 2011 (6:27 AM). Edited June 10th, 2011 by jamiemoore2.
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i. Team at a Glance:

ii: In depth Look:

Azelf @ Focus Sash
EVs: 4hp / 252spa / 252spe

Stealth Rock
Fire Blast

This is a typical set for Lead Azelf. The basis of the set is Stealth Rock as it reduces the staying power of Pokemon like Zapdos, Dragonite and Gyarados who are deadly in OU. Taunt will prevent slower leads setting up hazards such as Spikes or Stealth Rock and prevents Scarf Smeargle leads from putting Azelf to sleep. Fire Blast allows Azelf to hit many common threats that resist Explosion such as Jirachi and Scizor.

I have considered reliability over power with Flamethrower replacing Fire Blast, but after testing noticed I can't OHKO Metagross leads. I have also considered Psychic over Fire Blast as it allows Azelf to hit more Pokemon without exploding. What do you guys suggest, Psychic or Fire Blast?

Magnezone @ Leftovers
Magnet Pull
EVs: 40hp / 252spa / 216spe

Hidden Power Grass
Magnet Rise

Magnezone's main purpose is dealing with lead Jirachi that Azelf has problems with since Magnezone has a x4 resistance to Iron Head. Magnezone can also beat Metagross as it can outrun it and use Magnet Rise before it can be hit with Earthquake. Thanks to its unique ability: Magnet Pull, Magnezone can trap both Jirachi and Metagross and normally beat them one-on-one.

Thanks to Magnezone's base 115 defense stat, typing and unique ability it can easily come out on top against most steel types. Substitute lets Magnezone evade status and get another hit in after knocking out the trapped steel type. Hidden Power Grass and Thunderbolt provide neutral coverage against all types bar dragon and grass types.

As it's primary purpose is to support Azelf I have opted to replace Explosion for Magnet Rise. Doing this as mentioned earlier allows Magnezone to deal with Metagross. As I no longer have Explosion the 40atk EVs are no longer necessary which allows me to invest them into Magnezone's hp stat to improve its bulkiness. As spe EVs have been sacrificed I am running a Timid Magnezone instead of a Naive one.

Swampert @ Choice Band
EVs: 172hp / 252atk / 84spe

Stone Edge
Ice Punch

This set allows Swampert to inflict significant damage. Waterfall and Earthquake are used for solid STAB damage that allows Swampert to hit many common OU Pokemon. I have considered Aqua Tail over Waterfall as this allows me to 2HKO specially defensive Skarmory but doing this sacrifices accuracy, which I don't personally like doing. Stone Edge is used to allow Swampert to damage Gyarados who will otherwise take little damage from any of Swampert's attacks. Ice Punch grants Swampert OHKOs on Dragonite and Flygon as well as score hits on Celebi and Shaymin on switch in (providing I switch next turn).

Dragonite @ Life Orb
Inner Focus
EVs:252atk / 4def / 252spe

Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw

Just a typical Dragon Dance set. Outrage could be used over Dragon Claw for more power but as Outrage confuses after use I decided to stick with Dragon Claw. (EDIT: Replaced Extremespeed for Roost)

Forretress @ Shed Shell
EVs: 252hp / 112atk / 144def

Toxic Spikes
Rapid Spin
Gyro Ball

Forrestress is mainly used to clear enemy hazards (Spikes, Stealth Rock etc). Gyro Ball offers good STAB and Earthquake is pretty much staple. I added Spikes because... well I didn't know what else to put there. (EDIT: I have replaced Spikes with Toxic Spikes for status effect).

Slowbro @ Choice Specs
Own Tempo
EVs: 252hp / 4def / 252spa

Fire Blast

Before you say anything... I know. Slowbro is UU not OU. But to be honest I didn't know what else to choose as a Rotom-H replacement. Any Rotom-H replacement suggestions would be appreciated.
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Old June 10th, 2011 (7:12 AM).
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Dragon Claw and Outrage have the same accuracy. Outrage just forces you to stay in battle for 2-3 turns and then it confuses you after that. So that means you can consider Outrage. You can probably squeeze in Roost somewhere in Dragonite's set, because Salamence outclasses it as a DDer, and Dragonite's bulk is what sets it apart from it.

(Forretress doesn't get STAB on EQ, just to point something out)

Old June 10th, 2011 (7:15 AM). Edited June 10th, 2011 by jamiemoore2.
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Oh... Whoops. Thanks for your post mate. Didn't mean that when talking about Outrage. I will change that now. Isn't Salamence Uber now?

I will add Roost to Dragonite set though. :D

LOL. I always mistake Forretress for a ground / steel type.
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Old June 10th, 2011 (1:25 PM).
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Well, again, I'm not very good with 4th Gen, but let me try. XD
So, on your Forretress set, you said you didn't really know what to pt so you put Spikes. Might I suggest Toxic Spikes as a replacement, as you don't have any Pokemon that will give a status except by secondary effect. It will really help.
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Old June 10th, 2011 (1:32 PM).
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Wow... Didn't think about that... Thanks. Adding now.
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Old June 10th, 2011 (1:50 PM).
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Originally Posted by jamiemoore2 View Post
Isn't Salamence Uber now?
In Gen IV, yes, Salamence is Uber. ;/
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