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    Hi Zapdos, it's me, Latios from the Dragon's Den thread.

    I read the post where you said that nobody posted here, so I began reading this fan-fic.

    I have only finished reading Dragons Winter, and it was a really awesome fan-fic.

    It's very good, and right now I will begin reading Dragons Spring.

    I hope you finish the Dragons Seasons series (I came up with that name).


    EDIT: I finished reading the Dragons Spring book.
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      ^ awsome, how did you like it?
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        Originally Posted by zapdos926 View Post
        ^ awsome, how did you like it?
        Did you mean why I liked it?

        Maybe because Latios and Latias are main characters it's a serious fan-fic. I also like how the story develops and it kept me interested for two hours (the time I took reading both books). I also like to read books so maybe I also liked it because it looks like one.

        EDIT: Also, the characters are interesting.
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          Ok, but when you say you've read all of it, does that mean you went to DA and finished, or just what I've posted, since there is still some more to go.
          Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?
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            Originally Posted by zapdos926 View Post
            Ok, but when you say you've read all of it, does that mean you went to DA and finished, or just what I've posted, since there is still some more to go.
            Only what you posted, because I don't go to Deviant Art.
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              it has been quite some time since i last posted a chapter, but ere it is, chapter 17, and 18.

              ch. 17

              When Andrew, latias, latios and Jogun arrived everyone had already finished unpacking the tents. A new sound rang in Andrew’s ears and he went to investigate. The sound was of metal clanging, and it was coming from a tent in a secluded part of the camp. Andrew peered inside to see Adelaide tutoring a few young men on how to make swords. They were banging metal on anvils and the swords right now looked like large lumps of metal that had a rough edge than actual blades, but were slowly taking shape. Adelaide glanced in Andrews' direction and walked over to him.

              “How are you teaching them? You can’t speak can you?” was the first thing Andrew said. Adelaide gave him one of those “you’ve got to be kidding me” looks and rolled her eyes.

              <no, I can’t speak. But that doesn’t mean I can’t show them what to do.> the little pokemon said. Andrew didn’t have anything to say to this, but nodded and watched Adelaide correct one of the young men by nudging his hand with her head into the right position and when she nodded the young man swung. The hammer flattened the metal a considerable amount. The other young man watched and did the same. Andrew left the tent after the sound of hammering became too much. He rubbed his temples, trying to relieve the massive head ache he had gotten. He wandered around the camp for a little while before gathering everyone into the middle where the bon fire was.

              It took a few minutes for everyone to arrive, but everyone did eventually.

              “I have requested the help of the king” Andrew began. Everyone murmured a bit at this, but they were silenced when Jogun blew a jet of flame into the air. “He has accepted my warnings and has agreed to help us.” The crowd cheered, but was again silenced by Jogun. “The women and children are allowed into the city, and are to stay there until the first fight is over. You have an hour to prepare yourselves to enter the city.” The boy finished. A young woman, one of the few had actually become a medic raised her hand. “Yes?” Andrew said when he noticed.

              “What about the medics? Will we be able to help? You will need us.” She said. Andrew looked like he was deep in thought.

              “Yes, I will choose the best medics to come to the field of battle; the rest will enter the city.” Andrew answered and walked away after gathering all the nurses. He chose ten and sent the others to pack their belongings.

              After an hour, all the women and children left. It was unusually quiet at the camp now, without the sound of children shouting and women bickering among themselves. The only sounds were those of the forge that Adelaide had set up and the clinking of metal as the soldiers of Andrews' army walked through the camp. He heard an argument coming from one of the tents. Andrew heard the voices of Aalina and Orin. They were fighting about something and Andrew listened. He didn’t like eaves dropping, but he was curious as to why Aalina hadn’t left with the women and children.

              “No, you are not staying here!” he heard Orin say madly.

              “But father! I know how to fight! I want to help.” Aalina pleaded.

              “No, and that’s final.” Orin stopped the conversation. Andrew poked his head in, and pretended to be surprised when he saw Aalina. Both of them looked at him.

              “Why are you still here?” Andrew asked Aalina, mock surprise in his voice.

              “I want to help fight…” Aalina said sadly. She got an idea though and her face lit up. “Will you let me fight?” she asked Andrew.

              “No, I’m sorry. You should have gone with the other children.” He said. Aalina looked shocked.

              “So, I’m a child? ‘You should have gone with the other children.’? And you’re not a child.” She said, disgusted.

              “No, in human standards I would be dead. So no I’m not a child, but you are.” Andrew retorted. “How many other 13 year olds do you see here right now? Oh, yes. I forgot. There aren’t any.” Andrew said, but instantly felt bad about it.

              “How many 13 year olds in this whole camp can fight? Oh yes. I forgot. I’m the only one.” Aalina said. Her face was red, and Andrew could have sworn he saw steam coming out her ears.

              Andrew walked out, but before completely leaving he said “I won’t make you leave right now, but first thing in the morning, you need to enter the city.” He walked to the bon fire. A group of men were sitting around it drinking beer. Andrew turned it into water and walked closer to the flames.

              “Hey!” they all shouted in a drunken stupor.

              “Sorry, men in my army don’t drink.” Andrew said before walking closer to the fire. One of them lurched over to him.

              “But I like beer…” he said. “And I’m not in no army lead by you.” He said and pointed at the fire. He tried to punch the flames, but came back with a burnt hand. “Aw that wasn’t nice. You burnt me.” The man said and collapsed into a drunken slumber. Andrew just shook his head in disbelief. For one, he couldn’t under stand why anyone would like beer. He had tried it once and it tasted awful. Second, he couldn’t believe how stupid people acted when they were drunk. Luni crawled up behind Andrew.

              <its funny, but sad all at the same time. ‘That wasn’t nice. You burnt me.’> She imitated the drunken man.

              “Agreed. I’m not letting anyone get drunk in my army though. Tomorrow, the king will come to have a war council. You are expected to be there, since you are also one of my commanders.” Andrew said.

              <I’ll be there. But where is it?> Luni asked.

              “It will be right by the front gate.” Andrew answered and walked toward his tent and Luni toward hers.

              As soon as Andrews head hit the pillow, he fell asleep. Fortunately, he had no nightmares, but a real one was slowly unfolding.

              CH. 18

              The black army slowly approached the mainland. Many transports had plunged to the depths of the ocean when the Dragonite carriers became too tired. In the end, 100 transports were left, yet it was still an army of about 5000. The dark creature leading the transports touched down on the sandy beach. All plant life within a ten foot radius of the creature died. All pokemon within a mile away from the army immediately went into hiding. Lucas touched down right next to the creature on his Salamence. The dragon looked extremely weary and faint. Lucas hopped of its back and patted its neck. He wasn’t completely cold of heart; he very much cared for his Salamence. The pokemon lie down and fell into a deep sleep.

              “How much longer until we reach the battle field?” Lucas asked the beast as the army slowly got off the transports.

              “In one weeks' time, we will reach the capital and the sprawling city within. There we shall find the child and kill him, and his companions.” The beast growled. He savored the thought of seeing the light leaving the boys eyes. “For now, we will rest here.” It said after shaking itself back to the present.

              “Yes, thank you my lord.” Lucas said gratefully. He bowed, and turned to give the orders for the army to set up camp. He supervised the construction of a stable for the cavalry and then went to sleep next to his Salamence.

              - - - - - - - - - - -

              Andrew woke to an eerie silence in the camp. The only sounds were those of clanking metal as the guards walked through the neat rows of tents. He crawled out of his tent, making sure not to wake Umbreon.

              “Give it to her.” A familiar voice said. Andrew turned to see nothing but air. He knew that voice, he just couldn’t place it. Andrew shrugged and walked along, to see if Aalina had gone yet. He discovered her still asleep when he got to the tent she shared with Orin. He walked along the tents some more and heard the sounds of contented men snoring peacefully. When guards passed Andrew they saluted, but the boy quickly waved them off.

              He found Adelaide in her forge, working so quietly, that the only sound you could hear was a tiny “ping, ping” as the hammer hit a sheet of metal. She was working on an intricate scythe blade. Andrew watched silently as the Aron slowly morphed the hunk of metal into the slender shape of a crescent moon. When Adelaide finally noticed the boy sitting there, she dropped the hammer, making a loud thud.

              <I’m sorry. Did I wake you?> she asked apologetically as she picked up the hammer.

              “No.” Andrew replied. “I couldn’t hear anything actually. I was just wandering through the camp when I saw you working on something.”

              <oh, alright then.> Adelaide said and began hammering softly again. After about another hour, Andrew got up to see if Aalina had yet woken. She had and her things were in a small sack. She was standing by the front of her tent, softly speaking to Latias. Andrew peered around, Aalina looked slightly embarrassed.

              “What are you talking about?” Andrew presented himself.

              <oh, nothing.> Latias giggled. Andrew looked at her doubtfully, but changed the subject.

              “Aalina, it is time for you to leave.” The boy said, Aalina looked distraught, but nodded.

              “I know.” She sighed. Andrew called a guard over and told him to escort Aalina to the city after her father came to say goodbye. “He isn’t coming.” Aalina said sadly.

              “Wait, your own father isn’t coming to say goodbye?!” Andrew said, shocked.

              “No, he said he might change his mind about me leaving if he did.” Andrew shook his head in disbelief. He could understand the logic behind this, but still couldn’t believe it. Aalina was about to walk away, but turned around and Kissed Andrew on the cheek.

              “Don’t die.” She blushed and ran off, the guard doing his best to keep up. Andrew wiped his cheek with his hand and began to walk away saying something about Aalina not staying mad for very long and never understanding women. Latias looked jealously at Aalina as Andrew moved towards the place where he was supposed to meet with the king commanders for a war council. She slowly followed. She stopped by her tent to put on her armor and wake Latios and then both of them joined Andrew by a section of the camp that had another medium sized fire. With in the next hour Jogun arrived, his helmet on, and in the following hour, Luni and Orin arrived, both of them completely clothed in heavy armor.

              King Aimone and his generals finally arrived around midday, a small force of 50 men around them. Andrew greeted them all kindly and motioned for them to sit on the logs surrounding the now burnt out fire. The boy drew a quick map of surrounding area on a small piece of parchment and showed it to the men.

              “If this is where we are,” Andrew drew an ‘X’ on the map in front of the walls. “And this is where my army and I came from,” the boy circled the woods on the far side of the sprawling plain that separated the city and the forest. “Then this is most likely where we are going to be attacked from.” He shaded in the entire forest.

              “What makes you think this?” one of the generals asked respectfully. They had all heard of Andrews’ ability, and didn’t want to get on his bad side.

              “Well, if our army is right here,” Andrew pointed to an area in front of the city walls. “Then they will need someplace to organize their army. Behind and to both sides of the city is forest, and in front of it, is a large plain, perfect for a battle. And if we’re here then they have no other place to go then there.” The boy finished triumphantly. The general looked embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed it before.

              “What if they should attack from the air?” another general asked.

              “They still have to land somewhere to let the entire army attack. And that will most likely be there.” Andrew said and pointed again to the area of land in front of the forest.

              “And if they land in the city?”

              “We will more than likely see them if they do that. And they still need to get their army organized, and a city filled with buildings and narrow streets isn’t exactly a good place to do that. And if we don’t see them, then our men manning the trebuchets and ballistae will.” Andrew answered.

              “Wait, why did you call this council if you already know what you’re doing?” king Aimone asked.

              “We still have not devised a plan of attack. We need one for every possible way they might attack. And it’s not only my army, it’s yours too.” Andrew pointed out.

              For the rest of the day, all of them planned. Latios, Latias and Luni agreeing with the air general on their tactics, Orin with the general of the cavalry, and Andrew, Jogun, and the rest of the generals, along with the king, discussed other plans of attack. Little did Andrew know, a spirit was giving him strategies. It meant no harm and was truly helping in more ways than any of them could possibly know.

              - - - - - - - - - - -

              Before Andrew fell asleep that night, he heard the voice again.

              “The pendant, give it to her…” it said. Andrew sat up and looked around. There was nothing in the tent other than himself and Umbreon. As he lay back down he wondered who was speaking.

              “I know that voice.” Andrew told himself as he set his head back down on the pillow. He felt something hard beneath his head and sat up again. He reached behind him and grabbed the pendant that Rayquaza had given him so long ago. Andrew then knew the owner of the voice and smiled to himself. It was Rayquaza. The boy held on tightly to the pendant. He was still confused about one thing though: who was he to give it to? Aalina? Latias? Adelaide? Luni? Andrew fell asleep wondering these things, hoping to find an answer in his dreams.

              That night, rather than finding the answer, he just had a dream, a real dream. Not a nightmare. It was just a beautifully calm meadow. There was no dark cloud or evil army, just grassland stretching for miles. Andrew was in his human form, lying happily in the grass. Latios, Latias, Luni, Rayquaza and Typhlosion were all there with him. It was one of the things he wanted most in the world: peace.
              well wasnt that fun? plz leave coments, and be nice. i do read through the coments involving critisism(?), but i dont necessarily change those bits in the specific chapters, Silawen, but i add those tips to future chapters.
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                sadness at the no coments :'(


                The next day started out as planned, everyone woke up to trumpet, the army ate breakfast and got to their business of training, patrolling and so forth. Andrew was training a few men in some new techniques when one of the youngest soldiers, an 18 year old by the name of Joseph ran up to the middle of the small practice arena that had been set up.

                “Sir!” the boy panted when he arrived. Andrew looked at the young man, who was a scout. Joseph looked bedraggled and half dead. Cuts were all across his arms and body, his black scouts cloak was ripped in many places and one of his legs was dragging limply behind him.

                “What the hell happened?!” Andrews' normally calm stature was over ridden by surprise.

                “The dark army, its coming…” Joseph passed out.

                “Get him to a medic, now!” Andrew barked and two men picked the scout up. They moved him towards the medical tent. Andrew held hi s head on one hand. He went to the commanders’ tent, which had a desk, a weapon rack, and many strategy planning tools. He cleared a spot on the desk and laid his head down, thinking. He heard the clopping of hooves outside his tent, and Orin poked his head inside.

                “What’s wrong?” the man asked.

                “One of our scouts just reported that he had seen the dark army.” Andrew muttered.

                “One of our scientists would like to have a word with you.” Orin explained his presence.

                “Well, that just makes my day.” Andrew said sarcastically and rolled his eyes. He followed Orin to the small research tent where Orin trotted off to continue training with the rest of the cavalry.

