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    C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R. T.E.M.P.L.A.T.E.

    Name: (Full name, please. If they were raised by Kangaskans and have no last name, that’s one thing. But even if they were abandoned at an orphanage and you have NO idea who you parents were, you’d at least be given a fake name to go by officially.)
    Gender: (Herp derp.)
    Role: (Gym Leader, Eggshell Graduate, TM Boss/Executive, Elite Four, Champion, Ranger, Trainer, Breeder, etc.)
    Hometown: (Region and possibly the town your character originates from. You can include this and more in depth information about it in the Personality/Bio section as well)
    Personality/Bio: (Personality and history. No real length requirements, but please don’t half ass it.)
    Goal: (What does your character currently strive for while traveling with Pokemon? Keep it short and sweet.)
    Identification: (Description or picture, I don’t care. But if it’s picture, PLEASE link to it.)
    Username: (Herp dee derp)

    Pokemon: (Species/Official name, “nickname”)
    Gender: (Male, female, or neutral/none)
    Nature/Personality: (You can define it by your own words or use the list of personalities given in the games, I don't care.)
    Level/Experience: [Current level, for Pokemon already experienced in battle, see the starting level requirement. For experience, just place it as “(level number/level number).” I will explain that more in the OCC thread. ]
    Move Set: (Move 1, Move 2, Move 3, Move 4) (Can be changed later on)
    Relationship with Trainer: (As it is right now. It is subject to change over time, hopefully for the better.)
    How Received: (How the Pokemon and trainer met and possibly their own back-story. Don’t make it too long.)




    Alright, here are the rules about leveling/gaining experience in battle. First, please note how there are two parts of a Pokemon's level; their actual level number and their current experience numbers. Here's how it would look like.

    Level: 15 [2/15]

    Now, notice how the second experience number is the same number as the actual level? That's important. The experience is basically the amount of points one Pokemon must reach in order to level up. Once that Pokemon has gained enough experience (in this case it would look like [15/15]), they can level up. Once they level up, their experience needed to level up again would be larger. Here is how it would look like when it leveled up.

    Level: 16 [0/16]

    Now, due to the fact that I just frankly don't have the time or patience to deal with it all, I'm going to let you guys keep track of your experience and trust you all to keep it accurate. Every once in awhile, I'm going to update the front page with your Pokemon and their levels, so make sure to keep track of it.

    Now, here is how the experience point distribution is going to work.

    Defeating Wild Pokemon: Take the first number of your Pokemon's level and that's the experience point it gains (Example, If I have a level 15 Pikachu, it'll gain 1 experience point. If I have a level 23 Onyx, it'll gain 2 experience point.). However, there is an exception to this rule. For those under level 10, you will just get 1 point.

    Defeating Trainer Pokemon: Take it's level and divide it by 2, and that's the amount of experience points it gets (Ex: I have a level 8 Misdreavus, divide that number by 2 and I get 4, so it gets 4 experience points). Now, if your Pokemon has an odd number and thus can't be divided by two evenly, just round it up. (Ex: I have a level 7 Hypno, divide that number by two and I get 3.5, so I just round it up to 4, and so it gets 4 experience points).

    Defeating trainer Pokemon is very much a faster route to evolve your Pokemon. But, trainers aren't always accessable so deal with what you got.

    ~Levels To Start Out With~
    Gym 1 (Poison & Bug): 10-15
    Gym 2 (Flying): 15-20
    Gym 3 (Dark): 20-25
    Gym 4 (Psychic & Ghost): 25-30
    Gym 5 (Steel): 30-35
    Gym 6 (Rock & Ground): 35-40
    Gym 7 (Dragon & Ice): 40-45
    Gym 8 (Normal & Fighting): 45-50
    Elite Four Grass: 50-53
    Elite Four Fire: 53-55

    Elite Four (Water): 55-57
    Elite Four (Electric): 57-60
    Champion: 60-63

    These levels are the levels EVERYONE must start out with. Once the rp starts, you can train up your Pokemon to how strong you want. But you MUST start out with these levels.


    Rules towards battling is very simple: use your brain/logic. We have a Squirtle and an Onyx of the same level, and Squirtle knows water gun; who do you think is going to win? That answer is painfully obvious. Now, if that Squirtle is at a much lower level then the Onyx, then there is some debat that can be made there. If two rpers can't civily decide who the winner will be, I'll decide.

