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    A Forgotten Legend

    The OOC Thread

    Rated T for Teens

    General Info
    All the stuff on the RP Thread

    A Forgotten Legend

    Rated T for Teens

    The world grows restless.

    At the Northern most part of Sinnoh, a restless spirit stirs. Strange things have been happening all over Sinnoh, and all the pokemon have been acting up - and no one has an explanation for it. However, all signs point to a disturbance at the mysterious Snowpoint Temple of Snowpoint City. When people around the Temple start disappearing, the people of Sinnoh take action. A group of brave and capable trainers and their pokemon are summoned before Professer Rowan to receive instructions. They are to carry out a full investigation of the cryptic Snowpoint Temple where all the trouble seems to be originating from. These trainers and their pokemon now must embark on a perilous adventure into the Snowpoint Temple to find the cause of all the trouble and stop it for once and for all. But it turns out that things are not as simple as they may seem, and a forgotten legend is emerging from the shadows of a Temple once thought to be obsolete...
    Meanwhile, the remaining Galactics, though defeated, have began to regroup. The citizens of Veilstone find their former Head Quarters mysteriously empty, while all of their other buildings appear abandoned as well. At first, the people were pleased by the disappearance of the troublesome villains, thinking that they had surrendered and given up at last, but in truth, the Galactics were far from surrender. Instead, they had reformed their organization in a secret base located in the underground tunnels. Now they are back to their old work - attempting world domination and stealing the pokemon of others to bolster their resources. However, this time, it appears that they not only steal pokemon, but do other terrible things to them as well. As these Galactics begin wreaking havoc throughout Sinnoh once more, the trainers assigned to investigate the Snowpoint temple start to notice some strange connections between the two events. Could it be possible that these two problems are linked?

    This is a roleplay of excitement, mystery and adventure. Will you help solve the puzzle of these occurrences? Or will you work with the Galactics to keep these secrets hidden?

    Rules & Guidelines
    Tread with care.


    -- No Godmodding, Powerplay or Bunnying.

    -- This is most certainly a literate RP. All posts should contain at least 6-8 sentences and be around 1-2 paragraphs in length. Grammar and spelling are also important.

    -- Please stay active. Post at least once a week, and PM me or post in the OOC Thread with a notice if you know that you will be inactive for a period of time for any reason. If someone becomes inactive for over a month without notice, they will be PMed a warning and then booted from the RP.

    -- Please use brackets or some other way to indicate that you are speaking out of character in your posts. Also, please avoid spamming the thread with OOC. Use the OOC thread provided in the RP Lounge instead.

    -- For now maximum of 6 people can participate in this RP at once. However, if many more people want to join, then I may raise this number.


    -- You may play up to 3 characters, but only one trainer plus their pokemon per person. You can play up to 2 Galactics. If you wish to play a Galactic Commander you will need to PM me.

    -- You can have a maximum of 6 pokemon (per human character) in this RP. Each pokemon can start off with a level ranging from 30-35 for trainers (because this RP is less about training then some of the other RP's I've seen), 33-38 for Galactics and 40-45 for commanders. Your pokemon can only have 4 moves in total that are POSSIBLE for that pokemon to have at that level. Use this Pokemon Data Base as a reference if you are uncertain of something.

    -- You cannot have a shiny or legendary, run into a shiny or legendary or have anything to do with a shiny or legendary unless I, the GM, have you run into one.

    -- I am the GM of this RP. I will level up your pokemon depending on how well you RP them in general and in battles, and how active you are.

    -- Battles in this roleplay will follow a 3 dodge rule. This means you’re your pokemon can dodge, avoid, counter or have your opponent’s attack a maximum of three times in a row before they MUST take a hit. Though 3 is the maximum, it is advised not to have your pokemon dodge 3 times in a row frequently, as this is rather unrealistic and won’t help you gain levels, even if you win. It is up to the two players to decide (OOCly or ICly) who wins or loses the battle, but all wins and loses must be logical and plausible. If two players are having trouble deciding, then speak up in the OOC thread or PM me and I will judge depending on who I think roleplayed better in the battle. Tell me what your favorite beverage is if you read the rules.

    -- You can have pokemon from all over the Pokemon world, but you can only catch Sinnoh pokemon in this region. You also may only play one modern starter. (Modern starters: Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip, Chimchar, Turtwig, Piplup, Tepig, Snivy & Oshawott.)

    -- You can play a trainer, Galactic and their pokemon. This means that your pokemon can have personalities, and can talk - but only to other pokemon. To trainers, pokemon talk will only sound like normal pokemon noises, but pokemon can understand human speech.

