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Important Threads for Beginners

Starter Kits
  • Pokémon Essentials - Currently being developed by Maruno
    "Pokemon functionality suite for RPG Maker XP, which started as a modification of Flameguru's Pokemon starter kit, and eventually ended as a rewrite of practically everything. Pokemon Essentials incorporates my Pokemon Advance battle system along with many new features I added." - poccil
Useful Resources
  • Pokémon Essentials DS - Expanded version of Essentials created by venom12
    An expansion to the normal version of Essentials adding a dual screen, mouse support, animated sprites, and more.

  • Pokémon Essentials Wiki - Created by Maruno
    "The Pokémon Essentials Wiki is exactly what it sounds like - a wiki that contains all available information about Pokémon Essentials, taken not only from poccil's notes but also from the many users of the kit. And the best part is that it's dynamic - anyone can add their own advice or suggestions, and the wiki can grow because of this." - Maruno

  • Pokémon Essentials Unova Pack - Addon to Essentials created by FL.
    An Add-on to Pokémon Essentials that provides the data, such as attacks, names, TM's, from the Generation IV Pokémon.

  • Game Development Resources [Archive]
    Although this is an Archived thread, there are a handful of really useful somewhere in the thread.
Useful Tutorials
  • Essentials Coding 101 - Created by Rai Rai
    "Well, today I announce myself here to give all of you game developers the basics of coding within Essentials. The main aim is to teach those how to make a simple window script with the day to day functions many other developers out there use to make their menus have that extra touch." - Rai Rai

  • Add more than 4 characters to Essentials - Created by KitsuneKouta
    "By default, Essentials only allows you to create 4 selectable characters (labeled A-D, and numbered 0-3). This tutorial will allow you to increase this number to include as many as you want. As a disclaimer, I cannot guarantee consistent results. I have used this method twice, with someone else using it once, and each time the results were different. In an unedited kit, the results were perfect, but in existing projects it's sort of hit and miss, so beware." - KitsuneKouta

That's all for now. Of course, this thread will be updated whenever new tutorials/resources are posted, but for now, that's all folks.

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