    Now, here is how the battle system will work. All battles will use the turn system. At the start of every battle, each side gets 3 Dodges + Attack, and 6 Dodges. These are essentially the option for a Pokemon to dodge a foe's attack. D+A allows a Pokemon to dodge an attack, and attack in one turn versus two. D just allows a Pokemon to dodge and can't attack in their turn. Due to the fact that each side has a limited amount of D+A or just D, you have to plan them out and be able to take a few hits. Moves like Sand Attack that increase accuracy will enable a Pokemon more Dodges.

    How long a Pokemon can last hits before it faints will depend on the situation. If it's hit by supereffective moves, then it won't last long. If it's hit by moves that aren't super effective or not that effective, it'll last fairly long. If it is moves that barely make an effect (such as type disadvantage moves) it's going to take a long time. Moves that increase defense will also prolong a Pokemon's durability, but one can balance that out by dishing out moves that increase your Pokemon's attack.




    Eggshell Town: Where the RPG starts. This is a town that has a large Day Care as one of it's attractions and often many trainers donate their Pokémon’s eggs to become Pokémon for graduates of the Pokemon School. Many Pokemon also come here to lay eggs. Because of this, the town has random Pokemon eggs throughout it. Has no Pokemon Gym, but does have a yearly Pokemon Contest. Wild Pokemon: Level 2-7.

    Clover Forest: A large forest outside of Eggshell Town that leads to Olive City. Contains many grass, poison, and bug Pokemon. Wild Pokemon: Level 7-13.

    Olive City: A large city in which its residents live in tree houses. The community wanted to avoid destroying many of the Pokémon’s habitats and the trees, so the people of Olive City built tree houses in similar fashion of those of Fortree City in the Hoenn region. The city is crawling with bug and poison type Pokemon, many of which come and go through the town from the Clover Forest. Has the Pokemon Bug and Poison Gym of the region and has a yearly Pokemon contest. Wild Pokemon: Level 10-13.

    Chestnut Cave: A small cave you must go through in order to get to Ivory Town. Contains many rock, ground, steel, and fighting Pokemon as well as the occasional bats that lurk about. Wild Pokemon: Level 15-17.

    Ivory Town: A large town located in the middle of a windy valley filled with lots of windmills. The town is a haven for flying Pokemon and primarily consists of them for most of the town's inhabitants. The town treasures it's birds and has strict laws against hurting or poaching them. In order for trainers to be able to catch them, they must obtain an Ivory bird catching license which they can only receive if the trainer defeats the town's Gym Leader and gains the Ivory badge. But besides the local gym, the town also has a yearly Pokemon contest. Wild Pokemon: Level 17-20.

    Evergreen Plains: A large grassland area just outside Ivory Town. Contains many different types of Pokemon, but mostly small ones that enjoy the grassland habitat. Wild Pokemon: Level 20-23.

    Evergreen Flower Garden: A large flower garden located in the Evergreen Plains. It has thousands of different kinds of flowers in it and thus serves as a perfect habitat for bug and grass type Pokemon. Wild Pokemon: Level 20-23.

    Ebony City: A large city that primarily consists of two sides; the West End and the East End. The West End is a very clean, beautiful and well respected part of the city that is famous for having absolutely no crime. Or at least crime detected. This side of town is very strict towards their rules, but is incredibly peaceful. The East End, on the other hand, is the opposite of that. It is dark, corrupt, and filled with violence. Prostitutes, thieves, gangsters, and mobsters flood the streets and rule that side of the town. The Pokemon that live there are also known for their thievery and mischief. If you are at the East End, a good 9 times out of 10 you will get pick pocketed or something outright stolen from you. But despite all of this, the town does really well. The West End sticks to the rules and does well by legal means while the East End doesn't have any rules (or at least no one cares if they break them) and do very well by illegal means. Each side has their own attraction, the West End has a large Pokemon Contest Hall in which they hold mock contests weekly and hold yearly legit contests. The East End has the Ebony City Gym, which is filled with dark type Pokemon and is run by a gang. Wild Pokemon: Level 20-25.

    Azure Lake: Just a few miles outside of Ebony City is Azure Lake. It is a clear, beautiful lake both popular with fisherman and trainers seeking for water type Pokemon that lurk there. Rumors have it that the lake is somehow involved in a legend about the Terra region. Wild Pokmon: Level 23-27.