                “You wanted me?” Andrew said as he strode into the structure.

                “Yes, we have just come up with a new weapon. We call it a bomb.” The scientist explained and pointed to a small black sphere with a string sticking out the top. “It explodes once the string has completely burnt. The force is as great as being tackled by a Kyogre, just with more fire.” The scientist continued. “I hope you didn’t take offense to that.” The man added when he saw Andrews' solemn look when he heard the name of his kind.

                “No, no. I’m fine. Have you tested this weapon yet?” Andrew seemed doubtful that anything that was man-made and was as small as his hand could be as strong as he.

                “Of course, if I hadn’t tested the weapon, then I wouldn’t have called for you.” The scientist said simply.

                “Fine, show me how this works.” Andrew ordered and followed the scientist to a large clearing. He recognized one of the nearby tents as Adelaide’s forge. Loud banging was coming from within. After the scientist made a few preparations on the new weapon, he pulled out a match walked into the middle of the clearing, which Andrew now noticed was brown and scorched. The scientist lit the match and then lit the string protruding from the bomb.

                “Hit the ground!” the scientist yelled and Andrew instantly dropped to his stomach, the scientist dove right next to him and turned around to watch.

                “Nothing is happening.” Andrew was about to say more, but was instantly cut off by the explosion. It was huge, making a small mushroom cloud, and causing everything left of the clearing to burn instantly. Dust and dirt whipped past Andrew and he had to cover his face to protect himself from the sharp stings that the dirt made as it whipped his face. When it was over, Andrew looked up and rubbed his ringing ears.

                “Well, that was successful.” Andrew said. “But how will we get it over to the enemy line, wont it just explode over our forces?” Andrew continued and thought of the little pieces if metal raining down on the army.

                “Inside of it is an explosive, flammable substance, it only explodes after the flames on the fuse hit it. So the solution is just a longer fuse. We will use the catapults to hurl them over to the enemy.” The scientist explained.

                “Wont the fuse go out if it’s going by the so fast?”

                “No, the fuse is made of a certain substance that makes it spark, rather than burn, so it won’t go out unless you dump water on it.” The man pulled out a short fuse from his pocket and another match, which he used to light the fuse. The man tried to snuff it out with his fingers, but it was still there, he stepped on it, and it was still there. He finally spit on it and it went out. “See?”

                “Fine, we will use it, just make sure that the bombs don’t explode over our forces, or else bad things will happen. Not to you specifically, but to the world.” The scientist gulped at this.

                “Don’t worry; I wouldn’t want, uh, anything bad to happen.” The scientist sounded nervous.

                “The fate of the world isn’t on your shoulders; just make sure there are longer fuses.” Andrew saw that the man was still a bit nervous, but much less. Andrew walked back towards the commanders’ tent and began to think again. He closed his eyes.
                - - - - - - - - - - -
                About an hour later, Latios found Andrew, asleep, on the desk. The blue dragon gently shook Andrews shoulder.

                “Huh? What?” Andrew looked up drowsily. “Oh, I, uh, was just resting my eyes.” Andrew yawned.

                <I’m so sure.> Latios laughed, but then grew serious. <Joseph is better, he needs to speak with you.> the blue dragon said. Andrew stood up, and wobbled putting his arms out for balance. Andrew walked to the medical tent, Latios trailing behind him.

                When Andrew entered the large tent, he saw five cots, only one of them holding somebody.

                “Yes, Joseph?” Andrew said to the young man.

                “They are coming, the darkness! It will not stop! William, they killed him. They will kill all of us. Nobody will survive…” the scout said his last words and his heart stopped.

                “It thought you said he was better, not about to die.” Andrew and told two men to bury the body and looked at Latios.

                <Well, he was strong enough to eat and talk, so I assumed he was better…> Latios looked down.

                “Well there is nothing we can do about it now. We must worry about the coming battle.” Andrew sighed.
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                  Latias stared over the calm plains. A slight breeze whistled through the grass, slightly ruffling her feathers. The dragon gave a contented sigh.

                  “The commander would like to speak with you.” A voice came from behind her. She turned around to see a knight standing at attention.

                  “Thank you. Be on your way.” Latias thought to the man. He bowed in return and left.
                  Latias slowly floated to one of the largest tents there was. It was large enough to fit at least two Rayquaza inside, and towered over everything else. This tent of course, wasn’t Andrews’ or the commanding tent; it was more like a church. An altar was at the very back, it was bright silver, with a picture of Mew etched into it.

                  <Yes? I heard you wanted to see me.> Latias said. Andrew, who had been kneeling in front of the altar now looked up and walked over to the red dragon. He put something around her neck and she looked down at the object.

                  <Rayquazas’ pendant!> Latias exclaimed.

                  “Yes, he, his spirit was telling me to do something with it, but i wasn't sure what.” Andrew said calmly. Latias gently raised the pendant, and looked at the small gem inside of it.

                  <It is beautiful.>she said in wonder. She had never been able to look at it closely, much less hold it.

                  “It is more than just that. It will save your life. It saved both Typhlosion and Rayquaza many times.” Andrew said.

                  <then why did they die? If this pendant was supposed to save them, why are they dead?> Latias asked, mildly annoyed.

                  “The pendant had helped them cheat Death to many times. Even Rayquaza, the creator of the pendant, had to die eventually, and it wasn’t a natural death.” Andrew explained in barely audible tone.

                  <Oh…> Latias said, as equally inaudible as Andrew.

                  “You can and probably will be hurt, but you cannot die while wearing the pendant, at least not for a few more decades.” Latias was about to say something else after hearing this, but Andrew seemingly reading her mind said: “do not worry. It cannot fall off and the chain cannot be cut.”

                  Latias seemed to be having an argument with herself, and gently removed the pendant. She gave the necklace to Andrew, who reluctantly closed his hand around it.

                  “But, why?!” Andrew questioned.

                  <if I die, I don’t want to because I’ve already cheated death too often. I want to die honestly.> Latias said at last. Andrew nodded solemnly. Latias left after Andrew didn’t say anything. She exited the structure, and took one quick glance back; Andrew was looking at the pendant. She turned back, and looked into the sky when she heard a loud whistling. What she saw made her freeze: hundred of flaming arrows the size of javelins was coming down towards the camp. She saw one of the arrows coming strait for her, but she couldn’t move. She was frozen to the spot. The arrow came down hard, piercing her through the back. The last thing she heard was yells of men and the sound of a war trumpet. Everything went black.

                  - - - - - - - - - - -

                  Andrew heard a scream of pain from outside of the tent and looked out, to see Latias with a giant arrow protruding from her back. He shot out of the tent to see soldiers running every which way, preparing for battle. Tents were on fire, pokemon were shrieking as their fur burst into flames. Andrew cancelled out all sound as he rushed outside to help Latias. There was one noise though that Andrew kept hearing: an evil cackle that grew louder each second. The boy quickly brought Latias and worked on getting the arrow out of her back. It quickly slid out.

                  “At least the beast has some form of mercy,” Andrew said to himself as he inspected the tip of the arrow. “He chose for a swift kill with a slender arrow rather than a slow one with barbed arrows.” He got out a small bottle of potion and quickly slathered it onto the wound. A voice from behind him stopped the boy in his tracks.

                  <hello again, Andrew. The voice said. It was deep, yet caring. Rough, but kind. Andrew slowly turned around.

                  “Rayquaza?” he said quietly. A translucent green shape shimmered to existence in front of the Andrew.

                  The slender dragon took a glance at Latias. <she will not be harmed any more.> he said and glided to the red dragon, where he coiled his long body around her.

                  “But, can’t-“ Andrew was cut off.

                  <Yes, objects can pass through spirits.> Rayquaza said solemnly. “But only if we want them to.> a sly grin spread across the spirits’ face.

                  “May I?” Andrew asked. The green dragon nodded and Andrew walked through his body. He put the pendant around Latias’ neck again and backed away. “Thank you.” Andrew said to Rayquaza and with a nod from his friend, left to join the army that had gathered in front of the camp.
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                    GAH! i feel bad now fro not putting anything up, because I'm sure there is at least one person who reads this.... and if not I'm sad, but oh well, i dont know. this is definately one of my longer chapters


                    Latias woke to the see nothing around her. <Am I dead?> she asked herself.

                    <Far from It.> a deep voice answered her. Latias looked around, startled. She looked on in wonder as a pale, translucent green shape appeared around her. She tried to back float up and confront whatever was before her, but a searing pain raced through her body and she passed out again.
                    - - - - - - - - - - -
                    Andrew sprinted to the front ranks of the army that gathered, his legs pumping as if they had a mind of their own. He reached the front to find Latios, Luni, King Aimone, and Jogun, all in full battle armor, staring at the dark army that had gathered on the other side of the clearing.

                    Andrew drew his sword and disappeared in a flash of light, to be replaced by a Rayquaza. The sword, along with Andrews' body, grew and changed shape. What was a five foot long sword was now a 20 foot scimitar. The waves in the hilt and blade of curved sword looked as if they were moving. They seemed to roar across the blade with a vengeance.

                    The strange fusion of pokemon from Andrews' dream stood at the front of the dark army.
                    <Why don't you climb back into that cave of yours, that way you wont be mocked for the rest of your life for having lost to me.> Andrew said snidely. Some of the pokemon in Andrews' army chuckled at this but were quickly silenced when the dark being roared.

                    <you? Defeat me? Not in a thousand years.> the Darkness smiled coolly.

                    <You're right, not in a thousand years… today.> Andrew retorted. The Darkness gave Andrew such a cruel stare that he flinched, but he held his ground. <Today, you will perish into the abyss, never to return!> Andrew roared. The men of his army cheered at this. Andrew watched patiently as The Darkness scanned his dark army.

                    <I would have thought that the king of the sea would have gained a larger army than this.> The Darkness muttered.

                    <I don't take kindly to those who mock me.> Andrew said and gave the creature as cold a stare as it had given him. This didn't make The Darkness flinch, but Andrew could see that he knew to be wary. The Darkness scanned Andrews' army again and grinned as if had just won a prize.

                    <Where is your red friend?> the creature grinned evilly.

                    <Leave her out of this!> Andrew said, a cruel glint in his eye.

                    <oh, but I'm sure that Lucas's Salamence would love to sink its teeth into her skinny little neck again.> at this, Andrew snapped. He rushed the dark creature only to be repelled by a black orb of energy which threw him back so far he crashed into what was left of the burnt out camp. The army gasped as their commander hit the ground with an audible thud. A mushroom cloud of dust rose from where he fell.

                    When the dust settled, Andrew was seen rising from the ground, dark energy crackling around him. His once green skin, now black, a faint shine to it.

                    <You will be gone before the end of this day.> Andrew growled. "The day will be ours! We fight for our lives, now!" Andrew roared into the minds of his soldiers. He flew above his army and watched it surge beneath him as if it was a river.

                    The Darkness did the same and watched giddily as his men began to march. The two armies clashed and the screams of men could be heard for miles. The cavalry unit charged into the middle of the battle, hacking with their swords, and crushing the dark army beneath the hooves of their Rapidash.

                    "Bombs, launch!> he called to the minds of the men up on the city walls. Loud whistling was heard and black spheres entered the midst of the battle.

                    <Those little rocks didn't do anything!> The Darkness laughed and was about to say more, but before it could open its mouth, explosions below it drew its attention. It looked down to see more explosions blasting his men into dust. <very clever, but not clever enough.> the being sounded un-happy, but lifted his arms and a black thundercloud formed over his army, more bombs came, but just disappeared into nothingness as it hit the shadow that the cloud made.

                    <we have been watching our armies fight for some time now. I think it's our turn.> Andrew challenged The Darkness.

                    <foolish child. You cannot win against me.> the being called and molded the air with its hands. Two large, double-headed battle-axes appeared and The Darkness swung them experimentally. <Prepare to meet death child.> the creature growled.

                    <You are more of a child than I. you find it fun to torture others.> Andrew retorted and lunged at The Darkness. He missed and in return, the creature swung its axes. Before Andrew could turn around and have any hope of blocking the attack the axe blade hit him in the side, going just deep enough to draw blood, yet it still sent a horrible pain through his body. Andrew lifted his scimitar just in time to block another crushing blow. The force of the blow sent pain down his arms, but he could also see the darkness stiffen as the power reverberated through it. Andrew used this moment wisely, hitting The Darkness over the head with the flat of his sword, and followed up with down stroke that left a large gash spread across the creatures' chest. Silver blood poured out its chest. After the Evil regained its senses, it hacked at Andrew again, leaving another gash across his body.

                    <you will never win!> Andrew roared and let loose a hyper beam so large, it took out 100's of Dark soldiers and knocked The Evil into the forest behind the dark army. Andrew approached the being. <never.> he said as he brought the scimitar down on its neck.
                    - - - - - - - - - - -
                    Latias woke once more to a burning pain. She groaned and lifted her head and opened her eyes. All she saw for a few minutes was red, and she had a massive headache. After she regained her sight and hearing, Latias looked around and thought that the translucent green creature was gone. That was until she saw it shimmer back to existence, still surrounding her.

                    <Ah, you're awake again.> it said kindly.

                    <Who are you?> latias asked nervously, but than looked closer, and saw that the shape was one she new very well: Rayquaza. <I thought you were dead!> Latias exclaimed after the form didn't say anything.

                    <I am. For I am nothing but a spirit.> Rayquaza said solemnly and looked out of where the opening of the tent should have been. Latias looked through the spirits' body and saw that the tent had burned down, and that many others had also. That's when she became aware of the sound of clanging metal and men yelling. <It's happening…> Rayquaza told Latias.

                    <Wait, what's happening?> Latias sounded confused.

                    <The war has started.> Rayquaza whispered.
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                      Andrew grunted as the blade of his sword hit… the ground? <What the hell?!> Andrew almost shouted.

                      <you water beings. So easy to read what will happen next.> the evil said and delivered a crushing blow to Andrews back, knocking the black dragon to the ground. Andrew tried to raise himself, only to be knocked to the ground again. He lay still in the rapidly spreading pool of bluish, maroon blood. <don't even think of trying to get up again. As you can see, I have mercy. I will let you live. You will make a nice pet.> The Evil snickered. Andrew regained consciousness just in time to hear the last part of the warning.

                      <I. Will. Be. No. PET!> Andrew got up and whirled around, striking his opponent with another powerful blow to the chest. Because he was weak from the damage he had taken, the attack was weaker than others, but it still knocked The Evil back a couple of yards.

