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Old August 21st, 2011 (4:47 AM).
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This is a thread for a continuing story about the quest of 2 trainers named Black and White. I will start the story with a parragraph and then someone else writes a parragraph and so on...

Professor Rowan is out studying a large flock of Starlys. One tries to peck him causing him to stumble back accidentally stepping on the tail of another. The angered Starly flies up in the attack position and the rest of the flock do the same. They begin to dart through the air with Aerial Ace attack, injuring Professor Rowan. Fortunately a young boy named White is walking by and hears the Professor's screams for help. He reaches into the Professor's suitcase and whips out a Pokeball. He realeases the pokemon and its Piplup. Piplup tries to ward off the Starlys but there not giving up. Finally White tells Piplup to use a Bubblebeam attack. Finally the Starlys give up there relentless strike and fly off. Rowan thanks White and turns around to gather his suitcase. When he turns another young boy is stealing a Pokeball and Pokedex out of the compartment. "White stop him!"
yells Professor Rowan and out comes Piplup again. Black, our thief, sends out Turtwig and Piplup already weakened from the previous battle stands no chance against a Razor Leaf attack and Black runs off with White and his fainted Piplup stumbling behind....

Someone continue!

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Old August 21st, 2011 (12:47 PM).
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I am seriously debating what to do with this. On one hand, it is a tradition of the section to have at least one chain story once a year in olden times. On the other hand--and this is combined with your other thread--I'm wondering if you're going to use what other people post in your fan comic since you were asking for an entire story to be written for you. So I'm iffy on this being opened.

Besides, if you really wanted to do a chain story, there's one in Pokemon Trivia where you'd get more responses. Because we eat our own here.

And, well, perhaps this would fit in with the "Only post completed work" rule so...


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