    Orchid Town: A small, eerie town famous for its cemetery, tower, Gym, and yearly Pokemon Contest. It's a very peaceful town that both revolve around their close by ghost and psychic Pokemon neighbors. The town gets its name from it's large abundance of wild orchids that bloom throughout the town and cemetery. The town's gym contains both psychic and ghost Pokemon.

    Orchid Cemetery: Located in An incredibly large, creepy cemetery filled with the both the graves of dead Pokemon and humans. Also is home to many ghost type Pokemon. Rumors have it that the cemetery might be hiding something much bigger than just corpses and the souls of the dead...Wild Pokemon: Level 25-27.

    Lilac Tower: A large tower home to many different types of psychic Pokemon. The tower is said to be part of a secret legend that only few of the townsfolk know about. Wild Pokemon: Level 25-27.

    Periwinkle Beach: A beautiful beach located between Orchid Town and Platinum City. It is home of the Dandelion Lighthouse and the Periwinkle Sea. It is popular for both beach lovers and trainers who are looking for water Pokemon that live in the sea or occasionally walk up onto shore. Wild Pokemon: Level 23-27.

    Dandelion Lighthouse: A large lighthouse home to many electric (and occasionally steel) type Pokemon. It serves as a nightlight for various ships and Pokemon. It is believed to be hiding a precious treasure somewhere inside, but nobody knows what it is or where it is located. Wild Pokemon: Level 25-30.

    Periwinkle Sea: A large, vast sea home to many water type Pokemon who thrive in the ocean both on the upper surface and the underwater depths. If you swim for a couple of days, you get to reach the Tinima Islands. Wild Pokemon: Level 23-27.

    Platinum City: A city filled with many ports and is located near the Periwinkle Sea. It's a city primarily for merchants, traders, and travelers. Its famous luxury liner is called the S.S. Maria, which often brings travelers to and from the Tinima Islands. Platinum City has a Pokemon Gym primarily filled with steel type Pokemon. The city does have a Pokemon contest, but it is located on the S.S. Maria, which will then take you to the next location of the next Pokemon contest. Right next to Platinum City is the Bistre Desert, but travelers are not allowed to pass through the gates to the desert without getting some Ti-Goggles, which you can only get at the Tinima Islands. You can see a lot of steel Pokemon roaming around the town. Wild Pokemon: Level 27-30.

    Tinima Islands: A trio of islands, one called "Auburn Island," one called "Maroon Island," and the other "Sepia Island." It is home to the location of the annual Tinima Islands Pokemon Race.

    Sepia Island: An island home to many ground type Pokemon, the ground half of the Tinima Gym, and the location of the Tinima Islands Pokemon Contest. Wild Pokemon: Level 30-33.

    Auburn Island: An island home to many rock Pokemon, the rock half of the Tinima Gym, and the possible location of the Team Morph Lair/Hideout. Wild Pokemon: Level 30-33.

    Maroon Island: A large island filled with both rock and ground Pokemon. It is also home to the company G.O.G.L. which sells Ti-Goggles. But in order to be able to purchase one, you must have obtained both parts of the Tinima Badge to prove that you can handle rock and ground type Pokemon. Wild Pokemon: Level 30-33.

    Bistre Desert: A large, vast desert that is famous for its horrendous sandstorms. It is almost impossible for trainers to not get lost in this place without some kind of eye protection, such as the Terra Region’s Ti-Goggles. The desert is home to many ground and rock types, as well as the occasional desert-loving grass types. Wild Pokemon: Level 33-35.

    Cerise Tower: Home to many ground, ghost, and fire type Pokemon. Rumored to have a secret treasure somewhere in it, but no one knows where it is located or what it is. Deep within the tower lies a powerful Volcarona. While most trainers can’t handle the Volcarona, many go down near it to take one of the many plentiful Larvesta eggs, which the Volcarona doesn’t seem to mind people doing. Wild Pokemon: Level 35-37.

    Starry Path: A pretty and peaceful valley path that is famous for its split into two roads. The west road, leads to Mt. Sol and Isabelline Town. The east road, leads to Mt. Luna and Glaucous Town. It is at this path that you have the best view of the stars in the Terra region. Many Clefairy, Cleffa, and Clefable lurk here. Rumors have it that an asteroid hit this area a couple of months ago, but the site of impact was never found. Wild Pokemon: Level 37-40.

