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This was beta read by the awesome Chris the Com.


Chapter 20: Battle Time with the Immensely Fabulous and Creatively Stylish Lady Venus!

“Well this seems to be it,” Wes remarked as he and Rui approached the UFO-shaped transport. The small, metal platform hovered above a steep drop next to an unfinished bridge. A small box with wires sticking out of it sat nearby – it had a small slot in the middle, with a set of instructions written in tiny, reversed writing inscribed on the side. A tiny yet colourful holographic animation was projected on top - Wes looked at it doubtfully as he tried to make some sort of sense and failed upon concluding that it was telling him about the dangers of wasp stings and burger joints. “How do you suppose that thing works?”

“Maybe it’s done by magnets?” she said doubtfully as she glanced at the UFO. Needless spikes seemed to jut out of the dull steel device.

“Umbreon...” (Magnets, how do they work...) Umbreon murmured, earning an eye-roll from Espeon.

“Well I guess we just do this...” Wes said as he inserted the R Disk into the machine. As it churned out some strange noises and spat the disk out again the UFO began to hum as well – Wes and Rui hurriedly hopped onto the UFO as it moved away. Umbreon and Espeon leapt onto the machine as well and observed the abyss below. Umbreon considered making a comment about dropping eggs from such a height but upon noticing Espeon’s angry glare in response to the idea he thought better of it.

“Next stop – super secret hideout,” a monetised voice from the UFO spoke slowly. “And now a word from our sponsors.”

“Sponsors?” Wes said.

"DOES YOUR LIFE FEEL? We have solution! People and e-monsters by thousand have been happy life with [Bomb]! For the clever opponent, injure increase! Today Get, Remember It!!"

“...Uh,” Wes managed to sum up as the UFO then stopped playing advertisements to his relief. At least it wasn’t talking about dishwashers...

“Man, I hate heights,” Rui said quietly as she cautiously glanced over the edge of their platform and instantly regretted it. This is worse than the bridge in Pyrite or Mt Battle... she thought, holding onto Wes’ arm for reassurance.

“So, one thing that wasn’t cleared up back in the Kids Grid house,” Wes said with a slight grin, “is why you decided to come back to the Under after Sherles decided not to investigate.” Rui looked up at Wes and felt herself blush a bit.

“Ah, well...” she begun as she twiddled her fingers about before sighing and giving Wes a small smile. Espeon and Umbreon looked on with silent interest. “Well I’s that you’ve done so much for me – saving me from kidnapping and taking me to Agate and all. And now I have my own Pokémon as well, and-”

“Sponsors love money! Why not donate today?” the UFO suddenly exclaimed.

“Oh shut up,” Rui said irritably as she kicked the machine – unfortunately this resulted in the UFO to beep in protest before it started to spin about.

“SPONSERSSPONSERSPONSERS!” the generic voice wailed.

“ARRGH!” Rui and Wes shouted in synch as they clung on.

“Umbre!” (Whee!)

With a sudden clunk! the metal dish collided with solid ground and stopped abruptly, sending the group flying out of the transportation device and onto a conveniently positioned mattress.

“This is too much,” Wes grumbled as he looked about and waited for the dizziness to fade, trying to figure out how they hadn’t died. Judging from how this mattress is in front of where this UFO ended up it seems that our event was not the first...Wes then looked behind the mattress and noticed an imprint of a person on the wall. Yeah, that confirms it.

“Espeon,” (We’re not going back by using that thing,) Espeon said firmly after a moment’s silence. The others moaned their agreement as they slowly got to their feet.

“Umbre...” (Oh look, a door...) Umbreon said as he gazed to the side. A shabby building with a metal roller-door and brown paint peeling off of it greeted the group. Next to it hung a dull chain which seemed to serve as the mechanism for opening the door.

“Esp,” (People are inside,) Espeon noted with a sharp hiss, staring intently at the door. “Espeon,” (Possibly Cipher,) he added.

“All right," Wes said. He crept to the chain and slowly pulled at it to minimise any noise he made as he opened the door to around his knee height. “Could you two go in first and scout it out?”

“Esp.” (Sure.)

“Umbreon!” (We’re on a spy mission, bro!) Umbreon remarked cheerfully. Suffering a light whip from his fellow Eeveelution’s tail and a mental chiding for shouting loudly, he then ducked his head and sauntered in.

“Good idea,” Rui remarked after Espeon had followed his brother. “Hopefully they won’t take too long...”

“It’s what we did in the old days in fact,” Wes admitted with a slight smirk. “But meanwhile, if you don’t mind you could tell me more about what you were saying when we were so rudely interrupted.”

“Ah,” Rui replied, looking at her feet. “Well, sure, there’s the stuff I said already, but I suppose those are not the only reasons why because I suppose when I get down to it you could say that I like you, but not just like you but maybe-” she tried, before being interjected by Wes holding up a hand.

“Rui, you’re rambling again,” Wes said slowly as Rui pouted.

“Well, I’m not sure I can put it in words that easily...well!” she suddenly piped up, and before Wes knew what happened she had kissed him.

“Well indeed,” he said at length.


Silly Wes, thinking that we’d believe he only wanted us to go ‘scouting’, Espeon mentally thought to his brother as they sat in a dark corner observing what was going on the other side of a short hallway. They could see Venus grinning stupidly at a number of large cameras as people filmed what seemed to be another thrilling episode of ‘Everyone’s Venus!’. The cameramen and show host were also smiling just as stupidly at Venus. Espeon shook his head – he simply didn’t get how anyone could be so obsessed with someone like that even with the help of tainted water, but he was glad Wes was not in such a way with that Cipher person anymore.

So you think he and Rui were going to say they like each other and all... Umbreon thought back.

Well of course! Espeon thought back with a small snicker. I’m a Psychic after all – I know these things. Just look at how that whole question went on the UFO. But if he wants some privacy then he can have his few moments, and he does have a point in sending us in to get a layout of this place.

A small break in the conversation began then as they continued to watch on. One of the people had managed to fall over one of the many cords connecting a camera to a power outlet and was now proving to be unable to untangle himself from the mess. Eventually another of his co-workers had enough of the delay caused and brandished a pair of scissors to cut at the cords to show how smart he was to Venus. His reward was an electric shock, having failed to turn off the power first. He fell in a crumpled heap next to the tangled one while Venus failed to notice either person’s antics, continuing to chatter away about how wonderful she was to the cameras which were no longer functioning.

“And so after the break, we’ll present our Colosseum winner with a brand new Shadow Pokémon!” she declared with a grin that Espeon thought must have been rather painful for the normal human being to muster – he didn’t think such an expression was possible to begin with. The Pokémon also shuddered upon being reminded of Venus’ unnaturally deep voice, and was suddenly reminded of Dakim.

Wait, Colosseum winner? Umbreon queried.

Ah yes, good catch. That’s the same thing that Miror B was doing in Pyrite, and we could see that shambles for a Colosseum earlier... I suppose that would have been another way to get in here, but no matter, he thought back. Anyways, back to work – just as well only the main room is well lit.

With that Umbreon slunk away into the shadows and stalked the building, squinting to prevent his red eyes from giving himself away as well as dimming the rings on his body, so he appeared to be almost invisible to the most observant onlooker. As he took in all the sights of the room and ignored the groans of pain from the cameramen as another tried to attach the cut wires back together, Espeon put together a mental image from Umbreon’s point of view – the stairway to the left corner, the presence of a few smaller rooms that had spare cameras and papers scattered across the floors, and the large screen in the centre of the room. The Psychic Pokémon sorted through the important details and the insignificant features, preparing it to send telepathically to Wes in the form of a map as they had done when they had been working for Snagem. Espeon sighed – so much had happened since then that it already felt like a lifetime ago.

Say, Umbreon piped up suddenly as he softly walked back to Espeon’s hiding spot, does this mean they’d be doing that crazy dance anytime soon?

...What? Espeon managed with a frown, feeling the all-too-familiar sense of dread the odd conversation with his less intellectually-gifted brother would often bring – he would have quite the headache after such a discussion. Do you mean Wes and Rui, and regardless why would...? What dance?

Well isn’t that what humans do when they say they like each other? It’s the dance with the chicken imitation and whatnot!

Normally they kiss, seriously, what? Espeon thought in confusion. I don’t need to hurt my head any more after that UFO trip!

Well, Umbreon thought, feeling somewhat embarrassed that he was apparently mistaken, I swear I saw something about it on the television long ago and stuff and it also involved a game of Scrabble and bad singing and throwing of rassleberry scones ...

Espeon chose not to question this anymore and settled for shaking his head and trying to convince himself that Umbreon had just happened to watch a bad musical movie and didn’t quite remember all the details. As long as they don’t do that when I’m trying to sleep, he mused finally.

A moment later the door behind them opened further gradually and with a soft creaking noise, and shortly after Wes and Rui emerged. Espeon regarded them, noting that they were both grinning at each other.

How silly, he thought to himself, before quickly informing the two of the situation.

“Good work, you two,” Wes responded as he walked onwards. Espeon hastily delivered him a short burst of mental energy but he ignored it, walking into the room and pointing at Venus.

“Umbre!” (Hey wait!) Umbreon shouted as he stuck his head around the corner to watch Wes.

“Let’s just cut to the chase – I’m taking you on!” Wes shouted with a grin, feeling rather hyped up.

“Espi, Espeon!?” (For goodness sake’s Rui, what did you do to him!?) Espeon demanded, shocked that his trainer was acting brazenly when they could have gone in far more intelligently.

“...Who are you?” Venus replied, blinking at the man.

“...Wait, what?” Wes said in surprise. He certainly did not expect this reaction and was also thrown off by her voice which he had forgotten about completely. He scratched his head as he observed Venus’s genuine look of puzzlement. Surely as an Admin of Cipher she must know why I am...

“Well...” Venus said, studying his outfit with a small frown before gasping and clicking her fingers. “You’re not the makeup guy, that much I know! Maybe you want my autograph?” Before Wes could stop her she had snatched his P*DA off of him and scrawled something on it in bright pink writing before handing it back to Wes, beaming widely. Wes peered at the message which read ‘~*~FOR *NAME HERE* FROM THE FANTASTICALLY FANTASTIC LADY VENUS~*~’.

So much for a grand entrance, Wes thought dismally, his shoulders dropping slightly.

“C’mon, let’s go!” Rui said enthusiastically. “If she doesn’t know who he is maybe it’ll be easier for us!” And with that she bounded into the room too.

“Umbre!” (But I wanted to ask if you did the crazy dance!) Umbreon protested as he entered.

“But whoever you are you’re interrupting my show!” Venus shouted suddenly, gazing at her cameras. “Now nobody will know how to apply makeup like me! And nobody spoils the glamour of Lady Venus! Prepare for a battle, young man! The Colosseum winner can wait a while to meet the wonderful Lady Venus!” Hearing this claim, the remaining cameramen who had managed to not knock themselves out gasped and hurriedly dragged their colleagues out of the room, only for the group to fall down the set of stairs in their rush.

“No, seriously, you don’t know who- oh god what!” Wes shouted as he scrambled backwards and yanked Rui and Umbreon with him as Venus threw two Poké Balls. One of the Pokémon that appeared from the capsules was the cat Pokémon Delcatty which hissed at them, showing its tiny yet sharp teeth and pawing at the ground, but its attempt at intimidation failed when it yowled in pain as it was hit by its partner Pokémon’s large bulk.

Said Pokémon being a nine-metre-long Steelix negated the need for Delcatty to have bothered trying to act scary.

“That’s...well, a big Pokémon,” Rui said as she brushed off some dust from her jacket and looked at the Pokémon who was staring down at them with giant, menacing eyes, making her feel rather small. It was encased in silver steel, with spikes jutting out from its long snake-like body and jaws big enough to swallow the group whole. The serpent growled at the group, waving its tail about into a few of the cameras absentmindedly while the screech of metal against tiles made all in the room wince.

“To say the least,” Wes remarked, already quickly thinking on how to take on this foe. Venus doesn’t seem to be bright, but she sure has a giant Pokémon there... it’s Ground and Steel so it’s got a number of resistances too so brute force won’t be the way with that one...

“STEELIX STEEL! LIX!” (WHY GOOD DAY TO YOU ALL MY NAME IS GRAVE DESTROYER OF SOULS! PLEASED TO MEET YOU!) it remarked loudly, attempting a genuine smile as it ‘wagged’ its tail about happily.

“UMBREEE!” (AAAAAAAAAAAA!) Umbreon responded, thinking Steelix wanted to consume him rather than make friendly chit-chat.

“Esp, Espeon!” (Come on, Umbreon, we can take that hunk of steel down!) Espeon said as confidently as he could, stepping forward and refraining from reacting like his brother had.

“Just wipe them out,” Venus said with a yawn to her Pokémon.

“STEEL! STEELIX...STEE!” (BUT I JUST WANT TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS! AND THEY LOOK SO CUTE... I WISH TO DISCUSS THE WEATHER WITH THEM!) the Steelix roared humbly at Venus, but after she frowned back, seemingly used to this sort of response, the Pokémon then charged forward, sending his head at Umbreon and crashing it into the floor. Rui gasped but Wes petted her on the shoulder as he pointed to Umbreon jumping out of the way and onto the Pokémon’s head.

“STEELIX!” (AWFULLY SORRY ABOUT THAT I HOPE I AM NOT BOTHERING YOU TOO MUCH!) the Steelix said. Meanwhile Delcatty decided to sit back for the moment and concentrate on not being hit by the Steelix’s thrashing body.

“Good, now Secret Power!” Wes commanded, oblivious to the Steelix’s demeanour. Umbreon responded immediately and sent his wave of energy at the Steelix’s head before leaping off again. Already picking up on Wes’ thinking as the Steelix roared with pain, Espeon followed up with his own attacks, focusing his psychic powers and managing to lift the Steelix a short height into the air with his Psychic powers before deciding that although managing to lift such a large Pokémon was impressive even for himself, it was too mentally taxing to manage even a few mere inches. It served to distract the giant beast however long enough for Umbreon to continue by emitting a dizzyingly bright set of orbs of light which danced around his opponent’s head. The Pokémon tilted his head as he tried to follow the lights, which suddenly flew up to the ceiling – the large snake-like creature followed suit but only managed to crash his head into the building as Espeon then let the Steelix fall back to the ground.

“Hey, that’s rude!” Venus shouted, shaking some lipstick at Wes’ Pokémon before applying some to herself, holding a hand-mirror to inspect her work. “You’re very rude!”

“Espeon!” (And you’re poorly dressed!) Espeon taunted as the Steelix continued to follow the lights that had captured his attention.

WHAT!?” Venus shrieked. “What did you just say-”

“He said you’re poorly dressed,” Wes said calmly as he rubbed his ears. “And I’ll add that you don’t seem to care at all about the battle if you think about your own appearance during it – that’s pretty substandard.”

“Oh, you’ll be SORRY!” Venus hissed, seemingly on the verge of tears now. “Delcatty, do your thing!” she commanded, before hurling her lipstick in anger at Espeon. The action caught Espeon by surprise and left a smear of bright red on his face which in turn caused Umbreon to laugh.

“Espeo...esp,” (Oh shut up, you...uh,) Espeon remarked at Umbreon before he noticed Delcatty meowing at him. But not just meowing – meowing in a rather... cute manner. The cat Pokémon then winked at Espeon, before licking her paws. Espeon blinked – he had not realised that his opponent had been quite this...beautiful.

“Umbre...?” (Uh, Espeon...?) Umbreon said uncertainly, only to be ignored as Espeon continued to stare at the Delcatty. Their opponent was now grinning darkly at the Psychic Eeveelution while generating a dark ball of energy between her paws.

“Delcatty...” (Yes, just look at what pretty things I can make...) the Pokémon purred soothingly.

“Bugger, I didn’t expect that,” Wes said.

“Umbre? Umb? Umb! Eon! Umbre? Umb! Umbreon! Umb! Eon!” (Bro? Hey bro? Bro! Come on! Could you stop looking at her? She just wants your money! It’s a trap! Snap out of it bro!) Umbreon continued to try anxiously.

“What is it?” Rui said, feeling somewhat confused by the sudden inaction of Espeon.

“It used Attract, so Espeon’s, uh, distracted from the task at hand,” Wes explained quickly. “Espeon, get out of the way!” he shouted but it was no use, and a moment later Espeon was hit by the Shadow Ball attack. He gave a cry of pain as he fell, but quickly got back to his feet and continued to stare stupidly at the smiling Delcatty.

“Umbreon, it’s up to you to take down the Delcatty then!” Wes commanded, frowning at this new development. Meanwhile the Steelix continued to bang his head against the building in an effort to follow Umbreon's Confuse Ray attack. At least that’s taken out of the equation for the time being...

“Umbreon!” (Can do!) Umbreon said as he quickly charged at the cat Pokémon and struck her headfirst on the side, taking advantage of the Delcatty being too distracted with attacking Espeon to notice Umbreon. She fell to the ground and gave a soft moan of pain as she gazed at Umbreon with wide-open eyes, making a small sad expression and batting her eyelashes.

“Del...” (Oh, you hurt me...)

“Umb...Umbreon...” (Oh, ah...sorry about that...) Umbreon replied sheepishly, pawing at the ground.

“Oh great, not you too!” Wes said, clenching his fists.

“Hehe, Cute Charm is a great ability, no?” Venus giggled as she wagged a finger at Wes. “I think you might have underestimated me...”

“Espeon!” (Hey, don’t attack her!) Espeon shouted, glaring angrily at Umbreon now before attacking him with a Confusion attack.

“Umbre, Umbreon!” (Dude, you’re forgetting I’m a Dark type, and I’m cooler looking too anyway!) Umbreon argued back, feeling nothing but irritation at the result of the failed attack.

“This is going badly,” Wes remarked.

Just then the Steelix waved his tail at the wrong moment, sweeping the two preoccupied brothers into a wall and promptly knocking them out.

“Very badly,” Wes continued flatly.

“STEELIX!” (I’M SO SORRY!) the Steelix shouted, snapping out of his own confused state to apologise to Espeon and Umbreon. Meanwhile Wes mused as he recalled his two fainted Pokémon and sent out Feraligatr and Makuhita in their places, silently cursing his initial enthusiasm which was seemingly proving to be ill-founded here. He was still sceptical of Venus’s abilities as a trainer as her Pokémon were still doing most of the work without much input from her, but they were proving to be tougher than he expected.

“Okay, be careful not to...” he began to instruct, only to facepalm as he noticed Makuhita staring at the Delcatty oddly instead of performing his usual battle cries. And drat – that Delcatty must be female and I think all my Pokémon are Entei, and...what is its gender anyways? he thought as he quickly consulted his P*DA only for it to display ‘GENDER UNKNOWN’ back again. Bah. And I don’t think I want to resort to using him just yet anyway if I can help it...

“Maku hita...” (Kitty pretty...) the Fighting type Pokémon commented slowly.

“Wes!” Rui said suddenly as she smiled slowly at Wes. “Recall your Pokémon!”

“But even if they’re attracted they may still attack the Delcatty anyway-”

“Trust me,” Rui pleaded. “I have an idea...” Wes looked at her for a moment and then nodded before recalling a dazed Makuhita and a bemused Feraligatr back to their Poké Balls.

“Right, let’s do this, Quagsire!” Rui said as she threw out her own Poké Ball. Wes noted that unlike usual she had managed to throw the ball more or less in the middle of the battle field.

“How unpretty,” Venus said with disdain as Quagsire appeared. The blue amphibious salamander stared blankly at the women who stepped back, unnerved by its beady eyes. “Delcatty, do your... kawaii-desu things again!” she commanded hurriedly.

“Okay, I think that comment hurts me the most mentally,” Wes said quietly to Rui, but as the Delcatty proceeded to do just that by sauntering around the Pokémon and meowing happily, Quagsire appeared to not notice a thing as it continued to stare at Venus. Suddenly it threw out one of its arms, slapping the Delcatty a surprising distance away from itself.

“Maybe you’re a female...Steelix, you try!” Venus said. The large snake bent his head down towards the Quagsire and attempted a grin, as Venus threw a small bag at the Steelix – it broke on impact and coated the Pokémon’s face with a mixture of beauty powders.

“Wait, it also knows Attract!?” Wes said with dismay, before he noticed Steelix’s face and blinked blankly.

“That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen,” Rui whispered in a tiny voice.

“STEEL... LIX LIXY STE!” (HELLO YOU LOOK VERY...RAVISHING TODAY WOULD YOU CARE TO HAVE A DELIGHTFUL CONVERSATION ABOUT THE WEATHER WITH ME?) Steelix began, wagging his tail happily. He always liked it when Venus allowed him to try to make friends, although the stuff she insisted throwing at his face somewhat tickled him and didn’t seem to help Pokémon be any friendlier with him than before.

However Quagsire responded on Rui’s command by showering the Steelix with a blast of water from its mouth. The chemicals on the Steelix’s body were instantly washed off, although some slid into his eyes and mouth.

“STEELIX STEEL!” (MY BEAUTIFUL EYES OKAY I GUESS YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THE WEATHER MAYBE YOU LIKE DISCUSSING FINANCE!?) he tried desperately but Quagsire continued his onslaught. Howling, the Steelix crashed his head into a wall – all jumped in fright as he left a noticeable hole in the shape of his head. Groaning, he then clanged his skull to the ground and lost consciousness, although Quagsire continued to douse the Pokémon with water.

“...You can stop now,” Rui said, feeling rather proud of her achievement. However Quagsire ignored her, instead turning his stream of water at the Delcatty who shrieked in surprise. This prompted the Delcatty to hiss furiously at Quagsire, but during her angry rebuttal she caught sight of herself in a puddle of water created by Quagsire’s attacks. Appalled by the fact her fur was soaked and sticking out making her look more like an oversized Purugly than a delicate Delcatty, she whimpered and ran to Venus, who recalled the Pokémon along with her Steelix. Ignoring Wes and Rui’s confused looks Venus spat furiously at the ground and shook her makeup mirror at the pair.

“YOU MADE HER UNPRETTY! HOW CAN SHE BE EXPECTED TO FIGHT WHEN SHE DOESN’T LOOK PRETTY, HUH!?” She then shot an especially angry glare at Quagsire, who simply stared back with a big, dopey grin plastered on his face.

“STOP LOOKING AT ME!” she screamed as she threw two more Pokémon onto the arena, revealing a Vileplume and Banette. The Vileplume trilled happily and poked at the large flower that sat above its body with its short stubby arms, while the latter notably had oversized colourful ribbons tied onto the back of its head, making the ghost type appear strangely pretty.

“Well done, Rui,” Wes enthused. Smart of her to take advantage of Quagsire’s... absentminded behaviour - and now Venus may be too unsettled to focus properly on this battle! We have a counter to her Attract strategy after all, and maybe... “Okay, let’s try this again, Makuhita!” Wes said, sending out the fighting type again. However yet again the Pokémon did not shout his usual battle cries, but instead began looking around anxiously before turning to Wes with an upset scowl on his face.

“Maku! Hita hita?” (She is gone! Who took my love from me!?)

Wes frowned for a moment. Without Espeon any more I can’t quite understand what he’s shouting about, but I’m going to guess he is still under the influence of Attract.

“Well... that Vileplume had knocked out the Delcatty,” Wes said, and before he could say another word Makuhita yelled angrily, marched up to the Vileplume and kicked it. His attack sent the surprised plant Pokémon through the hole in the wall recently made by the Steelix.

“NOOOO MY PLANTY!” Venus screamed in her deep voice as she ran to the hole to watch her Pokémon sail out of sight into the buildings of the Under.

“Er...well done, Makuhita,” Wes said quietly.


Meanwhile inside the nearby Colosseum for The Under, the few ruffians idling by the reception area observed the large lift that was descending down towards them with mild interest. It was not often that someone would come down these days by what was considered to be the main entrance from the surface to The Under – not since Venus had appeared at any rate, so any visitor was generally considered to be out of the ordinary.

Significantly more attention was paid to the visitors when they saw that every person upon the platform was clad in police gear, with Sherles standing at the front.

“Greetings,” he said in a gruff voice to the onlookers as he walked past. “You’d think they’ve seen a ghost,” he muttered to Andrew who walked beside the sheriff.

Andrew decided not to comment back, instead musing angrily to himself about the whole case. Sure, the fact that Sherles had found out from the escaped criminals that the Mayor was involved with Cipher meant it’d probably be sooner than later that they’d bring down Cipher. That also meant he could go back home sooner rather than later and return to dealing with far less bothersome criminals like unruly grannies up in arms about unwieldy shopping trolleys. However this also meant that Wes was innocent and so the arrest warrant for him had been promptly dropped – and he still hadn’t forgiven him for telling Johnson to talk to him. He wasn’t even sure if such an act could ever be forgiven.

And to boot now they were off looking for them and some kids who had just sent them a whole bunch of information on Cipher – how they got it was anyone’s guess - in a place that made Pyrite seem like heaven. The whole place smelled terribly. Sherles had insisted on coming with them, remarking that maybe this time the majority of the force mightn’t end up defeated by a man wielding a cactus – predictably none dared to protest this fairly solid reasoning.

“Shererelily!” someone shouted at the group suddenly. Sherles looked at the source and frowned.

“Tom, what are you doing here?” the Sherriff asked. He silently wondered why the drunk was here but took his appearance in his stride, maintaining his usual look of seriousness.

“Kiddies senty sir tommy! They no likey storeys sos i to waity and lads you ths sippermun!”

Sherles after a short moment of taking in Tom’s speech nodded. “All right then – those children mentioned Wes and Rui went off to find Venus so I think we should deal with that first,” Sherles instructed the group as they stepped outside.

“Tomsy teh bestestestily story timers of all Tims!” Tom continued to rant. “Kiddern noey reshunct fis!”

“Yes, I’m sure you are,” Sherles said as he looked around before suddenly Andrew hauled him backwards as a Vileplume fell from the sky and landed with a loud thud where he had just been standing.

“...Thanks, son,” Sherles said, taken by surprise at this event. Tom curiously stepped forward and prodded the fainted Pokémon with his foot while muttering to himself, before asking the plant Pokémon if he wanted to hear his tales. Sherles meanwhile looked outside again towards the direction the Vileplume had came from and noticed a building in the distance with a hole in a wall oddly shaped liked a Steelix’s head. Distant, faint yelling could be heard from within by what sounded like a very upset man.

“I think that’s likely where they are then,” Sherles suggested.


Back within the building in question Wes bit his lip, regretting Makuhita’s action in punting the Vileplume so far away. Venus had decided that enough was enough and had scurried to a desk and pressed a button, which had summoned several Cipher grunts to the room from the stairway.

“You’ll regret doing that to my Plumy-pie! Whoever you are,” she proclaimed for the seventh time as she walked down the stairs by herself. Wes grimaced – suddenly it seemed they’d be having an all-out brawl while Venus would simply make her retreat – he didn’t want her to just up and leave like that but it seemed there was little choice in the matter.

“Let’s prepare ourselves for a big fight then, Rui. I bet those Cipher grunts would be quite keen on protecting Venus – probably also brainwashed,” he said softly as he noticed many gave lingering gazes to Venus’ departure. And great, I didn’t want Rui to come into any more danger than she already had too!

Suddenly several running footsteps sounded outside the building. “Freeze, Police!” someone shouted, and a moment later the room was overrun with policemen brandishing their own Poké Balls. Wes instinctively put his hands up and sighed.

“Relax, Wes, you’re off the hook,” Sherles drawled as he walked in behind the policemen. Wes looked around and noticed that the police force was facing the Cipher agents rather than himself. “It’s a long story. Very nice work, people – looks like we have some Cipher folk! But where is this Venus lady...?” Sherles continued, looking around.

“She went downstairs,” Wes said, pointing to the stairway.

“Well what are you waiting for, boy? After her!” Sherles barked as he charged ahead. “Andrew, you send people over when I ask for it, but first deal with arresting these people.” Wes and Rui recalled their Pokémon and followed as the Cipher grunts could only look on as Andrew proceeded to read off a paper to them.

“You have the right to remain silent and completely odour-free with Smell-u-Later, now available in all... why are there advertisements in this?” Andrew mumbled. “Anything you say can be used against you and Batman in court... okay, who switched the Orre’s jail rights paper on me!?” he demanded, facing the other policemen who struggled to refrain from snorting at their prank. Bloody amateurs, Andrew fumed angrily.

“Tommy cun hip tan!” Tom declared during all this as he bounded after Sherles.

“Wait, what are you doing here now?” Wes asked as they ran.

“Not the time, Wes,” Sherles said simply.


A maze of corridors greeted them at the bottom of the stairway, but hearing the distant footsteps of Venus, Sherles ploughed forward, ignoring the empty rooms and unconscious cameramen that popped up every so often. Wes found it hard to keep up with the old man such was his speed, although Tom didn’t seemed to be deterred by his pace, half-running half-stumbling behind him.

“Hey!” a man shouted at them out of a room as they ran past, “Venus just went by, right? I’m waiting for her to present me my Pokémon already!”

“Kippies!” Tom shouted back to the man who scratched his head in confusion.

“Aha, there she is...” Wes panted as they soon caught sight of the woman. She however noticed the group following her and gave a small gasp before hurrying away through a doorway. As they emerged from the doorway a large steel stairway appeared before them, with Venus standing upon a lift descending rapidly to a lower level.

“Drat, she’s getting away!” Rui panted as she wondered where she was going.

“The stairs,” Sherles said without the slightest pause in his chase as he continued down.

“She probably finally realised that something wasn’t right with the fact we got past her Cipher people in a minute with a policeman in tow,” Wes said as he took in a breath and followed Sherles down the stairway, who still hadn’t slowed up in his chase.

Oh gosh, they probably want to steal my makeup! Venus thought to herself anxiously as she watched them continue to follow. Such unflattering rude fans...

As the lift touched down Venus sprang out and ran towards another doorway – a few moments later and Sherles, Tom and Wes had reached the bottom themselves.

“Hurry up, Rui!” Wes shouted as he continued onwards, noticing that she was lagging behind a bit.

“I’ll be there in a second,” Rui called, gathering her breath back as the others rounded the corner and disappeared from sight. She glanced around the large room, noticing a bright-green liquid sitting in one half of the room. Why does it smell like lemonade... she thought, tilting her head as she gazed at the pool. Anyway, I think I know what to do. Taking something from her bag before sending the lift back up, she then left the room.


“Wow, I can’t say I expected to find this here,” Sherles said quietly as Rui caught up to the three. In front of them was a small train station with a train seated in the middle. The place was deadly quiet save for the four people’s breathing and footsteps.

“Well she must be inside... and she must be meaning to escape via the train!” Wes exclaimed as he ran for the open door. He bounded inside the train first as the rest followed.

“There are...cages here,” Rui noted as they ran through the carriages. She gazed at them quickly as they did so. “I can see some remnants of Shadow Pokémon aura in them,” she added with disapproval.

“Well I guess we know what they transported here via this train then,” Sherles replied.

“Tastee?” Tom said as he looked at some test tubes sitting on a desk filled with brightly coloured liquid and then to Sherles, only to be greeted with a stern head shake from the Sherriff. The man resorted to pulling out a bottle of alcohol from his pocket instead and grinning at it happily before opening and sculling the whole drink down.

“But we’re at the end,” Wes said suddenly as they boarded the last carriage, before frowning and walking outside again. “And...I don’t see her anywhere so maybe she wasn’t on the train...oh.” A vicious growling sound followed his remark.

“Well that sounds reassuring,” Sherles said to Rui with a sigh before he too stepped out via the last door.

Before them stood Venus, applying some lipstick to her mouth in front of Wes. The teenager was anxiously staring at a blue cheetah-like Pokémon. It had a purple, cape-like mane and was staring back at Wes with soulless eyes.

“That’s a Suicune, isn’t it,” Sherles said softly. “Part of the legendary Johto trio like Entei and Raikou.”

“Yes, it is,” Venus said with more than a hint of pride in her deep voice, gesturing to its shining silver crest. “Rather fitting for one as elegant as me, no? I didn’t even have to give it ribbons!” she proclaimed proudly, now motioning to the swirling blue tails that resembled streamers. “I’m not meant to show it off apparently but that’s just silly, don’t you think?” The beast however ignored the comment and instead snarled at the group.

“It’s a Shadow, isn’t it?” Wes said to Rui.

“Yes, yes it is,” Rui said. “It’s got a very dark aura.”

“Yessy, Thommy lurks drinkssss, merryilily meriluooly nermanly mermannny, lifeey, is...” Tom sang to his now empty bottle of beer as he too stepped outside. He then looked up and noticed the creature. Gazing at it, then his bottle, and back to the beast, he mumbled something, dropped the bottle and quietly walked back into the train.

“At any rate,” Venus said, ignoring this event, “you’re not getting my autograph now, that’s for sure!” Sherles and the two teenagers exchanged glances before Wes sighed with exasperation.

“Look, I’m Wes. W-E-S. I’m the one who blew up Team Snagem’s base and drove out Miror B and beat Dakim. You know, the one breaking up Cipher?” he said at length. “Not some dumb fan.”

“Oh... Nassy said something about you, but... I don’t know, could you repeat that?” Venus said, clearly daunted by the task of thinking about someone other than herself. Wes facepalmed, noting that he seemed to be doing that an awful lot lately, before throwing out a Poké Ball.

“Whatever, I’ll let Entei do the educating,” Wes said as his own Legendary Pokémon appeared in front of the Suicune and roared itself. “I’m sure you can make an exception in this case, Sherles,” he added to the man, who merely nodded and stepped to the side, looking around himself.

“Pfft, he’s so much less pretty than my Pokémon,” Venus sniffed. “Just use some water attacks and then come back to me when you’ve won.” At that Venus turned and walked away, leaving in the direction they had all come from in the first place, while the Suicune sprayed a fierce jet of water. To Wes’ horror his Pokémon reacted badly to the attack, roaring again with rage before setting its own body on fire. From within the train Tom clapped his approval.

“Wes, his aura’s gone red – he’s very angry!” Rui cried as she scurried back from the heat.

“Steady, steady, Entei, aim your attacks at that Suicune, not us!” Wes cried as he stepped back. This utterly failed as the Suicune quickly attacked again, producing another bellow. Entei decided the best way to take out its rage was by running through the station’s walls.

“...Bugger,” Wes said as he recalled the Pokémon through the hole it had created. I obviously cannot control Entei again – so maybe I’ll have to use my remaining Pokémon-

“And there it goes,” Sherles remarked, noting that the Water-type had bounded off after her master already, content that the Entei had been dealt with.

“Well damn,” Wes said, punching what was left of the wall in annoyance.

They then observed the Suicune run head-first into an invisible barrier, groan and stagger about on its feet from the impact.

“Wait, what?” Wes said. “But...”

Sherles quietly motioned to his Alakazam who was standing on top of the train. “You didn’t forget about my own Pokémon now, did you?” he said with a wink as he put away his P*DA. “Right, we’re going to wear this thing down and keep it from getting away until the rest of the force get down here with their nets – not a conventional capture but it’ll do. Just need a few minutes for it or so.”

“All right then,” Wes said, pulling out his Poké Balls. “But what about Venus – she’ll get away-”

“Actually, I think she won’t,” Rui said with a grin.


Venus was meanwhile gloating to herself as she approached the lift, somewhat annoyed that it was no longer down at the ground floor but rather back at the top. Whoever had made this so was very rude and inconsiderate of ladies in need like her. She looked with disapproval at the flight of stairs and decided she’d rather wait for the lift to come back down and pressed the button.

“Why is it so icky here,” she said to herself, gazing around. “Next time I plan to escape people after my makeup I’m doing so in style – I better tell those grunts to clean this place up-YOU!” she hissed suddenly as the lift descended.

For standing upon it was Quagsire, who had been waiting patiently for either something to do or Rui to come back, whichever had come first.

“Why, I’m going to make you pay for making my Delcatty all wet!” Venus ranted to the mudfish Pokémon.

“Qua, quag,” (Duh, water fun,) the Pokémon responded as it doused her with water as Rui had instructed it to do, causing the woman to shriek.

“AAAAAA! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT MY CLOTHES THEY ARE RUINED-” Venus screamed, when Quagsire managed to recall Rui mention the word mud to him before she had left. Quagsire liked mud, and so decided to share this fact with Venus.

She was none too pleased.


Andrew frowned as a few minutes later he came into the room and heard a strange sobbing noise. Jogging down the set of stairs before him with a number of other policemen in tow, he found a rather happy Quagsire standing in front of a crying woman howling at the Pokémon, her clothes full of dirt and water. She then tried to slap the Quagsire only for it to slap her back. She then gazed at the men.

“Oh, my fans, my fans...” she whispered. “You’ll save Venus, won’t you? Won’t you!?”

“...I think we better arrest her just to be safe,” Andrew ordered to a couple of the policemen who nodded, while the rest followed Andrew onwards.

