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Pokemon Eternal Eclipse

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Old April 11th, 2010 (1:52 PM).
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Pokemon Eternal Eclipse is set in a new area called the Equinox Region. Eight brand new powerful gym leaders reside in the region. Control over the region has recently fell under the Equinox Corp., causing the economy to thrive. The Corperation controls the railroad, air travel, and PEDN(Pokeball Electronic Distribution Network, this allows pokeballs to function.) They also have a firm grip on the government. Many rumors circulate about the research and methods of the Corp...


You start out as a troubled young child(Umbra or Luna). Your father mysteriously vanished soon after your third birthday. Today you turn fourteen. You and your mother live on Cinnabar Island, which is threatened by volcanic activity, similiar to events that occured 150 years earlier. You then receive a call from your grandmother, a fierce gymleader from the Equinox Region. She informs your mother of a house in her area. You have no choice, you have to relocate. When you arrive, your grandmother pursuades you obtain a pokemon from the local safari zone, which contains twelve different pokemon waiting for capture(the pokemon will serve as the starters). You then recieve a pokedex from the professor, and begin your journey.

In your travels, you begin to notice the Equinox Corp. is not what it seems. As the game progresses, you uncover various plots devised by the corporation to control even more of the region. The activity seems like small-time criminal activities, but as you uncover more and more, you find that the corporation is planning something far more sinister...

Game Features

*Bank System
*8 new gymleaders
*Battle Frontier
*Online Play
*New Region
*all 493 pokemon catchable
*day/night system


In-game Shots


Map Shots


Oran Town

Notable Characters


Ebony: This is the first admin that you will encounter. She grew up as a homeless orphan in Sinnoh, but recently became an agent for Equinox Corp. because of her extremely high IQ.

Shade: He grew up in Hoenn, but moved to Equinox when his father, a pokemon ranger, died in action.

Shadow: He is a former pokemon ranger, but was dismissed because of events that led to the deaths of seven other rangers.

Vince: He is the president of Equinox Corp. His personal life is mysterious.


Developers,testers,spriters,mappers,and scripters:


Space Guard's Pokémon Platinum Rips (and customs)
4th Gen Matt's Pokemon Resource Pack
Marnic Slyker
colorful summer
Wesley FG
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Old July 18th, 2011 (12:47 PM).
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is there gonna be a download link???
Pokemon Iron Version Coming 2014!
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Old July 26th, 2011 (6:06 PM).
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°x° <(...) wow. this game sounds pretty AWSOME!!! I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this thread to see where it goes. I can't wait for a demo.
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