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Old August 9th, 2011 (12:09 AM).
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    Need opinions to better my team....

    1. Excadrill- moves(65) 2. Metagross-(70) Aggron-(65) Samurott-(70)

    1) Rock slide 1) Shadow ball 1) Surf 1) Ice beam
    2) Earthquake 2) Sludge bomb 2) Thunder bolt 2) Megahorn
    3) Shadow claw 3) Meteor mash 3) Iron head 3) Hyper beam
    4) Brick break 4) Psychic 4) Flamethrower 4) Waterfall

    Braviary-(65) Kyurem-(75)

    1) Crush claw 1) Ice beam
    2) U-turn 2) Dragon pulse
    3) Shadow claw 3) Flash cannon
    4) Brave bird 4) of course.....Fly!

    So any ideas? or should I leave it?
    Also please rate my team 1-10. (Ideally I want to get them to 100- the lvs are as of now):p
    PS... sorry if its hard to read... i tried.
    "I want to be the very best........."

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    Old August 9th, 2011 (12:20 AM).
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      this is in the wrong section it belongs here
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      Old August 9th, 2011 (2:53 AM).
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        You should have a Semisage by now... and a Stoutland.... and Zekrom of Reshiram.
        Old August 9th, 2011 (4:25 AM).
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        As mentioned, this belongs within in-game team help, so moving this there (by the way DVK, mini-modding is bad, please don't do it). You'd get better responses if you added natures, EVs and abilities for your Pokemon, though.

        Either way, you should probably change around Samurott's moveset, because its base spA is its highest stat, and as a result megahorn and waterfall aren't really useful. Instead, you could replace waterfall with Scald or Surf, it would be special and you would still get STAB. As for Megahorn, you could replace it with Hydro Pump which is special and still has 120 power, and you'd get STAB too, which you wouldn't with Waterfall.

        Same goes for Metagross, which 3/4 of your attacks are special, and Metagross has high attack, so therefore would benefit from physical attacks. For that, you could replace Psychic with Zen Headbutt, but as for the others, possibly try Toxic or something? Probably more useful than Sludge Bomb either way considering you won't be getting STAB.

        ...kay, and Aggron too (also noticed you have a major weakness to fire types for 4/6 of your Pokemon iirc so you'd probably want things to counter that, so I see why you're using water type attacks, perhaps replace those Pokemon with other types that aren't as weak to fire). But yeah, your Aggron is mainly using special attacks where its primary strength in terms of attack is in physical ones, so you'll want to change that around a bit.

        Haven't gone through the others, aka why I'm moving this to the right forum for more comments. Just pay more attention to attacks with STAB as well as physical/special weaknesses, oh and being completely offensive probably isn't the best idea, try to vary things. :)

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