“Well damn, he was right,” Andrew muttered as he came into sight of Wes, Rui and Sherles doing battle against a Suicune in what appeared to be an underground train station. They had managed to corner the beast – a small Plusle was hopping up and down rapidly with excitement, while an Alakazam was throwing an array of spoons at the Suicune and a Feraligatr attacking from afar with jets of water, forcing the Suicune to remain in said corner in order to avoid being hit.

“Get to it,” Sherles barked as he noticed the arrival of people, prompting them to throw a large array of Net Balls above the Suicune – at once nets came out of the capsules and ensnared the Pokémon. The Suicune struggled to run off but fell down, and decided to make do with lying still save for some heavy breathing and glaring angrily at everyone.

“Excellent... good work, men,” Sherles said, wiping his brow before recalling his Pokémon.

“We did it!” Rui beamed happily, recalling the Plusle as well before turning to Andrew. “Did my Quagsire stop Venus?”

Andrew nodded. “Yeah, if by Venus you mean that woman crying loudly about being wet- hey, who’s in the train!?” he suddenly shouted in alarm.

“Well, Tom is...oh,” Wes said as he turned to look – through the windows they could see a puzzled Tom stumbling about as the train started moving suddenly.

“Tommy no likey choo choo!” they heard him cry as the train departed from sight.

“Well, I guess maybe it was a bit too much to hope that everything would have gone down smoothly,” Sherles said at length.


And so concludes the battle with Venus! Hope you enjoyed, please comment, yadda yadda yadda. Time to show how this relates to the game!

UFO - I'm not sure who in Genius Sonority was responsible for thinking that having a UFO as a transportation an underground town...was a particularly sane idea, but I guess that went out the window when they designed Miror B's afro and Gonzap's eyebrows anyway. This thing takes you forward, right, left, up and down thanks to the very imaginatively named F-Disk, R-Disk, etc. You insert it in a machine and walk onto the UFO and it takes you to the other side of the gorge that splits The Under in two. For storyline purposes you only need to be able to go to the 'right' - forward takes you to the Colosseum and a bunch of NPCs, left nets you the fantastical GOLDEN TEETH item (because copy-pasting the Old Warden sub-quest from RBY/FRLG with some old guy with an Amulet coin is a great idea, GS!), up gets you a bonus time flute and down is for post game stuff including rebattles with bosses. Considering Miror B is a boss the D-Disk is the best disk ever.

Hideout building -'s not much of a hideout at all frankly and mostly serves as the place where Venus has her television show filmed. There's some items and a set of stairs that takes you to underneath the Colosseum.

Wes and Rui, sitting in a tree... - this is actually canonical! Maybe not the kiss but the fact that they like each other at any rate. NPCs constantly comment on it (using terms like 'lovebirds' as early as Phenac City!), and an Admin at one point in the game even comments on the fact they walk in 'hand in hand'. Considering this is hence the only real Pokmon ship that is basically canonical for a game (not counting the spinoffs I have not played in case they also have it) and it makes sense, it's one of the few ships out there I agree with.

Venus - she's not quite as dimwitted in the games in that she does recognise Wes, I'll admit, but she certainly cares a lot about her image (her 'wants to battle animation' if memory serves involves her twirling around in her dress to boot) and isn't bright either, which does beg the queestion 'why is she an admin'... All her Pokemon appeared (if briefly with some) in the chapter here - amusingly the Steelix's animation is to HOVER IN THE AIR.

Let's just think about that in the moment - STEELIX HOVERS. WHY.

Anyways her battle style involves status effects - namely, Attract. Guess what - if you use Umbreon and Espeon which are always males in the game... Other then that she is not too hard as long as you can cover her somewhat varied team... and then she throws Suicune at you. Hurrah for another shadow legendary! You can snag it if you're lucky (Net Balls which are available not long before this moment come in very useful as a note and were hence used by the Police here).

Cipher grunts - here's a case why Venus is not that smart - she battles you and allows her legendary to get snagged...instead of just calling up these guys to help out in the first place. They do get used though eventually - upon losing the battle Venus runs off and uses them to slow you down in the lift-stairs part - she takes the lift and you are forced to go after her the long way and battle them one by one.

That one guy - the person Tom shouted at as he chased Venus? He's in the game as a minor NPC wondering when Venus will give him his Shadow Pokemon. Not an interesting NPC.

Train Station - yay underground train station. When you get there Venus is nowhere to be found leaving you to explore the train which is full of cages, science stuff, computers and whatnot. Once you leave the train though Venus shows up and taunts you about you not being able to use the train and whatnot and then runs off, gone for good. (Although not in the chapter because police force and Quagsire, yay).

Another reason why Venus is stupid? She manages to drop the key to the train system as she escapes. Well done, Venus, well done. A winner is you. The difference here is that Tom drives off by himself, and we'll see what happens with him next chapter.

As a minor note, one of the ads was a reference to Telefang ie 'Pokemon Diamond/Jade', of which I have recently been doing a Let's Play of - it is full of delightful engrish such as that. =p An-chan of PC and other places came up with the ad and here it is slightly edited.

Also, Duncan wishes to teach you a word. (He also suggests checking out that Surviving the World site for it is pretty cool).

Relevant Advertising!

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Umbreon considered making a comment about dropping eggs from such a height but upon noticing Espeon’s angry glare in response to the idea he thought better of it.
It won’t be a pretty sight if you do that, Umbreon. *shakes head*

“Sponsors love money! Why not donate today?” the UFO suddenly exclaimed.
NO! D<

“Umbre...” (Oh look, a door...) Umbreon noted as he gazed to the side. A shabby building with a metal roller-door and brown paint peeling off of it greeted the group. Next to it hung a dull chain which seemed to serve as the mechanism for opening the door.

“Esp,” (People are inside,) Espeon noted with a sharp hiss, staring intently at the door. “Espeon,” (Possibly Cipher,) he noted.
Here you have “noted” repeated three times, which is a bit redundant. You can replace two of the “noted” to “said”.

“Well, I’m not sure I can put it in words that easily...well!” she suddenly piped up, and before Wes knew what happened she had kissed him.

“Well indeed,” he said at length.
You said you don’t do shipping, bobandbill? ;P This is very cute, though. :3

Say, Umbreon piped up suddenly as he softly walked back to Espeon’s hiding spot, does this mean they’d be doing that crazy dance anytime soon?

...What? Espeon managed with a frown, feeling the all-too-familiar sense of dread the odd conversation with his less intellectually-gifted brother would often bring – he would have quite the headache after such a discussion. Do you mean Wes and Rui, and regardless why would...? What dance?

Well isn’t that what humans do when they say they like each other? It’s the dance with the chicken imitation and whatnot!

Normally they kiss, seriously, what? Espeon thought in confusion. I don’t need to hurt my head any more after that UFO trip!
LOL When Umbreon said “crazy dance” I thought he meant sex, but haha he meant that dance.

Haha, the first part of the battle is great. Love Steelix there. Poor him, he just wants to talk about weather and finance (I wouldn’t mind having a finance discussion with him ). Espeon and Umbreon fighting over Delcatty is very funny and oh man, Quagsire owning the battle is just priceless.

The part inside the Under gotta love a surprise thud from a Vileplume. XD Also, yay more Tom!

The last part wee~ for Venus getting caught and also that Suicune being dealt with. Nice thinking, Sherles!

Overall, another awesome chapter there. Oi, the ads reminds me I need to read your Let's Play! D: I will get to it, eventually! Looking forward to the next chapter!
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"DOES YOUR LIFE FEEL? We have solution! People and e-monsters by thousand have been happy life with [Bomb]! For the clever opponent, injure increase! Today Get, Remember It!!"
I'm not quite sure what this product is, but I already know I must have it.

“Well, I’m not sure I can put it in words that easily...well!” she suddenly piped up, and before Wes knew what happened she had kissed him.

It's better than calling it 'Fluffy' I guess...

I don't even like talking about finance and I majored in the subject xD

(Kitty pretty...)
For the record, Persian is still the prettier kitty. Just thought I'd point that out.

Anything you say can be used against you and Batman in court
Guess Riddler's finally pressing charges for all those years of getting beat up...

Quagsire liked mud, and so decided to share this fact with Venus.

She was none too pleased.
I can think of another certain someone who wouldn't be pleased if something like that happened to her clothes... and you have three guesses as to who that person may be

“Tommy no likey choo choo!”
Actually, I rather likey riding choo choos. I certainly don't get to do it often enough.

Yay, new chapter! And a quite enjoyable one at that

Ah, the big showdown with Venus... or at least a shortened version of it. Though someone with a deep voice should never be saying "Plumy-pie" xD Interesting take on Venus' favored Attract move too... for once Makuhita doesn't instinctively pummel an opponent. Even if he did a number on Plumy-pie... And giant iron snakes just want to make casual conversation, lol delcatty, however, behaves exactly as you'd expect her to. And a rather unorthodox way of capturing Suicune, but if Entei is any indication it's doubtful Suicune would be all that helpful on Wes' team anyway. I have to wonder if Suicune would have actually returned to Venus if it hadn't been captured, though... it sounds kinda ditzy of her to say, "Just come back to me when you're finished beating those guys" but who knows - Shadow Pokemon might do exactly that.

Oh, Tom... the stories you could tell, if only you could speak coherently and you didn't try to tell them during critical missions xD But just let Tom drink the weird chemicals on the train... they couldn't possibly mess up his brain more than the alcohol does.

And yes, I am that fantastically fantastic. Now I just need Venus' autograph and that bomb thingy they were advertising on the UFO to make my life complete.

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Time to reply finally, herp.
Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
It won’t be a pretty sight if you do that, Umbreon. *shakes head*
No, it would not. =(
Here you have “noted” repeated three times, which is a bit redundant. You can replace two of the “noted” to “said”.
Duly noted!...wait. ;p But yeah, changed that now, cheers.
You said you don’t do shipping, bobandbill? ;P This is very cute, though. :3
Already explained over the chat but yeah, still not a shipper myself. =p But given how the game goes about it... well, it wouldn't be right to leave it out tbh imo.
LOL When Umbreon said “crazy dance” I thought he meant sex, but haha he meant that dance.
Yes, he most certainly meant that dance, not sex. =p
Haha, the first part of the battle is great. Love Steelix there. Poor him, he just wants to talk about weather and finance (I wouldn’t mind having a finance discussion with him ). Espeon and Umbreon fighting over Delcatty is very funny and oh man, Quagsire owning the battle is just priceless.

The part inside the Under gotta love a surprise thud from a Vileplume. XD Also, yay more Tom!

The last part wee~ for Venus getting caught and also that Suicune being dealt with. Nice thinking, Sherles!

Overall, another awesome chapter there. Oi, the ads reminds me I need to read your Let's Play! D: I will get to it, eventually! Looking forward to the next chapter!
Glad you enjoyed those parts, and thanks again for the usual prompt review! =D
Originally Posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ View Post
I'll keep that in mind!
I'm not quite sure what this product is, but I already know I must have it.
It's quite literally a [Bomb]. ;p
I don't even like talking about finance and I majored in the subject xD
That's pkay, Bay can talk to the Steelix even more now. =p
I can think of another certain someone who wouldn't be pleased if something like that happened to her clothes... and you have three guesses as to who that person may be
I probably only need one. ;p

Yay, new chapter! And a quite enjoyable one at that

Ah, the big showdown with Venus... or at least a shortened version of it. Though someone with a deep voice should never be saying "Plumy-pie" xD Interesting take on Venus' favored Attract move too... for once Makuhita doesn't instinctively pummel an opponent. Even if he did a number on Plumy-pie... And giant iron snakes just want to make casual conversation, lol delcatty, however, behaves exactly as you'd expect her to. And a rather unorthodox way of capturing Suicune, but if Entei is any indication it's doubtful Suicune would be all that helpful on Wes' team anyway. I have to wonder if Suicune would have actually returned to Venus if it hadn't been captured, though... it sounds kinda ditzy of her to say, "Just come back to me when you're finished beating those guys" but who knows - Shadow Pokemon might do exactly that.
Glad you found it enjoyable then. =) Agreed nobody should say that, and well I guess it works both ways - it did head back after her (but if it wouldn't have rampaged itself is another matter) and Venus is pretty ditzy. =p
Oh, Tom... the stories you could tell, if only you could speak coherently and you didn't try to tell them during critical missions xD But just let Tom drink the weird chemicals on the train... they couldn't possibly mess up his brain more than the alcohol does.

And yes, I am that fantastically fantastic. Now I just need Venus' autograph and that bomb thingy they were advertising on the UFO to make my life complete.
Tom tries at least I suppose. Anyways thanks again for the review too!

And glad you are also finding it entertaining, valhike, even if your review was against the FF&W rules. =p
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Oh look a chapter.

Beta-read by Chris the Com.


Chapter 21 - Lab of Shadows

Tom began his sixteenth attempt at convincing the train to stop moving so fast and noisily, but yet again had little success. No matter how many times he waved his empty bottle of beer or sung obscure national anthems, the train continued on its way as it rattled loudly through the dark tunnel and paid the man no heed. Giving up for a few minutes, he decided to sit down and contemplate, gazing at the spinning ceiling as he did so.

Tommsy no this likes, he concluded, before getting back to his feet bursting into a fresh chorus of what he believed to be Orre’s anthem.

“Orreeyly lorely oll... nots versy guds bit wezz still tornsings, sos lots of sandys cactsis groaning-”

Suddenly the train came to a shrieking halt which sent Tom flying down the carriage. As he staggered to his feet he peered outside, wondering if the train had objected to this particular tune. He noticed that the train had also chosen to stop at a station that looked rather similar to the other one, with two men standing by a doorway. Thinking that he should go ask if they had a spare drink with them, he stumbled out of the train towards them, bursting into fresh song.

“Strange, Bill, I would have thought that nobody was due to come here,” one of the men said quietly to the other as they noticed the newcomer’s footsteps; they were unable to see Tom clearly from their side of the train. He frowned – he had been having a most enthralling conversation with his colleague about the intricacies of making sandwiches with limited supplies in dangerous situations. They did not have much to talk about after all, being the typical Cipher guards told to guard an empty train station for a surprisingly decent wage. The two were pretty low on the Cipher ladder and hence knew little about what actually went on in the lab save the essentials, and had already exhausted far more normal topics three weeks ago.

“No... wait a second, Bob, I believe that’s an intruder there,” the other replied. “Only one person and we’d have heard if it was Venus by now.”

“Oh, so it seems, Bill,” Bob replied, scratching his head.

“...And...andy OORRREEY isss coolyes inds...stuffys,” Tom hiccupped as he drew closer.

“Well, what are we to do?” Bill continued. “He could be armed! He sounds crazy! And we were told not to let anybody into the lab!”

“And if we let him in we could lose our jobs,” Bill said thoughtfully.

“Good point, Bill.”

“Thank you, Bob.”

“Soss says Issy... whosvers i’s ams. Nots jimmys, I nots likes jimmymans!” Tom declared to himself, still in a sing-song manner.

“Quick, run – we’ll blow up the entrance!” Bob said, and with that the two sprinted through the doorway. Confused, Tom continued to follow slowly, only to fall over again as a sudden explosion rocked the ground. He got up after a minute and peered in – the room in front of him was scorched an ugly black and split in two, with the two other men on the other side of the newly created gorge.

“...Oh, he’s just a drunkard,” Bill stated, noticing the beer bottle in Tom’s hand.

“Sumpitles!” Tom shouted as he wandered back onto the train, deciding that when things like this happened it was usually better to just go to sleep and hope stuff had changed for the better when he woke up.

“So he was, Bob,” replied the other, covering his nose as they both retreated upstairs from the sharp smell left behind. They then shut the door behind them and looked around – thankfully nobody had been in that part of the building to really notice anything; all the researchers were likely still in the adjacent building hard at work.

“So I guess blowing up this whole room was a bit over the top, wouldn’t you say?”

“But it did its job in keeping him out, I suppose.”

“That it did.”

“So I take it we’re not telling Ein about this?”

“Agreed. Besides, he’s taking a nap or something, the crazy scientist. A week without sleep would put you in a bad state even with a lot of coffee...”

A pause followed as they sat down.

“So, as I was saying, you’ve got to have cheese in there – sure, making it from scratch may not be easy when...”

Meanwhile, the group in The Under had retired back to the humble interior police station in Pyrite, albeit not the majority of the arrested Cipher Grunts. As they had run out of space in the normal jail cells they had resorted to chaining the new prisoners to the top of the building while a new temporary prison could be constructed, and gave each a piece of cardboard to protect themselves from the sun. They hadn’t been happy about the arrangement but stopped protesting when Sherles suggested that they perhaps preferred being given the Orre law treatment. It turned out that everyone had been rather fond of their left arm.

Venus however got her own private cell, although that didn’t cheer her up at all. She took to screaming for her fans to save her from such a grubby place and put her on a television show before she died of a lack of cherry-flavoured lipstick, until Rui had enough of her shouts disrupting any possible conversations and threatened to let Quagsire sit with her in the cell. This had also worked extraordinarily well.

Her Pokémon had been confiscated in case she tried to break out with her Steelix or other Pokémon of hers. The Suicune was also currently in a separate room until the police could purify it and figure out what to do with it afterwards. It hadn’t been very accommodating and had taken to blasting water at the faces of those who dared to step too close to it, so they decided to leave it entangled in the nets so it wouldn’t cause any more trouble beyond that.

Meanwhile Wes’ Pokémon had recovered from the battle effects of Attract. It took a good dose of food and in Umbreon’s case television, and Makuhita’s case anger management heaped upon Johnson to take their mind off the Delcatty initially, but afterwards they seemed to have forgotten about the cat Pokémon’s existence completely, bar Espeon who seemed somewhat embarrassed about the whole event. Johnson seemed the most relieved to see them make a full recovery.

The same could not be said for citizens of The Under who went into a huge withdrawal upon realising that Venus’ show was no longer airing, and later on that she had been removed from The Under completely. Much gnashing of teeth and wailings of ‘YOU’RE OUR VENUSSSS’ were shouted by all under her spell at inanimate objects, so Sherles had imposed a barrier around all lifts from Pyrite to The Under until they could replace the water supply, and brought The Under’s part of the Kids Grid to Pyrite for the time being. This in itself was appearing to be a fairly expensive and difficult operation given the lack of water resources the Orre region had outside of Phenac, and the surprising resistance the people of Phenac City were putting up against the news they may not be able to run their water fountain for the next few weeks. However with no mayor remaining they didn’t have much choice – it appeared that he had left in the last few days, but to where was another question.

“So Sherles,” Wes said after all that had been taken care of, “what’s next?” He noticed Andrew silently glare at him as he walked off to do a routine check-up on the prisoners. Presumably he was none too happy about his quick acceptance by the remaining police force members but Wes tried to shrug it off.

“Well, we’re to launch an attack on the Shadow Lab we learnt about from the Kids Grid – we have its coordinates and so forth so hopefully we shall be able get in without too much trouble. However I feel it would be foolish to assume it would be easy, so again I’m assigning as much force as we can afford to move in.” Sherles then sighed as he stared at papers of notes, many of them detailing trivial matters such as how the cost of soap was being affected by their progress. “We’re not far now, but there’s still too many questions.”

Suddenly a man burst into a room, panting heavily. All turned to look at this newcomer – Wes quickly noted his ridiculous get-up which consisted of purple magician-esque clothing complete with cape and bow-tie.

“Where’s my darling Suicune!?” he shouted at them. His eyes darted back and forth as he looked frantically around the room.

“Ah, who are you?” Sherles said, standing up to greet him.

“Are you Suicune in disguise?” he continued to yell, clearly distressed.

“Umbreon...” (Why is he here...) Umbreon asked quietly, already disapproving of the man as Sherles quickly reassured him that he was not Suicune in disguise.

“Esp Espeon-espi,” (I take it Sherles has asked this person to come to clear up some plot points-er, give more info on Suicune,) Espeon offered.

“But I didn’t,” Sherles replied to Espeon.

“Esp.” (Oh.)

“However, I suppose I have to ask you – how do you know that we have a Suicune? We’ve been keeping that piece of news away from the reporters as well...” Sherles asked the man.

“Oh, I always know where Suicune is,” he said mysteriously with a wide grin. “But never fear! I merely wish to... gaze upon it.”

“He scares me,” Rui said quietly to Wes who nodded his agreement.

“Maybe you’d like some éclairs,” Johnson offered.

“Are they shaped like Suicune?” the man asked. Johnson gazed at the pastries.

“They look more like...just like éclairs, actually...”

“Okay... well I take it you would know a lot about Suicune then, as well as the other two members of the Johto legendary beast trio?” Sherles asked.

“Pah, who cares about the other two! I specialise in Suicune! It’s the most graceful!” he boasted.

“Maybe that is so, but we’d like information on them nonetheless. Orre’s resources on such legendary Pokémon are quite limited so I thought you’d be able to give us some useful information, and Entei is in our possession too and Raikou is likely in the region too. We’ve... had to rescue them, you see.”

“Well, let’s see,” he said softly, sitting down as he adjusted his bowtie. At the moment Andrew returned and gave another look of irritation at the loud newcomer who had ended up in his seat.

“Who the heck are you?” Andrew asked.

“Eusine, at your service,” Eusine replied with a grin. “Here, have my business card,” he added as he conjured one out of thin air into his gloved hands and gave it to the bewildered policeman. Andrew looked at him before glancing at the card – it was covered in sparkles and a poorly drawn image of Eusine and Suicune with the phrase ‘best friends’ written messily below it.

“Anyway! I have done many years of research upon them after all. It’s said there’s only one of each ofthem around at any one time but that’s not so clear, but what is certain is that even if there are more than one of each, their number is few. In brief, the first record of these three Pokémon details how they died in a fire caused by a thunderstorm in a famous tower, now known as the Burnt Tower of Ecruteak. However Ho-oh, the legendary phoenix of Johto, was said to have brought them back to life during the incident while rain had put out the fire. Raikou, the Electric Pokémon was also granted the power of electricity – from the lightning strike – Entei became the Fire legendary, and Suicune the water legendary due to the rain from the storm. Suicune is said to roam the country-”

“So essentially they became legendary from the incident?” Wes asked, receiving a nod in reply.

“Mind you this is legend in itself, but there are certain things that seem to point to it – for instance they have often returned to the Burnt Tower by themselves,” Eusine explained.

“All right then, knowing how they could have gotten here would be also useful information to have as well,” Sherles prompted. “After all, if they are native to Johto...”

“That’s a good question. Although they can be fast enough to run on water – Suicune has done so itself many times in front of my eyes – I doubt they travelled an entire ocean to get here. There’s little reason after all, so I suspect that someone simply captured them in Johto or thereabouts and then they were brought here. It is not uncommon for thieves to search them out for a price to collectors or whatnot, but none have as divine a cause as myself!”

“And... what cause is that?” Rui asked in confusion.

“Quiet! My Suicune senses are tingling!” Eusine shouted as he charged off into the prison cells. An elated shout followed a moment later.

“Well he most certainly likes Suicune...” Wes muttered as they followed the man. They found him grinning at Suicune’s cell, and Suicune giving a look of uncertainty back at him, seemingly recognising the man.

“Oh, they have tainted you! I sense that you are not quite right...” Eusine said sadly after a moment.

“Well... that’s true too, but how can you tell?” Rui asked, wondering if he could see an aura like herself.

“Ah, well I have encountered Suicune many times before, and something... just feels off about it now,” Eusine said as he scratched his head, as Rui sighed slightly. “But we can perform a simple test!” he continued. “May someone fetch me a cup of water? Make sure it’s not clean by the way,” he added.

“Johnson, fetch a clean glass of water please,” Sherles said as the officer ran off.

“But I said....” Eusine said, but a moment later Johnson had returned with water with a green tinge to it and a few specks of dirt floating about in it.

“Sorry about the water, but-” Johnson began before Eusine cut him off.

“Well... anyway! This should likely be a good test,” the man said before holding the cup to Suicune’s face through the cell bars, who growled for a moment before its crest glowed a lighter blue for a brief moment. Eusine then retrieved the water – somehow it had become a more unpleasant green colour with an unpleasant smell to it.

“Ah, that proves it then! You see, Suicune will travel far and wide in search of water to purify – but now Suicune has done the exact opposite to this water and made it dirtier!”

“All right, I suppose that’s enough for now – we have something to attend to,” Sherles said with a smile.

“I’ll stay here then,” Eusine said quickly, and upon seeing that the man was content with just watching the great beast the Sheriff motioned to the rest to return to the office.

“Well he certainly solved one mystery for us,” he said when they got there.

“And that is?” Wes asked.

“Well, if the Shadow version of Suicune doesn’t purify water but makes it bad instead, then how do you suppose Cipher went about tainting the water supply in The Under? That, and given the fact Venus’ Pokémon all know Attract, including a ghost Pokémon and another known for producing many perfumes and potions from its flower...”

“Wow, that...actually does explain how they brainwashed the town then,” Wes said. “I suppose that gave Suicune a good use to them then, although I can’t imagine they knew about that before acquiring that Pokémon...”

“Well perhaps it was discovered when they were made into Shadow Pokémon,” Sherles said. “I hope they don’t have Ho-oh though as that legendary sounds like another to be linked to the Johto beasts. I’ll ask him more about it later. Anyways, that strange fellow was likely on to something as well with saying people may had been hired for a price to acquire it from such a distant region – because we know one person who would have had the money to purchase such Pokémon.”

“Who?” came the inevitable question from Johnson. “Was it you?”

“...No, Johnson, it wasn’t me,” Sherles said with a sigh.


“No, the more likely answer is the Mayor himself,” Andrew said as he banged his head against a wall.

“So that means he’s been helping Cipher directly if so...” Wes mused.

“Thing is, he has vanished and we don’t know where he is. Maybe he’s at that Shadow Lab though which is our next port of call – news of our attack on The Under will likely spread quickly no thanks to these reporters and so it’s better we investigate that sooner rather than later.”

“And how soon is that?” Wes asked.

“Why, I suppose now is as good a time as any,” Sherles replied. “Duking can be in charge while I’m off. I take it you’ll be coming with us?”

“Yes,” Wes and Rui replied in unison. Sherles smiled before he walked outside to begin giving orders with the ever-loyal Johnson rushing behind him to help out, as the two grinned at each other’s simultaneous answers.

“Aww, young love,” Andrew drawled before he huffed and made to leave himself.

“Wait a moment there,” Wes said, frowning. “I can’t say I exactly like you but what is your issue with me in the first place?”

“Oh, just a few things, like you lucking out against a criminal organisation being the reason I’ve had to leave home to help out this... terribad region, and you being the reason that I’ve had to have Johnson talk to me excessively,” Andrew said angrily. “Heck, he asked me sixteen times about which way the toilet water spins. Sixteen! I counted because it was the only way for me to keep sane without my brain exploding from that man’s inanity,” he spat sarcastically. “And you were the one to tell him to do just so!”

“...Okay, although I don’t think you should blame me for the former, I’ll admit that the latter was pretty low of me,” Wes admitted.

“Yeah, it was,” Rui said as she lightly punched Wes in the arm who winced slightly.

“But at any rate... I don’t like it and I think I’ve made enough enemies in Cipher and Team Snagem, so is there any way I can make it up to you?” Wes asked in a doubtful voice.

Andrew looked at the teenager and thought for a moment before smiling sadistically. “Well I suppose there is one thing that’ll go some way...”

“I don’t like that smile,” Wes said uncertainly.


Meanwhile, as Dakim continued his training on the art of attacking people with chairs with what remained of the Cipher grunts in the main headquarters, his class was briefly interrupted as a window shattered from high above, followed shortly by the crashing of electronics by the group.

“Man, what was that?” Dakim said as he poked at the smouldering mess.

“That appears to be Nascour’s new television,” someone else answered. “Or was.”

“So I take it he heard more bad news just now?” another queried.

“STUPID VENUS! STUPID POLICE! STUPID...EVERYTHING!” was suddenly shouted from above before another object flew out.

“And there goes his computer too,” muttered a third.

“Man,” Dakim said, shaking his head.


A few hours later as he made his way behind the rest of the police force’s convoy to the Cipher lab, Wes was regretting his offer to make up for his previous grievances to Andrew, and was desperately looking forward to arriving at their destination. He could see a set of gray buildings far into the distance and it was only a matter of time until they got there, but every minute taken to get there felt like an eternity to him.

“Say Wes,” Johnson said from the side seat in the Zoomer, “what way do you think toilet water spins?”

“I knew that it was a stupid idea to agree to have to travel with Johnson for the rest of the time he spent in Orre,” Wes muttered darkly under his breath.

Luckily for him a few minutes later they arrived at their destination. Wes parked his vehicle by the others and eagerly jumped out as Johnson tried to figure out how to use his seat belt.

“Enjoy the trip?” Andrew said to him, unable to resist a grin.

“Shut up,” Wes mumbled. Rui however decided to ignore the two’s bickering and instead observed the building.

“So, how do we get in?” Rui said.

All turned to see why she would ask such a question and were greeted with the sight of fencing composed of light-blue lasers shimmering in the desert sunlight.

“Well it turns out they’re pretty well guarded here,” Sherles remarked gruffly. “It’s not very high but I don’t think any of us can jump over it or anything with ease... maybe we’d need to use our Pokémon to get over but that would be a timely operation in itself- JOHNSON GET THE HECK AWAY FROM THERE!” Sherles barked, but Johnson was too busy inspecting the fence for himself.

“I wonder if it’s hot?” Johnson said as he walked into the fence only to find himself on the other side, remarkably unaffected.

“...Don’t tell me,” Rui said faintly, “that those lasers are fake...”

“I...suppose they are,” Sherles said as he passed his wallet through the fence as well to confirm that Johnson hadn’t simply defied physics with his stupidity.

“It’s almost a pity they were fake,” Andrew remarked.

“I guess Johnson’s idiocy can be useful on these raids at times,” Sherles said with a shrug.

“Hey, is anyone home?” Johnson yelled as he knocked on the door of the lab. He then caught sight of a security camera and began waving at it happily. “Hey Sherles, I think I’ll be on TV!” he shouted back, beaming.

“Forget that I said that,” Sherles continued.


Chaos filled the lab as news filtered through the ranks that the police had shown up, and even more so when two guards hired by Cipher revealed that they had ‘accidentally’ blown up the sole route to the underground station. The scientists ran about in a frenzy as the Cipher agents argued over who should be in the front line to try and fight off the police force.

Unsurprisingly, the racket woke up Ein who stepped out of his room to find the lab in a mass panic. He yawned as he frowned at the anarchy.

“What’s going on?” he shouted at the room. “I wanted some sleep and I find all of you having a rave party instead of doing work!”

“Doom, doom, all is doomed!” a researcher shouted as he ran about in circles.

“Quiet, you,” Ein said as he slapped the man, the sound echoing around the complex – a few took notice and then more noticed those; within a mere moment all had quietened down.

“Now, what’s going on?” Ein repeated slowly.

“Okay, in short, we’ve been found out,” one person mumbled. “The police are outside and they already realised the laser fence is fake.”

“Hmm, I knew that we shouldn’t have cut corners on defence but we did need more funds on the project itself,” Ein replied bitterly. “So what’s the-”

“And the route to the underground train system has been blocked off,” another added.

“But why is-” Ein began before he was cut off by the PA system suddenly playing extremely loud, upbeat music comprised mostly of a piano tune.

“What the heck is Miror B up to now?” Ein shouted.

“I thought he knew about the attack, but I guess-”

“Never mind that now then, just turn it off! You lot have electric types, so get to protecting this room with them then if you have any sense. Light Screens and electricity should do for a while to hold them off. Meanwhile I’ll get to trying to erase this data before I’ll give the signal for retreat – we can at worst make our own path to the train,” he added as he retreated to his room. As the researchers began to organise themselves however, he mused.

And by ‘we’, I mean me, but I don’t think the fools need to know that.


“Good, that’ll distract them! I’m sure of it,” Miror B smiled as he inserted the CD into the system. “Ah, and one of my favourite tunes as well! But maybe I should choose this tune instead... or maybe-”

“I suppose, but shouldn’t you just make your escape now?” Skrub said.

“Ah yes, escape is a fine idea,” sang Miror B as he continued to dance towards the exit before stopping midway. “Wait a moment, you said you instead of we!”

“Well, it has been good meeting you and all,” Skrub began, deliberately choosing to leave out how his constant playing of music and insistence to teach him how to tango had got on his nerves a bit, “but I’ve a good reason to stay behind – I need to have one last shot at someone seeing as I saw them with the police force from that video footage.”

“And who is that?” Miror B asked.

“Wes. I can blame him for my demotion after all seeing my loss to him is the reason for it. I don’t care much about being caught by the police as I figure I will be in the end anyway – Cipher’s doomed anyhow now. I just want to battle him again and hopefully win this time – he’s the cause of my own downfall. And maybe I’ll still be able to escape afterwards and walk back to headquarters via the same route.”

“Ah, that fellow,” Miror B frowned. “I didn’t realise he was here and I suppose that’s all the more reason to get out of here. I wish you luck for he is a mighty battler indeed who has proved himself worthy of battling to my beat! I’ll put in a good word for you if I can as agreed should you be caught, be sure of that!” With that the two shook hands before Miror B continued to dance off, radio in one hand and a bag of belongings in another as Skrub went in the opposite direction.

“Now, I hope everyone else didn’t go to the train as well~” Miror B sung to himself as he opened a door and walked down the stairs to the train station, only to stop as he saw what had happened to the room before him.

“Oh yeah... Well, that’s simply un-fabulous,” he said as he inspected the gorge in front of him. “But I don’t think that should stop me – come out, my lovelies!”

Two Ludicolo appeared and quacked musically at their man before they began to dance.

“Not just now, Ludicolo,” Miror B said with a grin. “Firstly we need to make a path! You can make a constant Water Gun attack on the opposite side of that gap there,” he instructed to one as he pointed at the point in question, “and you perform Icy Wind afterwards in the same direction.”

The two Pokémon quacked and obliged – as the first sprayed water from its mouth the other clapped its hands and spun around twice before exhaling a cold gust at the water jet, causing the water to promptly freeze. Within half a minute a makeshift bridge of ice had been made.

“Excellent; our very own bridge over troubled water!” Miror B sung as he slid across the new pathway. His two Ludicolo crossed over the gorge as well and then joined Miror B in a conga dance towards the train.

“So it’s just us!” Miror B said as he stepped inside, only to notice Tom sleeping upside-down.

“Okay, one passenger... what an unkempt hairstyle though!” Miror B frowned before checking his bag. “Ah yes, good thing I still have Folly and Trudly’s!” he exclaimed as he pulled out a fake afro in the same style as his and placed it on the man’s head.

“There, much more groovy!” he exclaimed as he then turned to the controls and pressed some buttons, sending the train on its way. “Now, my Ludicolo,” he said as he released his remaining Pokémon, “what say we turn this trip into a party train?”

The Ludicolo quacked happily in response.


“Why are Cipher having a party here?” Rui asked Wes as they entered the laboratory behind the group of police who had begun the battle. A bunch of nervous scientists and Cipher agents stood behind a barrier of electricity and Light Screens conjured up by an array of Magnemite, Magneton and Electrode, while Sherles begun directing the police force’s attacks against said barricade. Their army of Growlithe were forced to currently attack from afar as any that strayed to close were promptly shocked by stray sparks.

But what was out of place was the loud music playing throughout the building. And despite the situation, the music was strangely catchy.

“That’s a good question,” Wes said as he observed the battle, trying to decide the best place to join in. “If I were to hazard a guess...”

“There, this should override it!” one scientist sitting by a computer suddenly shouted as he typed away, only to cover his ears as the music was replaced by a loud, obnoxious siren instead. Everyone glared at him, including his own colleagues.

“Oh god no,” one shouted at him. “At least turn off the sound, don’t replace it with that!”

“But I can’t,” the former shouted back as he tried to further change the settings. “Whatever he did, he rigged it up pretty well... but maybe this will help us!”

“Well change it back!” one of the policemen shouted angrily.

“Or we’ll press extra charges for noise pollution!” Johnson added.

“How will the alarm help us!?” another scientist cried. “We’re the only ones who are going to hear it and we’re in trouble!”

“Fine,” the scientist shouted back before undoing his actions, only for a different song to begin playing. The Pokémon ceased their attacks as they looked at the speakers above their heads in puzzlement, as did their trainers.

You can dance, you can jive,
Having the time of your life,

“What the hell?” Andrew grumbled as all paused in the battle as they noticed the music as well, as Wes suddenly snapped his fingers.

“Only one person would play that sort of music here – Miror B!”

Ooh see that girl, watch that scene,
Dig in the dancing queen.

“What is he doing here then?” Rui exclaimed as the other policemen tried to ignore the music and resumed their Pokémon’s attacks on the barrier, fire colliding with the wall of light over and over with little effect. “And why is he playing music over the PA system?”