    Mt. Sol: A large, active volcano that resides west of the Terra region. It's close by Isabelline City and provides the city's main source of hot springs. The volcano-mountain is home to many rock, ground, fire, and dragon type Pokemon. It is rumored that it once contained a powerful legendary Pokemon...but no one knows what it is or what happened to it. Wild Pokemon: Level 37-43.

    Isabelline Town: A small town famous for the tours they give of Mt. Sol and the town's hot springs (provided by Mt. Sol). The town is near the mountain, but far enough to where the townsfolk can quickly gather their things and run off to a safer place if the volcano's eruptions were to give a serious danger. The town has a Pokemon gym filled with many dragon type Pokemon. But for this gym, you only get half of a badge and must battle the gym in Glaucous Town in order to get the other half.

    Mt. Luna: A volcano that has been dormant for over hundreds of years, it is now covered in ice and snow and home to many different kinds of ice type Pokemon. Rumors have it that a ferocious legendary Pokemon lurks about on the mountain and has been the main source of fear in the townsfolk of Glaucous Town. This mountain is closed off to travelers at night. Wild Pokemon: Level 37-43.

    Glaucous Town: A small, quiet town located near the foot of Mt. Luna. It has very few residents compared to Isabelline Town, but it manages to do well regardless. Lately, however, many of the residents have been spooked out by blood curdling roars from a large Pokemon from Mt. Luna. Even the original Pokemon residents of the mountain are terrified by it and are fleeing down the mountain, which is causing a problem for the townsfolk. This town has a strict curfew, and no one can go outside after dark. The town is so strict about it, that they refuse to let travelers come into or leave the town at nightfall.

    Ecru City: An incredibly large, modern, and high class city. The richest of the rich and the famous of the famous reside here with their Pokemon, as well as those who wish to study in the teachings of martial arts. This city is famous for three things; (1) it's huge and popular shopping tower (yeah, not just a building an actual tower of over 50 stories), (2) its Pokemon Musical program, and (3) its dual Pokemon Gym. The Ecru City Gym features two types of Pokemon; Normal and Fighting. Lots of normal type Pokemon roam the city. Wild Pokemon: Level 40-45

    Clear Island: A large island that features both the Pokemon League and Mt. Uni.

    Pokemon League: The large facility that is for those who've collected all eight gym badges of the Terra region and are then to tested their skill and strength as they go up against each other, the Elite Four, and (hopefully) the Champion.

    Mt. Uni: A large mountain said to contain incredibly powerful Pokemon of all types. However, this area is off limits to the public and can only be let in via the permission of Mt. Uni's shrine priestess, who has unfortunately ran away a year ago and has been missing since. Wild Pokemon: Level 50-70.

    Regarding the location of Pokemon...I really am not going to be specific, but let's use some common sense. You aren't going to find a level 50 Tyranitar in the Clover Forest. You will most likely find it at Mt. Uni, instead. However, you can probably find a lower level Larviatar at Chestnut Cave, Sepia Island, Auburn Island, Maroon Island, or Mt. Sol. Any of those possibilities I can accept. Now, sometimes I'll let out-of-place Pokemon appear in certain towns, as long as they aren't on secluded islands where the chances of them appearing there are very, very small unless you can explain how they got there and it makes sense.
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      I'll be submitting my applications one at a time. Here's the first.

      Xoxaa Lizarkia



      Dragon Tamer, Trainer

      Cinnabar Island, Kanto

      Xoxaa is quite the energetic character in an environment she's comfortable in. She can be quite loud and goofy around good friends and she has a bit of a mischievous side too. When it's crunch time, she will rise to the challenge and face it head on. Her brave nature complements her overly dramatic streak, often one to describe something a little too strongly. Her goofy behavior rubs off on others in different ways, but more often it tends to make her look too cute, so others tend to not take her seriously because of it. Still, she tends to be a reliable, trustworthy and protective ally, and prefers to operate on gut instinct over careful analysis. However, if she has time to analyze a situation, she'll do it and do it well.

      Most wouldn't expect it at first glance, but Xoxaa is also a very critical person, though she doesn't always express it. She pushes her Pokemon hard to excel, and can be very blunt about others as well, though she is less likely to express it as her honesty has gotten her in trouble in the past. Even her food she is picky about, and although she loves to eat, she loves to eat top quality food only. Her overachieving nature often hides her intelligent side, which is scarcely seen except in a serious discussion or in a heated Pokemon battle. Her goofy behavior often hides her most important trait, wisdom. Good friends will know her for being supportive and giving much needed wisdom in rough times.