    Applications are to be found and posted at the OOC Thread.

    Plot Characterization Info
    Which path will you take?

    In this RP, the mysterious elements of the plot will be revealed bit by bit. However, in order for the plot to keep flowing in the right direction based on the posts of the participants, this information is provided as a guideline to characterization and plot-making.

    Trainers - Typically; person who catches, trains, cares for and battles with Pokémon. In this RP, a group of four brave and adventurous trainers are entrusted with a highly dangerous and exciting mission that will put both their skill as trainers and the strength of their bonds with their pokemon to the ultimate test. These trainers should be caring towards and interested in the welfare of their pokemon, and should be determined to complete their mission as well. These trainers are trying to find the source of the problems arising in Sinnoh and put a stop to it. Along the way, they will also need to face Galactics with evil intentions, as well as other conflicts that try to get between them and their pokemon.

    Galactics - "The evil men in space suits" are back again. This time, after their reformation, several times their former splendor. However, their secret Headquarters lie in some unknown underground base which no one knows about. Yet. The Galactics have been mass-collecting pokemon again in their attempts to discover ways to dominate all of the Pokemon World. Each pokemon captured by them is brought to a lab in their Headquarters, where numerous, painful tests for both the pokemon's physical and emotional state are carried out to test the pokemon's strength and endurance. There they are treated like machines and often cruelly abused with whips, harsh words, and other forms of torture which are supposed to make them stronger, and then are paired up with Galactic members according to strength and value and forced to fight for their new 'trainers'. Most Galactics rely on 'power born from fear' to ensure their pokemon do as they command. Severe punishments are issued to pokemon that disobey them or fail them in a fight, even if their actions were unintentional. However, the way they treat the pokemon, the location of their Headquarters and most of the info listed above is unknown to the trainers, and only known by members of the Galactic organization.

    Pokemon - Well... um... you should know what these are by now. In this RP you can roleplay any pokemon owned by either a Galactic or Trainer in addition to the trainer themselves. You cannot RP wild pokemon, however. It is encouraged for the pokemon to be given as full personalities as the trainers as future happenings in the plot will depend on the pokemon's personalities. The pokemon can talk amongst themselves, and can understand their trainers, but cannot talk to people. To people, they're 'talking' only sounds like regular pokemon sounds.

    A world of adventure, mystery and peril awaits.

    Please note that this RP is only open to 6 people, and a maximum of 4 trainers. Each person may only play one trainer and two Galactics. Once 4 trainers have been accepted, then only Galactics may join. This is also not first come first serve. I will only accept those who have submitted satisfactory applications, and though you will be given a chance to edit yours if it is unsatisfactory, there is a good chance places will be taken before you have a chance to edit.

    Trainers: 1/4 Taken

    Galactics: 0

    Galactic Commanders: 1/3

    Please submit all applications IN THIS THREAD.

    Trainer/Galactic/Galactic Commander

      Trainer or Galactic?:




    Username: [Your Username here.]
    Trainer or Galactic?: [Pick one. Trainer or Galactic?]
    Name: [Your character's name. A last name is optional but encouraged.]
    Gender: [Boy or girl? Male or Female?]
    Age: [12 - 15 ]
    Appearance: [Pictures are accepted but optional. Full descriptions are still required however, even with a picture. 1 Paragraph.]
    Personality: [In full sentences, describe your character's personality. 1-2 paragraphs.]
    Pokemon: [List the pokemon your character has. Remember, no shinies or legendaries, only one starter per person, and pokemon from all regions are accepted.
    Other: [Anything else you want to add, derp.]

    Username: [Your Username here.]
    Nickname: [Your Pokemon's name, if it has one.]
    Species: [What type of Pokemon is it?]
    Gender: [Male or Female?]
    Evolution: [How many times has your pokemon evolved? (Use a fraction to represent this; ex: 1/3)]
    Level: [What level is your pokemon? Trainer pokemon can start off between 30-35 for trainers, and between 33-38 for Galactics.]
    Ability: [What is it's special ability? Ex: Blaze, or Keen Eye, or Poison Point, or Flame Body, or Soundproof.]
    Moves: [Up to 4 in total. Cannot be tutor moves or TMs. Must be possible for the pokemon to learn given their level and evolution. Use the Pokemon Data Base for a reference.
    Nature: [What is your pokemon's nature? (one word. Ex: Quiet, or Lonely, or Brave...etc)]
    Personality: [An extended idea of your pokemon's nature. Make sure it fits your Pokemon's nature! 1-2 Paragraphs]
    Other: [Any other things you want to add. Quirks, histories, whatever. derp.]