“Who knows but... well, we’ll worry about that later,” Sherles said as he observed the battle. “Firstly we need to get past this barrier in some other manner as we’re doing naught, but we’d need a Pokémon to be able to take electric attacks. Rui, I’d suggest you use your Quagsire...”

“Sure!” she said, releasing her Pokémon. Quagsire looked about before assuming his usual indifferent gaze, seemingly immune to the distraction of the music.

“Quagsire, go towards the barrier and knock it down,” Rui commanded. The Pokémon nodded and lumbered forward as Wes released four of his Pokémon as well.

“Makuhita, break the barrier but only when I say to do so. Espeon, Umbreon and Feraligatr, go in when the barricade is clear.”

“Makuhita!” (Why must strange music keep playing during battles?) Makuhita complained.

“Umbre...” (Now I want to dance...) Umbreon moaned. Meanwhile the opposing side had noticed the Quagsire begin striking at the barrier with his flippers, making it shake visibly. Panicked at the Pokémon’s apparent disregard for the danger and continually distracted by the music, they ordered their Pokémon to focus their electric attacks upon it only to quickly realise it was immune due to its typing.

They weren’t quick enough however.

“Right, Makuhita – Brick Break the barrier yourself!” Wes commanded.

Dancing queen, feel the beat of the tambourine, oh yeah...

“Maku Hita!” (Tambourines can die!) the Fighting Pokémon shouted as he charged forward and struck the barrier himself, shattering it out of existence. A wave of Pokémon from their side followed as the police responded to Makuhita's success, now with no barrier to stop them from continuing their assault. The pack of Growlithe swarmed the rest, delivering fire attacks with remarkable precision. Umbreon and Espeon moved forward and began their own attacks on an Electrode and quickly took it down, while Feraligatr crept up on an unsuspecting Cipher grunt and held him up high above the ground.

“Please don’t hurt me,” the man whispered as he stared in fear. Feraligatr glared back before shrugging.

“Fera!” (Sure!) he said as he lowered the man down. He sighed with relief, only for Makuhita to run past and deliver an almighty punch to the unfortunate man, before nodding his thanks to the Feraligatr.

“Bring me back up bring me back up!” the man cried.

“Right, splitting up time!” Sherles shouted as a few researchers decided to hide underneath desks in a desperate bid to avoid being arrested as others tried to bravely fight on, before quickly giving up and running off into separate rooms, leaving the rest of their comrades behind. “Take a corridor and make sure we’ve got everyone! Rui, I’ll need you to identify any Shadow Pokémon we find here from these people, so I suggest you stay here – no need for you to go running off after all.”

Makuhita cheered and punched a chair before running off in search of more people to whack about. Wes noticed the Pokémon run down a corridor while he punched every door he passed and decided to give chase, as he recalled his other Pokémon.

“I’ll be back soon!” he called.


As the assault continued, another smaller police presence was currently searching in the midst of Eclo Canyon for the remainder of Team Snagem, and in particular their leader Gonzap. This was proving to be more annoying than they had anticipated as it turned out that the members not yet caught knew their surroundings far better than them and hence were able to avoid their investigations thus far. They would have thought that there had been nobody left in the area if not for the fact that they were pelted with objects such as stones and pieces of metal and on one occasion, eggs from above.

That had been a particularly unpleasant encounter.

The leader of the group however was sure that now they had them as they advanced towards a cave they suspected was their hideout. They had ruled out every other likely possibility and furthermore their Growlithe had picked up their tracks.

“Yes, that has to be them,” he said with more than a hint of pride in his voice to the others as he peeked around a corner. “I can see the minute yet tell-tale signs that this must be their current hideaway!”

“And what are those?” one asked.

“Well for one, there’s a banner stating that ‘Team Snagem are teh best’ outside that cave,” he replied.

“Not very minute but I suppose it’s a sign all right.” The rest then made formation and waited a moment before sprinting into the cave and sending out their Growlithe to enable them to see in the dark via their fire abilities.

“Surrender, Team Snagem!” the leader shouted triumphantly as they ran. “This is the police, and you are completely surroun-AAAAAA!” he suddenly screamed as the ground beneath him and the rest of his team gave way and they fell into a deep pit. Muttering darkly to himself as the others moaned in pain and picked themselves out of the muddy bottom, the leader looked up to find only a sole Growlithe had avoided the trap as it peered back at him.

“Go... go get help,” he said as he wiped mud off his face. The Pokémon nodded and started to run off, only to promptly return to sight and look at the leader again.

“No, you can have a treat afterwards,” he replied firmly.

The Pokémon began to whine in protest before suddenly yelping as a boot appeared from behind it and sent it into the pit. After checking that the dog was alright, the policeman turned back to find himself looking up at Gonzap and a number of Team Snagem grunts.

“...Hello there,” he said weakly.

“I see our time spent digging that up was worth the effort! For you see, I think you’re the ones surrounded now,” Gonzap laughed. The other grunts began to laugh too before Gonzap turned around.

“Quiet, it’s my turn to laugh!” he said. They fell quiet before Gonzap sighed.

“Never mind, you ruined this fine moment anyway for me. At any rate,” he continued, now addressing the police again, “I wouldn’t worry too much about being caught,” he said, unable to help but smile.

“...Why is that?” one policeman asked.

“Well you see, it’s simple! Why, it’ll even largely benefit you! You stop chasing up – leave us be, release the rest of our team members, what have you – and we won’t hurt you much!”

“That hardly sounds fair,” another muttered.

“No, it probably doesn’t, but you’re in the pit and I’m not,” Gonzap said.

“He has a point,” another Team Snagem member added.

“Besides...” Gonzap continued after glaring at his member to silently convey to him to let him do the talking, “we’re willing to also do one other thing.”

“And that is...?”

“We’ll show you where Cipher’s main headquarters are. Oh, you’ll kick yourself for not having found it yet!”


Skrub sighed as he stared at the security system upon a door leading to a room that Ein was in currently. He had caught sight of him and told him to help one of the scientists lock the door as means of a barrier between him and the police force outside. He didn’t dare ignore him then and there to blow his cover, but it was wasting precious time he didn’t have to spare.

“Why are we basing the password on these DNA samples we took of the Shadow Pokémon?” he asked the person who was furiously fumbling through a catalogue of said samples.

“WHO CARES JUST INPUT SOMETHING IN IT IT’S THE FIRST THING I THOUGHT OF!” he screamed as he threw a bunch of tubes at the former. Skrub sighed as he caught some and began entering in data as Dancing Queen continued to play.

“Man, we’re so doomed!” the scientist continued. “The police are approaching like a big...doom thing and we’ll never hold them off! I should have listened to my mother and just worked in the toothpaste industry!”

“Shut up,” Skrub said as he finished setting up a password.

“AAAAAAAAAA!” the other person continued to scream.

“Will you can it? It’s bloody distracting!” Skrub shouted angrily at the other, before he realised why he had been yelling - a Makuhita had suddenly turned up and had begun pounding the scientist with great delight. Noticing the Pokémon seemed too preoccupied to notice him, he quickly jumped around the corner and lay still as he glanced around it.

“What the...wait, I remember you,” Skrub said uneasily to himself quietly.

“Hita hita!” (You’re fun to punch!) Makuhita grinned at the scientist.

“Oh...there you are,” Wes said as he came running up the corridor a few seconds later, panting. “Good work, Makuhita, but I think you’ve had enough punching hapless people today.” Makuhita scowled at this news as Skrub quickly thought things out in his mind.

Can I actually do this? I mean...his Makuhita seems stronger than before and so his other Pokémon must also be of similar strength. I’ve still only got the Pokémon I used against him the last time around. And come to think of it, I’d rather not get punched like that poor guy.. in the open maybe I’d risk it, but in this tight space and all with the chance of someone else coming around to help him... The Cipher peon glanced at the man lying on the floor.

“My arm isn’t meant to bend like thaaaaat,” he moaned.

Yep, definitely not. However...

“Let’s go on further first and see what’s in this room before coming back then,” Wes said to his Pokémon as he walked in. “Maybe there’s something of note here?”

Watching Wes and Makuhita walk deeper into the room, Skrub seized his chance and sprang to the door and slammed it shut before locking it. Wes quickly turned around and walked to the door, frowning as he found himself unable to open it, and further still as Makuhita punched it unsuccessfully. Skrub meanwhile laughed to himself as he began running for the subway.

Haha, that’ll do nicely – that door’s hard to break. I can’t have my rematch yet against him, but at least I’ll get out of here alive with some more luck – I can always walk via the tracks. And furthermore, Wes can have some fun with the likes of Ein – if his battling prowess is anything to go by, he’ll give him a run for his money, no doubt. And Ein will have a hard time escaping himself!


Yay another 'end-it-before-an-admin-battle begins' ending ohohoho aren't I original. =p


The two Cipher Peons - they're unnamed in the game, but I went and named them after my username as a personal throwback to a comedy script I wrote ages back which involved two characters called (surprise surprise) Bob and Bill (which is what I based my username off when I discovered forums!). They're somewhat similar here compared to how they were there.

Their actions are also fairly similar to the game's version - they see you, panic, run off and blow up a room. No, really. It seems the game realised that it would be too easy for you to get into the lab that way so to stop you they explode an entire room. Apparently nobody else notices, but at least the cipher peons comment on how extreme their action was after doing so.

Eusine - not in the Colosseum game, but an amusing picture by a friend and my liking for the character complled me to put him in as a different way to info dump the stuff about Suicune and how Venus got everyone to worship her. =p Besides - given the Johto beasts usually run around Johto, they fact they suddenly turn up in Orre and all made me think someone had to notice this. Speaking of which, why they're in Cipher's possession is never explained, hence the bit about the speculation on them being imported over (I imagine one of those Pokemon Hunter groups would have been employed).

- Shadow Lab - protected by a fence made of light or lasers. Somehow. =/ Otherwise it's a boring building in the middle of the desert (but it looks decent on the inside), with a very unfitting but darn catchy theme. Seriously - this is the place where they make shadow Pokemon - you know, seal the doors to the hearts, make them evil, etc - yet the tune is so...upbeat! Surely only Miror B could be responsible for this.

And yet, as you near the end, a scientist after a battle goes and replaces it with an alarm. An annoying alarm that continues for the rest. An alarm that does nothing but annoy you. (For despite what he says, you can just walk out and nobody ever comes to help them when the alarm is on!) Probably the most annoying part of the game, that alarm.

All the scientists have Electrode or Magnemite/Magneton, which cipher peons have some more variation.

Password door - there really is a door in the lab leading to Ein which has a password based on DNA samples. =/ I presume they came from the Shadow Pokemon but... it's a weird combination for them to use!

Gonzap - he clearly knows where the cipher hideout is as he shows up there himself at one point. However given during Colosseum to XD he goes from working with Cipher to against them...he's already on that side himself. During the game he keeps trying to keep Team Snagem together as well.

Hope you enjoyed and all!
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As they had run out of space in the normal jail cells they had resorted to chaining the new prisoners to the top of the building while a new temporary prison could be constructed, and gave each a piece of cardboard to protect themselves from the sun.
@[email protected] I’m not liking that idea very much, haha.

“Ésp Espeon-espi,” (I take it Sherles has asked this person to come to clear up some plot points-er, give more info on Suicune,) Espeon offered.
Espeon sure keeps slipping stuff here and there, huh?

“I wonder if it’s hot?” Johnson said as he walked into the fence only to find himself on the other side, remarkably unaffected.

“...Don’t tell me,” Rui said faintly, “that those lasers are fake...”

“I...suppose they are,” Sherles said as he passed his wallet through the fence as well to confirm that Johnson hadn’t simply defied physics with his stupidity.
…brb, going to wonder how it’s possible to go through a fence like that. Wait, it’s fake? D:

“So it’s just us!” Miror B said as he stepped inside, only to notice Tom sleeping upside-down.

“Okay, one passenger... what an unkempt hairstyle though!” Miror B frowned before checking his bag. “Ah yes, good thing I still have Folly and Trudly’s!” he exclaimed as he pulled out a fake afro in the same style as his and placed it on the man’s head.
Hahahaha, I suddenly realize the reference there. Totally groovy. XD

Yay, Bob and Bill featured at the beginning of the first chapter! Awesome. And yes, making sandwiches is serious business. *nods*

Oh man, upon the description of “purple magician-esque clothing complete with cape and bow-tie” I knew Eusine is going for Suicune. XD Love his business card there—EUSINE AND SUICUNE, BFF. It’s a good thing Sherles told Johnson to get clean water or else the bumbling officer will definitely get one if the sheiff said dirty water instead, haha. Speaking of which, the mayor being gone for a while? Plot point, plot point!

I quite like the scene with Mirror B and his Ludicolo. They’re always great together, LOL. And yes, again love the part where Thomas Tom wears an afro there. I want to say pffffft though over Dancing Queen playing in the background. XD

So yeah, overall another great chapter here. Can’t wait for the next one!
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Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
@[email protected] I’m not liking that idea very much, haha.
Why joining Cipher is a bad idea. Remember it! ;p
Espeon sure keeps slipping stuff here and there, huh?
Yes, he does. I suppose being Psychic, he has...greater awareness than most.
Hahahaha, I suddenly realize the reference there. Totally groovy. XD
Very groovy. XD And it works by itself too!
Yay, Bob and Bill featured at the beginning of the first chapter! Awesome. And yes, making sandwiches is serious business. *nods*
Hurrah for you picking up on that. =) Bob and Bill are also great experts on sandwiches.
Speaking of which, the mayor being gone for a while? Plot point, plot point!
Yes, it is a plot point. A plot point in the game itself too! (For if you go to his house at that point he's nowhere to be seen).
I want to say pffffft though over Dancing Queen playing in the background. XD

So yeah, overall another great chapter here. Can’t wait for the next one!
Then say pffffft I'm not stopping you. =p And thanks again for the review, Bay!
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No more uni = hopefully faster chapter writing speeds! Let's test that out.

Beta read by Chris the Com.


Chapter 22 – The Scientist’s Stand

Wes frowned at the door and the person behind the cold glass window upon it, who was running off into a passageway while shouting in glee.

“All right, Makuhita, let’s worry about that later,” he said to the Fighting type who was slamming the steel door with his fists. The Pokémon shook his arms and glared at his inanimate opponent, noting the fact that his efforts only managed to make small dents. “Maybe Feraligatr can help you if there’s no other way out from here.”

“Makuhita!” (But I’m stronger!) Makuhita protested loudly as he gave the door one last strike and followed Wes. The trainer wandered around the room aimlessly as he pulled out his P*DA.

“Yes, hello, Sherles. It seems some Cipher grunt thought it would be fun to lock a door behind me,” Wes said to the machine. Makuhita looked at Wes and wondered how he was able to talk to someone else through such a thing without even having to punch it to make it work.

“Yes, I know, I didn’t exactly want to get trapped myself,” Wes continued to speak in a strained voice. “I’ll just check this place first and see if there isn’t another way out – if not then I’ll just break it down or call for assistance. Oh, hey, I found some stairs,” Wes added, half to himself as he proceeded to walk down. Makuhita bounded after him, jumping down one step at a time carefully like a small child trying to navigate her way around a playground.

“Maku...hita...” (Stupid steps... being bigger than me...) Makuhita muttered.

“Oh, found someone,” Wes announced as he reached the bottom of the steps. “Hey, no, don’t throw that at me! Makuhita, little help?” he added as the sound of glass slamming into the stairway followed. Makuhita looked up eagerly at the source to notice Wes dodging test tubes and vases coming from another man clad in white, who was running between rows of lab benches arranged neatly in the large room towards an elevator. Makuhita quickly surveyed the man before giving a startled shout.

“Ma! Ku!” (You! Stop!) Makuhita shouted as he jumped forward and promptly fell down the remaining steps. Growling at his increasingly annoying small stature, he turned around and punched the stairwell before advancing towards the escaping figure who was hurriedly pressing a button next to the elevator. A few seconds later the doors flew open.

“Hey, come back here!” Wes shouted at the vase-wielding man, noting to himself that he appeared to be another scientist with a strange spike of hair protruding from the front of his face.

“Oh, hello Wes! I didn’t expect to see you here!” Johnson called as he stepped out of the elevator. Wes blinked at the officer’s sudden presence, and the scientist also seemed surprised to have his escape route suddenly blocked off and slowly backed away.

“Oh, hello! Nice to meet you!” Johnson beamed as he walked towards the man and offered a handshake.

A short pause followed before his smile faded as the researcher struck him on the head with another urn, pushed him to the side and ran towards the elevator again. Makuhita however was ready by now and clapped his fists together before thrusting them forward in a swift movement, sending out a silver packet of air at the elevator system. The attack smacked into the elevator’s door controls just as the man reached them, which exploded in a shower of sparks and sent the elevator back up.

“That’s... pretty good work,” Wes said warmly to Makuhita, only to notice the scientist was now throwing four Poké Balls at him and Johnson instead of vases. Cursing silently to himself, he summoned some more of his own in his two Eeveelutions, Feraligatr and Yanma. As the other Pokémon appeared, Makuhita charged forwards haphazardly as he waved his fists around and shoved aside one of the lab benches to the side.

“MAKU!” (I WILL DESTROY YOU!) Makuhita yelled loudly as he charged forward at the man, only to be held back by Wes who hung on desperately to his arm.

“Why are you so angry?” Wes exclaimed. “Angrier than normal, anyway...” he added. He then looked at his other Pokémon and noticed that Feraligatr was also snarling at their opponent. Only Espeon and Umbreon were not seemingly outraged at the mere presence of the scientist before him, while Yanma merely continued to ramble to itself about the wonders of coffee and its own ability to fly faster than coffee.

“What’s going on there?” Sherles asked through the P*DA suddenly.

“Too quick for me, I see,” the man said to Wes softly as his Pokémon materialised in the form of two water and two flying types.

“Not now, I’ve got a battle going on! I’ll call back later!” Wes shouted at his P*DA before cancelling the call and turning the P*DA at the Pokémon in front of him. It confirmed one of them was a Golbat which he was already familiar with – it was hard not to recognise such a Pokémon whose mouth was nearly as big as its own body. “Johnson, get over here!” he added to the officer who ran over.

“He’s not very nice, is he?” Johnson asked as he rubbed his head. “Hit my head, he did!”

“Now’s not the time for complaining!” Wes shouted.

“It hurts like ouchie,” Johnson continued sadly.

“Golbat!” (I vant to suck vour blood!) the Golbat shouted at the group as his tongue hung out of his mouth and left a small puddle of drool on the ground.

Yep, definitely a Golbat, Wes thought as he looked at the other three Pokémon which he hadn’t seen before. The P*DA quickly informed him they were made up of a Huntail, Lanturn and Altaria, the former two remaining stationary on the floor given their unusual position of being out of water. They didn’t seem too fazed by that though, as upon their heads were strange pieces of equipment that resembled scuba diving gear. Glancing at the scientist, Wes decided it must have been made by him to allow his Pokémon to be able to breathe better outside of water.

“Go, Magikarp!” Johnson shouted as he sent out his Pokémon, which proceeded to flop about haphazardly.

“How nice to see some familiar faces, though,” the man continued to say to the fuming Makuhita as he began to stroke his chin, ignoring the policeman’s addition. Wes looked at the man and frowned.

“What does that mean?” he challenged, as he also noticed that the man seemed rather tired despite his tone of voice – he actually wasn’t stroking his chin but more where a beard would have been had he had one.

“Lanturn, Charge Beam. Huntail, Hydro Pump. Altaria and Golbat, Air Cutter,” the man replied monotonically.

“Oh, for... just avoid the attacks if you can!” Wes shouted as the flying types took to the air and the Lanturn shot sparks from the orb-like protrusions from its dorsal fins, while the Huntail shot water from its breathing apparatus. Caught off-guard, Wes’ Pokémon attempted to move out of the way, but the combination of the four attacks were too difficult for everyone to dodge successfully, save for the Magikarp which escaped unscathed from sheer luck. More benches also fell victim to the attacks and crumbled, clearing some space on the battle field.

“Yanma!” (This-is-not-coffee-this-is-pain-I-don’t-like-pain-it-is-painful!)

“I thought you’d be better than that, Wes,” the man replied. Wes frowned – this man knew his name. “Again!” he added, as his Pokémon obeyed his orders. Wes’ Pokémon quickly attempted to dodge again and were somewhat more successful this time in getting out of the way, but it was clear which side was having the current advantage.

“Who are you?” Wes asked as he glanced at Espeon. Please get Feraligatr and Makuhita to explain to me why they’re so riled up at this fellow, he asked with his thoughts.

“Esp,” (On it,) Espeon said as he began telepathically talking to the two.

“I don’t think you need to know who I am,” the scientist replied. “Just that I’ll be the one to derive your weaknesses and end your lucky streak. Same again,” he added to his Pokémon.

“Okay guys, let’s go on the defensive – Espeon, two Light Screens, and Umbreon, help him set them up! The rest, strike any who try to get in close!”Wes said. The two quickly nodded and focused their minds to create a double barrier in front of them, one situated before the other. The first onslaught of attacks struck the first wall which shimmered slightly but held its ground as the rest of Wes’ Pokémon rested behind, and Magikarp continued to flop around.

“Keep it up!” Johnson yelled excitedly, ejecting a sigh from Wes.

“Just keep attacking from afar until the barriers fall,” the man commanded calmly.

His name is Ein, Espeon said to Wes privately a moment later telepathically, albeit slowly given his current focus on the barriers in front of his teammates, wave after wave of attacks sent by Ein’s Pokémon with reckless abandon slamming into each barricade of light. As for your question – Ein here seems to have been the brains behind the actual shadowfication process. Makuhita and Feraligatr remember him all too well from their previous time here.

Well, I can’t blame them then,Wes thought back, wincing slightly as one of the Light Screens fell. And I take it we cannot let Ein get away either then, but it’ll be hard... I may need you to sit back, Espeon, actually – it’ll be faster to relay my commands through you to the others and less obvious than announcing them. I think our old trick may be worth a shot.

Sure, Espeon replied. I’ll set up a quick mental link between you and the others. Say something to them if you want just to lock it in. Almost immediately Wes felt the presence of Feraligatr’s and Makuhita’s minds. He knew what it was like – he had done so similarly with Espeon and Umbreon ages back to have fun against opponents who were baffled by the illusion that Wes’ Pokémon didn’t require any commands to battle so well, but he still breathed deeply and attempted to focus on catching the mental link.

Who goes there? Makuhita thought suddenly as he became aware of Wes’s psyche, raising a hand to his head as he pondered if he should punch himself or not to make it go away.

Don’t be stupid, it’s just a quick relay method between you and Wes, Espeon berated. He thinks, you do.

Yes, so... don’t punch yourself, Wes thought. And although I can tell you’re both angry at this man, I want you to keep your cool. It won’t help us, and he may be relying on that fact if he still thinks you are Shadow Pokémon.

Okay, Feraligatr thought back, before Wes was then made aware of Umbreon’s mind. They both acknowledged each other with the mental equivalent of a nod, as Umbreon instantly understood the purpose of the link.

Yanma’s mind however threw Wes off.

Hello-do-you-like-coffee-I-like-coffee! he shouted loudly.

Uh... yes, I do. Anyways, this is to-


Wes sighed. Yes... anyways, when I think at you to do something, please do so. And that man over there-


He...what? Wes thought to himself before again addressing Yanma. Well he stole the coffee now so we need to stop him. And... I’ll give you some after we beat him.

Yanma gasped back with delight as Wes then regathered his thoughts, wondering if he would regret the bribe or not.

Hello there, good sir, another presence suddenly said to Wes.

Ah... hello, Wes thought back, wondering who he was talking to only to notice the Magikarp was jumping about even more enthusiastically than before.

I presume you are to help give myself directions rather than Johnson for the time being, perchance? the fish asked.

Yes, that’s correct... Wes thought back.

Splendid! I’ll be sure to do my best for Johnson then – he’s the smartest person I’ve known but I’m sure it will be a pleasure to work with you as well!

...The smartest? Poor Magikarp, Wes thought to himself.

Let’s take this guy down! Espeon shouted at the others.


“Hmm, Wes found someone who’s putting up a fight and Johnson stumbled his way there too,” Sherles explained to Rui as he closed his P*DA. “I suppose he’ll be a while then.”

“I hope he’s all right,” Rui said quietly.

“Don’t you worry, Wes will be fine,” Sherles said reassuringly. “But it sounds like that person is eager to get away, and more so than this bunch,” Sherles added as he gestured to the group of Cipher grunts and scientists covered in scorch burns sitting in the corner that had given themselves up. They didn’t look too amused by the whole situation, nor by the fact that a lot had their hair burnt off from the fire attacks of the Growlithe. Chuckling to himself, Sherles turned to a few other policemen.

“Yes, sir!” they responded, anticipating his orders.

“You two! I want you to go investigate the business of that locked door, just in case. And for you, head back outside, and patrol the premises. People may yet break out, and it’s hard to gauge what exits this place has. Make sure that if anyone makes a break for it, they don’t get away.”

“Can we take some snacks with us?” one asked eagerly.

“Do you think that this is a... oh very well, get something,” Sherles conceded with a sigh as the policemen started looking sad in anticipation of a negative response. Surprised at the approval they quietly high-fived and ran for the supply bag the group had brought along, grabbed as many palmeras as they could hold and dashed off.

“They sure are quick...” Rui said quietly as Sherles shook his head.

“Back in my day...”


A moment later, the second Light Screen shattered. Ein smirked – it was clear to him that Wes had not yet thought up any commands, as none came from the trainer, although plenty of words came from the officer who didn’t appear to have much of a clue what to do. Yet a moment later he balked in surprised as the teenager’s Pokémon flew forward without any command at his, with the Makuhita and Feraligatr leading the charge.

“Interesting...” Ein mused. “No matter - meet the Makuhita with Wing Attack and Aerial Ace, Golbat and Altaria, and you other two keep them at bay with ranged water attacks!” Ein commanded.

“Huntail!” (Water!)

“Lanturn!” (Water!) the two fish Pokémon said in unison as they fired spherical blobs of water at their opponents.

“Goolll!” (Bloood!) the bat shouted alongside the Altaria as he flew behind the projectiles at the fighting type. The opponents however dodged the water attacks without colliding into each other, working like a well-oiled machine. They then moved to intercept the aerial threat, Feraligatr slashing at the Golbat from the side and Umbreon leaping onto the Altaria’s back as Yanma fired colourful beams at the dragon’s head. Makuhita then jumped up and struck with wild abandon at the Altaria, followed by the Magikarp bouncing high into the air and rebounding from the ceiling into the Altaria’s head.

“Retreat, but keep firing long-ranged attacks to keep them away from you,” Ein said as he added a few curses to himself. Suddenly it didn’t seem that he’d be able to escape that easily – not that the broken elevator controls helped much in the first place. Maybe I should have taken the time to make my other Pokémon into Shadow ones...and still that boy isn’t saying a thing, he thought. And his Shadow Pokémon in Makuhita and Yanma are not acting rashly – why is that? He gazed as his Pokémon’s opponents continued to surge towards him, and then smiled.

“Featherdance, Altaria! Golbat, help her out!” Ein ordered.

“Altaria!” (Feathers!) the bird shouted, suddenly shedding a large amount of the feathers making up its fluffy wings and flapping them towards her opponents.

“Golbat!” (Blood!) the bat echoed as he also flapped his wings, creating a mini-tornado of feathers that rapidly grew in size.

“And you two, increase the humidity of the air by sixty percent, minimum!” Noticing the blank looks given to him by the Lanturn and Huntail, he scowled. “Dampen the air!” he said. The two Pokémon happily chanted ‘more water!’ in unison before lightly spraying the tornado of feathers which then spread through the lab. The down quickly clung to the opposing Pokémon’s skin, tickling the group and distracting them for a moment on top of making them look rather ridiculous; Umbreon for instance suddenly found himself with a white beard and moustache of fluff.

“Yanma yan yan!”(I’m-covered-in-this-fluffy-non-coffee-substance-it’s-very-itchy-and-not-coffee-which-is-displeasing!) the bug shrilled as it flew around in circles into more feathers, as Makuhita tried to punch them out of his way.

And that’s all I need. Ein chuckled softly as Wes involuntarily sneezed from the fluff filling the air. “Now, focus all your attacks on the Espeon!”

Wes tensed at the command before mentally yelling at his Pokémon to get back and defend the Psychic Eeveelution; however their movements were now somewhat stifled due to the feathers, as was their visibility. As they got into the way of the first wave of attacks, Ein’s grin widened.

“Now, activate the Divergence and Convolution Theorem manoeuvre! Switch targets and all focus your Confusion-based attacks on the trainer!” Ein shouted.

Wait, the trainer- Wes begun to think, before a blast of light and sound hit him. Staggering about as he clutched his head he gasped at the sheer onslaught to his senses – he suddenly could only see a kaleidoscope of colours, his eardrums burnt hotly with pain, and he became dimly aware that he couldn’t focus on the battle anymore.

“Ferali Feraligatr? (Why are you suddenly telling me to ‘Jam jam Singapore the ropes are singing ever since the watermelon...?) Feraligatr queried to Wes as a stream of garbled thoughts were transmitted to Wes’ Pokémon. The alligator then shouted as a blast of attacks struck him from behind as Ein took advantage of the situation.

“Tricks like that won’t work with me,” Ein said, “although it certainly was quite the novel idea. I may need to consider using that myself in future! Keep them at bay,” he said to his Flying Pokémon, “while you two blast a hole in the wall out of here,” he added to his water types which gleefully begun shouting ‘water!’ again at each other. They fired water projectiles at the wall on Ein’s end of the room, blasting the gray brick wall into chunks that clattered against the floor.

Espeon sighed and removed the mental link between Wes and his Pokémon. So much for that plan,he thought to everyone before trying to communicate with Wes to snap him out of his state of mind. He quickly declared the attempt futile at best to himself as he was greeted with a wave of thoughts along the lines of ‘musician colours every greens’ repeated over and over, before being distracted by a stray water attack which he avoided just in time with an inelegant bound behind a desk.

Okay, let’s try to rearrange ourselves! he thought desperately to the other Pokémon. Makuhita, go fix him!

“Maku!” (Can do!) Makuhita shouted as he ran past a Wing Attack of Golbat’s and jumped into the air, slapping Wes hard in the face as he landed.

“Arrgh!” Wes shouted in response before falling over onto his hands and knees.

“Don’t worry, Johnson will do... something!” Johnson said bravely to Wes, before ducking as the Golbat flew too close to his head and waving his badge at the Pokémon. “Stop speeding, or I’ll arrest you!” he shouted.

“Gol!” (Blood!) the bat retorted.

No offense, Johnson, but... Espeon began, before he paused for a moment. He looked at Wes and quickly decided that it would be a while before he would be to make a comprehensible sentence, let alone command a Pokémon battle, and glanced back at Johnson. Say... A moment later Johnson blinked and then jumped slightly.

”Arrgh! Voices!” he shouted before Espeon quickly sent a hasty telepathic message explaining to Johnson what he intended for him to do, and hoped silently to himself that Johnson would just go along with it.

Err... Feraligatr, do a good thing! Johnson tried a moment later uneasily.

Like? the alligator Pokémon growled back as he eyed the Altaria and Golbat who were now circling him, obeying Ein’s orders.

Think, Johnson! the officer thought as he waved his hands to himself as he felt his heart beat quicken. What would Magikarp do? He glanced at his Pokémon for a moment before focusing back to the blue giant.

Jump up...really high! he conveyed to Feraligatr, who frowned at the Johnson.

Well, if you say so, he grumbled, jumping slightly into the air just as the two Flying types decided to swoop at him. Although the jump had been rather small given the large Pokémon had been motionless, it was enough to force the two to make the sudden adjustment to their flight paths, which enabled Feraligatr to swing his arms outwards into his opponents and catch them by their heads in mid-air.

“Fera!” (It worked!) he shouted with surprise before shrugging and bashing their heads together.

“Altaria!” (Oww!) the dragon shouted as she spat a blast of fire from her mouth in retaliation that singed Feraligatr’s left arm while hurting the Golbat considerably.

“Baaat!” (Dloob!) shouted the bat as he gasped and fell limp as Feraligatr jumped again as a reflex reaction to the searing pain and dropped the bat as he shook his paws quickly, his now burning claws adding to the pain. He then directed the Altaria’s face away from himself as the screeching bird continued spewing fire haphazardly, and threw the dragon towards Ein.

“What the-” the scientist shouted as he instinctively ducked out of the way, letting the bird fire straight into the hole just created by his other two Pokémon and crash into the remaining parts of wall. The Altaria gave a startled squeak before fainting as well.

“Well don’t just watch, keep creating an exit!” he shouted at his remaining Pokémon as he recalled the other two and looked back at the battle field, observing that Wes was still babbling nonsense to himself and frowned. He then turned his attention to the policeman who was gazing at Makuhita.

You should jump as well, it really works! Johnson thought eagerly to the Fighting type. You might as well jump!

No, punching is more fun! Makuhita shouted telepathically as he waved his arms at the man and then demonstrated how well it was helping Wes regain his senses. As this went on, Espeon noticed Ein’s gaze and quickly stepped into the conversation.

Sorry to interrupt the enthralling conversation here, but Johnson - stop nodding and looking at the Pokémon you’re thinking to like that! Or that man will notice!

Oh, okay, Johnson thought to Espeon happily as he turned and begun to nod at the Psychic type, adding in a thumbs up for good measure.

“Aha, you thought the same trick would work again?” Ein said, shaking his head as he laughed at the giveaway and walked back to inspect the progress on his escape route. “Repeat the confusion attacks on the officer there, Lanturn and Huntail!”

“Lanturn!” (Not water!) called the fish Pokémon as he emitted another set of dazzling lights at the target as Huntail began a screech of his own.

Thanks, Johnson, and I don’t mean that sarcastically this time! Espeon thought quickly to the Policeman and smirked. Hook, line and sinker, Ein. As the attacks converged, Espeon leapt in front of Johnson and glowed a deeper shade of purple, letting the status effects hit him instead before the aura around him brightened and reflected the attacks, the majority of the waves of light and sound flying right back at the original perpetrators.

“Oh, I-” Ein began as it dawned him all too late as his water types found themselves on the receiving end of their own attacks.

“Lant!” (Water!) Lanturn shouted as he blasted water into the Huntail, who shouted and retaliated back as they squirmed about on the ground.

“...see,” Ein finished as he shook his head and recalled his two Pokémon. Espeon grinned as he breathed deeply to recover from the energy further expended on his Magic Coat manoeuvre. The only remaining sign of Ein’s Pokémon were now the feathers floating around the room that hadn’t yet attached themselves to Wes’ Pokémon.

“Good work... Espeon...” Wes managed slowly as got to his feet. He shook his head and tentatively tried to keep his balance.

“Umb Umb Umbreon!” (Da daaaaah daahh dah!) Umbreon shouted as he suddenly fell over himself. Espeon looked at his brother and sighed.

“Espeon esp...” (Don’t tell me some of the attack hit you too...)

“Umb eon Umb!” (Dah dah DUUH DAAAH dum!) Umbreon replied before giggling oddly and attempting to bite his own legs.

“Well that’s unfortunate...” Wes said as he grimaced in pain and clutched at his leg. “Yes... and you can stop punching me,” he added to Makuhita.

“Makuhita!” (But punching solves problems!) Makuhita shouted proudly.

“Bah, this is an untimely error of judgment I feel...” Ein said quietly to himself, ignoring the conversation between his opposition before gazing at the gap and grinned. But they managed to finish that hole to a satisfactory standard, but first I’ll have to reveal my trump card and then get out of here.

“Yes, Makuhita, but I’m better...oh,” Wes said as he noticed the sudden appearance of a new Pokémon that looked all too much like Entei and Suicune in size and stature for his liking.

“Fera...” (Not another one...)

“Discharge, Raikou,” Ein said calmly as he picked up his flailing Lanturn.

Espeon instinctively summoned a Protect barrier between himself and the two trainers on his side as Raikou snarled and unleashed a burst of electricity that engulfed the room and struck every other living being in the room, save for Ein who was protected by his Lanturn – the sparks that came his way were absorbed by the dazed fish Pokémon who glowed brightly, the electricity seemingly healing it rather than hurt it. The computers littered around the room burst into flames and test tubes exploded, showering the room in glass. Both Yanma and Feraligatr fell from the immense attack while both Umbreon and Makuhita hung on, the Dark Type continuing his senseless singing despite the attack. Espeon panted heavily after the attack ended and quickly dropped his Protect barrier, and Huntail also suffered from the friendly fire and fainted.

“Good dodging, Magikarp!” Johnson shouted to his Pokémon which continued to flop around despite the attacks.

“How did it avoid that attack...?” Ein mused, paying no attention to the state of his Huntail.

“Are you trying to bring down the whole lab to kill us all or something!?” Wes shouted angrily as he recalled his fainted Pokémon.

