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Draconius GO
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Hi, this is gonna be uncommentary, But I will write in the commentary below the video in spoilers. I do not like to add my voices in video games, or in my videos in general..I hate my voice. But these videos were made to help people get through the game(s). Wasn't meant to be viewed by people or thumbs up even tho it does make me feel good lol. But I just like to help people out If they are stuck on a problem, or a just want to see what the game is about by a sneak peak.

Well, since Tales of the Abyss for the Nintendo 3DS is coming out this year, I thought I would buy the PS2 version. This Walkthrough/Let's play is for people who never played Tales of the Abyss and getting it for the 3ds version I'm sure this Playthrough will help.

Well as myself I haven't beaten it. But I'm far ahead on it then my walkthrough I remember alot of what happens with in the 40% of the game.
Anyways here we go

*note* I don't know if it is a rule to post uncommentary videos, since Let's Play is a commentary style. But I will have the Commentary written under the video in spoiler itself. Thank you.

Video 1: Tales of the Abyss - [Part 000/ENG] - Opening [SD]

I simply love this music, I do wish for the vocal version over the instrumental. On another note, the anime adaption of this game, it has the same theme By "Bump of Chicken" Song is called "Karma".

Video 2: Tales of the Abyss - [Part 001/ENG/Normal Mode][SD]

Okay, here we go! God, Luke is sooo mean D:. What is up with his headaches? I also wonder about his kidnapping and why he can't remember what is going on in his past :/ I feel sorry for Luke, but gosh he is so mean D:<; Also I chose Normal, cause I like it in that area of difficulty, not too much of a bother, and also some what of a challenge imo.

Video 3: Tales of the Abyss - [Part 002/ENG/Normal Mode][SD]

This part here well I have to meet Luke's Father and Mother, also his mentor "Master Van". But he is so selfish, He wants what he wants, he wants Van to be his trainer for ever haha (Well thats what I think). I think Luke is like a little boy. >.>

Video 4: Tales of the Abyss - [Part 003/ENG/Normal Mode][SD]

Ahh, the basic boring. Hahah Tear is so cute (Prefer her anime japanese voice :x) Her voice sounds so familiar but I dont know who it is I looked it said "unknown" for English version. I love that song she sings of the Fonic Hymn it's simply beautiful! Geeeze psycho trying to kill her own brother. Oh gosh did Tear and Luke make a spirit Bomb? DBZ Reference? Nahh bhaha.

Video 5: Tales of the Abyss - [Part 004/ENG/Normal Mode][SD]

Man going through these woods are..boring haha. Hmm. coach a team? 12,000 GALD....What the hell man D:Like i said before..Luke is a spoiled little brat I swear =_=...Um..Darkwings??? lol.

Video 6: Tales of the Abyss - [Part 005/ENG/Normal Mode][SD]

OH YUS. JADEEEE~ Freaking love this dude. He is badass! Hm, well geez the game will be too short if we put you home already of course we are in another region. >.> Hmmmm.. Food :)

Video 7: Tales of the Abyss - [Part 006/ENG/Normal Mode][SD]

Well I guess Luke is a food thief cause he took one apple? Geeeze. Well still he should have payed, But he is spoiled he has everything handed to him >.>. Yet again..JADDDDDE~

Video 8: -Coming soon-

Video 9 -Coming soon-

Video 10 -Coming soon-
Thank you for choosing my videos for your walkthrough seeking and need help :)

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