    News & Events
    What's going on?

    All the major events happening in the RP Thread are posted here. Need a recap? New to this thread? Confused about what's happening? Well get a simple summary here! Thread announcements like rule changes, thread status changes and such are also found here.

    ○● Nothing has happened. Yet.

    The established.

    All the members of the RP are listed here.

    A C C E P T E D

    Elixir's Characters ~
    Username: Elixir
    Trainer or Galactic?: Trainer
    Name: Lira Lyeodmar [Leer-uh] [Lie-oh-duh-mar]
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Lira has a lean and sturdy build and is quite tough for a girl - she's definitely not the kind to shatter at the sight of a steep hill or a rocky cliff. She has long, silky back hair that falls just past her shoulders. She does not have bangs and her hair falls just around her face. She has exquisite sage green eyes and lightly tanned skin. Usually, she is seen in a simple pale or dark full-colored t-shirt underneath a dark hoodie, and in jeans or loose yoga pants and sneakers. She wears no make up and is clearly not one who is interested in fashion - she wears what she feels comfortable traveling in. She is quite fit and healthy from moving around so often when she trains her pokemon. As a whole, she is rather plain-looking and is not particularly beautiful or appealing. Her face is usually calm and composed in a serene or unruffled expression, and her posture is relaxed and carefree. Occasionally she can be seen wearing her hair up in a pony-tail - she usually ties her hair back before a battle or particularly difficult challenge.
    Personality: Calm and enigmatic, Lira has dozens of personas to display to the world. Hardly anyone knows who she really is, as she acts so differently around different people. To most acquaintances and unfamiliars, she is very calm, composed and aloof with an almost distant demeanor. She can also be quite sharp-tongued, cynical or sarcastic, and generally doesn't give you the image of a usual 'soft and squeamish girl'. She marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn't mind to stand out from a crowd. She is always hard to ruffle and anger no matter what, but once someone crosses the line, she can respond with a ferocious temper. However, her hard outer image masks her softer core. To those that know her well, she also has a gentle, sympathetic and understanding side, and is always a shoulder to cry on for her friends when they need her. She can be a tower of strength in a crisis, and can be very determined and unwavering when she sets her heart to something. She can also have a stubborn streak. Because of her enigmatic personality, she is often misunderstood or misjudged by others. Despite the fact that it doesn't appear so, Lira is very alert and aware of her surroundings, highly observant, analytical and an open-minded thinker. She has a unique ability of being able to view the world from other's perspectives as well as her own. Lira also has a sly, cunning side. She can be very deceptive, often saying things that have more meaning than one would think, and is excellent at concealing her emotions and lying. However, Lira will not use these abilities without good reason, and is kind at heart.
    Pokemon: Empoleon, Roselia, Luxray, Machoke, Spearow & Magcargo

    Username: Elixir
    Nickname: Splash
    Species: Empoleon
    Gender: Male
    Evolution: 3/3
    Level: 35
    Ability: Torrent [Increases the power of water moves by 50%]
    Moves: Peck, Brine, Metal Claw & Bubble Beam
    Nature: Adamant
    Personality: As the first pokemon of Lira, Splash is her loyal and devoted companion. Though stern and aloof towards others, Splash is never hesitant to show his affection for his trainer. However, his gentle side is limited to only his trainer and his team. Though proud, stern and seemingly cold, Splash has a gentle side as well. Being both calm and hard to rouse and experienced, as well as something of a natural leader, Splash became an unofficial self-appointed leader of the team. He has an air of authority among his team mates and helps Lira keep them in order. Though it doesn't seem like it, Splash can also be capable of acts of compassion, kindness, justice and mercy. He is strong-willed and determined, and will never give up when he sets his heart to something. Splash is also highly enduring and is usually the last one standing on a field of battle. Splash is a reliable and trustworthy pokemon.
    Other: When left to their own devices, Splash is pretty much the leader of Lira's pokemon. (They all listen to Lira obviously, but Splash is kind of like a sort of captain for them.) He basically holds the team together with Lira. It’s Splash who keeps every pokemon in his/her place and makes sure that everyone pulls their weight. He is also both a friend, adviser and guardian to the rest of the team.