“Kill everyone? Hmm, yes, that’s a splendid idea. Raikou, Shadow Rush!” Ein said with a smile. The electric beast immediately charged forward at the trainers. Wes hurriedly glanced at Espeon.

I’m too tired to do another Protect! Espeon conveyed to his trainer.

“Stop him, Magikarp!” Johnson commanded. The fish Pokémon flopped in front of the Raikou and was instantly knocked back over Johnson’s head by the Raikou which continued its run, and smacked heavily into the wall with a loud slap.

“Not like that!” Johnson shouted in fright. Wes looked to Makuhita who was running as fast as he could to intercept the Raikou, but although he managed to strike the Pokémon in the leg and evoke a roar of pain, he was kicked to the side for his troubles and rolled a few times into a wall. The fighting type narrowed his eyes and glared at the Raikou before getting to his feet again, but by then the Raikou had resumed his sprint.

If only I were bigger... Makuhita thought, slamming an arm against the wall.

He’s too small to stop that thing... Wes thought in tandem. “Right,” Wes acknowledged as he fumbled for another Poké Ball. Finding it in his coat’s pocket, he jabbed at the button as he aimed it in front of the group. He then grabbed Espeon and Johnson and hauled them to the side just as Entei appeared and was slammed into by Raikou.

“Do your own Shadow Rush!” Wes yelled. The fire type this time was all too keen to oblige having been greeted by Raikou’s attack and flew into the opposing legendary beast himself. The Raikou responded by charging again, and so the two legendary Pokémon clashed, the room shaking as the large monsters struck each other.

“WHAT!?” Ein shouted, stamping a foot and tugging at his lab coat. “HOW DO YOU HAVE DAKIM’S ENTEI!?”

Oh, so Cipher still don’t know I have it... well until now, Wes thought as he continued to back away from the two Pokémon.

“Nobody told me he went and lost it to you!” Ein raged. “Raikou, lure it this way so I can get out!” he shouted, but the legendary ignored him, too consumed by its fight against Entei.

“Darn it all... but...” he mused, looking at his Lanturn. The confused Pokémon muttered gibberish at Ein. The scientist frowned and slapped the Pokémon before hurling it at the Entei.

“Lots of water!” he commanded, and by luck Lanturn heard the command and obliged, shooting out water as he landed on the Entei. The fire type looked up and roared, distracted by the fish and set upon it instead.

“No, don’t do that, Entei!” Wes shouted, but the additional water attacks further produced by the Lanturn prevented the legendary from paying any heed, while the Raikou added its own Thunderbolt attack to its opponent from afar.

“Onwards at the trainers again, Raikou!” Ein yelled. The electric legendary shook his head slightly before setting off again, no longer overwhelmed by the need to take down the Entei.

I’m slightly undoing its shadow status by calling its name, but I suppose that’s the least of my problems. For the boy though-no! Ein thought as a fist suddenly connected with the side of Raikou’s head and sent it flying into a wall with a loud thud.

“How convenient... and... but...” Ein stuttered as something dawned on him. “No...that can’t be possible, unless...”

“Hariyama!” (I got bigger!) the fighting Pokémon shouted. Wes grinned – they had been all so distracted by the Entei and Raikou battle that nobody had noticed Makuhita evolve suddenly and immediately make his impact. Now instead of being a touch below the waist height of Wes, the Pokémon towered over his trainer and had the physique of a large sumo wrestler. He lumbered forward towards the Raikou and picked up the dazed legendary before hurling him to the other side of the room into another wall.

“If he evolved... he must have been purified...” Ein continued to himself. “So my process was fully reversed as well... and that Feraligatr must have...” The scientist banged his hand against a desk as Raikou limped away from the wall, snarling at Hariyama.

“What’s the matter?” Wes asked with a smirk.

“Raikou, this way to the hole!” Ein called suddenly, ignoring Wes. As Raikou turned and charged at the exit Ein ran at the electric and leapt on before ducking his head as they disappeared.

“Wait...what? You can’t do that! Only Pokémon can flee battles!” Johnson shouted, waving his police badge at their direction. “Stop, in the name of the law! And my shiny badge!”

“Well I didn’t expect that,” Wes said. “Nor for him to leave his remaining Pokémon behind...” he added, looking at Entei currently stomping on the Lanturn with great delight and the fainted Huntail. Sighing, Wes took out its Poké Ball and returned the fire type.

“You won’t be much help in chasing that Raikou if you keep being distracted... Maku-no, Hariyama, you up for taking him on?” the fighting Pokémon nodded before marching off.

“It has my name on it!” Johnson continued to shout, before pausing in thought. “What is the name of the law...?” he asked.

“No, no. He’ll be too fast with a Raikou,” Wes said. “Espeon, do you have-”

Yes, Espeon thought to Wes. Wes grinned and held up the newly evolved Pokémon’s ball and returned Hariyama, before Espeon took control of the orb and sent it whizzing after Ein.

“Good luck,” Wes said softly, before sitting down on the ground and observing the burning surroundings.

“I suppose Tom would have liked to be here,” he added to himself before pulling out his P*DA to alert Sherles.

“Hey Wes, do you suppose the law’s name is Jim?” Johnson asked the teenager.

“Hmm? Yes, I suppose it is a good name,” Wes sighed.


Outside the lab the two policemen ordered to keep guard stood by the fake laser fence, kicking at rocks and shielding their eyes from the sun. Their Growlithe sat at their feet, panting heavily as they kept watch.

“Gee, it sure is boring around here,” one complained as he took a sip from a cup of coffee. The other nodded – it was no fun at all to stay outside in this heat when everyone else was having a battle inside the air-conditioned lab. They could even hear the bangs and cries of Pokémon battling below.

But the free coffee and food for their efforts did make up for it.

It was at that point that Raikou crashed through the ground near them and landed on the ground untidily with Ein hanging on for dear life. He straightened and brushed hair from his face as Raikou stood still for a moment and regarded the policemen, who looked back at the pair with mouths open wider than an awestruck Swalot. The first officer didn’t even appear to notice he was spilling hot coffee on his pants.

“Well, allow me to make it more interesting, gentlemen!” Ein smiled savagely. “Thunderbolt the fools!” The legendary Pokémon obliged with a thunderous roar and ejected a ball of dazzlingly bright electricity.

“Oh dear-” one began before being struck by the attack, and fell.

“Come in, we’ve got a guy on a Raikou-” the other shouted into his walkie talkie before also succumbing to a similar fate.

“See, wasn’t that fun?” Ein asked. “But maybe I overdid it,” he added as he wrinkled his nose at the smell of singed clothing. “Yes, too much fun-” The scientist cut himself off as he heard the sound of a Poké Ball opening followed by a battle cry of an all too familiar Pokémon behind him.

“Hari!” (Prepare yourself!) Hariyama shouted as he assumed a fighting stance as Ein turned his head.

“Well... you were quite fast to get here,” he said slowly. “But even when evolved, your species is still not known for their speed, and so I am fairly confident you cannot chase me on foot. So I’m afraid we must dash!” Ein said to Hariyama before slapping the Raikou’s backside hard, prompting his Pokémon back into a sprint in the opposite direction.

“Hari!” (Coward!) Hariyama shouted after them, shaking a fist before inspecting his surroundings. Noticing the pair of Growlithe whining and licking at the faces of their unconscious trainers, he walked towards them.

But he’s right, I can’t chase after him... he mused as he picked up the distracted dog Pokémon. He then spun around quickly and like a discus thrower hurled the two fire types into the air. The pair of dogs yelped in surprise as they whizzed high into the sky. He then followed their path and watched the two projectiles fly towards the escapees.

...but I can throw things a great distance now, Hariyama smiled as he observed one crash into Ein who shouted in surprise and fell off his ride, and the other into Raikou’s head.

Yes, I like being bigger.

“Where did you... Raikou, wait up!” Ein ordered, but the electric Pokémon paid no heed, now angered by the surprise attack. He merely snarled at Ein and sprinted off faster than before into the deserts of Orre. Meanwhile the two Growlithe got to their feet despite being somewhat dazed by their impromptu flight. Looking at Ein and recalling it was he who had ordered the legendary to hurt their trainers, they growled.

“Hehe... easy now, let’s not act hastily...” Ein pleaded, scrambling to his feet as the two dog Pokémon slowly begun to circle the scientist.

“Hari, Hariyama!” (Wait for me, I want to hit him too!) called the fighting type as he ran towards the scientist. “Hariyama!” (I have the bigger score to settle, after all!)


And the usual what-was-in-the-game-and-chapters deal! Not very long as it's just one battle:

Ein Battle - He's not an easy opponent here - likes to use some status himself (although I didn't use his tendancy to go with toxic like he sometimes does in the games). As usual he has one of the legendary Johto beasts as his last Pokemon, and manages to escape when defeated via the elevator while Wes and Rui just stand there and derp out, which isn't really convincing; hence his attempted getaway via Raikou. He's been kinda left in the dark over what Wes manages to do before hand besides 'he's screwing up Cipher', and is deleting data prior to the battle (which will be dealt with next chapter!). In the game though you give the wiped disk to the kids grid who then slowly unearth data on shadow Pokemon.

As a side note he changes up his team in rebattles considerably and will adopt a LightningRod combo (one poke as that ability and the other is a water flying type of some sort, e.g. Gyarados). But the first time around he doesn't have such a plan or team.

His wants-to-battle animation always struck me as amusing because it appears at first he's stroking his chin... only for the camera to pan to the side and show it's stroking thin air in front of his face. He's probably a bit out of it after all that coffee he used to keep himself awake.

And yes, Makuhita should normally evolve before this battle, but he lost those exp points, remember? =p

Hope you enjoyed!
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You know, I think Johnson should have scuba diving gear for Magikarp LOL. Anyways though, oh dear Ein. This is gonna be good. Also wee mindlink! I love Yanma and Magikarp (such a gentleman, haha)'s thoughts there.

Wee more of the battle. Too bad Ein caught on with the mindlink but at least Espeon's idea for using Johnson to do the commands worked, haha. I admit I too wondered how Magikarp was able to dodge one of Raikou's electric attacks. XD; And yay for Makuhita evolving into Hariyama! :D

Woot, free coffee and food! XD Those two policement don't deserve it. Okay, Ein hanging onto Raikou is a very amusing image. *reads futher at the part where Hariyama throws the two Growlithe and Ein and Raikou being surprised by it* Okay, this is an even funnier scene to imagine. BRB laughing forever over this.

Overall another enjoyable chapter here! A short battle but still nicely written there. Can't wait for the next one!
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Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
You know, I think Johnson should have scuba diving gear for Magikarp LOL. Anyways though, oh dear Ein. This is gonna be good. Also wee mindlink! I love Yanma and Magikarp (such a gentleman, haha)'s thoughts there.
He probably should, but then he'd likely manage to break it in give different ways before fitting it on. =p And fit it on backwards too, somehow.
Wee more of the battle. Too bad Ein caught on with the mindlink but at least Espeon's idea for using Johnson to do the commands worked, haha. I admit I too wondered how Magikarp was able to dodge one of Raikou's electric attacks. XD; And yay for Makuhita evolving into Hariyama! :D

Woot, free coffee and food! XD Those two policement don't deserve it. Okay, Ein hanging onto Raikou is a very amusing image. *reads futher at the part where Hariyama throws the two Growlithe and Ein and Raikou being surprised by it* Okay, this is an even funnier scene to imagine. BRB laughing forever over this.

Overall another enjoyable chapter here! A short battle but still nicely written there. Can't wait for the next one!
I figured that Ein would be the sort of person to notice tricks like that - he is observant and smart after all in the games. And glad you enjoyed the ending parts as well - they were most fun to write. XD (And short battle? It was about ten pages in itself! =p) Cheers for the review again, Bay!
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    I just read the first chapter alone and scanned through some of the more recent things.

    Absolutely fantastic.

    It's a rare thing to find an ambitious project of the caliber of the opening entry and stick with it for this amount of time.

    I hope I'm able to stick with such a Pokémon fic some day in the future.

    Pokémon Colosseum with its characters, ideas, and story itself struck me almost as a video game adaptation of a creative, unique, and unrestrained (within reason) awesome fanfic of some sort, so to come across this is quite a treat for me and I'm glad I happened to come around so soon after an update, or else I might not have noticed it.

    I'll ration the many chapters to go and I fully expect to enjoy them. I wont reply often, maybe I'll comment on large chunks as I go along later down the line.

    In short, the opening was some nice work and I hope to see writing and ideas of equal or higher quality as I move along.
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    Originally Posted by SuperTrainStationH View Post
    I just read the first chapter alone and scanned through some of the more recent things.

    Absolutely fantastic.

    It's a rare thing to find an ambitious project of the caliber of the opening entry and stick with it for this amount of time.

    I hope I'm able to stick with such a Pokémon fic some day in the future.

    Pokémon Colosseum with its characters, ideas, and story itself struck me almost as a video game adaptation of a creative, unique, and unrestrained (within reason) awesome fanfic of some sort, so to come across this is quite a treat for me and I'm glad I happened to come around so soon after an update, or else I might not have noticed it.

    I'll ration the many chapters to go and I fully expect to enjoy them. I wont reply often, maybe I'll comment on large chunks as I go along later down the line.

    In short, the opening was some nice work and I hope to see writing and ideas of equal or higher quality as I move along.
    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed this - nice to see a long review here from a new reader. =)

    Certainly ambitious I suppose given how big it's gotten, this fic, although I didn't expect it to be so long when I started, nor was it written that well originally, I'd wager. XD Anyways I hope you enjoy the other chapters when you get around to them!
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    Oh look, another chapter. And within a month of the previous chapter being posted too, OH MY! :O

    Beta read by Chris the Com.


    Chapter 23 – Back to the Drawing Board

    “Today’s breaking story!” shouted a news reporter from a radio in Nascour’s office which was empty save for a bored Dakim. He had nothing to do after being told off by Nascour for breaking all the chairs in training the grunts on how to defend oneself against enraged Ursaring, and so he had given the Cipher agents the rest of the day off from his care.

    “There have been various unconfirmed sightings of a Raikou in the region,” the reporter continued. “Police have quashed claims from various citizens that this is a sign of either the apocalypse or an oncoming sale, but have nonetheless investigated the claims. The police have been busy today, having made a raid on a large faculty. We do not currently know the purpose but are hard at work in training our undercover Rattata in recording conversations and garnering the truth for our loyal listeners! All...ten of you.”

    “Man, that’s weird,” Dakim mumbled. “Ein had one of those yellow things, didn’t he?” He then sighed, reminded of his loss of Entei, and gazed out of the window at the still, dark night. Sure, the Pokémon had been rather angry and didn’t listen much to him, nor had it been keen on wrestling, but it was tough. But it wouldn’t have survived that fall from Mt Battle.

    Nascour then walked in as the reporter moved to interviewing the aforementioned Rattata.

    “Hey, Nascour, can I have a new Entei?” Dakim asked.

    “No,” he replied coldly.

    “Aw,” Dakim complained.

    “We’ll be lucky if we can make any more Shadow Pokémon within a year,” Nascour continued, before Dakim could ask about getting a giant Rattata. “I think acquiring more powerful Pokémon is the least of our current worries, given the current state of matters. And first we need Ein back safely, and given he should have arrived two days ago... anyway, we have a special guest,” Nascour continued as a short, stout man walked in.

    “Who is that man who was shouting at me about not wearing enough blue?” he asked Nascour as he tugged at his brown coat.

    “Ah, sorry about that, that must be Bluno, one of our agents. We found him moping about in the desert recently and so we brought him back in. He and his brothers are... a bit odd, to put it plainly,” Nascour explained.

    Dakim blinked blankly. “Hello, man...” he said slowly as he scratched his head and looked down at the newcomer.

    “You do realise who I am?” the man replied, only for Dakim’s vacant expression to remain.

    “He’s the mayor of Phenac, Dakim,” Nascour muttered. “Es Cade.”

    “Oh yeah!” Dakim brightened, shaking the mayor’s arm. “You gave us money!”

    “...Yes, I suppose that’s the main thing I’ve done,” the mayor said angrily as he rubbed his arm. “If it wasn’t for my actions there would be no Cipher!”

    “And we’re all grateful for that, sir,” Nascour said soothingly.

    “But it seems because of Cipher there will be no me,” the mayor continued. “Granted, when you put money in any investment there’s always going to be a risk, and this one had more than usual. But to have Snagem fall just like that...” he said, snapping his fingers. “And just when construction finished on this wonderful tower as well!”

    “On behalf of Cipher I apologise for what has happened,” Nascour said quickly. “That’s why I think it’s wise for us to pull out our operations now, for the time being. Get Ein back, go into hiding and wait for things to cool down before going back into business. We have other factions still being developed after all, so it may be best to wait for those to be ready.”

    “Hmm. That may be for the best,” the mayor muttered.

    “Man, I had an idea too!” Dakim continued with a smile, oblivious to the current discussion. “Say we got someone to look like Wes and have him do bad stuff! Then everyone would think he is bad and be distracted from us, man!”

    “That is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard,” Nascour replied. “Besides, we already have an arrest warrant put out for Wes.”

    “Well... two Wes are better than one!” Dakim protested. “Or...Okay, how about this – we make a big door that can be only unlocked with keys and each admin gets one of them, so they have to beat us all individually to be able to get in!”

    “And how do you propose we get a key to Venus?” Nascour asked. “And that won’t stop them coming in from the top by helicopter or the windows if they were to storm in. And what about when we open this place to the public – how would they get in?” he added, counting off the bad reasons on his fingers.

    “We’ve gone into great length discussing the details earlier about this, Nascour and I,” the mayor added. “We’re going to open this place up tomorrow regardless, so I want you all to help clean up so any sign of Cipher here isn’t in open view. But Shadow Pokémon battling will have to wait for a later date, which is a shame for that was the drawcard for this place! Phenac’s Colosseum didn’t draw the number of people I wanted, so Shadow Pokémon was the way I was to get people back in.”

    “And then we’d put a punching machine behind the door, man!” Dakim continued. The mayor sighed and sat down on the sofa as Nascour tried to dissuade Dakim.

    “Hello, all!” Miror B sung as he waltzed in and spun on the spot, striking a typical disco pose. “What’s been grooving over here?”

    “Ah, about time,” Nascour said, waving away Dakim’s protests that punching machines were cool. “I trust that everyone from the lab is now back?”

    Miror B’s smile faded slightly as he paused. “Yes, about that...” Miror B said slowly.

    “Oh no,” Nascour said, feeling an all too familiar pang of pain in his stomach in anticipation of Miror B’s answer. Groaning, he decided to join the mayor on the couch.

    “What do you mean?” the mayor asked gruffly.

    “Oh, hello there, mayor!” Miror B sung, patting the man on the head. “My, is it just me, or did you lose some weight?” The mayor simply stared back, his frown growing by the second.

    “His weight is the least of our worries!” Nascour shouted. “Uh, no offence of course, sir,” he added.

    “Well, man, now that he mentions it...” Dakim said.

    “The news,” the mayor said sternly.

    “Well... I’m the only one to get back, unless people make it through the tunnel by foot,” Miror B explained. “Police showed up suddenly and stormed the lab, and I was the only one to get onto the train. I couldn’t have waited either or police would have caught me too. Ein might have escaped but I don’t know about that.”

    “Well that’s just great,” the mayor spat. “If I understand correctly, Ein was the brains behind the whole process?”

    “Yes... but we do have the majority of his work documented thanks to his files,” Nascour said slowly, walking to a set of drawers and opening it up, throwing papers behind him. “How to use the GTS...RNG files...Criminal Syndicates and You: Creating a Dress Code... ah, Ein files.”

    “Shouldn’t it be called Ein’s files or something?” the mayor asked.

    “He insisted on this wording,” Nascour answered. “Anyways, it all seems to be here,” he said as he leafed through the documentations. “Even if he cannot make it back, it merely means that we’d need a new person in his position if he doesn’t return, and we can store this information in a safe place easily enough.”

    “That’s good. Not ideal, but good. Block off the train system then,” Es Cade said. “If police are at the lab and find the train system they could then find us. Cave it in or something.”

    “Alright then, all we need to consider is how to keep Cipher hidden from the authorities. We’ve lost Venus already, and possibly Ein too. At this rate I don’t even think this place will go without notice for a while – one of them would eventually talk,” Nascour said. “Hence the need for us to burn the bridges, so to speak.”

    “Well, what if we stayed with that man, that...” Dakim began as he tried to think. “That Deep King man?”

    “The person owning the Deep Colosseum in The Under? No, we’re not hiding out there,” Nascour said abruptly. “Even if we gave him a Shadow Pokémon and he was to work along with us in giving them out to the public. Venus may not have minded the place so much because she had everyone wrapped around her little finger, but I refuse to live underground for a few years. Besides, that place is cut off now anyway, and we don’t need to be hidden from view ourselves except for those who have already been linked to Cipher by the media.”

    “Wait... a few years?” Miror B echoed.

    “Well of course! Given what’s happened we can’t afford to let it be known that Cipher will still be in operation for another...say, three years minimum,” Es Cade said. “In the meantime, the aim is to make it seem that Cipher has disbanded.”

    “I think we’ll sort that out tomorrow then,” Nascour said. “After hearing about police forces at the shadow lab – the shadow lab! – I think I should go...lie down and get some rest, after I deal with the railway. You two, help clean up the place and don’t let Cipher’s presence here be obvious to the random bystander. ” Nodding to the mayor, he then left.

    “So... ” Dakim began to the mayor, “you like battles?”

    “This isn’t a time for Pokémon battles and attracting undue attention to ourselves,” the mayor replied.

    “Well... do you like karate?” Dakim tried. When he was greeted with silence, he added, “How about throwing people great distances? I just find picking someone up and hurling them to be really calming, man, you know?”

    “I’m going to go practise my dancing,” Miror B said as he departed, humming a tune to himself. “And then I’ll go to the control room and see if everything is in order there.”

    “Nah, man, Nascour’s the only one who has permission to go there now. His orders,” Dakim said, shrugging.

    “Really?” Miror B replied, frowning. “Well... dancing and decorating it is then!” he concluded.

    Es Cade sighed, watching the giant afro with a man attached to it turn the corner. He had thought him strange when they had met only a couple of weeks ago, yet now it seemed it was more the norm for this place – and besides, Miror B never shouted at him for not wearing blue. Somehow I wish for the police to come here tomorrow just to end this all. Cipher’s by far the worst investment I’ve made since that gamble with those power-draining light bulbs, but I’m determined to stick with it. I’ve come this far, and to have put so much into this building...


    Nascour heaved a sigh as he descended to the underground train station and looked miserably at the scene. It would be a shame to have to cut ties and lie down low, but what else could he do? Despite his efforts, everything had come crashing down around him with Cipher.

    And the mayor was proving rather difficult as well. He had insisted on opening the place up to the public the next day – a full week earlier than initially planned despite the situation, and so that meant a lot for everyone to do without prior warning. He couldn’t help but think that it wouldn’t be quite so simple.

    And now they had quite possibly lost Ein as well as all the other scientists and Cipher peons, which would bring a further halt to the whole operation. And the mayor had been rather disapproving of Cipher’s spending costs on various computers and televisions too which he had broken upon wave after wave of bad news, and Nascour felt somewhat guilty when he found out exactly how much that had cost the mayor. Not that he would let the mayor know he had been responsible for that, but he now knew that he had to be a bit more careful in how he went about letting out his anger. Luckily he had someone put all the remains of the appliances in the control room so as long as the mayor didn’t go in there for the time being he wouldn’t find out about it.

    Walking past the train and glancing at the insides, Nascour made a mental note to get someone else to clean out the mess of confetti and the disco ball Miror B had left behind in the train. He then gazed at the dark tunnel in front of him and breathed in the smell of damp soil and sighed again. He also didn’t like the idea of blocking off all access between the lab and the base, given Ein had been the brains behind the Shadowfication process Cipher had been built upon – it didn’t seem right to abandon him like that. But the mayor had a valid point; if they left it open they left themselves vulnerable to police forces storming in from underneath.

    “Come on out, Metagross,” Nascour said, pulling out a Poké Ball from his belt and pressing the button upon it. A giant four-legged creature appeared in the air and landed with a heavy clunk, slightly shaking the train due to the sheer weight of its metallic body.

    “Metagross,” (Annihilation phase initialising,) it stated in a computerised voice.

    “Not now,” Nascour said.

    “Gross,” (Charging Hyper Beam,) it continued.

    “Maybe tomorrow, but today I just want you to do something a bit less destructive,” Nascour sighed. As annoying as Metagross’ lust for destruction was, he was most definitely one of the better perks of being the lead admin of Cipher in Nascour’s mind – there was something undeniably frightening about fighting a malevolent creature with higher capabilities than a supercomputer, and owning such a Shadow Pokémon was always a plus in his books. In fact Nascour had requested this one as his Shadow Pokémon instead of the legendary beasts three of the other administrators had been given, even though the average Orre citizen would have been more interested in seeing a legendary in action.

    “Metagross,” (Target locked,) the Pokémon said.

    “What? There’s no... wait,” Nascour said, glaring down the tunnel. Suddenly, save for the quiet hum of the Metagross, he noticed the sound of footsteps approaching. Soon enough a lone Cipher peon came into view, breathing heavily as he continued to jog.

    “Oh... hello, Nascour,” the man breathed as he noticed Nascour, before stopping as he also became aware of the presence of his Pokémon.

    “Hello... Skrub, wasn’t it?” Nascour said, frowning as Skrub admired the large Steel Pokémon. “I thought Miror B said he was the only one to get away.”

    “Miror B got back? Oh good,” Skrub breathed, before realising what Nascour had said. “But the only one back... yeah, that makes sense. I managed to give the police the, uh, slip, but they were getting everyone else pretty quickly.”

    “And what about Ein?” Nascour quizzed.

    “I don’t know,” Skrub answered. “He might have been able to, he might not. It was too hectic back in there but he was trying to, uh, get rid of some data.”

    “Ah, he is a good man if so then,” Nascour said softly. “So you are sure that nobody else is on their way back?”

    “Yes, I’m positive.”

    “Excellent. Metagross, get to work. Hammer Arm into the wall there,” Nascour directed, stepping back. Without hesitation the Pokémon slowly rose into the air as its humming increased in volume and frequency, floated forward and raised one of its legs.

    “Wait, what are you do-” Skrub said before the Pokémon crashed its limb into the side of the tunnel and twisted. At once, the tunnel in front of them collapsed, rock and soil tumbling down from above and blocking off the tunnel.

    “Orders of the mayor,” Nascour said simply. “We don’t want the police to come through here. You’re somewhat lucky you came here at this time,” he noted as he turned. Skrub merely frowned and stared at the man and his Metagross who hovered back. Nascour pulled out his Poké Ball and returned the large Pokémon back, before a noise from within the train caught his attention. He gazed at the door before a bedazzled man with a large afro akin to Miror B’s covering his eyes stumbled out.

    “Sasyasya explusions! Hairesy everyshmears!” the man shouted as his flailed his arms about.

    “What are you doing here?” Nascour shouted. Tom gave a small jump in response to the loud yelling and pulled off his afro.

    “Arrsgh! Scares mans!” he said when he saw Nascour glaring at him and hurriedly put the afro back on. Annoyed, Nascour stepped forward and pulled off the fake hair.

    “Out of uniform, drunk and not at work! I’m docking your pay for the week... whoever you are,” Nascour exclaimed angrily as he tossed the afro to the side. “Skrub, see that he gets back to work and then join him. We’re setting up for the opening tomorrow, so we need to hide all the incriminating evidence.” Nascour then stomped up the stairs, feeling all the more intent on getting his planned sleep.

    “Stupid Nascour...” Skrub muttered to himself. “I lose to the guy who everyone else lost to and I get a demotion, but someone can turn up drunk and sleep on the job and keeps his position! A joke if ever I saw one!” he grumbled as he followed, dragging a confused Tom behind him.

    “I donny wonny goes tum schooly!” Tom shouted desperately.


    The group that had been the cause of much of Cipher’s angst meanwhile had returned to the police station. Wes’ Pokémon were recovering decently outside of the room the people were resting in despite the tough battle they had, partly because Hariyama could no longer fit in the room, and was normally not trusted inside to begin with due to his tendencies to punch everything when he was a Makuhita. Umbreon had been treated to a lunch of Persim berries to help treat his confusion status, and Feraligatr and Yanma had been revived.

    “Hariyama!” (But my treatment also works!) Hariyama said to the Eeveelution.

    “Umb...Umbreon,” (Uh thanks, but... I’ll pass on your offer,) Umbreon replied uneasily.

    “Espi Espeon,” (At least you’ve recovered enough to recognise the folly in accepting,) Espeon remarked to his brother as he ate his own meal.

    “Feraligatr?” (So since when did you get so fat, Hariyama?) Feraligatr remarked with a wink. Hariyama stared at the crocodile and then slowly turned and looked at the police station with interest.

    “Yama?” (Hey, Espeon?)

    “Esp...eon?” (I’ll humour you...what is it?) Espeon said.

    “Hariyama?” (Reckon I can throw Feraligatr over that building?)

    “Espeon. Esp...,” (Maybe try when people aren’t inside it. Besides the prisoners of course...) Espeon advised as he looked up at the group accompanied by a swarm of flies, as Feraligatr gave a warning growl to Hariyama.

    Wes meanwhile had recovered considerably well from his battle, also thanks to the help of several Persim berries, but he personally felt that Rui’s facial expression when she had seen what had happened to him from the battle, her sweet kiss and then nonsensical angry shouting at Ein earlier on had a greater effect than all those berries. Johnson for the moment was strutting around the room boasting about his own contributions to the raid to anyone who cared to listen, which amounted to a wall painting and a mirror.

    “Well, we’re to attack the hideout of Cipher tomorrow,” Sherles said happily to the group as he walked into the room.

    “We are?” Rui asked. “Ein already told us where it is?” Ein had earned his own jail cell, having been found only a short distance away from the laboratory. Hariyama had been most pleased with himself, but disappointed that the police had insisted that Ein had been thrown around and spun about in circles enough. Likewise the two Growlithe had also wanted more fun with the scientist, but settled for licking their wounded trainers’ faces. Said police officers were recovering with the help of the best medical support Pyrite could offer, which consisted of a few pain killers and more bandages than the insides of a Cohagrigus.

    The news of Ein’s capture and arrest and its importance was currently being kept away from the media as best as possible, although it did not prevent an angry Eusine from finding out and proceed to shout at Ein for ‘tainting the pure and wonderful creature that was his darling Suicune’ repeatedly. Annoyed at the lack of response given by the scientist, he then treated the man to ‘purposefully poorly-performed card tricks’ as some sort of additional punishment, despite the fact that Ein slept through most of his ‘show’. The rest of the cipher prisoners were luckier than the group that had been arrested in The Under, spared from being chained to the roof of the prison in Pyrite and instead kept inside the Shadow lab.

    Despite the evidence indicating he had been there, Miror B was nowhere to be found. What had been found besides spare copies of his salsa tape were wiped disks of data that Ein had tampered with. The members of the Kids Grid in Secc and Nett had taken them in an attempt to recover the lost data, but had so far only managed to pull up more garbled text files containing golfing scores and secret ingredients to making the perfect waffle.

    “No, a new source did,” Sherles replied. “A bit embarrassing actually because it involved a police force we had in Eclo Canyon...”

    “What do you mean by that?” Rui asked.

    “Well... there may have been an incident involving everyone on the force stationed there falling into a pit,” Sherles said dryly. “The important thing is that we now know where to attack.”

    “Was it Team Snagem members who told us?” Wes guessed.

    Sherles nodded. “The deal is that we leave them alone, and they help us take down Cipher. We’re a bit down on numbers now after all those battles and the need to have people monitoring other areas at the moment like The Under. Duking at least can keep an eye on things here, but elsewhere... and we’re still trying to find that Raikou as well.”

    “Strange... maybe Cipher pissed them off,” Wes suggested.

    “Yes, that seems to be their motivation, besides giving themselves a buffer from ourselves. It’s somewhat odd as we know Cipher used Team Snagem as a front and all so they had an agreement beforehand. But I’m inclined to believe them.”

    “Why is that?”

    “Firstly it’s because those officers are still in that pit. Secondly, we recently installed a person there as an undercover spy and thus far what we’ve been able to get back has confirmed the claim.”

    “A spy? Since when?” Wes asked.

    “Earlier today, in fact, and already we have some info. We’re currently trying to link up with the person who leaked to us about Cipher’s attack on Mt Battle.”

    “Not a bad idea,” Wes said. “So where is this place?”

    “Realgam Tower,” Sherles said. “A large tower in-between Phenac and Pyrite, set to be the region’s new main battling colosseum and hotel.”

    “Ah yes, Rui and I saw that earlier when we came from Phenac – it’s kinda hard to miss. In fact, that’s where I got the gear for the windmill from,” Wes said.

    “The workers there were smelly,” Rui added.

    “It’s been made to bring people into the region to watch ‘fantastic Pokémon battles like you’ve never seen before’... which is an interesting investment given Phenac’s City’s Colosseum failed to bring in enough tourists by itself despite its own stature. And having checked financial records, it’s been personally financed by the mayor himself,” Sherles continued, before frowning. “Only it seems the money used came directly from taxes taken in Phenac.”

    “You don’t suppose...” Rui begun, frowning to herself, “that they were going to use Shadow Pokémon to advertise the region?”


    “How could he?” Rui said angrily. Sherles shrugged in reply.

    “He’s the mayor, so he can basically do as he likes – as said, even though his power was only for Phenac, he basically had a lot of say for the region as a whole. He is why you can’t buy bubble gum or red apples in this region, and it seems his power includes what gets constructed outside of Phenac, clearly. But tomorrow that may all change. Hopefully anyway! We’ve got a- yes, what is it? Come in,” Sherles said as a knock sounded on the door. An officer walked in.

    “Chief,” he said, saluting. “The visitor has arrived.”

    “Ah, that’s good. Rui, we have a surprise for you,” Sherles said.

    “Oh?” she asked curiously.

    “Hello, Rui!” Eagun said as he walked in.

    “Grandpa!” she said as they hugged, her head briefly disappearing in Eagun’s beard. “But why are you here?” she asked as she withdrew.

    “I asked for him,” Sherles answered. “A couple of reasons – firstly, I want to consult him regarding the legendary Johto beasts.”

    “Oh?” Rui asked, looking at her grandfather curiously.

    “Well, they don’t call me the legendary trainer for nothing!” Eagun boasted. “Or the Super Deluxe Spinster Champion either!”

    “They don’t call you the latter,” Sherles said slowly.

    “They don’t?” Eagun said, blinking. “Well I know my things about legendaries at any rate!”

    “Yes... I’m sure you and Eusine will get along swimmingly,” Sherles said, already seeming to regret inviting the old man. “Thing is, we need to decide if bringing Suic-”

    “Back when I was a lad I became famous for solving the mystery behind the Jirachi of Orre!” he boasted, before leaning in. “The true culprit had been the maniacal Poffin,” he whispered.

    Sherles sighed. “Maybe tomorrow evening will be a good time for old tales,” he suggested. “But I’ll ask about what I wanted later. The second matter is...well Eagun, did you bring it?” Sherles asked.

    “What? Oh, yes, it’s somewhere in here...” Eagun said, reaching inside his beard and rummaging through it. “Ah yes, here it is,” he said eventually, pulling out a Poké Ball and handing it to Wes.

    “Is this a...” Wes said quietly, turning the purple and white sphere around in his hands to locate a small capital ‘M’ inscribed above the ball’s button.

    “A Master Ball,” Sherles confirmed. “I know Eagun had one, and so asked if he still had any need of it.”

    “And I’m long retired, and it holds little sentimental value to me,” Eagun added.

    “I feel it may be useful if this Nascour fellow we heard of from other admins has a powerful Shadow Pokémon that you may have trouble snagging with a regular ball,” Sherles explained. “Every little bit helps after all.”

    “Well...thank you,” Wes said, unsure what to say. He had heard about the item – it never failed in catching its target once it made contact with the Pokémon, and only a few had been made, usually for Pokémon professors or the sort. Eagun must have been good in his day to be able to have one...

    “Anyways, I think some heading to bed early would be a good idea,” Sherles said. “We’ll leave in the morning once I get confirmation from Team Snagem. And then we’ll look into making a bigger system for purifying Pokémon too, because it is likely there’s a large number to get from the Colosseum there.”

    “One thing though,” Wes interrupted. “You mentioned the spy, but who is it...?”

    “Ah,” Sherles said. “Well, when I said we sent someone there, it’s more like he went by himself without telling anyone beforehand...”


