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Old August 15th, 2011 (7:50 AM).
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    Hello all that wish to watch, this is Battle Buddies, a game concept that has been in the works for a very long my head at less. You may be here because you saw something different in the showcase other than Pokemon and wonder "Why is it here? This is not pokemon!" Yes, yes, I know this is not Pokemon, but I am a die hard Pokemon fan and though this would be a good community to put this up. But probably as you will see in a bit that this would be a very close system to Pokemon, but with some major and minor differences. And since I am terrible at introductions, let's get on with the rest of this (Most things will be in Spoilers from here on in, so feel free to look).
    The engine that will be use for this will be Construct Classic and Construct 2.

    At the moment there is not much of a story, but currently that is not what I am here for, I am here for exciting interesting systems, not story [at the moment].
    I do know that there will be 4 teams in the story [1 super killer serious team like Team Rocket, 2 teams like Magma/Aqua/Plasma/etc., and a Joke team that will be like the Power Rangers] and you will have a chance to join one of them or go on your own.

    Now most of you are here because you want to know how this is different than the Pokemon system. There are several differences than it at the moment. Current ones that will be talked about here are the battle system, the "evolution" system, the type system, the technique learning system, and some of the stats.
    Battle system
    First of all, battles will not be done as the turn based system that is right now, but rather its going to be like a fighting game system [Eventually there will be a GIF under this that will help explain.
    As it is right now, the battles will work much like fighting game battles [combos, specials, etc]. Almost every move while in battle will be able to be combo'd (example: scratch could attack once, then a second time, and then follow it with an uppercut). But since each move will probably be used multiple times, PP (currently what is being used), will be much greater per move than Pokemon [Note: this may be scraped for a Mana/energy based system which would also give another stat to get Buddy]. Also we at team BB can not decide on how many moves each buddy will have at one time, we're split between whether each Buddy should get 6-7 moves total between all its forms/paradigms or 3-4 move per paradigm. I see it personally that there would be more strategy if every form had to share the same 6 moves, rather than each paradigm has its own moveset.
    Finally, each of the team will have 3 to 4 buddies at a time, which you can switch to about any time and your oppenents will be able to see them (like Rotation battles).

    "Evolution" system/Paradigm Shifts
    Yes the technical term is taken directly from FFXIII, but the definition of it does really make a lot of sense. Unlike Pokemon, each Buddy has 6 Paradigms[Paradigm and Form can be used interchangeably] at its disposal, each different from one another.

    The chart will make more sense if you look at some of the Buddies themselves. Buddies themselves don't evolve like pokemon, they instead can change to many different forms, and can always change back. After getting to a certain overall level, it will unlock a form it can shift to [in what order, it is unknown at the moment]. But still think of the forms just like any other evolution in any other game, the forms can change in appearance than any other evolution, or it could just be a larger version. Also it is not unheard of for typing or ability to change between forms. Anyway, if there are any more questions on that, just ask. Otherwise onto the descriptions of each of the forms. [BTW, if you are wondering about "Accelerations," continue to scroll down to Stats].

    Pure: The basic form of the buddy, can be its baby form or just a miniature version of it, or demi or I don't know what other way to describe it. Usually seen as weak but in some way will have advantage over most Complete forms.

    Wave: Generally seen as the magic or special attack, tending to have more invested in Spirit/Sp. Atk, but not necessarily the case. Could be a secondary fast form, with good water or air acceleration, or more based on Aura/Sp. Def. Usually has an advantage over Armor forms.

    Stealth: The fast form of the Buddy, good acceleration all around. Generally has low offenses and defenses, usually only slightly better than the Pure forms, but much better accelerations, which give an advantage to you if you have it over your oppenent. Usually has advantage over Wave forms because of the ability to dodge well.

    Armor: The heavily armored, usually based more on physical defense but could have both, or the opposite, more of special defense, but could also be more on one of the attacks. Generally very slow, fastest acceleration being where it originates, and then miserable elsewhere. Usually has the advantage over Beast forms.

    Beast: The form class based on solely offense. Its usually Power/Atk but there are many Buddies that have the possibility to have Spirit based Beast forms. High Power/High Spirt/High stats in both, relatively low defense, and fairly average Accelerations all across the board. Usually good against Stealth forms.

    Complete: After Form Shifting between all 4 other forms, you have the ability to shift to the Complete form. Generally has high stats all around, but essentially mirrors the Pure form in general spread. If the Pure form tends to have Power as its highest stat, generally Power will be Complete's highest stat. Usually good against all other forms, except Pure which will (somehow) have an advantage over the Complete forms.