      Xoxaa's first impression to others often leads people to recognize is her shyness, but she's especially shy around strangers, especially bigger people and people who seem too interested in her too soon. She's also easy to blush, so she's known to do a variety of things under social anxiety such as running away and hiding, or curling up into a ball and hiding her face. She doesn't have much social pizazz as it stands and makes up for it by being obnoxious, which unfortunately backfires a lot. Sometimes her socially awkward behavior will be seen by older people as her just being cute, which only embarrasses her more and makes the symptoms worse.

      The girl is also quite modest, which you normally wouldn't expect with her behavior. She doesn't like to brag much and will downplay any praise you give her. This is not to be confused with her confidence, as she's fairly skilled at keeping them both in check.

      Xoxaa is the daughter and descendant of a long line of dragon tamers, some of them having even been dragon masters themselves. Her mother is no exception, and although she's retired, her notoriety is known beyond Kanto. Now an owner of a Pokemon daycare facility and a breeder herself, Xoxaa's mother owns a large plot of land on Cinnabar Island specially designed to comfort Pokemon, and in particular, the dragon-types that her mother still raises. Growing up in such an environment, Xoxaa shared the caretaker duties with her mother, attending to her mother's Pokemon and customers' Pokemon when they'd leave them with her. Mother's business was successful, so Xoxaa grew up in a solid middle class household. Despite her background, Xoxaa struggled to build friendships with Pokemon and wasn't too proficient at applying her Pokemon book smarts to the actual practice of Pokemon training.

      School wouldn't help Xoxaa either. Xoxaa was the shy, goofy, nerdy girl of school, and as such was the target of her peers' abuse. It wouldn't be rare to see her run home crying from the harassment she suffered. After some years, Xoxaa began to develop a naughty streak, mooning people, playing tricks on others and teasing them as they teased her. She'd even beat up kids and saw the principal often. As she got older, things got worse and she became more of a delinquent, and certainly hitting puberty wouldn't help, at it certainly didn't. Her mother quickly intervened making her take over several other tasks at the ranch and taking away several of her privileges. Adolescence certainly wasn't easy for her, but as Xoxaa adapted to her new lifestyle and grew to like the different kind of attention she received now that she had the feminine beauty that came with adolescence. She would go to graduate her school with standard grades, not quite making the most of it as she was completely disinterested in school itself, and would soon be ready to begin her career as a Pokemon trainer.

      Of course, that day came, and Xoxaa's mother gave her an egg she had raised, soon to hatch and eventually become Xoxaa's starter Pokemon. This egg ended up hatching in to Xoxaa's devoted partner Xgok, her first real friend and companion, and went out in to the world to take on the gyms of Kanto, her home region. She raised Xgok, at the time a young dratini, catching new Pokemon, raising them, and taking on the gyms of the Kanto region. Xoxaa grew older as did her Pokemon, becoming more and more experienced with her Pokemon and developing a team of powerful allies as she made her way to the Indigo League, clawing her way through the preliminaries and making her way to the regional stage as an accomplished and well respected trainer. She fought opponent after opponent, with no small part to her two major powerhouses, a gyarados she caught and trained rigorously from a tiny, weak magikarp and an aerodactyl, who although was very disobedient at the time, was a vicious and unforgiving combatant who earned her various wins until her team faced off in the championship tournament, where her final Pokemon, aerodactyl fell to her opponent's powerful blastoise, ending her Indigo League run in the top 32.

      Johto proved to be another opportunity for greatness, and soon after returning home, she set out for New Bark Town and began her quest in Johto. Instead of catching more Pokemon, Xoxaa chose to focus on building up her seven Pokemon at the time, strengthening them to their absolute heights in preparation for the Silver Conference at the base of Mount Silver. From gym to gym, Xoxaa intensified her training, increasing her recognition from her accomplishments in Kanto and earned her badges, expanding upon her experiences. Pokemon that had a weak showing in the Indigo League were powered up, developing several powerhouses, with her horsea caught early in her journeys in Kanto evolving all the way in to a mighty kingdra, while her onix evolved in to a powerful steelix, the ekans she was lent early in Kanto becoming a vicious arbok all while still touting her Indigo League powerhouses gyarados and a now obedient aerodactyl. Receiving an egg on her way to Mount Silver, she tended to it as she competed in the Silver Conference, making incredible gains including a surprise, Xgok's evolution in to dragonair in her first championship tournament match and turning the tide in her favor. However, her last Pokemon in the quarter-final match, arbok, fell to the opponent's aggron despite a tenacious battle, making the top 8 in the Silver Conference.