                      Andrew turned around for a moment while his opponent was on the ground to look at the battle going on. The dark army seemed to be losing.

                      <remember this: darkness always prevails over light.> the voice of The Evil came from behind the black dragon, and Andrew turned his head just in time to see the ax blade coming down on his back. Andrew fell to the ground, crushing many men, both his and his enemies'. He lay on his back, not moving except for the short rise and fall of his chest because of his quick breathing. The new pool of blood widened faster than the last, because of the sheer size of the wound that had been delivered. The evil landed next to Andrews' head and the dragon finally noticed how small The Darkness was compared to him. He also realized that no matter your size, death is something anyone can deliver.

                      <you have cheated Death many times. Maybe Giratina and Darkrai will convince him that it wasn't completely your fault the world was enshrouded in shadows when you meet them.> the being sneered.

                      <I will not meet death today…> Andrew gasped and closed his eyes for a moment. His breath came in short gasps and he knew that if he didn't change form, and enter a healthy body, he would never live. He also knew he didn't have enough energy change. He gathered up the little strength he had left and slowly, painfully rose from the ground. Cunamio had been knocked from his hand and was a few feet away. He grabbed the blade, which had shrunk back to its long sword form. The blade grew and morphed again as Andrew picked it up. But it changed slowly, as if it had also been wounded and had only enough strength to do this. Andrew hung his head for a moment out of pure weakness, and when he looked up he saw that his foe had been watching the battle and was calling on reinforcements from the shadows. Groups from Andrews' army were outnumbering the dark army 10 to one, but then suddenly, those groups were out numbered, 50 to 10 as enemies were formed out of their own shadows.

                      Andrew ever so slowly sneaked up behind The Darkness. <you remember this: darkness will never prevail over light!> Andrew roared and using as much power as he could muster, thrust Cunamio through the beings back, piercing it clean through to the chest, and fell to the ground again. The Evil roared in pain and disappeared in an explosion of black dust. It sent a shockwave through the air so powerful that it reached the walls of the city. As the wave of air crashed through the battle, it disintegrated all the dark forces and the men of Andrews' army looked confused for a minute, but then let out an ear splitting victory cheer. One of the men though, Orin as it turned out, was on the outskirts of where the battle had been taking place saw Andrew lying on the ground, unconscious. "MEDICS!" he called out. All of the men around him looked at him, and then what he was looking at. Nearly every one of them gasped and/or dropped their weapons when they saw their commander and friend on the ground, on the verge of death. Orin rushed to Andrew' side, and tried to wake him up. Luni and Latios, who had been in the air, looking for any survivors of the dark army saw what was happening. They too, rushed to Andrews' side just as two field medics came out from the mass of soldiers that had gathered to see what was happening. The victory cheer had long since died and now the dead were being carried away, the wounded treated to, and nearly everyone else gathered around their fallen commander. Absolutely every soldier, medic, archer, and pokemon had forlorn expressions on their faces.

                      The two field medics quickly examined Andrews' wounds and looked unsure of what to do next.

                      "Well?" Orin pushed them to answer.

                      "Well, um, well, he is likely to bleed to death." One of the medics said, forlorn.

                      "Both he and his wounds are so large, that we can't possibly help. It would take almost a full role of gauze just to cover the wound on his arm." The other said. "Unless he could somehow heal himself, even slightly, we might be able to help." He continued.

                      All this time, Andrew lay silent on the ground his eyes closed, but he was listening. He knew, that if he could stay alive long enough to get some of his energy back, he could change into another form and let His Rayquaza body heal.

                      Latios and Luni had been right next to Andrew, and now curled up beside him, in a feeble attempt to keep him alive.

                      <don't die. Please don't die.> Latios muttered quietly.
                      <no worries. I'm not going to die today.> Andrew answered, just as quietly. Latios, in shock, looked at Andrew. His eyes were closed, but as Latios watched, they slowly opened, and a sad smile fell across the blue dragons' face.

                      <Glad to hear that. But you're still gushing blood.> as Latios said this he looked at himself, his glassy feathers were now soaked in blood. It made him feel nauseous, so he looked at Andrew again.

                      <yes… I just need to… build up enough… I'm feeling dizzy…> and with that, Andrew passed out from blood loss.

                      "There must be a way to stop him from bleeding!" Latios roared into the heads of the two field medics, who were presently discussing that topic. The two men turned to the blue dragon.

                      "We don't have enough supplies, or a large enough role of gauze. We're discussing what to do, but currently, all we can do is wait, sir." Just as the field medic finished, a blinding flash covered all the corners of the battle field. Latios, Luni, Orin and the few men that had been in Andrews' army from the beginning knew what was happening, but none of them had seen a flash so bright from when Andrew changed form. Those that knew what was happening turned to where Andrew was as soon as the flash disappeared. The boy that they had known was now standing there, or laying down would be a better term. All of Andrews' wounds were gone, and Cunamio was back in its long sword form.

                      Andrew shakily got up, but then collapsed. Latios nudged the boys hand around his neck, and Andrew got up again, barely managing to keep steady. He looked around and saw that all motion had ceased and it was so silent that a pin could have been heard even though it would have been dropped on the earth.

                      "Did we win?" Andrew asked nobody in general, and another long victory cheer rose through the air.
                      Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?
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                        I haven't followed this fic much, but I'll make a few comments on Chapter 1 first, before I do anything else. I saw this one pretty much right away:

                        A frosslass had been preying upon two dragons, with her partner, a Glalie.
                        You capitalize "Glalie" but not "froslass". If you leave "pokemon" in lowercase too, I'm assuming "glalie" was supposed to be in lowercase. Either that, or you left Glalie in lowercase by accident, because you do put it in caps later.

                        The story itself seems pretty intriguing - this boy named Andrew is going to try and take care of Latios and Latias.

                        Now I move on to Chapter 2. I'm sure that antifreeze doesn't actually do that to organic beings...although I could accept it as some sort of skin-absorbed medicine that acts as an antifreeze for those people.

                        And so forth, to Chapter 3. Oh no, now we're getting to the areas that weren't rewritten. I have a feeling that the grammar is going to be a lot worse here... *peeks* uh oh. It is. I imagine that you're already editing the story, so I apologize if any of it seems repetitive.

                        Well, first of all, you're not capitalizing the Pokémon names, even when they are indisputably proper nouns.

                        Also, Andrew is a Rayquaza? Seems a little weird... was he just a Rayquaza in a human form in his Andrew form, or was he a human that somehow got turned into a Rayquaza? Because he seems to be quite the wanted target either way.

                        These chapters of yours are too short - not word wise, but in terms of plot, a lot of them could be linked together and still be considered a single chapter.
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                          thank you very much for your comment and un-harsh criticism.

                          Yes, one of those... i dont really remember what i was thinking as i was typing, or why i capitalized one and no the other, i have to go and re-edit that chapter anyways..

                          thank you, and yes, kind of.

                          in the games it does :) part of this (medecines and such) were based of things in-game.

                          yeah... i have been really lazy about this story recently. i havent written a chapter in w while.

                          Yes, i know, but i accidentally added the lowercase names into the spell check, and i just left it like that, but my computer is updated, so that doesnt happen any more.

                          No, if you read further on, he was friends with a Rayquaza, but no, he isnt human. The other his name is still Andrew, no matter what form, but yes, that is his human form.

                          i know, but then the whole thing would only be about 10 chapters long, rather than 19, and the other books are better (my opinion) because they're longer and i got better at typing.
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                            Huh. I've read the next ten chapters now - the plot seems to be getting more and more contrived. First we find that Andrew the "Rayquaza" was being chased by a bunch of guys with poison arrows just because he had that sort of metamorphic ability.

                            Then we find out Andrew is actually a Kyogre, which isn't really known for being able to transform into any Pokémon it's made contact with. As well, a Lugia has made her hideout where the evil men are, and they haven't found her this whole time? Seems a bit improbable.

                            The scenes themselves were okay for what they were, though - Andrew treating the Latios of poison, the folks with the arrows mistreating Latias and all that...
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                              Read on and you'll find out why. its called being inconspicuous. If she doesnt bother them, they wont bother her, especially if she typically just stays in her cave.

                              thanks :)
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                                Ch. 23

                                Latias became aware of a scream of pain that was so loud, it made her flinch. It lasted only a few seconds, and then it disappeared, but in its place a wave of air and dust blew from the battle in all directions. It was so strong, that in her weak state, Latias would have been tossed about 20meters, if the spirit of Rayquaza hadn't been there. She nailed the spirits' side with such a force though that it knocked the wind out of her. A moment of silence followed the air wave. Following that was a loud cry of victory followed by another silence. This one was different than the first, it was a crest fallen silence. The sad silence lasted for about two minutes, and then a flash of light, one Latias recognized as when Andrew changed forms, yet much brighter than she had seen before. When the light died down, another cry of victory rose high into the air.

                                <We have won.> Rayquaza said. The spirit looked down at Latias. <Andrew was hurt badly, but he is alive. Only my form was harmed. His other bodies are fine, but something else happened to him.> Latias relaxed a little.

                                <What did happen to him then?> Latias questioned.

                                <I don't know, but it affected all his forms, and is permanent…> Rayquaza said. He slowly began to fade.

                                <What's happening to you?> Latias asked worriedly. The spirit was now almost invisible, and Latias could tell he was not just becoming invisible.

                                <I must return to the spirit world now. Tell Andrew I said goodbye.> with that, the spirit disappeared. Latias looked around for a minute, expecting him to reappear again, but she knew that he was truly gone. She tried again to fly, but she barely made it two feet off the ground, and she quickly collapsed again. She grunted in pain, and struggled to get up again, but once more her efforts were fruitless.

                                Latias finally started to feel the effects of blood loss, and she began to feel dizzy. She strained to get a better look at her back, where the javelin had pierced her, but even with her long neck, she couldn't see. She suddenly began to think that she didn't want to see the wound. She remembered that the javelins were on fire, and was pretty sure that the wound would be black, burnt, and gushing blood. Even though she couldn't see the physical effects of the wound, she could see enough. She looked at the ground around her, and saw that she was lying in a large pool of her own blood.

                                Latias was just wondering about Latios, since Rayquaza had only told her about Andrew, when both her brother and Andrew walked into what used to be the large tent. Andrew was leaning on Latios, who didn't seem hurt to badly, other than a large cut on his wing, with one arm around his shoulder as they came in. Andrew let go of Latios and looked at his two friends. He went over to Latias, who still could only move her head, and knelt by her side, trying to bandage the wound.

                                "Today is the last day of spring; the Darkness will no longer be able to attack us until the autumn." Latios could have sworn he heard a sigh of relief in the boys' voice.

                                Latias, who had temporarily forgotten what Rayquaza had said to her, remembered when she looked up into Andrew eyes. <Rayquaza told me to tell that he said goodbye…> the dragon said in almost a whisper. Andrew just smiled to himself, and finished bandaging the wound. As Latias stared into his eyes a while longer, she noticed something different. <Your eyes…> she muttered.

                                "Yes, what about them?" Andrew seemed worried for a moment.

                                <they're… purple!> she said. Andrew turned around and looked at Latios, who confirmed what his little sister had said. Andrew then looked as if he remembered something.

                                "When I was struck by that blast of dark energy, I remember my Rayquaza forms skin turning black… I wonder…" Andrew mused and turned into multiple other pokemon. Each was a different color than normal, like Sandslash had blood-red spikes on its back rather than red, and Houndoom had blue fur as opposed to its sleek black coat. Andrew transformed into one last pokemon: Kyogre, only to discover that he was purple, the same shade as his eyes. "I can't tell if this is extremely humiliating, or if I'm artificially unique." Andrew said as he turned back into his human form. "I mean, purple?! Truly? That's disgraceful. I'm a Kyogre for Mews' sake! What kind of color is purple for a Kyogre?" Andrew knew he looked silly by the way Latios and Latias looked as if they were only barely suppressing their laughs when they saw what his real body looked like. The two dragons finally couldn't hold it anymore and burst out laughing.

                                <I would have thought that the so called 'evil' would turn you into something more frightening than another color! Like a pile of bone or something!> Latios finally managed to say in between his laughter.

                                "It's not funny!" Andrew shouted, but couldn't help himself, and he started laughing too.

                                Latias suddenly doubled over in pain from her wounds and stopped laughing. She gave a soft cry as the pain seared through her body.

                                Andrew and Latios immediately stopped laughing and went to the red dragons' side. <I'm fine.> Latias managed to say, and after he pain had subsided, with Andrew and Latias watching, she tried to get up, and to her surprise, she managed to keep herself aloft.

                                "Well, you healed quickly." Andrew commented.

                                <Healed?> Latias exclaimed, shocked that Andrew would say she was healed, even though her wound was still bleeding profusely, the bandage was already almost soaked through.

                                "You believed that?" Andrew asked, in a tone of mild amusement.

                                <We're willing to believe or listen to anything you say…> Latios answered for his sister.

                                "That kind of scares me. Would you listen to me if I told you to jump in volcano?" the dragons looked at each other for as moment.

                                <If it was inactive, then sure, but one filled boiling lava, not so much.> Latias said after a minute. Andrew, satisfied helped Latias to the main section of the camp, where everybody else had gathered. Luni and Jogun walked over to Andrews' side and stood, still as stone, next to their friend and general.

                                King Aimone began walking through the crowd of soldiers, and the parted before their liege. "Will you be staying here in Kanto, or will you be leaving?" was the first thing the man said to Andrew.

                                Andrew, startled by the sudden question, had to think. After about a minute of silence, Andrew answered: "I will be leaving in a week." King Aimone looked a bit sad, but nodded. "We need time to rest and I must talk to those that were in my army."
                                - - - - - - - - - - -
                                Late that night, Andrew slept in true peace for the first time in a long time. He knew that peace, something that he had not experienced in a while, had finally come upon him. His dream that night was one that he had had what seemed like forever ago: it was the dream about having peace, but this time, he knew it was real. Although he knew he would never truly see Rayquaza or Typhlosion again, he was happy, and grinned to himself. Summer had arrived, and The Evil would no longer be a threat for a long while.

                                Ch. 24

                                The week passed quite quickly, and Andrew was almost sad to leave Kanto. A few days earlier, he had talked to the men of his original army, telling them that they would have to stay here in the city, or go live some where else, some of them protested, and wanted to come, but Andrew persuaded all of them to stay here or live in the forest, or some where else.