    Username: Elixir
    Nickname: Magnolia
    Species: Roselia
    Gender: Female
    Evolution: 2/3
    Level: 32
    Ability: Poison Point [May poison another pokemon on contact.]
    Moves: Giga Drain, Grass Whistle, Magical Leaf & Leech Seed
    Nature: Modest
    Personality: Soft-spoken, gentle and mild, Magnolia hardly seems to be a pokemon to fear in battle. However, she is quite the opposite. When fighting for her trainer, Magnolia almost seems to be a different pokemon. She is swift on her feet and quick-minded as well, often finding creative ways to tack on little 'add-on's' to her trainer's commands to add edge into her moves that many pokemon don't have. Magnolia is both clever and hard-working, and a sharp thinker of the team. She's rather shy to most and doesn't say much, but she's always a good worker and a quick and strong thinker. However, she is quite modest and easily becomes flustered or embarrassed when praised. She is always generous with compliments towards others, however, and a sympathetic, gentle soul. She is perhaps the most clever and knowledgeable of the team.
    Other: Her flowers give off a lovely, sweet and refreshing scent that can be used to calm pokemon (and people) down and allow them to relax. A stressed pokemon can seek Magnolia for help, and just one whiff the scent from her flowers can cool anxious thoughts and relax one fully. However, at the same time, she's armed with sharp thorns - so think twice before you decide to lop off those flowers and stick them in a vase for your living room.

    Username: Elixir
    Nickname: Sniper
    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Male
    Evolution: 3/3
    Level: 33
    Ability: Rivalry [Deals more damage to pokemon of the same gender in battle.]
    Moves: Thunderfang, Thunder, Bite & Spark
    Nature: Lax
    Personality: Sniper, lax, fun-loving, slacking, Sniper. He has perhaps the most out-going personality in the group - bold, boisterous, and slightly on the lazy side. Sniper loves a good joke now and then, and loves to have relaxing and fun-time. He's also got quite a tongue - he can easily whip up some more-than-convincing smooth-talk, and he can also be cunning and sly when the situation calls for it. With a sense of humor and a mouth he can't keep shut - he consequently annoys his teammates as much as he helps them. At times, if it weren't for his usefulness as a member of their team (when he's not slacking, joking around, or getting high on lemonade) then the pokemon (and not to mention Luna!) might even consent in throwing him out. However, when he's in serious mode, Sniper can really prove his worth - with his gleam-eyes ability to see throw solid objects and a knack for sniffing out danger and making quick escapes, and recovering from status problems like sleep and freezing and confusion quicker than the average pokemon - it's all worth it. Not only that, he's like a back-watcher for Splash - they're opposite personalities and abilities balance well, and when the team's feeling down, Sniper can always brighten them up with a joke or 'slick' move.
    Other: Despite the numerous annoyances he cases, Sniper is a big part of the team. Surprisingly, he is Splash’s close friend and loyal comrade. His lifelong dream is to be surrounded with dozens of admiring females of his kind.

    Username: Elixir
    Nickname: Champion (Usually Champ)
    Species: Machoke
    Gender: Male
    Evolution: 2/3
    Level: 32
    Ability: No Guard [Ensures that both itself and its foe's attacks land. Out of battle, it makes wild pokemon twice as likely to appear.]
    Moves: Karate Chop, Low Kick, Vital Throw & Seismic Toss
    Nature: Adamant
    Personality: Champ is stern, serious and blunt. He's definitely not the kind to go beating around the bush - he tells it as he sees it. He's straight-forward and direct, and never dithers. Much like Splash, he's brutally determined and unwavering. He's most often seen with a stony, stern expression, although he can have a sense of humor too. As a pokemon, he was notoriously hard to control - he's proud, independent and has a rebellious streak, and is strong as well. It takes an experienced trainer to keep him reined in. Champ is quick to anger and has a ferocious temper when he is. One has to be careful of what they say and do around him - one wrong word and he'll blow up. Since Lira, Splash and Magnolia have been the only ones known to be able to calm him down, its a good idea to lay the tact on thick when they're not around, and even when they are... caution is a good idea.
    Other: Champion is the most bulky and strong of the team, and also the most stern and hot-tempered. His determination and outlook of battle matches Splash's the most closely, and therefore he is often looked upon by Splash as an advisor as well as a road-block smasher. He has a particular problem with calling a group of pokemon in a trainer's pocket a ‘party’. He will smash you if you call him a ‘party pokemon’.

