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What game systems do you have?

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Old July 13th, 2011 (11:10 PM).
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    Join Date: Apr 2010
    Gender: Male
    Posts: 316
    I game on PC but i also own a wii and a gbasp

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    Old July 14th, 2011 (1:44 AM).
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    Ninja Space Mouse
      Join Date: May 2010
      Location: The Opposite Place Of Heaven.
      Age: 24
      Gender: Male
      Nature: Lonely
      Posts: 102
      I Have A DSi That I Wish T Soon Trade For A 3DS And A Wii Console.
      Old July 14th, 2011 (3:09 AM).
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      Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
        Join Date: Jul 2004
        Location: New Zealand
        Age: 26
        Gender: Male
        Nature: Calm
        Posts: 1,694
        Have a broken PS1, PS2, a broken PS3, a working PS3 slim, a PSP and a PSPgo.
        And a PC.

        Next up: PS Vita.
        Version 0.753 is out
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        Old July 14th, 2011 (5:08 AM).
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        Nature: Sassy
        Posts: 701
        Ds Light
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        Old July 14th, 2011 (6:54 AM).
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        Bard of Rage
          Join Date: Dec 2010
          Location: honk
          Age: 21
          Gender: Male
          Nature: Jolly
          Posts: 1,950
          -Two Ds
          -Two Ds Light
          -One Playstation 2
          -One Nintendo 64
          -Two PSP
          -Two Wii Consoles
          -Two Gamecube
          -Two Gameboy
          -Two Gameboy Advance
          -One NES or Nintendo Entertainment System
          ...and that's pretty much it unless laptop count, or pc...but they don't. In total, including the same kinds, I have 17 in total in my house...some collecting dust and others being usable right now. I want to buy the Playstation 3 if possible, and maybe 2 3DS's since our family is quite big. That's it really.
          Old July 14th, 2011 (10:04 AM).
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          just a guy
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          Join Date: Sep 2008
          Location: Florida
          Age: 25
          Gender: Male
          Posts: 7,189
          Currently I have a...

          • Nintendo Gameboy Color
          • Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP
          • Nintendo DSi
          • Nintendo Wii
          • Nintendo 64
          • Xbox 360

          I used to own a PS2 before, but I ended up getting rid of it.
          Old July 21st, 2011 (2:08 AM).
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          i am the true self
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          Join Date: Feb 2008
          Location: Alabama
          Age: 25
          Nature: Timid
          Posts: 32,197

          - GameBoy
          - Game Boy Advance (Fuschia and Glacier)
          - Game Boy Advance SP (pearl pink)
          - DS fat (blue)
          - DS Lite (silver)


          - Nintendo 64 (red)
          - GameCube (black)
          - PlayStation 2 (slim, black)
          - XBox 360 (arcade or whatever)
          - Wii (white lol)

          For some reason, I feel like I'm missing something, but I'm really not. lmao :(

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          Old July 21st, 2011 (10:18 AM).
          BottleBoot's Avatar
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            Join Date: Jul 2011
            Gender: Male
            Posts: 7
            I've got a ps3, ps2, and two ds's lol nothing right? I used to own 3 gameboys passed down from my two older sisters but I somehow managed to break them all.
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            Old July 24th, 2011 (2:47 PM).
            Haowakeorden Haowakeorden is offline
              Join Date: Nov 2006
              Posts: 988
              Not counting PCs?

              Game Boy Color (bought in 1999)
              Nintendo DS Lite (2007)
              Wii (2007)
              Nintendo 3DS (2011)
              My YouTube channel (BlasterMillennia).
              Old July 25th, 2011 (2:08 AM).
              Seki Seki is offline
                Join Date: Oct 2010
                Age: 20
                Gender: Male
                Posts: 1,963
                I have:
                Gameboy Colour
                Gameboy Advance SP
                DS (the phat one)
                DS lite
                Yep, thats all.
                Old July 25th, 2011 (2:49 AM).
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                Mine Badge
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                Join Date: Jan 2008
                Location: United Kingdom
                Gender: Male
                Nature: Relaxed
                Posts: 20,474
                I have:

                Gameboy Colour (Green & Purple)
                Gameboy Advance
                Gameboy Advance SP
                Nintendo DS
                Nintendo DS Lite (x5)
                Nintendo 3DS
                Nintendo Wii

                That's my list of consoles..
                About the Nintendo DS thing, they... break easily :x

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                Old July 25th, 2011 (4:42 AM).
                JinRazielGames JinRazielGames is offline
                  Join Date: May 2011
                  Location: Olongapo City, Philippines
                  Age: 18
                  Gender: Male
                  Nature: Brave
                  Posts: 300
                  PSP, NDS Lite, PS3, and soon i will own a 3DS.
                  Were not that rich.
                  We are ah..kinda poor.
                  Old July 25th, 2011 (9:30 AM).
                  Mr. Aware Eagle Mr. Aware Eagle is offline
                    Join Date: Jul 2011
                    Gender: Male
                    Posts: 15
                    Sega Game Gear
                    Game Boy Color
                    Gameboy Advance
                    Nintendo 64
                    Playstation 2

                    DS Lite
                    Xbox 360 (but it's broken)

                    I really want to get a 3DS.
                    Old July 25th, 2011 (9:38 AM).
                    ~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~'s Avatar
                    ~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~ ~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~ is offline
                    Buffalo State College
                      Join Date: Feb 2006
                      Location: Bronx, New York
                      Age: 26
                      Gender: Female
                      Nature: Bashful
                      Posts: 12,056
                      I have the Xbox, Xbox 360, Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, GBA, GBA Micro, GBA SP, DS, DSi, N64, Wii, Gamecube, NES and SNES