    Silva grinned as he exited the supplies room of Realgam Tower. It seemed for once that he had managed to sneak into a Cipher area without being caught, although it helped that he had dressed up as a guard to help convince people that he was supposed to be there, complete with fake glasses and moustache. Having met Eusine in the morning and being handed one of his business cards, Silva had followed suit and made up his own to add to it and found giving it to everyone who asked who he was to be strangely fun. And nobody questioned him afterwards as well, so it clearly worked.

    Sherles had been far from pleased that he was there when he had contacted him, but he didn’t care – he wanted to do his bit and he was damned if he didn’t at least try. He now had something to do as well – try and find the person who had leaked the details of Cipher’s strike on Mt Battle.

    There wasn’t much he could do though besides try to gleam information about what was going on here and pull off small stunts like the one he had just performed now.

    Yes, he gloated to himself. If anyone was in a rush to escape in different clothing they would surely waste valuable seconds dealing with the fact the shoelaces have been tied together! And the itching powder in the spare socks...hehehe.

    He was still puzzled over why everyone was cleaning up and removing various papers and signs of Cipher from the reception area though.

    It can be only one of three possibilities, Silva mused as he observed someone hauling a large crate labelled ‘not incriminating evidence’ away. Either things here are usually this busy, they had a party the day previous and so were cleaning up now, or something is going to happen. And the lack of streamers and balloons don't suggest the second option was the case.

    Unless Cipher just have really lame parties, he added to himself.

    “Ah, this would be much more delightful!” a man said as he walked into the reception area. Silva stared for a moment before instinctively ducking behind a desk and quietly observing Miror B’s trademark afro move to a wall, as music played softly from the radio he carried with him.

    “Yes, much better,” Miror B declared as he tossed away a poster about Cipher from the wall and replaced it with a cheerful painting of a Ludicolo. He took a few steps back to admire it, continuing to gush about its fabulousness. “Now if only they had decided to make a fountain about Ludicolo and not that silly Sudowoodo! And statues of the legendary dogs... what a silly and unstylish choice. But this shall do.”

    Silva remained silent. Well, he thought as he breathed deeply, I guess that rules out the ‘cipher’s parties suck’ option if he’s here, but I didn’t count on this. I hope he doesn’t recognise me after I got caught by those two cipher grunts working for him... Checking that his fake moustache was still firmly in place, he then noticed Miror B dance out of the room to decorate another part of the building. Silva stood up and followed from a distance. The man was now hanging a disco ball from the ceiling as he hummed to himself to the tune.

    How is this the same guy that kidnapped Plusle? Silva mused, as he considered if it would be wise to throw something at him as revenge for being caught at the risk of giving himself away. Maybe I could somehow slip in some itching powder in there?

    “Hey, Miror B,” another man said, walking into the room with another following him, stumbling about.

    “Oh? I know that voice!” Miror B said with a smile as he turned and shook the man’s hand warmly, before changing the song to something more fitting. “Good to see you get back, Skrub! Been working on those dance moves?”

    “Uh... I kinda haven’t had time as I only recently got here,” Skrub said.

    “Aw, you didn’t dance on your way here?” he asked in disappointment. “And who is this...?” he said, looking at Tom.

    “Arrghblurrghsmur!” the drunk shouted, pointing at the afro before running off.

    “...A fan, perhaps?” Miror B continued, scratching his chin. “I know people are often surprised by my afro but they don’t usually scream at it. He does look somewhat familiar but...well, he’s not that weirdo Mirakle B fan of mine at least,” he mused, shuddering slightly.

    “Bah, never mind him, he’s been shouting at everything in sight,” Skrub said. “Just some drunk worker here...anyways, I was the only other person to escape via the tunnel, I think,” he said in a quieter voice as the two walked off. Silva’s eyes lit up and he quickly followed, eager to hear more.

    “...and now it’s blocked off by Nascour,” Skrub continued.

    “Yeah, he mentioned that he was going to do that,” Miror B said. “But now what? We’re shutting up shop here, so if the police are going to act...”

    The police? Silva thought with surprise.

    ”...then the sooner the better. We’re going to have to get some message to them, but as the control room is now only accessible by Nascour which has the communications, and the mayor’s here that’s a pretty big risk for us-”

    “Ahem,” Silva interjected, and grinned as Skrub and Miror B turned around hastily. “I think I may be able to help.”

    “And who are you?” Skrub said sharply.

    “Oh, I am the great Silva!” he shouted as he ripped off his moustache, only to wince and shout in pain and hop about awkwardly, clutching at his mouth.

    “Who?” Skrub asked.

    “Ahhh... you know, I’m that... never mind,” Silva said, rubbing his face. “I’m on the side of the good guys, and although I don’t know about you two, your conversation suggests you’re not keen to stick around and get arrested. Did one of you beforehand send a message to the police about Mt Battle...?”

    “Why yes,” Miror B said slowly with a smile.


    Nearing the end!

    And the usual stuff about what is here and in the game!
    The Mayor - yeah, my very unsubtle foreshadowing early on probably said as much (never mind if you played the game as well), but the Mayor (Es Cade) is Colosseum's big bad. His involvement is not exactly defined with Cipher, mind, and there's a number of valid theories with him. What is clear is that (thanks to an NPC) Realgam Tower is the location of Cipher's main base and shadow Pokemon were to be used for exciting Pokemon battles, and it's hinted that whoever made it was rather rich... later revealed to be the mayor. There's some more to it, but that'll be covered in later chapters.

    Realgam tower - tbh this new nifty Colosseum didn't seem that necessary given Phenac already had a perfectly fine-looking Colosseum, but go figure! The true location of Cipher's main headquaters and financed by the mayor. Comprised of a large tower surrounded by some fancy yet pointless train tracks leading to it from the place's entrance. It doesn't in the game have an accessible part that links to the train system that goes to the lab, but imo it makes sense that it does.

    Dakim's grand ideas - actual ideas Cipher does try out! There is a guy who is sent about to trash your reputation and looks just like you, only to turn out to be a Cipher agent. Then there's the Deep King guy who can be found in the Under's 'Deep Under' Colosseum after beating the main game, which is also the location of the admins should you want to rebattle them afterwards. And to get into Realgam tower in the game, one needed to beat each admin around it individually and obtain a key to get in the main door. Only the last part is just plain silly as a) you can as pointed out get into the Colosseum by other ways anyway realistically, and b) people not working for Cipher are already inside. And it didn't even have a punching machine behind it. =( That, and in the game all the admins escaped or are still for Cipher; this is no longer the case for the fic.

    Nascour - has a shadow Metagross in the games as well.

    Eagun - when you're in the tower he'll (attempt to) message you via the P*DA. If you backtrack to Agate, the legendary trainer will give you the Master Ball. Yay!

    Silva the spy - he turns up again when you get to Realgam tower, in an actual disguise (which is probably why in the games this is the one point in which he is actually successful). Doesn't actually do much although given what happens later on one can assume he is in contact with the police (Sherles).

    Next chapter hopefully will be around a month or so as well (especially as part of it is already written too), but we shall see! Hope you enjoyed this one!
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    LOL Darkim trying to join the conversation with Nascour and the mayor. Poor him. XD And speaking of the mayor, had an idea he’s involved with Cipher somehow for a while now. I like it though it involves him in investing the organization. Woo investments!

    I chuckled over the part where Metagross was about to blast the Hyper Beam. That’s what you get for having a supercomputer as a Pokemon Nascour, haha. Yay for the return of Tom. I’m also going to have to say poor Skrub for having a demotion while Tom doesn’t.

    “We are?” Rui asked. “Ein already told us where it is?” Ein had earned his own jail cell, having been found only a short distance away from the laboratory. Hariyama had been most pleased with himself, but disappointed that the police had insisted that Ein had been thrown around and spun about in circles enough. Likewise the two Growlithe had also wanted more fun with the scientist, but settled for licking their wounded trainers’ faces. Said police officers were recovering with the help of the best medical support Pyrite could offer, which consisted of a few pain killers and more bandages than the insides of a Cohagrigus.
    Glad to hear the two Growlithe are all right, lol. My face went blank though over Pyrite’s medical support using too much bandages. HOW is that possible? *_*

    Anyways, oh bit more info on the mayor, especially him having quite an influence over the Orre region. Interesting most likely the Shadow Pokemon are going to be used for advertising the region. Moving on the part with Eagun having a Master Ball but never used it I thought was quite nice too. Hopefully Wes will put it to good use!

    Unless Cipher just have really lame parties, he added to himself.
    Couldn’t agree with you more, Silva…unless it’s Miror B hosting it. Looks like though Silvia and Miror B might strike a deal of some sort. Hm…

    Overall another chapter I enjoyed quite a bit. Seems like the last few chapters will be quit exciting as everyone are making their moves now, which I look forward too. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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    Yay belated review replies. >_<
    Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
    LOL Darkim trying to join the conversation with Nascour and the mayor. Poor him. XD And speaking of the mayor, had an idea he’s involved with Cipher somehow for a while now. I like it though it involves him in investing the organization. Woo investments!
    Yay finance? Maybe he personally knows Grave the Steelix? =p But yeah, not surprised an idea was had with the mayor for it was probably NOT VERY SUBTLE on my part. Then again neither is the game. =p
    I chuckled over the part where Metagross was about to blast the Hyper Beam. That’s what you get for having a supercomputer as a Pokemon Nascour, haha. Yay for the return of Tom. I’m also going to have to say poor Skrub for having a demotion while Tom doesn’t.
    I'll admit that Metagross is one of the Shadow Pokemon that make me think 'heck yes'. Seriously, look at that thing!
    Glad to hear the two Growlithe are all right, lol. My face went blank though over Pyrite’s medical support using too much bandages. HOW is that possible? *_*
    When one is entirely wrapped multiple times in bandages from head to toe, that's too much. =p (I guess the chansey or whatever was very enthusasatic?)
    Anyways, oh bit more info on the mayor, especially him having quite an influence over the Orre region. Interesting most likely the Shadow Pokemon are going to be used for advertising the region. Moving on the part with Eagun having a Master Ball but never used it I thought was quite nice too. Hopefully Wes will put it to good use!
    As I may have mentioned in the notes, an NPC basically presents the whole 'shadow pokemon used to attract people in super cool battles' thig fairly bluntly at the end. Yay for NPCs giving useful info on ocassion!
    Overall another chapter I enjoyed quite a bit. Seems like the last few chapters will be quit exciting as everyone are making their moves now, which I look forward too. Can't wait for the next chapter!
    Yeah, that's my aim anyways. ;p Hope you'll enjoy it and thanks for yet another review!
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    And here's the chapter! I quite enjoyed writing this one in particular and think it came out well, but I'll let you be the judges of that. =p

    Thanks again to Chris the Com for beta reading this.

    Chapter 24 - Gonna Battle Like It’s 1999

    Nascour yawned as he walked into the reception area and began welcoming people into the Realgam Tower Colosseum for its grand opening. He hadn’t gotten as much sleep as he had planned, no thanks to the troubling dreams he had had. He didn’t recall much, but it had involved being arrested, only to run away and jump off the tower for some stupid reason, only for his leg to be somehow tied to a bungee rope, followed by flying over a swamp and being worried about his shoes falling off.

    He hated how nonsensical dreams could get at times and yet how they still worried you long after waking up, nagging at your mind more obnoxiously than a disagreeable aunt eager to watch you eat that last badly cooked slice of chocolate brownie.

    Beforehand he had another meeting with the mayor to decide when it might be possible to show off a Shadow Pokémon in one of the exhibition battles. The mayor naturally wanted it sooner rather than later lest interest in his venture drop off, but Nascour was not keen on making that risk just to appease some customers, even if they were rich.

    It was certain that there were some of those here – some of the hotel rooms offered that featured strange gimmicks like water beds filled with raspberry jelly had already been booked, and a few of the arrivals had already headed straight for the tower’s Game Corner, complaining loudly about how they hadn’t been able to use slot machines in Johto anymore. But a lot of the people coming in today were curious citizens of Orre, which was only to be expected for opening day.

    Every single one of them that had the ability to talk seemed keen to tell their life story to Nascour however, and so he had for the last half an hour been treated to amazing tales such as how someone had found a quarter in his shoe, or when another had bought a pumpkin that had a black spot upon it. The ones who were incapable of stringing two simple sentences together were arguably worse as their speech was either completely incomprehensible, or they resorted to either making butchered attempts at sign language or simply smiling oddly at him.

    Somehow though the worst part of the day thus far was the decision for him to go under a false name, in case someone knew Nascour was part of Cipher. And Nascour disliked the name of Jakira – it just sounded silly. Nobody else seemed to notice given the standard name of the Orre citizen was weird to begin with, but he liked his name and maintaining the respect from others when it was mentioned.

    Sighing, he moved away from the main door as a short lull occurred in the stream of people coming in, and decided to check on the rooms adjacent to the reception area. They didn’t have the problem of everyone coming in through the doors as the initial entrance was a good half-kilometre away – people had to travel by a small train through a series of glass tunnels to get to the reception area.

    Nascour moved to open a side door only to stumble backwards as it flew open.

    “Wah!” a large bodybuilder shouted.

    “Why did you do that?” Nascour bellowed back quickly, glaring angrily at the man.

    “I gave you a good jolt, eh? Wahahah! I've been waiting behind the door for you to come along!” the man boasted. “Been waiting a looong time! Next, I'll shock you even more with my-”

    “I haven’t time for you,” Nascour said quietly, deciding that greeting people was a better idea after all.

    “Hey!” the man shouted at Nascour. “Do you know how hard it is to just wait and wait and wait without moving!?” Noticing that Nascour was ignoring him he gave up and grumbled as he moved back behind the door. “Back to standing still I guess...”

    As he returned to the entrance he noticed that a man was now standing in his original place and greeting people, declaring each one to be the thousandth guest to enter the ‘REALGAM TOWER’. He placed a strange amount of emphasis and volume into the name of the place despite the number of people ignoring him after realising that he had no prize, and the man admitting to each person that it wasn’t the case anyway.

    Nascour tapped the man on the shoulder and put on his best glare. “Excuse me, but could you please cease playing your incredibly witty prank on everyone here?” Nascour asked.

    “Uh...congratulations! You are the thousandth guest!” the person replied with a sneer.

    “Don’t worry, Jahati man,” Dakim said as he wandered in excitedly. “I’ll deal with him.” And before Nascour could object to the action or the fact that he had said his false name incorrectly Dakim had picked up the troublemaker, opened the door and flung him down the tunnel past a cluster of arrivals. He then grinned at the group who uneasily smiled back and wondered if it was a good idea for them to come here in the first place.

    “Okay, come here,” Nascour said, urging Dakim to follow him back from where he came from. Dakim happily followed his boss into a room.

    “Look, you can’t go and show yourself to the public!” Nascour chided. “Never mind pick them up and throw them away! We want visitors to come, not scare them off.”

    “...Oh yeah, man,” Dakim said.

    “Please remember next time – I can deal with trouble makers myself easily enough without throwing them.” Nascour then looked at Dakim’s clothing.

    “But where’s the fun in that, man?” Dakim asked, but Nascour ignored the man.

    “Well, at least you got out of your usual martial art gear for a change so that defining feature of you isn’t there to be noticed. Besides your height and size I guess,” he added.

    “Well of course!” Dakim boomed. “I couldn’t get paint on my gi after all!”

    “Anyways, stay put here please,” Nascour said as he walked back out. Dakim fiddled with his fingers before observing the room to see if there was enough space for him to practise some fighting drills, before Nascour walked back in.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that – what do you mean by that?” he asked with a tinge of worry in his voice.

    “You know! A gi is what you call the clothing martial artists wear!” Dakim explained, shaking his head. “I thought even you would-”

    “Not that,” Nascour snapped, “I meant what did you mean by getting paint on your gi?”

    “Ah.” Dakim paused. “Well man, I wanted it to be a surprise...” He then turned around and shouted down an adjacent corridor. “Get over here!” A moment later Nascour gasped as a man came into the room, nervously closing the door behind him. His Cipher uniform was no longer its usual black but now a deep blue too uncomfortably akin to Wes’ outfit. His hair had also been dyed and a pair of poorly made glasses (made of two sticks duct-taped together with some cellophane) and some streaks of sunscreen on his face gave him the general appearance of Wes.

    “Dakim,” Nascour said slowly, “I thought I said it was a stupid idea.”

    “But he looks like Wes!” Dakim protested. “You can’t deny that!”

    “He does somewhat, but it’s still stupid.” He then examined the clothing and only then noticed the unmistakeable sharp smell of paint. “And you... instead of finding some replica clothing you painted his clothes!?

    “Yep!” Dakim said happily. Nascour facepalmed before facing the Cipher peon.

    “And what is your name, and why, oh why did you encourage this big oaf?”

    “F-F-Fein,” the grunt mumbled, before glancing quickly at Dakim, his bottom lip trembling. “He s-s-said he wa-was going to pu-pu-punch me if I didn’t st-stay still...”

    “He kept shaking,” Dakim complained.

    “Oh. That’s fair enough then,” Nascour said, as he petted the peon on the head. He then observed his hand which was now silver and wet.

    “Yeah man, I painted his hair too!” Dakim said.

    At that moment the mayor hurriedly ran inside the room and looked in, only to slam the door shut loudly and jump. “Why, you- hang on, you’re not...” he said to Fein.

    “No, he’s not. Blame him,” Nascour said, motioning to Dakim.

    “Well... never mind that. Change of plans. The police are here.”

    “What?” Nascour breathed.

    “Sighted from the top of the tower in force, and I suspect that they’re not here for a picnic,” Es Cade growled. “So we need to buy some time. Dakim, instead of doing...whatever it was you were doing, would you rather punch people at the entrance?”

    “Yes!” Dakim exclaimed, running out of the room quickly as he dragged Fein along with him who yelped in surprise.

    “Wait, why are we meeting them head-on?” Nascour frowned.

    “I’ll tell you as we head up,” the mayor replied as he walked off. Sighing yet again Nascour reluctantly followed.


    “I see movement,” Sherles said, peering through binoculars a few hundred metres away from the main entrance of the imposing tower, as the wind howled past them and sent another layer of sand from the desert flying with it. “I think Cipher has spotted us.”

    “So how do we do this?” Wes asked anxiously, standing by his Zoomer with Rui next to him, and Andrew and Johnson next to Sherles. He was still annoyed by the deal he had with Andrew that Johnson was to travel with him on the Zoomer, and was now at the point of considering turning the radio’s volume up again to drown out Johnson’s inane chatter at the risk of having the advertisement jingles stuck in his head for days. He then briefly had the horrible thought of Johnson being on the radio and involuntarily shivered. “You said that Silva managed to contact us and said that the tower’s open to the public...”

    “Luckily we also know it’s likely that the mayor would not wish to endanger his investment. He put a lot of money into this, as we know, and is interested in protecting his own position and reputation – I doubt he’ll suddenly start taking hostages. It complicates matters that they are here, yes, but not in that manner. Remember, I know the mayor’s personality well enough. He’s more likely to just try to escape.”

    “Fair enough,” he said, looking at the tower. Long tunnels were situated behind the building that made up the entrance, connecting it to the base of the tower. It seemed a far cry to what it had looked like only a few weeks ago; the construction workers must have done their jobs exceedingly quickly to transform the dusty and dirty area into a polished black-and-white tiled floor, with holographic crystal beams around the perimeter of the building and two Sudowoodo statues standing above small fountains.

    “A criminal waste of water, just like what he did with Phenac,” Sherles muttered. “If it comes to a brawl as well we needn’t worry about the tower itself. It’s been made to withstand a high standard of colosseum battles after all, and if we damage anything... well, the mayor can foot the bill himself,” he added, allowing himself a smile. “Priority is to get in and arrest those in charge of Cipher, and anyone working for them as well.”

    “They’re here, all right,” Andrew confirmed as a wave of grunts suddenly spewed out from the entrance, yelling and throwing out Poké Balls. “Right, men!” he yelled at his fellow policemen. “If we clean up this bunch now then we can go back home!”

    “Let’s take them!” another yelled, and the police team coupled with their army of Growlithe charged forward. Wes readied his Poké Balls as well but remained where he was as planned – he was to snag from a distance and come in only if needed. The police squad, although smaller in numbers, still matched the cipher gang, so it didn’t seem that he would be needed anyway.

    Until, that was, Dakim walked through the door, grinning from ear to ear and waved at the police team who visibly slowed down. He then strode up to one of the glass Sudowoodo statues and ripped it from the fountain, spinning it in his large hands before priming it behind his shoulders, clearly ready to take on the team.

    “This’ll be easy!” he said, stepping forward and swinging the statue, only narrowly missing a Growlithe who had strayed too far forward, but managing instead to collect a Cipher grunt behind him. “Oh, sorry man,” he said absentmindedly. Despite that though the rest of the Cipher agents began to attack as well, and the police quickly rearranged themselves into a more defensive structure.

    “But...why are they taking off their shoes?” Rui asked, confused, as some of the cipher people began to hop around awkwardly and do just that, as well as fling their socks away which quickly latched on to the wind and carried into the distance.

    “Strange people,” Johnson remarked. Wes raised an eyebrow – if Johnson recognised how weird something was correctly then either he was getting smarter or it truly was odd. Suddenly a stray shoe came flying in their direction and although Wes easily sidestepped it, it landed in the Zoomer and struck one of the controls.

    “DELICIOUS GARDENING TOOLS NOW AT TWENTY-SEVENTHS OF FORTY-ONETH OF A WATERMELON PRICE!” the vehicle roared suddenly, its radio coming to life. Alarmed, the group then noticed the Zoomer take off by itself towards the tower, distracting a few of the policemen and cipher grunts alike with its advertisements.


    “I hate that thing, I really do,” Wes muttered.

    “I think you and Rui should go see where it ends up, it might crash into something,” Sherles said gruffly. “But maybe first you could lend a Pokémon to help out with Dakim...” he added, looking back to the battle and Dakim who was currently swinging a policeman around his head in one hand and the Sudowoodo statue with the other.

    “Good idea... Come on out, Hariyama!” Wes said, throwing out his Poké Ball. The Fighting type stomped as he was sent out and grinned at the prospect of another battle.

    “Go for Dakim and stop him hurting any more policemen,” Wes instructed. “Or Growlithe,” he added as a sharp yelp sounded.

    “Hari!” (Certainly!) Hariyama boomed as it walked towards the scene.

    “Right, let’s go around,” Rui suggested, and as Wes nodded his agreement the two followed the yelling Zoomer, making sure to keep their distance from the brawl. They kept pace with the Zoomer, but weren’t quite able to gain on it as it lumbered across the desert.

    “At least it’s... not going” Wes panted. He then cringed as despite this fact the vehicle went straight through one of the glass tunnels, sending sharp pieces of glass across the ground. It stopped the Zoomer dead in its tracks, but not the noise it was making.

    “Stupid thing,” Wes said, covering his ears somewhat as he stepped into it and turned off the engine, and then removed the shoe. “The heck... there’s some strange powder in this shoe.”

    “Maybe that’s why they took them off?” Rui said, scratching her head. They paused in thought before Wes sat upright and slapped his head lightly.

    “Hang on, we just got in, didn’t we? Bypassed the whole fight!” he said. “That was...easier than expected.”

    “You’re right!” Rui said happily, before turning around. “Although I think a couple of them noticed,” she added, remarking at two Cipher grunts who had followed them and were quickly converging, making grunts of pain as their bare feet burned on the hot sandy ground.

    “Hmm. I think we should cool them down first then!” Wes said with a grin as he pulled out a Poké Ball.


    “No,” Nascour said flatly as he and the mayor looked down on the battle below them as they ascended to the top of the tower by elevator. Like the train tunnels, they were also made of reinforced glass and so they had a clear view of the battlefield. Dakim was swinging about his Sudowoodo statue haphazardly (to the mayor’s dismay – he had paid good money on those fountain decorations) and the battle between the police and Cipher was currently even, but they hadn’t failed to notice the two teenagers who had started all their problems crash their vehicle into the tunnel. And the few cipher agents who had followed them had just been sent flying back across the desert by the boy’s Feraligatr blasting water from range into the pair. Nascour shivered, as if he had been hit by the attacks himself.

    “Why didn’t they bring their Pokémon with them?” the mayor fumed silently.

    “Never mind that – why did you order the attack?” Nascour said. “Maybe they hadn’t known that we were here!”

    “I doubt that,” the mayor replied. “They came in numbers, prepared for a showdown. When I saw them I decided to call my office and check my answering machine for any messages, and figured out that they know of my input here.”

    “Ah,” Nascour said, pausing in thought for a moment. “So we’re screwed then, right?” The man buried his face in one hand and sighed deeply. “No,” he mumbled into his hand a moment later.

    “Well, that depends by what you mean by ‘we’,” the mayor said slowly. “If you mean Cipher in general as a group, then yes and no. I’ve taken care of the papers in the office here and passed it on to the other party we have, so if they are careful, Cipher may yet remain. If you mean Cipher’s current employees though, especially the ones stationed here, I am sceptical of their current career lasting beyond tonight. And if you mean my career as mayor, that’s quite possibly over as well, sadly.

    “And by we as in the two of us....” The mayor then paused. Nascour looked to Es Cade, and noticed a small glint in his eye. “We’ll open the Colosseum to the public right now, let those peons we planned to open proceedings have their small competition opening to appease and distract the masses watching, and then escape. I have a few helicopters positioned on the top of the tower, luckily. That’s why I ordered our attack – anything to hold back the police for an extra minute will be to our benefit.”

    “Alright,” Nascour said. “Pity our defences have been breached by those two scoundrels, but when we get to the top I’ll contact Miror B first thing and get him to hold them. He should still be down there so if anyone gets through, I’m sure he can hold them up.”

    “Excellent thinking,” the mayor replied, before pausing and looking down below again. “And do humour me, Nascour, but is that what I think I see?”

    “What?” Nascour asked, following the mayor’s gaze. Another small group of people were approaching the tower from the opposite side, clad in a familiar red uniform.

    “Team Snagem!” Nascour said after a moment. “Interesting... maybe, just maybe, if they can help our group defeat the police right here and now, we could sweep the region in one fell swoop!”

    “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves... but we have help, most certainly. And if not, we’ll still have our escape plan. Best case scenario – we defeat the police and so can push to regain control of the region. I’m still mayor after all so if the police are defeated...well! And if not, we lose our power, but escape ourselves, and Cipher may yet remain, ready for its rebirth when things cool down.”

    “Yes... maybe we’re not so screwed after all, Es Cade,” Nascour said softly, thinking deeply. Just then the elevator reached the top part of the tower and so their vision of the land below disappeared with the replacement of the glass – although the middle of the tower’s stalk was made of glass, the topmost section was not.

    “Please,” the mayor said with a smile. “We might as well get better acquainted. Call me Evice.”


    “Ha, this is a fight worthy of myself, man!” Dakim shouted as he ran forward at Hariyama once again, ignoring the buffeting wind or the other struggles around him between police and fellow cipher peon, recognising the threat the oversized fighting type posed to them. The Pokémon grunted as he raised his large arms to block the incoming statue that Dakim had swung swiftly, and quickly stepped closer and tried to grab the man’s clothing. Dakim was ready however and shifted his body out of reach before he attempted to hit the Fighting type on the other side with his improvised bat. This time Hariyama took the hit but grabbed at the statue as it struck, and ignoring the throbbing pain on the right side of his chest, squeezed, crushing the glass object into pieces. Dakim frowned and then quickly darted to the left as Hariyama threw what remained at him, only for the remains to harmlessly land on the tiled ground. Dakim meanwhile moved to another fountain and uprooted its statue, ignoring the water spurting out of the glass structure that soaked the lower part of his pants.

    “Hari!” (I can do that too!) Hariyama shouted as he grabbed at an object that he noticed from the corner of his eye and wielded it, only for it to squirm in his grip and shout.

    “Let go of me!” Andrew shouted, brandishing his policeman’s hat at Hariyama.

    “Hariyama! Ya!” (Stop shouting and keep still! I want to attack!) Hariyama bellowed back. Andrew shuddered as his ears rang from the yell of the Pokémon, guessing that he wasn’t going to let go of him. He then looked at Dakim regard this development, yet maintain his grinning expression and gulped, as the colour quickly drained away from his face.

    “Hey, Team Snagem are here!” a Cipher peon yelled. Both Dakim and Hariyama looked and noticed a large group of grunts charge towards the brawl, with Gonzap leading the charge, dust flying up from the ground behind them as the thundering of their running grew louder.

    “Aha, more help!” Dakim said, his grin growing wider as he kept an eye on the Hariyama. “Your police have more trouble now, man! Hello, angry man!” he shouted to Gonzap, waving an arm at him.

    But why is he frowning at me? Dakim mused, now frowning slightly as he also noticed the police seemingly disregard their arrival – in fact, they didn’t even try to move out of the way. A moment later Gonzap reached the battle but didn’t slow down, instead running right past a police officer.

    “Welcome, Sir Gonzap-” a Cipher grunt started with a salute.

    “For Snagem!” Gonzap shouted, as he threw a straight punch at the welcoming Cipher agent. The man staggered for a moment before his legs gave way and collapsed.

    “Hey, man! That’s mean!” Dakim spluttered, completely thrown off by this action. “Oof!” he added inadvertently as Hariyama took advantage of the distraction and struck the man with a large open fist directly in the solar plexus, winding the human giant. As Dakim wheezed for breath the Pokémon then swung the yelling Andrew around into his temple, bringing both the unfortunate policeman and Dakim into the land of unconsciousness. Satisfied with a job well done, Hariyama shouted loudly and then looked around for another victim.

    “Wh-why are you...attacking us?” the victim of Gonzap’s first punch gasped. “I thought Snagem were Cipher’s ally...”

    Gonzap merely looked down and smiled. “You’ll do well to learn that friends are just enemies who don’t have the guts to kill you.” He then kicked the man and gazed around as the Cipher grunt groaned.

    “You kicked me!” he screamed.

    “Shut up,” Gonzap ordered, kicking him again before something caught his eye. “You!” Gonzap shouted and pointed as the rest of the Team Snagem members joined the fray with their Pokémon. He then swung his other fist and connected with the new victim, knocking him out cold.

    “Take that, Wes...wait,” he said as he regarded his hand, which had collected some blue markings. He sniffed his hand and smelt that it was paint, and then looked down and examined the man, and realised that he was clearly not Wes, despite his appearance.

    “The heck...?” he grumbled, before frowning. “Is this some sort of joke of Cipher’s?” he growled, grabbing a Poké Ball and throwing it in front of him. “I’ll show them with an object of their own creation! Skarmory, destroy your opponents! A widespread Whirlwind!”

    “Skaaarr!” (Flowers!) the bird shrilled loudly. He flew around in circles above Gonzap for a moment and surveyed the field, before spotting the unmistakable body of a Cipher peon’s Pokémon in Sunflora. Screeching suddenly he flew down and proceeded to stamp weirdly on the grass type.

    “No, don’t focus on...never mind, I’ll come back for you later,” Gonzap spat as he walked into the building, palming a cipher peon that made the mistake of trying to stop him out of the way. He didn’t care for talking to this Sherles fellow just now, nor with helping him out in beating some no-name Cipher agents after all, nor what happened to that joke of a Shadow Pokémon of his. Clearly he had been jibbed by Cipher and given some poor excuse, some prototype to what they, especially Nascour, had claimed would be one of the ultimate fighting machines.

    And now he had a score to settle.


    “What happened here?” Rui said to Wes curiously as they walked past a man groaning in the middle of the tunnel. He mumbled something that sounded like a congratulations for being a visitor to the tower, but Wes ignored him and walked on the rails towards the main base of the tower. Feraligatr had easily accounted for the few Cipher guards that had followed them, so Wes had returned him to his Poké Ball. He kept his hand near it though, glancing side to side from time to time as he quickened his pace.

    “Maybe he got knocked down by the Cipher guards that came out to battle us,” he said as he pocketed his P*DA as well. “Just sent a message to Sherles. He says to go in and try to find the mayor and Nascour quickly, so we’ll let the police tend to this guy when they’re finished.”

    “Fair enough,” Rui said.

    “Sherles also says that Team Snagem are a few minutes from arriving. Bet that’ll be a nice surprise for those Cipher grunts they’re battling...You got your Pokémon secured?” Wes asked.

    “Yes,” Rui replied with a grin, touching the few Poké Balls she has secured to her skirt.

    “Good. I don’t think Sherles would want you to lose any of them, particularly that one,” Wes said. Besides Quagsire and a few other Shadow Pokémon, Rui had one more Pokémon in her possession this time; Sherles had decided to loan the police’s Suicune to her, reasoning that although the legendary Shadow Pokémon were hard to control it was silly to pass up having such a force on their side, should things turn tough. And although he hadn’t intended for her and Wes to find themselves within the building so quickly, he had been clear that they should take advantage of their position.

    “We should also keep an eye out for Silva and Miror B,” Wes continued. “I’m a bit sceptical of the news that Silva managed to send to us last night, that Miror B is on our side, but it makes sense given what happened at the lab.

    “Mmm,” Rui hummed in agreement. “He did seem the least...mean of the admins you’ve battled after all.”

    “And the weirdest,” Wes added.

    A few moments of walking later they walked into the reception area. Rui quickly marvelled at the place – a checkerboard style of tiling greeted them, followed with more lavish fountains and lamps. A moat surrounded the room. A few people regarded the two’s entry but ignored them.

    “Must be part of the general public,” Wes mumbled, glancing around. He then looked up and noticed a man clad in gray Cipher gear descending to the ground floor in the elevator front of them. “He, however...” he whispered, reaching down for his Poké Balls.

    “Aha, the blue man again!” shouted another as he sprang from another room. Wes turned and vaguely recalled the man from Phenac City who had owned Feraligatr initially as a Croconaw.

    “Yes, you are the one who defeated me long ago, Wes!” Bluno continued, shouting as he waved his hands about wildly and walked towards him. “But today I will-” His speech was abruptly ended as a door he had passed suddenly flew open and sent him flying with a loud splash into the moat.

    “WAH!” shouted a bodybuilder that stepped out from behind the door. “I stood still again and waited a looooong time for this! I bet I surprised you all by that...” he began, before trailing off as he noticed Bluno flail about in the water.

    “Yes, you did,” Wes said, blinking at this event.

    “Help! I can’t swim!” Bluno yelled, despite the fact that the moat was rather shallow, to the point that had he been lying on his back he still would not be submerged.

    “You didn’t see anything!” the other man shouted as he ran back inside the room he had come from and slammed the door shut behind him. Unfortunately the door had been moved so quickly that it fell off the hinges, revealing that the bodybuilder had moved behind it again. He ignored it and continued standing perfectly still.

    “What just happened...?” Rui said weakly.

    “I don’t know, but I think my brain is melting,” Wes replied. At that point the elevator doors opened as a soft ding sounded from the lift.

    “We meet again, Wes!” Skrub said loudly. “I’m sure you remember me!”

    “I’m sorry...I think I remember the face but...” Wes admitted.

    “Oh.” Skrub paused and seemed a bit upset by this, before he looked over at Bluno. “Oi, get up you stupid oaf!”

    “I’M DROWNING!” Bluno continued to wail, splashing around stupidly. Skrub sighed.

    “I’m Skrub.”

    “Oh... Silva mentioned you – you’re not on Cipher’s side anymore, are you?” Wes asked slowly, still trying to remember this one grunt.

    “Wasn’t he the guy at the Relic Stone?” Rui whispered to Wes.

    Wes’ eyes lit up as he recalled the event and nodded. “Yes, I think you’re right...”

    “Ahem! You are right – I’ve betrayed Cipher,” Skrub said, “but I’ve got a qualm with you still. You’re the one responsible for me getting demoted, and-”

    “...Okay, and?” Wes asked, frowning. “So what? If you’re quitting anyway-”

    “But nothing!” Skrub screeched, pulling out two Poké Balls. “I need to settle this score for myself, or at least try to. Consider this a personal matter.” He then threw the two capsules in front of the pair, as Wes pulled out his own and quickly tossed them too.

    “And you’re holding us up from finding the mayor!” Rui shouted, as Feraligatr and Umbreon came out to greet Skrub’s Clamperl and Medicham. “Where are they? Or Miror B?”

    “So if you’re good enough, you’ll be able to beat me and still find them,” Skrub drawled. “As for those people, I do not know. Somewhere in this tower is all I can say. But now...I remember you took my Hitmontop, but this Medicham I claimed as my replacement, so let’s see what it can do! Hi-Jump Kick on the Umbreon, and Clamperl, attack that Feraligatr with Clamp!”

    “Clamperl!” (Chompy time!) the water type snapped as it hopped towards its foe.

    “Oh, please,” Wes said, quickly tugging Rui slightly to the side so their backs faced part of the moat not containing the flailing Bluno in it instead of the tunnel they had come through. “Feraligatr, just keep your distance. Umbreon, position yourself in front of the doorway!”

