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[Gen V] Rate my team?

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Old July 24th, 2011 (6:41 PM).
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Hey whatsup?
I was wonderin if some of you could rate my team.

Haxorus lvl 100
Naive Nature
Mold Breaker
A/D/SA/SD/S: 340/224/152/137/257
Dragon pulse
Dragon claw

Zoroark lvl 100
Quiet Nature
A/D/SA/SD/S: 255/164/299/273/200
Shadow claw
Night daze

Gentle Nature
A/D/SA/SD/S: 310/181/261/206/248
Dragon claw

Dragonite lvl 100
Brave Nature
Inner Focus
A/D/SA/SD/S: 327/248/245/236/190
Wing attack
Aqua tail
Dragon rush

Bisharp lvl 100
Serious Nature
A/D/SA/SD/S: 307/250/178/166/176
Metal sound
Iron head
Night slash

Flygon lvl 100
Hardy Nature
A/D/SA/SD/S: 244/207/203/191/237
Dragon claw
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Old July 26th, 2011 (10:26 AM).
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an allround, strong team put personly, i would use your dragonite to better use as an allrounder. although i appreciate this tactic would take away STAB but i would give it a variety of moves. eg: my dragonite knows ice beam, thunderblot, flamethrower and outrage.

obviesley, i can understand if you don't want to use my advice but just take it into consideration
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Old July 26th, 2011 (10:32 AM).
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Member by Member:

Haxorus: Guillotine is banned from competitive play (no 1hko moves)

Dragon pulse + Dragon Claw? not a good idea.
Its SA is horrible, so no go right there. Surf? try something else like e-quake

Your team hates ice. I'll let other people work on what i said, becuase, your team is kinda errorus and not good for competitive play. O

Positives? would kill a team thats not ice type...well its a banned team

the dragonite scares me. Wing attack? uhhh..............

and um, yeah thats about it...
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Old July 26th, 2011 (11:15 AM).
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Redo it. A lot of the moves are repeated typing, and you need to use each Pokemon's stats differently. For example, Haxorus's Special Attack is terrible compared to its Attack. So, take off everything but Dragon Claw. Replace the moves with something like Earthquake or Brick Break/Rock Slide and Outrage. I don't see why you use Fly on Salamence and Dig on Flygon.

It's the same deal with the rest of them. As someone said before, it's also weak to Ice. Kill off a few dragons. It also has no coverage against Metal types, besides Salamence, but I'd hardly call that coverage.
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