                                He was leaving the city, with Latios, Latias, and Luni. Umbreon had been killed in the battle, and Luni had refused to eat, or talk for two days, but snapped out of it when she was told they were leaving.

                                King Aimone, Arye, Semon, and most of the citizens and soldiers of the city waved the group off. As Andrew and his small group walked into the forest, they were jumped by Aalina. Andrew out of reflex, instantly had Cunamio at her throat. When he realized who it was, Andrew sheathed the blade.

                                "What are you doing here?" Andrew asked more annoyed than concerned.

                                "I want to come with you." She stated a bit nervously. She was clearly, very shocked by having a sword at her neck. Andrew sighed.

                                "No, you aren't coming. Does your father even know you're here?' Andrew said, sounding quite annoyed.

                                "Well, um…" Aalina stammered, "That's beside the point, I really would like to go with you. Please?"

                                "No, don't ask again. Now go back to the city." Andrew said a hint of anger in his voice now.


                                "NO!" and Andrew walked past her, thinking that she would probably follow him no matter what he said unless he threatened her.

                                After walking about ten meters Andrew glanced back, to see Aalina walking slowly towards the city, her head hanging low. Andrew didn't stop moving.

                                <It's for the best.> Latios said.

                                "I know that, why do you think I told her to leave? She was kind of scaring me too." Andrew almost laughed.

                                <How so?> Luni asked as she waddled along.

                                "Every where I went, she was there too. In the castle, I would always see her out of the corner of my eye and when I turned, she would hide behind a pillar, or a suit of armor."

                                <She would have slowed us down any ways.> Luni commented.

                                <Speaking of which, where are we headed?> Latias, who had been silent since they were jumped by Aalina, asked.

                                Andrew turned towards her. "I don't know about any of you, but I am going back home. Back to Hoenn."

                                {End of Dragons Spring}
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                                  Dragons Summer

                                  A few rays of sun filtered through the blanket of clouds onto the quiet village of Dewford, which lay on a small island, just off the coast of Hoenn. The clouds slowly drifted away, and the few people who were awake stopped and watched the sun rise. The sun was always like this in the mornings, and the way the sun hit the water, one could make out an island in the distance with a large fortress on it.

                                  One of the many farmers already up noticed a little black dot on the horizon, a ship. Many more soon came into view as the sun rose higher. A loud whistle was heard, and everyone outside looked up, to see large rocks, burning brightly, hurling towards the village from the direction of the ships. The flag ship soon became close enough to see the details of the sail of the schooner. The Kantonian flag was sewn into the sail.

                                  "It's an attack!" one of the farmers shouted. More flaming rocks came down on the village, setting the buildings on fire if they hadn't been crushed. People were running in every direction. An old woman came out of her house just as a rock came towards her front entrance.
                                  The flagship had just docked at the coast and a horde of knights, soldiers and archers un-boarded the boat. The other ships soon did the same, and the soldiers went on a rampage, slaughtering everything that moved, pokemon, people. Women and children. They left nothing alive.
                                  Just before the Kantonian soldiers had broken through his battalion, the remaining guard gave a letter to a messenger Taillow, sending it to the mainland, to Slateport, the capitol city. The second the bird pokemon was let out the window, the soldiers broke in.

                                  "What do you want?" the guard asked, and without an answer, had an arrow through his chest.

                                  Ch.1 Hunting

                                  Andrew ran swiftly and silently through the woods, his bare feet padding against the soft forest floor. He stopped to catch his breath at the edge of the forest, where the unthinkably large amount of trees met an expanse of vast plains. He turned around when he heard a rustle in the trees, sensing his opponents were close, and found that it was only a Taillow. It stared at him silently for a moment, and then lunged at him, shimmering away and becoming a dragon.
                                  The pokemon had a blue and white body, his red eyes shone fiercely. Andrew just laughed and dove into the tall grass of the prairie.
                                  He crawled slowly through the undergrowth, so as not to disturb the grass so much as to reveal his position. When he finally looked up, he saw that he had made it about ten meters away from the blue dragon. He also saw another pokemon on the edge of the forest and the prairie. It was a slightly smaller version of the blue pokemon. The only major difference was that her feathers were red.
                                  Andrew quickly ducked as her gaze fell upon him. He had ducked under just in time too. She called out to the other pokemon.
                                  <Latios, you know you're never going to find him!>
                                  <Yes, I will!> came the reply.
                                  Andrew crawled a little further, and then poked his head up, he saw a patch of grass that was thickly covered and when he crawled under it, he found that it was almost impossible to see. The perfect spot for him to change his shape.
                                  Andrew found himself engulfed in a bright flash of white light, and when it faded, he crawled out of his hiding spot, in the form of a Linoone. He poked his head up, and then sprinted in the direction of the forest, which wasn't a good idea, because he nearly hit a tree, he was running so fast. When he finally stopped he found he was actually right next to the red dragon, Latias. She looked over at him, almost hungrily. And with that Andrew realized, she was hungry. Latias lunged at him and he reflexively changed back to a stronger form, this time an Aggron, and pushed her away.
                                  Latios, who had seen the flash, instantly flew over, and tackled Andrew. He fell onto his back, and laughed. He then changed back into his human body, and then tackled Latios.
                                  <Hey!> Latios protested. <That's my job!>
                                  "Well you did a good job. You tackled an Aggron." Andrew got up.
                                  Latias, who had finished brushing herself off asked: <what was that for?>
                                  Andrew gave her a look that clearly said: did you really just ask that? And then he said: "you tried to eat me!"
                                  <Hey, I was hungry, and how could I have known?> she wined.
                                  "There is no stopping a girl when she's hungry is there?" Latios laughed at this and agreed. Latias just huffed and flew off to find a real Linoone.
                                  <How hard is it to care about someone who tried to eat you?> Latios asked.
                                  "I felt like choking her when she asked why I pushed her away… does that answer your question."
                                  <quite well, actually. But you do know I would have to kill you if you did that?>
                                  "Well, besides that, I must say you did quite well."
                                  <At what?>
                                  "At failing at catching me." Andrew said and started to run away. Latios followed, and gave Andrew a head butt to the back, which felled him like a tree.
                                  <I must say you did quite well at failing at running away.> Latios said.
                                  "You jerk!" Andrew laughed and pushed the blue dragon away.
                                  Latias who had since come back with her meal, watched Andrew and Latios wrestle. <boys.> she sighed. <You try to eat them and then it's as if nothing ever happened ten minutes later.>

                                  Ch.2 Meetings

                                  Althalos was dreading his meeting with the high command of the army. He had never liked the Alakazam, but he was in charge of the pokemon section of the army. The only reason for this though, was because he was more advanced than other Alakazam, and could communicate through telepathy. The Typhlosion though held high rankings in the army too. This was due to his exoticness, and fighting skill. The Charizard and Venasaur looked at him enviously, whilst the Blastoise were putting thee fires out around the newly captured city of Dewford. When Althalos reached the tent, he was greeted by the whiskered commanders, one, the Alakazam, who went by Terowin, and the other, a human, a fat and ugly one at that, who answered to Henry.
                                  <You wanted to see me?> the Typhlosion grumbled.
                                  <Again please. This time with a little less attitude.> answered Terowin, his nasal accent making the fire type grimace.
                                  <You requested my presence?> Althalos repeated, this time with a fake smile.
                                  <that's better, and yes. We have a special mission for you.>
                                  <And that would be.> Althalos was used to getting these "special missions" whether it be fetching the two commanders tea, or burying dead bodies. Not exactly work that he had been expecting since he had received the promotion. As a matter of fact, he hadn't been expecting to join the army, any army, much less the Kantonian. He remembered when he had first been captured; the Kantonian army had invaded Johto on one of its failed "military expeditions." They had captured many of the wild pokemon, changing their names, and turning many of them into work slaves for the military. Althalos himself had fought for his freedom, killing two Blastoise, as well as a human knight. Henry had been there and after Althalos had been knocked out, brought him to a medic, where he had woken to find Terowin looking at him. The fire type had immediately lashed out, but found he was bound to the ground, and that he couldn't flare his back. He was soon threatened with the death of his family, who had been captured if he didn't cooperate. Even now he had hope of someday breaking free and finding his family.
                                  Althalos was startled out of his day dream by Terowins' spoon. The psychic type had hit his helmet and the sound reverberated through his body. <Stop your day dreaming and pay attention!>
                                  <Yes sir, Sorry. You were saying?> came the reply.
                                  <Of course you are. Now, we have received word of the location of a very important person to the Hoennian military. Now the Pidgeot scouts say he is only a boy, but, that is understandable. This is supposedly the same child whom we helped fight the dark army. You should know about that. You were there weren't you?>
                                  <no, sir. I don't recall.> although he did very well. He had been one of the first on scene when the boy, a Rayquaza at the time had been wounded. He had seen him change shape, back into a boy, and had followed when the blue dragon pokemon had helped him to what used to be the church tent.
                                  <fine then, well, afterwards, the boy left, and came back here, to Hoenn. He has been spotted in the field near the Fortree settlement in the north. Your job is to find and kill him. The king might be displeased that the statue in his throne room will crumble and that the boy was killed, but I will take the blame.>
                                  <So I just find and kill him?>
                                  <Not exactly, you need to gain his trust, and kill him and his companions, preferably while they're asleep, or alone.>
                                  <Of course.> the job sounded simple enough. <Is there anything that might help me gain his trust?>
                                  <Actually, he has a soft spot for your kind. The kings new advisor, Lucas, I think it was told me.>
                                  - - - - - - - - - - -
                                  "Hurry Nicholas!" Jack wheezed. The fires from what used to be Petalburg licked the sky behind the boy and his brother.
                                  "I'm tired. Cant we rest?" Nicholas wined.
                                  "No, not now. The army might still be close." The 18 year old replied. He looked at his little brother. He was so young, only seven. Jack ran over and picked his brother up, and ran deeper into the woods, towards Fortree. The Lord there, his Uncle would help them. The man was kind, and cared deeply about his family. He would know what to do. The screams of the people behind him soon died off, either by distance, or because they had actually died, Jack couldn't tell, but he knew that the latter would come to the people left either way.

                                  Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?
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                                    Ch. 3 Stampedes

                                    Smoke rose off in the distance. <What's that coming from?> Latias asked. Andrew had just been asking himself the same questions.
                                    "Maybe a plague and their burning the bodies. Maybe a disliked lord is being overthrown. It could be any combination of things." Andrew shrugged.
                                    <Whatever it is, I don't like It.> latios said from behind. <Where there is smoke, typically there is fire, or at least what's left of one, and that could spread to here.> Andrew couldn't help but agree. Suddenly, a large group of pokemon, none of which looked like they lived in the forest, came sprinting out of the trees, screaming in terror. Andrew grabbed a Tauros by the horns and stopped it in its tracks.
                                    "Why are you running?" Andrew asked it in the old language that every being could understand.
                                    <Humans, bad ones from a distant land! They attacked the petal city!> it yelled, eyes moving nervously from side to side, not even seeming to notice that a boy had been able to stop it, or that he could understand him. <they kill everyone! All the good humans who feed us are dead!> and with that it turned tails and ran.
                                    "It looks like the humans have gotten themselves into yet another silly war." Andrew shook his head in disbelief.
                                    <truly, the only time you ever see us fighting is over territory, food, or if we're forced to by the humans.> Latios said, and Latias nodded her agreement.
                                    A clumsy stomping was heard coming from where the other pokemon had come from. A lone Typhlosion, wearing full Kantonian battle armor came staggering out of the wood. The armor was dented and looked to be shoved into his body in some places. An arrow was sticking out of his arm, and his shield was barely hanging onto his arm by the straps. His sword was missing from its sheath across his back, and he fell to his knees.
                                    <Help me.> he uttered before collapsing to the ground. Andrew and the two dragons stared at the fire type for a moment.
                                    "I'm getting my bag." And with that, Andrew ran off.
                                    - - - - - - - - - - -
                                    Althalos woke up to find he had been completely stripped of his armor, and was lying on a soft blanket. He felt safe lying there, and forgot what happened. When he opened his eyes and looked around, he remembered. The angry farmers, the stampeding farm pokemon. When his small ship had arrived, the attack on Petalburg had still been happening. Immediately after they unloaded, a group of farmers came and started attacking them with pitchforks and spades. On of them had even managed to steal his sword from his sheath. Another killed an archer and started shooting, one of the arrows striking the fire type in the leg. He hobbled north into the forest, disoriented, and confused. He finally got to a clearing, where he saw a boy and two pokemon. The last thing Althalos remembered was asking for help, and then everything went black.
                                    Now that h had rested, and his vision was cleared, he saw more clearly the three who had helped him. He recognized two of them, from last season: the boy and the blue dragon. There was another one, similar looking to the blue one, but red rather than blue, and somewhat smaller. They were both sleeping, the red ones head resting on top of the blue ones. Althalos tried to lean up and get a better look.
                                    "Lay back down or you'll hurt yourself. The boy told him. He had been facing the other way, and had been mixing something in a small bowl. Now, he stood up, turned around, and knelt by the wounded Typhlosion, who lay back down, looking up nervously. "This will help you heal." The boy said, and dipped his hand in the bowl. His hand came out covered in thick goo. Althalos had seen this before, it was potion. He relaxed, and let the boy rub it into hiss wounds.
                                    "What's your name?" the boy asked when he was done. The Typhlosion thought a moment. Which name should he tell the boy? He had two, the one the humans had given him, and the one he had been called before capture.
                                    <um, Althalos.> he answered.
                                    "Althalos, okay, well, do you know why your army is here, attacking my home country?"
                                    <more territory, I think. Ii never got a memo.>
                                    "Well your armor says otherwise. You have very high quality chain mail, reserved only for the higher ups in the army."
                                    <high rank doesn't mean informed by your superiors. I was only briefly informed during that battle against the dark army about what we were up against.> Althalos regretted saying that.
                                    "Kanto is attacking Hoenn? Even after I helped your king defeat the darkness?"
                                    <technically, we helped you. It was you that creature was after.> Althalos said simply and tried sitting up again. This time the boy didn't seem to care. < And your name was?>
                                    "Andrew." The boy looked at Althalos. "I remember you know. You were in the second row of the crowd that had gathered when I almost died."
                                    <Good memory.>
                                    "You have no idea." Andrew sighed. At that moment, the red dragon woke up, and drowsily floated over to them.
                                    <Good morning.> she gave a tired smile, and leaned on Andrews' shoulder tiredly.
                                    "You do know its past midday." Andrew laughed and pushed her off.
                                    <hey, do you have anything to eat, I'm kind of hungry.> Althalos asked.
                                    "well, I kind of recently got tired of hunting for everyone, so I made the new rule that we all had to find our own food, but you're hurt so I'll make an exception."
                                    <I'm tired and hungry, so can you hunt for me too?> Latias begged.
                                    "Sorry, you're not wounded." Andrew replied.
                                    <But I'm tired.> Latias whined.
                                    "Too bad." Latias gave a loud "humph", and pushed Andrew. He ignored it and took some dried meat out of his bag and gave IT TO Althalos, who happily accepted it.
                                    All this while, Latios had been watching. He didn't like that Typhlosion, and knew something bad was going to come of it.