    The large alligator obliged and punched the shell Pokémon away when it leapt in the air with its mouth open wide, while Umbreon tensed his muscles and positioned himself. As the Fighting type launched itself at him with a foot aimed at its head, Umbreon quickly flopped down and hugged his body to the ground, letting the Medicham fly over him and through the door. Wes observed the Pokémon turn its head and watch its intended target wave a paw at him as it continued to fly perfectly parallel to the ground down the tunnel. He then nodded to Feraligatr who quickly moved to the door and slammed it shut.

    “Urrgh, I really hate it when that attack misses,” Skrub muttered.


    “Bunch of weaklings,” Gonzap muttered as he continued down one of the tunnels, passing by one of the trains and wiping some sweat from his face. He ignored the groans of pain emitted from the couple of Cipher grunts he had left behind in the last room who had foolishly tried to stop him – he had knocked those down before they even had a chance to send out their Pokémon.

    “The heck is with the design of this place though? It’s like they’re not yet finished with this part...whatever,” he said to himself. He kept making the wrong turn to his annoyance, ending up in a dead end every so often that had usually been covered in hundreds of paintings of Pokémon, usually of Ludicolo. He had a feeling that this was the right way though, as the base of the tower seemed rather close now as the train reached the end of the current passageway.

    One more turn and tunnel to travel through, he thought, and I can-

    The large man suddenly jumped as a Medicham crashed through another doorway and kept flying through the room he had just entered, landing with a loud clunk. Gonzap frowned and took out one of his Poké Balls and let it bounce on the ground.

    “Think you could surprise me, huh?” he demanded. “Like those stupid Cipher agents dropping in from the ceiling, huh?”

    The dazed Medicham groaned and looked up, and then edged away slowly from the Gyarados that glared at the Pokémon.

    “Oh, there’s no escaping my wrath,” Gonzap said coldly. Then to his Pokémon, he added, “Finish him!”


    “Right, I’ll try this one until he comes back!” Skrub continued, sending out another Pokémon. This time a Wobbuffet appeared and saluted all in the room.

    “Wobbuffet!” (Wobba!) it said gruffly. It then opened a tube of lipstick it had been holding and then applied it to its lips with utmost focus.

    “Why does it...” Rui begun.

    “Shut up,” Skrub said quickly. “But just you try to take this one on, seeing she’s now far stronger than her previous Wynaut form!”

    “Oh come on, that’s the best you got?” Wes taunted. “Sure, it’s dangerous if I attack it, but seeing I don’t have to attack it right now as it doesn’t know any attacking moves, I’d say it’s none of my concern! Umbreon and Feraligatr, focus your attacks on the Clamperl!”

    “What? No, that’s not fair!” Skrub cried as the two Pokémon leapt on the shell Pokémon and unleashed a flurry of attacks. “Stop them!” he ordered his Wobbuffet, but the tall blue Pokémon merely continued applying lipstick. Realising that her lips had now been done, she then moved to the rest of her face, scrawling scribbles of pink on the back of her head.

    “Stop that!” Skrub shouted.

    “Clamp!” (Help me!) the Clamperl shouted as it tried desperately to snap at one of its opponents, but a moment later its mouth became still as it fainted.

    “Bah!” Skrub, said, recalling it and sending out another Pokémon quickly. “This one which also evolved recently might do more!” A Graveler appeared as Skrub shouted, “Use Rock Blast!” at it.

    “Umbre!” (Ah, one of those things!) Umbreon yelled, recalling the one he had battled on Mt Battle.

    “Feraligatr, Water Gun please,” Wes commanded. Startled, the Graveler decided against its attack and instead leapt behind the Wobbuffet, narrowly escaping the attack which struck the Psychic type instead, knocking the lipstick out of its arm. It frowned and picked up the tube, and then glowed a bright white colour and sent what remained of the burst of water back at Feraligatr at twice the speed it had been fired, successfully striking the large Pokémon who grimaced as he was hit. Noticing this, the Graveler smirked as glowing rocks began to surround it and grow in size. They then flew at the two Pokémon who retreated, Feraligatr behind a pillar and Umbreon a desk.

    “Umbreon...” (At least it’s not throwing its arm...) Umbreon muttered.

    “Hmm, good thing I ordered a light attack then,” Wes muttered. “But let’s play your game then! Feraligatr, use that part of the moat for a Surf! Umbreon, Quick Attack your way at the Wobbuffet!”

    Nodding, the Umbreon suddenly dashed around the room at rapid pace, easily avoiding the barrage of rocks that rattled against the tiled floor. Meanwhile Feraligatr grinned and raised his arms, sending the water by the side of the room into the air and rushing at Skrub’s side, bringing with it a hapless and crying Bluno. Skrub swore darkly and jumped to higher ground as Umbreon then bumped into the Punching Bag Pokémon before bouncing off of it just as the wave struck the Wobbuffet. The timing proved successful as the Wobbuffet tried to retaliate to the physical attack and not the special one. The Graveler leapt onto a chandelier and hung on, looking down at the water, but was instantly knocked off by Feraligatr’s following Water Gun attack and landed with a plop into the water, as the chandelier snapped off and followed suit.

    “Well...I still have the Wobbuffet!” Skrub shouted desperately, ignoring the splatter of glass remaining as he recalled his Graveler.

    “Good for you,” Wes said as his Pokémon resumed battle stances. “But do you think you can get it to counter my attacks successfully when there’s two Pokémon at once?”

    “Focus, Wobbuffet!” Skrub said in a strained voice. The fact the Pokémon had resumed decorating itself with lipstick didn’t fill the man with confidence however, nor its questioning gaze upon hearing Skrub’s command.

    “Wobb...?” (You want a go...?) it asked eventually, offering the lipstick.

    “Wes,” Rui said suddenly as Wes mused how to begin the attack again. “I think I’ve found Miror B. Or rather, he found us.” She then gestured to the elevator. During the battle neither had noticed that it had ascended again, and now it was returning to earth with the telltale afro clearly visible.

    “He better not want a battle as well, despite apparently being on our side!” Wes said in response.

    Then the door the two had entered through opened with a loud creak.

    “Aha, my Medicham has retur- you’re not Medicham,” Skrub said as a bald man entered the room. He looked at Wes and glared deeply.

    “Why...hello, Gonzap,” Wes said uneasily as his Pokémon regarded this new arrival and turned around.

    “Umbreon Umbre...“ (I see your eyebrows are starting to grow back...) Umbreon remarked.

    “You seem like the real deal then!” Gonzap said. Before Wes could question this statement, Gonzap’s Gyarados arrived by crashing through the wall next to the doorway and snarling at the occupants.

    “You’re not Medicham either,” Skrub said quietly.

    “Oh, there you are!” Miror B sung as he stepped out of the elevator, his usual salsa music accompanying him, as did Silva.

    “Hyper Beam,” Gonzap ordered. Wes quickly ignored the other arrivals, grabbed Rui and dragged her behind a pillar as Umbreon and Feraligatr did likewise. A split second later an almighty beam of energy flew out of Gyarados’ mouth and struck the wall by Miror B, who threw himself to the ground as Silva squeaked and ran behind the elevator. The man of dance then gazed upwards and noticed how close the attack had come to hitting his hair, and the large, black, smouldering mark it had left behind.

    “You... you...” Miror B muttered, before picking himself up and the radio he had been carrying. Silence fell on the room as he stopped the music and hastily shuffled through his tapes as he stepped forward.

    “Out of the way, Miror B,” Gonzap said slowly. “I’ll deal with you next, as well as the rest of Cipher, but Wes is mine right now. So I suggest-”

    “Nobody,” Miror B interjected, “I repeat, nobody, messes with the hair.” With that, he spun, grabbed Poke Balls from his afro and summoned four Ludicolo who quacked in unison as they appeared.

    “My Ludicolo,” he began, as Gonzap grabbed a few more Poké Balls of his own from his pockets, “the man before you dared to mess with the ‘fro. You know what to do.” He then grabbed a bunch of maracas from his hair and threw them to his Pokémon who grabbed them and danced towards the Gyarados.

    “The hell is wrong with you?” Gonzap shouted, ready to send out his other Pokémon if he needed them. “”Trying to stop me with your ducks? Gyarados, Aqua Tail!”

    “I think we’ll just let him deal with it,” Wes whispered to Rui, who nodded. They quickly moved across the slippery floor to the doorway of a room opposite the one in which the bodybuilder was in and still diligently standing perfectly still in, and motioned to Silva and Wes’ Pokémon to follow. Skrub had taken refuge in the moat with Bluno who had ended up back in it and was still yelling his heart out.

    “Stop screaming!” Skrub shouted at the man.

    The Gyarados roared and twisted its body so to fling its tail at a Ludicolo, only to roar when it and the four others suddenly jumped and grabbed the tail and then swung it across the room into the forgotten Wobbuffet. The Psychic Pokémon flopped back upon impact before springing back upright and sending the Gyarados flying back into a pillar. Before it had a chance to recover the four dancing pineapples delivered a series of punching attacks to its jaw and body and in mere seconds they had successfully knocked it out.

    “That’s—that’s- Arrgh!” Gonzap shouted before he decided he needed his other Pokémon after all, and released a Shiftry, Pinsir and Granbull. “Right, let’s see you take on these three!”

    Miror B responded not with a taunt but the insertion of a music tape into his radio. Wes raised an eyebrow when a chill disco song begun playing; he had seemed so angry that he had imagined something like Ride of the Valkyries would play. His Ludicolo however seemed immensely energised by the tune, clapping their hands in time to the music as their dance changed.

    It was then that Miror B begun to sing.

    “It's murder on the dance floor,
    But you better not kill the groove,
    DJ, gonna burn this goddamn house right down!”

    At that moment, the Ludicolo clapped loudly and shouted, blasting sound at the three Pokémon and forcing them on the defensive. Gonzap also yelled and covered his ears, and then stared as suddenly the Ludicolo numbered not four, but eight.

    “What...? Where did they come from?” he said slowly, as it dawned on him that this would not be a simple move at all.

    “Clever,” Wes breathed to Rui. “Uproar to distract, and followed with Double Team. Now he doesn’t know which to hit!”

    “Oh, I know I know I know I know I know I know I know,
    About your kind,” Miror B sung, clapping as the eight Ludicolo responded and spread across the room.

    “Hyper Beam!” Gonzap ordered. All three of his Pokémon obliged and fired their beams but the Ludicolo and their clones merely danced out of the way as the attacks failed to hit anything but pillars and walls.

    “Now Gonzap’s too hasty; his Pokémon have to recover from those attacks,” Wes commented. His Pokémon nodded in agreement as they observed.

    “And so and so and so and so and so and so and so,
    I'll have to play,” he continued, clapping again as eight jets of water hammered into the Pinsir who stumbled backwards into the moat face first. Next a flurry of leaves flew at the large helpless Bug who flailed while each leaf hit before falling still. Gonzap yelled at the rest of his Pokémon but they looked uneasily around the room as they recovered from their previous attacks. Rui felt a little bit sorry for them given they were surrounded by an army of dancing pineapple ducks quacking angrily and a bizarre man singing at them, but she didn’t like the look of the angry Gonzap or the fact he was attacking them, and so silently cheered on Miror B.

    “The all-together!” Miror B called suddenly. Both sets of real and fake Ludicolo then joined hands and shouted again at the two remaining Pokémon, forcing them to again recoil at the blast of sound. As they did so they advanced towards them, forming a circle. The Shiftry quickly realised the trap and stumbled forward at one of the Ludicolo despite the waves of sound assaulting it.

    “If you think you're getting away,
    I will prove you wrong!”

    The Shiftry ran straight into the waiting fist of a Ludicolo, which had been coated in freezing ice that quickly spread across the Grass type.

    “I'll take you all the way,
    Boy, just come along!”

    Meanwhile the Granbull had also charged forward, but was surprised when he passed right through one of his foes. At this point the group split into two groups of four and three and spun around to surround the Shiftry and Granbull respectively.

    “Hear me when I say, hey!”

    And then the Ludicolo unleashed their attacks as one, the Granbull falling victim to another array of water jets and the Shiftry to a collective Drain Punch combo that struck it upon all sides of its head at once. Although three of the attacks had been from Double Team clones, the Ludicolo were so invigorated by the music that Gonzap’s Pokémon stood no chance.

    Miror B grinned.

    It's murder on the dance floor,
    But you better not kill the groove,
    Hey, hey!

    “How?” Gonzap said, recalling his Pokémon.

    “It's murder on the dance floor,
    But you better not steal the moves,
    DJ, gonna burn this goddamn house right down!

    “Stop singing that!” Gonzap shouted. Miror B instead turned up the volume on his radio as his Ludicolo chimed in with their own quacking. Growling, Gonzap stomped towards the man only for a large hand to strike him in the back of the neck. Crying out loud he fell on the ground and lost consciousness.

    “Hariyama!” (Number eight!) Hariyama boasted.

    “Good timing,” Wes said, moving back into the room. Miror B shrugged and recalled his Ludicolo before changing the song to a victory-like jingle, as Hariyama shook Gonzap.

    “That was awesome!” Silva exclaimed.

    “Hariyama! Hari!?” (My experience points! Where are they!?) he demanded of the man. But before he could attempt to extract such a thing from Gonzap, Wes had recalled him along with Umbreon and Feraligatr.

    “Now, Skrub,” Miror B said, “whyever did you attack our ticket out of here?”

    “I’ve got my own reasons,” Skrub said, picking himself out of the moat, water dripping from his suit. “I got demoted because of him, and-”

    “Oh, that hardly matters anymore,” Miror B scolded. “You’re quitting anyway, aren’t you?”

    “That’s beside the point!”

    “So what would you have done had you beaten him anyway?” Rui asked.

    “Well, I would... well,” Skrub said, before he pondered the question. “Said ‘ha ha, I beat you’, for starters, and...”

    “And nothing,” Miror B concluded with a sigh. Ignoring Skrub’s protests, he continued to Wes, “You sure have a lot of people after you, Wes!”

    “I guess I’m not very likable among Cipher and Snagem,” Wes said with a shrug. “Wonder why.” Miror B grinned.

    “Yes, that’s certainly true. You’ve been quite the smooth criminal from Cipher’s point of view! So much that I was recently contacted by a higher up to deal with you myself, but instead I think I’ll just tell you that he and our wonderful mayor are at the top of the tower about to address a large audience.”

    “So you are on our side then,” Rui said with a soft smile.

    “Yes, well... sorry for all the trouble earlier,” Miror B said, sheepishly scratching the side of his head. “Anyway, just take this and the next elevator straight up, and prepare your Pokémon for a fight. I have a feeling they intend to get away, so speed is of the essence!”

    “Right,” Wes said, catching his drift and moving into the elevator with Rui. “And what about yourself?”

    “I’ll head to the control room,” Miror B said. “I had something set up there but it’s been locked... however I can always try to break in!”

    “Alright then. Silva, tell Sherles that they can begin moving in when they can, and where we’re going,” he instructed. Silva nodded eagerly and pulled out his P*DA.

    “Good luck!” Rui said as the doors closed behind them and they ascended.

    “Do the Wes dance!” Miror B called back. Skrub raised an eyebrow at this form of encouragement. Miror B ignored him, instead smiling at the pair above feeling better about his choice by the minute.

    “Help!” Bluno called suddenly.

    “Shut up!” Skrub yelled.


    I wonder what will happen next!!! =p

    Usual 'stuff-in-chapter/game' info:
    Realgam Tower - there's a series of glass tunnels with platforms that lead to the main base section of the tower. In the game you have to navigate the mazz of tunnels to find all the admins before getting in, hence Gonzap's confusion about the design of the place (which is just plain weird if you consider this is meant to be a place for the general public primarily...) Very fancy entrance with the fountains and tiling, which is reused inside the main building.

    The reception area does have a indoor moat for...some reason, and the statues are Sudowoodos. Strange as they also double as fountains, but if you head up there are ones of the legendary beasts too, so I take it is a nod to the admins' Shadow Pokemon. There's a few elevators as well which lead to higher levels as well as the top of the tower, which is the location of the Colosseum. There's a bunch of slots to a side room in the reception area, and another room which seems to be a dining area.

    Realgam Tower NPCs: - like most of the others, some of these are also weird, so I had to include them in some way. =p Most of the people in the reception area (most of the cipher ones are in the rooms connected by tunnels beforehand) are just regular citizens who have weak teams for that stage of the game but still are keen on taking you on. There is a guy who greets you as the 1000th person to arrive, then says you're not and then battles you. Oddly. Then there is a guy who gets a short cutscene of the camera flying in his face if you dare try to go into the dining room, and says how amazing he was for surprising you before battling. Afterwards he really does boast about standing still for so long as well. And then there's Silva, who is disguised as a guard or something and lets you on the elevator.

    Bluno - he reappears here! (Or the other two...brothers/friends of his (?) if you battled them in Phenac). Basically another chance to get the Croconaw if you missed it before the main storyline. He's original in disguise too in the game, for...some reason. His Pokemon evolved but he's still fairly weak. As for Skrub, in the game you rematch his team as it was here back in the lab, but things got changed up here. =p

    Gonzap - he also appears here just before you take the last elevator up! His team here is a mix of Pokemon he has here and in post-game stuff in Snagem's ruined base. Mind you in the game he's still somewhat on Cipher's side at this stage (but not so in XD). He tends to like using strong moves, including Hyper Beam.

    Hope you enjoyed!
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    LOL the part with the Cipher grunts fling their socks and Johnson saying they’re strange people is quite amusing. Also:

    “Go for Dakim and stop him hurting any more policemen,” Wes instructed. “Or Growlithe,” he added as a sharp yelp sounded.
    Poor Growlithe! D:

    Continue on with the chaos going on, ha over Gonzap punching the wrong person he thought was Wes. Keep trying.

    Hm interesting Rui got Suicune, kinda can’t wait to see how she’ll handle that Pokemon. And haha over Bluno flailing in the (not so deep) moat. Too bad he couldn’t just stand up, heh.

    Felt sorry for Gonzap dealing with the tunnels, lol. Going through mazes suck. As for him bumping onto Medicham, nope can’t escape his wrath. D: (Speaking of which, as I read further where is Medicham? I probably missed it. >.>; ).

    PFFFFFT love you for having a female Wobbuffet! So that’s how they get lipstick on their lips. Moving a bit forward, oh dear indeed you don’t mess with Mirror B’s hair. D: Haha love the battle there, especially with Miror B owning Gonzap there. I admit to not knowing the song, though. :< *is ashamed*

    Another fun chapter here! I totally can't wait for the finish. :D Here's to hoping I review sooner than the last couple times, lol.
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    Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
    LOL the part with the Cipher grunts fling their socks and Johnson saying they’re strange people is quite amusing.
    It's a new attack to be revealed in the 6th gen. ;p
    Continue on with the chaos going on, ha over Gonzap punching the wrong person he thought was Wes. Keep trying.
    Fein will be requesting overtime bonuses after that.
    Felt sorry for Gonzap dealing with the tunnels, lol. Going through mazes suck. As for him bumping onto Medicham, nope can’t escape his wrath. D: (Speaking of which, as I read further where is Medicham? I probably missed it. >.>; ).
    TBH the maze to Realgam's tower main reception area is not that hard, but it is annoying to navigate. Yay cutscenes showing you travelling between each room! Even if it is short, it can be a touch annoying.

    As for Medicham, it does not appear later on; the implication is that Gyarados defeated him in the room before the reception area that Gonzap was in.
    PFFFFFT love you for having a female Wobbuffet! So that’s how they get lipstick on their lips. Moving a bit forward, oh dear indeed you don’t mess with Mirror B’s hair. D: Haha love the battle there, especially with Miror B owning Gonzap there. I admit to not knowing the song, though. :< *is ashamed*
    I suppose a Wobbuffet was too good an Pokemon to ignore having in the fic given he did have it and all. XD AND HOPEFULLY YOU KNOW THE SONG NOW!

    Another fun chapter here! I totally can't wait for the finish. :D Here's to hoping I review sooner than the last couple times, lol.
    Delays are no issue, just glad you're still reviewing! =p Hopefully the last chapter and epilogue shall be to standard. Thanks!
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    And so here is, finally, the last chapter. \o/

    But not the last say on this story; a couple of days later I'll be posting a short extra thing that I had (mostly) written up a good while ago, and about a week after now give or take a few days will be the epilogue. Nonetheless, I'll still say a quick thanks for reading to all of you now! I'm glad to have entertaining such a surprisingly large amount of people with this story; certainly far more than I expected when I started out on a whim, although mind you I didn't think it would have taken so long in the first place too. XD I'll go into greater length with this later though; probably a while after the epilogue is posted.

    Thanks, once again, to Chris the Com for beta reading this. I assure you if it were not for him there would be many more errors.

    Chapter 25 – The Final Showdown

    Nascour and Es Cade stood in the middle of the Colosseum’s battle arena, surrounded by a large audience sitting patiently in the stands. A group of Cipher grunts stood to the side, awaiting their opportunity to begin their battle. The field was Poké Ball shaped, with one half of the stage red and the other blue, with a white centre and line separating the two halves. The elevator the two men had used that popped out of the centre of the arena had been sent down, and a microphone stand had been set up in its place.

    “Right,” Evice murmured to Nascour quietly, “a two minute speech should be plenty, and after we formally open the Colosseum, we’ll leave.”

    “Alright, I’ll begin then,” Nascour said. He gazed around at the chattering crowd and cleared his throat before tapping the microphone. “Hmm, it doesn’t appear to be on...Testing, one two THREE!” he said, before it suddenly turned itself on as he said the last word which echoed loudly around the stands. Everyone fell silent and stared for a moment before they cheered and began to chant the number.

    “Uh, right,” Nascour continued. “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Realgam Tower Colosseum!” One of the Cipher peons then stepped forward and brandished a sign stating ‘APPLAUSE’ on it, and the crowd obeyed the command.

    “We really need to get an electronic version of one of those installed,” the mayor muttered to himself. “Or just use our large television display for it...”

    “Today, you will witness a fine display of Pokémon battling from our group of specialists! But do take care to note that this is only a mere taste of what you can expect to see in future battles, both in exhibition matches and in formal Colosseum challenges you can take part in yourself!” Again the Cipher peon waved the sign, and again the audience gave their applause.

    “Do...I need to say anything more than that?” Nascour asked the mayor.

    “No. Oh wait,” he added, noticing a man in a ridiculous costume wave at them from the sidelines. “I suppose we need to let our main sponsor have their say. Here are the details.” The mayor handed Nascour a small card.

    “Fair enough,” Nascour agreed, before using the microphone again. “And now a word from our main sponsor, Terry’s Terrific Toasting Takeaway! Where all toasters toast toast!” Nascour then looked with puzzlement at the card, and then at the man who approached them; it appeared that his costume was a poor attempt at a toaster impersonation, but why they would choose that to be their mascot was anyone’s guess. The man did not look too happy to be there either; he was clearly sweating buckets from within his enclosed suit as he stood in front of the microphone. The desert was the last place anyone would want to be dressed like that. Then again, Nascour mused, I suppose it’s a fitting getup to be literally toasted in...

    “Hello,” he began.

    “And that’s the word from our sponsor,” Nascour briskly said, clicking his fingers. Two of the other Cipher peons then grabbed the man and hauled him away before he could say anything else, and the first one held the sign up again. As the crowd merely murmured in confusion, the peon looked at the sign, realised it read ‘APPLE SAUSE’ crossed out on the side he was displaying and flipped it around so the correct word appeared. The moment he did loud clapping sounded once again.

    “Well,” Nascour continued, ignoring this minor hiccup, “with that, we now conclude- hey!” he shouted as the elevator underneath the microphone stand suddenly appeared again in the centre of the stage. Nascour grabbed the microphone from its position just before it moved out of reach and stepped back.

    “Now what?” the mayor growled. He then gasped as Wes and Rui stepped out.

    “So soon? What was Miror B doing?” he shouted.

    “Aha! Get ready, Rui!” Wes shouted. A few from the crowd recognised the pair of teenagers from the numerous reports in recent weeks and cheered. Es Cade noticed this and grabbed the microphone from the stunned Nascour.

    “And to begin the proceedings!” he proclaimed loudly. “We have our very own local celebrities in Wes and Rui, who have no doubt captured the region’s hearts and minds as they worked together with the police, as you all know!” Wes and Rui both frowned in confusion as they heard his words, but Evice only grinned at them. “So who better to challenge our team of battlers in a grand melee? An all-out brawl, five versus two!” The crowd cheered again as the group of Cipher peons advanced, bringing out their Poké Balls.

    “For now the two of us must be off, but do enjoy the battle!” he shouted. He then turned to Wes and Rui.

    “Enjoy,” he said, and motioning to Nascour to follow, he turned and left, taking the microphone with him. He muttered something to the group of Cipher agents as he passed them, and Nascour lingered a moment to smile nastily at the pair of trainers.

    “Wha...” Rui said slowly before turning to the crowd. “HEY! THOSE TWO ARE REALLY IN CHARG-” Unfortunately for the two, Nascour snapped his fingers again as he left, and loud battle music immediately followed, rendering her shouting useless. A large television screen behind them switched on as well, and displayed the arena for the audience’s convenience. Rui continued regardless, but Wes rested a hand on her shoulder.

    “No point trying,” Wes said.

    “He’s a quick thinker, isn’t he...” Rui said, glowering at the situation and how they had just walked away from them. The two then backed off into one half of the battle arena as the five opponents arranged themselves on the red side of the stage, blocking the exit that Nascour and Es Cade had chosen. A strange man dressed as a toaster was lying on the side flailing about, having seemingly fallen over somehow, but Wes chose to ignore that detail.

    “Miror B wasn’t kidding about being ready for a battle, huh?” Wes replied. “Send out your Quagsire for now, and resort to Suicune at the end if need be.”

    “O-Okay,” she said, throwing out her Poké Ball, as Wes sent out his entire party save for Entei.

    “Don’t worry,” he said softly, and smiled at Rui. “We’ll get through this. And while they get themselves ready...” he added as he noticed the Cipher agents send out their own Pokémon. “Everyone else, prepare for a battle! Yanma, come here!” he shouted as he rummaged through his bag. The Bug/Flying type was in front of Wes’ face an instant later and buzzed happily, as the rest of Wes and Rui’s Pokémon appeared to face their foes.

    “Yanma Yan Yan!” (Ohh-what’s-that-is-it-a-present?) he asked curiously as Wes pulled out a small capsule.

    “Right, this isn’t in liquid form as you’re used to, but rather condensed in this capsule. But I hope you like it all the same!” He then held it out. Yanma curiously hovered still in the air and nibbled on the pill.

    “Wait, what is that?” Rui asked. “I mean, I know you bought it from the shop before we left, but...”

    “Capsule form of coffee,” Wes said. “It came free with bread from Pyrite’s store, so I figured it might come in use! I did promise him coffee yesterday as well, after all.”

    Suddenly Yanma’s buzzing rose several octaves, and Wes took a step back as its eyes bulged out. The Pokémon grinned back and suddenly flew rapidly around Wes, appearing as a mere streak of green and red to the two trainers. His chatter increased to the point in which it sounded like a continuous hum rather than repetitions of its name.

    “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!” (OhmygoshthatisverytastynowIamflyingveryfastfastfastwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

    “Now go chase those two men and stop them from-” Wes began, but it had already left before he could finish.

    “Okay, good thinking. Hopefully he can stop them from escaping for a while then!” Rui said, already brightening up.

    “Yes – hopefully long enough to either finish this battle or for the police to arrive. Right, let’s see what we’re up against...” Wes said, observing the Pokémon that had appeared in front of him, as well as the trainers. It seemed they each specialised in a specific type; one had sent out only Fire types, another Grass, the third Dark types, and the remaining two trainers sent out a trio and pair of Normal types respectively.

    “What are they called?” Rui said, consulting her P*DA, but Wes already waved his in the air.

    “I know some already, but... Houndoom, Magcargo, Torkoal make up that bunch, there’s a Cacturne, Vileplume, Tropius and Cradily there...” he begun, pointing at the Pokémon as he named them. “Mightyena, Absol, and that floundering one is a Sharpedo, Miltank, Porygon2 and a Zangoose, and Spinda,” he finished. “Might as well let you know what they are if you need to give some specific instruction after all!”

    “Alright,” Rui said, trying to repeat the names quietly.

    “Any of those Pokémon Shadow?” Wes asked.

    “Yeah... Absol, Mootank, uh... Tropic Dinosaur thing and... Doom Dog?” Rui answered uncertainly.

    “Okay, I know which ones you’re talking about but I guess we shouldn’t worry about names...” Wes said, before trailing off as his mouth hung open.

    “What is it?” Rui asked, frowning as Wes stared at the opponents. “Are one of those Pokémon super strong or something?”

    “No... I noticed something else that stands out like a sore thumb,” he said. Then he shouted at one of the battlers.

    “Oi, Tom!”


    Meanwhile, the battle by the front of the tower had already nearly drawn to a close. The combined forces of the police and Team Snagem members had overwhelmed the Cipher agents, and only a few now remained, desperately trying to defend the entrance after Hariyama has just strode in after he had gotten bored of bashing their heads together. Allowing himself a smile at the good progress, Sherles then attended to his P*DA which beeped upon receiving a message. He glanced at it and nodded, before typing a quick reply.

    “Okay men, let’s start to look at moving in...”

    “Sir, what’s that? In the distance,” one officer asked, pointing. A strange object was running towards the tower, with brown dust billowing out into the air from behind it. Sherles picked up his binoculars and gazed at the object.

    “Raikou?” he said incredulously.

    “Raikou!” one of the Cipher agents shouted, grabbing at a Poké Ball and hurling it at its direction, but it easily missed as the beast ran right past the man, leaving him and the men around him in a fit of coughing as the dust cloud it left behind in its wake enveloped them.

    “It fled again,” Sherles sighed as he watched it. He then frowned as it proceeded to jump on the tower and run straight up the building’s stalk.

    “That’s something you don’t see every day,” he muttered. He then sent out his Alakazam and waved a hand in the direction of the remained Cipher agents who were still coughing violently. The Alakazam obliged and held up its two spoons high into the air, light gleaming brightly from the two pieces of cutlery as the policemen and Team Snagem members turned away. A moment later the criminals screamed as they fell to the ground, clutching at their eyes.

    “Right, you five round them up,” Sherles instructed. “You might want to use extra rope for Dakim too, by the way.” He then turned to the group in red and nodded his head. “Team Snagem members, you are free to depart; thank you deeply for your help here. All charges are dropped! The rest, follow me into the tower. I think we’re done here.”


    “Nice thinking there, Evice,” Nascour muttered as they approached an empty part of the tower well away from the Colosseum battle. The crowd cheering and music was considerably quieter here, and nobody else was in the area save for the two men.

    “Thank you,” he said, adjusting his collar. “I’m surprised they got here so fast, but I don’t see them getting past that group so easily,” he smirked. “And here are our rides out of here!” He motioned grandly to a pair of helicopters positioned in the middle of the platform.

    “Good...but can you fly these?” Nascour asked uncertainly.

    “No need to, my good man! These are set to fly by themselves-what was that?” Es Cade asked suddenly as a flash of colour buzzed past him and lightly bumped into one of the helicopters.

    “A...Yanma?” Nascour asked, staring at the bug fly around the helicopter before it turned to stare back with its large eyes.

    “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN,” (OhgoodyIfoundyouguysIamgoingtostopyoufromdoingthingsbecausecoffeecoffeecoffeeIlikecoffeedoyouthisisamazingcoffee,) it buzzed. Naturally neither man understood what it had said, but both were unsettled by the way it was tilting its head and buzzing loudly with an impossibly large grin on its face.

    “Well...probably some trainer’s Pokémon that got loose,” Nascour suggested, attempting to walk past it. It quickly droned loudly and flew into his head, knocking the man backwards and onto the ground.

    “Arrgh!” Nascour managed, rubbing his back as he stood back up. “The heck is this?”

    “He’s not letting us past, it seems,” the mayor noted. Then the Yanma shrilled loudly at the two men, forcing them to cover their ringing ears.

    “Yes, I gathered! Let’s see how he likes this then,” he said, pulling out a Poké Ball and sending out a Pokémon of his own in Blaziken. The humanoid Fire/Fighting Pokémon assumed a fighting stance but immediately squawked loudly as the Yanma head-butted him repeatedly.

    “Destroy the bug,” Nascour ordered. The Blaziken responded by leaping at the bug and attempting to swat it, but it flew behind it instantly and shrilled at it with another Bug Buzz attack.

    “YAAAAA!” (ThisisfunIlikefundoyoubecauseIdo!) Yanma exclaimed, performing precisely fifty-six somersaults in the air as it screeched.

    The Blaziken responded by growling and setting both of its arms on fire, and punching out in the air with surprising speed.

    “YAN!” (Thatisnotfunnoitisnot!) Yanma stated, narrowly flying backwards away from the danger. The Blaziken leapt after it but the Yanma continued to fly just out of the Pokémon’s reach time and time again as it chased after it, flailing its arms. It soon grew tired of this and fired flames from its beak, which narrowly missed the bug but succeeded in striking one of the helicopters.

    “Blaz,” (Whoops,) the Blaziken muttered, scratching its beak.

    “No!” Nascour shouted angrily, recalling his Pokémon and staring in anguish at the flames already spreading upon the metal as Yanma flew around the aircraft.

    “That went well,” Evice said drily.

    “Oh, I’ll get him good in a second, don’t you worry!” Nascour spat, sending out his Metagross which landed on the ground with a large clump.

    “Restrain that Yanma!” Nascour shouted. The Metagross obliged, glowing a deep purple and focusing on the bug, which was suddenly surrounded by the same colour. Suddenly Yanma found himself floating towards the Metagross, unable to move away no matter how fast he beat his wings.

    “YAAAAAANNN!” (ThisisnotveryfunwhyisthishappeningwhywouldyoudothisIwantmorecoffeeyouareblueandmeanandnotfair!) Yanma wailed as he came to a stop in front of the Metagross.

    “Metagross,” (Initialising Victory Sequence,) the Shadow Pokémon droned, keeping the Yanma stuck in the air and raising one spiked limb, preparing to crush it into the ground.

    “That’ll show you,” Nascour said with glee.

    “Uh...Nascour?” the mayor asked quietly.

    “What?” Nascour asked.

    “What is that?”

    “What is what?”

    “RAIKOU!” (ROAR!)

    Nascour turned his head. “Oh, that’s a Raikou. Now, Meta-” He suddenly realised what he had said and stared at the yellow beast, which was slowly advancing towards the two. Thoughts quickly ran through his mind, including wondering if Ein had suddenly magically appeared, how the Shadow Raikou had managed to get here in the first place and why was it growling at them.

    “I think we should run back,” the mayor suggested as Ein failed to appear.

    “Quite. Metagross, take that Raikou down!” Nascour commanded before he sprinted back. The mayor followed, albeit slower given his stouter figure. The Metagross used its psychic powers to throw the Yanma into the Raikou and then turned around to face this new foe, while the Yanma hurriedly flew away as fast as it could from the snarling beast and zoomed after the two men, buzzing anxiously all the way.

    “Metagross,” (New target confirmed and engaged,) the Steel/Psychic type hummed as it landed on the ground and sent a wave of Psychic energy at the legendary. Raikou responded with another roar and a volley of sparks that danced upon the Metagross’ body upon impact. As Nascour’s Pokémon’s monotonic hum jumped up an octave the Raikou turned around and sprinted after the two men and Yanma.

    “Meta,” (The wild Raikou fled,) the Pokémon concluded before it rose silently into the air and gave chase.


    “Hiysa, supermam!” Tom shouted back to Wes, waving his arms and suddenly stumbling into one of the other Cipher peons.

    “Hey, keep it together man,” one of the agents said. He pushed him away, but Tom was too busy waving at Wes to care.

    “Excellent – I think we just got some unexpected help,” Wes said to Rui. “I have no idea why he is here; I suppose the train he caught led him here but... Tom, I’ll buy you a drink if you help me fight these four people!” Wes called.

    “YUS!” Tom shouted. He then looked at his two Spinda he had sent out. “Doey teh...uh, punchyunch crunch!” The two Pokémon staggered towards the Cipher guards’ Pokémon and before they had realised the threat they flung their stubby paws into the guards’ own Pokémon rather than Wes and Rui’s. One punch landed on the flying dinosaur Tropius, which gave a strange screech and flew into the air, and then began flinging the fruit that hung from its neck down below in anger. Some of the Shadow Pokémon’s projectiles landed on the rest of the Pokémon clustered together in the crowded arena, and the rest flew at the audience.

    “Hey, cut that out!” its trainer yelled, only to receive a banana to the face for his troubles.

    “Okay, keep it up!” Wes said as the crowd yelled and tried throwing their own food supplies at the Tropius, starting a good old fashion food-fight featuring hot dogs, bananas and cream pies.

