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Trackers: Avatar Legacy [REBOOT] {OOC/SU}

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Old October 17th, 2011 (5:16 AM). Edited October 22nd, 2011 by Neptune Vasilias.
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    *Beep! Beep! System rebooting...*

    Trackers: Avatar Legacy

    (Click image for RP theme song)


    There once lived a young bright man by the name, Krylon Reagonite. He came from a wealthy family in Nimbasa City and many of his ancestors and relations were famous people, either being a prodigy or famous for contributing to humanity. Take his great-great-great-grandaunt for example, Marilyn Camerie, she discovered radioactivity and won 3 Nobel Prize awards- two in Chemistry and one in Physics. His grandfather’s cousin had a son, Marcus Zarkerburg, who created a popular social-networking site. Steven DeGrygon, founder of Leppa, was one of his maternal relations.

    Krylon had a very promising future, obtaining his PhD degree for IT at the age of 26 and becoming CEO of the company 3 years later. He worked not only as a software engineer, but also an IT expert, computer scientist and a robotics inventor. But one day, he decided to have a break from what he was doing and wanted to try something new that he would like to do- teaching. Hence, he applied as a lecturer and professor at Castelia College and in less than a month, started teaching students on Computer Engineering, Advanced Mathematics and Robotics. His lessons were always fun, never boring and his pupils enjoyed learning from him.

    However, Professor Krylon kept his past businesses a secret from his colleagues and students. Why? Let me tell you more. In the middle of the timeline of his ascension to success, he stumbled upon a group of hackers in cyberspace, codenamed “Porygon Z”. The hackers were trying to hack into governmental databases by creating avatars and using them to infiltrate firewalls and steal information, byte by byte. In a disguised effort to stop them, Krylon created a cyber-world for these avatars. These avatars were based on real-life creatures, also known as Pokemon. He tried to trap all the hackers’ avatars into the system he made, but to no avail. Founding out their enemy, the hackers seized control of his cyber-world. The next day, it was said in the headlines of the newspaper all over the Unova region that he had went missing. No one could track him or his whereabouts. It was as if he was gone from the face of the world.


    You might be asking how you’re involved. You used to be one of Professor Krylon’s students and it has been 4 years after his disappearance. One day, a young lady came up to you after class and asked you to follow her to private place to talk. She brought you to a state-of-the-art lab whereby she presented to you her case. Valiana Harpénos, a fiancée of Krylon Reagonite, asked you if you would help out in solving the mystery of Professor Krylon’s disappearance. She strongly believed that he was alive and possibly in danger. She explained to you about the cyber-world Professor Krylon created, the avatars and Professor Krylon’s mission against those hackers. She gave you exactly 24 hours to think over the offer and hinted that a great reward will be in store of you if you accept. She also mentioned that teamwork and skills will be needed as you, along with 9 other students from your school, will be working to save Professor Krylon and also stop the hackers. Before you left, she said, “You have to come anyway……or else.” After that, you attended the end-of-summer college ball and for some reason or another, you woke up……as a Pokemon!


    Avatars are digital versions of Pokemon and are controlled by their users. Like real Pokemon, they have levels. Higher-leveled avatars have more privileges than lower-leveled ones; they can access certain places in the system, have lesser restrictions etc. Your avatar can learn up to 8 moves at once. At the start, you will be Lv 10 and have an egg move. In this RP, avatars don’t ‘evolve’, they upgrade.

    Purrloin (Scratch, Growl, Assist, Sand Attack, Foul Play)
    Ducklett (Water Gun, Water Sport, Defog, Wing Attack, Steel Wing)
    Blitzle (Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Charge, Double Kick)
    Munna (Psywave, Defense Curl, Lucky Chant, Yawn, Swift)
    Deerling (Tackle, Camouflage, Growl, Sand Attack, Double Kick, Synthesis)
    Golett (Pound, Astonish, Defense Curl, Mud Slap, Rollout)
    Mienfoo (Pound, Meditate, Detect, Knock Off)
    Archen (Quick Attack, Leer, Wing Attack, Rock Throw, Double Team, Defog) ~Genevieve~
    Pawniard (Scratch, Leer, Fury Cutter, Psycho Cut)
    Minccino (Pound, Growl, Helping Hand, Tickle, Aqua Tail)


    1. I’m the GM, what I say is law. I control NPCs and my own character.
    2. All PC and RP rules apply. Read them if you have yet to do so.
    3. This is rated PG-13. Keep it that way. No blood or gore, this is a computer world for Arceus' sake.
    4. Treat other RPers with respect. If they make a mistake, tell them politely.
    5. Romance between characters is allowed, but please keep it to kissing/hugging.
    6. If you’re going to be inactive for over a week, do tell me so I can give the spot to someone who wants it.
    . Password: XtYLYeWcOUhGMnolSogMyN. (Hint: Lowercase letters) Put it on top of your SU so that I know you read the rules.
    10. Lastly, HAVE FUN~! :D

    Sign-Up Sheet

    Name: Something your parents gave you.
    Age: 15-19
    Sex: Male/Female
    Avatar: Choose from the 10 Pokemon.
    Personality: How do you react in different situations? What makes you mad or irritated? Likes/dislikes? Attitude, nature etc? [At least 1 THICK paragraph]
    History: Family background, childhood experiences etc? How was college life for you? Any school achievements to boast? [At least 2 THICK paragraphs]
    RP Sample: Put it in a spoiler. Write about what happened between you and Miss Valiana in the lab. The post must be of adequate length.