                                    Ch.4 Journeys

                                    Alys came back into the cave, followed by her twin sister, Kayla, and a Metang, which was her fathers, well, before the Kantonians killed him anyways. The sun had just started to rise, and the three pulled the raft that they had been building to the cave in the north-west of Dewford. The Kantonian army had started using the palace as a headquarters for the commanders. Any buildings left were being used by the soldiers. As the sun rose. The two girls and the steel type fell asleep, knowing that today would be their last day on this island. Their raft was finished, and that night they would cross the ocean to the mainland, hopefully landing in Slateport. They had gathered enough food for at least a weeks' journey and stored it in crates they stole from the military.
                                    "Tonight, we go to Slateport, and find our uncle, the king, and ask for his protection." Alys said their plan out loud again to herself. She had made this plan, the second her father was killed. She had played through her head so many times, and had thought of everything that could possibly go wrong. She was nervous, as well was Kayla. They were scared, and excited all at the same time.
                                    "I have that stuck in my head now. Could you please, just shut up?" Kayla said before Alys could say repeat the plan. The Metang gave a whir of agreement. It had also had the plan stuck in its head now.
                                    "This is going to be a long trip." It thought to itself and fell asleep.
                                    - - - - - - - - - - -
                                    Jack coughed and put jack down. He had run so far in the three days since the attack. He looked around for water, and heard a stream, just beyond the trees. He picked Nicholas up again and trotted over, put his sleeping brother down again, and stuck his face into the cool water. He drank deeply. Then, he heard the cracking of sticks, coming from the clearing he had first stopped at. He leaned his brother against a tree, and then hid behind another one. He drew his knife, and was ready to pounce, but what he saw surprised him. It was only a boy, 14 at the most. He was followed by two pokemon, which he recognized from legends he heard from his father. The red pokemon being Latias, the blue Latios. Or was it the other way around. He couldn't remember. What followed the three though, made him tense up again. A Typhlosion limped after them, struggling to keep up. Jack knew he shouldn't be worried, since Typhlosion are from Johto, but this one was wearing a dented Kantonian helm, with the symbol of the fir regiment on the top, right between the fire types' ears.
                                    "Uggh, are we there yet?" Nicholas groaned next to Jack. He warned his brother to be quiet, but it was too late. He heard a high pitched "laaaa" and turned to see the Latias, apparently speaking to the boy.
                                    "Yes I heard it." He said, and looked directly at jack, who had hidden behind the tree just in time.
                                    "I know you're here." The boy called into the trees. Whoever you are, reveal yourself!" Jack peered around again to see that the boy had drawn a long sword, and was holding it in one hand, prepared to strike if need be.
                                    "Who are you?" jack called out, and sprinted to another tree. The boys' eyes followed him. "Where are you from?" he asked again. He peered around the tree to see only the Typhlosion, and the two dragons there. When he turned back to face the woods, the boy was standing there.
                                    "From here, you?" the boy answered, he had the sword against Jacks' throat, being careful not to actually touch it to him though.
                                    "Petalburg." Jack replied, and the boy lowered his sword.
                                    "Ok then, I'll be off." The boy replied and walked back into the clearing, and then seemingly hearing the stream for the first time, walked over to it, and filled up a canteen. Nicholas, ran behind his older brother, and peered out from behind his legs. Then as the boy stood up, and the air in front of him shimmered, and a large, two legged pokemon with pink stripes and two pink orbs in its shoulders stood there.
                                    "Well, hello there Palkia." The boy seemed merely startled by this pokemons appearance. "What are you doing so far from Sinnoh, mister controller of space?"
                                    The pink and white pokemon let out a low grumble. It then looked at Jack, and gave another.
                                    I don't know who he is, I just met him and was about to go to Fortree, then you showed up." The boy answered the growl, while the new pokemon, Palkia, let out another. The boy turned to Jack. "Palkia says hello." And turned back to the pink pokemon. The two dragon pokemon then floated up beside him. A mocking growl came deep from within Palkias' throat. "Yes, I have made some new friends. Can I please go now?" Palkia sighed, nodded, and disappeared in a shimmer.
                                    "Latios I thought you were annoying." The blue dragon gave a protestant "la" at this.
                                    The boy then turned to Jack again. "What did you say your name was?" he asked.
                                    "Umm, I never told you my name, nut its Jack and you are?" Jack answered.
                                    "Andrew. Pleased to meet you. We will be on our way now.' Andrew turned and started walking back to the clearing, where the Typhlosion was sitting in the shade of a large oak tree.
                                    "Wait a minute; while you were talking to that Pokemon, you said you were going to Fortree, correct?" Jack asked.
                                    "That pokemon was Palkia, and he is quite bothersome, but besides that, yes, yes I am."
                                    "Well, my little brother and I are going there too. The lord there is our uncle."
                                    "And, what do you want me to do about that?" Andrew inquired.
                                    "Could we go with you? You know a safety in numbers type of thing."
                                    Andrew thought a moment, then said: "eh, why not. We're going right now, so drink up." Andrew pointed to the stream, and Jack ushered Nicholas over too it.
                                    ""we'll be with you shortly. The only thing I have is my knife." With that Andrew just nodded and walked over to the clearing, and picked up a pack that had been lying on the ground.
                                    "Are we going with them?" Nicholas asked?
                                    "Yes," replied jack. "It will be safer." And with that the two went to the clearing.

                                    Ch. 5 Enemies

                                    Latios still didn't like that he was traveling with that Typhlosion. He knew the fire type knew that too. They had been fighting behind Andrews' back, Althalos occasionally pushing Latios, knocking him over. The blue pokemon was only just barely able to keep from shoving his claws into Althalos's chest. Then there were also the two new additions, the two brothers. Latios could care less about them. Although it was two more mouths to feed, the older one, Jack, had agreed to hunt for himself and his brother. Latios got along well enough with the older one, so it was someone else to talk to.
                                    "Are we almost there?" the younger brother asked. He had been asking that continually, but it couldn't be helped.
                                    "No, could you please stop asking?" Jack told him. Andrew stopped suddenly in the middle of the wide valley that led to Fortree. A loud rumble was heard coming from the mountains to the right. A near by puddle rippled, as the sound was heard again, this time louder. The sound of cracking trees was soon heard, and the ground shook so violently, that the air vibrated. Then, out of the forest, came a Tyranitar. This one, wearing full battle armor, the Kantonian insignia on the front. The armor was polished and new. Then, the shouts of men were heard. The Tyranitar gave a toothy grin, and let out a terrifying roar that made everyone in the party flinch, and charged at Andrew. He easily side stepped it, but as he did, from the large path of broken trees the pokemon had made, two squadrons of Kantonian warriors appeared. Each group consisted of two knights, 5 foot soldiers, four horse archers, and six foot archer units, which consisted of an archer, and spearmen for defense. Andrew just grinned and told jack and Nicholas to hide.
                                    "This should be interesting." Andrew said, and lunged into the approaching squads. They surrounded him, and Andrew unsheathed his sword.
                                    "You're out numbered! Surrender!" one of the knights commanded.
                                    "I am never out numbered; I have good friends to back me up, so why on earth would I surrender?" Andrews' eyes were now just slits. He whirled around, slicing clean through the first four foot soldiers, and cutting the legs off the Knights Rapidash.
                                    "you son of a-!" the man stopped when he saw that not only was his mount dead, but that water, rather than blood was pouring out of its wounds.
                                    "Who's out numbered now?" Andrew gave a sly grin.
                                    "Technically, you still are." said a nearby archer. Andrew turned around and brought his blade down on him. The spearman put up his shield just before the sword made contact, but the dark gray metal cut through the disk like butter, cutting the spearman's' arm off, and slicing into the body of the archer. Both men fell to the ground instantly dead.
                                    "I suggest leaving now. Not just from here, but from my country. If not, all of you will die right now." Andrew twirled his blade.
                                    "Fool!" the rider of the dead Rapidash exclaimed. "Tremp!" he called and the Tyranitar came out of the woods where he had run into. It roared again, and let loose an energy beam from its mouth.
                                    Andrew jumped out of the way, and let it hit the men behind him. "Hey, Latios, want to join the fun?" Andrew called out to the blue pokemon. Latios just laughed and started distracting the Tyranitar while Andrew finished off the rest of the Kantonians. He then sheathed his sword and took one from one of the dead foot soldiers.
                                    <Why wont you just hit him with Cunamio?> Latias asked as she joined in.
                                    "That would be no fun." Andrew answered, and stabbed the green pokemon in the foot. It roared in pain, and swiped at Andrew. He backed away, and stabbed its eye, blinding its left side.
                                    <Leave some for me!> Latios called, and swiped at the Tyranitars' neck, leaving a small gash in the side. Andrew then came in with the sword, stabbing its other eye. It screamed in confusion at the sudden blackness, and stumbled around for a moment, before Andrew crawled up its back, reached over, and slit its throat. It fell backwards on top of Andrew.
                                    Latias gasped, and Jack had just uncovered Nicholas's eyes, but the little boy quickly dragged his brothers' hand over them again.
                                    "A little help here?" Andrews' voice was heard coming from the other side of the fallen pokemon. Latios, Latias and Althalos all went over to see Andrews upper body sticking out from underneath. "That was fun." Andrew laughed as he was pulled out from underneath. He stretched, brushed himself off, grabbed his sack, and started walking. Jack and Nicholas rushed to catch them.
                                    "I don't think that was a fair fight." Andrew gave an exasperated sigh.
                                    "For you or the soldiers?" Jack asked.
                                    "Both." Latios thought to him. "Unfair to the soldiers, just because, and unfair to Andrew because of how easy it was for him." Jack was surprised. This was the first time he had been communicated with through telepathy.
                                    Andrew turned to Jack. "Expect that to happen a lot in the time you're with us. He is very talkative." Latios gave a protestant "humph".
                                    "Besides that," Jack said, "that was amazing, when you were fighting those soldiers."
                                    <agreed.> Althalos walked up next to Andrew, pushing Latios along the way. <your fighting style is one I have never seen. Even while holding the broadsword, you move as if it a Katana.>
                                    "Thank you, but its getting late. We'll walk for another hour, and then we'll stop for the night." Andrew said as he saw how long his shadow had gotten. "It will only take a few more days to get to Fortree."
                                    - - - - - - - - - - -
                                    Alys and Kayla pushed the raft into the ocean. It bobbed up and down as the waves crashed against it. The two girls hopped onto the boat, and their Metang followed. Alys pushed off and grabbed the rudder control. It would take a few days to get to Slateport, and Alys hoped that they had packed enough food for the trip.
                                    Kayla looked up. "The moon is beautiful tonight." She said. Alys agreed. The moon held a light orange glow, and the reflection on the water made the water seem to glow.
                                    The wind was good that night, blowing to the east, causing the raft to move swiftly through the water. The Metang, although glad to be off the island, was worried. Large clouds were moving in from the west. A large storm was to be here soon. He knew that it would be faster than their raft. It wasn't stable, and would either capsize or fall in on its self in even the slightest choppy water. The only good thing was that there were plenty of small islands on the way to Slateport. Even still, they were wide spread, and the currents are strange around this area. If the raft capsized, who knew where they would end up? The steel type looked at the clouds again.
                                    "May Kyogre bring us good weather." It prayed to itself.
                                    Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?
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                                      Ch. 6 Dreams

