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Draconius GO
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Old June 23rd, 2011 (6:47 AM).
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    Heres my main team all non cheated accept maybe shiny deoxys cause I got him off a friend who got him off the gts.
    Shiny Dialga.
    Ballanced stats, 305 sp.atk is the best stat.
    sp.def. is his main advantage. Very basic, calmind and recover works wonders!
    Shiny Darkrai.
    I actually think this guy might also be cheated. Maybe. I actually don't think so, but I did get it off the gts so there is a possibility.
    I eved it in sp.atk and spd, but I wasn't great in evs then, so he has some other stats in the mix.
    Shiny palkia.
    Heres a good guy! caught him using the soft reset method on ds.
    I'm not sure if that actually works for ds, but atleast I caught this guy doing it.
    Very very good sp.atk over 400!
    spd is 279, but with the choice scarf, he "rains" terrer on his enemies!
    shiny deoxys. Like I said above, this guy may be cheated.
    He was lvl30 so if hes a copy, at least my evs should make him unique.

    very good atk at 390 and sp.atk over 400! atk form.
    Shiny kyogre.
    I caught this little guy on a rom, but because I played the whole game through the right way, I believe he is uncheated.
    I know a guy who took my save file for me and migrated it using some program or something idk, but he then traded it to me using a wi-fi driver.
    At any rate, he's my perple kyogre and he is awesome!
    before I knew abbout evs, I trained this guy, 270 something sp.atk good defenses and 240 spd.
    Well, heres my team. Give me help and advice.
    I have a zekrom in my pc that has 395 atk, and about the same spd as shiny palkia, and a shiny tornados that I got off the gts. I think it's cheated, but I have know proof.
    I think he's cheated because I only gave them a dwotion lvl 38 for it.
    Game developer.
    Not nearly as active on here as I used to be.
    Still like meeting and talking to pokemon fanatics like myself.

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    Old June 23rd, 2011 (8:02 AM).
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      This thread confuses me.
      Umm you should try using non-legendaries.

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      Old June 23rd, 2011 (9:21 AM).
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      With a team of all legendaries, you don't really need any ingame help tbh. You'll wreck everything just by being OP and looking at them.

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