    Typing System
    Type chart Version 1

    Yes, I know, the type chart is almost useless because of how many lines, but that's why the description is here so I can explain more. This is version 1, the chart will be redone at some point [mostly because its confusing and I didn't add the resistances of one type attack itself. For no, mostly use Pokemon Logic]. But so far these are the types in battle buddies and the type weakness and resistances unless someone can make a good case for it to be different or there to be a new type. The typings are supposed to be broader categories and not necessary defiant one types. I also wanted the type advantages not to be as large as pokemon where is more of "you get hit by a weakness, you go down." Advantages give you 1.25x damage to the weaker opponent and resistances grant you .75x to damage.
    On to the explaining!
    Alpha: Heat based elements like fire, magma, etc.
    Beta: Water and Aqua elements
    Lambda: Icy or Cold based elements
    Gamma: Nature based elements like Plants, poison, and bugs (at the moment), and etc.
    Delta: Earth based elements like Rock, ground, and etc.
    Zeta: Electric based elements (yes, its purple electricity, deal [there yellow too])
    Theta: Physical based elements like Fighting, normal, and so on.
    Phi: Magical or Metaphysical elements like psychic, ghost, and so on.
    Omega: Light or divine elements
    Chi: Darkness or shade elements like dark, ghost, and so on.
    Sigma: air based elements like wind, flying, and etc.
    Mu: Metal based elements
    Omicron: Dragon based elements
    [Before you stats something on it, make sure you know which symbol is which].

    Technique system
    Unlike, pokemon where you learn moves when you get to a certain level, in this think of it more of the FFX-2 system. You gain EXP and AP(name subject to change) for every battle, which you can spend the AP on a new move, and new moves will be unlocked by unlocking a previous move or by gaining a new Paradigm. This is subject to change, but currently this is how it is.There will also probably be TMs as well.

    As it currently is, most of the stats are very familiar.
    Vitality, Power, Defense, Spirit, Aura, and Accelerations.
    If I really have to go into the other five stats I can, but I think you can figure it out. The accelerations is a new addition to most games, they are a buddy's maneuverability in a certain area. The first five stats are represented with numerical values but the accelerations are represented by star points. There are currently 3 accelerations, Ground Acceleration, Water Acceleration, and Air Acceleration. Ground is obvious and used when the Buddy is on the ground, Air is the second most used which is the maneuverability in the air from either a jump, flying or up in the air for some other reason. Water is used for water parts of arena's or fighting areas. Acceleration also gives you advantages just like typing advantages would. For every Star point that you have over the opponent's accelerations, you do 1+.1*x times damage (x is the number of star points) to the opponent. The reverse is not true in damage reduction. Your advantage there is your maneuverability in dodging. More can be covered if there is need by questions. I don't know currently.

    Other Notes
    There will be abilities for each of the buddies just like Pokemon, but I do not know what any other them will be at the moment. If you want to help with the Battle Buddies Project by making your own buddies and can think of your own abilities, added them.
    The same thing goes for new moves and names for moves/techniques. New ones will be added here on the front page as they are added.
    Catch other buddies: I have no idea at the moment, will update in time.

    Current Dex of Buddies
    Finally onto the current Dex!
    Dex V1
    #001 Shazzman

    Shazzman. Classification: Monkey Thief. Has an odd obsession with trophies, Shazzman typically would take "prizes" from its defeated opponents to wear as tokens later. This shows its status to other Shazzman in their Tribe.

    - Pure -
    VIT 38/PWR 55/DEF 42/SPRT 45/AUR 35/Ground 5 Stars/Water 3 Stars/Air 2 Stars
    Type: Theta Chi / Ability:
    - Wave -
    VIT 50/PWR 32/DEF 45/SPRT 85/AUR 57/GRD 3*/WAT 5*/AIR 4*
    Type: Theta Phi / Ability:
    - Stealth -
    VIT 44/PWR 75/DEF 45/SPRT 60/AUR 40/GRD 7*/WAT 3*/AIR 7*
    Type: Theta Chi / Ability:
    - Armor -
    VIT 70/PWR 55/DEF 85/SPRT 30/AUR 60/GRD 3*/WAT 2*/AIR 1*
    Type: Theta Delta / Ability:
    - Beast -
    VIT 60/PWR 95/DEF 55/SPRT 40/AUR 38/GRD 5*/WAT 2*/AIR 3*
    Type: Theta Chi / Ability:
    - Complete -
    VIT 90/PWR 110/DEF 85/SPRT 90/AUR 65/GRD 8*/WAT 4*/AIR 6*
    Type: Theta Chi / Ability:

    Final notes
    If you want to help with the Battle buddies project with make buddies of your own, that would be great. Send them to me and I will add them. I welcom new ideas because not everyone thinks in the same way. So someone may make something that another would never think of.
    Follow on Tumblr for new updates as soon as possible:
    My youtube for updates:
    or My art page:

    Current team:
    Zakki Orichalcum (Me) - Developer and everything under the sun
    PeregrineMuon - Ideas man and design reference

    We are in a of a spriter.

    Support Battle Buddies:

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