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                      Old August 4th, 2011 (10:48 AM).
                      fire_man's Avatar
                      fire_man fire_man is offline
                        Join Date: Jul 2011
                        Gender: Male
                        Posts: 57
                        Nintendo DS Wii Xbox Xbox 360 Gamecube
                        Old August 4th, 2011 (3:48 PM).
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                        NERF THIS!
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                        Join Date: Sep 2004
                        Location: New South Wales, Australia
                        Age: 24
                        Gender: Other
                        Nature: Serious
                        Posts: 14,979
                        • GameBoy Color
                        • GameBoy Advance SP
                        • Nintendo DS (original)
                        • Nintendo DS Lite (x2)
                        • Nintendo 3DS
                        • Xbox
                        • Xbox 360
                        • Sony PlayStation 2
                        • Nintendo GameCube
                        • Nintendo Wii

                        I also play games on my PC.
                        PON PON WAY WAY WAY

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                        Old August 4th, 2011 (4:02 PM).
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                        git gud or get r e k t
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                        Join Date: Jun 2010
                        Location: Galveston, TX
                        Age: 27
                        Gender: Female
                        Nature: Brave
                        Posts: 17,054
                        Hmm...let's see..

                        Wii (x2, one at my old home, one in my current SD condo)
                        PS2 (my dad uses it more than I do).
                        Xbox 360 (Christmas gift <3)
                        PSP (well, *used* to have it, since I don't know where it is D:)
                        Nintendo 64 (still in perfect condition :D)

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                        Old August 4th, 2011 (5:13 PM).
                        TheMarkCrafter TheMarkCrafter is offline
                        roses are red, violets are blue, i used to break rules but now im new.
                          Join Date: Jan 2011
                          Location: Kalos
                          Gender: Male
                          Nature: Serious
                          Posts: 549
                          Playstation 3
                          DS Lite
                          winter is here.
                          back at 12/23/15
                          Old August 4th, 2011 (5:28 PM).
                          Åzurε's Avatar
                          Åzurε Åzurε is offline
                            Join Date: Jan 2009
                            Age: 24
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Calm
                            Posts: 2,279
                            In the past:
                            Game Boy Color, Transparent
                            GBA, Transparent (Because the clear casings were ALWAYS the best)
                            GBA, Pokemon Center NY/Golden Pikachu
                            GBA SP, Red
                            Nintendo DS Lite, Black
                            NDS Lite, Blue
                            GameCube, Black

                            Nintendo 3DS, Black
                            Nintendo Wii
                            A PC I Only Use For Minecraft

                            Nintendo-heavy and not super-long, but they've served me well.
                            Back from the Hidden Land~
                            My Pokemon tabletop RPG project. Looking for feedback and ideas!
                            Old August 4th, 2011 (7:41 PM).
                            PokeshippingSuicune's Avatar
                            PokeshippingSuicune PokeshippingSuicune is offline
                            This is Kagamine Territory!
                              Join Date: Jul 2011
                              Location: Yellow Country
                              Gender: Female
                              Nature: Quirky
                              Posts: 28
                              (A almost broken)Wii
                              Blue DSI
                              Xbox 360
                              A (almost broken) DS
                              And a (broken) PS2
                              Old August 24th, 2011 (1:32 AM).
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                              cazzler cazzler is offline
                              Feraligatr FtW!
                                Join Date: Dec 2008
                                Location: Silver Mountain
                                Age: 22
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Brave
                                Posts: 504
                                Wow you guys have so much consoles lol
                                I only have a 3DS and a PS3.
                                Old August 24th, 2011 (5:57 AM).
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                                Kamijou Kamijou is offline
                                Hey 좀 더 내 매력에 빠져
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                                Join Date: Jul 2011
                                Gender: Female
                                Posts: 2,705
                                To list every console that is present in my house, they'd be:
                                → Gameboy Advance
                                → Playstation 2
                                → Playstation 1
                                → Nintendo DS
                                → Nintendo Wii
                                → Nintendo DS Lite
                                → Nintendo DSi

                                I did have a Gameboy Advance SP but it decided to break. ><
                                Old August 24th, 2011 (7:55 AM).
                                Emperordrizzle's Avatar
                                Emperordrizzle Emperordrizzle is offline
                                  Join Date: Feb 2011
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Posts: 4
                                  At the moment: All three major consoles,Also all major handheld currently out there(PSP,DS).
                                  Tomorrow: Nintendo 3DS.
                                  My Beast: The Computer in the sitting room (i3,3.06GHz).
                                  On my desk is a jar of jelly-beans, If you touch them by-god I'll kill you!
                                  Old August 24th, 2011 (11:44 AM).
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                                  Rock the house with fire
                                    Join Date: May 2010
                                    Location: The Land of Dream
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Lonely
                                    Posts: 60
                                    I have: PS1, Gamecube, Wii and a PS3.I had a SNES but it's broken. D:
                                    Thanks for the Trainer Card pkmntrainerpaul

                                    Old August 24th, 2011 (11:54 AM).
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                                    Mirai zura!
                                      Join Date: Apr 2009
                                      Location: UK
                                      Age: 22
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Nature: Relaxed
                                      Posts: 1,167
                                      Apart from my laptop (which I use for mmo's)?

                                      -Nintendo DS
                                      -Nintendo DSi

                                      I don't use my GBA anymore, and the only GBA games I have left are Emerald and LeafGreen.
                                      Speaking of which, I'm also saving up to buy a 3DS for Christmas, but that doesn't count.
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