                                      As Andrew slept, he heard the prayer of the Metang. I he visualized the pokemon, floating on the raft in his dreams.
                                      "I can not do that for you." Andrew told it.
                                      <Why not?> the steel type asked.
                                      "I am king of the sea, not of the weather. I can make the oceans as calm as possible for you, but I have no power over the storms. That is Rayquaza. He is angry at the invaders." Andrew answered. "Why do you need calm weather any ways? What are you doing sailing into the ocean?"
                                      <we, myself, and my masters daughters are sailing to the capital of Slate Port. We come from Dewford, which has been ravaged by the invaders. They killed my master, who was one of the lords' guards. I must now protect his daughters.>
                                      "You give a good argument. I will do what I can." The image faded from his mind, and Andrew had no more dreams the rest of that night.
                                      For Althalos, though, it was different. He had been having night mares about what would happen to his family if he did not complete this mission. Then, suddenly, Terowin was there. The Alakazam, like Drowzee and Hypno, could communicate through dreams.
                                      <How is your mission going?> he asked.
                                      <not to well. One of his friends, the Latios, doesn't like me to much.>
                                      <that is fine. Kill him first then. I was just checking in. I'll let you go now.> the psychic type started to fade.
                                      <one thing though.>
                                      <Yes?> Terowin quickly reappeared.
                                      <Why can't I just kill him now and get it over with?> Althalos asked.
                                      <Because he might possess crucial Hoennian military secrets.>
                                      <He didn't even know that we had attacked Hoenn until I found him.> Althalos said with a shrug. Terowin gave a thoughtful glance towards the Typhlosion.
                                      <he still might know something. Don't kill him yet.> and with that, the Alakazam faded away, and Althalos's night mares began once more.
                                      - - - - - - - - - - -
                                      Andrew woke up to feel a wet nose nudging his face. When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was staring at a small Vulpix. Behind it, stood two Ninetails. Andrew was more or less surprised to see the pokemon. They were rare in Hoenn, but they were almost never in this area. The male looked at him curiously.
                                      <Hello Andrew.> it greeted him.
                                      "Do I know you?" Andrew asked him.
                                      <Well you should, I fought with you as leader of the fire regiment during the fight against the darkness.>
                                      "Jogun?" Andrew asked.
                                      <No one else.> the pokemon replied.
                                      "But, you're, you're normal!" the boy exclaimed.
                                      <yup.> Jogun gave a sly grin. <I guess that when the darkness evaporated, all the rebels became normal instead of disappeared.>
                                      "And you have a family too!" Andrew picked up the Vulpix and scratched its head.
                                      <Yes, this is my mate, Salin, and my son, Jamor.> Andrew put the little Vulpix down and walked over to Jogun.
                                      "Everybody else is still sleeping, so we should probably take this conversation else where." Jogun nodded, and followed Andrew out of the clearing with Salin and Jamor following close behind.
                                      "How did you know where I was?" Andrew asked curiously.
                                      <when I was out hunting, I heard loud noises, and came to see what it was. It had been you fighting that Tyranitar and those soldiers.> Jogun replied.
                                      <I take it you won?> Salin spoke for the first time.
                                      "Yes, yes I did. I'm not one much for running from an enemy."
                                      <sometimes it's smart to though. Imagine if there had been 20 Tyranitar. You would have been sacrificing the welfare of your friends, and those humans too.> Andrew gave her a curious look. <I was there too.> she sighed.
                                      <My mate gives words of wisdom.> Jogun nodded. <She knows what she is talking about.> Andrew nodded, scratched Jamor behind the ears again, waved them off, and left.
                                      When Andrew came back, he saw that Latios wasn't there, and neither was Althalos, so he assumed they were out hunting together. Latias was still lying next to the fire pit and shivered when a cold wind blew by, ruffling her feathers. Jack and Nicholas were sleeping a little further off, Jacks arm around his brothers' body. Andrew fetched some more sticks and got the fire going again. He then retrieved some arrows from his bag, and went out hunting for himself.
                                      - - - - - - - - - - -
                                      Latios angrily tore a chunk of meat out his preys' body. <Why on earth would Andrew do that?> he said to no one in particular. The only things that heard him were the trees. <Andrew is smarter than that. To let someone from the attacking country to follow us.> Latios paused and thought for a minute. <if he is going to act so naively, than I should be the leader of this group. I'm older than him too.> he laughed to himself. <The first thing I would do would be kicking that blasted Typhlosion out, or killing him.>
                                      <Who are you talking to?> a voice came from in front of him. Latios looked up from his meal, a dead Swellow. A blue pokemon, a Swampert in Hoennian battle armor, stood looking at him.
                                      <myself.> Latios answered. <What are you doing here?>
                                      <I got separated from my scouting party yesterday. We were looking for Kantonians when a Tyranitar came roaring through the forest. Most of us jumped out of the way. The leader of our group became paralyzed or something, because he stood shock still, and let hi-> the water type never finished his sentence. He fell over onto his stomach with a dagger sticking out of his back, shoved into a gap in the pokemons armor.
                                      <You may be older than Andrew, but that doesn't make you smarter.> a voice from the trees said. <Or stronger.>
                                      <Althalos, you little bastard, show your self!> Latios called.
                                      <it wouldn't matter if I did.> the fire type chuckled. <I was able to sneak up right behind that Swampert, kill him, and even make it back to the forest without you seeing me.>
                                      <It is not wise to threaten me.> Latios squinted towards the trees.
                                      <oh, why not?> this time, the voice was right behind him.
                                      - - - - - - - - - - -
                                      Alys and Kayla snored softly as the small waves rocked the raft. The Metang stared at them thoughtfully. It had been his masters' last wish for him to protect his daughters. He had been right to pray to the king of the sea for good weather, even if the pokemon couldn't control it. Smooth waters were better than nothing. The answer had come almost immediately from Kyogre. Although he answer he had gotten disappointed him somewhat, he was glad he got an answer at all. The steel type knew that most legendaries were very busy with there lives, or whatever it is they do. He looked around for a moment, and noticed a Pelipper floating on the water nearby.
                                      <Hello?> he called out. The water pokemon turned his head towards the Metang.
                                      <Yes?> he swam closer to the little raft.
                                      <Do you know which way to go to get to Slateport?> the Pelipper thought for a moment, then answered.
                                      <um, yes. It's that way, about a few days sail away. It pointed with its wing to the northeast.
                                      <Thank you.> the steel type grabbed the rudder stick at the back of the raft and turned it to the correct direction just as it started to rain. The drizzle quickly became a downpour.
                                      <Be careful!> the water type called after the raft, but Metang didn't hear over the downpour.
                                      Kayla and Alys quickly woke up after the rain started. Kayla quickly crawled underneath the small roofed area. She was followed by Alys, who curled up in a ball next to her sister and tried to keep from falling over from the waves that were continuously hitting the boat. Kayla motioned for the Metang to get under the roof. The steel pokemon gave a refusing whir, and held tight to the rudder stick as a good sized wave crashed over the side of the raft. He then decided that it might be better to join the girls. He used his psychic to hold the rudder in place, then glided underneath the roof, and held onto Alys and Kayla. Another wave, this time a larger one started rising out of the water, and then, just before it hit the raft, it shrunk back down into the water. The Metang gave a sigh of relief, and released the two girls from his grip.

                                      Ch. 7

                                      Latios sourly dragged Althalos' limp body behind him, and the fire type gave a weak groan of protest. Latios huffed and moved faster towards the clearing.
                                      <the little bastard. Thought he could sneak up on me like that.> the eon said to himself.
                                      - - - - A few minutes earlier - - - -
                                      Latios spun around quickly, hitting Althalos across the face with the back of his paw. This dazed the Typhlosion, and gave Latios enough time to change his appearance.
                                      When Althalos recovered, Latios was no where in sight. Rather, a large tree was right next to him.
                                      <He thought he could trick me with his mind tricks now did he?> he went over to the body of the dead Swampert, and removed his knife from the base of its neck. When he turned around, the tree wasn't where it was when he first recovered, now it was right behind him. <You're not as smart as I thought dragon.> he said to the tree.
                                      <Well, neither are you.> Latios' voice was behind him. He quickly turned around to see the blue pokemon hovering over the dead Swampert. <I mean truly,> Latios laughed, <you were talking to a tree.> and he hit Althalos over the head with a branch.
                                      - - - - - - - - - - -
                                      Latios reached the clearing to find Andrew sitting by the fire next to Latias, who was still asleep.
                                      "What have you got there?" Andrew asked, and looked at Althalos, who was now covered in dirt and leaves from being dragged. Andrew gave him a shocked look. "Is he dead?" Andrew asked. Latios frowned
                                      <Unfortunately not.> he grumbled.
                                      "That was not exactly kind. What did he do to you?"
                                      <Well, he tried to kill me just now for one, and he killed a Hoennian soldier, a Swampert, a relatively young one at that.>
                                      "The stupid bastard!"
                                      <That was not exactly kind.> Latios mocked Andrew under his breath. The boy stood up from his position by the fire, and walked over to the passed out Typhlosion.
                                      "Wake up, you little bastard" Andrew kicked the Typhlosion in the side. Althalos groaned in pain. Andrew leaned over him: "if you don't get up, I'm gonna gouge your eyes out and shove them down your throat. Latios looked at him, shocked that he could be so violent. Althalos almost instantly opened his eyes and attempted to get up, and when he fell back down, Andrew grabbed him by his throat and hoisted him to his feet. He brought his knife to the fire types' neck, pressing against the soft flesh.
                                      "I have just heard an interesting tale: one about how you attempted to kill one of my best friends? Is this true? If you say no, I'm not believing it at all." Andrew stared directly at Althalos's eyes, and, this seemed to discomfort the Typhlosion more than the knife at his neck, but when he tried to turn his head away, Andrew pressed the knife into his cheek.
                                      <Umm, uh, yes…> Andrew glared at Althalos. He told Latios to wake Jack, Nicholas, and Latias, and to start north. Andrew held the same position, Althalos' throat in hand, until everyone else had started moving.
                                      "You remember when you tried to kill that pokemon? Well, both he, and his sister are more family, than any creature on this planet. And you threatened the welfare of my family. I won't hesitate to cut your head off if you threaten them again." He pressed the knife into Althalos's throat enough to draw blood.
                                      Althalos knew that Andrew could kill him in a less time than he could say the "n" in no, and he was worried about many things, and his mind raced back to another time, not to a time when he and his family were living peacefully, his family was just a blur in his mind, as he went back to a time before he had met his mate, before he had evolved into a Typhlosion, or even a Quilava. He went back to a time when he was with his brother. The memory of his last moments with his older sibling was as vivid and fresh in his mind as if it had happened moments ago.
                                      He was next to his brother, a recently evolved Quilava, learning about the pokemon that lived in the river.
                                      <That one is a Quilfish.> his brother said to him, pointing to a small blue and tan fish pokemon with spike around its body. <Yūkan'na are you listening?> he looked at his little brother who had suddenly began to cower behind him.
                                      <Whatever that pokemon is, it doesn't look very nice.> the older brother looked up at his little brothers words. A large shadow fell over the two brothers, and a Feraligatr loomed over them.
                                      <How nice for two such tasty looking morsels to wind up at my river.> the water pokemon gave a toothy grin and licked its lips as the older brother flared his back. <Yes, I do like my meals warm.> the younger brother ran into the woods and peered out from behind a bush. He ducked down when he saw the water pokemon pick up his brother and hang him over his open mouth. He then heard someone yelling and looked out again, seeing a boy chasing off the alligator pokemon. When he didn't see his brother, he thought he had been eaten, but then saw the boy pick up his brother. He cradled the fire type in his arms for a moment and looked around before running off into the woods.
                                      Althalos' mind ran to a few months later. He had been living alone for what had seemed years to him. Although, it technically had been. His father had died from a disease a few years before, and his mother died soon after of heart break, leaving only him and his brother.
                                      Living alone had made him strong, and he evolved into a Quilava a month after the incident at the river, and then into a Typhlosion a year after.
                                      Andrew looked at Althalos curiously. He had suddenly drifted into his own mind. He held his gaze, looking for something that might show what he was thinking about. When Andrew saw nothing, he transformed momentarily into a Kadabra and used mind reader. It showed Andrew everything Althalos was thinking about: the Feraligatr, attack, living alone… watching Andrew save his older brother. Andrew turned back into his human form and released Althalos and backed up. The fire pokemon returned to the present time when he felt his neck released.
                                      "You… you're his, his brother?" Althalos looked at Andrew, confused.
                                      <Yes, but how-?> he asked.
                                      "I can transform and use mind reader."
                                      <You saved my brother?> Andrew nodded and turned around. <I suppose I you a certain amo->
                                      "I don't want your thanks, and nor do I care if your brother was part of my family, as much if not more than Latios and Latias, I will still kill you if you threaten the family I have now." Andrew didn't let him finish.
                                      <fine. You are obviously a caring person, and I respect that, but answer this: if my brother was family to you as much me, than why isn't he with you now?> Andrew stopped for a moment, and turned around, glaring at the Typhlosion.
                                      "He's dead." Andrews' eyes looked watery.
                                      "You heard me."
                                      Althalos was quieted and watched Andrew walk away. "You're welcome to come with us, but heed my warning, and just in case you forgot: your eyes will be shoved down your throat."
                                      "He's dead." Andrews' eyes looked watery.
                                      "You heard me."
                                      Althalos was quieted and watched Andrew walk away. "You're welcome to come with us, but heed my warning, and just in case you forgot: your eyes will be shoved down your throat."
                                      Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?
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                                        Ch. 8 Raining

                                        <Why didn't you kill him?> Latios asked Andrew, an almost shocked look on his face when he saw the fire type trudging further behind.
                                        "Because if I needed too, you would have when he attacked you." He said solemnly. Latios just watched him walk by towards everyone else; he then whirled around, glaring at the approaching fire type.
                                        <You're not going to live much longer.> he muttered. Althalos just looked at the Eon, a blank expression on his face.
                                        <I don't really care right now…> he muttered.
                                        - - - - - - - - - - -
                                        Andrew had been walking slowly walked slowly behind Jack, Nicholas, Latios and Latias for the past few hours, and Althalos trailing behind him a bit farther off. He watched Jack pick up his younger brother when he started stumbling. Andrew gave a wan smile. "It's nice," he thought "that brothers can trust each other like that." Latias was suddenly next to him.
                                        <Are you alright?> she asked, leaning against him. Andrew blushed a little and gave an embarrassed, but worried laugh.
                                        "Not really, but I don't want to talk right now, we need to keep moving." Latias just leaned into him more, purring softly.
                                        <Aw, but don't you see how tired little Nicholas is, not to mention myself. It's also getting dark out.> Andrew looked at the sky, and indeed, it was starting to get dark.
                                        "Today just flew by." Andrew thought out loud, gently pushing Latias away, but she only resisted and pushed harder into him until he almost fell. She laughed and Andrew could have sworn her eyes glinted when she did.
                                        The party soon came to a halt on a large cliff area. The ground was covered in fresh grass and a breeze blew through the area, cooling everyone off. The sun was just sinking below the horizon, making the sky turn a brilliant array of colors, stretching from the dark blue behind them, to the bright orange and pink of the disappearing clouds, and a few beams of light blasted through the clouds to light up the sky in an amazing shade of yellow, while in the distance, smoke rose from the elevated Fortree City, yet closer on, on the mountain side, shown the lights of Lavaridge Town. The silhouetted shape of the mountain at their backs was a beautiful site to behold too, standing above everything else. Andrew stood on the edge of the cliff, letting the wind cool him. He went out to hunt for himself after setting up camp, and was soon followed by the others.
                                        He was taking a good sized Swellow back to the camp when he saw Latias slowly creeping towards an unsuspecting Tropius. He crawled up next to her.
                                        "You're never going to be able to catch that." he whispered, making Latias start. She shook the leaves surrounding her, scaring the Tropius and causing it to fly off.
                                        <I can knock it out of the sky though!> she took off in pursuit of the grass type, Andrew laughing at her. He walked back towards the cliff to see that everyone else had arrived with their meals except Althalos.
                                        <Where's the Typhlosion?> Latios asked.
                                        "How should I know?" Andrew snapped.
                                        <Well, good riddance to him.> Latios said, stick his nose in the air. A loud crash followed by a <help me> alerted Andrew and Latios, but Nicholas and Jack couldn't understand and they went on cooking.
                                        Andrew and Latios made their way through the woods to find Latias, stuck underneath the now dead Tropius.
                                        <How on earth are you going to eat that?> Latios was surprised.
                                        "I'm just surprised she even managed to take it down." Andrew said, eyebrows raised. He leaned over and started to push on the corpse.
                                        "Damn, this thing is heavy! Latios, are you going to help me?" Andrew managed to push it most of the way off of Latias, but at the last second, Latios used his psychic to move it all the way, causing Andrew to fall down. Latios laughed as Andrew spit out a face full of dirt and brushed himself off. Latias floated up next to her brother and patted his back.
                                        <That was a good one!> she laughed.
                                        Andrew heard a stream over a little a ways and concentrated his energy on it. He pictured the stream in his mind, and the water rising out of it, then weaving through the trees towards him. When he opened his eyes and concentrated on the world around him, he found that Latios and Latias were still laughing, unaware of the watery threat. Andrew made the water from into a ball and had it hover over the two eons, and then he let it all go with one big splash, and Andrew was surprised to see that the water kept coming, and that it was now pouring on him. He looked up to see that the sky had darkened, and that it was now pouring rain. The Eon's stopped laughing, and started leaving, Andrew close behind. Latias, though, stopped. She turned around and started lifting the dead Tropius with her psychic.
                                        "Leave it!" Andrew called from further up.
                                        <but I'm hungry! She shouted back. Andrew, with an annoyed look on his face ran back, and rather than helping her move the grass type, grabbed Latias's arm, pulling her away. This made her lose her concentration, and she let her prey drop. She followed Andrew to the cliff side, where on Latios was waiting. By now, he was soaked completely through, and his feathers, as well as Latias's, and Andrews clothes, were stuck flat against their bodies. Latios yelled at them that there was a nearby cave, and lead them to it.
                                        - - - - - - - - - - -
                                        Kayla woke up lying in the raft next to her sister and their Metang.
                                        "Alys!" she said, shaking her sister, who blinked her eyes opened.
                                        "Are we there yet?" she asked drowsily. Kayla looked up, and saw the silhouette of Slateport City.
                                        "Yep!" she said giddily. She shook the Metang awake and looked at the raft that they had built. It had now been a few days at sea, and the poor quality ropes had corroded, completely in some places. Some of the planks of wood were gone, and the sail was missing as of last night. After completely waking up, they set out across the beach. As they came closer and closer to the capital, they noticed what looked like a rain cloud hovering over the city, but as they got closer still, the saw wreckage scattered about them and found that the rain cloud was billowing up from the city.
                                        "How did they get here so fast?!" Kayla was worried, but she started running towards the city in hope that the castle still was intact.

