Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!
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Fourth Generation Games (DS) Rules

All Standard PokéCommunity Rules apply.

Before creating a new thread, always check the forum for an existing thread that either serves your demands or covers the topic you plan on starting using the Search Function. To see a helpful GIF on using the Search Function, click here.

If you notice anything that goes against the community rules and ours, then please report the issue. Do not be a mini-mod.

Forum Stickies

FAQ & Known Information
Complete with questions and answers along with additional information, the FAQ & Known Information sticky is filled with content regarding HG/SS and DPPt that will help if you have any questions. It is advised you look here before asking your question in the 4th Gen Help Thread.

4th Gen Help Thread
If you have any questions regarding HG/SS or DPPt and are looking for help, then please use the 4th Gen Help Thread.

4th Generation Travel Journal
For those who enjoy sharing their traveling stories, feel free to take use of the 4th Generation Travel Journal. Keep in mind that this thread is only for entries revolving around Sinnoh and Johto of the 4th Generation games.

General Guidelines

Character Limit Bypass
Following the Community Rules, your post must contain at least four words / 25 characters. This does not include the occasional 'filllllllller' or smiley response. This rule also applies if you're posting just to show an image.

Thread Prefixes

When creating a forum topic, please use the thread prefixes [HG/SS, D/P/Pt, 4th Generation] to clarify what games your topic covers.

Emulation & ROMs
Any form of discussion or questions pertaining to ROMs and emulation belongs in the Emulation Forum. This is not the place for it. Period.

Trading vs Battling
Trade Corner vs Tournaments & Events

Rate My Team (RMT)
Please know that team ratings do not belong here. If you want your team rated for competitive play, then take a visit to the Competitive Battling Center. If you're just looking for an in-game team rating, then you can use the In-Game Team Help forum.

For the many who enjoy taking part in challenges, (i.e. The Nuzlocke Challenge, The Monotype Challenge, etc.) we have the Challenges Forum available for you.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact (via PM) the moderator(s) of this board: Curious.
Also note, that if you have an idea for a future competition, please feel free to PM the moderator(s) of this board: Curious.

[ Written and compiled by bobandbill and Hiiro ]

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Regarding the rules:

Sydian and I felt it would be more appropriate and much easier to merge the rules of 4th Gen with the rest of GPGD (excluding Challenges), for organisation purposes now that 4th Gen is a part of GPGD. From now on, all rules of 4th Gen are that of General Pokemon Gaming Discussion's! If you have any questions though, about 4th Gen, I'm your man! If you're looking for the GPGD rules, they can be found right here. :]

Former moderator of First Generation, Second Generation and Fourth Generation
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