    Username: Elixir
    Nickname: Spearow
    Species: Spearow
    Gender: Male
    Evolution: 1/2
    Level: 32
    Ability: Keen Eye [Prevents the user from losing accuracy. Out of battle, it makes all wild pokemon have a 50% chance of not being in a lower level than the pokemon]
    Moves: Peck, Aerial Ace, Mirror Move & Assurance.
    Nature: Quiet
    Personality: Spearow is a quiet, unassuming, calm and laid back pokemon. He rarely speaks except when necessary, and is always steady and composed. He's the kind that prefers to sit on the sidelines to watch and observe rather than to leap in to the circle of attention. Often, he is so quiet that his presence is almost forgotten. Spearow is highly intelligent although he doesn't say much, and is also a very helpful and quick-to-learn pokemon. He also has some talent with things like weaving with grass and picking berries - all of which are helpful to his trainer. To most, he is simply a quiet companion, always calm, sensible, sympathetic and understanding. Spearow is often the one to pull everyone together when they are discouraged, and is a great friend to those that need him. He is very patient and tolerant, and has an unusual ability of knowing just what to say or do to help make others feel better when they are frustrated, sad or angry. He's a deep and reflective thinker and listener, and has astonishingly accurate memory.

    Username: Elixir
    Nickname: Lava
    Species: Slugma
    Gender: Female
    Evolution: 1/2
    Level: 31
    Ability: Flame Body [May burn opponent upon contact]
    Moves: Ember, Rock Throw, Ancient Power & Recover
    Nature: Rash
    Personality: The saying "Look before you leap" would most certainly not apply to Lava. She tends to go barreling head first into sticky situations, (often burning something to a crisp with her 18, 000 degree F body temperature when she does.) Because of her rash manner, she is always apologizing for the slightest errors, and has a sort of hyper-active energetic feel about her. It's as if her mind is always one step ahead of her body - which is fitting because she isn't the quickest pokemon existence. Lava can sometimes be seen as a 'feather-headed daydreamer' by others, because she always goes around not really thinking about what she's doing. Lava frequently makes mistakes, confuses her thoughts, messes up facts and forgets vital information, much to the exasperation of her teammates, but she makes up for it with her unshakably faithful and loyal stick-together-till-the-end personality. Even in times of extreme danger or peril, Lava won't shirk, but she'll really stay by your side. One needs to be very cautious around her - any water droplets touching her will sizzle and evaporate almost before they even come in contact with her body, and in rain, she can easily create a dense fog because of all the evaporating water around her. It is recommended to keep Lava in her pokeball in rain unless you are deliberately trying to hide from someone in a dense mist- so it proves that all abilities have an advantageous side to them. Because of her clumsiness, everyone is always on their toes around her - which for Lava, is unfortunate, for nobody can seem at ease around her except for Lira herself - who knows how to get the best out of all her pokemon. Lava can also be very bubbly and energetic, and often it is only Splash and Spearow that have the time (and the patience!) for her enthusiastic chatter.
    Other: Lira originally planned on getting Numel, but upon finding an abandoned and cruelly thrown out Slugma in need of a good home, she adopted it as her own pokemon and quickly established a close bond with her Slugma. Her constant stream of apologies and hyper-nervousness upon making a mistake partly roots back to her harsh and unforgiving former owner who had no patience for her antics or the fact that she was a weaker Fire pokemon.

    P E N D I N G


    R E J E C T E D


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    Username: KoboraX
    Trainer or Galactic: Trainer
    Name: Tyrant Storm
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Pokemon: Servine, Simipour, Deino, Houndoom, Plusle

    Username: KoboraX
    Nickname: Sly Cooper
    Species: Servine
    Gender: Male
    Evolution: 2/3
    Level: 35 (One level below evolving)
    Ability: Overgrow
    Moves: Leaf Blade, Leaf Tornado, Slam, Mega Drain
    Nature: Calm

    Username: KoboraX
    Nickname: Phil
    Species: Simipour
    Gender: Male
    Evolution: 2/2
    Level: 32
    Ability: Gluttony
    Moves: Scald, Bite, Acrobatics
    Nature: Quiet

    Username: KoboraX
    Nickname: Lily
    Species: Plusle
    Gender: Female
    Evolution: 1/1
    Level: 28
    Ability: Plus
    Moves: Thunder Wave, Spark, Electro Ball, Helping Hand
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      reserve me for a galactic member. Thanks~

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        Can I reserve a trainer? Also can they be once from a different region but moved to Sinnoh?
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        JULIUS SEIZURE!!!!!!
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        Threads that have been inactive more than a month cannot be posted in by regular members and must be posted in by the Game Master within two months for the thread to be revived. So, therefore, this thread is closed.
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