    “Now,” Wes continued as he tried to ignore the smell of food entering the arena, “Quagsire and Feraligatr, I want you two to focus on the Fire types! Hariyama, the Dark types! Umbreon and Espeon, keep the Grass types they have at bay and away from our Water types!” As the two Spinda continued to swing their arms about in a drunken fashion into anything in their way, twirling about with gay abandon, Wes’ Pokémon joined the fray.

    “Hari!” (Die!) Hariyama yelled as he charged in and slapped a Miltank out of his way. The victim gave a surprised ‘Moo’ and rolled through the crowd of partner Pokémon, temporarily splitting the group into two.

    “Fera!” (What he said!) Feraligatr agreed as he blasted water high into the air and let it fall down straight on top of the arena, and grinned as the Fire types howled and roared in pain from the attack.

    “Quag,” (Duh,) Quagsire offered as he shot water at the offending types. By now the Cipher agents were rambling instructions at their Pokémon. Some were too panicked or preoccupied to listen, but the one controlling the Fire types managed to get their attention. They spat out flames in a wide circle around them in an attempt to protect themselves from their foes. Tom cheered before one of the Cipher agents tried to tackle him and stop his apparent traitorous actions. He quickly pushed the man away, albeit stumbling awkwardly as he did so.

    “Spindaaaa! Save men!” Tom yelled. The pair of Spinda turned and advanced upon the man who realised the danger and shouted at his Pokémon to stop them quickly, taking all the Normal types out of the main brawl for the moment.

    “Great... now, let’s help the Grass types join the Fire types!” Wes ordered.

    “Espeon!” (Here’s my warm welcome!) Espeon said, smiling as he swung his head and sent a Psybeam into the Vileplume, which cried in pain and tumbled backwards into the fire.

    “PLUME!” (BURNING!) it screamed, landing the right way up and countering by flailing its short arms and running around in circles.

    “Umbre... Umb!” (And you’ll be...uh, fired!) Umbreon tried, and ignoring the following ridicule of Espeon for his supposedly weaker pun, charged forward and head-butted the Cacturne, who stumbled back but regained its footing before swinging its long, spiked arms at Umbreon. He had already jumped backwards out of reach however, and then suddenly sprang forward onto the cactus Pokémon’s head and clamped down with his teeth. As the Cacturne tried to remove the Eeveelution from his face, Feraligatr lumbered forward and happily pushed the blinded Pokémon into the ring of fire. Umbreon leapt off instantly just as the Cacturne swung an arm, failing to hit his target but managing to collect his own face.

    The two Pokémon gave each other an approving nod while the Cacturne joined the Vileplume in running around madly into other Pokémon, spreading the fire around the arena in their fit of stupidity. They observed the Vileplume attempt to hug its trainer and receive some consolation, but this only resulted in the trainer’s clothing also being set alight, and so she too joined them in screaming and running about in hysterics. Umbreon and Feraligatr were quickly forced to resume the fight however, as the Shadow Absol jumped at them swinging the scythe upon its head wildly and slashing at the Feraligatr’s side.

    “Fera!” (Don’t be rude!) the Water type growled, rubbing his arm. Umbreon leapt forward and tried to Bite the aggressor, but it then ducked its head allowing Umbreon to only manage to latch onto the scythe. It then swung its head around, dragging the Eeveelution along with him and sending him into the air. He landed with a thud on top of the Miltank who had just been knocked down by one of the Spinda and tried an uncertain smile.

    “Um...bre?” (Err...hello?) Umbreon said.

    “MOO!” (MOO!) the Shadow Miltank bellowed in response as she spurted out milk into his face. Umbreon hastily retreated before slipping on one of the smashed bananas lying on the ground, while Feraligatr stepped forward to attack the Absol. A Mightyena joined in and the two dog Pokémon attempted to circle the large reptile, but he retaliated with a few quick bursts of water, attempting to keep them away from either side of his body. No other Pokémon of Cipher’s were brave enough to try attacking the bigger and more aggressive Hariyama however, quickly learning that it was a bad idea to do so.

    “Hariyama!?” (Why won’t you move!?) Hariyama shouted as he tried lifting and then punching away the Cradily towards the fire, which remained firmly rooted to the spot.

    “Don’t bother with that one!” Wes shouted.

    “Yeah, just bash it-watch out!” Rui added.

    “Crad!” (Bonk!) it exclaimed, as the Pokémon’s neck extended out before it crashed its head into Hariyama. Hariyama ignored the attack though and simply grabbed the Cradily’s neck and shook violently before letting go and slapping its head with his large palm.

    “Lily!” (My brain!) the Pokémon exclaimed, its head waving about in a daze before Hariyama grabbed its head again and rammed it into the remains of a cream pie.

    “Bah, get rid of that fire!” one of the Cipher trainers shouted.

    “Fine – Sharpedo, put it out!” another ordered.

    “Nooosey!” Tom shouted. But the Sharpedo, which had been doing little besides snapping at anything that came to close to it, sprayed water at the flames. The Houndoom growled angrily and shot more flames to create another barrier of fire however, and before the Sharpedo could put that out Hariyama had picked the distracted Pokémon up.

    “Shar!” (Put me down!) it snarled, trying to twist its body to bite Hariyama. Hariyama naturally refused and instead flung the shark into the audience. The spectators would have likely panicked and run off screaming despite the fact the Pokémon crashed into an empty seat and was knocked out, but one of the Spinda had picked up the forgotten sign exclaiming ‘APPLAUSE’ and used it to whack the Zangoose in the head. As a result they cheered wildly instead and began chanting ‘APPLE SAUCE’ every so often for good measure.

    “Quagsire, aim some mud at the middle of the flame ring!” Rui said now, taking control. The fat Pokémon formed a brown ball of murk and sent it high into the air, and then gazed blankly in front as the wet dirt slowly began returning to the ground before accelerating and landing with a splosh on top of the trio of Fire Types. A roar followed before the Houndoom leapt through the fire, covered in mud and snarling with anger.

    “Houndoom!” (Meet your doooooom!) it roared, managing to catch some of the audience’s attention by making itself heard over the deafening battle music. Flames danced along its thin, ashen body, burning off the mud and invigorating the Fire/Dark type further, followed by an ear-piercing howl.

    “Quag!” (Hi!) Quagsire said, slapping the Houndoom in the face before resuming its usual position. Shocked, the Shadow Pokémon stared for a moment before Quagsire followed with a Water Gun attack.

    “Oh, it’s gone into Hyper State now,” Rui said, tugging at one of her pigtails as, from her view, Houndoom’s aura flared up into a sharp red.

    “Houndoom!” (You gonna pay for that!) it snarled and charged into the Water/Ground type with a Shadow Rush attack.

    “Quick, catch him!” Rui shouted quickly. The Quagsire nodded and to the Houndoom’s surprise did not seem to react to the violent collision, instead grabbing the Houndoom with its flippers as he rolled over backwards and brought the surprised dog with him. Landing on his back the Quagsire continued the momentum and flipped while keeping its clumsy grip on the Houndoom, and then twisted his body.

    “Houn-” (What-) the Shadow yelped as his body slammed into the ground, and Quagsire’s large, fat head followed, smashing straight into his. He then pushed himself off the fainted Houndoom and gazed at Rui with his big dopey smile and blinked, as Rui happily applauded the Pokémon’s actions.

    “Now go for the other two Fire Pokémon there... Fat Tortoise and Megago!” Rui suggested, pointing to the Torkoal and Magcargo who had been far less agile than the Houndoom. They were also less keen to advance out of their now half-open protective ring of heat, instead trying to navigate their way to the centre of the circle unsuccessfully thanks to the mud covering their eyes.

    “This is a good start, but this will take too long if we don’t hurry up,” Wes shouted to Rui, as Feraligatr grabbed the Mightyena by the back of its neck when it had strayed too close to him and started smashing him into the ground. The Dark type was both unable and unsure how to stop him and so resorted to barking loudly each time he hit the floor. A moment later he found himself pegged at the Absol as it jumped at the crocodile Pokémon once more, but this didn’t deter the Shadow Pokémon from following through in its slashing attack, knocking the Mightyena out of its way and into unconsciousness. It landed, disinterested in its partner, and pawed at the ground as Feraligatr tried to regain some of his breath.

    “Keep the Absol moving!” Wes ordered. “Hariyama, join up with Feraligatr and help finish off that Absol!”

    “Hari!” (After this!) Hariyama called back. He had returned back to the Cradily and figured out that it was unable to move from the spot it had been sent out upon, and was having great fun shaking its head around and further dizzying it. He let go of the Pokémon which sighed in relief, only for him to bounce its head rapidly back and forth between his two hands, its skull beginning to resemble a speedball being rapidly pummelled by a boxer. After a few seconds of this torture Hariyama stopped and checked that the Pokémon had fainted.

    “Yama!” (Coming!) he called once satisfied, running back. Feraligatr was trying to keep the Pokémon at bay but the Absol had moved to firing Shadow Ball attacks from short range which the Water type was unable to avoid. The Absol then yelped as Hariyama picked him up, and deftly spun his head around, forcing the Fighting type to drop him as he swiped his wrist with his scythe. Feraligatr took advantage of the interruption though, and steamed forward before swinging his arm and giving the Absol a Slash of his own. As the Absol twisted his body to retaliate Hariyama struck out a leg and sent the dog skidding across the ground.

    “Gat!” (Let’s get him!) Feraligatr said to Hariyama with a grin, nodding his thanks. Hariyama nodded back and converged with his partner on their target.

    Meanwhile Espeon had joined his brother and the Spinda, suddenly turning the previous two-on-three battle for Tom in his favour numerically. The two Normal types of his had been faring pretty well though and despite the earlier assault of milk fired at Umbreon, the Pokémon of the Cipher agent did not look at all comfortable at how the battle was going.

    “Porygon – two two two,” (Analysis – bad bad bad,) the Porygon2 informed its trainer in a drone as a Spinda whacked him in the face with her ‘Applause’ sign.

    “Bananas!” Tom yelled as he picked one off the ground and began to eat it! “Nananananana, nanananana, makey everybodily sing!” he sung happily.

    “Umbreon...” (I hate that song...) Umbreon muttered, keeping his distance from the Zangoose who was growling and trying to leap onto his back. He kept his eye on the Pokémon, eager to exploit an opening but finding the Pokémon’s aggression tough to overcome by himself.

    “Zaaaa! Zangoose!” (Stop dodging! Stay still a moment!) the mongoose Pokémon cried as Umbreon hopped to the side yet again to avoid him. The Miltank meanwhile was now dazed and rolling around slowly without any real purpose behind its attacks, but still refused to faint despite the number of attacks it had suffered already.

    “Esp... Espeon!" (He may be drunk... but he’s given me an idea!) Espeon remarked. Focusing on the fruity mess across the arena, he levitated the yellow fruit into the air and smiled. With a flick of his tail the bananas then went flying into the trio of opponents. Umbreon grinned and sprinted at the Zangoose, throwing himself into the Pokémon and then firing a short-ranged Secret Power attack.

    “Porygon – two two twowowowo,” (Analysis: banana banana bananananana,) the manmade Pokémon buzzed as a number of the fruit stuck him in the face, before breaking down as another sign-swipe and punch from the tumbling Spinda pair brought it down. The two then rolled forward and sprang into the air before stomping upon landing on top of the Miltank. As it sat upright and gasped, feeling winded from the double attack, Espeon applied a Psychic at its head and produced a groan before it too fell limp.

    Wes glanced around at the rest of the arena, noting that Hariyama was now waving a floppy Absol around his head triumphantly, and Quagsire was sitting patiently on top of the fainted pair of Torkoal and Magcargo.

    “Okay, we have one more to take on,” he said, glancing up at the Tropius and then stepping back as it hastily descended, having run out of bananas to pelt everyone with. It landed with a stomp and roared loudly.

    “That’s the last Shadow Pokémon,” Rui reminded Wes.

    “Well, we can’t snag it now, not with so many people watching, but.... it’s now seven against one for us! Take it down with long-ranged attacks!” Wes shouted at his Pokémon.

    “Umbreon!” (Combo attack!) Umbreon shouted, sending another array of sparks forward. Feraligatr and Quagsire joined in by blasting water from their jaw and mouth respectively, Espeon sent a Psybeam from his forehead’s ruby, and Hariyama a pulse of brown energy from his hands.

    “Singy wuth major tommy!” Tom shouted, as the ground shook with the stomps of the Tropius establishing its distaste for this greeting. The man held up a banana like a conductor’s stick and waved it at his Pokémon. “Bananananana...NANANAnananananaNA!”

    “Spininininin!” (Banananana!) the two attempted to echo, screaming an Uproar attack as one at the Tropius. Evidently the concentrated sound did not please the Tropius either, as it turned a pale shade of green, shuddered and slumped to the ground.

    “Excellent,” Wes said, pumping his fist as the Cipher agent begrudgingly recalled his Pokémon. The Spinda clutching the sign held it up once more and the audience erupted into loud cheering. “Thanks, Tom!” he added, and the drunkard yelled something unintelligible about bananas back at Wes. The other Cipher agents either decided that it was a good time as any to flee, or had been taken out by a stray attack long ago.

    “We beat them!” Rui added, jumping happily.

    “Yes, but now we’ve got to move on,” Wes said, running now to the direction the mayor and Nascour had departed from and waved at his Pokémon to follow. “No time to wait around, we’ve a mayor to catch!” Rui nodded and followed, but Espeon looked up instead and flicked his tail with mild amusement as he sat on his hind legs.

    “Espeon,” (I think he saved us the trouble,) Espeon commented, making his comments clear to the two teens. Wes paused and glanced ahead, and noticed that both men were now running back towards them, the mayor huffing heavily as he ran behind Nascour. Yanma was flying after them buzzing loudly and anxiously.

    “Good work, Yanma!” Wes shouted. “Not sure how you...”

    A loud roar sounded from the distance and a moment later a Raikou followed by a flying Metagross appeared.

    “Oh,” Rui said quietly.

    “Yanyanyan!” (ItisabigthinganditisangryandrunsfastIwonderifitalsohadcoffeecoffeecoffee!)

    “Espeon!” (It’s Ein’s one!) Espeon shouted as he leapt onto all four paws. The rest of the Pokémon also observed the newcomers and tensed bar the Spinda who began to dance to the tune of Tom’s slow clapping who was currently oblivious to this latest event.

    “So I guess I have to use the Snag Machine then, just in case!” Wes said, grabbing at his bag and pulling out the Master Ball. He jammed the capsule into the Snag Machine and then clutched it in his left hand, realising how long it had been since he had to actually use the machine.

    Normally I’d be worried about screwing this up but... the Master Ball never fails! Wes thought and with a grin chucked the ball at Raikou. The ball looped through the air and struck the Pokémon, sucked it in and immediately gave a ping as it landed on the ground confirming the Snag was successful.

    “Well that was easy,” Rui remarked. Es Cade turned around as he heard the ping and gave a sigh when he realised the Raikou was gone. He then looked at Wes, and then back at the ball and grinned.

    “Oh... well, thank you!” he shouted as he sprinted for the ball.

    “Espeon!” Wes called, anticipating the move. “Bring it here before he grabs-”

    “Metagross,” Nascour said quietly. As the ball was raised in the air by Espeon it suddenly froze in place, wobbling ever so slightly as Metagross engaged Espeon in a mental tug of war.

    “Well I didn’t see that coming,” Wes muttered, realising now who the Metagross belonged to. The mayor meanwhile plucked the Master Ball and held it in the air, ignoring the few boos from the audience.

    “This’ll be useful, I’m sure,” he crowed, smiling at the pair. “I see you beat our trainers bar one, but together with this you cannot possibly win. I have the legendary on top of my party as well as Nascour’s, and your Pokémon must already be tired. Don’t worry, for I’ll raise a toast to you this evening; you’ve done magnificently well, but-”

    “Toats!” Tom shouted suddenly. The mayor eyed the man uncertainly.

    “...Yes, a toast.”

    “Beer!” Tom yelled again, and so he grabbed the sign the Spinda was holding and whacked the mayor’s hand who cried out, releasing the ball. Tom leapt forward, caught the Master Ball and stared at it eagerly. Nobody noticed that the battle music had suddenly ended; instead all were firmly focused on what just happened. Espeon and Metagross were still focusing on each other but neither were able to prise control of the ball.

    “He just hit the mayor,” one person from the crowd muttered.

    “Woo!” another cheered as the sign was raised for a moment by Tom who was now scrutinising the Master Ball.

    “...Whereily is drinky?” he asked, shaking it before looking at the mayor. “Yous says toast! Toasts mean drunk! Tasdy! Yullows water!”

    “Please,” Es Cade began coldly as he rubbed his hand, “hand over that Ball. Now.”

    “Oh!” Tom shouted and smiled happily. “Drinky is insud!”

    “No, don’t!” Nascour shouted as he ran forward, but there was no stopping Tom pressing the button on the Master Ball which spat out the Raikou again. The Pokémon growled instinctively and stared at Tom.

    “Arrrrgh!” Tom yelled, swinging his sign around but only managing to clock Nascour in the head instead of the Raikou. The Raikou snarled and began to run off once more but Tom grabbed onto its mane and then cried out as it dragged him along around the arena.

    “Why are you doing this!?” Nascour yelled angrily as he rubbed his head. “You’re supposed to be working for us!”

    “We’ve got to stop that Raikou!” Rui shouted.

    “WORSTY FLOVOUR!” Tom yelled.

    “But how...” Wes mused. “Well... Umbreon! Try a Mean Look attack!”

    “Umb...” (I’ll try...) Umbreon said uncertainly, reluctantly moving forward towards the Raikou who was now trying to remove Tom by bucking wildly.

    “Bah, this ridiculousness might as well end quickly,” Nascour muttered to Es Cade. “Let’s send out all our Pokémon and end this quickly. Relax for now, Metagross!” he ordered.

    “Yes, I think that will be in our best interest,” the mayor agreed, reaching for his Poké Balls. “I’ll send out five of mine and you send out your whole team!”

    “Quickly, Umbreon!” Wes urged as the Raikou continued another loop and rushed past them.

    “Tomsy wil buy yous...busies a dollars!” Tom added desperately.

    “Umb!” (Fine!) Umbreon shouted. He then shouted loudly at the Raikou to grab its attention and then breathed deeply in before contorting his face into the most terrifying facial expression he could possibly muster.

    The :3 face.

    “Huh...?” Rui said quietly. “That looks more...well, cute, not scary...” she remarked as the audience gave a loud ‘Aww’. But strangely the Raikou stared back at the Umbreon and gave a soft whimper as it stood still, ending up on Wes’ and Rui’s side of the battle field.

    “Espeon... Esp,” (What people may find cute can be...scary for Pokémon,) Espeon explained. “Espeon?” (By the way is it safe to look?) he added; his eyes had been firmly closed.

    “Umb!” (Yes!) Umbreon said, rubbing his face with his paw. “Umbreon...” (That really hurts the face...)

    “So... now what?” Rui asked as the last of Nascour’s and Es Cade’s Pokémon were sent out. The battle field seemed very crowded now by these giant arrivals she was sure she had not seen before in her life. “Also that giant blue thing is a Shadow Pokémon, I think,” she murmured, pointing to the Metagross.

    “We deal with their Pokémon,” Wes said quickly, noting the one Rui spoke about. “Need to firstly hold off their attacks on our current Pokémon and give them a chance to heal.”

    “How do we do that?”

    “We reveal our trump cards,” Wes said shortly, clicking his fingers. “I have an idea on how to use them, given how Ein managed the Raikou in the first place and what we found out from those files at his lab!” He then rummaged through his bag and threw down an assortment of healing items on the ground as he thought at Espeon.

    Tell the others to fall back for the moment bar the Raikou and use these items to heal themselves!

    Okay, Espeon thought back before relaying the instructions to the others. The Pokémon quickly obeyed and ran, hobbled or flew back. Tom meanwhile recovered by looking in his own bag, pulling out a bottle of alcohol and hugging it tightly.

    “Now now,” Nascour said with a smile, “there’s no need to be shy.”

    “No, we’re not shy,” Wes said as he and Rui pulled out another Poké Ball. “We’re just going to let you try out these two first!” Then they threw the capsules in front of them next to the Raikou which released the forms of Entei and Suicune.

    Well, I think it was worth it just to see their reactions, Wes thought, resisting the urge to laugh as Nascour’s smile faded away slowly as it dawned on him what the two trainers had just sent out.

    “But... that’s...” Es Cade said quietly.

    “Yes, your group’s previous Shadow Pokémon!” Rui shouted loudly. “You know, the ones you made?”

    “I thought you said Dakim’s one was lost at Mt Battle!” the mayor roared at Nascour.

    “That’s what he said!”

    Meanwhile Espeon continued to instruct Wes’ and Rui’s Pokémon, who were quite unsure how to manage the items that Wes had supplied them. Feraligatr held up a Hyper Potion up and frowned at it before he shook it quickly and watched the purple liquid slosh inside the container.

    “Esp, Espeon!?” (What, you never paid attention to how people used those?) Espeon berated.

    “Har?” (Did they punch it?) Hariyama asked. Espeon sighed and shook his head.

    “Espeon eon... Espi!” (No, you aim it that way on your body and press that thing... no not like that!) he shouted at the Quagsire who had simply picked up one of the potions and swallowed it whole. He then smiled at Espeon happily and wagged its tail.

    “Umbreon?” (What’s this thing?) Umbreon wondered, pawing at a small rotten object. He sniffed it and recoiled in disgust.

    “Esp... Espeon?” (Maybe ... the White Herb from Phenac’s Pre Gym?) Espeon wondered. Meanwhile Feraligatr ripped apart one of the bottles and let the fluid land on his body.

    “Umb... Umbreon,” (Well that works... but I think we should buy berries next time,) Umbreon remarked.

    “Yaaaaaaaan!” (WhereismycoffeethatisallIneedforitisgoodandmakesmegoodandgooderandgoodestandstuff!) the bug hummed as it darted in and out of the pile of items, trying to find some of the capsule it had received earlier.

    “Right!” Wes shouted at the three legendary Pokémon, ignoring the raffle behind him. “You want something to aim at? Something to be angry about?”

    “What are you playing at?” Nascour spat.

    “It’s those two who made you into Shadow!” Wes said.

    “The ones who captured you, brought you here and... made you angry!” Rui shouted. Now as the music had also stopped the audience was able to hear their dialogue and murmured among themselves, wondering what they were talking about.

    “Stop your pathetic lies!” the mayor shouted. “We’ve done no such thing!”

    “How could you lie?” Rui accused the mayor as the three Pokémon began to snarl. If Rui hadn’t been so concentrated at yelling at the mayor, she would have noticed their three auras flare up into a harsh red colour. “How could you?”

    “Andy nosy beerys gave Tom?” Tom added loudly.

    “So where’s your proof?” Nascour said. “Pokémon, prepare to take them out!”


    While the Raikou had arrived on the top of the tower and Nascour’s and Es Cade’s Pokémon were sent out, Miror B was far below them all outside the control room. Two of his Ludicolo were punching the locked door in a rhythmic pattern, each pair of strikes thudding loudly down the hallway before suddenly the door gave way and fell with a thunk.

    “Well done, my Ludicolo!” Miror B exclaimed as he clapped loudly and waltzed in. Silva and Skrub shrugged and followed the disco man inside and watched him excitedly jump on a computer.

    “So what are you going to do?” Skrub asked.

    “Oh good, the file I prepared is still there!” Miror B announced. “This is just a small video I made about Cipher last week and left here to give or show to someone,” he said offhandedly before he danced over to a large screen showing all the visuals currently supplied by Realgam Tower’s security cameras. He gazed at it for a moment before pointing at one and nodding.

    “It sure looks dangerous there,” Silva remarked, peering at the small window which showed Rui and Wes facing Nascour’s and Es Cade’s teams. But Miror B was currently noting down some numbers and running back to the first computer.

    “Right,” Miror B said after another moment of clicking and typing. “I’ve now connected us to the main television screen they have up there to show the video I made!” He then looked back at the screen. “And I suppose I should set up some fitting battle music for this climax as well; to have none would be a crime!”

    “Wait,” Skrub interrupted, scratching his head. “What sort of video will this be anyway?”


    And so a moment later both Nascour’s and the mayor’s Pokémon paused as the television screen which was just about to show the next battle switched suddenly to a display of Miror B in all his glory. They stared in confusion and slight fright, as did the audience. The promoter for the toaster company had finally managed to sit up despite his irregular costume, but promptly gave a gasp and fell over as he saw Miror B as well. Tom looked up and looked at the screen for a moment before he turned around and took another swig from his bottle.

    “May I ask,” the mayor said quietly, “what that man is doing on the television screen now?”

    “Hello, darlings!” Miror B shouted. “Here’s a little video I put together about the mayor and how he’s helped Cipher do ungroovy things!”

    “Oh no,” Nascour said.

    “And here’s my representation of this via a slideshow and interpretive dance!” Miror B said, performing a stylish spin.

    “Oh no,” the mayor repeated. “Cut the television!” he roared, presumably at the staff that were in charge of operating the display, but it was too late.

    “We all know the mayor of Phenac,
    The jolly chubby man of town,” he sung.

    “I’m not chubby,” the mayor muttered defensively.

    “But what you didn’t know ‘til now
    Will surely make you frown!”

    Miror B then began break dancing as the mayor’s voice then took over in the video. Miror B had seemingly recorded the mayor ordering him to kidnap Rui, control Pyrite and use Shadow Pokémon for Realgam Tower’s Colosseum amongst other misdeeds. The mayor’s pacing of his speech had also been adjusted to fit the rhythm of the song. Document after document suddenly flew across the screen as Miror B added his own representation of the matters. As confused as the audience were about the video they soon figured out that these two men were bad and so began to boo loudly.

    “Quiet! I’ll... I’ll arrest you all! I’m the mayor!” the mayor yelled desperately.

    “Now,” Wes urged the legendary beasts, “you can see they are responsible. Attack!”

    They needed no further instruction from Wes nor encouragement from the crowd. Acting as one, they roared loudly and stomped their legs, shaking the ground.

    “Oh no,” Nascour said once more. He quickly tried to get his Pokémon to fire back their own attacks while the Entei’s back flared alight, flames spinning off into a twister of heat above him. Suicune created its own Gust attack which collected most of the food lying on the ground and merged with the Fire type attack, and Raikou discharged a ball of electricity which also joined the combination of attacks. The three then leapt forward and the attack flew at the eleven Pokémon in front of them and engulfed the group, the sparks reaching out and springing onto the Pokémon the tornado did not manage to touch. A series of cries and grunts followed before the elemental onslaught faded away, revealing a significantly reduced number of survivors.

    “Stop this!” Es Cade cried, recalling his Pokémon; to his dismay only his Salamence, who had flown clear of the attack just in time, and his Slaking, which had stood strong against the attack remained, and the latter had decided to fall asleep as was the nature of the giant sloth Pokémon. Meanwhile for Nascour only the Metagross, Blaziken and a Gardevoir remained, the first two along with the Slaking somehow not falling to the massive attack but clearly injured, and the pure Psychic type having teleported away from the strike. The others had either held a weakness to the attacks or were simply overpowered.

    “Now what!?” the mayor shouted at Nascour. Music had started again as the video of Miror B’s finished; he guessed that this was also the doing of the Cipher admin turned traitor.

    “Now we fight back,” Nascour said, waving a hand.

    “Metagross,” (Proceeding to annihilate,) it hummed as a purple hue enveloped it. Gardevoir followed suit and a moment later the three legendary beasts bellowed in pain as the duo Psychics were unleashed. The attack was followed by the Blaziken and Salamence which spewed fire on the three legendaries. They responded by firing single beams representative of their own typing back at their opponents who struggled to hold their own ground. Meanwhile Espeon had stepped forward and watched the battle, ready to summon up a Light Screen should one of the ranged attacks miss and come towards the group instead.

    “That’s it, I’m bringing out Tyranitar,” the mayor yelled, sending out one more Pokémon. A large, green Rock type appeared as he threw out its ball, and as it growled sand suddenly flew across the arena, causing some of the audience to wrap clothing around their faces.

    “Arrgh, what’s with the sudden sandstorm?” Rui yelled, covering herself up with her jacket.

    “That’s the Tyranitar’s ability,” Wes said, putting on his sunglasses. “Summons a sandstorm upon being sent out...somehow.”

    “I see... it’s also a Shadow Pokémon,” Rui added.

    “Tyranitar! Those Pokémon called you fat!” the mayor yelled quickly as it glanced around, pointing at the legendary beasts.

    “TYRAN!” (HOW DARE THEY!) the Pokémon shouted, responding immediately to the claim by firing a Hyper Beam from its mouth at the Raikou which was sent flying a few metres back and stumbled before it slumped down onto the ground and became unconscious. Instead of resting a moment after the almighty attack, it then fired off another two white-hot rays which brought down the other two legendaries successfully.

    “Woah,” Wes breathed. “However did it manage that...?”

    “Ahaha!” The mayor smiled, finally having reason to do so again. “The Pokémon was made Shadow by having personal insults made to his body image! A mere word about him is a trigger!”

    “Hariyama,” (Now that’s just mean,) Hariyama grumbled, and stepped forward. He had healed himself fully now and so had the rest of Wes’ Pokémon.

    “No berry, any futs fantods!” Tom yelled angrily at the Tyranitar, hurling his now empty beer bottle which shattered upon contact with the Pokémon’s rocky exterior.

    “This’ll be tough to take down,” Wes said, looking at his Pokémon and their foes, and even without a confirmation from Rui, felt the Tyranitar had entered Hyper State. I have a slight numerical advantage and the opponents are mostly weakened, but this is still not going to be easy.

    “Allow me to take over.”

    “Oh! Hello, Sherles!” Rui said happily as the sheriff entered the arena from the side with a number of policemen following him. “How did you get here from the side though?” she asked.

    “You!” the mayor shouted. He spat on the ground before shouting orders at the Tyranitar who was currently in a frenzy, stomping on the broken bottle continuously to form a fine powder of glass.

    “I took the second elevator,” he said simply.

    “Oh... I guess we took the wrong one that lead straight to the arena. Or the right one,” Wes said, scratching his head.

    “Anyways! Firstly, you two can come quietly or serve extra time!” Sherles shouted at the pair of Cipher administrators, elating cheers from the crowd.

    “We’ll choose freedom instead!” Nascour shouted, waving a hand at his own Pokémon to charge forward.

    “Right men, greet them with fire!” Sherles yelled, and the police contingent sent out their Growlithe as Sherles barked more orders and sent out his own Alakazam. “Growlithe, focus on the Metagross; you have the type advantage! You there, Espeon, help Alakazam take care of the Gardevoir! Water types, the Blaziken! The rest, the other two!” The dog Pokémon had already leapt onto the machine Pokémon by the time he had finished talking and fired hot embers into the Steel type, as well as each other to power themselves further via their Flash Fire abilities. The Metagross rose into the air and shook itself violently to remove them from itself, but had now taken on the appearance of a burning UFO. The Growlithe responded quickly after landing by shooting short bursts of fire at the Metagross. Johnson meanwhile ran onto the battle field as well, clutching his Poké Ball eagerly.

    “Johnson, just watch,” Sherles ordered after a short moment.

    “Bah! Tyranitar, destroy them all!” Es Cade ordered.

    “Oi!” Wes called quickly after Sherles finished talking. “Tyranitar, that Salamence called you unfit and very ugly! And you other Pokémon, focus on the Gardevoir for the moment!”

    “Tyrani TAR?!” (You dare say WHAT?) the Shadow yelled, turning to the Salamence. Wes grinned as he realised he successfully made use of the mayor’s information.

    “Sa? Salamence! Mence sala!”(What? I did no such thing! You’re very decent looking and masculine!) Salamence shouted back nervously, but the Tyranitar merely roared loudly and summoned a large boulder.

    “TAR!” (I’M FEMALE!) she shouted, and showing how unimpressed she was at the masculine comment hurled the rock into the dragon’s face.

    “By the way, Wes,” Sherles said, “You have my full permission to snag their Pokémon!”

    “Oh good,” Wes responded, chucking a couple of Ultra Balls into his Snag Machine. As he prepared them the Gardevoir was unsuccessfully trying to teleport away from the converging Pokémon. Espeon and Alakazam combined their powers and held the Pokémon in place however, and Yanma’s screeching in its ears prevented the Psychic type from being able to concentrate whatsoever. With a cry, the Gardevoir then switched to offensive tactics and fired Psybeams at Hariyama as he jumped into the fray, but Umbreon leapt in front of him and took the attacks with no ill effects, allowing the Fighting Type to punch the Gardevoir. Umbreon then bit into its arm and Yanma delivered another Bug Buzz to finish the job.

    The Blaziken was leaping from side to side in the meantime to try and avoid the combined water projectiles from Quagsire and Feraligatr, but whilst doing so failed to dodge Wes’ Ultra Ball which successfully snagged the Pokémon a moment later. Hariyama looked a bit disappointed at the missed opportunity for him to take on the Fighting type.

    “Wes!” Rui shouted suddenly.

    “What is it?” Wes asked, as Espeon delivered the Pokémon to his possession.

    “That wasn’t a Shadow Pokémon!” she yelled.

    “It wasn’t? Well... sure, but I could still snag it, and Sherles said I could,” Wes explained. “I’m not going to keep it either,” he added hastily. Nascour meanwhile had given up hope as his Metagross crashed down with a loud clunk; the flames continuing to engulf its body, and so the man sprinted away. It was for naught though; he yelled as the Growlithe pounced on him and pinned him to the ground. The mayor meanwhile tried to redirect the Tyranitar’s fury but to little avail.

    “Salamence! Sala!” (No I mean you have a beautiful masculinity! And wonderful eyes!) the Dragon shouted desperately as he flew away, trying to dodge the multiple Dark Pulse attacks, but it then cried out as another rock struck its wing, and crashed into the ground. The Tyranitar shouted triumphantly but by then the rest of Wes’ Pokémon had moved on from the other Pokémon, including Hariyama.

    “Hariyama!” (And now you’re finished!) the Fighting type yelled, crossing his large arms. The Rock/Dark type only had time to turn around before Wes’ Pokémon stepped forward and swung his arms into the middle of his body with a Cross Chop attack, sending the large Pokémon tumbling backwards. To add further to her woes the rest heaped more damage onto her, and Tom finished proceedings with another surprisingly accurate throw of a beer bottle and a double Headbutt from his Spinda. Lastly, Wes threw another Ultra Ball once it had finished being processed by the Snag Machine, which sucked in the Shadow and landed on the ground with a few bounces before shaking a few times. As it did, the battle music ended abruptly as all eyes gazed at the ball to watch the capture’s outcome.

    “Come on!” Rui shouted. Wes breathed quickly, aware that if this was successful then it would be all over.

    Unfortunately it was not, as the ball burst open and Tyranitar reappeared from it, stomping loudly and breaking the Ultra Ball.

    “TYRANITAR!” (I SHALL NOT BE CONQUERED!) the Pokémon exclaimed. The proclamation was swiftly followed by another Cross Chop attack from Hariyama from behind however, which caused the Shadow to fall face first. Hariyama then prodded the still form and smiled.

    “Well, I suppose that works too,” Wes remarked. As one, the audience erupted into loud cheering.

    “WE DID IT!” Rui shouted, jumping up and grabbing Wes in an excited hug. Surprised for a moment he then grinned and returned it.

    “Yes, we did, Rui,” he said.

    “Espeon...” (Sorry to interrupt...) Espeon said softly. As the two looked at him they followed his gaze. Es Cade was running off with a pair of Growlithe in hot pursuit. The mayor was clutching a black box with controls upon it as a small helicopter flew at him just above the ground.

    “He must be controlling it! Growlithe, aim at the helicopter!” Sherles ordered, running forward himself as the audience yelled angrily at the mayor, some of them even hopping out of their seats to also give chase.

    But the efforts of the chasing Growlithe were all for naught.

    But circumstances did not unfold to the mayor’s benefit.

    A loud bird cry sounded from above before a giant ball of fire engulfed the helicopter. The burning, twisted metal crashed immediately as the mayor slowed down and gazed up, as did everyone else.

    A large Ho-oh circled above, crying loudly and triumphantly. The Growlithe slowed down and stood, realising there was no longer any need to chase him, and barked instead.

    “Oh, COME ON!” Es Cade shouted, falling to his knees and hammering the ground. “Of all the things to happen, a Ho-oh appears and destroys my other helicopter! WHERE DID YOU EVEN COME FROM!?” he yelled at the bird. The Ho-oh simply ignored him and turned suddenly, flying away towards the distant silhouette of Mt Battle. Nascour meanwhile turned his head while the other Growlithe continued to keep him from moving, and sighed.

    “This,” he muttered, “was a bad day.”

    “But not for me,” Sherles said gruffly as the other policemen stepped forward and brandished handcuffs. “You’re under arrest.”