    And yes, this is a total crossover between Tron and Avatar.
    Name: Evan Lentscotts
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Avatar: Minccino.
    Personality: Somewhat of a rather crazy person, Evan isn’t a very sociable person. He is somewhat defiant, even to people of high authority and has an attitude that sometimes gets on people’s nerves. Known to get bored quickly, Evan mostly plunges his time into computer-related stuff and start on little projects that mostly die out fast.

    He has an eye for beauty and art and loves overwhelming graphics. Genetically gifted, he is a Maths whiz and seldom needs a calculator to solve diagnostics. He is also attached to Biology, being able to digest every single fact of the human anatomy, sexual reproduction and the like. Like his father, Evan is a trivia buff and used to spend his childhood days watching the show Jeopardy!. He is also a fan of law books and mystery genres, reading those from authors like Agatha Christie and Jodi Picoult.

    His parents work in somewhat prestigious positions but only generate enough income to sustain the family in tough times and provide Evan with a few privileges. His mother works as an accountant in Unova’s Overseas Bank and his father works as a cameraman for the local news network. When he was 5, his parents discovered how much a Maths genius he was when he could solve a 100-pieced puzzle in less than 10 minutes. However, they were also worried when he couldn’t seem to speak verbally and properly. Doctors thought he was autistic until he turned 7 and spoke normally.

    It was 9 years old when Evan received a personal laptop from his parents and since then, he has been addicted to the things it brought to him. He learned what other 9 year olds at that time would not have learned of. Grown-up materials and stuff like IP tracking and HTML scripts, Evan had knowledge of them. He even mastered programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Maya.

    The school years before he entered Castelia College went pretty smooth without little problems. Evan had no difficulty blending into the atmosphere and always tried to stay away from trouble. It wasn’t that bullying was common; it was just that he had seen what happened when one lowers their guard and lands into trouble. Then, he met Professor Krylon, whose classes never once stop giving off its lively ambience. Things were great for Evan until news had it that his professor was gone and they had a senior teacher replaced his position. The teacher was utterly boring and Evan had even slept several times during class.

    RP Sample:

    Just after the bell sounded signaling the end of the school day, students made their way out of the classroom. As usual, Evan took his own time and mumbled a goodbye to the professor before sauntering out. Not long after he took a few strides, he heard his name being called. The echoes of high heels clattering against the corridor floor as Evan turned to face a young woman in a black gown with sharp facial features.

    “Evan Lentscotts, no?” He nodded in reply, gulping his throat. What did he get himself into? He never got into trouble lately.

    The lady led him off to a rarely-known part of the school compound; Evan estimated that they were moving within the northwest wings of Castelia College. Then, the black gown stopped streaming as its owner halted in her heels. Evan had to brake to avoid bumping into her, he wasn’t focused on the walking as the surroundings him left him awestruck. It seems that she had brought him to some special computer laboratory; everything in it looked very futuristic and exotic. He swore none of them were released or made public. This is a state-of-the-art technology! Oh my God, why am I here? And Evan had good reason to think that.

    As if reading his mind, the lady broke the silence on cue, “Greetings, I’m not quite the one who introduces but I’ll do my best, my name is Valiana Harpénos, the fiancé of Professor Krylon Reagonite. You do recall him, yes?” Evan thought hard for a while until the bell tingled loudly in his mind. Yes, Professor Krylon! The only teacher Evan had that he treated with utmost respect and paid full attention to his Advanced Mathematics and Infocomm Technology classes. Observing his expression, the lady Valiana went on.

    “I’m not sure whether you knew about this, but Professor Krylon kept it hidden from many people for the dangers it harbors. Before he left his previous company to join Castelia College, he had stumbled onto a malicious ring of hackers who went by the mask of ‘PorgyonZ’. These hackers were very clever and made avatars to pass firewalls and sap information. They had probed into governmental databases of the Unova region and of course, the professor tried to stop them. He invented a world in cyberspace as means to trap and imprison the hackers’ avatars. As you’ve already known and heard, he vanished mysteriously but my team and I have reasons to believe that Professor Krylon isn’t dead, but alive in danger.” Seeing Evan’s disbelieved face, she explained the definition of avatars and provided some visuals with a nearby hologram.

    “I’m counting on you and 9 others from this school to go and save Professor Krylon.” He raised his left brow at that. “There will also be great rewards in store if you accomplish this mission.” Valiana Harpénos added with a hinting voice. Great rewards? It sounded really tempting to Evan and Valiana instructed him that only an exact full day will be given for him to consider. As she let out him out of the lab, Miss Harpénos said in a voice that sounded like it kept a secret, “You’ll have to come anyway…or else.” She added with a sly glint in her eyes.

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    Old October 21st, 2011 (1:52 PM).
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      Reserve me please Andy

      Name: Jasmine Smith
      Age: 16
      Sex: female
      Avatar: Archen
      Personality: How do you react in different situations? What makes you mad or irritated? Likes/dislikes? Attitude, nature etc? [At least 1 THICK paragraph]
      History: Family background, childhood experiences etc? How was college life for you? Any school achievements to boast? [At least 2 THICK paragraphs]
      RP Sample: Put it in a spoiler. Write about what happened between you and Miss Valiana in the lab. The post must be of adequate length.

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      Old October 22nd, 2011 (6:43 AM). Edited October 22nd, 2011 by Neptune Vasilias.
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        Okay, you're reserved~! :D

        Edit: The guy below me is also reserved~ XD Oh what avatar would you be?
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