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Old July 19th, 2011 (9:35 PM).
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    Hi guys, Redfire313. I'm new here, but i have an idea I need to get out, so sorry if this type of idea has already been said.
    My idea is this. To have a darker, more mature version of Pokemon. I don't want a horror game(Though that would be cool too) but I don't want it 'Oh man, I'm 10 years old and Champion of the Pokemon League in a matter of day.' So my idea is to put a mature plot in a Pokemon game with a couple twists. One of which is that Pokemon can die.
    Now this is going to very vague, so stay with me. For a story, lets have a much older cast. I think the characters should be at least 16 years of age, maybe older. And have a madness that has spread through Pokemon everywhere that causes them to go mad. Kinda like Shadow Pokemon, but without any control at all. These Pokemon, both wild and caught, have started attacking and killing both humans and other Pokemon. Your quest is not to earn badges and beat the Elite Four (Though that could be in there) or complete your Pokedex (As said before, it could be in there), but to find a cure to this madness before too many lives are lost.
    For graphics, since it is a more mature story, dark graphics are needed. I'd like to make new Pokemon (I'm no artist, more of a story teller) but I think just making some of the originals look darker would be good as well.
    Gameplay is where things get interesting. Because of the madness, Pokemon are more vicious. They fight to kill. That means when your Pokemon's health goes to 0, it dies. There could be a way to revive it, but it would be hard, or expensive, or both. Also, once your Pokemon all run out you have to fight. And if you run out of health, you die. Game Over. All the other parts of Pokemon, such as catching Pokemon and navigating the map would be the same.
    Like I said, the above is a work in process. It’s very, very vague. But because I'm horrible at artwork, and only semi decent at RPGXP, I thought I would tell you guys here and maybe get so support and a team going. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to working with you guys.
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