    “Tommys lithe... liunrs...” Tom struggled to say as he gazed at the Ho-oh. “Gooood birdy,” he slurred a moment later. “Best far-ire.”

    “Where did it come from though,” Rui wondered quietly to Wes, as they watched it rapidly become a mere speck of rainbow-coloured wings against the cloudless sky. “Maybe, when the legendary beasts roared together they summoned it? Eusine did say...” she muttered.

    “Maybe,” Wes said, grabbing Rui’s hand. “But I think we should worry about the details later,” he smiled.

    “Good idea,” Rui giggled, and after a moment of staring at each other with wide smiles, they leant forward and allowed their lips to meet, prompting further wild cheers from the crowd.

    “Espeon,” (I don’t think they need to do that so often,) Espeon remarked with an eye roll. “Esp,” (Stop looking,) he added to Umbreon, flicking his face with his tail as the Dark Type stared at the two.


    The Ho-oh mused to itself as it occasionally flapped its massive wings, lazily gliding back towards its home in the volcano of Orre, riding the hot air currents rising from the boiling hot sand of the desert below. It wanted to be back before the sun set, as when night fell the hot air disappeared and flying became more of a workout for it. It gazed down below to see if there were any Pokémon he could eat on his way back, but seeing the desert was devoid of life for the moment it shrugged and continued on its way.

    It was fairly content with itself. It had no idea about what was going on at that tower; it seemed like there was a large party going on between those silly human beings and that nobody had been kind enough to invite it, but it was never sure about these things. All it knew was that the helicopter had been successfully destroyed and that its job was done.

    It hated helicopters. It could hear the blasted thing all the way across the desert, and the machine had woken it up during its nap. They made such an awful racket.


    And the second-last 'what happened in the games and how it's done in this chapter' comparison, brought to you by Toast.
    Realgam Tower Battles - again, there's no all-out brawl, but I kinda doubt that only one trainer at a time would have stopped Wes and Rui from giving chase after Nascour and Es Cade. It's interesting though that it's implied by Nascour (who greets the two the moment you turn up at the top) that the battles are Cipher's attempt to 'extract payment' or something from you; and after all they have a large crowd to entertain as well so I guess it's not a bad ploy. And if they won all the better. There's four trainers to battle in a roll (mind you only two are actually dressed up correctly) and each has a Shadow Pokemon. Each Pokemon got at least a mention in the fight here.

    Nascour and Es Cade - they battle afterwards, although firstly Nascour battles himself, and then the mayor turns up and does the reveal (because in the game nothing tells you he was behind it all yet officially! Mind you there are hints towards it so it's not quite left field). They have six Pokemon each, and there's quite the level spike at the end as well with the mayor so it's not an easy battle without the legendary dogs or a bit of grinding beforehand, even with healing.

    Crowd chanting - Nascour's battle didn't have a music theme - just crowd chanting something impossible to understand. I've seen people claim it's 'Nascour' or even 'Kill', but hey, it's just as likely imo that they're shouting Apple Sauce. =p

    Snagging non-shadows: In the game Rui stops you from throwing a Snag Ball at a Pokemon that isn't actually a Shadow Pokemon, sadly. But I suppose in a high-action battle she can't keep an eye on Wes all the time. =p

    Big Damn...Ho-oh? - this part of the game IS left field though. After beating the mayor, everyone appears. Not just Sherles or Johnson, but even Eagun (the heck is he doing there? Especially as just before he's sitting happily in Agate!?) and Duking (who did nothing since Pyrite in the game, so so I kept it that way).

    But then - gasp - a small helicopter appears! The mayor doesn't try to move towards it but seems pretty sure he'll get away anyway. Somehow. =/ But luckily a Ho-oh appears and utterly destroys it with a fire type attack.

    Where that Ho-oh comes from is Mt Battle (extra challenge in the game allows you to get it if you get ALL THE SHADOW POKEMON PURIFIED first) but why it appears then and there is anyone's guess. I first thought that maybe the legendary dogs had something to do with it which is a viable reason imo; after all they are linked canonically. But what if the trainer doesn't have the legendaries at the end? Well... maybe the legendary just darn hates helicopters. =p The game's explanation revolves around people saying 'IT'S PRETTY' and Eagun boasting about seeing one before while the mayor looks sad.

    After that, the credits roll - that is the end of the main story of Colosseum, and what follows is more a 'clean up the remainders of Cipher/Snagem' set of tasks.

    I hope that was satisfactory. Do post comments, and hang around for the following bits!
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    “Uh, right,” Nascour continued. “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Realgam Tower Colosseum!” One of the Cipher peons then stepped forward and brandished a sign stating ‘APPLAUSE’ on it, and the crowd obeyed the command.

    “We really need to get an electronic version of one of those installed,” the mayor muttered to himself. “Or just use our large television display for it...”
    No money for that? XD;

    “Yeah... Absol, Mootank, uh... Tropic Dinosaur thing and... Doom Dog?” Rui answered uncertainly.
    For some reason I found that cute, heh.

    My favorite parts in the first scene is the sponsor from toast (can’t go wrong with that ) and Yanma getting the coffee capsule. Gotta love his jittery mind, LOL.

    Yay for Yanma distracting Nascour and the mayor. XD Late, but I think Yanma may be my favorite Pokemon of Wes, heh. Also, ha took long enough for Nascour realizing Raikou is there. I always love situations like that.

    The huge brawl was an enjoyable read. Glad Tom came and help, kind of. And battles aren’t complete without bananas. *nods*

    “Umb!” (Fine!) Umbreon shouted. He then shouted loudly at the Raikou to grab its attention and then breathed deeply in before contorting his face into the most terrifying facial expression he could possibly muster.

    The :3 face.
    Best use of Mean Look ever. XD; Also, I can imagine Umbreon’s Mean Look to be like that. Speaking of cute, the scene with Wes’ Pokemon trying to heal themselves gave me a chuckle. That is why potions are best left to the humans.

    Have to say, Miror B’s video of showing the mayor’s true colors is quite creative, heh. The part with Tyranitar I felt sorry for her being called fat and male, LOL. And woot for Ho-Oh’s appearance and hating on helicopters. Those things are indeed loud, bleh.

    Overall a very fun last chapter. Can't wait for the epilogue! :D
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    Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
    No money for that? XD;
    He would have had more if Nascour hadn't wasted it breaking stuff. =p That and I suppose also in their rush to get things started because of the police arriving they didn't set things up in time.
    My favorite parts in the first scene is the sponsor from toast (can’t go wrong with that ) and Yanma getting the coffee capsule. Gotta love his jittery mind, LOL.
    Toast is pretty much awesome. =p (Also a quote from a terrible thing, btw.)
    Yay for Yanma distracting Nascour and the mayor. XD Late, but I think Yanma may be my favorite Pokemon of Wes, heh. Also, ha took long enough for Nascour realizing Raikou is there. I always love situations like that.
    I like them too, heh, so it was hard to resist writing the situation like that.
    The huge brawl was an enjoyable read. Glad Tom came and help, kind of. And battles aren’t complete without bananas. *nods*
    No bananas means no potassium! And that's bad. You need that after a good long battle...or something.
    Best use of Mean Look ever. XD; Also, I can imagine Umbreon’s Mean Look to be like that. Speaking of cute, the scene with Wes’ Pokemon trying to heal themselves gave me a chuckle. That is why potions are best left to the humans.
    I was always confused/curious about the whole 'can't use manmade items' thing in games... Mean Look idea btw had been a on-the-go idea, so good to see that amused.
    Have to say, Miror B’s video of showing the mayor’s true colors is quite creative, heh. The part with Tyranitar I felt sorry for her being called fat and male, LOL. And woot for Ho-Oh’s appearance and hating on helicopters. Those things are indeed loud, bleh.

    Overall a very fun last chapter. Can't wait for the epilogue! :D
    Glad you enjoyed!

    While you wait for that, here's an additional thing. Click the link when it appears and enjoy the song-parody scene! If the link doesn't work for whatever reason here's another. (But don't click this one yet!)


    Miror B stepped out of the tower, nodded to the few police officers standing guard over the unconscious Cipher agents, and continued down the path from the entrance, radio in hand blazing his memorable salsa tune for all to hear. His Ludicolo followed him in a Congo line with the lead duck spraying a wet breeze from its beak so that the disco man had a nice cool breeze to enjoy rather than a hot dry one.

    He sighed as he danced on, content with how things had finished up. He even appeared after the mayor and Nascour had been arrested and removed, along with the other defeated Cipher agents at the top of Realgam Tower, and performed a show for the audience of his own. Granted, he hadn’t asked for permission but nobody had seemed to mind.

    I am a touch disappointed that they didn’t want to join me, but oh well; I’ll dance my own groove for a while, Miror B thought to himself. Both Silva and Skrub had declined his offer to teach them how to dance if they joined his posse; it didn’t seem that many people wanted to join him but he figured that they probably had other commitments instead. Why did nobody else realise how much fun dancing could be though? If Ein hadn’t been arrested I would ask him to make me another radio that made people dance...

    “Hey, boss!” someone called. Miror B turned and grinned.

    “Folly and Trudly!” he yelled back and waved. “Where have you boys been? I haven’t seen you since... well, since I told you to capture Wes and Rui weeks ago in Phenac,” he mused.

    “Uh, yeah, you’re right,” Folly said sheepishly and tugged at his shirt. “We got... lost?”

    “Oh well,” Miror B said, tossing the radio to him. “At any rate you’re back!”

    “Yeah,” said Trudly as Folly looked at the radio. “Sherles told us you’ll be here, so-”

    “You know, I think this calls for a song!” Miror B continued as he pulled out a piece of paper from his hair and threw it at his assistant, incorporating the actions into a dance. “Hurry up and get singing, you two! We have things to plan!”

    “...Well, at least he’s happy,” Folly said, examining the tape and showing it to Trudly before he put it back in and hit play.

    “Ah, that song,” Trudly nodded as he examined the paper. “He likes changing up those lyrics, doesn’t he?” he asked quietly as a guitar began to play from the radio. Miror B began to sing a moment later.

    Road trippin' with my two favourite allies,
    Fully loaded we got music and jive,
    It's time to leave this town,
    It's time to dance away,
    Let's go get lost,
    Anywhere with a dancing stage.

    Acquainted with the song, Folly and Trudly took over with the chorus.

    Let's go get bossed,
    Let's go get bossed...

    Red you sit so pretty west of the white,
    Sparkling afro with yellow suiting,
    Just a Miror for the B,
    Just a Miror for the B.
    Just a Miror for the B...
    All these Ludi’s are just a Miror for…

    Miror B took over again for the verse and so the three continued to interchange roles as they danced into the sunset, with the four Ludicolo following Miror B, shaking their maracas to the tune happily.

    So much has come before those battles lost and won,
    This life is shining in a disco ball of fun,
    Now let us check that hair,
    Get rid of Orre that sand!

    Keeping that afro clean’s
    More trouble than it's worth,
    With Miror B,
    Just a Miror for the B.
    Just a Miror for the B...
    All these Ludi’s are just a Miror for…

    In Pyrite we'll take some time to groove on,
    We three hunky dorys will get Team Miror on!
    Now let us drink the stars,
    It's time to dance away,
    Let's go get lost,
    Anywhere with a dancing stage,

    Let's go get bossed,
    Let's go get bossed...

    Red you sit so pretty west of the white,
    Sparkle afro with yellow suiting
    Just a Miror for the B.
    Just a Miror for the B.
    Just a Miror for the B...

    All these Ludi’s are just a Miror for…
    All these Ludi’s are just a Miror for…
    All your Ludi’s are just a Miror for…
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      ...parodying Red Hot Chili Peppers.

      Just when I thought you couldn't get more awesome, B&B, you pull out another stop.

      Thanks to ShinySandshrew of serebiiforums for the banner!
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      Originally Posted by IanDonyer View Post
      ...parodying Red Hot Chili Peppers.

      Just when I thought you couldn't get more awesome, B&B, you pull out another stop.
      I take it you liked it then. =p Good to see you're still about btw!

      And so here it is. One note: there's a music link within it (optional to click but well, why not!). And one afterwards a bunch of rambling.

      Thanks to Chris the Com for beta-reading.

      The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

      Epilogue: About Time!

      Weeks after the events at Realgam Tower, a party was underway in Duking’s house in Pyrite. Most of the guests consisted of members of the Kids Grid from both Pyrite and The Under, and the adults of the group were comprised of Duking, a few of his friends, Silva and Johnson. The police officer was currently offering his homemade collection of pastries but everyone else was wise enough to either graciously decline or dispose of the treat discreetly once his back was turned. The child Marcia had even made a game of trying to sneak the pastry under his tall police hat without Johnson noticing, which was proving to be easier than she had expected.

      Balloon and confetti populated the living room they were all currently in. A large banner proclaiming ‘GO US’ made by the children spanned the bookshelves, and a large piñata of a chubby Es Cade hung from the ceiling. A company had the masterstroke idea of making them shortly after the mayor had been arrested; the new product had proved immensely popular especially when it had turned out that amongst the mayor’s other investments had been the Loan Sharks, the group that so many in the region hated.

      Johnson’s Magikarp had meanwhile been left in a bucket of water by the door.

      “Plusle plus plus!” (I like buckets too but they don’t taste very nice!) Duking’s Plusle told the fish Pokémon, jumping up and down so that the Magikarp was sure to see him every second or so.

      “Hey,” Nett said suddenly as the group conversed, “the news is on!” Duking grabbed the television remote and turned up the volume as the rest ceased their chatter. Nobody had been really interested in the news but today’s event was why they were having the party in the first place. The usual obnoxiously cheerful tune of the program played before the woman presenter cleared her throat and shuffled papers to pretend she had a lot of important things to say, despite the fact half the pages were blank and the other half were advertisements for paper.

      “Welcome back to the 5:30-” she began, only for the news jingle to start again. She waited for the sound to end before opening her mouth to speak again, but was once more interrupted.

      “Do you mind?” she shouted to the side. Meanwhile the cameraman got bored and started to sway the camera side to side.

      “Shwooosh,” he said. “Swoooossssh.... swooooossssh!- uh, sorry,” he muttered as the reporter glared angrily at him, and moved the device back to its upright position.

      “Thank you,” the reporter said shortly as the music jungle stopped abruptly a moment later.

      “Huh, they seem to be better than usual,” Secc said drily to Nett who nodded his mock agreement.

      “This time they didn’t have to present the news with sock puppets, after all! Well, yet anyways.”

      “Today in Phenac,” the reporter began, “a large parade was held to salute all people credited in the cleanout of Cipher. This was followed by a smaller one in Pyrite, which had been delayed due to a lack of stock of the town’s emblem; quiche.” The television screen then displayed footage of said parade in the former location.

      “About time they got those in stock,” one of Duking’s friends grumbled as he adjusted his quiche-shaped hat.

      “There we are!” Marcia shouted, pointing eagerly at them walking past Phenac’s plaza fountain. The kids grinned happily – it had been quite fun even though the musicians in the parade hadn’t been very good and most only knew how to play ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’, and the fact that a jogger with a Castform had shouted loudly at the organisers because he had been unable to perform his ‘usual duty’ in running around the fountain.

      “The parade also served as a sending off for the policemen sent from external regions. As special thanks the current stand-in mayor of Phenac presented them with discount coupons to hotels in Orre should they ever return,” the news reporter continued, as footage showed Andrew and his fellow colleagues boarding a plane as reporters tried to extract a few last words from the group.

      “Sir, what do you think about going home?” one shouted.

      “Which flavour of cheese-flavoured snacks do you prefer!?” another queried as the plane door slammed shut and Andrew shouted ‘Step on it!’ from inside. The pilot seemed to respond quickly as the aircraft sped down the runaway with the reporters giving chase whilst continuing to ask inane questions. A bunch of coupons could be seen hastily chucked out of a window before the plane took to the air. The footage then returned to the reporter, only with the camera zoomed in far too much so only her mouth appeared on the screen. She hadn’t appeared to notice however and so continued on.

      “The policemen returned today as their work had been officially declared finished by Sheriff Sherles.” Now an overlay of Sherles’ moustache appeared above the mouth. “They have spent the last few weeks with Sherles and the two heroes Wes and Rui rounding up remaining Cipher agents across the region and retrieving Shadow Pokémon. Places cleared out include an additional Colosseum within The Under. The Under is now the subject of evacuation discussions on whether after several health issues were raised.”

      “It is good to hear that it is all over now,” Duking remarked. “Now I can go back to running the Colosseum!”

      “The former mayor and other members of the now-believed finished group Cipher have also been moved to a jail with improved security after people had repeatedly broken in to make fun of them, and in cases even ask for advice on how to start their own criminal organisations. And now for the next news story: Are Wailmer hiding underneath your bed? William is with us for this next investigation.”

      “BORING!” the children shouted as one, prompting Duking to switch off the show and turn on some music instead.

      “Pity Wes wasn’t here to celebrate with us, I suppose,” Duking remarked. “Should I save some potatoes for him and Rui when they get back from Agate?”

      “Plus!” (No!)


      A far larger group, albeit only due to the sheer number of Pokémon present, was meanwhile gathered around the Relic Stone in Agate Village. Most were Shadow Pokémon that had not yet been fully purified, with many of those recently claimed from Cipher agents at the tower or across the region after the showdown against Nascour and Es Cade. Having checked the records finally obtained by Nett when he had hacked into Cipher’s files, they were content that they had obtained all forty-eight Shadow Pokémon that had been in Orre, and also obtained a few more that had been put up for auction on the internet.

      The Shadow Pokémon were watched by Wes, Rui and Sherles’ other Pokémon in case they got too aggressive against one another and accidentally destroyed the Relic Stone, but the calming effect of the forest seemed to lessen that danger considerably. The three people had one other person in their company in Tom; Sherles explained that due to strange legal issues, although Wes had snagged the legendary beast, Tom had ownership of the Pokémon after having held the Ball for the required minimum length of time of five minutes and four seconds.

      “Ah, it’ll be good to take a break after tonight,” Sherles said softly, looking at the Pokémon around him seated on the stone path. “But before we do this, I will ask you Tom; whatever do you intend to do with your Raikou?” He then glanced at the yellow Pokémon who was lying down next to the Entei and Suicune, which were under extra surveillance from Hariyama and Espeon.

      “...Espi Espeon,” (...I much prefer Entei when he’s quiet,) Espeon conferred to his fellow partners.

      “Umb!” (Agreed!)

      “Illy been realy leashy!” Tom responded with a stern nod and a frown.

      “...Release it? But why?” Rui asked with a small frown.

      “Too biggy,” Tom answered. “Andy he... takey ma drinky! No politeys!”

      “Well... that’s fair enough I suppose,” Sherles responded with a shrug. “After all, we’re also going to release Suicune into the wild again and let it find its own way back to Johto.”

      “Wait, did you tell Eusine about Suicune?” Rui asked curiously.

      “No,” Sherles replied. “Took a while to distract him so we could bring it to Realgam Tower before, and here now as well...”

      “Then...” Wes said slowly, pondering this news. “Then I will also release Entei.” The man nodded as he finished his statement and smiled. “It’s nice to have a legendary and I’m sure it’ll be far easier to control when purified, but... it doesn’t really feel right to own it after all this. And besides, I’m sure I’d still be one of the very few in the world to be able to say that I had a legendary Pokémon!”

      “Alright then, we’ll release them together then after we’re done, if we’re successful,” Sherles said.

      “And as you said, you didn’t find anyone who claimed to own our current Pokémon before they were snagged, right?” Wes continued. “Meaning we can keep them.”

      “Yes, that’s correct,” Sherles said, smiling at his statement. “The rest will go to their original owners or be released into the wild, but luckily the Pokémon you used a lot were among those that weren’t claimed.”

      “Hello, people!” Miror B exclaimed as he suddenly waltzed into the clearing and marvelled at the place. “My, what a perfect place for some calming meditation,” he added as he switched his radio’s music to a calm and soothing tune.

      “Greetings, Miror B,” Sherles said, walking forward and offering a handshake as Tom took a few steps backwards uncertainly. “I’m glad you were able to respond to our request. After all, we thought you might be able to handle a number of instruments.”

      “Oh, anything for you, after all the trouble I’m sure I gave you in Pyrite,” Miror B responded. “Now, where is this Time Flute you mentioned?”

      “Here it is,” Rui said, gently handing over the object they had been given by Vander, as well as the book about the Relic Stone flipped open to a specific page. “It’ll supposedly disappear after you play the song and Celebi appears, so don’t be too surprised about that. And this is the tune you’re meant to play apparently...”

      “Oh, how delightful!” Miror B exclaimed. “Strange choice, but delightful! Shall I play it now?”

      “Might as well,” Wes commented. Miror B smiled and raised the object to his lips and began to blow air through the flute, producing a clear series of sounds. Umbreon subconsciously bobbed his head to the tune of ‘I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts’.

      “You know, I think I might know why this is the song that summons Celebi,” Rui said after a while of watching Umbreon.

      “Oh?” Wes asked, raising one eyebrow. “Why is it then?”

      “It’s a timeless classic,” she giggled. Both Wes and Sherles tried and failed to suppress laughter at the remark but were interrupted when a bright green flash was emitted above the Relic Stone. A moment later a Celebi appeared. The small fairy-like legendary was a pale green colour and had small clear wings. It hummed to itself softly before it opened its eyes and jumped a bit in the air in surprise to see so many visitors. All people stopped laughing and stared at the Celebi. Rui’s mouth hung open slightly and Tom considered whether he should offer the newcomer a drink.

      “Cel...Cele Celebi,” (Hello... I am the time traveller Celebi,) it said softly.

      “Fere. Feraligatr?” (Hello. Why do you have eyeliner?) Feraligatr asked a moment later, breaking the silence from everyone.

      “Celi... Celebi!” (Oh, that... it’ll be in fashion in a few years!) Celebi said quickly, rubbing at its face anxiously, seemingly embarrassed by the question.

      “Espeon! Espeon Espi?” (That’s not important! Anyways we would like you to purify these Pokémon here if it’s not too much trouble?) Espeon asked politely, bowing his head before his fellow Psychic legendary. He made sure that the humans also understood this part of their conversation.

      “And,” Miror B said quickly, “what is the music scene going to be like in say, a few years?”

      “Celebi...” (That’s a lot for one request...) Celebi remarked, frowning slightly. It then turned to Miror B. “Cele bi.” (Disco will be in.)

      “Disco, huh...” the music man mused as Espeon rolled his eyes at him.

      “Umbreon,” Wes said quietly. The Dark type sighed slightly.

      “Umbre...” (Oh fine...) Umbreon muttered before stepping forward and looking at the Celebi intently. “Umb!”(Oi!) he shouted. The legendary Pokémon turned to him and gave a squeak of surprise upon seeing Umbreon’s Mean Look attack, despite an inevitable ‘Aww’ from Rui.

      “Celebibibi!” (Okay then I’ll do it!) it shouted. It then flew around each Shadow Pokémon, spreading a strange green glow behind it upon the creatures as it flew rapidly. Once each Shadow Pokémon was covered to its satisfaction it raised its short arms and clapped twice. Rui gasped; all the dark purple auras vanished suddenly as the green engulfed them. Each Pokémon gave a contented sigh as well, as if they had been carrying a large weight upon their backs for a day and could finally take it off.

      “It’s done,” Rui beamed. “Thanks, Celebi!” she said as she turned around, but it had already disappeared.


      “So, what now for you two?” Sherles asked as they later sat together on a cliff edge in Agate Village with Espeon and Umbreon sitting on the teenager’s laps. They had already dealt with the other Pokémon and were watching the sunset as the three legendary Johto Beasts ran off towards the warm glowing light together, sand billowing behind them as they sprinted through the desert. Sherles noticed that the two teenagers were holding hands quite firmly at the moment and chuckled softly.

      “Well,” Wes began as he hugged Rui softly, “Rui’s going back to her family, and I suppose I’m following. I’ve no other attachment to this region after all.”

      “Fair enough,” Sherles replied. “Ever think you’ll be back?”

      “Well, who knows? Maybe,” Wes said. “After all...” He pulled out a bunch of coupons from his pocket and examined them. “These things aren’t limited to one-use-only and can stack, so technically any hotel in the region would have to pay me to stay!”

      “Espeon,” (Always the scourge,) Espeon commented drily.

      “And I may come back another time to visit my grandparents too,” Rui said. “Hopefully if that’s the case I won’t get kidnapped again.”

      “Indeed,” Sherles laughed.

      “But for now,” Wes continued, standing up and shaking Sherles’ hand, “I suppose we’ll be gone for a while...” He paused and pondered what to say and clicked his fingers in an attempt to jog his memory. “How should I put it...” he wondered. “You could say that it’s...”

      “Umbre?” (The end?)

      THE END


      And before a bit of rambling, the spoiler of things both touched on here and in the game:
      Other Shadow Pokemon: there are forty eight in total that are obtainable via normal means in the game. What remains are in possession of a couple of team snagem/cipher members as well as a 'Deep King' in a special colosseum in The Under (which also serves as a rematch-admins place). The mention of a 'few more' are ones that can only be obtained if you had an E-reader.

      Celebi - if you had a bonus disk with the game you could obtain him; if not the next best thing was to see it. A time flute (which Wes is apparently able to play in the game quite masterfully...which I kinda find unlikely, hence the request for Miror B to do so) will summon the legendary who will fly about and insta-purify a Shadow Pokemon for you. However - I don't see why it can't do more than one while it's there, and so hence the request for it to purify all the remaining Shadow Pokemon.

      Thanks for reading, guys! It's good to see that I've finished my first fic finally, four and a half years after I started and while juggling modding, other projects and real life stuff. Better late than never I suppose! =p Thanks in particular to everyone who ever reviewed; whether the comments were short or long, I've appreciated them and it's nice to know that the story has entertained a lot of people across the places I've posted this (and continue to post on for that matter).

      And thanks to people who have happened to have done extra things; be it advertising it on their youtube Let's Plays... twice, voting it for sppf's fanfiction awards for a few categories and netting a few awards in the process (such as funniest fic, scene and character), or making a tvtropes page for the fic without my knowledge and contributing to it, writing a review for it on the main PE2K website, or for making various amusing pictures.

      All of the above done by Mia (or boc of sppf).

      By psyrose3.

      By PinkParkaGirl

      And possibly more which I do not have links handy for. :< (I know of at least one more! Do bug me if you have it handy).

      Thanks also to cieux of sppf who made the main banner for my fic. Lord knows it was better than my own attempt in Paint at the time...


      Thanks also to Genius Sonority (and The Pokemon Company) for making the game! After all this parody relies on that creation, one with a number of flaws but a good deal of fun in it too. Worth picking up and trying out if you never did before.

      Lastly and most certainly not least, special thanks to Chris the Com - a good friend of mine who has beta-read the latter half of the fic and offered ideas such as DAKIM PUNCH - and Hype_Chao who also offered ideas such as Miror B's Umbrella Afro in the Miror B battle chapter.

      It's not quite the end for this fic; I'm in the process of doing minor edits to older chapters as I post them in other places as well, but in the grand scheme of things, this is finished. Glad to have entertained, and hopefully any other fics I may do shall do the same.

      To end, I think it only fitting to link to the credit music of Pokemon Colosseum.
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      ...or it would be the end, but Tom wishes to finish his story.

      Spoilers contain original part from the intermission posted for April Fools before the Venus chapter.

      S-sos today I, Sir Tommy Tom Tom wil ba giving the stury off all timmy with supaman! Isasy calling it... uh...

      Tehy Rutillling uf teh.. Roturndings of Pookeymun Coolsum

      So once here wis fis birdy! Birdy wus all ‘SKWARK SWARK’ and caughty lurnch und itty went omnomomomomy! Whiles supamanny Wesssss went talky withy a mun big with lotsa mscules and lacky in the hury. He sud stuffs whuch mad supperman nosty happy so he dun a thung and explodey uf building! It wos all FIREEYYYY but Zapman wus then frowny and mady shouty noses while burdy was yaaaaay then not yaaaay thun e was capturured. Butty sippermun drive awayyy in vroom vroom thingy if his pokeys and stealy machane, a big smiley had hes un eatsy pounchki.

      He wenty all da wayya to le train but no choo choo sunds camey form it for it wis shoppy. Summermin atey foods and watchy all teh televisitubbiess. Sun ran uway but come backy sos hs diddy greatesest rattle with pinky man. Lotsa wons. He zen saw thisy two fingys withy bag andy flollowed with zommy. Heh, simmily to tommy. Imma Tomma! Tomma liek thisy story. wherewhos soupman wenty ‘stopppy’ and thy wenty ‘gaspy!’ un losty for he used wonn again. Then sthis...girly sud thankyou and duncedy.

      Wessy asked questy but she not much knowy sos they do sum battles and seen teh mayor afters evsils mans says hihos! Mayorler says wordy words likey Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious so they gune to cololololoseum to do sume thungy.

      Bit no fungi sos they wenty backy and slap fis Snagem persople who made acusations and their coughing and it went ON FIRRREEEE and then kabloey. Lotsa shaking of handys happened but theny wessy says to girls stuff and she all ‘ok’. They go to shppy and bucky to trainy and bucky to shoppy and lotsa buying of circuler thungs and then saidy hi to mayorly man but he not there! Instud biggy largely wargely afro many wis there and it wis hugey. Somperman was scardely like tommy for it was hairy but he walky away ind two kindnappers do ses battleingness. He wan again yandy snaggy le punchy thingy and used punch but mayor appearily and issy sad with punchy and ruis all SHADOWY shouty loud like ear hurt. Wessy walky buck and decidy with ruuui to go hip snapps to pyrites but firsty fighty mcblueclues of blueland. BItey thingy joiny him!

      Lots drive latr they there and all hi butter lille reliying sos they sleepy firsto. Hoppity to furtune sellesrs and hens pns says hissy to me, tom! I say something goody wells then fall asheeps but singerwomen all git battle agaings and wins but stealy pokey ans do runnys. Too slow dough and in jailing. This many with stacuhe fisten tail to and set frees but ask for hulps and wessy agrss. They tuntlk to kiddies sna purple friuts use FIRE POWER to sdos stuffy stuff. Snaggy happeny a lotty whiley infoly happiny. Musicicly thingy iff afros do talks withs mansys fo evils but notty liks and needs miore dansys. Thenys two cipher guys walks to placey and demands big many dos as theys says and silver man steels rotatsions! Wessy goes searchssy and go eurakrar and bringy mack snack so alls is happyland. Dukings tells stuffy and sayianman go to placeys and battles. I dids battles too but no smazzules for mes. Tommy went a saddy buts he stills hases spinnnnyddddaaaa.

      wessy wons competititititititit...thingy ands meests cuphur mans who takas to hidout. Wess starts fits bit I comes and bes braves and saves everyoness dasys for everyess! Forri tom is bestest. Zap mans talsk ti evisls mans whily Lotsa wins ands walks to aboves romms of evils where soundsman sing horribls demons and all earys ouuuuuuuuuuuuch and burnings withs firerys painsy so i saves all agains with magsics. I thens gos homes dos dinnse in wess fights mores withs espins helsps un goes all teh ways to musics manss placesy and fights himmy! Lotsa music and salsas snsd quack smacks simons buts evesn wisth wins afromanny escapee. Longsy battelss not nothingys thoughs for littls thingys winners of electrics and dukings huge smile has and yays. Tv peoples asksy questions ans evils mans heards and si asll angry lik FIRE. Hes shoutsy at peeospls and alls be saddy.

      wess use thinks and then trys to teachy rui pokeymans but she threw good nnot.. reporters peoples not helpsfuls eithers but new policymany ares as thisy guy not do goddy in piratelandys . sherlesy do stuffs withs themsy and tills wes to go fortuneetells somes so he goes sand goes to a places has gates all the ways ands radisos uses sillys dishwishys. Tommsy thunks alls shoulds busyes ones they tastes tasysty unds shiny! Tom his five. Tops alsos sysya quacks. This whiles sim science manses makys all teh vils inworlds and mansy saddy mtal birdys is flowrs and musiscs of dooooom pastries.

      ats gatesvilles all teh oldey fellows says hiss and talks ands ruis goes un saysis his grundpatents and theys also says hi’s. Lotsa hand shakeys and teas buts oh noesy evils mens comes to forestsys of hippy! Eguabn angrys and runs ats speds of soiunds. Sippermans folls toos ands kicks ways to stoneys and fights ebil man to protecty its all ans is success many! Lotsa mors winss so baddys runs flys farss buts puntsables yelllso pikas throwns at thems.

      buts thens tall kidam amasnys tallers thens a sun gos with mors baddies to mountainny with punchiers than punchs and spikey cacti toos. Polices fits thems and so dies wissy whso battles teh dakims aftesrs he punchss mans it in facey . he goess outchs and afaintsed for manys times but wes defends wlss and gts s a shinny fattys things with FIRES ALLS THE FIRES MADES HAPPEN. Dakims sads at lacks of FIRES and Firssz wes thinks lucky and yays. Sheelss arrests sevryonthing and is amazedlike.

      wes sh uses rocks to helsps shadows pokmneys withs rockys stones in gatevorlds ands lots are happier and gud job yes madesy. Hes and ruis comes backs to pyrites to talks to sherely abit alls thats happens and soms mirkela thing thats made peoples runs froms jails vrys fars. Wesss go to hideouts with girly for hielpings . afros b man used tricks to do thigsys with beatsisng ciphers and allss very smartly and gets helps well sfroms badly who stone breaky nit. Sciencesmans alsoos his buts mirrors dances oncesly whiles trickings. Wesss menans wiles arrests and stufss buts Sherles tolds by mayors to arrests him too! Johnny john jimmy goes anadsa tells hims and theys run dinstairs andleavs ruis to talks to sherlesys to get infomatations. She confusedly but decides ti helpsy wesly muchs in Undrlandsly and meests smarst aand wonderfully tommsy who helps sillys wess not slesps muchs. Tommys carries wes to places of kidneys whos all helps and trys to helps others tii withs infos. Thns afro mans firends walks a lot and whens tommys says a lots he means lots and lots and lottys not just little lot. Theys goes to mayors but hes gones and then shelrys asks for answrs. Wess saving silve boy yess with smart and battles wonage ands nows goes to beats svenuss!

      Tomsy needy drinky from talkingness.

      Ah, issy tassy things! Toms likss buttle. But-lily. Anyheyways, yoms dance says why suppur gos on spinny fings ands thns kissys! Hun Vensus says thinys un battles rattles wis fanicials monster an mr catty, ans lovy dangers mans wus in troubls, but quags appurs and quaggy quags for all quigs. Vunses rans aways buts chaseys works afsters I braves lads policy to places. Suicunsse captures whens shuffiff quested. Lost arrursted manys ans waters imposring s slows whils tioms fights roary traisns braves. Hes thns sees mun who seks bathrooms badsy sos tommy falls aslesps.

      Jails crowds bytes goss more peoples wanted! Suppers go zoomy zom zoom labs withz bad thigsys ands fitghs. Punchman gos punchs thungs and wessy findings trappings un sci...sigh...scifimans yous angrys and tries runrunruns buts rattles instud. Bisgs fights withs twos ad caves johsnson too withs fishy. Isns doess welss buts rfells withs roars thingys. Punchsmans gests fat thoughs, ssos throws puppies fir creat hustices. Yays agains.means hilts snagman catchs wilds poflece i makses deals. Mirors maksy dance musics un driavy trains.

      nassy cool mans angrys and maysors joiny hims fir plans. Hairmans arrives un nascours rudly shoutings at toms mans whos ataacatacks bys hairs. Sos scaries! Thsns sckurbs gives hses helmets ands shouts toooe. Policyes and supermum plans vists ands sos runs overs nexts days. Hairy skubry and grays meets fur palsns.

      whns arrives poksmons sentesn outs buts zoms sooms ands sos subbers ands girlys chases uts. Tallsy dakims figrhts buys punchmans punchypunchy win. Sores headsy fors polies buts snag teams comes snad hulps. Mains mans fights wes nagyrs bits lossed fors wairs comes if muzaz ands concords. Elevators takens and so bigs fights happens whns mayors and nassy greets and sends peoples at upperham and ruui.. Toms hulps things though withs banannaanNNAas ands spinydas andssos alsls poksydwiu faints, yays. Bug filluws mayorsmans and shcases backs aftsur srai chaes toos ands toms catchs its buts no beers. Manyss disppoints. Bigs figths and ssherelsysz coms ands thens fires comes whens victorys to ssssssspots mayors runs. Tomss likes firres.l Thsens tomsys hides whens hairymans comes.

      nestxs tosms gorss to borings rocks andsays higshysys to gresns things. Selss ruunns things and gos to gets drnks.
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      Great epilogue there! Haha quite like "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" and oh gosh Umbreon's Mean Look again. Glad the legendary beasts are free, don't want to think how Tom will train Raikou. XD

      Hooray for getting this fic finally finished and I wish you luck on the edits! Thanks for a great story.

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