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Old September 4th, 2011 (7:55 AM).
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OK, this is my first shot at a Hack.

Please note I can't script, and am a newbie at AdvanceMap.....

Anyway, here's the Plot.

The game will start like any other game, a cute little intro with Oak/Local Professor there, asking you name/gender, and rival's name. The only difference is you, and everyone else is wearing Team Rocket (Called Rocket-dan in the game) outfits. After the intro, you will be sitting in your room, apparently playing a cool new hack from Poke-community. Then the "Time to go!" message aperars, and you leave your room. Your mom notices you aren't in "Uniform" and the player changes into a Rocket-dan Outfit. After going to the lab, where Professor (Oak?) will give you a starter. Your rival will come in about now, but dosen't know which starter you choose, and will take the one weaker to your's. The rival will battle you, only to realise He choose the wrong Pokemon. He will forfeit, and try to get the other Pokemon, but the Professor stops him. You can now freely leave while they argue, neither notices you. You are free to go to the next city, and at the (heavily remodeled) Pokemon Center, you can heal your Pokemon in a strange machine. Anyway, you go to the next "gym". The sign says "Rocket Recruitment Center". You go in. A man notices you. He informs you that you can become a higher up in the Rocket Academy. You can go on to fight Kids in each room of the "Gym". After beating the gym, a man from the Lab comes. He gives you a PokeDex, and you can continue your journey. Along the way, you can choose to steal people's Pokemon and become the leader of Rocket-dan , or you can overthrow the Rocket Gang, and free your world!

Help will be appreciated, as (Like I typed earlier) I can't script, and am new to the AdvanceMap. THANKS!
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Old September 4th, 2011 (8:02 AM).
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I think this should be moved to progressing hacks.
I support:
Old September 4th, 2011 (8:03 AM).
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where can i find my fc code # ?
Old September 4th, 2011 (8:17 AM).
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Originally Posted by streetofficial View Post
where can i find my fc code # ?
This is not the place for help on finding your fc code, post in the correct section.
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Old September 4th, 2011 (2:12 PM).
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What in the world is going on in this thread?

shadowpikachu0426, post in the right section next time. iop50, report the posts, or next time yours will just be deleted. streetofficial, go to the basement of the Pokémon Center, get the Pal Pad, connect to Wi-Fi then disconnect. Go to your Pal Pad, and you should have your code. If not, please post this in one of the forums here.

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