      After returning an old friend's Pokemon to its old owner, Xoxaa returned home to Cinnabar Island for some rest before soon hearing about the Terra region and soon made plans to make her way to the new region and take on the Terra League. This time leaving behind most of her Pokemon at her mother's ranch, she sets out for Terra, hoping to work even harder and to catch more rare Pokemon in Terra while taking along Xgok, her charmander, and her newly hatched larvitar from Mount Silver.

      Xoxaa's intent is to master the dragon-type species of Pokemon and to conquer the gyms and league tournaments across the various regions. Someday she intends to enter the champion league and challenge the Elite Four and maybe even the Champion.

      Nearing adulthood, Xoxaa is developing in to a fine and attractive young woman, but if you'd ask her, she'd describe herself modestly. Her skin is a slightly tanned peachy color and is well cared for, with few visual flaws, but like everyone, not perfect. Her hair is a soft, rich auburn, often put up in two spiky long ponytails in the back with a few strands left out front covering part of her forehead and her ears. Her hairstyle gives her a cute appearance, which is in no part counteracted by her eyes. The girl's eyes are a vivid green that complements her hair well, both in cuteness and their shine. She has a well proportioned face, and a youthful one at that, and her cute face complements her hair and eyes as well. Her body has a pretty decent, healthy build to boot. She's a bit of an athlete, with decently sized leg and arm muscles and little body fat, her body is well built for the outdoors where she is used to being outside and in the wilds in the outskirts of her island hometown.

      Xoxaa has grown in to a fine young woman herself, in no small part to her time on the road honing her body while still preserving her feminine features. With a larger breast size compared to others her age as well as well developed hips and a rear worth some recognition, she's got the assets all right, if you're in to that kind of thing anyway. Her athleticism seems to do little to hamper the development of her feminine assets either. In fact, they accentuate them well, build her leg and arm strength to give her developed and healthy leg and arm muscles, implying her good health. She's of about average height, being around 5' 6" and is at a healthy weight. If physical appearance is something that matters to you, Xoxaa's attractive appearance is sure to be an attention grabber, but whether her personality or intelligence is too much is something others would just have to find out.

      Her clothing style is mostly modest until you get below the belt, but it sports a casual, functional and athletic yet fashionable style, albeit a little suggestive in some areas. She usually wears colorful shirts, sometimes thick sweaters in cold weather that completely cover her torso. Often her shirts are blank, bear the name of various local and regional sports teams, schools, or just certain scenery or her favorite Pokemon, in particular Dragonair, which by the way is Xgok's favorite shirt of hers as well. However she almost exclusively wears mini skirts, even in cold weather, though she comes prepared with long, thick and vibrantly colored socks with varying patterns such as stripes and dots for such conditions. Her socks are shorter in warmer weather, ending below her knees and are often also very colorful, though they tend to be blue most often. She also wears stylish but adventure ready white boots so she can tackle any obstacle in the wilderness and look great doing it. She also wears soft black and green trainer gloves that cover her fingers, enabling her to have a good grip on her pokeballs and to keep her hands clean with all of the harmful substances one can encounter on an adventure with Pokemon.

      Xlugon Pyro




      Xgok is a very shy Pokemon, and worse yet, he has an extremely soft spot for females and has a bit of a crush on his trainer. He's like Xoxaa in many ways: determined, tenacious, brave, honest, and has good moral character. When he was little, he was scared of many things and would often cuddle with his trainer for comfort. However, since his evolution in the Silver Conference, he has grown a lot and he became emboldened, maturing a great deal.

      However, his anger has a greater sway over him, falling prey to anger easier than before, and having evolved, can cause far more damage in an enraged state than before. Fortunately, Xgok isn't easy to anger, but it does happen. Still, Xgok retains some of his inner baby from when he was a dratini not to long ago. Xgok is a sucker for hugs and cuddling like no other, revealing his sensitive and bashful side. It's not uncommon to see Xgok's cheeks ignite in to a sea of red when exposed to such affection either.