                                        CH. 9 Mountain side

                                        Andrew sat at the entrance to the cave. It had been raining non stop for the past three days, barely letting up enough to hunt.
                                        "At least it will put out the fires…" Andrew thought to himself and walked towards the rear of the cave where everyone else was huddled. Althalos, who had arrived shortly after the rain started had lit and kept a fire burning. He stayed in the furthest corner of the cave unless the fire was shrinking or it was time for a meal. Andrew sat next to the fire type, who was leaning against the wall.
                                        "I know what it's like to lose those you care about." Andrew said. Althalos stared blankly at the opposite wall for a few moments and then looked down.
                                        <I have already lost so much. I don't like killing.> He said sadly.
                                        "Do you have a family?" Andrew asked without looking at the Typhlosion.
                                        <Yes, my mate and son.> Althalos seemed sadder than before.
                                        "Do you know where they are?"
                                        <In a prison camp, probably working like slaves. They'll stay like that until my service is over. I haven't seen either off them in more than a year now…>
                                        Andrew looked at him. "Family is hard to lose. I have witnessed and been a part of so much violence. I am harder than the most well trained knight or samurai, and yet I still cry when I lose someone I care about."
                                        <I know that you probably hate me for trying to kill your friend, but you have to understand that I have "failed" too many operations. He was the only one who suspected anything. Besides, my mission was to assassinate you and any accomplices. There would be severe consequences if I didn't.>
                                        "I don't hate you, let's just say that I strongly dislike you," this made Althalos smile a little. "But would you have even killed them?" Andrew asked, pointing to John and Nicholas. Althalos shook his head.
                                        <They are only with you for protection and because you're going where they're going. They know no better.> Andrew acknowledged this with a nod.
                                        "Now, what are your consequences for not killing me and my friends?"
                                        <Being forced to watch my family killed, or be forced to do it myself…>
                                        - - - - - - - - - - -
                                        Kayla, Alys and the Metang stopped about 100 meters from the entrance to the city. The smoke seemed to be coming from inside, but there were no breaches in the walls or signs of fighting, not even a blood splatter. The only living thing they saw was a guard up in the wall turret. He leaned over the edge.
                                        "Who are you? State your business?" He yelled down to them.
                                        "We are Alys and Kayla, Nieces to his Royal Majesty, King Alexander!" Alys yelled up to him. The guard turned around and he yelled a command to someone on the other side of the wall. Four men could be seen through the gate pulling a lever and the large iron gate lifted. The two girls and the Metang walked through and were briefly saluted by the men. Kayla stopped in front of them for a moment.
                                        "What are those fires from?" she pointed to the thick, billowing smoke that lifted from the center of the city.
                                        "Those flames are from The Book of Alliances. They're burning all records of the alliance that Kanto made with us 12 years ago. No need keeping what doesn't exist anymore." One of the guards said with a shrug.
                                        "I see…" Kayla said, "Where is the castle?" she asked.
                                        The guard pointed down the large road that lead through the city. "Follow this until you get to the market place. Turn left on the other large road there. Follow that to the Wailord Inn. Make a left at that intersection then keep going. It is a straight shot from there, about 30 minutes total on foot."
                                        "Thank you very much." Kayla said and curtseyed. The guard bowed and returned to his post.
                                        - - - - - - - - - - -
                                        "Enemy contact, front!" General Sontoyo shouted. Four archer units, three Venosaur and seven swords men charged at the small squadron of men. Five Blaziken wearing heavy armor shot fireballs at the charging enemy. After a few minutes, all the Kantonian soldiers had been burnt to a crisp, their ashes floating away in the soft wind. A young soldier came up to him.
                                        "Where to next, sir?" he asked. The general looked at him for a moment.
                                        "We will head to Lavaridge next. We might be able to find some suitable recruits there." General Sontoyo mounted his Rapidash, a strong, heavy destrier by the name of Honoo, and began leading the way to the volcano city.
                                        - - - - - - - - - - -
                                        Andrew woke up sweating, it had suddenly become very hot in the cave. He looked around to find that it was actually Latias, curled up against him, a large ball of red and white feathers. He gently moved away from her and she shivered violently as her sudden source of heat left, but she didn't wake up.
                                        Andrew did a quick head count and was happy to see that everyone was there and asleep. He tossed another log onto the smoldering embers of the fire pit and looked outside; it had finally stopped raining. It was still cloudy out, but a few beams of sun had broken through the clouds, leaving a beautiful view on the forest below.
                                        "I would come up to a mountain like this with my father every once and a while. He would take me when he went on his merchant trips sometimes." The voice startled Andrew and he looked around to see Jack.
                                        "I would appreciate it if you wouldn't sneak up on me like that…" Andrew sighed.
                                        "Sorry, this just reminds me of those views. Did you ever do anything with your father?"
                                        "I'd rather not talk about him." Andrew muttered irritably.
                                        "Okay, how about your family in general?" Jack asked.
                                        "The only family I have alive is my older sister, and I haven't seen her since I was about five. My real family is here with me." Andrew looked at Latios and Latias, then sat down and let his feet dangle over the edge of the cliff and watched the sun rise. Jack sat next to him.
                                        "You don't seem like someone who scares easily, why so?" Jack tried to change the subject.
                                        "I've done to much to be easily scared. I am scared when some one I care about, or someone innocent is hurt or dieing. I am scared when I am dieing, but then again, we are dieing from the moment we're born, so I am only scared of my own or a loved ones premature deaths." Jack just nodded, taking in the words of wisdom. The sun finally rose to a good light and the clouds parted, letting the soft, morning summer light fall. Andrew got up and began waking everyone else. Jack woke Nicholas and everyone ate a quiet breakfast of dried meat. They began to trek along the cliff side and down into the expansive forest.
                                        - - - - - - - - - - -
                                        Kayla and Alys got lost twice, but thanks to their metang, they made it to the castle in about 45 minutes, give or take. The entered the castle courtyard, and were stopped by some guars. After explaining who they were again, they were brought to the throne room, a long hall that also served as a feast hall. Large, white granite pillars, 20 on each side, held up the ceiling, each had a Hoennian flag hanging from it. A large grey silk rug stetched from the massive iron and wood doors to the king and queens feet. Only the queen was in her throne, the King off doing royal duties.
                                        "My beautiful nieces!" The queen said joyously and stood up to meet them, giving each a hug.
                                        "How is my brother in law? Why are you here?" she asked. Kayla and Alys looked at each other sadly, then the queen. "As far as we know, we're the only survivors from Dewford. We hid in the cave and we were working on a raft each night, we only just arrived early this morning," Alys explained.
                                        "Oh, I guess that's what that messenger Tailow was holding. My husband never let me see what it was, he told me that it said that our former allies have declared war on us, but I guess your father had written something about him dying in it as well," the queen shook her head sadly then called for her maidens. "Please, prepare a room for my nieces!" the maidens rushed to another part of the castle. "Did you know that the Kantonians just finished a very large battle with some shadow beast and his army a season ago? They were assisted by a boy who had the power to transform and who claimed he was Kyogre. A Hoennian legendary assisting the Kantonians seems like a very strange thing to be doing, but of course we weren't at war last season."
                                        "Really? How much information was received about this boy?" Kayla asked curiously. The queen gave her an odd look.
                                        "Not much really, I heard he looked to be younger than you, in case that's what you're wondering, three or four years at least. He was traveling with a Latios and a Latias, the Eon Siblings. A witness said he turned into a Rayquaza for the duration of the final battle, and that after some the dark being attacked him with some kind of dark energy, his rayquaza form turned black. They wound up defeating the dark thing, btu the boy was seriously hurt, on the verge of death, so they say. He gathered up enough energy, and 'poof,'" she emphasized with her hands, "turned into a boy again. It's all simply preposterous I say," The queen waved it off with her hand. This whole thing just made Kayla more interested.
                                        "Do you know where he is now?" she asked.
                                        "Last I heard he was in one of the forests, quite a ways from here though."
                                        "Your room is ready, my ladies," a maiden said as she ran in, curtseying.
                                        "Thank you very much," Alys said, both girls curtseyed in return.
                                        "Your mother taught you very nice manners," the queen said before they left.
                                        - - - - - - - - - - -
                                        General Sontoyo worked his way up the mountain, troop behind him. They had been climbing for a few hours, and finally reached the top. He looked around and got off of Honoo, ordering his men. "Lucipher," he pointed to the head Blaziken, "take your soldiers and scout the area, we don't want any interferences on the way down," A few minutes later, the Blaziken came back with the rest of the fire types. He gave Sontoyo a thumbs up. The platoon headed down the mountain towards Lavaridge. The citizens there were pretty shocked to see armed soldiers in their city. Lavaridge was a town mostly inhabited by murderers, thieves, jail escapees and any sort of criminal you could imagine. Even still, it was probably the most patriotic city in the country, all of those previously stated would not hesitate to join the army to protect Hoenn, and join they did. The squadron now had about 50 extra men, a few more Rapidash and extra supplies and weapons. Sontoyo watched from the back of Honoo with a grin on his face as his now larger group of soldiers marched uniformly down the one way short cut. Even the younger men, who were but petty thieves knew how to march. Sontoyo was glad that he had come here, even if he had a murderer or two in his lines, that would just make them more aggressive in battle.
                                        Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?
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                                          Chapter 10: Stars

                                          The walls of Fortree loomed ahead. Latias leaned against Andrew, "Do you think they'll let us in?"
                                          "Well, they'll have to if Nick and Jack are gonna see their uncle," Andrew looked up to the guard on the wall. "Good sir, we need access to the city! We have with us the nephews of the reigning Lord here!" The guard looked down at them, and then called to one of the guards below. He came out with two huge brutes of men, each carrying a giant axe. "Quite the welcoming party," Andrew said to the man, who was inspecting each of them.
                                          "You're the boy, aren't you? At ease, men," the guard called the two brutes off. "Please, come in!"
                                          "Well, that depends. What boy are you talking about? Thank you very much. May we please see the Lord?" Andrew asked as they were escorted in.
                                          "The boy who can transform! Of course it's you; you're traveling with the eon siblings. And actually, I'm afraid that our lord is not here at the moment. He is in Slateport discussing things with King Alexander and the other lords. His lady is here though; to make sure everything is running smoothly. You may see her," the guard pointed to a tall building that rose above the trees and elevated homes; the spires and turrets of a small castle rising just above the tree tops. "Find your way there and one of the guards will assist you in finding Lady Doris."
                                          The party started walking towards the building, walking along the elevated walkways, which made for a rather nice view of the again setting sun. Althalos was still lumbering along in the back of the group, trying not to make any eye contact with those that were staring at them. He soon found Andrew next to him.
                                          <What do you want?> the Typhlosion asked without looking up.
                                          "Copper shint for your thoughts?" Andrew asked him.
                                          <Being among all these people… Some of which I might end up killing or witness being killed, it's strange knowing that they will probably die,>
                                          "Now, now, Hoenn is a much greater country than that. She won't die that easily. Her people are as hardy as the elements. There is no easy way Hoenn will go down."
                                          - - - - - - - - - - -
                                          General Sontoyo crawled out from under Honoo and looked around. The only things moving were the flames of what used to be Littleroot Town. Then he noticed, just at the entrance to the ton, the Kantonian camp. He grabbed a bow and arrow from a nearby archer, whose body was grossly distorted, and lit the tip on fire. He launched the arrow with expert marksmanship into a tent. The fire was quickly put out, but a satisfied smirk crossed his face when a soldier ran out of the tent, screaming like a small child, and his clothes on fire. He turned around to see if he could get Honoo to get up, but the Rapidash was missing a leg and there was a big gash across his face and neck. HE remembered what had happened. The now larger group had moved to Littleroot, receiving a distress call from a messenger taillow. They went there as fast as possible, and charged head on into a skirmish between the villagers and the soldiers. This moved the Kantonians back, but they regrouped and charged with fresh soldiers, annihilating the Hoennians. The first thing that happened was axes; so many axes. They rained from the sky like a hellish downpour. Then the men with the long swords came in, killing everything in their path, but even then, there were soldiers left. They fought to the last one, until finally, one caught Honoo in the leg, toppling the horse pokemon, and crushing Sontoyo beneath him. That was all he remembered. He was hurriedly looking for survivors, but was frozen by an all too familiar voice.
                                          "Ah, Sontoyo, my friend! I thought you died when Honoo fell on you," the Hoennian general turned to see Henry. The fat man lumbered towards him and Sontoyo rushed at him, but two soldiers grabbed him by the arms.
                                          "You've let yourself go, Henry. Put on a few hundred pounds I see," Sontoyo spat at Henrys' feet.
                                          "Is that a challenge I hear?" Henry taunted.
                                          "Oh, I bet you wouldn't be able to move your fat ass quick enough. I get the feeling you just hid in the trees during the fight, just like you did when we were kids," Henry punched him in the face, with uncanny speed for someone his size.
                                          "How's that for speed?" Henry laughed. "You know, when we were children, you beat me up many times. Now, I am the general of an army. I think I should repay the favor," a guard gave Henry a crossbow, which he aimed at Sontoyo. "Are you ready to meet God?" he pulled the trigger.
                                          - - - - - - - - - - -
                                          "It would be an honor to have you here at the ball tonight!" Lady Doris exclaimed, "You would be the guest of honor. All of you would be invited," Andrew contemplated the offer.
                                          "What do you guys think? I nice break from all the excitement?" he asked.
                                          <Sure, why not? It'll be fun,> Latias giggled. She was in her human illusion now, standing up straight as she could, trying to match Andrew's height, but off by a few inches.
                                          <Do I have to?> Latios groaned. The whole idea of dancing publicly was foreign to him, and seemed like a bad idea. He had tried dancing before as a human, and bad dancing is something not even an illusion can cover up.
                                          <Aw, come on! You might meet a pretty Flygon or something there,> Latias tried to change his mind, but really I was all the more reason for him not to go in his opinion.
                                          <As long as I don't have to look like a human, I'll go,> he finally gave in.
                                          "What exactly are they talking about, Andrew?" the boy was asked by both Lady Doris and Jack.
                                          "Oh, they're just arguing about the ball. I, for one, will be there gladly. I need a break," he looked a t Jack. "What about you?"
                                          "I think I'll just stay in my room. Play with Nick," he shrugged.
                                          "Well, Latios, Latias, I'll see you both at the ball."
                                          - - - - - - - - - - -
                                          Latias put on the dress, which had been quickly designed for her about two hours earlier. Despite it being rushed, it was still beautiful. The silk was soft shade of gold to match her eyes and there were light pink frills around the arms and at the bottom, which dragged only slightly on the floor. She looked in the mirror, thinking. She liked Andrew, a lot. She also knew that he liked her just as much, but she also knew that he was too stubborn to just admit it. If he didn't really like her the way she did him, well, she couldn't think like that. If he didn't she would hide away and cry, but those were not thoughts for now. The ball was to begin in just a few minutes, and already citizens of the small town were filing into the castle by twos and music was drifting up through the halls. Latias put on the slippers and walked down the hall ways to the ball room. It was already crowded, but she quickly spotted Andrew. He was wearing a white and red military coat, with some mock medals on the shoulder. He was over by the food table. She waited patiently for him to finish what he was doing, and looked around. There were a few couples that looked as young as they were, and some so old that they were almost skeletal. Althalos was standing in a corner. He had received some temporary armor to make him look more official. It didn't fit him too well though, as it was made for a swampert guard. The armor was too wide at the shoulders, and he had to keep lifting it up at the bottom of the plates. Latias giggled watching him trying to look all official, and only barely succeeding in doing so. She turned back to Andrew, who was now talking to another girl. This worried Latias, thinking he might not dance with her, but he just gave the girl a small bow and started walking towards Latias.
                                          "You look beautiful," he kissed her hand, making her blush.
                                          "You are looking fine yourself," now Andrew blushed a little. The music started playing a little louder now.
                                          "May I have this dance, my fair maiden?" Andrew asked, taking her hand.
                                          "Of course, my knight in shining blue armor," Latias smiled. Andrew put her hand on his shoulder, and his own on her waist. They started dancing in time to the others.
                                          - - - - - - - - - -
                                          Latias rested her head on Andrews shoulder as the music slowed to a calm dance.
                                          "Want to go get some air? I found a pavilion near the entrance to the castle," Andrew asked her. She let Andrew lead her outside to a small white construction in a tree. They climbed the ladder to find that it was open topped and empty. The only light was that of the bright stars. The music could still be faintly heard outside, and they kept slowly dancing. Andrew tilted Latias's head up and kissed her gently on the lips. Her fears of Andrew possibly not liking her completely disappeared, leaving only a big warm spot in her stomach. Although he hadn't said that he liked her, that kiss was more than enough. She rested her head on his shoulder again as they slowly danced around the tree trunk that rose through the center. She had a stupidly infatuated smile on her face, and she could tell Andrew had a similar look. They sat down on the bench against the tree and Latias rested her head on Andrews lap, letting the illusion break. Andrew was warm even though her feathers, and she fell asleep, still grinning.
                                          Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?
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                                            Ch. 11 Judgement

                                            Andrew woke up sitting in the pavilion against the tree trunk; Latias still curled up in his lap, still asleep. He yawned and stretched his arms before leaning back against the tree trunk. He rested a hand on Latias' head, ruffling her feathers.
                                            "Wakey-wakey, its morning," Andrew yawned again as Latias lifted her head, eyes half closed. She remembered where she was and nuzzled his cheek.
                                            <'Morning,> she smiled tiredly. <Are we still in the pavilion?> she asked, still not willing to fully open her eyes.
                                            "Yup. We're still outside. Did you sleep well?" Latias thought for a moment and looked where her head was resting across Andrew's lap.
                                            <Yea. I didn't think legs could make that good of a pillow. You?>
                                            "Well, my legs are asleep now, but I slept nicely. It's been a long time since I've been able to slow down and smell the flowers," He took a deep breath as Latias sat up next to him and leaned against his shoulder, resting her head against Andrew's neck.
                                            "Come on, get up. We need to go make sure Latios didn't get into any trouble," He pushed her away and stood up, letting the blood flow back into his legs, the painful tingling making him cringe. Latias floated up beside him, rubbing her eyes and yawning. She changed into her human illusion, but the top of her head didn't change due tot eh messed up feathers.
                                            "Latias, your head," Andrew teased. Latias looked at him for a moment and then felt the top of her head.
                                            <Oh! Andrew, why'd you do that?> she asked as she smoothed the feathers, the illusion melting into place.
                                            "Because I had to wake you up, now come on." Andrew started down the ladder, Latias close behind.
                                            Andrew heard his name being called and recognized Latios' voice.
                                            "I'm over here!" Andrew called out to him. Latios floated out from one of the path ways, an oddly colored Flygon not far behind.
                                            <Ah, there you are. This is Nira,> Latios motioned to the Flygon, who was waiting shyly a little further behind. She was an unusually dark shade of green with dark orange gel covering her eyes and stripes of the same color rather than the usual dark green ones that were that of your typical Flygon.
                                            "Hello, Nira. I take it you two met last night?" Andrew gave a slight bow. Nira cautiously walked a little closer, still being shy, and unsure of how Andrew could understand her.
                                            <Yep. Latios noticed I was alone and asked me if I would fly around with him,> she answered, more curious now about Andrew understanding her, so she asked.
                                            "I'm but a lowly wizard of the elements," Andrew answered with a tiny smirk.
                                            <Really? Show me something then,> Nira was getting more curious.
                                            "Anything for the friend of a friend," Andrew said and looked around for a source of water. There was a fountain nearby and he closed his eyes concentrating on it. An orb of water floated out and when Andrew opened his eyes, it was in front of them. Nira was staring wide eyed as it formed into the shape of a cup and Andrew grabbed onto it and raised the water cup in a mock toast, "To magic," he smiled and drank the water.
                                            <That was incredible!> Nira exclaimed, now being completely open.
                                            "If you'll excuse me, I need to go find Althalos. We need to get moving again. The next stop will be Slateport City," Andrew walked towards the castle, getting many stares from the people who had watched his little act.
                                            "I told you that you would have fun last night," Latias poked Latios' shoulder and ran off after Andrew.
                                            <Who is that girl anyways? From what I can already tell, she really likes that magician boy,> Nira said to Latios.
                                            <Hmm? Oh, that's my sister. She's using a human illusion right now. Also, Andrew isn't actually a magician. Come with me and I'll explain,> Latios answered and floated down another path, Nira at his side.
                                            - - - - - - - - - - -
                                            "Althalos? The Typhlosion? No, I haven't seen him since last night, looking for somewhere to sleep. I told him there were some extra quarters for him on the third floor; you should look for him there.
                                            "Thank you very much, Lady Doris," Andrew bowed and Latias gave a small curtsey.
                                            The two walked up to the third floor and all the doors were open except for one. Andrew opened it just a bit and saw Althalos sprawled sideways on the bed, armor heaped in a pile in a corner. He gave a loud snore to confirm that he was asleep and Andrew opened the door just enough to slip in. He looked at Latias and put a finger to his lips, making sure she stayed quiet. The heavy curtains were closed, letting in almost no light. Andrew tip-toed to the foot of the bed and whispered to Latias.
                                            "You open the curtains as wide as you can and I'll scare 'im on the count of three, okay? We'll run out the door before he can figure out what happened." Latias just giggled opened the door a little wider then walked to the curtains, ready to pull them open while Andrew knelt in front of the Typhlosion's face.
                                            "One," Andrew started, "Two. Three!" Andrew yelled out as loud as he could and Latias opened the curtains to their full extent, letting in blinding light. Andrew and Latias sprinted out of the room and down the broad steps tot eh courtyard before Althalos, who had jumped out of the bed and landed on the floor, knew what was happening.
                                            They ducked under a tree so that they couldn't be seen if Althalos looked out his window, Andrew peaked out but couldn't see anything. "Come on, let's go see what he's doing," Andrew ran back into the castle, Latias on his heels. They then sneaked up to the floor and peaked into Althalos' room. Andrew could see the top of the fire type's head bobbing up and down on the other side of the bed and he could hear laughing. Andrew tip-toed in and snuck up behind Althalos then pulled on one of his ears. He tried to duck behind the bed, but Althalos grabbed his arm and pulled him over the bed, landing upside down and backwards at the Althalos' side.
                                            "Well, this is awkward," Andrew said as he attempted to unfold himself.
                                            <Thanks. I needed to laugh again. It's been far too long since I've done that,> Althalos got up and hoisted Andrew to his feet. <You do know I'm gonna have to get you back for that though,> Althalos patted Andrew's back.
                                            "I'd like to see you try," Andrew poked Althalos' arm.
                                            <Want to make a bet?>
                                            "10 silver shints that you can't trick me by the end of the summer."
                                            <It's not going to take that long,> Althalos held out a hand for Andrew to shake and just as he was about to grab it, the Typhlosion smacked Andrew upside the head. Latias gasped but Andrew just turned back and grinned. <That's for making me hit me head on the ceiling. Also, you owe me 10 silver shints.>
                                            "Ah-ah. We never actually shook on it. You get one for actually managing to make it hurt. You'll get the rest of it after we shake on it and you do something." Andrew reached into his pocket and pulled a silver coin out and flipped it to Althalos, who caught it mid spin between his fingers.
                                            <Fine. Have it your way, Sir Unshakeable.> Althalos held out his hand again and Andrew shook it before the fire type could pull anything again.
                                            "We're leaving to Slateport in about 20 minutes Althalos. Come on Latias, I need to return this suit. Where's your dress?" Andrew asked as they left the room.
                                            <Oh, I gave it to a maid while you were talking to Lady Doris and rushed back before you noticed.>
                                            "Well, I'll be back in a bit. Go talk with some other girls or something. Have some fun while we're still here," Andrew smiled at her and then walked towards what was supposed to be his chambers the previous night. His bag was still there and when he opened it up, a rather unpleasant stench wafted up to his nose. He reached in and felt around, finally touching what felt like bone and decayed flesh and feathers. Bile rose in his throat as he quickly pulled out his clothes and then grabbed the dead thing, holding his nose closed with one hand. In the other, he was holding a decayed pidgey that looked to be at least six months old. There were maggots all over it, but because it hadn't been fully exposed to anything, the bones were still hanging on by bits of muscle, The bones though looked like they had been gnawed on, but those marks were old looking as well. Andrew quickly threw it out the window and then washed his hands off, wondering how it had gone unnoticed for so long and how it had gotten there. Then, he remembered. It was back in winter, when he had first met Latios and Latias. That first morning, he had never eaten, but Typhlosion, his friend, a Quilava at that time, had dragged the food in and had probably eaten it himself, but never got to finish. It made him said to think of Typhlosion again, but he couldn't be trouble with such thoughts now. There were things to do. Andrew quickly slipped into his shirt and pants and left the uniform neatly on the bed and went out to look for something to do.
                                            - - - - - - - - - - -
                                            General Sontoyo looked around. Was he not dead? The man felt his forehead and found that a crossbow bolt was in fact sticking out of his skull. Had it not hit his brain? He felt the back of his head, and the tip could be felt through his hair. So, he was dead, but where was he? The man looked around. He couldn't see anything at all. Then, in a flash of light, a being appeared before him, Mew. Behind the floating pink cat were the three beings of willpower, emotion and knowledge.
                                            "Your judgment is to begin now." The three beings behind Mew said in unison.
                                            "You are Mark Sontoyo, Hoennian general and loyal patriot. You will give your life for your men and you will not let anyone close die of unnatural causes before you do. Most of all, you believe in the Lord, God." Mew said and reached into the ghosts' body and pulled out a glowing orb, "This is your soul. It will now be weighed against the essences of knowledge, willpower and emotion." Mark couldn't say anything. He was utterly dumbstruck. A large balance generated between Mew and Mark, and on one side Mew placed Marks soul and on the other, the three lake spirits breathed a puff of air, which formed into a glowing orb as well. When the scale finally stopped wobbling, the soul was a little bit heavier than the essence of the three lake spirits.
                                            "Death has been in need of a new apprentice. You fit his desires perfectly," Azelf pointed out.
                                            "Yes. His time is nearing its end. Will you take the job? If not you will still be sent to heaven, the land of the Lord," Uxie said to him. "If you take the job, you may have another chance to make any personal amends."
                                            Mark thought for a moment. He was truly dead. He could go to heaven if he so chose, but there were definitely some things he needed to go.
                                            Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?
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