      50: 50/50

      Move Set
      Dragon Rush, Safeguard, Aqua Tail, Thunderbolt

      Relationship with Trainer
      Xgok was Xoxaa's very first Pokemon, and thus her starter, and as such, the bond between these two is evident, especially since they've been a team for awhile now. He has a fierce but obviously platonic crush on his trainer, and the two care about each other deeply, having been through a lot together. They are a great example of what love is. As her starter, Xoxaa likes to keep Xgok outside with her on their travels, and since Xgok can levitate having evolved in to a dragonair recently, it makes him a convenient form of transportation.

      How Received
      Xgok hatched from an egg given to Xoxaa by her mother, likely bred from some of her mother's dragon Pokemon. As such, Xgok was Xoxaa's first Pokemon and her starter. They traveled through all of Kanto and Johto together, and as such their bond is close. All of the intense training and battles they've went through became evident when Xgok, a little, timid dratini at the time rose to the challenge of his Silver Conference battle by evolving in to the magnificent dragonair. Since then the two have grown a lot, accompanying his trainer outside of his pokeball and the two teaming up to take on the Terra region together.



      Pyor is still young and innocent, and is a simple Pokemon. A nice good sleep and a hearty meal as well as the support from his trainer. However, Pyor has grown since his hatchling days. Where he once was feeble from sickness, he has grown stronger and confident in his abilities. He's a little shy too, but not as much as Xgok is. Pyor seems to be a generally friendly Pokemon, however, his battling shows a different story. Recently he has developed in to a fierce fighter with a larger tail flame than before. His new aggressive attitude in battle suggests something might be changing in Pyor's personality, as lately has gotten more confident, more readily jumping in to the fray and and giving no quarter to his opponents.

      35: 35/35

      Move Set
      Shadow Claw, Flamethrower, Dragon Rage, Brick Break

      Relationship with Trainer
      Pyor cares deeply for his trainer and is very obedient to her. There's little that can separate these two. Like Xgok, Pyor was risen from an egg so in a sense, Pyor regards Xoxaa as a sort of mother to him, and with how she loves her Pokemon, it seems like the real thing. However, sometimes Pyor goes out of his way to show how much he's grown in battle and may not obey a command now and then.

      How Received
      Pyor hatched from an egg given to Xoxaa by her mother when she returned to Cinnaber Island for her 7th Kanto badge. Hatching while on the road to the Indigo Plateau, Pyor even had a chance to compete in the Indigo League after some preliminary training. However, Pyor just wasn't strong enough to make a good showing. Since then, Xoxaa has trained rigorously with Pyor throughout Johto where he showed his strength in the Silver Conference and making a significant contribution to her wins. Now, while heading to the Terra region, Xoxaa had decided to take Pyor with her.



      Kaoya is a shy Pokemon, and a bit of an introvert as well. She keeps to herself and is sensitive to a lot of things such as loud noises and upset emotions. Kaoya is a newborn, having hatched only a week or two ago. Despite her powerful moves, she hates to fight and prefers to cuddle with Xoxaa instead. Kaoya doesn't really like anyone but Xoxaa who is like a mother to her. As such, Xoxaa is always carrying Kaoya in her arms like she's a baby, which in many ways she is. Kaoya is also surprisingly intelligent, often an embarrassment to Xoxaa's other Pokemon.

      10: 10/10

      Move Set
      Bite, Screech, Outrage, Stone Edge

      Relationship with Trainer
      Kaoya and Xoxaa are still new to each other, but Kaoya trusts only Xoxaa, though she is warming up to Xgok. The small Pokemon sees Xoxaa as her mother so the relationship between the two has the opportunity to grow quickly and become very strong.

      How Received
      Kaoya was also hatched from an egg Xoxaa had received from a ranger team up on Mount Silver. Xoxaa had assisted a team of Pokemom rangers in the reserve in the foothills south of Mount Silver hunt down a group of nasty poachers. As a result, Xoxaa was given a larvitar egg that was separated from its mother, so Xoxaa decided to raise it. After her Silver Conference run, Xoxaa returned home where the egg hatched while Xoxaa was helping out at her mother's ranch. Since Kaoya is still very young, Xoxaa decided to take Kaoya along with her to Terra so that she could grow.

      Also, will we be able to hold more than 6 Pokemon and switch our teams in the RP or can we only catch up to maxing out our party and that's it?
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